3D textures: Digital Design’s new trend and everything you need to know about it

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In 2019, 3D Texture design became a huge trend. However, this year hasn’t fallen behind at all on this and it has even added another layer of texture.


What is 3D design?


BluCactus - 3D TexturesThis kind of design is constantly evolving. It comprises the creation of vertices to give an impression of volume. We do this through the use of artificial light to create faces. That’s why this is the perfect complement to correct modeling as it will provide a good share of materials and textures. We will be able to adapt the virtual light to the surface it’s illuminating. Thus, our final creation will be a three-dimensional one.


Therefore, as if it were in real life, we will be able to simulate the characteristics of any surface. It could have a rough, satin, or matte texture and we could still create it. We can also simulate the pigmentary qualities of the surface with no problem.


The software technology allows you to create your own textures such as wood or marble and attach images on the meshes to achieve textures impossible to achieve, such as an actual image on a TV screen or a picture in interior design.


3D design forms and procedures


Next, we will talk about the most common methods for making 3D designs.


BluCactus -modeling boxBox modeling, 3D Textures 


This technique is based on a basic pre-designed figure such as a plane or cube.


We can access it immediately in the designed program.


Then, we can add geometry in the form of vertices and faces, making the volume gain shape and detail.



BluCactus - 3D Textures - sculptural modelingSculptural modeling or sculpt modeling


In recent years, sculptural modeling has been the modeling that has gained the most prominence. As with box modeling, you need to start with a basic figure.


Then you must add geometry to simulate a pressure, stretch or crush on the 3D mesh.


In this way, we can generate new faces internally by modifying the volume and shape.


The result is useful for sectors like animation.


BluCactus -surfacesNURB surfaces and curves, 3D Textures 


With this kind of modeling, we can control certain contours of the object we’ll design.


It’s particularly useful for designing exact types of models, such as those from cars and airplanes.





BluCactus - 3D Textures - meta objectsMeta-objects


This model works with objects that, when they approach each other, behave like drops of mercury.


It can have multiple effects, but its creative possibilities are very limited.


Thus, it has fallen into disuse and has become outdated.




BluCactus - textsTexts, 3D Textures


This procedure allows you to work with curves with great ease and versatility.


Also, thicken text quickly so you can turn it into a 3D object or make a profile follow a straight or curved path like a twisted wire.




BluCactus - 3D Textures - particles and fluidsParticles and fluids


We use this to create soft bodies, particle emissions, and wind or smoke simulations.


This is done through the use of various techniques.


We can also use these virtual creations to create static images or animations.




Materials and textures in 3D modeling


BluCactus - 3D Textures - summaryRay tracing and light simulation programs, 3D Textures


If we want to simulate lighting and perform the necessary calculations to generate scenes, we must use some specific 3D software.


They use ray tracers to do this, which the renderers usually include.


We’ll now list some of these programs.


BluCactus - blenderinternalBlender internal


This is the most used renderer since it provides great quality.


However, it has some weak points such as transparent materials.


It has been used for many years with very good results.


This is the best software for beginners who want to start rendering.


BluCactus -cyclesCycles, 3D Textures


This is usually enabled by default in the program, but in case it’s not, we can install it as an extension. It’s still in development, but this hasn’t stopped its use from becoming widespread.


This is because of its potential to create realistic renderings.


On the contrary, we don’t recommend to start the designing process with Cycles. This is because we can’t edit its parameters to create materials and textures.


Therefore, the actual editing is done through a more advanced system like a node editor.

BluCactus - 3D Textures - yafaray



It was one of the most used software until the arrival of Cycles.


However, it is a good program and is still in use today.




3D Textures: Meanings of the texture word


BluCactus - 3D Textures - meaningWe can find this in all the objects whose texture can be rough, smooth, harsh, flat, among others. This is because it represents a visual and tactile element to them.


Usually, we use this word as a synonym to point out the structure of a surface. Some textures properties are graininess, contrast, and fiber direction.


On the other hand, in 3D computer graphics, the texture is an image used as a surface for a three-dimensional object. This then gives it the appearance of different materials. Most often than not, the texture is a photograph of a true texture.


In contrast, in digital image processing, all images are called textures.


BluCactus - 3D Textures - the importance

The importance of texture synthesis for a 3D design


This process involves the use of an algorithm such as Tiling, Chaos Mosaic, or TextureGrowth.


It’s used to create a large digital image from a small one.


This doesn’t increase the resolution of the image but rather imitates the content of it.


On the other hand, the most important use of texture synthesis occurs in the elaboration of digital images. We use this to fill the gaps or thicken an image. You can use this to create great images as backgrounds.




BluCactus - contact usWe use 3D design to create vertices with which we can form artificially illuminated faces to simulate volume. We can only achieve this by doing good modeling. For this, we must choose the correct materials and textures. This type of design has different forms and procedures for its creation.


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