The best strategies to make your fashion store stand out and attract customers

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How to attract customers to your fashion store? The fashion industry is known to be one of the most dynamic and powerful in the world. It includes a large set of activities that begins with the production of products itself, with the transformation of raw materials, through the manufacture of articles, clothing, footwear, and accessories.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - fashion storeDid you know that one of the backbones of this sector is the points of sale?


Nowadays you see a great variety of food and beverage distribution companies, the retail trade of garments and accessories is gaining a position as a generator of the clothing business.


And, on the other hand, there is marketing for clothing stores.


You can find numerous examples that can allow you to increase sales and stand up to the competition.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingIn this post, we put together several marketing strategies to apply in your fashion store, a ‘fashionista‘ version of competition and emerge victorious from face to face.


Clothing stores are usually businesses with a very loyal clientele.


When you find a style and a store where you find that type of clothing, it’s easy to always go there. Only if we don’t find what we like will we consider going to other clothing stores.


The problem is that there are too many stores that offer the same thing.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - singing menSo we go from one to another like a bee in a field of flowers.


Besides, clothing stores strive to have many collections each year.


This creates a sense of an ephemeral, worthless product that reduces their ability to prescribe fashion and to add value to the customer.


Therefore, the objective to attract customers for a clothing store has to be:


  • Finding a suitable style for the type of client we want to attract.
  • Balance the need to have collections each year while maintaining your own style.

Strategies to attract customers to your store


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Create customer loyalty programs.


BluCactus - loyaltyIn general, clothing stores sell garments that have been designed according to the fashions imposed at all times.


The main problem with this product strategy is that it competes with all the department stores.


It also competes with all the fashion brands that manufacture in large amounts and at a better price.


When we have a small clothing store, we have to look for differentiation.


This is either in the style of the clothes, in the treatment, or in other small details, such as quality.


A custom clothing style


BluCactus - clothing styleIf you have the possibility of having a personalized style of clothing you can stand out yourself from your competition.


It’s not always possible to create a specific product line for your store. Boutiques and creators’ stores can afford that, but not those that buy their collections in warehouses and wholesalers.


However, it’s always possible to provide a distinctive sign. Either in the design, which can be personalized with small details added to the base collection or with the accessories that can be combined with the garments.


The goal is that no one can say “I can buy this at this other store”. Also, once you personalize your collection, it’s difficult to make comparisons by price.


While standard denim is the same here as there, when that same denim is personalized we can no longer say that it’s the same and therefore we cannot compare.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? The quality of the clothes is essential


It’s obvious if the price is to rise, the quality also has to increase. Often times it’s about small details such as labels, finishes, or the quality of the fabric.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingIf your tent is seasonal, quality is less important because it only has to last a few months.


But, there is nothing worse for customers than seeing an auction fall apart, how a garment shrinks or deforms after the first wash. Too bad!


This type of detail must be taken care of, and more so if it’s a type of clothing “from the bottom of the closet”. Thus, quality is essential.


It has to last several seasons and customers will prefer to pay a little more if they are sure that it’s a garment that will last longer. Because of this, you must buy from suppliers that offer you quality.


Check the garments one by one and improve those details that are lacking in the finish. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sewing a loose button or finishing off a few loose threads since it greatly improves the appearance of the garment.


Finally, add the personalization elements afterward.


How to attract customers to your store – Showroom


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingOne of the best things you can do is organize presentation sessions, this when the goal is to sell and sell more.


If you have loyal customers, before launching the new line or season, invite them to a private session in which you show them what you will have in store. You don’t need to do a model show for this.


That is expensive and no one may want to sit the entire time it lasts. However, you can clear the store a bit, close it to the public for a couple of hours, and invite the 10 or 20 regulars.


You can offer a snack, and in turn, showcase the clothes. The objective is to explain why that collection has been chosen, the colors that will be worn, and comment on the details that you have added to personalize the clothes.


That way you will win the best customers. They will discuss it with their friends and you will surely attract new clients.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Serve the companions


BluCactus - companionsIn addition to the showroom, you can create a waiting area in the store.


Companions often get tired of standing up.


