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Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021

Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021. With over 3 billion users, Facebook is surely one of the best social media websites ever. It started as a social media website where people could connect with their friends and family. Today, it is one of the most popular platforms for marketing and promotion business. 


Today, millions of businesses all across the globe are using Facebook for marketing and promotion.


So, if you are wondering how you can use Facebook for the fashion business, we have got you covered. In this guide on Facebook for fashion business, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process on how you can grow your fashion business by leveraging Facebook. 


Following are the topics that you’ll learn in this guide:


  • What is Facebook marketing?
  • Why should you do Facebook marketing?
  • What are the benefits associated with Facebook marketing?
  • Various formats of Facebook marketing.
  • How to create an effective Facebook marketing strategy?
  • Tips for creating a Facebook marketing strategy


What is Facebook marketing?


As the name says it all, Facebook marketing is a type of digital marketing technique in which a business can harness the power of Facebook for marketing and promotion.


Today, any business can use Facebook for growing their brand, increasing popularity, generating leads, driving traffic, and do so much more.


Why should you do Facebook marketing?


Well, there can be 100 reasons why you should do Facebook marketing for your fashion business in 2021. But to keep our blog post short and engaging, let us understand the top 5 reasons why you should opt for Facebook marketing.


  • Amazing reach


Blucactus - amazing reach - Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021The first reason why you should be doing Facebook marketing for your fashion business is because of its amazing reach.


Over 3 billion people use Facebook all across the world. This simply means you can reach out to your targeted audience easily and promote your product or service. 


It is also expected that Facebook users are going to increase further. 


So, if you want to scale your fashion business to the next level, then you must opt for Facebook marketing.


  • Targeting


Blucactus - targeting - Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021The other reason why you should be doing Facebook marketing is that it gives an amazing targeting audience.


On Facebook, you can target an audience based on demographics, income status, location, interests, preferences, and so on.


With the women’s fashion business, you can target women who love wearing new and branded clothes. 


  • Cost-effective


Blucactus - cost effective - Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021The other benefit of Facebook marketing is that it is less costly as compared to traditional marketing techniques. If you opt for television ads or print media ads, you would end up spending millions of dollars for a day’s campaign. 


On the other hand, Facebook marketing is way cheaper than traditional advertising.


In fact, Facebook marketing can also be done for free provided you can build your organic reach and community on Facebook.




The cost of running an ad on Facebook is also less than compared to TV and print media ads. 


  • Helps in driving traffic


Blucactus - helps in driving traffic - Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021Traffic is the currency of the Internet. 


Without having traffic on your website, you won’t be able to generate sales, leads, or revenue. With the help of Facebook marketing, you can drive a massive amount of referral traffic to your website. 


You can run ads on Facebook and select the traffic option to increase the number of visitors on your site. 


If your budget is your issue, then you can also think of driving organic traffic from Facebook by creating content and publishing videos. 


  • Allows integration


Blucactus - what are the benefits associated with facebook marketingYes, Facebook marketing allows integration as well. For example, Facebook can also help you with SEO efforts indirectly. It will help you in creating social signals and engagement which can boost your SEO rankings.


  • Others are doing it too


The other reason why you should be doing Facebook marketing is that others might be doing it too. Your competitors might use Facebook for marketing and promotion.


So, in order to stay ahead of your competition, you must also start leveraging it. 


What are the benefits associated with Facebook marketing?


Alright, now you might have understood why you should use Facebook for marketing and advertising. Now, let us understand what are the advantages and benefits associated with Facebook marketing.


  • Cost-effective as always


Blucactus - cost-effective as always - Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021The first and foremost benefit associated with Facebook marketing is that it is very cost-effective. Today, companies and brands are becoming very cautious about their marketing budget. 


So, if you are looking for a cheaper rescue of marketing and promotion, Facebook should be your go-to choice.


Today, when you opt to run traditional media ads on TV, newspaper, or billboard, you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars. On the other hand, the cost of running an ad on Facebook can be as low as $.27 for a click. 


  • Share your business info


Blucactus - share your business info - Facebook Marketing Guide For Fashion Business 2021If you want to win the trust of your customers, then you need to keep your business transparent.


You need to share all your business information with your targeted audience. And you can easily do this with the help of a Facebook page.


