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BluCactus - 29 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs to Read and Follow in 2021

29 Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read And Follow In 2021. Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. Many bloggers are minting thousands of dollars via affiliate marketing every month. Bloggers, like Pat Flynn have made a million-dollar business with the help of affiliate marketing blogs.


So, if you are looking for some authentic information on affiliate marketing, we’ve got you covered. 


In this blog post, we will take you through the 29 best affiliate marketing blogs to read and follow in 2021.


1. Neil Patel


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Neil PatelWhen it comes to the best affiliate marketing blogs, Neil Patel will always be on top of any list. With more than a million visitors per month, his blog is a perfect palace to learn A-Z about affiliate marketing.


From the basics of affiliate marketing to advanced topics, his blog has you covered. 


Step-by-step guides, resources, and tons of affiliate marketing tools are some of the key highlights of his blog. Neil also shares some great insights on how to improve your sales and affiliate conversion like a boss.


Aside from this, you can also consider following his blog for SEO, digital marketing, and everything in between.


2. Smart Passive Income


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Smart Passive IncomeSmart passive income needs no introduction. 


Aat Flynn, a super affiliate who builts a million-dollar business via affiliate marketing, runs and manages this blog. Major highlights of his blog include an affiliate marketing course, tips, and actionable guides on the topic. 


All the information and advice on his blog are written in a step-by-step format which makes it easy to understand even for a beginner. 


3. Affilorama 


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - AffiloramaNow here comes our favorite affiliate marketing blog i.e. Affilorama. This is actually an online community where you can learn how to make money via affiliate marketing.


It has a quick start guide on affiliate marketing where you can learn A-Z about the affiliate marketing business model. Additionally, it also has tons of downloadable resources to help you further.


The heart of this community is 120+ video lectures on affiliate marketing that are easy to follow and will help you in making money online.


Another great benefit of this community is that it is completely free of cost to join. However, you need to pay a certain fee to reap the benefits of their premium products and courses. 


4. Shout Me Loud


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Shout me loudThis is a top-rated Indian Blog that was founded by Harsh Agarwal in the year 2008. Shout Me Loud is quite popular among the Indian blogging community and gets millions of visitors every month. 


This blog aims to help people in becoming their own boss via affiliate marketing and blogging.


At Shout Me Loud, you’ll come across long guides and tutorials on affiliate marketing, make money online, and blogging.  


Currently, there are over 300+ articles live on this blog. So, hop on to Shout Me Loud and kick-start your affiliate marketing journey. 


5. Bloggers Passion


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Bloggers PassionNext to Shout Me Loud, Bloggers Passion is yet another Indian affiliate marketing blog to follow in 2021. This blog is run and managed by Anil Agarwal, a top-rated Indian blogger, and affiliate marketing.


Anil makes $10,000+ per month via affiliate marketing. So, he is the right person who can guide you throughout your journey in affiliate marketing. 


At Bloggers Passion, Anil publishes some long-form content on affiliate marketing, blogging, and how to make money online. 


So, if you want to increase your affiliate sales or want to learn how to promote affiliate offers, then Bloggers Passion is the place to be at.


6. Blogging Cage


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Blogging cageThe next in this list of affiliate marketing blogs to follow in 2021 is Blogging Cage. Kulwant Nagi, the runner and manager of this blog, is another top-level Indian blogger and super affiliate marketer.


At Blogging Cage, you’ll find content around affiliate marketing programs, affiliate marketing tips, courses related to affiliate marketing, and a lot more.


Apart from this, blogging and SEO are some other topics that Kulwant covers on his blog. 


7. AffiliateTip


Blucactus - AffiliateTipIf you want to stay updated about the affiliate marketing industry, then you cannot miss the following AffiliateTip. Shawn Collins has been doing affiliate marketing since 1997 and he runs and manages this blog.


So, we can conclude that Shawn is one of the most experienced affiliate marketers in the world.


That’s why he is the one who can guide you in the right direction.


So, if you want to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level then start following Affiliate Tip.


8. Niche Pursuits


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Niche PursuitsNiche Pursuits is a well-crafted blog on affiliate marketing. This blog will teach you how you can start niche affiliate marketing websites and make thousands of dollars every month. 


Not just affiliate marketing, this blog also covers a range of topics like SEO, blogging, making money online, and a lot more. 