When the tired face is seen the client feels uncomfortable and ends up leaving. And, that is not what you want to obtain.


That’s why people who like to visit stores like to go alone.


But if you create a waiting area, with a seat and some magazines, the companions will be calm, even at ease, and will leave the customers alone.


How to attract customers to your boutique – Personalized advice


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingOne of the keys to attracting customers to a clothing store is personalized advice. In general, the people who attend are concerned with whether the client will need a size or a color, but not about giving them advice and offering them other garments.


Many stores already have pre-set compositions.


This affects the uniformity of the store with its competitors and its little differentiation. As the manager of the store, you should try to stand out from the other clothing stores.


However, you can gradually approach garments that complement the ones your client is already looking at.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Customer file


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingAnd if your customer is loyal, you must have a record of the purchases they made.


Customer files are essential. And to these cards, you have to add a copy of the purchase receipt.


Sure there are patterns, and when you have a product tailored to their tastes you can call and present it to them.


This way you will gain a satisfied customer and improve personalized advice.



Use Facebook as a virtual showcase


BluCactus - facebook virtualIf you want to attract customers for a clothing store, you must use social media.


Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are perfect for clothing. If you have a younger audience you can also use TikTok.


They allow you to hang many photos and videos with what you have in the new collection.


You have to focus on what sets you apart from your competition.


And don’t sell anything on social media. The objective is to give visibility to the brand and the product, only visibility.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Lean on social media campaigns


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingSocial media doesn’t offer much natural visibility. We recommend that you accompany the publications with a little supplement in the form of promoted content campaigns.


You don’t have to sell anything. You don’t have to drive traffic to a website, just get “likes” for the Facebook page or the Instagram profile.


This will increase the ability to reach your potential customers. But be careful. You’re only interested in those customers who can actually be bought.


Focus on a geographic space very close to your store. Divide the campaign by interests and demographic profile. You don’t need thousands of likes, just those from your potential customers.


How to attract customers to buy your product – The magic of the number 9.


BluCactus - the magic numberIf you’re doing an offer, sale, or special promotion, you can use the number 9. Likewise, make sure that the price of your clothes ends in that number.


If you establish that one of your products costs $30, you won’t have the same result if you say that it’s worth 29.99. The number 9 has a psychological effect that grabs people’s attention.


The reason is that in our subconscious we believe that these products are cheaper. So we end up buying more. We invite you to try this technique.


Use this number, and let it be noticed, that is, that the prices are big, either next to the merchandise and even advertising outside the business.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Customize clothing


BluCactus - clothesPersonalization is always an eye-catching idea for customers. The power of putting a name on your shirts, a logo, and a special image is something that grabs a lot of attention.


You can offer sewing services, for example:


  • Name stamping.
  • Stamp logos, etc.


Although adapting the clothes to the client’s body is no secret to anyone, most people have to take their clothes to a seamstress to make the final adjustments.


You can provide these services, and not only will it make you stand out from the crowd of stores, but the customer will prefer you because you make their lives much easier for them.


So do your best to let people know that you offer this extra service.


Meet potential clients and show the designs.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - people making a lineThis point is important. To start you can do an investigation and make the most of all your means and resources to find out who your potential customers may be:


Describe the customer profile and below:


  • Make a list of those people on social media, house to house, on the streets, and more.
  • Now take a survey of that person to see how much they buy in stores like yours.


With this, you will know who can be potential clients and invite them to a small event behind closed doors. What you’re going to do there is a kind of display of your products.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - fashion storePerhaps you could hire models for the display, although it would be expensive, and it would also depend on the type of clothing. But it’s enough that you have a well-organized room, with mannequins, refreshments, and someone who professionally exhibits the newest designs and the best offers.


If you sell school clothes, you can take a few days before back to class and make a presentation type. That way you will already be gathering potential clients. And at this point, you will have already grabbed their attention in a very original and polite way.


Remember, many already have stores where they are loyal and may not care about yours, and do not know the wonders you offer.


That if they knew they would be your clients. This idea helps you in this regard!