You can create a free Facebook page for your fashion business and provide critical business information like:


  • Address.
  • Phone number.
  • Website and email address.
  • Location.
  • About your company or a brand.
  • Links to social media profiles and so on.


Such information is very vital to winning the customer’s trust.


  • Share content


Blucactus - share contentNow here comes the most important benefit of Facebook marketing which is content sharing.


Facebook gives you an amazing opportunity to share your content in front of your audience. 


You can share a blog post, video content, images, textual content, live videos, and many other forms of content.


This will give you amazing reach and engagement. 


  • Excellent customer support


Blucactus - excellent customer supportYou already know that customer service is an important part of every business.


Facebook allows you to engage and interact with your customers in real-time. Meaning: You can solve your customers’ queries and doubts instantly on the spot. 


This will help you in winning over your customer’s trust and will also help you in retaining your customers. 


  • Drive traffic on your site


We have already mentioned that you can drive targeted traffic from Facebook on your blog, product, or offer. In order to do so, you just need to share your blog or website content on Facebook along with relevant links. This will help you in driving targeted traffic.


Blucactus - amazing reach

In the case of the fashion business, you can share the following type of content:


  • How to tips on fashion and lifestyle.


  • Create a video series on fashion trends in 2021.


  • Publish stylish images of models wearing your fashion products.


  • Amazing reach


With over 3 billion users, it is an obvious fact that Facebook will help you in exploring new markets and customers. It allows you to laser-precise your targeting audience so that you can get maximum benefit.


Various formats of Facebook advertising


  • Image ads


Blucactus - image adsAs the name says it all, image-based ads are the most common type of ads seen on Facebook. They contain images along with post copies and a call to action button. In such types of ads, you can showcase your fashion product like jeans, t-shirts, jackets, or anything else.


Such ads work the best for a product-based business just like fashion. 


Following are the benefits associated with the image ads:


  • Increase your brand awareness and reach new customers.
  • Showcase your product clearly. 
  • Drive targeted traffic on your website. 
  • Send a simple message via product image.


  • Videos ads


Blucactus - video adsYou must use video ads on Facebook once in a while. You might already know that video content is going to be the future. So, why not create a video ad as well?


Video ads on Facebook work like charm. 


They give more reach, better engagements, likes, comments, shares, and a lot more.


You can use video ads and showcase the benefits and advantages of your fashion product.


Suppose, if you are selling jackets online, you can create a video and highlight its benefits and cons.


  • Carousel ads


BluCactus - computer with important informationIf you have got a range of products to show, then leverage carousel ads. This type of ad allows you to show multiple images in the sliding format.


Such ads are highly converting in nature and can be used for:


  • Increasing your sales and conversion.
  • Generating more leads and reaching new customers. 
  • Driving more traffic on your site.


  • Instant experience ads


Blucactus - why you should do facebook marketing

If you feel that most of your audience is using mobile then start using instant experience ads. This type of ad opens in full-screen when a user types it on from their cell phone. 


Such types of ads will help you in:


  • Catching the attention of the audience on cell phones.
  • Making your ad more appealing by adding more content to it.
  • Telling a story about your brand. 
  • Highlighting the product features and benefits.


Tips for creating a Facebook marketing strategy


Blucactus - tips for creating a facebook marketing strategyAlright then, you might now understand everything about Facebook marketing and Facebook ads.


Also, you might have got an idea of why you should use Facebook marketing. 


But now the important question that arises to mind is how you should use Facebook for marketing and promotion.


So, here are some tips regarding Facebook marketing.


  • Start with Facebook page


Blucactus - start with facebook pageFirst things first, you need to have a Facebook business page with no fail. Until and unless you have a Facebook page, you won’t be able to promote your fashion business. 


Your Facebook business page will be like the heart and soul of your entire marketing campaign. Whether you want to run a Facebook ad campaign, drive traffic on your website, generate leads, you must have a Facebook page.


Without having a Facebook page, you cannot think of growing your fashion business. 


From a small-scale startup to a Fortune 500 company, everyone is using Facebook pages today. 


  • Create a group


Blucactus - create a groupIf you want to take your fashion business to a whole new level, then you must start creating a community. And when it comes to creating a community, a Facebook group is one of the best options out there. 


