How to innovate and not die trying: 19 viral fashion campaigns

19 viral fashion campaigns. Being unique and fast are the two perfect concepts that describe the demand from digital consumers today.


Fashion brands understand these concepts very well. Because of this, they consider the needs of the customer when creating their marketing strategies. This has allowed them to deliver some of the most successful campaigns of this year.


19 viral fashion campaigns




BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandGucci’s strategy for this year has been to be persistent. This comes from the need to attract millennials and Gen Z. Another well-used strategy has been including its brand into the most used hashtags on Instagram.


Without a doubt, #TFWGucci has surpassed all the previous campaigns through a simple and very familiar idea: memes.


Alessandro Michele turned to international artists who were well-known on Twitter and Instagram, to design unforgettable memes. These memes would eventually go viral for the launch of the Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection.


According to Dash Hudson, the post caused a total of 1,986,005 likes and 21,780 comments.


Michael Kors, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - michael korsNow you don’t need to have an exclusive invitation to a fashion party, or at least not one from Michael Kors.


“The Walk” is one of the Shanghai-based parties that have been held for some time. This party received 9.53 million digital visitors through the popular Chinese application, YiZhiBo.


The #korsshanghai event was broadcast live and featured VIP guests showcasing their “after-dark style” on the catwalk with LED lights. It included the participation of Soo Joo Park, Yang Mi, Hikari Mori, Ella Richards, and Princess Olympia of Greece.


On the other hand, artists such as DJ Sebastien Perrin, Bibi Zhou, and hip-hop artist Nick Chou were in charge of offering entertainment to their guests. Thus, this was the perfect combination of physical and digital, a winning recipe for fashion events.

  BluCactus - fendi



F is for Fendi is a space for young people only. Here, they don’t have to buy anything, in fact, there’s nothing to buy.


The only aim of this is to share original content.


It presents a “main screen” full of creative and light images in which you can explore five different series:

  • BluCactus - futureFreaks: It’s where we find the manifesto, a powerful message that empowers younger generations. This inspires users to be creative and unique.
  • Fulgore: This is full of editorials made with an iPhone 7 that contains photos that feel spontaneous and authentic.
  • Faces: You can meet brand ambassadors, (like Laura Love).
  • Freedom: It offers city guides and the ambassadors’ favorite places.
  • Fearless: A space dedicated to artists and musicians, to share their work, like Cailin Russo in the following video.

Fendi’s Global Communication Director wanted to give younger generations their own space to express their identities.


So they created F is for Fendi which was a success.


Burberry, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandBurberry contacted blogger Mr. Bags for the launch of its leather DK88 bag. They did this through an exclusive online store on WeChat. Then, Mr. Bags boosted sales by asking shoppers to share screenshots of their orders with him in exchange for an exclusive chance to win a gift.


Burberry also created a game on WeChat in which users could move their phones to “paint” the DK88 bags.


Once the user “liked” a color, the application provided personality descriptions based on their favorite colors. An example could be the color blue, which meant that the user was “kind, delicate, elegant and calm.”


The color shown for the launch was chosen by Mr. Bags and called Bright Toffee. This was only available for purchase in China, at Burberry’s official WeChat store.


Louis Vuitton


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandLouis Vuitton has always had a strong digital presence. It’s known for its creativity and quality within its digital campaigns.


The company’s website shows everything that happens within the world of Louis Vuitton. For this, they created a section called “World of Louis Vuitton.”


This strategy makes use of a detailed narrative of the brand’s history and its dedication to design and art. It showcases the latest events, product updates, and behind-the-scenes coverage for brand enthusiasts to discover.


Each article is easy to read and has special buttons to share them on social media. Thus, this encourages readers to share it with their followers.


Besides, the Friends Of The House section highlights all the celebrities and prestigious people who are associated with the brand. From Selena Gomez as UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassador to Wong Kar Wai. The latter, in 2009, had the honor of directing the panel of judges for the first-ever Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards, which showcased emerging filmmakers.


Primark, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationIn March 2017, Primark launched a range of products about the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the time of the remake’s release.


The $8 Chip mug was very popular, so much so that shoppers were fighting over it. Primark saw this as an opportunity and instantly designed a pair of socks, and posted them on Instagram.


The phrase on the socks was “I wanted a cup of Chip, but all I got were these #Chipgate socks”.


This was well-received by its followers and gave them 145,000 likes.


Neiman Marcus


BluCactus - neiman marcusNeiman Marcus uses the latest and unique technology to improve the customer experience. At its new location in Dallas, the Neiman Marcus iLab team created this technology to interact with their clients.


It also includes everything from digital catalogs within the lobby, smart mirror technology in the beauty section, to custom music playlists in the fitting rooms.




Smart mirror technology offers buyers an interactive and digital makeover experience. It does this while educating them to apply all the different products.


Buyers can record the makeover app on video and later share their beauty experience on social media. The aim of the iLab team is to bring new technologies that a sector that doesn’t use them.


Nike, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationNike joined forces with the NBA by creating jerseys with a technology called “NikeConnect”. Every NBA Connected Jersey has a unique chip that uses Near-Field Communication (NFC). This can be paired with an iOS or Android device via the NikeConnect app.


With NikeConnect, you can get exclusive access to videos, images, GIFs of your favorite teams and players, special products, tickets, and game highlights straight from the NBA.


But, what really makes this digital experience stand out is its personalized touch. For example, NBA players can connect with fans who own their jersey, sending them personalized messages instantly via their phones.


Tom ford


Some time ago a Tom Ford beauty products store opened in London, the location included many technological elements.


The aim of this was to help customers search for digital products and content to get information.


Besides, the brand created a digital scent table to allow customers to test the Tom Ford fragrance collection.


The brand also used augmented reality to let the customers test their wide variety of lipsticks.


Chanel, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandChanel’s relationship with digital content has been clear in recent years.


From video production to content creation for each channel on social platforms, we can say that the brand has become an expert in creating online content.


The luxury brand’s website also focuses on history. Here, guests can explore the story of Gabrielle Chanel in different chapters and experience her legacy.


The traditional French house has highlighted the trajectory and history of its founder. This has been closely linked to the evolution of the brand.


Daniel Wellington


Daniel Wellington is a company that only works with influencers and has proof of its impressive sales.


As a manufacturer of wristwatches, the company has built its brand reputation in a solid structure of hashtags and a careful selection of influencers.


Hashtags or tags like #DWPickoftheDay or #DanielWellington are some of the hashtags about fashion on Instagram.

  BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brand

Using these hashtags as a starting point, the firm runs contests and offers discounts regularly through posts from the influencers it sponsors.


And what is the result?


The creation of engaging and rewarding content that is given to loyal audiences through popular influencers.


Concerning the other traditional forms of marketing, Daniel Wellington shows itself as a brand respected by the community, and that it trusts that its products speak for it.


It doesn’t use glitzy photoshoots or over the top campaigns. Thus, consumers view this brand as a community effort. This creates a sense of authenticity.


Influencers who show their watches in their posts go for natural and realistic images instead of highly edited photos.


Forever 21, 19 viral fashion campaigns


The market for women’s fashion is filled with a lot of competition. Because of this, Forever 21 decided to reach the social media audience with something more than typical photoshoots. Thus, they made the decision to join forces with well-known influencers.

  BluCactus - forever 21

Influencers talked openly and directly with their followers. The brand created a series of revolutionary posts. So, instead of showing its new collections with the traditional poses, they told influencers to create content about trying on clothes.


All points of view were accepted and remained in the content without editing or removing them.


Because of this effort to bring a genuine touch to their new creations, Forever 21 could showcase their new collection and create a “shopping with friends” sensation and message.


Finally, once the influencers decided that a certain outfit was here to stay, they uploaded the videos to social media.


After hearing real and honest opinions about which pieces did not pass the cut, consumers said which influencers they would really wear in their day-to-day.




BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technologicalThe well-known brand Zara selected the most famous influencers in the world of fashion to show their products creatively and easily.


This was one of the most effective ways to get them to “take over” their Instagram by sponsored influencers like Teesh Rosa.


By asking influencers to create content from their products, Zara sends the message that their clothes are for everyone and authentic.


Zara’s decision to display their clothes through famous influencers ensured that their budget for the campaign was worth every cent. Because of this, Zara was able to earn around 4.6 million followers in just eight months.


Lululemon, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandConsumers have developed the gift of knowing when a brand is being original or not. So, even if editing apps are very popular on social media, the audience is still able to identify which brand messages seem natural.


Because of this, Lululemon came to the conclusion that they needed to change direction. Thus, they made the decision of becoming less exclusive and friendlier.


In recent years, the brand’s social media platforms have changed paths. They went from creating over the top photoshoots of its leggings and sportswear to featuring ordinary day-to-day photos of its own clients.


They now show people playing in the snow or resting between yoga sessions. And what’s more! Now their clients create this content themselves and about them.


Brands now look for regular people to represent them. They no longer hire the typical Instagram models, choosing to have a natural look. Thus, they decided to work with well-known figures from the world of fitness and well-being. They even worked with an Olympic athlete. All of this was done because the brand is not stopping any time soon from growing and opening stores all around the world.


Dr. Martens


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandMany brands try to include the community in their efforts, but Dr. Martens has gone much further. For its campaign, the British firm has tried to create a new shopping experience for its most loyal clients.


Free haircuts, in-store gigs, and even tattooists to customize boots on the spot are some examples from their efforts.


And where can you follow these events if you are not in the store?


On Dr. Martens’ Instagram of course! They have earned over 2.5 million new followers because of in-store direct or content sessions.


As its director of products, Darren Campbell explains: “Today, purchases are a by-product of connecting with the customer.”


Monsoon, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationWebsites like ManRepeller and NET-A-PORTER are the ideal showcase for haute couture firms or influencer relationships.


And Swoon for Monsoon has earned a spot on the list.


They proved that mixing editorial content and online shopping doesn’t have to be limited to luxury brands.


With a website and digital magazine available, whether on mobile phones or tablets, Swoon for Monsoon is the perfect example of how influencer content can influence a new life of fashion and style.


Marc jacobs


BluCactus - marc jacobsUsing the visual aspect of Instagram, the brand Marc Jacobs launched the campaign called #CastMeMarc. The aim of this was to find new faces to showcase its new collection.


Given its well-known presence, this is a great example of how an influencer can showcase their own brand without using an outsider.


All he did was ask aspiring models to tag their photos with #CastMeMarc, and the campaign dissolved like water down a river. 


Another bright side of this was the creation of a real commitment to connection and collaboration among Marc Jacobs’s fans. Even Marketing Week magazine named #CastMeMarc the campaign of the year.


THINX, 19 viral fashion campaigns


Blucactus-THINXTHINX is a menstruation-proof underwear company with charitable roots.


The founding idea came when Miki Agrawal found out that millions of girls around the world didn’t have the resources to manage everything that menstruation entails.


It makes sense that such an understanding and the straightforward company would come up with the motto “For People With Periods.”


By putting hard debates aside, THINX created a campaign that attracted interest from small groups to big media like Buzzfeed.




Blucactus-YeezyKanye West himself is part of this campaign so it shouldn’t be difficult to draw attention to the product. However, building the reputation of a brand that hasn’t even seen the light can be a hard task.


But, the Yeezy Boost sneakers are living proof of this. This product was born out of a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. Thus, this is an interesting example of influencer marketing.


The main goal was for people to realize how exclusive the shoes were even before they were launched.


So instead of sending dozens and dozens of boxes to each big-name, the company only selected a small group of people to promote the product.


So, what was the result?


An incredible success. That was the result. Once consumers realized they were not Adidas’ sneakers, the waiting lists to buy them became endless.


The prestige and reputation of the exclusiveness of the shoes meant that many of the influencers who were lucky enough to be selected to wear them did so without the company having to pay them for it.


Conclusion of the 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - contact usFinally, today in the world of Digital Marketing, we can see that influencers are carrying out everything, at least in most campaigns. Other brands just stick to using labels or well-known hashtags.


We must mention that to carry out every campaign mentioned above, brands needed to create a strategic plan. This plan, of course, came from their knowledge about what their target audience liked. Thus, even if a brand is famous and already has influence, it doesn’t mean that they won’t need the help of experts.


We saw in one example that, although the exclusivity to introduce everyday life is “ending”, each brand fulfills its essence and transmits what is necessary to sell.


If you have a company and want to take it to the next level, you can contact us and we will reach the goal together.


Hire the services of BluCactus as we are an experienced Digital Marketing Agency. Remember that your success is our success.


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Instagram’s Reels vs. TikTok: Exposure against popularity, which one will win?

Instagram Reels versus TikTok. For the past few days, we have been seeing a lot of news about the future sale of the Chinese application (TikTok). We also saw Instagram’s last venture, Instagram Reels, which is clearly inspired by TikTok. Here, we will tell you why the latter is better and not TikTok.


According to data provided by the Digital 2019 Global Overview study, Instagram has over 1 billion users around the world. So, in its desire to maintain these figures and even increase them, it incorporates new functionalities.


One of the latest additions to the famous photo application has copied TikTok. We know that this is a social platform of Chinese origin. Likewise, it allows us to create videos of up to 60 seconds long. The aim of this is to share these videos in its stories function.


With the arrival of the month in question, we can now do the same on Instagram because of Reels.


What is Instagram Reels?


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appAs we said before, Reels is the new functionality of Instagram.


It works exactly like TikTok with only a few modifications and more functions.


Likewise, we can create videos of up to 60 seconds.


With these videos we can edit them, adding parts of audios, music, effects, and more.


Do you think Reels will triumph?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appWe believe that this new Instagram tool will be a success for the app. This is, of course, if we take into account that the photo application has copied TikTok’s function.


It’s an app that caught the attention of the younger audience. It also had over 1,500 million users spread over many countries, mainly in the United States.


Likewise, it’s not the first time that Instagram adds success to its list.


The app has “borrowed” functions from other apps before.


A clear example of this is the famous stories in the Snapchat app.


How do Reels work on Instagram?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appManaging Reels on Instagram is very simple.


We’ll explain how to create videos with background music or other audios with this new tool:

  • First, introduce yourself to the app’s stories.
  • Then, the Reels option should appear at the bottom, along with other options such as Super Zoom or Boomerang.
  • After clicking on Reels, the app will give you the option of choosing borrowed audio from a video or the option of incorporating a commercial song that you want to include.

BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appInstagram Reels vs TikTok.  We can search these songs with hashtags just like on TikTok.

  • Create a video.
  • After creating the video, you have the option of editing it by applying filters. You can also modify the video playback speed, or place timed texts, among other things.
  • Finally, after editing the video, you can share it on Instagram stories. You can also share with your best friends Instagram’s private messages.

Likewise, the “Top Reels” tool is added to the “Explore” box on Instagram. This is where the most viewed, virtualized, and highlighted music videos, will appear.


The expert “tiktokers” that have a large following will be able to expand more in this app. This, of course, if they know how to use it.


How do you create a reel and what is it for?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appEstablishing a Reel is easy for users who use the app daily. In general, users are used to making videos with music for Instagram.


In short, it’s one more function of Instagram that offers many possibilities. You can record a video in silence to later place some audio or a song. Or maybe you want to apply some transitions to give it professionalism. Thus, this allows you to let your originality flow, and much more.


Another function that is worth mentioning with Reels is that it allows you to share the videos with your followers. People can also discover you through the Explore function:

  • Instagram Reels vs TikTok, If you have a private account: 


Reels respects the privacy settings of your Instagram account.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appBy sharing your Reel, only your followers will be able to see it. Users who view your Reels won’t be able to use the original audio, and they won’t be able to share your videos with other uses other than your followers.

