Google Ads for universities: How to attract students. University education is in the midst of a very competitive market. So, we must implement a solid marketing strategy for reaching potential students. What strategy can effectively achieve this goal?


One of the best options to promote your institution is paid online advertising, such as Google Ads. If you don’t know how this advertising platform works or what benefits it offers, this article is for you.


What does it take to advertise on Google Ads?


BluCactus - woman studying while listening to musicAs mentioned, paid online advertising is possible in Google Ads. Although there are different platforms, on Google Ads, your ads are displayed in Google search results and on other websites that use Google AdSense.


Once you promote your university on Google Ads, you can create targeted ads specific to your audience.  Universities and other institutions can show their ads to those interested in their educational offers based on your geographical location, keywords, and other criteria. This includes those who live in the area where your institution is located.


Now, your strategy shouldn’t be about making quick announcements and waiting to be contacted by future students. It is important to be guided by some advertising strategies that will help you create an attractive campaign through Google Ads:


Keep clear objectives: Before creating a university campaign for your institution, you must have specific objectives. Regardless of whether you want to increase visibility or conversion rate, there need to be clear objectives to structure an advertising campaign with measurable results.


BluCactus - woman using a laptop while studying and doing homeworkUse notable keywords: When discussing keywords, we refer to the terms people usually search for on Google. By using keywords that stand out, your ad will appear every time a person searches for information about a specific educational program.


Segment your audience: To do this, you must consider certain criteria such as age, geographic location, and interests. This way, you will have the opportunity to reach users with a more direct message. If you want to attract students close to you, you can segment the audience according to geographic location. So, if your university offers a program in technology studies, a good keyword could be “technology program.”


Use remarketing: Through remarketing, you can interact with people who have already visited your online ads or website. You can create specific ads for that audience already interested in your institution. Therefore, if a person has visited the registration page but does not fill out their information, you can show them ads reminding them that they can still do so.


BluCactus - woman studying while listening to music - Google Ads for universitiesCreate attractive ads: This is most important, as you should always offer the most alluring ads to your audience. To do this, use messages that reach your target audience effectively. Accompany them with impactful images. Additionally, you should ensure that your ads lead to a landing page that generates an action. It could be a registration page or a page to request information.


Take advantage of college admissions season: The admission season is an opportune time for universities. You should take advantage of it and provide further visibility into your institution to attract a significant number of students. To that end, use targeted ads during this time to ensure your institution stands out from the competition.


Measure and adjust your advertising campaigns: When you measure the success of your advertising campaigns and make the corresponding adjustments, you can modify your ads to improve their effectiveness. How? In Google Ads, you will find several analysis tools that you can use to find the cost per click, the number of clicks, or the conversion rate.


How do you attract university students through a Google Ads campaign?


BluCactus - woman using a laptop while studying and doing homeworkNow that you know the key points to using Google Ads for Universities, let’s go over the steps to create a successful campaign with effective ads. First of all, you need a Google Ads account. If you don’t have one, you can create it easily and free with a Gmail account. Then:


Define each objective of your campaign: It is important to have clear objectives before structuring your campaign. So, whether the objective is to increase visits to your website or the number of registrations, this action should be highlighted in your ads.


Determine a budget: How much money will you invest in your campaign? Google Ads allows you to set a budget that fits your goals and makes your campaign effective.


Select the type of campaign: Google Ads has different kinds of campaigns, and you can choose the one that best suits your objectives and needs. Among them are display, search, shopping, and video campaigns.


Choose the keywords: Keywords are necessary for your campaign. They are terms that users search for when they go to Google to search for information related to universities. Therefore, you are tasked with choosing keywords most relevant to your campaign.


BluCactus - woman studying while listening to music - Google Ads for universitiesCreate your ads: Use Google Ads tools to create your ads. Be sure to consider Google’s policies and ensure you make relevant and persuasive ads. To create ads, we suggest you seek the help of digital marketing specialists. They will know how to help you throughout the entire process of creating your campaign.


Segment effectively: Thanks to segmentation, you are able to reach the right users. You can select criteria like geographical location and language to do this. This way, you will reach users who are already potential students.