In fact, many experts also suggest that a Facebook group also performs better than a Facebook page in terms of conversions, sales, and leads. 


With the help of your Facebook group, you can create a loyal fan base and promote your offers and products to them.


The down con of the Facebook group is that it does not allow you to run ads or any paid campaign. 


  • Have a content calendar


Blucactus - have a content calendarThe next important tip is that you must have a content calendar ready.


A content calendar will help you take your Facebook marketing game to the level of awesomeness. 


If you have a content calendar ready, then you can plan all your activities accordingly. 


It will also help you stay ahead of your schedule.


  • Optimize your Facebook pages


Blucactus - what is facebook marketingIn order to get the maxim benefit out of your Facebook page, you need to optimize it for better reach and engagement. 


For example, you need to complete your Facebook page business information from top to bottom.


Make sure that you leave nothing. Location, address, phone number, email, website, social media links, and so on.


Everything should be mentioned, so that your targeted audience may find your fashion business legit. 


  • Use stories 


Blucactus - use storiesLet’s face it, organic reach on Facebook is decreasing day after day. Businesses and brands are finding it difficult to scale the organic reach of their content.


In such a scenario, if you are new to Facebook marketing, then it is next to impossible for you to scale your reach via the organic medium. 


However, there is one such technique that you can use which is Facebook stories


Several research and studies have shown that Facebook stories perform best as compared to other content like images, videos, and text.


It also gives you the opportunity to increase your brand awareness, reach, and sales.



Blucactus - Contact us


In 2021, Facebook marketing has become necessary for all businesses irrespective of their size and nature.


The reach, engagement, flexibility, and targeting options that Facebook offers sets them apart from other social media sites.


Whether you are into the fashion industry, blogging, service, IT, or tech, you must use Facebook for marketing and promotion. 


Quote your project to let us create your Social Media project to increase your audience and sales today!

7 Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer

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7 Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer. Content writing is one of the simplest ways in which brands can promote their content online through websites, blogs, social media posts, or even offline advertisements such as billboards, magazine ads, ads in newspapers, and so on. Curating content that sells will help reach your goals faster and much more effectively.

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14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEO

14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEO. Whether you agree or not, the Facebook page engagement levels have drastically fallen. Also, organic reach is decreasing day after day. In such a situation, running a Fashion Facebook page can be an intimidating task, especially for newcomers in the market. 


As a digital marketing agency, we feel this is an area of concern.


So, if you want to increase the engagement levels of your Fashion Facebook page, then keep reading this blog post till the end. In this blog post, we have shared 14 surefire tips that will help you scale any Facebook page through organic SEO efforts.


So without further ado, let’s begin.


1. Post less


Blucactus - postless - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOYou might be thinking that posting tons of content on Facebook will help you grow your Fashion page. To be honest, this is not the case. Facebook’s algorithm has changed over time. 


It is getting more complex and dynamic. But the one thing that remains constant is the power of quality content. Yes, Facebook’s algorithm still gives preference to quality content over quantity. 


We have seen many fashion pages on Facebook that just bombard their fans with low quality and irrelevant content. That is not going to work at all in 2021.


Today, quality content remains the king.


Instead of posting 2-4 low-quality content, focus on posting one single high-quality content a day. 


At BluCactus, we publish 1-2 content on Facebook on a single day. This helps create the best content for our users and fans. 


2. Check when your fans are online


Blucactus - check when your fans are online - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOWe used to believe there was a specific time to post on Facebook. However, this is not the case. When it comes to posting on Facebook, there is no secret formula. 


First, you need to understand that every page or brand has its own perfect time. In the case of a Fashion brand or a page, your perfect time could be Saturday or Sunday. Because that is when most people have a holiday and they might be looking for something to shop around.


Unfortunately, this happens only with a few lucky people. 


So, if you want to play your cards wisely, then post content when your audience is most active. For this, you can easily use your Facebook insight tool and find out at what time your audience was online on Facebook. 


You can also use social media scheduling apps like Buffer or HootSuite to find the same insights.


3. Try out videos


Blucactus - try out videos - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOVideo content is the next big thing and you should leverage it for sure. People are on Facebook for pleasure and leisure. They won’t read long and lengthy blog posts on Facebook. 


This is where video content comes into the picture. 