  • If you have a public account: 


You can share your Reel in any section provided by the Explore section. This way you can reach more users within the app.


To share it with your followers, just share it on your feed. To reach more users, you can also use hashtags, songs, or effects. If you do this, your Reel will appear on the pages of the certain hashtag, effect, or song.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appBy the time your Reel is ready, you can save it as a draft before posting.


You will be able to change the cover image or add hashtags, tag friends, and more.


When you share your Reel, it will appear in a tab within your profile where all the ones you have created will be stored.


This new Instagram tool provides users with much more content, videos with original and fun Instagram background music.


These videos will undoubtedly enhance the creativity of instagramers.


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, How to activate the Reels?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appTo use Reels, you must open the Instagram camera, which is where the feature is located.


In the latest versions of Instagram, the camera interface changes to be divided into three options:


Live, Story, and Reels.


To activate this tool, you must tap on Reels.


The first time you open the application, it will show you an information window in which you must click Start.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appInstagram Reels is available in 50 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, India, and the United States.


If you’re in one of these countries and the tab doesn’t appear, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed. Sometimes, it may take a few days before the Reels function is activated on the mobile.

  • Open the Instagram camera.
  • Once the Reels tab appears, tap on it.
  • If it doesn’t appear, update Instagram to the latest version.
  • Now, if it still doesn’t appear and you’re in a country where Reels has been activated, be patient. It will end up arriving, eventually.



BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appSince the beginning of the quarantine, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps, since people use it as entertainment.


With this application, you can create short videos of 15 or 60 seconds, add music from a large catalog of songs or effects and funny phrases. Also, it allows you to change the speed of videos faster or slower and add filters.


During these months, millions of users have experimented with TikTok and created incredible videos. But TikTok also has its cons, for example, we can only share them within the app as a feed, story, or direct message.


Likewise, adding it to another social platform requires downloading the video and uploading it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Although we must remember the recent rumors that the app will probably disappear in the United States and some parts of the world. If so, TikTok will have served to inspire the creation of Instagram Reels.


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appOn TikTok you can:

  • Create videos of 15 seconds and 60 seconds. Add music found in Spotify or the Apple Music catalog.

But not only that. You can also add song affects you like, plus some pretty funny phrases, as we mentioned above.

  • Speed ​​up or slow down a video.
  • People can create effects on clips.
  • You can post to the stories, feed, or send the video to another user via direct message. You can even download the clip in certain cases.
  • To see the TikTok videos, you just have to open the application and view the ones that appear on the main screen, encouraging you to create yours.
  • You can only change video by scrolling the clip up
  • You can “like” it, share the video with your friends, or leave a comment. There is even a button to “follow” the author.

As you have seen, there are a certain amount of differences that shows how both applications have their advantages and disadvantages.


Do you stick with TikTok or Instagram Reels?


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, Why this new functionality?


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appIt’s not clear how long Facebook has been preparing for the global launch of Instagram Reels, but the fact is that it’s seizing a great opportunity.


The Trump administration has long investigated TikTok’s ties to China, where the company that created it (ByteDance) is located.


In early July 2020, Trump threatened to block TikTok in retaliation for the coronavirus. He also raised some concerns about the possible access of the Chinese government to TikTok data and content moderation on the platform.


Given the possible disappearance of TikTok, users and creators are looking for a platform where they can continue to share these types of videos, and Instagram Reels comes to cover that need.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appConsidering that TikTok is estimated to have a user base of 80 million users in the United States, it may be a perfect opportunity to capture market share. Although, Microsoft has announced that it will buy the rights to the social platform TikTok in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


All this to keep user data on servers in the United States and so that there are no information security problems. Thus, this avoids the ban of the app and it would continue to be a very strong competition against Instagram Reels in the United States.


In India, a similar situation has already occurred, since in early summer 2020 its government blocked the download of multiple Chinese applications, including TikTok. The reason for this was because its government considered that it was a threat to the country’s security. Although, we must mention that these actions do have a political background and borders.


The launch of Instagram Reels in this country at the beginning of July came at the perfect time to take that place.


Differences between Reels and TikTok


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appWe have already explained what each app is about, how it works, and what we can do within it, now, we will explain their differences and explain which one is better.


Let’s get started!


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, Application:


Remember that Reels is not an application, it’s a complementary option to Instagram, as is IGTV. While TikTok it’s a separate social platform.


This influences when polling the content because, in TikTok, it’s easier to know the trending content or to search for specific videos, while in Reels the process is more annoying, despite being like the Asian platform.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appEdit videos:


To make a video in Reels, the user only has to slide their screen to the right, while in TikTok they must press the “+” button.


If you have used both applications, you know how it is.


Regarding editing tools, TikTok shows its power by presenting multiple options in your videos.


In Reels, you can only add songs to your videos, change the speed of effects, at least for now.

  BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open app

For example, those of augmented reality that was already presented for stories, text, and a timer.


In the same way, TikTok has many more effects, including the most popular one such as beauty and photo montage functions.


When editing, both platforms are totally the same, in the sense that you can cut, add effects to each take, and more.


However, as mentioned above, TikTok has more filters and effects.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appInstagram Reels vs TikTok, Duration:


In TikTok, the duration of the videos is one minute, while in the new Instagram function it’s only 15 seconds maximum.


It’s a big difference.


However, it depends on what action you use the tool for.


Although both options are for entertainment, we can also use it corporately.


It totally depends merely on the user who is going to use it.




BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appWhen we speak about the publishing aspect, Reels has more variety.


This is thanks to the fact that we can share the new video on Instagram’s feed or only in the Stories.


You can also send it to the best friends section or by Direct Messages.


While in TikTok there is only one publication option and that’s it.


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, Which is one better?


BluCactus - better appAt the moment, TikTok offers many more options to users who want to make this content.


However, Reels is not far behind, it’s a threat behind the millions of users who already use Instagram and can be attracted to this new tool.


The new Instagram tool is very similar to TikTok. Both offer their users the possibility of creating 15-second videos and editing them to suit the user, with filters and many other options.


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appThe big difference between these two apps is that Reels can benefit from Instagram instant messaging, while TikTok cannot.


It’s a great advantage that Reels has over TikTok because it allows users to share the video with whoever they want, not only in the stories of the app.


This allows them to limit their viewing to a specific group of people (such as best friends) or to a single contact or Instagram follower.


From Facebook, and despite the similarities between both tools, they assure that Reels is not a copy of TikTok.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appThey said that the main objective of this Instagram functionality is the creation of authentic Instagram videos.


So can Reels unseat TikTok or other music video apps? Predicting what is going to happen is complicated.


However, there are a few things that are opposed to the American giant.


The startup that created TikTok is one of the most valuable in the world and they will do everything they can to compete with Instagram Reels.

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From BluCactus we have a team of specialists in digital marketing that are highly qualified in carrying out strategies on different social platforms such as Instagram.


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The best strategies to make your fashion store stand out and attract customers

How to attract customers to your fashion store? The fashion industry is known to be one of the most dynamic and powerful in the world. It includes a large set of activities that begins with the production of products itself, with the transformation of raw materials, through the manufacture of articles, clothing, footwear, and accessories.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - fashion storeDid you know that one of the backbones of this sector is the points of sale?


Nowadays you see a great variety of food and beverage distribution companies, the retail trade of garments and accessories is gaining a position as a generator of the clothing business.


And, on the other hand, there is marketing for clothing stores.


You can find numerous examples that can allow you to increase sales and stand up to the competition.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingIn this post, we put together several marketing strategies to apply in your fashion store, a ‘fashionista‘ version of competition and emerge victorious from face to face.


Clothing stores are usually businesses with a very loyal clientele.


When you find a style and a store where you find that type of clothing, it’s easy to always go there. Only if we don’t find what we like will we consider going to other clothing stores.


The problem is that there are too many stores that offer the same thing.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - singing menSo we go from one to another like a bee in a field of flowers.


Besides, clothing stores strive to have many collections each year.


This creates a sense of an ephemeral, worthless product that reduces their ability to prescribe fashion and to add value to the customer.


Therefore, the objective to attract customers for a clothing store has to be:

  • Finding a suitable style for the type of client we want to attract.
  • Balance the need to have collections each year while maintaining your own style.

Strategies to attract customers


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Create customer loyalty programs.


BluCactus - loyaltyIn general, clothing stores sell garments that have been designed according to the fashions imposed at all times.


The main problem with this product strategy is that it competes with all the department stores.


It also competes with all the fashion brands that manufacture in large amounts and at a better price.


When we have a small clothing store, we have to look for differentiation.


This is either in the style of the clothes, in the treatment, or in other small details, such as quality.


A custom clothing style


BluCactus - clothing styleIf you have the possibility of having a personalized style of clothing you can stand out yourself from your competition.


It’s not always possible to create a specific product line for your store. Boutiques and creators’ stores can afford that, but not those that buy their collections in warehouses and wholesalers.


However, it’s always possible to provide a distinctive sign. Either in the design, which can be personalized with small details added to the base collection or with the accessories that can be combined with the garments.


The goal is that no one can say “I can buy this at this other store”. Also, once you personalize your collection, it’s difficult to make comparisons by price.


While a standard jean is the same here as there, when that same jean is personalized we can no longer say that it’s the same and therefore we cannot compare.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? The quality of the clothes is essential


It’s obvious if the price is to rise, the quality also has to increase. Often times it’s about small details such as labels, finishes, or the quality of the fabric.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingIf your tent is seasonal, quality is less important because it only has to last a few months.


But, there is nothing worse for customers than seeing an auction fall apart, how a garment shrinks or deforms after the first wash. Too bad!


This type of detail must be taken care of, and more so if it’s a type of clothing “from the bottom of the closet”. Thus, quality is essential.


It has to last several seasons and customers will prefer to pay a little more if they are sure that it’s a garment that will last longer. Because of this, you must buy from suppliers that offer you quality.


Check the garments one by one and improve those details that are lacking in the finish. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sewing a loose button or finishing off a few loose threads since it greatly improves the appearance of the garment.


Finally, add the personalization elements afterward.




BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingOne of the best things you can do is organize presentation sessions, this when the goal is to sell and sell more.


If you have loyal customers, before launching the new line or season, invite them to a private session in which you show them what you will have in store. You don’t need to do a model show for this.


That is expensive and no one may want to sit the entire time it lasts. However, you can clear the store a bit, close it to the public for a couple of hours, and invite the 10 or 20 regulars.


You can offer a snack, and in turn, showcase the clothes. The objective is to explain why that collection has been chosen, the colors that will be worn, and comment on the details that you have added to personalize the clothes.


That way you will win the best customers. They will discuss it with their friends and you will surely attract new clients.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Serve the companions


BluCactus - companionsIn addition to the showroom, you can create a waiting area in the store.


Companions often get tired of standing up.


When the tired face is seen the client feels uncomfortable and ends up leaving. And, that is not what you want to obtain.


That’s why people who like to visit stores like to go alone.


But if you create a waiting area, with a seat and some magazines, the companions will be calm, even at ease, and will leave the customers alone.


Personalized advice


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingOne of the keys to attracting customers for a clothing store is personalized advice. In general, the people who attend are concerned with whether the client will need a size or a color, but not about giving them advice and offering them other garments.


Many stores already have pre-set compositions.


This affects the uniformity of the store with its competitors and its little differentiation. As the manager of the store, you should try to stand out from the other clothing stores.


However, you can gradually approach garments that complement the ones your client is already looking at.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Customer file


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingAnd if your customer is loyal, you must have a record with the purchases they make.


Customer files are essential. And to these cards, you have to add a copy of the purchase receipt.


Sure there are patterns, and when you have a product tailored to their tastes you can call and present it to them.


This way you will gain a satisfied customer and improve personalized advice.


Use Facebook as a virtual showcase


BluCactus - facebook virtualIf you want to attract customers for a clothing store, you must use social media.


Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are perfect for clothes.


They allow you to hang many photos and videos with what you have in the new collection.


You have to focus on what sets you apart from your competition.


And don’t sell anything on social media. The objective is to give visibility to the brand and the product, only visibility.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Lean on social media campaigns


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingSocial media doesn’t offer much natural visibility. We recommend that you accompany the publications with a little supplement in the form of promoted content campaigns.


You don’t have to sell anything. You don’t have to drive traffic to a website, just get “likes” for the Facebook page or the Instagram profile.


This will increase the ability to reach your potential customers. But be careful. You’re only interested in those customers who can actually be bought.


Focus on a geographic space very close to your store. Divide the campaign by interests and demographic profile. You don’t need thousands of likes, just those from your potential customers.


The magic of the number 9.


BluCactus - the magic numberIf you’re doing an offer, sale, or special promotion, you can use the number 9. Likewise, make sure that the price of your clothes ends in that number.


If you establish that one of your products costs $20, you won’t have the same result if you say that it’s worth 29.99. The number 9 has a psychological effect that grabs people’s attention.


The reason is that in our subconscious we believe that these products are cheaper. So we end up buying more. We invite you to try this technique.


Use this number, and let it be noticed, that is, that the prices are big, either next to the merchandise and even advertising outside the business.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Customize clothing


BluCactus - clothesPersonalization is always an eye-catching idea for customers. The power of putting a name on your shirts, a logo, and a special image is something that grabs a lot of attention.


You can offer sewing services, for example:

  • Name stamping.
  • Stamp logos, etc.

Although adapting the clothes to the client’s body is no secret to anyone, most people have to take their clothes to a seamstress to make the final adjustments.


You can provide these services, and not only will it make you stand out from the crowd of stores, but the customer will prefer you because you make their lives much easier for them.


So do your best to let people know that you offer this extra service.


Meet potential clients and show the designs.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - people making a lineThis point is important. To start you can do an investigation and make the most of all your means and resources to find out who your potential customers may be:


Describe the customer profile and below:

  • Make a list of those people on social media, house to house, on the streets, and more.
  • Now take a survey to that person to see how much they buy in stores like yours.

With this, you will know who can be potential clients and invite them to a small event behind closed doors. What you’re going to do there is a kind of display of your products.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - fashion storePerhaps you could hire models for the display, although it would be expensive, and it would also depend on the type of clothing. But it’s enough that you have a well-organized room, with mannequins, refreshments, and someone who professionally exhibits the newest designs and the best offers.


If you sell school clothes, you can take a few days before back to class and make a presentation type. That way you will already be gathering potential clients. And at this point, you will have already grabbed their attention in a very original and polite way.


Remember, many already have stores where they are loyal and may not care about yours, and do not know the wonders you offer.


That if they knew they would be your clients. This idea helps you in this regard!


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Entertain the companion


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - alot of people talking togetherIf you ever went to a clothing store, you will know that this is a good answer to how to attract customers.


But if logic is used, it does not seem like an idea to attract customers but to retain


That’s right!


What will really attract customers is that they find out that you have distractions for their companions. Their next concern is entertaining.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - entretainmentYou can place an ad that says: “Visit our store, bring your companion without a problem.


As long as you choose your clothes they will have fun in our entertainment room”.


As soon as a person reads or hears this, even out of curiosity they will visit your store. Customers like many of us have been, will want to be part of your experience.


We all know how tedious it’s to choose between so many shirts and see how your companion gets tired of waiting, it’s uncomfortable and, in the end, we end up not buying anything because we have to go.


A good idea is to create a children’s playroom with toys. And, on the other hand, a comfortable room with Wi-Fi or TV. But make sure it’s in your store, but separated, so they will truly feel comfortable.