Launch your campaign: After reviewing every detail and ensuring everything has been adjusted, the next step is to launch your campaign in style.


Track conversions: The performance of your campaign should be monitored to know if some of your implemented strategies need to be improved. To do this, you can use the Google Ads analysis tools. They are beneficial to measure and understand the development of your campaign.


What does Google Ads offer for universities?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510You can use Google Ads to increase traffic to your website and attract more students to your institution since, as a paid online advertising tool, it offers many benefits:


  • Greater visibility, as it allows you to reach a broader audience.
  • Accurate measurement through analysis tools that you have at your disposal.
  • Segment with greater precision to reach an audience.
  • Flexibility to adjust your ads based on the results obtained or the changes you want to make to your marketing plan.
  • Quick results, unlike other marketing strategies.


To achieve these benefits when creating a Google Ads campaign for universities, it is advisable to seek help from experts. At BluCactus, we are a digital marketing agency located in Mexico. Our team has the necessary knowledge to implement a campaign that fits the objectives of your institution. You can contact us right now, and we will gladly assist you in a personalized way.


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How do you promote wine sales on Google Ads? Google Ads advertising campaigns apply to any business sector, including the liquor industry. This is why wineries can achieve greater visibility by building their online presence through this advertising platform.


If you have a wine cellar and want to take advantage of online advertising, you must have a well-kept and optimized website. Also, you must have clear goals to reach the target audience. In this article, we will explain how to promote the sale of wines through paid advertising in Google Ads.


Can I promote my wine cellar in Google Ads?


BluCactus - person using google ads platform on smartphoneIt is important to know that in Google Ads, you cannot promote products or services that do not comply with advertising policies. In the case of alcoholic beverages, such as wine, their promotion is allowed in some countries, which appear in a list on the support page of the Google website. The advertisement must be made for informational purposes. You can talk about your wine brand to generate awareness without offering to sell it online.


So that your advertising is not considered irresponsible, it must be directed at people of legal drinking age. Likewise, you cannot imply that drinking wine provides health benefits or suggest that excessive alcohol consumption is favorable.


As long as you meet all the requirements, you can publish your ads for alcoholic beverages, such as wine, on advertising platforms like Google Ads, YouTube, AdMob, and Google Ad Manager.


What happens if you violate Google’s policies for Google Ads?


Suppose your advertising campaign is directed at countries where alcoholic beverages cannot be advertised nor show the consumption of alcohol in situations that can put people’s lives at risk. In that case, Google will send a warning to suspend your account.


How to promote wines in Google Ads


There are two actions that you should consider to sell wine through Google Ads:


  • Website and landing page


BluCactus - person using smartphone while drinking a glass of wineYou need a modern website before starting a Google Ads advertising campaign to sell wines. Remember that your website will function as your best seller, so it must have a clean design and be adaptable to the resolutions of different devices.


So, whether a user enters from a computer or a smartphone, they can find an easily accessible site. Likewise, you should create and add images that can visually attract visitors. All of this is meant to encourage customers to visit your wine cellar and make their first purchase.


As for landing pages, they are necessary to convert visitors. Based on your objectives, you should build a website focused on conversion. You can add a landing page for wine sales, tasting reservations, or club registrations to convert visitors into future buyers.


  • Google Display and the Google Search Network


BluCactus - person using smartphone while drinking a glass of wineAlthough these two advertising formats are different, they are beneficial and can also be adjusted to your marketing objectives.


Google Display ads have a banner format, and they are excellent because they allow you to present your brand to potential customers, even when you are not on their minds or aren’t looking for the product you offer at that moment. Therefore, they effectively give brand visibility to generate traffic to your website and achieve more significant growth.


Search ads appear in search results accompanied by the content the user is viewing. So, the ad will appear when someone shows interest in your product.


Interestingly, ads like these are related to the user’s search, so the visits will come from enticed parties. And better yet, you won’t have to pay for your wine ads until a user clicks on them. The truth is that, through this type of advertisement, you can present your brand at the right moment when the user has a need or curiosity.


How to make a good wine ad in Google Ads?