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Entertain the companion


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - alot of people talking togetherIf you ever went to a clothing store, you will know that this is a good answer to how to attract customers.


But if logic is used, it does not seem like an idea to attract customers but to retain


That’s right!


What will really attract customers is that they find out that you have distractions for their companions. Their next concern is entertaining.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - entretainmentYou can place an ad that says: “Visit our store, bring your companion without a problem.


As long as you choose your clothes they will have fun in our entertainment room”.


As soon as a person reads or hears this, even out of curiosity they will visit your store. Customers like many of us have been, will want to be part of your experience.


We all know how tedious it’s to choose between so many shirts and see how your companion gets tired of waiting, it’s uncomfortable and, in the end, we end up not buying anything because we have to go.


A good idea is to create a children’s playroom with toys. And, on the other hand, a comfortable room with Wi-Fi or TV. But make sure it’s in your store, but separated, so they will truly feel comfortable.


Ways to attract customers to a store – Promotion events


BluCactus - eventsWhile it’s true that ordinary promotions are recommended. You can also be invited to hold a promotional event.


In other words, the discount could not only be for a single article of clothing but rather everything the customer can see.


Of course, you do not have to promote all your merchandise, that’s why we are talking about events because it will be a special day where your ordinary store will close.


This is the moment in which you can open a space to only promotions. It’s not the same for a customer to hear that you have some products on sale than to hear that the whole store is on sale.


This event can be held in the street, with music and the most important thing is to make it clear who you’re so that at the end of the event they know which clothing store they have to go to, to enjoy the same services and quality.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Ease of payment


BluCactus - ease paymentAnother easy way to make the shopping experience for customers is the ease of checkout.


Therefore, it has to strive to be a business that accepts all types of cards, in case the customer does not have cash.


On the other hand, if it’s within your means, enable the layaway system.


It may even sell a little more expensive than another store, but if there is no section system in the other store and you will stand out because it has one.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingWe are sure that if you do this, customers come in waves! Just for the fact that they can’t pay everything in one installment.


Also, in seasons where customer traffic is congested, you can prepare a good control strategy.


For example, in December, where many stores collapse, we recommend reordering your store. Do this with the aim that it doesn’t affect the aisles, the payment at the time of canceling the purchase, etc.


So try to have a good space, and if you have the possibility of setting up branches much better, hire more staff, not only for customer service but to collect, which is eventually more problematic.


Surely, if your store is very organized, people will prefer to visit you and buy it!


BluCactus - targetWays to attract customers to a retail business – Communicate with your target


It’s essential to open communication channels with your target audience.


If you don’t get your messages across, how can your efforts to expand sales take effect?


It’s not possible, of course.


When we refer to these media we are thinking of several essential tools, such as:


  • How to attract customers to your fashion store? Offline


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - topshopWe refer to the posters, offers, promotions, and added value of your product in the establishment itself.


Although the investment is minimal and the results are interesting. Here is an example from the British chain TopShop.


This chain always advertises in a thousand and one ways that during the sales season it can attract more customers.


Very large letters, simple typeface, and a clear message: “Mid-season sale. Up to 50% discount on selected lines”. Thus, whoever passes in front of the shop window ends up entering the store.


  • Online


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - onlineHaving a presence on the internet it’s essential in a sector as competitive as textiles.


Although not all companies can indeed have it, if they can open up to the web, they should not stop exploring this channel.


Today, in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, 14 and 19% of the total turnover of national fashion companies (British and American) come from the online channel, well above other countries such as Spain, where this figure is 10%.




BluCactus - conclusionHow to attract customers to your fashion store? Conclusion


Strategies are essential when attracting customers, so we recommend that you follow our recommendations.


Selling is not only that the customer buys your product, but it’s also so that you can build a relationship between the customer and the brand.


The objective is to improve the experience from the moment the customer enters the store, either alone or accompanied, and that they feel comfortable with what they are going to buy.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman working

Our recommendations are thought out in every detail to make the customer happy and in this case you with your store.


Another important thing is to highlight that it’s necessary to hire a fashion marketing company to carry out this management.


At BluCactus we have specialists to grow and support your entire business at all times.


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