Promotion events


BluCactus - eventsWhile it’s true that ordinary promotions are recommended. You can also be invited to hold a promotional event.


In other words, the discount could not only be for a single article of clothing but rather everything the customer can see.


Of course, you do not have to promote all your merchandise, that’s why we are talking about events because it will be a special day where your ordinary store will close.


This is the moment in which you can open a space to only promotions. It’s not the same for a customer to hear that you have some products on sale than to hear that the whole store is on sale.


This event can be held in the street, with music and the most important thing is to make it clear who you’re so that at the end of the event they know which clothing store they have to go to enjoy the same services and quality.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Ease of payment


BluCactus - ease paymentAnother easy way to make the shopping experience for customers is the ease of checkout.


Therefore, it has to strive to be a business that accepts all types of cards, in case the customer does not have cash.


On the other hand, if it’s within your means, enable the layaway system.


It may even sell a little more expensive than another store, but if there is no section system in the other store and you will stand out because it has one.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingWe are sure that if you do this, customers come in waves! Just for the fact that they can’t pay everything in one installment.


Also, in seasons where customer traffic is congested, you can prepare a good control strategy.


For example, in December, where many stores collapse, we recommend reordering your store. Do this with the aim that it doesn’t affect the aisles, the payment at the time of canceling the purchase, etc.


So try to have a good space, and if you have the possibility of setting up branches much better, hire more staff, not only for customer service but to collect, which is eventually more problematic.


Surely, if your store is very organized, people will prefer to visit you and buy it!


BluCactus - targetCommunicate with your target


It’s essential to open communication channels with your target audience.


If you don’t get your messages across, how can your efforts to expand sales take effect?


It’s not possible, of course.


When we refer to these media we are thinking of several essential tools, such as:

  • How to attract customers to your fashion store? Offline


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - topshopWe refer to the posters, offers, promotions, and added value of your product in the establishment itself.


Although the investment is minimal and the results are interesting. Here is an example from the British chain TopShop.


This chain always advertises in a thousand and one ways that during the sales season it can attract more customers.


Very large letters, simple typeface, and a clear message: “Mid-season sale. Up to 50% discount on selected lines”. Thus, whoever passes in front of the shop window ends up entering the store.

  • Online


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - onlineHaving a presence on the internet it’s essential in a sector as competitive as textiles.


Although not all companies can indeed have it, if they can open up to the web, they should not stop exploring this channel.


Today, in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, 14 and 19% of the total turnover of national fashion companies (British and American) come from the online channel, well above other countries such as Spain, where this figure is 10%.


BluCactus - conclusionHow to attract customers to your fashion store? Conclusion


Strategies are essential when attracting customers, so we recommend that you follow our recommendations.


Selling is not only that the customer buys your product, but it’s also so that you can build a relationship between the customer and the brand.


The objective is to improve the experience from the moment the customer enters the store, either alone or accompanied, and that they feel comfortable with what they are going to buy.

  BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman working

Our recommendations are thought out in every detail to make the customer happy and in this case you with your store.


Another important thing is to highlight that it’s necessary to hire a company to carry out this management.


At BluCactus we have specialists to grow and support your entire business at all times.


Likewise, we invite you to follow us on our social networks and subscribe to our daily newsletter.


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How much does a Logo Design Cost?

Wondering how much does a logo design cost? A logo is an important element of your company’s brand since it makes a meaningful impact on its public perception. As you might have experienced before, you can accurately guess the nature of a business just by looking at its logo. In this way, you can cleverly attract your target market by having your logo efficiently designed. Therefore, your business logo design is one of the most important branding investments you can make.


A logo is a powerful lead magnet that conveys key information about your business and allows you to captivate your audience in just seconds. Consequently, it is of great importance to have a logo design that distinguishes your company from the competition.


BluCactus - smart investmenteWhy is a logo design a smart investment?


Investing in professional logo design is a decision that leads to a high return though it is one of the bests ways to keep your customers engaged.


In other words, you will use it to improve your business.


Thanks to your logo, you will give more visibility to your brand, products, or services. However, as a logo design is based on your company’s personality and the impression you want to give to your audience, its cost varies.


Logo Design Cost: Making a good investment


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - good investment

As with any investment, variables such as price and potential quality should be considered.


The price of a professional logo design may vary depending on your requirements, the size of your business, marketing research, and branding strategy. Moreover, the cost of a logo design is also subject to who you decide to hire.


Companies with low budgets ( $0 USD- $ 300 USD) may opt for designing their logos on a website, using specialized software, or hiring a beginner designer.


Brands with mid-range ( $ 300 USD – $ 2, 500 USD) or high-end ($ 50,000+ USD) budgets can opt for hiring an experienced designer or a professional design agency.


BluCactus -value of the costHow do professionals value the cost of your design?


The professional designer or design company in charge of the creation of your company’s logo will also value its cost according to the impact this product will make on your business’ public perception.


As with any investment, you must ensure that you are making the right decision when hiring a logo design service.


Whether your objective is to launch your new brand or convey a new brand image, you should consider some important aspects.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingCost of Logo Design: Key questions that define the design of your logo.


Taking the decision of changing your corporate image is a step that should follow making yourself some important questions.


Some examples of these are: “What impact do I want to make on my leads with my logo?” “Will a new logo increase my brand’s visibility?” and “How can it help me increase my sales?”.


In this way, you will get a solid idea of how to set your requirements when hiring a logo design agency.


How much does a logo cost? What is the price range of a good logo design?


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingFor logos with few requirements, having them designed by an agency can cost $ 2500+ USD. This option is ideal for businesses with mid-range to high budgets.


A price that guarantees you high-quality designs from a comprehensive service of experienced designers.


Plus, they will also advise you on how would be the best way to have your logo idea creatively executed.


Thus, professional design agencies like BluCactus offer you a top-to-bottom branding package.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - font choicesWhat can you get according to your budget? How much does a logo cost in the USA?


You might be wondering, what are the alternatives for every specific budget range?


Here we will show you what are the pros and cons of getting a logo design with a low, medium, or high budget:


Budget: $0 USD – $ 300 USD


BluCactus - professional men working hard

If you have a budget within this money range, you can either make your logo on a website or hire a freelance designer.


However, websites often offer limited options to create a logo, which may not be a good option if you want to effectively convey your brand identity.


On the other hand, a skilled freelance designer might be able to create any design you want.


Nevertheless, you must make sure you can trust this professional, as there is a chance you find unscrupulous individuals on many websites.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - woman working with her computerBudget: $ 300 USD- $ 2500 USD


If your budget is within this range, you have an appropriate budget for a logo design.


You will get an eye-catching design either by hiring a freelancer or launching a logo design contest.


Either way, both are good options to get an impactful logo design at an affordable cost.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingBudget: $ 2500+ USD


This is the ideal budget for a logo design as you will get unique, competitive, and appealing logos for your company.


If you are willing to pay more for a better product, you will surely get more quality.


That is the benefit of hiring a logo design agency like BluCactus.


How much does a logo cost? Professional Design


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional designYou should always consider hiring a professional logo design company.


How much do the services of a professional design agency cost? It depends, but they are worth it.


A professional design agency comprises a team of graphic design specialists that will properly convey your company’s values through an impactful and versatile logo.


In other words, it’s a service that ensures a logo design that communicates your brand message distinctively and effectively.

  BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - woman working with her computer

It doesn’t matter if your business is just starting or if it’s already established.


After all, having a professionally designed logo brings many benefits to companies of all sizes.


Thus, the question “How much does a logo cost?” is not as important as “How can a logo design increase my profits?.”


A well-designed professional logo will give you a competitive advantage in your market.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingGet a powerful brand identity


Professional logo design helps you build trust with your leads. How?


It helps you make a powerful first impression that creates an emotional connection with your audience thus increasing your brand visibility.


And in this fast-paced world, it is of utmost importance to make a positive impression on your audience to stay ahead of your competitors.


Hence, your company must have a unique and memorable logo that helps you increase the number of your customers.


Why hiring a professional company for your logo design? Professional  Logo Design Cost.


BluCactus -hire a professional company

Compelling design is a powerful tool.


Many people don’t understand the competitive advantage that their logo design gives them.


Are you worried about how much does a logo cost?


Its price is only in a one-time investment you’ll make to achieve the success you want.


Having a logo with a great design can make the difference between success and failure. The best designs are those that help your business grow to reach their goals.


How much does a logo design cost? Think big and grow successful


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men working

If you want to have better performance and outstanding business results, you have to dream big. Your logo is a powerful marketing tool that can take your company to new heights.


Do you think your business has the right size? You can always expand your company’s horizons and grow it to greatness. A clever way to do it is by developing a powerful corporate image that allows you to expand your audience reach.


Consider that a logo is not just an image. The value of a logo not only lies in the work of the designer. Other factors influence its cost. Then, how much does a logo cost? The cost of a logo depends on your market potential. Thus, a very important point to consider is what your company will earn from it. As previously stated, a logo is an investment. Ideally, investments have an economic return.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men workingReinvigorating your company’s image. How much does a logo design cost?


A logo design cost depends on the goals your company wants to achieve with it.


If you feel like your current logo doesn’t express your values.


Or if your company is branching into new territories, you might want to consider rebranding.


Successful examples 


BluCactus - microsoftCompanies like Apple and Microsoft have used this strategy to strengthen their presence and image in the eyes of their customers throughout the years.


This is a good idea if you have a new target demographic, new competition has emerged or your business has changed significantly.


However, it implies a complex process that considerably increases the cost of your logo design. On average, businesses can expect to invest between $ 90,000 USD- $180,000 USD on this process.


Reinvigorating your company’s image can help you keep up with the competition and reposition as a leading-edge company. Thus, your biggest worry should not be how much does a logo design cost but how to manage all the benefits it will bring to your company.


The importance of a well-designed logo for branding purposes


BluCactus -brandig purposesA well-designed logo should properly represent the heart and soul of your corporate identity.


As it is one of the main graphic elements that allow people to identify and recall your brand, it should be consistently used across different communication channels. Therefore, your logo design should be included in your website, social media, business cards, products, and any other elements that represent your company.


Also, an effective logo design fosters a professional image and raises expectations.


That is, it not only makes your brand stand out but also look more reliable and trustworthy. In this way, a logo design is a powerful marketing tool that boosts brand loyalty. Thus, the price of a custom logo design should be thought of as a smart investment.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - Suitable budgetsHow much does a logo design cost? One of the most suitable budgets for your logo design


Highly effective, breathtaking logo designs can be done at prices from $ 2500 USD up to $ 10, 000+ USD.


A professional design and branding agency often offers great branding packages that include market research, creative briefs, and design consultancy.


In this way, agencies assure you a high-quality final product that effectively conveys your brand’s values. Besides, it will help you attract your target market like shooting fish in a barrel.


How to recognize a good logo design?


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - strabucks CoffeeA good logo design is the result of a marketing strategy that includes these key elements:

  • Simplicity: Simple logo designs are easy to recognize and remember. That is, they convey your company’s mission, vision, and values with few elements.
  • It’s memorable: Your logo is an introduction to your brand, so it needs to leave a positive and lasting impression on the audience. For instance, you might have not felt immediately in love with Starbucks’ siren logo design at first glance, but it must certainly have left a distinctive impression in you.
  • It shows a strategic color, fonts, and graphics choice: Colors play a very important role in logo design. They catch people’s attention, evoke emotions, and convey messages. Fonts and graphics also communicate your business personality. Hence, a professional logo design company should offer you an effective consultancy on which colors, fonts, and graphics better convey your corporate identity.

BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional woman workingBuild your success


A logo design aims at giving you an impressive corporate image through a creative marketing strategy.


Besides, it shows an accurate understanding of your business and its needs.


Hence, a high-quality logo design is well-thought-out.


In that sense, it should help you captivate your target audience smoothly. For that reason, you should consider defining a budget that helps you get closer to your business goals.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - people working in a logoIn general, how much does a logo design cost?


As with any other service, logo design has a wide range of prices.


Depending on the graphic designer or agency you hire, the quality of the final product and its cost varies.


Overall, reputed and highly experienced experts can offer you jaw-dropping and sublime logo designs within a price range from $ 200 USD up to $ 25,000 USD.


BluCactus -become aware of buyingBecome aware of what you are buying


When establishing your logo budget, you should have realistic expectations of what you can afford.


In this way, you can be sure that you will get what you want at the right price.


So, how much does a logo design cost?


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men workingLogos under $ 50 USD


Inexpensive logos like these have high chances of being plagiarized graphics.


In this way, they are proof that it is not always true that a penny saved is a penny earned.


Therefore, unless you are certain of the designer’s ethics, we strongly recommend avoiding this kind of logo design service.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingLogos from $ 100 USD up to $ 1,000 USD


Logos within this price have relatively good designs, even though they might show that there was limited market research in their crafting process.


Yet, college students, designers with little experience, and young design agencies may charge these prices to attract clients.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingLogos from $ 1,000 USD up to $ 10,000 USD


With a budget of $ 1,000 USD or more, you can get an effective design solution provided by an experienced designer or logo design company that adheres to professional ethics.


Either of them will plan your design based on market research, a creative brief with the client, and a solid creative concept.


Therefore, the question “How much does a logo design cost?” does not have a specific answer but an appropriate price range.


Logos of $ 10,000+ USD


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingThe design of these logos has a similar structure to those of the previous section. The key difference is that they are often created by a top-notch team of designers and marketers. What does this imply? The joint work of several professionals oriented towards making your project a success.


The greatest advantage of hiring logo design companies is that they offer quality-focused services, cost-effective solutions, and a full understanding of business niches.


Hence, they often offer branding packages specially designed for you to reach your specific business goals. Thus, you will certainly get a high-quality logo that outstandingly conveys your brand’s values and satisfies your wishes.


Logo Design cost also depends on the client


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - going up in sucess

Additionally, how much a logo cost also depends on your company’s potential to profit from it. As we mentioned before, a logo design is an investment in your brand that directly leads to higher revenue.


For that reason, logo design companies consider your brand scope to value the price of your logo.


In this sense, designs for businesses with a local reach do not cost the same as for businesses with national and international reach.


A professional logo design company will provide you with a whole visual identity system that will serve as a remarkable marketing tool for your business. Therefore, how much a logo design cost depends on both technical aspects and the planned scope for the logo.


BluCactus - start upBe the front runner of your industry


Graphic design plays an important role in the modern competitive business environment. It gives your company an impressive and memorable image that inspires trust and allows you to enhance your sales. Therefore, it helps you stay ahead of the competition.


As every brand has a unique personality, the answer to “how much does a logo design cost?” is different for every particular case.


To create a high-impact design adjusted to your business needs, designers implement refined strategies.


Why hiring a Logo Design Company?


BluCactus -hire a professional companyA logo is a marketing tool as powerful as any ad. It increases your brand awareness and, therefore, boosts your business.


For that reason, hiring a logo design company is an investment of great importance.


Your logo is the first interaction that prospects have with your brand.


For that reason, having an effective and professional design is imperative.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men workingAfter all, a great first impression will always do wonders for your company.


How much does a logo cost? A number that depends on your marketing goals and that, conveniently, will result in a good investment.


Even though you can make your prospects become faithful clients with an excellent service, a great way to attract them is by having an engaging image.


Hence, if you want to have an appealing corporate image, you should hire professionals. A professional logo design company will effectively attract your target market and drive your business to success.


Make a powerful impression on your leads


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional woman workingAt BluCactus, we aim to make your company stand out from the competition. For that reason, we conduct honed market research and competitor analysis. Afterward, our top-notch team of designers approaches your project with the information compiled.