BluCactus - person using smartphone while drinking a glass of wineYou can use Google Ads tools to sell wine, depending on your goals. For example, the user should know if you hold events or have a wine club. Another idea is to advertise a wine tasting to attract local audiences.


This way, you can invite numerous reservations that can be converted into sales. To increase sales, you must locate users interested in your product.


Your ads on Google Ads are critical to your marketing strategy since they can attract more visitors to your winery and locate the profiles of potential customers.


For this reason, you must remember to mind the policies that will govern your ads.


How does SEM work in Google Ads for wine sales?


BluCactus - person using laptop with google ads while drinking a glass of wineYou can also keep track of your budget when you run a Google Ads campaign for wine cellars,. Using SEM to promote your products, you can set a budget without incurring additional costs. Also, unforeseen charges will not appear because the price has already been set in advance. When you run your SEM campaign in Google Ads, you will find this and even more advantages:


You can attract qualified leads: You will find clients when they search for the product you offer. This way, you willattract potential customers who want to find your business.


You only pay when users click on your ads: When pay-per-click is focused on the search network, you only pay when users click on your ads. It is a tremendous advantage because you will not pay for impressions, and it will increase your brand’s recognition.


Set the day to publish your ads: In Google Ads, you can choose the time and day you post your ads. Strategic timing is the best way to reach your target audience  online. Also, you can select the campaign’s duration. And you can keep it active until the budget runs out or generates more clicks.


Are you interested in promoting  wine sales with an ad campaign in Google Ads?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Unlike other promotion strategies, Google Ads allows higher conversions and will enable you to structure your campaign based on elements that can be directed toward your target audience.


How many people see your ads? How many click on it? You can analyze all this through metrics to determine what works with your campaign and what can be improved. You have the option to manage your campaign yourself. However, it is vital to seek help from experts for faster and more productive results.


At BluCactus, we are a digital marketing agency located in Mexico, and our team has the necessary tools to promote the sale of wines with attractive and profitable ads in Google Ads. Contact us now for personalized advice; we will help you reach your potential clients.


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7 tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships. Google Ads campaigns are a great way  to promote your dealership. It is the best option to obtain  new clients for your business. However, in the automotive industry, there is a lot of competition. So, the success of your campaign in the digital world will depend on the strategies you carry out.


Which  strategies  should you implement? In this article, we will provide professional advice to help you manage an advertising campaign in Google Ads for dealerships.


How do I advertise my dealership in Google Ads?


Thanks to pay-per-click campaigns, you can create ads to reach a desired audience and increase sales for your dealership. The objective is to start by creating an advertising plan to ensure your campaigns will be effective. 


What elements should your ads contain? Here, we will provide some practical tips to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealers:


  • Pay attention to keywords.


BluCactus - person handing out car keysIn order for your ads on Google Ads to reach potential customers, you must use the right keywords. You shouldn’t add just any word related to the automotive sector. You should strategically look for keywords that match your objectives. This will increase the chances that each click on your ad will become a sale.


The good news is that you can view the phrases used to access your website through Google Ads. To access this option, go to the “search terms” tab. You will see which phrases activate your ads, allowing you to take advantage of them. You will even have access to positive and negative keywords to use.


Negative keywords are nothing to fear. On the contrary, they may be more relevant than the positive ones. All because they work as an indication of when your ads should not be shown. So, they help eliminate insignificant visits and reduce costs by obtaining foolproof searches.



BluCactus - person handing out car keysMatch keywords are also an excellent option to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships. There are four types, and each one has its own  proper use technique:


Broad match keywords: These make ads appear in searches related to the topic being discussed in the ad. Its capabilities consist of not using generic words such as “cars” due to their ineffectiveness.


Modified Broad Match Keywords: Allow your ads to be shown in Google searches every time a user uses the selected keywords but in no specific order. So if “blue car” is bid, your ad may appear if there is a search for “repair blue car.”


Phrase Match Keywords: These ads appear in searches with selected keywords in an exact order. For example, if you are working with the word “Toyota convertible model,” your ad can be activated when a user searches for “New Toyota convertible model.”


