BluCactus-7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation

7 Graphic Designing tips that will enhance your Brand Reputation

What is graphic designing? 

Graphic designing is a visual representation of elements or symbols, such as typography, images, text, colors, theme, shapes, to convey a brand message to the target audience. Organizations create a graphic design for their products or services to get recognized in the marketplace. Graphic design is a way to build an online brand presence and to showcase creativity and innovation. A compelling and attractive graphic design with effective meaning can attract a large number of customers to your brand. Graphic designing comprises some basic principles that help in creating balance, stability, and contrast for the piece of work.   

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BluCactus - marketing strategy

What’s Nike’s marketing strategy? Like all globally recognized brands, Nike has known how to carry out an efficient marketing strategy. This American multinational company dedicated to the design and production of sports equipment uses the marketing mix to communicate with its target audience. In this case, it would be those who are part of the footwear and exercise equipment industry.

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BluCactus-Internal Links How Many Are Too Many

Internal Links: How Many Are Too Many? Understanding the what and why behind internal linking is both complicated and simple at the same time. Why does the number of internal links in a webpage even matter? Well, we shall delve into all this. Let’s start with a brief overview of internal linking. 

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BluCactus - Pinterest influencers

Top 15 Pinterest influencers you must know. Influencer marketing has been around for a long time. And since then it hasn’t ceased to be an important part of this social media platform. This tool works on the visual discovery, which is why many brands turn to the most influential influencers to promote both their products and campaigns. Therefore, if you own a brand, you must know the 15 most important influencers on this platform.

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