In this way, we create iconic and versatile logos that become client magnets for your business. Thus, hiring a logo design company is a great option to mindfully scale your business for success.


An effective design is custom-made, versatile, and memorable. BluCactus Logo Design Company creates engaging corporate logos fully adapted to your business goals.


We develop all kinds of corporate identity projects. We have a team of top-notch designers and a client-oriented service that aims at building your success. Let us create your logo, and you will get the powerful brand identity you are looking for.


Quote your project to let us create your Logo Design Project
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The success of your digital marketing strategy… Social Media! Discover the many types of platforms that exist!

Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. When we hear the word social media, we almost instantly think of Facebook or Instagram. This can be normal, depending on your knowledge of it.


If you only use Social Media to socialize and talk with friends, you may think of these platforms. However, there are many others that have different purposes and topics. Because of this, you can also include some of them as part of your digital strategy.


We tell you how:


Let’s first clarify


What exactly is a social media platform?


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyThese are websites or applications that allow us to share content regardless of where we are. We can do this quickly in real-time and efficiently.


Likewise, they allow us to create communities to interact and discuss certain topics with a wide range of people all around the world. Therefore, the function of each of these platforms determines their types. Such is the case of Facebook and Twitter that, as mentioned before, let us create communities.


But there are others who focus on sharing audiovisual content, such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram.


Likewise, there are other platforms dedicated to strengthening work contacts or getting a job, such as LinkedIn. Some allow us to promote social blogging, like Medium or Tumblr. Finally, there are others that let us create debates, such as Reddit or Quora. Thus, as you can see, there are many options to choose from.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.


Can you imagine the potential of including these platforms into your digital marketing strategy?


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openWe have some numbers that will convince you: According to We Are Social; they estimated that the number of users of social media platforms is over 3,196 million, an amount that increases by 13% every year.


Also, 9 out of 10 people access their favorite platforms through their phones. Thus, it’s a necessity to have brands where their audience is.


90% of brands consider that social media marketing increases their business exposure, while 66% of companies that spend at least 6 hours on social media per week get more leads.


Let’s get to know each social media platform:




This platform was created in 2004, and it now has over 2 billion active users. It’s also a free tool that allows you to upload photos, videos, publications, or broadcast live.


It also makes it easy for us to communicate with other people and brands, create groups and events, search classified ads, and also create public pages around a certain topic or interest.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. How can I take advantage of this platform for my brand?


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyFacebook offers many statistics for those who advertise in it. On this platform, you can know the number of people that your publication reached and who saw the ad or interacted with it.


Besides, its algorithms allow us to target highly specific audiences.


On the other hand, Facebook’s chat feature, better known as Facebook Messenger, is great for brands because it allows them to personalize each customer’s experience.


According to the numbers from this company, they estimate that each month people and companies send over 2,000 million messages, either automatically or personally.


We can tailor this communication based on the business goals of the company.


Why use Facebook as a tool for my business?


Next, we will tell you why Facebook is a good option:


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Direct and personal link


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformFor companies, the opportunity of talking in real-time and directly with their client is too good to pass up.


Likewise, they can do this either through the use of a robot for customer service or by hiring a person for this. 


One of the greatest aspects of Facebook is the communication it can provide to you and your company.


This is not only a great opportunity for the client as they can reach your company at any time but also for your company.


Thus, this can increase the chances of getting information about them.


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataform



You can add buttons and links to complement the publications on other platforms.


Doing this can allow you to create a type of activity that can speed up the processes, not only of purchase but also of payment.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.



This can also allow you to receive criticism and suggestions.


Thus, you will be able to constantly improve your performance.




The main characteristic of this platform is its short and concise texts: each tweet doesn’t exceed the 240 characters.


This is the ideal place to find out what is happening around the world. Likewise, this platform is among the most visited websites in the world: position 8 in the United States and 13 in the rest of the world.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. How can we use its potential for our brand?


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openYou must know that at least 47% of marketers agree that Twitter is the best channel on social media to generate engagement.


This is because you can go for promoted tweets, accounts, or trends:

  • The promoted tweets appear in the user’s feed alongside posts from people who they follow.
  • Promoted accounts appear in various locations on Twitter and as a suggestion as to who they have to follow.
  • The Promoted Trends appear at the top of the Twitter trends box.

BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happy


These type of ads allows the brand to be more visible and interact with the users of this platform.


47% of users who follow a brand on this platform are more likely to visit that company’s website.


On the other hand, three-quarters of companies with an online presence now use Twitter for commercial purposes.


Reasons to use Twitter if you have a business



BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happy

Now, when we talk about the professional use of this platform, we must mention that Twitter has many advantages over other social media platforms. Some of these are:

  • Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It has a great capacity to advertise content. This social platform has millions of users willing to read and share the content they like the most. Thus, having a presence on Twitter and being good at it can help your messages to receive more exposure and that way get to more people.
  • It allows you to listen to your user’s People love to share their opinion on any topic and Twitter is the perfect platform for this. It gives you the advantage of being able to see what your audience likes and doesn’t like. Thus, this can allow you to identify potential problems with your business, or to directly talk with your audience.
  • BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It has a very wide range of audiences: Twitter has a very diverse user base. It includes people like marketers, celebrities, teenagers, doctors, and many more. Because of this, you will have a lot of opportunities on this platform. We must mention that depending on the type of business and its objectives, these can vary. Thus, this is a very simple platform to use, and it will allow you to have a great interaction with your public.
  • It’s a good source of traffic for your website: On Twitteryou can share your blog articles and generate visits to it. You can also share photos or news about your business.
  • Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Give visibility to your business in search engines: Twitter ranks very well in Google. This means that when users search for your company, your account will appear on top of the page. Likewise, this will always happen even if you’re not well-positioned.



BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyWith over 700 million active users per month, Instagram has been established as the favorite platform among companies and users.


This is a very visual platform since its main content is pictures and videos. Because of this, companies love it since it gives them a lot more engagement than written content. On Instagram, you can choose between ads with images or videos which are 60 seconds long.


Once you decide to target your strategy towards your goals for reach, frequency, broadcast, brand awareness, clicks, and video views, you will be able to convert your users into clients. Thus, this will allow you to increase the sales, downloads, or visits to your website. In this app, you can also see how many have installed it as well as the interaction your users have with it.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Tips for using Instagram for business


BluCactus - balanceKeep a balance of fun images of your business


Use the images to communicate the story of the business with a good balance.


Not everything has to be simple, edit the images in a good way.


Use the greatest attributes so that future clients feel the essence of what you want to convey.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openUse the videos


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.


You should create high-quality videos as this will allow it to stand out from the rest.


Think like your client, because maybe what may seem interesting to you is not interesting for them.


BluCactus - hastagsTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Hashtag


Creating hashtags can allow users to find you more quickly.


However, try not to make the mistake of including a lot of them in your posts as it could tire the reader.


Also, we recommend using a trending hashtag in your caption, but only if it’s relevant for you.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openInteraction


You can connect with others through the power of photos and videos.


Comment on the photos of your followers, like their photos and respond when they leave you a comment, in this way, they will know that you are real and that someone reads them.


Also, follow your most active followers.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Optimize your profile


BluCactus - optimizedBrandon Gaille recommends the following to optimize your profile:

  • Include your URL in comments and on your profile to improve traffic to your website.
  • Keep your profile public so that everyone can enter.
  • Use your company logo as a profile photo.
  • Give your comments a conversational tone by asking questions.
  • Use a username related to your company and that is the same or similar to Twitter.


Use Instagram to measure


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. When you upload a photo you can see the interaction you have had and the number of likes.


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happy It’s at that moment, when you have a lot of engagement, that you can use it to be able to measure what your customers like the most. After this, you can go to Facebook and pay for ads using the data from that successful publication.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Reward your customers


Through this platform, you can offer a lot of promotional things, such as the case of coupons and discounts. This, in turn, will encourage people to follow your account. Thus, you will be able to measure the importance and relevance of your account depending on how many people use this coupon.


Do a “Sneak Peek”


BluCactus - sneak peekShow photos of something that is happening, but is not yet active or for sale. This way your followers will be looking forward to it. This can lead to positive comments on your photos, prompting you to show what’s next.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy.


It’s a technique in which you will have your followers more attentive and eager to expect something new from you every day.


This procedure can usually be done when a new season begins. For example, if you sell school products, or clothes according to some season of the year.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Thank your employees


BluCactus - employeesYou can upload photos of your employees thanking them for their good performance or for their efforts in a specific task.


For example, in this last case, you can also include a picture of them doing the task. This is great because it can give you extra points. You can also add your employee’s user accounts in the caption so the public can get to know them and create a connection.


Being thankful is the best thing you can do since customers now follow or buy according to their emotions.


Thus, you must always show your appreciation for every opinion or interaction from your staff. You can do this through the use of photos or comments that showcase this. Remember to make them unique so your customers can easily remember you.


Thank your customers too


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It’s a fun way to put your customer at the forefront.


It may be that a photo is taken with your product and that it’s published or labeled by your brand. Besides, many people like to feel seen and heard.


Thus, they can appreciate your efforts of noticing them by supporting and buying your service and product.


Another way to show your appreciation is by leaving a note when delivering the product, this act implies the affection with which you sell your product and make yourself known to everyone.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Create contests


BluCactus - create contestsEveryone loves contests, it’s a fun way to create engagement between you and your followers.


Some contests can be “express”, which can last a month or several days.


The forms can be the following:

  • Give Like to win.
  • Selfie contests.
  • Contests with voting.
  • Photo contests in the same business or store.
  • Contest through your website.
  • Contest through photos of your products.


Add Instagram Photos and Videos to Your Website


BluCactus - instagram photosThis way you can let your customers know that you have an Instagram account and they can give you a follow.


Also, if they see something that interests them on the website.


They can search for it at once and buy it, or communicate to ask for this product.


It’s a simple way to attract customers and make them understand that your products are real.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Youtube


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openYouTube is an audiovisual content platform where users can view, share, comment on, and post videos.


This platform has around one billion users who consume over one billion hours of videos. Because of this, you can see the potential of including this platform in your digital strategy. If you do this, you will be able to take advantage of the statistics this platform can give you, such as which videos get the most subscriber and create the most click-through rate.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. You can also get some more data like demographics. It can show you the age, gender, and devices from where people consume certain contents. This is the only platform that can give such a large amount of this kind of information.


Apart from Google, it’s Facebook; YouTube and its videos bring brands to life, put a face on them, and humanize them.


Tutorial videos are very popular among companies. These can educate and at the same time entertain, or show the advantages of their products to the general public. Likewise, they can also help you to promote a new launch of a product or service. You can do this by having someone make a video about it.


How to integrate YouTube into your business?


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Companies often don’t give YouTube it deserves. They usually just upload a video without much care, sometimes they even forget or don’t care to put a title on it. On the other hand, there are also cases in which they write a title and description but don’t add keywords. These are the kind of mistakes that don’t let companies take advantage of such a powerful platform.


All of these flaws keep YouTube for Business a still-unknown opportunity. On the other hand, opening a channel on YouTube can help you to get a lot of visits since it’s still a new tool.


Similarly, YouTube is an informational channel that can achieve unimaginable audience rates and that can help boost your website.


Last but not least; A YouTube account is supposed to be the perfect sideboard to protect your brand. This is so that you can show your products, the image and personality that define your business.


For this reason, just having an account is not worth it. Next, we will tell you all the benefits this platform can give you and your company.


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. You can convince your audience


If you seek to impact your audience, you must first get to know them.


However, we already know that. Knowing your audience will help you create the perfect campaign and have the best YouTube channel for your business.


Maybe your audience likes an innovative campaign, or maybe they like a more sober and classic video. You are the only one who knows your followers.


BluCactus - youtubeYouTube or community life


When you create an account on YouTube you should keep in mind that what you are really doing is creating a new community.


The community can revolve around your brand, so you will have to work and be active if you want your brand to grow.


Of course, you need to keep your followers in mind and take care of them as they deserve.


Think about it as your potential audience. Unlike other social media platforms, YouTube users follow their own rules of interaction.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. SEO on YouTube


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformYouTube also helps you do SEO. If you include keywords in your title and optimize your description, you will be able to get good positioning for your videos. Thus, this will allow you to get the traffic you always wanted.


Remember that video marketing has the advantage that it can be used on phones.


Likewise, you must remember that it can give you many new and constant business opportunities. This platform has a lot of active users who use it almost daily, and thus, are exposed to your strategies.


The key to SEO on YouTube for the company lies between the balance with who you are, the interconnection between the different profiles, and social SEO.


YouTube and influencers 


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyNow those who succeed are the famous on YouTube, that is, the Youtubers and influencers.


We are sure that you already heard this word in recent months. These are people who because they are famous or because they know a lot of a subject, can get the trust of people.


That is why the appearance of companies on YouTube is so important. Through them, you can reach a high percentage of users with a loyal audience. Thus, you will be more likely to capture the attention of your target audience.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Embody your account


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyYou must always keep the spotlight in mind.


Don’t forget that you are looking to consolidate your brand. This means that you need to be known and followed.


Users of this social platform will feel much more comfortable if they know that they are communicating with a real person, who listens to them and answers all their questions.


Hence the need for your YouTube account to be personalized around you or the nature of your business. If you get users to trust you, loyalty will be a no brainer for customers, and best of all, it can be for life.


Do not despair


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person stressAs always happens in social media platforms, patience will be your great ally.


Many get frustrated when they open an account and don’t get the results they want right at that moment.


But, success is achieved with work. Thus, YouTube requires effort, dedication, and patience.


Focus on taking care of your community and on generating quality content. Likely, you won’t make a profit from the beginning, but if you know how to manage your account well, you will able to do it in no time.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. The design will be your great ally


BluCactus - Types of social media - computer wth a social media plataformThe design of YouTube channels is designed to make your life easier.


These channels can be seen on any device, regardless of its size. It can be displayed on different devices such as phones, tablets, computers, and even television. Likewise, when you open your account, you’re able to choose the design you want to impress your audience.


Bet on original content.


This will give value to your brand image and grab the attention of your community. YouTube also gives you the option to pin a welcome video to your homepage.




BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyThis a platform that works through the use of its own app. Its charm lies in the short duration of its videos which last no more than 10 seconds. Likewise, it also offers a great sense of privacy since the post can disappear after a certain amount of time or after the receiver sees it.


You can use Snapchat for your business by betting on instant ads and sponsored lenses. These have been used in marketing campaigns by brands such as Vans, Coca-Cola, or Netflix.


Instant ads are full-screen 10-second long vertical videos. In them, we can add a call-to-action to encourage our users to visit a specific link.


BluCactus - see stories There are also sponsored geofilters, they allow us to post a snap from a specific location. Thus, this can let our followers know where we are and what are we doing or launching.


When it comes to your company, if you have several branches, you can configure the filters for those specific locations.


Sponsored lenses, on the other hand, offer you a unique feature that not a lot of platforms have. This feature consists of facial recognition technology. This lets the user adapt their face to any type of filter which provides us with a lot of marketing possibilities.


For example, if you have a brand related to the automotive industry, you can use Snapchat to make your customers pretend they are in the car.


Tips for using Snapchat for your business


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Create and promote your Company’s Snapchat account


BluCactus - geo filtersIf you created your business account on Snapchat and optimized your profile, meaning, added a photo, a short description, and a link to your website, now is the time to promote your account to attract followers.


Similarly, you can promote your account in different ways, and this is essential if you want to build a prominent community on Snapchat.