By learning all these topics, you can strategically promote your offers right in front of a highly targeted audience. 


9. Mathew Woodward


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Mathew WoodwardYou have started with an affiliate marketing blog, but struggling to get traffic? We know how it feels as we have there. When it comes to increasing traffic for your affiliate website, organic traffic is the best source.


In order to improve your organic traffic, you need to level up your SEO game. This is where Mathew Woodward’s blog comes into the picture. His blog covers everything about SEO such as on-page, off-page, and link-building as well.


In fact, we follow this blog and have seen a spike in our organic traffic by using all the tips that Mathew has shared. 


Make sure that you follow this twice a month if you want to take your organic traffic to the next level.


10. Zac Johnson


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - Zac JohnsonWith over 20+ years of experience in the blogging and affiliate marketing industry, Zac Johnson is yet another great blogger and affiliate marketer. His blog will take you into the world of affiliate marketing in a step-by-step format.


Each of the articles published on this blog is in a simple and easy-to-understand language. So, if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing, you should consider following this blog.


11. Adamenfroy


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - AdamenfroyAdam Enfroy started his blogging career in the year 2019. Within two years, his blog grew from 0-100,000+ visitors and was making $10,000 per month via affiliate marketing and ad networks. 


His blog featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider magazine. 


Currently, Adam makes over $100,000+ via his blog. 


That’s cool, right?


Even you can mint that amount with some hard work and investment. You just need to follow his blog and get the right advice.


12. Ryrob 


Blucactus - Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs To Read - RyrobWith over 500,000 readers, Ryrob is another blog that can teach you A-Z of blogging and affiliate marketing. This blog featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Fast Company, Business Insider, LifeHacker, and many other media publications. 


Ryan Robinson, a 6-figure blogger and pro affiliate marketing, runs this blog.


In fact, 90% of his blog earnings come via affiliate marketing. 


So, you can think of following his blog and get some actionable advice from Ryan. You can also enroll in his free blogging to take your knowledge to the next level. 


13. Create and go


Blucactus - Create and goCreate and go is yet another affiliate marketing blog you should follow in 2021. This blog is jam-packed with tons of information on affiliate programs, how to promote affiliate products, how to integrate affiliate marketing and blogging, and a lot more. 


Alex and Lauren run and manage the blog, both of whom are 6-figure bloggers themselves.


In fact, their blog makes around $100,000 every month.


14. Online media Masters


Blucactus - Online Media MastersIf you are starting an affiliate marketing blog on WordPress, then you cannot miss following Online Media Masters.


This is a one-stop destination for all things related to WordPress and speed optimization. 


Of course, the blog also covers massive guides on SEO, making money online, and affiliate marketing as well. 


15. Shoe Money


Blucactus - Shoe MoneyIf you ask us which is the No 1 blog that you should follow for affiliate marketing, then Shoe Money will be our answer. 


This is a no-nonsense affiliate marketing blog that covers tips, actionable strategies, and insights about the affiliate marketing industry.


The blog also covers interviews of famous affiliate marketers who have made millions in this business.


You can read those interviews and get some actionable tips for sure. 


16. Affiliate Valley


Blucactus - Affiliate ValleyAs the name says, Affiliate Valley is another affiliate marketing blog that you should follow in 2021. 


We’ll tell you why:


This blog covers a wide range of niches and shares articles around popular products and online services.


Of course, it also covers guides and resources on affiliate marketing that are worth consuming in 2021.


17. John Chow Blog


Blucactus - John Chow BlogWhen talking about the best affiliate marketing blogs to follow in 2021, how can we forget about John Chow Blog? John Chow is considered to be a pioneer in the blogging industry. 


He is the one who showed people the income-generating power of blogging.


So, it makes sense to follow his blog and get some actionable advice from him. 



18. AM Navigator


Blucactus - AM Navigator

AM Navigator is one of our favorite affiliate marketing blogs. 


At AM Navigator, you can learn about advanced affiliate marketing tips, affiliate program management, and a lot more.


One of the things that we love about this blog is the case studies that they publish.



19. Affiliate Summit Blog


Blucactus - Affiliate Summit BlogThis blog is jam-packed with information on affiliate marketing, SEO, online marketing, and everything in between.