Exact match keyword: The ad will be visible once the user searches for a phrase or variations of the exact keyword phrase. It could be a “late model car” or some other variation.


Focus on the segmentation of your campaign.


BluCactus - couple buying a carTo improve the performance of your campaign, you must optimize Google Ads for your dealership. How is it done? It’s most feasible to implement correct segmentation by adjusting the locations where you want users to be directed.


This advice is important since you don’t want your ads to appear in cities where your dealership is not located. This risk can be avoided if your campaign is segmented.


Another point to consider is that the clearer and more precise your ads are, the more likely they appear in the top search positions. Therefore, it is preferable to create specific ads for greater profitability.


  • Pay attention to locations.


To achieve good segmentation, you must delve deeper into locations. Where do you want your ads to be displayed? Having an answer to this question is vital for Google optimization. You must include your location and locations you do not want to display. Also, adjusting locations can determine the type of product you are offering.


If your dealership sells luxury cars, your ads shouldn’t appear in areas with low purchasing power. After adjusting the locations, the statistics will help you specify the management of your investment based on what is most advantageous.


  • Adjust your bid manually.


BluCactus - couple buying a car - Google Ads campaign for dealershipsTo implement this tip, you can set the maximum cost per click on your ad group. Although, it is also a good idea to manually configure the price per word. In addition to defining the maximum daily cost per click for your campaign, you can identify the words that generate the most visits and produce the most conversions. Thus, your budget can lean more towards them to achieve actual sales.


  • Cut out irrelevant metrics.


If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that not all metrics are relevant. Consequently, you should start by getting rid of data that you do not use frequently, or that does not provide value to the optimization of your campaign. One of the most important metrics to optimize your campaigns is the click-through rate (CTR), as it can be used to measure the performance of dealership ads, keywords, etc.


  • Implement SEO and SEM.


SEO is a marketing strategy that allows you to improve the visibility of your website in search results. Therefore, if you want to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealers, it must be included. Remember that the search engine considers the page’s quality when giving visibility to its ads.


On the other hand, there is SEM, a set of tools that allows you to appear in the top positions. SEO works like organic positioning; in SEM, you must pay for those ads. For this reason, by combining both tools, you can obtain satisfactory results.


How to integrate Google Analytics with Google Ads for dealerships


BluCactus - woman selling a car - Google Ads campaign for dealershipsIn addition to the tips we have already mentioned, linking your Google Ads account with your Google Analytics account is an excellent idea.


This is because you will obtain relevant information about your visitors and other data that should not go unnoticed. To use this tool, you just need to go to your Google Analytics account, click the “audience” tab, and then the “Market segments” option.


This way, you can access essential data to determine what is right or wrong in your Google Ads campaign. Likewise, you can find the audiences with the highest conversion rates to include them in your campaign. You must enter the “Public” tab and generate bid adjustments according to your objectives.


Would you like to optimize your Google Ads campaign for dealerships?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510With these tips, you can begin optimizing your Google Ads campaign for dealerships. You can take charge of your campaign or seek the help of professionals to achieve quick results with guaranteed success.


BluCactus is a digital marketing agency in Mexico, and our team is prepared to manage your Google Ads campaign. We will help you create ads that generate more conversions, reaching your potential customers to achieve more sales.


Contact us right now to provide you with personalized attention.


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Google Ads for real estate: How to start creating my ad? The real estate sector has a lot of competition. Due to its saturation, you must manage your online presence through a paid campaign in Google Ads. However, unlike other sectors, this requires very specific actions to reach the target audience.


So, don’t be one of those companies that are competitive but have not invested enough to become visible. Ideally, potential clients know of your existence and can find you easily. But how can your company appear in the top Google results with advertising in Google Ads? In this article, we will give you several tips that you can practice now.


What is the main advantage of Google Ads for the real estate sector?


BluCactus - couple of man and woman using laptop to navigate on internetMany companies still hope to appear organically in top positions, and of course, it is an effective way to reach the target audience. However, marketing strategies must be reinforced, and real estate advertising on Google Ads is the best option. Why? Because it is a quick way to gain visibility by appearing first in terms of interest and timing.