Therefore, we recommend that you promote your Snapchat account on other social media platforms. Ask your friends, family, and followers to follow you. You can also include the Snapchat button on your website. We also recommend adding the logo of this platform on your business cards, office, and other offline spaces.


Customize your profile


BluCactus - snapchatUnlike other social media platforms, Snapchat does not offer an extensive profile to customize, although it does allow you to put some information.


For starters, you have to upload your account’s profile photo. For this, you must click on the yellow square with a white ghost in the middle. Once you place your photo, it will appear as a fill of said ghost.


You can also upload your company logo from your gallery or take photos to create a GIF that will be your avatar.


We should mention that in Snapchat, each avatar works as a QR code. This is so people can add other users simply by pointing their Snapchat camera at the QR code.


As you use your account, different medals or badges will appear under your profile. For example, concerning how many Snaps you have sent, or who has followed you, etc.

  BluCactus - add users

Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Interact with other Snapchat users


Snapchat can offer you a wide variety of ways to communicate with other users.


One of these can be the option of talking in private mode. This applies to everything except the “Stories” function. 


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openSaid forms of communication are the following:

  • Add Users: To add a user to your contact list manually, you need to search for them by their username or point their camera over their QR code. You can also connect to your phone list of contacts, so everyone with Snapchat is added to your community.
  • Send Snaps: You can exchange photos and videos with other users. Please remember that if you take a screenshot of a photo or video, the owner of it will know it. This is because Snapchat notifies its users when someone takes a screenshot of their content.
  • View Stories: You can view and reply to the Stories of other users. The creator of the Story will be notified of both actions.
  • Instant messages: They are a very fast and effective way to communicate with any Snapchat user privately. When you reply to a Snap, or to a Story, both replies will be sent in the form of an instant message.
  • Submit “Snapcash”: This option allows you to send money via Snapchat. To enable it, you must go to Settings and link your credit or debit card details to your account.

Define the type of content you will share: 


BluCactus - messages instantTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. It’s very important to identify the purpose of your Snapchat profile.


If you establish the purpose and the tone of communication for your account, you will be able to raise the quality of your content as well as organize your work process.


The idea is that you create original and attractive content that can grab the attention of users.


Thus, all of this can also provide added value to those who follow you and at the same time, promote the identity of your brand.


Take advantage of Snapchat Stories:


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happySnapchat Stories are a compilation of content posted by each user.


Each content disappears after 24 hours from its publication. To create your own story, you need at least one photo or video. You can add 3 to 5 or all the Snaps you want and delete them at any time.


After posting your story you can see how many users have seen it, which is excellent data in terms of market research.


Stories are an excellent way to show your audience what the day is like in your business and to introduce your employees, facilities, activities, among other aspects.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Create Geofilters to distinguish your business


BluCactus - geo filtersOne of the advantages of Snapchat is that they allow you to create Geofilters to promote your business in the different locations that users explore through the app.


Geofilters are images or logos that show where a user is at any given time.


We recommend creating the Geofilter of your business.


This way your brand logo can appear in the place you want when users visit different virtual locations.


BluCactus - send private contentSend private content to build loyal followers:


An excellent way to retain your followers is to send them promotions, discounts, and benefits via private message.


You can also share exclusive content, such as news about your business, openings, events, and more.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Advertise on Snapchat:


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openThere are 3 ways to advertise in Snapchat: The “Snap Ads”, the Sponsored Geofilters, and the Sponsored Filters.


Snap Ads are full-screen vertical videos, with a maximum duration of 10 seconds, in which you can add calls to action to invite users to see your proposals.


Snap Ads can include an audio track that plays automatically. On the other hand, Sponsored Geofilters allow users to send Snaps from specific locations. You can use this last feature to show your logo and stand out within the App map.


Last but not least, Sponsored Filters are technologically more difficult, although very effective in advertising terms. It consists of the creation of an Augmented Reality mask for users to play with and create their own Snaps.


Partner with Influencers:


BluCactus - partnerWe mentioned earlier what influencers are within Marketing.


These people can give your local business the boost it needs. For this reason, we advise you to use the fame and reach of an Influencer to promote your business on Snapchat.


To get the most out of this technique, you need to identify an influencer that matches your brand’s style and offer a benefit.


For example, you can offer them free merchandise in exchange for creating daily Snaps to promote your products or your brand values. Thus, this will allow you to increase your popularity and attract new followers to your account.




BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyLinkedIn is a social platform that focuses on the professional world. This platform can offer you a lot of opportunities to connect with other professionals and even find a job.


Its interface allows you to create connections, send private messages, and make your work experience visible.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Why should your brand be on LinkedIn?


In short, because it gives you exposure and allows you to meet potential clients.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openYou can also connect with trained professionals and thus, expand our circle of contacts.


It also allows people to recommend your company.


That way you can get testimonials about the qualities of your company or product. LinkedIn also offers a lot of user data like the education, career, interests, and location of people.


At least 75% of business executives watch videos about their fields of work every week. Having this information allows marketers to promote business activities like company events and the launch of products on LinkedIn.




BluCactus - mediumTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. This is an open and free platform for reading, publishing, writing, and sharing publications online.


With over 30 million users, Medium offers your company the opportunity to publish in-depth digital content about its field. Thus, this can allow you to improve your positioning in Google.


Medium includes Google Analytics on your site. This allows you to measure the visits, reads, and recommendations of the article you published. If you’re in the publishing world or you have a blog, you can’t ignore this amazing platform.


This is a platform of readers, in which its users spend an average of 4.5 million hours a month reading. You can take advantage of it to provide them with quality content according to their preferences.


Users also have the option of customizing their feeds with the type of content they prefer.




BluCactus - quoraThis is a question and answer social platform that receives around 100 million visitors a month.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Quora can help you rank topics on Google; some links from this platform appear in the first places of Google searches.


You can take advantage of this to develop your leadership and knowledge in topics that you master as a business. Another thing you should remember is that there are customers on Quora. On this platform, they can ask questions about your products or services. Thus, you can use it as a tool to answer their questions and fix any problem.


If you use Quora as part of your strategy, keep in mind that the benefits will be seen in the long term.


Brands that are interested in improving their positioning in Google can create a profile, find questions that have many demands and followers, tell interesting stories to show that they know the subject in-depth, and insert images, videos and links as material to give value to its content.


Tips for using Quora for your business


Optimize your profile


BluCactus - optimizedIf you want to have greater visibility, the first step is to have a great profile, from your image to your biography it must be professional.


Remember that you can link your profile with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Remember to just mention your most important experience. This is because it’s what people see right after your name.


In the bio, you can add links to drive more traffic to your website. You can also create a page for your company by creating a new theme; this can be a great way for people to start asking and answering questions about your company, product, or service.


On the other hand, keep in mind that the company page must look professional. For this, add the logo and create a description that makes a great first impression.


BluCactus - Types of social media - cellphone with an app openTypes of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Focus in quality


For your reply to appear in the feed, it needs to have more upvotes.


To get upvotes, your response must be informative, easy to read, and visually appealing.


You have the option of adding visual elements to your responses, such as infographics, charts, images, and more.


BluCactus - Types of social media - professional person happyCheck Notifications


Become an active member of issues related to your business.


Post interesting queries, provide helpful answers and add backlinks to your site content for additional information.


Types of social media platforms for your marketing strategy. Connect with users


BluCactus - connect with usersQuora offers you a great way to build connections not only with experts in your industry but with regular users as well.


Staying connected gives you insight into their needs and the questions they have.


This way, you can answer them directly or even tailor your business to meet previously missing needs.


Therefore, by creating valuable information, you will not only get followers on Quora, but you will also increase traffic to your website.


Check your stats


BluCactus - staticsQuora displays your stats and you should review them regularly to see what worked, where you should prioritize, and where it’s not worth wasting time.


Statistics show you how many times your answer was seen.


You can check the upvotes and review the other answers. You can also see what you can improve in the future.


Check if you are placing a lot of text or if you have the correct balance of text and visuals. Questions and topics that have the most views should be your priority for the future.




BluCactus - contact usWithin this article, we talked about the most used social media platforms in different areas and tastes, as well as how each of them can work in your business.


Each social platform differs by its content and the way it’s used. Because of this, we recommend that you pay close attention to the aforementioned tips and get great benefits from them.


If you want to hire a social media management service so that you can business reach its maximum potential.


Hire our services! We have experts in social media that will help you improve searches on your website. Remember that hiring an experienced agency like BluCactus will ensure your success.


 Contact us now and request your free quote!


Quote your project to let us create your Social Media Project
to increase your audience and sales today!


The world could have stopped but the fashion world only got stronger, don’t let the quarantine stop you, conquer the world of fashion on the internet

How to sell fashion in times of crisis? In the world, there are a lot of fashion companies, and many of them use different marketing strategies for their products. Because of this, the world of fashion has become the most difficult and important challenge for brands.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThe client often shows an ‘unfaithful’ behavior thanks to the big amount of options that they find on the internet as well as on the street.


The biggest mistake you could make is to believe you’re “doing marketing” just by hiring influencers or updating social media. If you want to work within the fashion world you must know that you have to create and use a strategy that allows you to boost your sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing really well at that moment.


The results can be really incredible if you have never worked before on a strategy and at the same time, acting with planning.


Boosting your brand and turning it into a more profitable business are some of the benefits that you can achieve in 2020 if you bet on fashion marketing.


Besides, we are at the beginning of a new decade and digital marketing is no longer a simple option to improve income. This is because it has become the perfect tool to bring success to your company.


Make a difference in fashion marketing


BluCactus - action planHow to sell fashion in times of crisis?


To get the most out of fashion marketing today, the following steps have been taken:

  • Plan actions for the next 12 months
  • Establish a budget for digital marketing
  • Have a team to carry out the actions, whether internal or external.
  • Bet on learning more and constantly, either in mastermind groups or mentoring. Remember that the internet changes at the speed of light.

Once you have these clear steps, you can begin to develop the action strategy. Here are some steps to make your brand or your fashion business more profitable this year.


What can you do to sell more?

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Retargeting your visitors


BluCactus - retargetingThis action is very important and easy, along with the tools that are within our reach.


Likewise, it looks like many stores don’t use it, which is why they are so absent.


Retargeting, or the way to get people who have visited your store out, has become the key to driving sales.


If you think about it, users don’t usually buy immediately the first time they visit a store.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherIn general, when all people enter a store, first they look around, then they analyze what is in the store after they read and then they leave the store.


Perhaps some people do grab an item, while others don’t.


Whatever they do, it’s important not to miss the opportunity to remind those visitors that your brand is incredible.


You must remind them that you have a product that they liked and that they can purchase it with some extra benefits if they buy it within a certain period of time.


Retargeting can be done with Facebook and the return on investment is impressive. You can start doing it from there. For every $1 invested you can get more than 660% profit.

  • Holiday promotions


BluCactus - summer saleToday, most brands have gone through the idea of ​​doing promotions. For this, they carry with them an annual campaign calendar from which they get all the possible juice.


Said calendar that combines several points:


These are 4 calendars that every fashion brand and store that sells fashion products should have. Here, we will talk about the holiday promotions that may interest you the most during this year. This can work better if you have never launched fashion marketing strategies.


BluCactus - fashion salesOn holidays, you have the opportunity to launch campaigns and boost your sales.


For example, you can do this through email Marketing.


When sending the emails, you’re reminding your subscribers that you have discounts on various products or that you have special days to make purchases on selected products.


How to sell fashion in times of crisis? This will give you a conversion boost that will likely brighten the month.


BluCactus - salesWe have the following idea for you, for example, flash sales by-product for the summer holidays.


During 7 days you can put 7 categories on offer.


On day 1 you can place the categories of pants, day 2 of shoes, day 3 of dresses, day 4 of accessories, and so on until you complete your campaign.


How to sell fashion in times of crisis? Do you like the idea?


Let us know in the comments, we love hearing your opinion.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Style guides


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherThere is nothing better than style guides to work on your capture.


There are fashion brands that apply these sections in their own online stores and others that decide to create downloadable manuals.


The options are endless so that your fashion brand, your online store or physical store can make a perfect combination with the target customer who wants to buy.


You can create lifestyle guides, music style guides, party, baby, decorating style guides, and much more.


BluCactus -promotionsEverything you imagine can be turned into a style guide.


These guides have 2 key objectives:

  1. Educate your visitors, for example, in the use of your products and in combining them with wardrobe backgrounds.
  2. Capture, but without expanding its database.

What do you think of adding this section to your website?

  • Work with Influencers in your fashion marketing


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis is something very essential when it comes to fashion. And, we agree that it is a key piece, and controversial.


In general, working with opinion leaders is always a good option. However, even if it’s a good idea, 


In order to work with influencers, you must have certain knowledge in marketing. You also need to have a website that can take on and capture the traffic that will come to you. Likewise, you need to have a good purchase process, a status foot that catches, and a good sales and after-sales service. If all of the above exists and is working properly, investing in these influencers can pay off wonderfully.


Now, if you only want to learn more about the use of influencers in marketing strategies, you must learn from professionals. Don’t listen to friends who know nothing about this or Internet ads. They could mislead you and thus, only create more doubts than answers.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingFor this year, which has been so atypical, it is better to learn from opinion leaders.


This way you can rely on them to promote the campaigns that you already have designed.


Set budgets and remember to agree on good working conditions.


This is so you don’t have negative results in the future.


Doing a good marketing job with influencers and micro-influencers can give you a great boost in terms of visibility. Thus, you will also be able to attract many sales.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Events and fairs.


BluCactus - eventsAlthough it is true that it costs a lot to leave your comfort zone, and even more so when a brand is born in this digital age, you can create an eCommerce and it has never had a physical presence. If this is your case, it is wise for you to welcome these activities.


If your goal is “visibility” with your fashion brand, then you have to make it visible.


A great idea is to go to trade fairs in your sector, either as a visitor or as an exhibitor.


We also recommend that you talk with salespeople, representatives, stores, and other colleagues in the sector.


BluCactus - eventsThis will allow you to make connections that could, in the future, help you to boost your brand.


Don’t let the feeling of competitiveness ruin a good conversation with other people like you.


It is also a good option to participate in markets or pop-ups that are held seasonally.


It is a good opportunity to put your product in front of an audience that will give feedback from which you can learn a lot.


As a tip, we recommend that you take care of the markets and pop-ups.


This is because it’s suggested that they be of the same level as your company so that everything always brings good results.

  • Raffles or contests on Instagram


BluCactus - sweeopstakesWhen we refer to raffles, we mean virtual events. These have recently become so famous on the pages of blogs and on different social networks.


Do you know what are we talking about?


Some people call it the “digital aloe vera”. This is because running contests or raffles can bring endless benefits to the account or company. 


Likewise, some people don’t know how to set them apart and some abuse this activity on Instagram. If you want to learn more about this and how to use it correctly to get the most out of it, we recommend that you learn from professionals.


This cannot be missing in your store if you want to do fashion marketing


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - woman workingWithout a doubt, these are the 5 points that complete the 11 important keys you must know.


These can boost your fashion marketing to new heights.


Several brands confess that they have ideas and that it is difficult for them to establish a strategic plan.


Because of this, you must elaborate on a graphic division with the key points.


It can help you to move forward and achieve your objectives.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Branding


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - brandingBranding is an extremely important job that you must do at the beginning when you are creating or starting the company.


It must always be renewed. This way you won’t lose the relationship with the client.


It’s essential that the branding of your brand message and your product go hand in hand. Otherwise, the customer will not understand what you are transmitting.


This will start the “no sales” process for your fashion eCommerce.