It not only has articles on affiliate marketing but some amazing webinars and video lectures as well.


So, if you don’t want to waste your time reading lengthy guides, then follow this blog and watch their videos.



20. Niche Hacks


Blucactus - Niche HacksRunning a niche affiliate marketing blog is a dream for every blogger, especially in 2021. You can earn more money with less effort and live a boss-free life easily and achiove your life goal


So, if you are wondering how to start, run and manage a Niche affiliate marketing blog, then follow Niche Hacks.


This website will give surefire tips on how to create successful Amazon affiliate and niche affiliate websites. 


21. Blogtyrant 


Blucactus - BlogtyrantThis is a one-stop destination for all things related to blogging and affiliate marketing. Millions of people follow this blog every month.


By following this blog, you can learn about how to start a blog and generate income online through tested content, SEO, email marketing, and affiliate marketing strategies.


This blog has also been featured on Forbes, Moz, Neil Patel, and other top media publications in the digital marketing niche. 


22. BloggingX


Blucactus - BloggingXIf you have already started with affiliate marketing, but are struggling to increase your sales and conversion. Then worry no more. You just need to follow BloggingX.


It has some actionable tips on how to increase affiliate sales and conversion.


It also covers how to write affiliate product review articles and product comparison posts. 


23. Smart Blogger


Blucactus - Smart BloggerAs you could conclude by its name, Smart Blogger is all about blogging, making money online and digital marketing. It also has cutting-edge advice on affiliate marketing and copywriting. 


So, whether you want to make money via affiliate marketing or learn copywriting, Smart Blogger is the place to be at. 


You’ll also find a cheat sheet on this blog on how to become a top-rated freelance content writer. 


24. Cloudways Affiliate Section


Blucactus - Cloudways Affiliate SectionCloudways is the number 1 cloud hosting provider as of now.


Although they are into the hosting business, their blog sections cover a plethora of information on affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, and a lot more.


The key USP of their blog is case studies and interview series, which they publish every month. 


25. Thirsty Affiliate Blog


Blucactus - Thirsty Affiliate BlogThis is the number 1 affiliate marketing plugin out there in the market. So, it makes sense that their blog section would cover a bunch of topics on affiliate marketing.


If you want to learn how to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, then follow this blog twice a week.


Recently, they published an article on how affiliate marketing works. We would recommend you to go through it as this article will help you in understanding the affiliate marketing business model in depth.


26. Affiliate Bay


Blucactus - Affiliate BayIf you are completely new in the affiliate marketing industry, then you must follow Affiliate Bay. This is a blog especially for newbies and beginners who want to grow in the affiliate marketing space.


After following this blog for a month or a two, you’ll get well versed with the following topics.


  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How to do affiliate marketing?
  • Best affiliate networks?
  • How to become a super affiliate?


27. The Income School YouTube Channel


Blucactus - The Income School Youtube ChannelThis is an exception in this list. But trust us and follow this YouTube channel as it will help you in making real money via affiliate marketing.


The channel is run and managed by Ricky and Jim who share tips on how to scale a blog and make money through it.


They have also created a course called “Project 24” that helps newbie and struggling bloggers to increase their blog income. 


28. 99signals


Blucactus - 99signals99signals is a blog that generated around $4000 to $5000 per month via affiliate marketing. Although this blog does not have some great articles on affiliate marketing, you analyze this blog and go through its content to learn how it generates a decent amount via affiliate marketing.


This blog has a good number of product reviews and comparison articles that generate sales. 


There are also several case studies published that help 99signals in generating income.


29. Make A Website Hub


Blucactus - Make a Website HubThe last in this list of affiliate marketing blogs is Make A Website Hub. This is a one-stop-shop for all things related to affiliate marketing.


Case studies, expert interviews, guides, and tons of downloadable resources are part of this blog. 


Along with this, you’ll also find some amazing product review articles on this blog and take some inspiration from them.



Conclusion:Blucactus - Contact us


Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry and most bloggers and webmasters are leveraging it to make money online. Even you can make thousands of dollars per month via affiliate marketing. However, you need to understand that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme.


In order to make money via affiliate marketing, you need to put consistent handwork on a regular basis. 


You can also consider following these 29 affiliate marketing blogs to further enhance your knowledge about the topic. 


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