Thanks to the internet, people can find their ideal product. But you have to stand out among many search results to be that product. Only Google Ads advertising, through its segmentation, allows you to be found by your potential clients.


Likewise, one of the main advantages of this type of advertising is that you can measure various actions based on the measurement parameters of each channel. The truth is that you can access different data to measure your campaigns’ effectiveness. This includes the number of users who click or see the campaigns. Twenty-four hours a day, you know how your campaign works and can determine if it needs modifications for optimization. Additionally, Google will send you a monthly report with the statistics of your campaigns so that you are aware of them.


What should a Google Ads campaign for real estate have?


BluCactus - google ads for business on laptopNow that we’ve piqued your interest in a Google Ads campaign for real estate, these are the elements that you should consider for its management:


The brand as a key point: You must segment your ads to position your brand in Google Ads. To do this, you can capitalize on search words, whether they refer to your brand or to the name of a project. This action helps capture the attention of the most interested users and direct qualified traffic to the landing page.


Determine who your competitors are: You should take ample time to get to know your competitors. If you have a real estate project underway, you’re aware that other projects exist in the same area. You can bid on the same keywords used by your competitors to get more visibility. Future clients are looking for a product or service in that area, and ideally, they’ll prefer your option.


BluCactus - google ads for business on laptopSet up Alpha campaigns: Search campaigns have a very clear goal: to appear exclusively to users interested in the service you offer. Now, real estate agencies must have very clear points for the execution of effective campaigns, such as  the type of property offered, the modality, and where it is located. Clarifying what you want to offer your potential client helps you create well-targeted long-tail keywords for your ads. Forget about using generic keywords, and search for at least three terms: modality, type of property, and location. It is the only way to define the user’s intention clearly.


Look for viable alternatives: You must understand the needs of the person looking for a product or service. Therefore, if you are dedicated to the real estate sector, you must ask yourself: What do users looking for real estate services need? This way, if a user is looking for a house or apartment in a specific part of the city and an upper-class area, the goal would be to appear precisely when searching for that. Also, you can determine what other areas meet the desired characteristics since it is likely that said user is interested in them. This method offers a way to spread your campaign with possible alternatives.


How does a display campaign work in Google Ads for the real estate sector?


BluCactus - happy woman holding a house model and a phoneOnce you have optimized your search words, you can look for other options if your goal is to reach a larger audience.


Display campaigns for real estate are efficient as long as the following segmentations are made to reach an important audience with effective ads:


Interests related to the real estate sector: According to each user’s behavior on the internet, their interest in a particular topic has been delineated. So, thanks to Google Ads, we can categorize people into market audiences to determine which groups have common interests. It is worth noting that real estate agencies have different audiences to explore, which is why this segmentation is essential.


BluCactus - google ads for business on laptopRemarketing for the real estate sector: This consists of creating a greater impact on users who know of the existence of your real estate agency and the properties you offer. By knowing who is interested in what you offer, you can show them your advertising again to direct them back to your website. This way, they can become familiar with your brand, know more about you, and contact you. Remember that the real estate sector works through a decision process of varying lengths. So, you must remain in the consumer’s mind to be their first option.


Issues for the real estate sector: There are pages where different topics can be presented, and when a user visits them, it is understood that they are potential clients interested in that type of content.


Do you want to create an ad in Google Ads for real estate?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In addition to the segmentations mentioned above, to reach potential customers, you must limit your campaigns by gender, geographic location, age, keywords, etc. It is the only way to reach the public that interests you and will generate income when hiring your services.


Would you like to make a positive impact on your potential client? At BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Mexico. Our team, which specializes in Google Ads, can create and manage the campaigns your real estate business needs. Contact us right now to be provided with personalized advice, and let’s talk about how we can strengthen your brand.


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BluCactus Digital Marketing - How to create a medical PowerPoint presentation?

How to create a medical PowerPoint presentation? PowerPoint is a presentation tool, and companies can connect with their audience through it. In the health sector it’s not different. This also works as a means of communication when we want to convey a medical research topic concisely. Likewise, you can also create a medical presentation if you are interested in presenting your office.

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