  • Images


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherNow, you have the opportunity to create images. It’s important to be creative.


For this, you can use audiovisual and digital resources. These can allow you to reflect on the magic of your brand.


On the other hand, fashion sells through the eyes, much more when it’s online. How are your photos on your website?


This way you can create a good seasonal photo shooting or have photography studios to create images for your tireless digital activity.

Would you like to know how to better organize photo shootings?


If you would like to know, you can study fashion marketing. This way you can have everything in your hands to do magic every season.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Web usability


To begin we will do the following:


Is your store comfortable for the customer?


It’s a question to ask yourself to shape your store.


The best thing you can do is avoid product sheets with a lot of elements, make easy paths from home to cart, and improve the purchase process so that they are only three steps.


Does all this sound familiar to you?


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis is part of what we call UX or User Experience.


This is developed by looking very closely at all the data that tools like Google Analytics can give us. 


For example, do you know which your most visited pages are?


Your most viewed product?


If you have it located, then take advantage of those pages to include recruitment, sales, or loyalty hooks.


Test it!

  • Testimonials and reviews


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis commonly calls for something like ‘social proof’ and what matters most to users today: recommendations.


In your case, in an online or physical store, this social proof is press appearances, collaborations with influencers, or logos that give confidence.


These can be eCommerce certificate seals that let your visitors know that they are in the right place.


There are always questions about how to get testimonials.


Did it happen to you?


You have clients, but there is no way for them to leave opinions.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Trust


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingWould you shop in a store with no lights, cluttered, and dubious customer service?


In your case, we know that you know better, but the general public might not.


Many users who surf the internet, see magical photos on Instagram and once they enter the store they find a really gloomy space.


You must take care of the sales processes and have a trusted payment corridor such as PayPal or Stripe, without forgetting that your store has a security certificate (https).


You can review all these aspects of your online store here.




BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherDuring times of crisis, you often see the black dot on the entire blank page, as we are engrossed in the problem and not the opportunity in front of us.


All the strategies mentioned and explained above have been put into practice, and it has worked wonders.


At BluCactus we have Marketing specialists who affirm and explain the operation of these strategies.


If you liked this article and you are new to the Marketing world, you can contact us and subscribe to our daily newsletter to know and learn more about digital marketing.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherOn the other hand, you can also use these keys in companies that are starting out or that haven’t been well defined. You can do this if you aim to start from the first moment conquering the hearts of their users.


So, we give you the courage and encouragement to try.


Your level doesn’t matter, because testing is the only thing that will make you grow.


By the way, if you want to learn much more about Digital Marketing in a more personalized and practical way, you can join a private club.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - conclusionFor this, you can look for private classes or consultancies where you learn and benefit your company.


Without further ado, if you liked our article or have any comments, you can do so without any problem, we will gladly answer you.


Remember, here at BluCactus, Your Success Is Our Success.


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What is a Brand: The key to stand out from the rest

What is a brand? We know that a brand is how the public sees a company, organization, or individual. This is more than just a name, term, design, or symbol. So, in short, a brand is an idea that we get from a product or business.


Brands live in the minds of people. This means that it remains the minds of whoever experiences them. These people can be employees, investors, the media, and, perhaps most importantly, customers. Thus, a brand is a perception.


Brand definition


BluCactus - definition of a brandIt’s one of the most important strategic factors of a company. This is because day by day its role becomes more important.


We live in a stage where Marketing works alongside perceptions. This is so the brand can stand out against the product.


To have a good position in the minds of our consumers and opinion leaders, our brand must enjoy the best and highest recognition.


This also includes good positioning in our market and sector.


BluCactus - definition of a brandAccording to the American Marketing Association, a brand is a name, a term, a sign, a symbol, a design, or a combination of any of them that a company uses to identify its products and services.


Thus, this allows them to stand out from the competition.


But, it isn’t only an insignificant name and a symbol as this has become a strategic tool within the current economic environment.


This is because it has gone from marketing products to selling sensations and solutions.


BluCactus - social mediaThe reason for this is that it not only sells the final attributes of the product, but also the intangible and emotional ones.


As days pass, products become more similar to each other to the point of not standing out from the rest.


Because of this, consumers are finding it more difficult to distinguish their attributes.


A brand is also the main characteristic of a product, a guarantee that places it on a higher plane.


It does this by building a true identity and emotional relationship with consumers.


BluCactus - keys of sucessElements of a brand


The brand itself consists of a lot of different elements that make it what it is.


Some of these fundamental elements can be a brand compass, company culture, name, and tagline.


Likewise, it can also include elements such as identity, voice and messages, website, and brand architecture.


BluCactus - elements of a brandBrand compass


The Brand Compass is a summary of the most fundamental truths about branding.


So, it’s the result of the work done in the brand strategy phase as it includes research and positioning.


A brand compass shows the direction your brand is heading and why.


It’s made up of five parts: purpose, vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives.


Company culture


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherCompany culture is the spirit of collective purpose and inspiration that drives your brand.


The strongest company culture is based on a brand’s core values. These are the principles that define how your brand relates to the world and why.


This is the foundation of company culture which results in internal brand adjustment.


This is the ideal state in which a brand’s employees deeply understand it.


Thus, it motivates them to act as ambassadors.


Marked personality


BluCactus - What is a brand - personalityThe personality of a brand consists of a unique set of elements like its vision of thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns.


This includes the brand’s own unique traits that make it what it is.


In this case, for example, it makes Apple the sleek and minimalist author, or REI the pioneer and badass nature lover.


The personality of a brand is the reason why its loyal customers can identify it from the wide range of brands present in the market.


Likewise, this is also the basis from which customers can create a personal connection with it.


Brand architecture


BluCactus - brandingBrand architecture is the coordinated system of names, colors, symbols, and visual language that defines a brand.


It’s also highly intentional and intuitive as this is based on customer experience research.


Brand architecture systems are commonly classified as monolithic, endorsed, or pluralistic:

  • Monolithic comprises a single master brand and multiple sub-brands.
  • Supported and pluralistic comprise brands with diverse relationships with the divisions they oversee over.

Name and motto


BluCactus - What is a brand - name and mottoThis is what the world sees from the brand as these are the most visible elements.


They have the responsibility of having meaning. This can be either essential or as a result of a narrative.


It’s very important for the creation of the brand’s name and tagline. For this, you have to do in-depth market research, brainstorm, refine, and do a test. This process is designed to ensure that these nicknames are not only meaningful but that they’re available to be used.


The creation of names and slogans is extremely important. The reason for this is because a strong name can convey the brand’s unique value propositions. Thus, this allows it to stand out from the competition as well as leaving a strong impression on the customer.


Brand identity


BluCactus - logoThe identity of your brand goes beyond your logo. It includes the visual aspect of the brand.


Thus, this is the main support for your strategy as well as the positioning of it.


Likewise, an effective strategy will incorporate all the characteristics of your brand.


This includes the personality, promise, and purpose of it.


The identity of a brand is its trademark in the world. Thus, this is an aesthetic symbol full of meaning that has the power to communicate the essence of your brand.


It visually does this to the people of the world.


Brand voice and messages


BluCactus - What is a brand - messages and brandA brand’s voice and message are critical to a brand’s commitment to the world.


These convey the purpose, promise, and personality of your brand.


Therefore, the voice and message of your brand help to humanize it in the eyes of the people.


This allows them to create a connection with it and then become customers.


Whenever your brand’s voice is heard, whether it’s through collateral, ad scripts, or website copy, your customers should be able to recognize you right away, like an old friend on the other end of the phone.


Brand website


BluCactus - What is a brand - website of the brandYour website is the most complete and centralized manifestation of your brand.


A good website brings your brand to life with attractive content and design. Today, websites are no longer limited to a desktop experience.


They travel with us, on our mobile devices, and to all corners of the world.


Websites remain one of the most important and profitable ways to bring a global brand experience to your target audience.


Now that the various components that make up a brand have been analyzed, it’s time to see how, and more importantly, why those components exist.


Corporate identity and corporate image


BluCactus - What is a brand - brandingThe difference between one and the other is that the first sends the message and the second receives it.


After a company goes through a thoughtful process of analysis, development, and study of the set of values ​​and beliefs that make up the personality of the company.


They secure the design of the corporate identity in a manual.


All this is illustrated in a logo-symbol in a specific typeface and in the image or graphic resources that accompany it.


BluCactus - What is a brand - want to transmit

To prepare the corporate identity manual, you must consider the following:


What do you want to convey?


Before anything, you must determine what are the values ​​with which you want people to identify our company.


For this, you first must analyze factors such as the sector in which you work, the competition, the strengths that customers value, and more.


How are you going to transmit it?


BluCactus - light bulbThe first and most important thing that you have to do is choosing the name and symbols that will accompany the brand.


You should remember that it will represent the company while it’s operating. Because of this, it must last over time.


The logo or name is perhaps the most important thing.


The reason for this is that this is the element that will make the company stand out from the others.


BluCactus - What is a brand - zaraWe recommend that you make it short, simple, easy to pronounce, and with good sound.


Likewise, it has to provide large doses of association and evocation.


The image of the brand is the value that the market understands. This is created as an added result of all the messages that the company sends.


If you want to get a good positioning as well as a positive image, you must control all the messages that are delivered through the company and its products.


BluCactus - men thinking It doesn’t matter whether these messages are consistent with each other or not.


They must communicate an idea that comes from the strategic objectives of your company.


Getting the notoriety and recognition that you want, depends a lot on the correct planning of both elements. In other words, you must avoid being another one from the bunch.


Thus, you can place your brand within the brands known and preferred by consumers.


Today, Google is, according to the Millward Brown report (2014), the most recognized and valued brand in the market with a value of over 158,843 million dollars.


Prestigious brand: What do you need?


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherWe know that to build a powerful brand, you not only have to have a good product and creative capacity, but you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Create a name that is easy to memorize, yet contagious.
  • Achieve a high level of visual identity.
  • Emit emotions and sensations that symbolize what the market expects from the brand.
  • Take into account the adaptability of all elements of the company and different markets.
  • Highlight a single idea of ​​the product or the company in all areas of communication.
  • Avoid extending a complicated advertising campaign that makes it difficult for the consumer to memorize the brand.
  • Organize an efficient business system and customer service department.
  • Reach a good position on social networks and the internet.

BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherAdvantages of creating a strong and consolidated brand:

  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Reduce marketing costs, since the brand can be known.
  • Easier to sell products to distribution, since consumers expect to find that brand.
  • Allow increasing prices above the competition because consumers perceive the brand of higher quality.
  • The company can grow more easily because the brand name has great credibility.
  • The brand offers defense against price competition.


Keys to achieving the success of the brand


Next, we will explain the keys to achieving brand success:


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherProvide values ​​according to consumer expectations: 


We often associate product quality with technical processes, engineering, or the best raw materials.


However, in today’s world, consumers’ expectations go far beyond product quality.


Design, for example, has become essential, not only from a practical point of view but also for its aesthetics and original values.


BluCactus - audiencesStay highlighted by each of the audiences at all times:


Companies should keep on working on the distribution of their products and brands.


Advertising just one product and aiming it at a very broad target, or targeting different audiences in the same way, are things that are no longer used.


Increase the number of companies with a wide variety of products and that works in their division so that the offer is personalized in detail.


BluCactus - What is a brand - perception of valueMaximize the perception of value: 


Price makes us think differently about the value of a product.


Likewise, it often happens that the consumer thinks that between two similar brands, the one with the highest price is the best, thus, justifying the difference in price.


However, there are other ways for the customer to perceive a product better than the competition.


Insist on differentiating:


BluCactus - What is a brand - person thinkingBe unique and honest.


Strategic and creative positioning is important for the success of a brand.


Besides, you must always be alert to ensure that the positioning is built up, this implies compliance with the consumer: promise made, promise kept.


In a society full of misleading advertisements, the value of honesty is truly appreciated, especially by the consumer.


For example, Apple, although having placed second in the ranking, is a clear example, since it has fans instead of loyal customers.


BluCactus - red heartBalancing Consistency:


Work on being mindful but flexible at the same time.


In a time of constant change and flow of new offers, it’s essential to show the consistency of the brand.


Of course, you have to be up to date with trends, but remember that you must remain faithful to the brand.


Brand architecture optimization:


BluCactus - What is a brand - brandsCompanies constantly review their brand architecture.


Because of this, it’s important to create a way to optimize brands that belong to the same company.


This way we can ensure the harmony between the different brands that are linked by union, purchase, creation, or division.


The harmony between brands and products can dramatically lower costs and help deliver a common message to the consumer.


Using common elements for manufacturing, distribution, sales, promotion, and even advertising, it can also save costs.


The workers must understand and assume the brand strategy:


BluCactus - What is a brand - people thinking togetherEach member of the company represents the brand and because of this, it has to be the center of the organization.


From there begins the intense link that must exist between the values ​​of the brand and the members of the company.


Likewise, these members need to feel involved and part of the team.


For this, is important that we establish some sort of stable and informative communication between us and our workers.


Likewise, this plan must be capable of receiving ideas and proposals. Thus, this will allow them to express themselves and feel heard.


BluCactus - What is a brand - person thinkingManaging brands as a long-term safe value:


Long-term brand management means that we must analyze the value drivers and then, measure them.


This implies that we must keep up to date with the new technologies, markets, forms, and trends.


Thus, in short, this means measuring and handling.


Integrate the consumer in the development of brands:


BluCactus - What is a brand - person thinkingAsking the consumer about their needs is another of the current marketing trends, and it’s one of the most used within social media.


The integration of the consumer is gaining an increasingly important role:


Needs change as do people’s preferences.


For example, Zara employees pay attention to what they value or lack in their audience when they see and try on their clothes.


They do this because they consider that this information is very valuable. Thus, they use it to design products according to consumer needs.


BluCactus - men thinkingSupporting brand-friendly social concerns adds value: 


Companies must be smart when responding to ethical values.


The reason for this that becoming the protection of social concerns is, without a doubt, an added value and a category for the brand.


Why do we value brands positively?


BluCactus - What is a brand - positively brandsThe brands that do not stand out are those that in exchange for an economic value provide us with relevant social or personal value.


Brands were born many years ago.


The Church claims it was the first.


The Phoenicians also claim this since they marked their wine jars.


Brands contribute to the well-being of society and the quality of life of people.


What is the most important thing to feel happy?


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working togetherIt really is enjoying the little things in life. If we asked questions, such as:


What would you like to spend more time on?


Usually, the answer would be to learn things, expand knowledge and skills.


Perhaps having a healthier life, or maybe being able to better organize the day-to-day.


BluCactus - lightbulbThe answer can be as simple as the concept of family.


Likewise, being able to save money to cover financial needs as well as being kind to each other has become very important for our society.


Therefore, the brand is valued as follows:

  • It functionally serves us that is if the product or service itself responds as expected.
  • It positively affects our personal well-being.
  • If at a social or collective level it contributes favorably.

But who has the privilege of meeting those requirements?


BluCactus - woman thinkingOver 130,000 people were surveyed to answer this question and the result was: Google


So, there are brands that focus on the product and its economic value.


However, some brands have to provide real value to people and society.


We believe that the future will belong to companies and brands that understand the current situation as a way to do new marketing and provide a new generation of value.


Said value has to be a real and transparent value.


Thus, it must be close to the needs of society and people beyond a short-term economic and business return.


Do you mean that our relevant brands cannot make money?


BluCactus - What is a brand - relevant brandsNot at all. In fact, those brands that generate relevant value for people are also doing it for their investors, we can even say that they do it ever more than average.


Likewise, today’s market is understanding that supporting our society and thus, people in an honest way, can create a lot of value as well as business.


Saying that it’s the end of brands no longer makes sense. We believe that, on the contrary, that your role today is more important than ever.


Now, it’s not worth continuing to do the same, it’s not worth turning your head and pretending nothing has happened, it’s not worth not accepting that most of them are irrelevant. Let us not forget that we are not living in a stage of change but in a change of stage.


Distributor’s brand


BluCactus - What is a brand - mercadonaThis phenomenon began to disappear during the eighties due to the creation of the white label.


However, it seems that during the last few years it has been earning an important role within the market.


This can be thanks to establishments like Walmart and its brands “Sam’s choice” and “Great Value”.


The positive growth of distribution brands is one of the keys to the vertical competition between those who produce the products and the supermarket itself.


Thus, if we market a product under the name of the establishment, we can get a high competitive quality-price ratio.




BluCactus - summaryWe told you that the word “Brand” is quite a recent concept. Because of this, its definition, components, limits, history, and results have not been established as of yet.


There are still several authors who contribute that the Theory of Social Identity, key in identification, has had little application within the marketing area.


We know that a brand is an essential part of any company.


The reason for this is that it gives recognition to the company or business.


BluCactus - What is a brand - people working together Thus, we recommend that you have an easy to remember and contagious name.


Likewise, you must remember to be persistent during the creation of a good brand strategy. This is an important step for these companies that seek to become market leaders. For this reason, it’s not a simple process.


When you think of large companies such as Google and Walmart, you know that each of them got where they are because they had a unique proposition. Likewise, they were able to provide spectacular experiences and thus, knew how to communicate them.


That is what will make your brand stand out from the other prominent brands today. Likewise, we mentioned key tips so that you can carry out your brand project in the best way.


BluCactus - contact usHire Us!


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You can contact us, we are at your disposal. Your success is our success!


It can become one of the best brands, it just takes perseverance and an excellent team. Count on us!


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The difference between visible and invisible: LED signs and why you must use them

LED signs as a marketing strategy. All of us, at some point, have seen a luminous sign that has caught our attention. We didn’t see that sign by chance. It has been part of a strategy for us to notice it.


LED signs, as their name indicates, use LED technology to promote products or services. We know them to be a way to attract attention and thus more potential customers.


LED trivia


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWhen we talk about LEDs, we are referring to light-emitting diodes, better known as LED lights.


In 2000 new variants of its brand acrylic glass were developed:




One of these variants is especially suitable for back-lit LED lightboxes.


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led sign


This is the black surface of the light-diffusing material where we mount LEDs.


Besides this, the different color varieties of PLEXIGLAS LEDs adapt.


To the same wavelengths emitted by red, yellow, green, or blue LEDs.


This way, we can use colorful LEDs to make our space shine brighter without increasing energy consumption.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


That said, we think this is an excellent way to operate this light source.


Likewise, PLEXIGLAS LED introduces new and better light-scattering properties for backlighting than conventional acrylic glass and in compact light box constructions, such as those made possible by LEDs.


This way, we avoid the formation of unwanted HotSpots.

        BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led sign

Types of LED signs


There are different types of LED signs, which depend on the use that the client wants to give them.


They adapt to the project that the client wants to undertake.

  • BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signLetters with LED lighting: In this sign, we can see that the light from the LEDs is directed towards the front, and on this, it places the letters with a transparent material such as acrylic and translucent vinyl, to allow the passage of light.
  • LED backlight: Usually, these types of signs use non-transparent materials. Then we direct the LED light towards the wall to give a discreet lighting effect. Because of this, we widely use LED Backlight for the outdoors.
  • Lightbox: These signs are the most common and they consist of boxes made with a stainless steel frame and with internal LED lighting. However, we recommend cleaning them regularly.
  • Highlight letters: This technique consists of letters made with different types of materials to which we apply LED lighting on different surfaces such as MDF, Trovicel, acrylic, and aluminum.
  • BluCactus - example of a well done signOpenwork sign: we can work High precision openwork signs with water cut or laser cut, which offer excellent results.
  • Acrylic with LED light: These are made of transparent acrylic on a base and then we can embed them in walls.
  • 3D signs with lighting: We can create them in stainless steel to guarantee their durability and in formats ranging from letters, numbers to logos, to which we apply LED lighting.
  • Racks: These structures are made of metal or wood, which are then fitted with vinyl or printed canvas, to later be internally illuminated with LED lights.


LED signs as a marketing strategy. How can we see the digital labels?


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signDigital signs are in strategic places and, this way.


Companies can reach a much wider audience than with traditional flyers or brochures.


Besides, they have a clean and striking design.


Companies love to use LED displays because they leave a great impression on the viewer’s mind and they don’t break the budget destined toward marketing.


Knowing more about this strategy


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signThey bring profitability to any business.


If you use luminous signs with LED screens, your location will no longer be a problem, since you can program them from anywhere.


All you have to do is have a device with an Internet connection and you will achieve more efficient ads.


You can also adapt the advertising messages to your target audience.

  BluCactus - example of a well done sign

This means that we can optimize the advertising impact.


Because of this, you will get more profit with the use of LED screens.


In addition, the software is very intuitive, meaning that anyone can program an LED display, even if they don’t have technical knowledge.


We often saturate ourselves with negative thoughts which lead us to stop doing some things.


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signThis is because we think that we’ll need a lot of knowledge to do them. The reality is that we only need to read the instructions and practice.


LED signs offer two important advantages: They save time and money, compared to printed signage, this is much more convenient for your company.


When you buy them for your business, you save the printing cost, time, and resources used to place and remove advertising.


Another important fact is that this product is resistant to rain, wind, and temperature changes. So we should not worry about the weather at all.




Advantages of LED signs


Next, we will explain the significant advantages of these signs.


BluCactus - example of a well done signAttract potential clients


If you have a small sign with dim to no lighting, it will be very hard for future clients to find your ad or business at night.


On the contrary, users will for sure notice a luminous or back-lit sign.


This way, by including them in your marketing strategy, passers-by will notice your business.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


Thus, you will be able to expand your client portfolio.


All kinds of night establishments such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, highly depend on standing out and people noticing them.


Therefore, using LED lighting on your signs is a highly effective strategy to keep your business active at night.


Don’t wait any longer and use them!


LED signs as a marketing strategy. Capture the attention of afternoon and sunrise traffic


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signPeople generally think that illuminated or back-lit signs are for nightly businesses but this is not necessarily true.


If you have a business that opens before nightfall, in the early morning, or during the early hours of the morning, LED signs will make the difference between having people seeing and ignoring you.


To increase its effectiveness, we recommend taking height into account.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


Many people don’t look up when they are on the street, they just look forward and away, so the most suitable height is at the level of people’s sight.


Remember that you want your potential customers to notice you before the sun rises at its highest point!


For this reason, we recommend that you implement the above.


That way you can take advantage of any local competitor that operates during the day.


Make them remember you


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - dentistA sign that is not illuminated will not get the same “respect” as the businesses that do have them.


A cardboard sign with printed letters is not the same as an illuminated one.


The latter inspires innovation and a lot of creativity. It’s for this reason that many hospitals use this technique of outdoor advertising.


These signs can be an instrument to make your business a memorable experience.


You not only want the clients to see you but to also remember you!


LED signs as a marketing strategy. Always make your business known, even if it’s closed


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWe are close to completing the advantages of LED signs, but we could finish without first explaining this point.


Many times, when a store closes, the owners forget the signs they have outside and leave them on.


Believe it or not, this is also a way to perpetuate their effectiveness.


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWe recommend that if you can advertise yourself, even when your business is closed, do it!


LED signs are an incredible option to do so.


If you are interested in using LED signs or advertisements for your business, then it’s time to throw away that old blackboard or fluorescent cardboard and opt for a sophisticated strategy.


They are a 24-hour marketing strategy


BluCactus - example of a well done signFinally, we come to the end of this list about the advantages of LED signs and, well, it’s as simple as its name indicates.


Ideally, you can install a light sign outside your business and keep it on 24 hours a day.


This would be of great help since you could attract attention at any time.


In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t mean that you must keep the lights on during the day.


BluCactus - example of a well done signYou could have advertising in the daytime and lighting at night to attract more prospects.


It’s as we colloquially call it, “kill two birds with one stone.”


However, every business has a determining factor and we will tell you our last tip for this type of advertising.


The type of sign you choose will depend on your commercial activity and your marketing goals.


Being a highly effective type of advertising, choosing LED signs to promote your company is your best option.


Do you have a business that needs a light sign?


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signIf you liked this information, don’t forget to contact us. 


We are BluCactus. A marketing agency whose purpose is to solve all your problems and help you.


Remember to subscribe to our daily newsletter to learn a little more about digital marketing.


You can also follow us on our social media.


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What is a blog, and what is its function?

What is a blog, and what is its function? We always have a friend who likes to write or who knows about technology. Because of this, they use the internet to document their knowledge, either in a space known as “Blog” or in a social network.


We can say that a blog is a webpage, but its focus is on displaying publications. They can be posts or articles as if it were a personal diary. This sets it apart from the rest of “normal” webpages.


One of the characteristic aspects of blogs are comments.


Usually, at the end of each article or post, there is a comments section where readers can leave opinions and ideas. In there they also answer the questions that the author made in the post, add something to what they have read, and even generate debates.


Here, the author can reply to the comments. As you can see at the end of each post. Thus, the blog can become a two-way communication channel between the author and the readers.


What is a blog?


A blog is a website in which we can publish content from time to time in the form of articles or also called posts. Likewise, we can sort them by publication date, so the most recent article will appear first.


Where does the term “blog” come from?


BluCactus - people working togetherIn 1997, Jorn Barger used the term weblog for the first time to describe the act of “logging the web”.


Later in 1999, Peter Merholz spreads the word in “weblog”.


Thus, from then on it ends up being abbreviated as we know it today, “Blog”.


In the same way, we can use the blog as a digital diary where we can “record” our content by date.


From there come the following terms:


BluCactus - people using the computer to work Blogging:


We can use this term to refer to many things such as the fact of having, writing, or managing a blog.


It’s also used to refer to things related to blogs, such as “the world of blogging”.


Which it interprets as “blogosphere”.


BluCactus - Blogger Blogger:


This refers to the person who writes, has, or dedicates to the world of blogs.


It also refers to the name of the blogging platform (


Owned by Google or a blog created on it.


What are the parts of a blog?


Like any website, it comprises different parts, and they are:


Blucactus - HeaderHeadboard


This part of the blog is usually at the top of everything.


This is where the logo, the title, and the main menu with the sections that the blog has are usually put.


It’s also where the description of the blog or links to social networks or advertisements are.


We can also use the header to highlight the identity of the blog.


This way the reader can navigate through the main sections or categories that it has.


Blucactus - columnMain column


This is the main part of the entire blog and is usually on the left side.


It can also occupy the entire width, the latter happens when there is no sidebar.


This is where you see the content of the articles or posts.


It can show the title, a prominent image, the date, the author of the article, the text, announcements, subscription forms, or comments.


Blucactus - sidebarSidebar


This is a narrower column than the main one.


This is usually on the right side, although some blogs also place it on the left side or don’t put it directly.


The well-known “widgets” are usually placed in the sidebar.


These can be links to social networks, subscription forms, a search box, advertising, special menus, or the most popular posts.


Blucactus - footerFooter


This is at the bottom and usually occupies the entire width of the blog or the same width of the main column.


We can place information and various links here.


These can be legal notices, privacy policy, information about cookies, and copyright.


Likewise, it’s often used to introduce links to social media or contact information such as an address, email, or telephone.


Blucactus - backgroundBackground


This occupies the entire area behind the blog and on which we use the rest of the elements.


In most cases, people use one color for the background of the blog.


However, we can use several colors, gradients, images, videos, and even patterns.


Blog types

  • BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itPersonal blog: 


This is possibly the most common type of blog.


This is logical.


As we know that blogs began mainly as a kind of personal diary where you can tell experiences, ideas, or thoughts.

  • Professional blogs: 


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThis type of blog is becoming extremely popular.


The reason for this is that companies seek to enhance their personal brand.


Now, many decide to publish content that could help them.


For example, to attract customers for their business or even that the blog is their own business.


Every professional blog could offer information and objective data.


Likewise, it should also have a personal footprint, since this is what will set it apart from other blogs.

  • Corporate blog: 


Blucactus - corporateWe gear this type of blog towards businesses, corporations, and brands.


Here we also try to take advantage of the benefits of the blog and most times “humanize” the image of companies.


Later you’ll see more examples of companies and organizations that use blogs.


They do this because it can add value to users. Blogs can also help you to build trust and attract potential customers in a much less invasive way than classic advertising.

  • BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThematic blog: 


This is blog focuses on a specific topic.


Likewise, it’s usually about films, music, sports.


A specific author, a current problem, a product, or service.


Thus, this type of blog can include many categories.


What is a blog for?


You can find an infinite number of blogs about almost any topic and find a different type of blog for almost any objective that comes to mind.


All this because the advantages of a blog are huge. And, although there are also videos, podcasts, and social networks, today, a blog is still one of the channels that generate the most trust. Thus, this is key to achieve your goals.


But the best you can do is see for yourself what can you do with a blog. For that, we will leave you these 7 functions with examples.


Make money with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itYes, it’s possible.


Although many people don’t believe it, you can use a blog can to earn money.


Also, the blog can be your own business.


Be careful though, as this isn’t an easy task at all, no matter how much some want you to believe otherwise.


It takes many hours until you can hit the necessary key.


Generate sales with a product or service blog


Blucactus - salesWithin the web, you will receive a greater influx of traffic, and you will promote within each article.


Thus, people will be more likely to buy your product or service.


Another advantage of having a blog is that, if one day you become recognized in your sector, you will be able to write ebooks or create courses and sell them to your users.


It’s a great way to show how good you are in your field and also to monetize it.




BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itBelieve it or not, affiliation is a widely used way to monetize a blog.


Here, an affiliate will promote the product or service of an advertiser.


Then, it will take a commission from the affiliate for each conversion they have through their blog.


This way, the affiliate will provide its users with a link to the landing or sales page.


There, if it converts, the blogger will receive money or whatever was agreed in the previous contract.


Advertising and Blog Ads


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThere are different advertising channels.


They can be through direct collaborations with the advertiser, or through a system called Google Adsense.


In the last one, you will receive the money based on the clicks you have on the banner or ad.


In general, when you visit a website or blog, you can see in the top or sidebars the products of stores that you recently saw or visited.


Get leads


Blucactus - leadsWhen you get to a web page, they can ask us for our phone, email, name, or other information.


In the vast majority of cases, if you don’t receive something in return, you will probably end up leaving the web without giving what they request.


With a blog, it’s much easier to get that information.


This is because, thanks to email marketing platforms such as Mailrelay, you can send our users emails with valuable content.


If we only send corporate or sales content, they will probably end up being unsubscribed from our lists.


And that isn’t what you want.


Personal branding with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itIf you want to teach the world what you know and show that you are a professional in what you do, with a web without movement, it will be very difficult to do it.


Likewise, if you want people to recognize you as a professional, you must show confidence.


For this, you can make a blog where you showcase your knowledge and the way you can apply it for other people or companies.


Thanks to this, users will have another vision of you. Thus, they will recognize you as an expert on the subject.


If you don’t show it, no one will know what you really know.


Promote a product or service with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThis old classic advertising method no longer “convinces” or “attracts” people as it used to.


However, a brand that can give you useful and valuable information without asking you for anything in return can create trust.


Thus, this will last longer and be much more effective.


Next, we will mention an example of how to promote that product or service:

  • Raiola Networks


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itAs far as hosting services are concerned, Raiola has bet strongly on their blog. This is because they understood that it’s a perfect way to reach many of their potential clients.


If you look at their blog, you will realize how many quality and useful articles they have.


They can be of help for anyone who, for example, has a website, uses WordPress, or is interested in SEO.


Once again, it’s about adding value to the reader, generating trust in them. In the long run, the user will take them into account if one day they need a good hosting provider.


Promote an event with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itMany event organizers of all kinds have realized the importance of blogs.


This includes the “power” of attraction that a blog can have when promoting them. Likewise, creating content related to the main theme of the event can position you, not only in Google but also within the sector you want to reach for readers to go to the event.


If you show that the blog content is interesting, it’s logical to think the event will be too.


Another interesting way to use the blog to promote an event is by directly talking about it weeks before its celebration.


This way, the reader can part of that event as if it were their own. Thus, this makes them feel involved with it.


Here is an example of real events that have used a blog to get more visits both online and offline:


World Quondos Record


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThis is a clear example of how to use a blog to promote an event. It’s a world record that people try to break year after year.


People do this by developing an event for over 50 hours in a row and with online broadcasting.




Here, blog articles only focus on everything that has to do with the event from minute zero:


how it’s being prepared, if there will be gifts for the attendees or if the record is achieved.


Find a job with a blog


Blucactus - blogNowadays you can get a job on a blog as a Community Manager or Social Media. Likewise, these people can spend all day sending resumes.


Thus, the first thing that a company that knows the online environment will do is search for that person on Google. For example, they can do it on platforms like LinkedIn. Because of this, we recommend creating a suitable profile for what you are looking for.


It’s not the same to send a resume than to be contacted because of your profile on a digital platform.


Don’t you think your chances of getting the job you want will increase?


The company’s human resources will probably take that person into account for their next interview.


Find clients on the blog


Blucactus - clientsNowadays it’s very rare to not find a professional who offers online services or who doesn’t already have their own blog.


The reason for this is very simple. A blog can allow you to show what you can do. However, this isn’t the only aim of “digital professionals”.


Because of this, many people have realized that having a blog can be a good way to attract customers, regardless of their business and location.


Nowadays, Google shows search results according to the likes, previous searches, or the place where the use is. Thus, a blog can help attract customers even to a small neighborhood store.


Capture students with a blog


Blucactus - studentsOnline training is at its peak, and it makes sense.


The “normal” causes for training don’t respond to the real needs that we have today in our personal and work lives.


For example, many journalists have not seen or know how they can use Twitter.


Later they find that Twitter is an indispensable work tool in digital newspapers.


In the same way, that “didactic character” that a blog already has, has become a means of attracting students, and we refer to both private schools and professionals who dedicate to training.


What strategy can we follow to make a blog?


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itLike everything in online marketing, a blog requires a strategy to which we can adjust and establish a route of action.


Before talking about the strategy, it’s important to remember the different platforms that exist, such as WordPress, Blogger, and Wix, to create a blog.


Among all those mentioned, the most used and most renowned is WordPress.


We know this because over 30% of all websites worldwide are based on WordPress.


You have two options to work with WordPress:

  • Blucactus - We can use WordPress as a cloud service by creating an account on the website. Then we can start working.

They offer a fairly limited free plan and several paid plans.

  • Another option is to download the WordPress source code from the website and install it on your own web server since you can hire a hosting.

This last option is more professional and removes all the limitations of


As for what to use, it’s a matter of interest, but we can say that in general, the free plan of, as in other platforms, is limited.


BluCactus - What is a blogFor example, you cannot use your own domain, because it will be operational only to fix and little else.


As for the payment plans, even the most basic is already around the cost of good hosting and continues with important limitations that it doesn’t have on a WordPress site with hosting.


Therefore, if you are serious, it’s advisable to hire a hosting, not to mention that there are many discounts. For example:

  • With the discount coupon for Webempresa.
  • Get 25% and more discount and on days like Black Friday. With the discount coupon for Raiola Networks 20%.

Once you’ve started the practical part of blogging, then now examine the strategic part as well.


What tools do you need to start a blog?


To have a blog that engages and facilitate its dissemination, there are blog tools that need to be implemented.


There are thousands and thousands of blogging tools, but we will highlight the most important ones that we think you should have at the beginning:

  • A well-designed website and blog


Blucactus - what is a blogMany bloggers when they start, believe that the web isn’t important. But it does matter.


If you want to be seen and noticed from the first moment within your sector.


And be a reference in your subject, you must do it with style, taste, and professionalism.


A neat web page is the first thing that your users will perceive when they arrive at the blog, so it’s super important that you take it into account.

  • Social media sharing


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itWhen a user reaches your article or post they must be able to share it.


Therefore, you must implement buttons throughout the blog.


They must have a social plugin to share on social mediawith their respective buttons to encourage propagation.


Within WordPress, you can use tools such as Divi’s Monarch, Sumome, or Social Warfare.


We can configure all these plugins any way we want.


This way we can place the buttons inside the blog content, going down fixed on our screen while scrolling or at the end of the article itself.

  • Capture leads


Blucactus - capture leadsLike wanting to share on Social media.


It’s necessary to capture as much information as possible from our users.


Likewise, you must have a plugin like Bloom or Thrive Leads to capture as many emails as possible.


Thus, this will then allow you to sell through the email marketing technique.

  • Email marketing


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itOnce the emails are collected, you need to have a tool to carry out the blog campaigns.


With Mailrelay a new list will be created and sent weekly to subscribers of news, gifts, courses, or tips. We advise you to send quality content, and not only about the company or blog, as it can tire the user and leave the lists.


It’s super important that you have your own blog. For that, we can support you to start it, and then you can tell us the results in the comments.


It can be complicated due to a lack of resources, either time or money, but it’s an investment that we are sure you will not regret.


What to do before creating a blog?

  • Write for SEO


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on it

Although for years it has been one of the most important elements and that can most obsess us when writing a post.


The truth is that the next trends suggest leaving this practice aside.


With the aim of a better quality of content and originality that helps SEO.


The old techniques will continue to work, but something more is sought.

  • Invite people from outside


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itGuest blogging is one of the practices that you should put into operation, it always works and it’s a plus for your blog to get greater exposure.


This can help you expand your reach and increase your personal relationships.


Besides, it will allow you to promote your personal image by increasing your visibility on social media.


It can also provide you with qualified referral traffic.

  • An email will continue to be the best way to connect


Blucactus - advertisingBlogs are great, but the news is better.


If you combine both platforms, your subscribers together with your quality blog, you will have the winning mix.


If someone gives you their email, they want to hear more from you.


Because of this, if you send them quality content they will share it, promote it. Thus, in the future, this relationship will become a purchase or a loyal customer.


Email marketing works just as well now as it did years ago.

  • You must know all the aspects of having a blog


Blucactus - personal brandIf you only pay attention to SEO, to the more technical aspects like the server, looking for more visits at all costs and graphics, you will lose the focus of your work.


To have a successful blog you have to focus on what you do really well. If you are a writer, focus on your stories, if you are an innovator, focus on finding new ideas.


Use tools that streamline the rest of the tasks and hire experts to help you with the technicalities.


This way you can dedicate yourself to what you do best.

  • Data, research, and statistics are now simpler and more integrated than ever

BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itOne of the best things about becoming a blogger today is that it’s easier than ever.


Every day the world is more familiar with the data and statistics many tools provide.


These, of course, are at your service.


Thus, having a blog is becoming a more and more professional need.


Google Analytics for example will help you measure the number of your visits, the success of your latest posts, and the bounce rate.

  • Responsive design is no longer optional


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itIn fact, Google has long been prioritizing those websites with a responsive design over those that can only be seen on computers.


If you are really thinking about starting a blog, choose a theme with a design adapted for this format.


The good news is that WordPress layouts are already adapted for responsive design without requiring a great deal of effort on your part.

  • Increase the importance of audio and video


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itAs data speed increases, user demand for video and audio does.


Likewise, the use of text is no longer enough.


Thus, the platforms now adapt to support all configurations.


Don’t forget to use different formats to make your new blog more original and attractive.

  • Customize


Blucactus - cuztomizaA few years ago, everyone wanted their blog to look like that of a big company with a big budget reflected in its graphics, photos, and design.


However, lately, the trend seems to head towards customization. People are becoming more and more interested in those blogs that have a more personal feel, small and of close reach.


So, if you are thinking of starting a blog, don’t forget to be professional. However, don’t forget to remain personal.


You can do this by including photos of yourself, stories, and unique things. Thus, all of this could create a connection with the user.

  • Write about what you are passionate about


BluCactus - INSPIRELast but not least.


There is no use wanting to create a blog if you don’t have in mind what you want to do, the theme, or if you will not enjoy yourself along the way.


Find out what you can contribute to others, what are the advantages of starting this adventure and go for it.


The road isn’t easy, but being clear about this latest trend will not be as difficult as starting from scratch.


Remember that you can do it and welcome to the world of blogging!




BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itA Blog is a widely used tool today.


Many people are already using it to attract customers and together with their posts, monetize it, and earn money.


Prioritize first what type of blog you want to create and what is the aim of its creation.


Don’t waste time just thinking you will make money overnight because it won’t happen, it takes time and effort on your part.


Blucactus - contact usWe mentioned nine useful tips that can work for you before creating your own blog.


Likewise, we recommended the most important tools for this.


If you are thinking of creating a website or blog that represents a company or enterprise and you want to know more about how to do it, we can help you.


We have a trained team of experts at your disposal. Write to us and one of our experts will get in touch with you quickly.


Your success is our success. Remember we are only one click away.


Quote your project to let us create your Content Management Project
to increase your audience and sales today!

Ordering made easier: Everything about the new tool that will make your client’s life easier when making an order.

How much does a digital menu cost for restaurants in the US? In general, we often think that the only way to get a gastronomic software service is by paying a high price. However, we have to remember some factors when we want to know the price of a digital menu for restaurants.


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodOn the other hand, digital agencies have started to expand their plans to offer this service. Their aim is to become more accessible to the public.


Among these plans, renting has become the most popular option among a wide variety of businesses. Some of them are the sectors of gastronomy, tourism, and hotels.


Because of this, establishments such as bars, cafes, and restaurants can now have this software. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, the small economic sector used to be only one able to use this service.


On the other hand, this software and its price include a lot of factors that depend on customer needs. In this article, we will point out the different elements that make up the cost of this service.


The reason for this is that here at the BluCactus agency we are immersed in this area. Thus, we must answer what is the price of a digital menu for restaurants.


Main data about the technology renting market in the US:


How much does a digital menu cost for a restaurant through a rental contract?


BluCactus - main dataIn today’s world, the option of renting is something that many marketing agencies are offering. Besides, many sectors already use this system.


Some of them are the IT and automotive sectors. This system consists of the creation of a leasing contract.


Thus, in this contract, the employer will be able to receive all the equipment they require.


In the US, rental contracts usually last between 12 and 60 months. Likewise, the rental of this software service for restaurants has a fixed market share that must be paid monthly.


BluCactus - main dataHowever, the gastronomic sector integrated this service on their businesses early on. This is due to the need to offer a better and more efficient sales experience.


On the other hand, the technical aspects that establish the net value of the collection fee depend on two factors.


These factors are the type of software and the complete hardware system of the service you want to contract.


Likewise, American leasing companies usually categorize their service plans into three levels. These are basic, medium, and advanced.


Thus, we now know that depending on the size of the company the price could be affected. This can help you to know how much does a digital menu for restaurants in the US exactly costs.


What options does the expiration date of a leasing contract offer?


National digital providers main benefits


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using his ipad for workA common aspect of every rental contract is the inclusion of a deadline.


This deadline establishes when the contract must end.


How much does a digital menu cost? However, the provider can also offer another option to manage this software beyond the fixed date.


Through this alternative, the manager can see the price of the digital restaurant menu.


This is possible if they buy the complete menu system. For this to happen, the manager has to first test the performance and effectiveness of this service.


BluCactus - rentingThus, this purchase allows them to be the owner of the software and hardware. The reason for this is that they will be buying the whole system.


In fact, if needed, the contract can be extended.


Likewise, the renewal of it doesn’t include the equipment or the optimization of processes in the digital database.


Thus, you need to consider the customer’s needs and the type of contract.


This will let you know how much a digital menu costs.


Additional assistance, training and maintenance services determine the price of a digital menu for a restaurant


Besides all these characteristics we mentioned before, you should know that rental contracts in the US can vary. Because of this, the price of this software can be affected by additional services. These additional services can be benefits that the customer could include in their contracts.


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodHow much does a digital menu cost? For example, one of these services could be 24-hour technical support. This can offer help or assistance in case some part of the equipment breaks down or malfunctions.


This way, the restaurant will be able to continue offering excellent customer service despite any setbacks that could occur. Likewise, some companies offer a guarantee of up to 6 years for their products.


On the other hand, some companies can also offer custom maintenance services.


These work through the use of phone assistance and training services. The latter involves educating the company’s staff on the use of digital tools for this software.


So, you must add the price of these services to the base price of $50 per month of this software. This will allow you to know how much this a digital menu for restaurants in the US costs.


How much does a digital menu cost? Get to know the new BluCactus digital menu


All the gastronomic software services that adapt to your needs


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using her ipad for workHere, at BluCactus, we have experts in programming with over two decades of experience in the market. Besides, our software’s prices can adapt to your budget and interests.


This product is more accessible through the use of a monthly charge with a basic rate of $50. The BluCactus team can also offer you technical advice on how to use multimedia tools. This way, we make the use and management of this tool easier for you.


How much does a digital menu cost? We also provide a wide variety of automated tools in our software.


For example, each contract in our digital menu includes elements like regular maintenance. We also offer you the latest updates. Thus, you will be able to focus on what’s important, which is your restaurant’s business performance.


Additionally, you should add an extra $20 for the payment of each waiter who operates the software. This will let you know how much a digital menu costs for a restaurant with BluCactus services.


What other relevant benefits does BluCactus digital restaurant menu software provide for customer service in my restaurant?


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodOur software offers an intuitive and informative layout that allows your customers to easily choose their food. This system sorts the different dishes that your business has into different categories.


Some of these can be, salads, drinks, desserts, among others. Thus, people like these features better because they make their lives easier. Because of them, they can easily look for their favorite dishes and then order them without any problems.


How much does a digital menu cost? Now, when we talk about the management of these software devices, BluCactus will train your staff. We can guarantee that you that our software is fully compatible with different models of tables.


Likewise, we can also offer you our maintenance services which in turn can create backup copies of the software. This will guarantee the safety of the information related to the commercial performance of your restaurant. Remember that this also has an additional cost, so you must add it to the package of your digital menu. This will let you know how much this service costs.


Final notes: BluCactus is your ideal provider of business management software nationwide


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using her ipad for workToday, the restaurant software market is advancing at an incredibly fast pace.


Because of this, any food establishment that doesn’t have this type of software will fall behind in the market.


This is why BluCactus aims at keeping your business in tune with the needs of your clientele.


We want to do more than just letting you know how much a digital restaurant menu costs.


BluCactus - contact usWe want to show you our quality service plans.


With them, you can reinvent your business in ways you never imagined before.


For more information on how much a digital menu for restaurant costs, we invite you to contact us to receive all the benefits of having a high-quality service.


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Summary of How much does a digital menu cost?

Item Price
Basic rate 50
Additional per waiter 20
Support and maintenance 20

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