We have seen that video content performs best on Facebook. Also, research done by Buzzsumo suggested that video content gets twice as much engagement as compared to other forms of content on social media. 


Here are some video content tips for your Fashion Page on Facebook:


  • Start uploading how-tos and tutorial videos related to fashion. For example, how to wear jeans with a top, how to pinfold jeans, 5 ways to wear a denim jacket with t-shirts and jeans. Remember, people crave informative videos on Facebook. So, such content will surely help you a lot.


  • You can also publish an interview series of any fashion blogger, designer, or expert in your niche. 


  • Add captions and links in your video so that you can also drive referral traffic to your website. 


  • If you are running a fashion store, then showcase your product’s features, benefits, and so on.


4. Go live


Blucactus - go live - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOWe are 100% sure that going live on Facebook is not on your top to-do list. If this is the case, then you are surely losing out on a good number of opportunities in the market. Facebook’s algorithm tends to rank live videos higher in the feed as compared to other content.


In fact, Facebook also reported that people spend 3X more time watching live videos as compared to normal videos.


Additionally, Social Media Examiner, a top-rated social media blog, reported that when they go live, they receive more exposure and engagement. So, start using live videos from now on.


To make things easy for you, here are some tips:


  1. If you are running a Fashion store, then show a behind-the-scenes video of your store.
  2. You can also host a question-and-answer session with your audience. 
  3. Share live tips, tricks, and advice related to fashion.
  4. Share weekly and monthly tips. 


5. Share curated content


Blucactus - share curated content - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOWe know you might be feeling quite weird right now, but sharing the curated content of others might work for you. We share some of the best-created content of others in our niche. And it works like a charm for us. 


It not only saves our time but also helps us improve our engagement levels and reach. 


No, we are not recommending you to share your competitor’s content on your Facebook page. However, you can think of sharing some industry reports from top media publications. 


In the case of the Fashion niche, you can think of sharing the content of Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and many others. 


Apart from this, you can also think of sharing user-generated content if you are running a fashion store online. User-generated content will help you improve your sales, credibility, and authority.


Visit the Gopros Facebook and take some inspiration regarding user-generated content.


6. Ask questions and opinions


Blucactus - ask questions and opinions - 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through Facebook SEOAnother good way to increase the engagement of your Facebook page is by giving a chance to your audience to share their thoughts. And you can do this by asking them questions and opinions on a fashion-related topic.


If you are running a fashion store, then you can also ask the opinion of your audience about the new product launch and their views. 


Apart from this, you can also consider doing a Facebook poll.


If you run a fashion blog, then you can also think of sharing relevant news and information on it.


7. Share in groups


Blucactus - share in groupsIf you instantly want to increase the reach and engagement level of your Fashion based Facebook page, then start sharing content on various Facebook groups. We feel the Facebook group has an edge over the Facebook page. And that is true. 


We have seen a spike in our reach and engagement while sharing content on various Facebook groups. 


Here’s the technique that works:


  1. First, you need to join a few of the Facebook groups related to fashion, modeling, and beauty. Remember, you need to join only public groups and not private ones. 
  2. Once you have joined those groups, share your content with those groups. 
  3. Don’t directly publish the content on such groups. First, upload the content on your Facebook page and then share it in the group.


This technique will surely take your engagement to whole new levels.


8. Watch other Facebook pages


Blucactus - watch others facebook pageThe social media landscape is very dynamic. What’s working today might not work tomorrow or the day after that. That’s why it is very important for you to keep an eye on your competitors’ Facebook page.


It can be helpful for you to check the other’s page and see what’s working for them.


Facebook offers an excellent tool called Facebook watch. In this tool, you can list down your competitor’s page and check out their KPIs like reach, engagement level, posts published, and so on. 


It does not give any personal information, but it can surely compare your performance with your competitors. Apart from this, it also allows you to check the top post of your competitors.


9. Experiment with new content ideas


Blucactus - experiment with new content ideasAnother great way to improve your Facebook page’s ranking is by experimenting with the new content format. 


A few years back, image content worked best on Facebook. Now, video content has taken the lead. In the coming years, user-generated content, live videos, and visual content will be booming. 


That’s why you need to keep on experimenting with the new type of content which will help you stay updated.


You can also use the 70/20/10 format of content strategy.


  • 70% of your content should be the content that is already performing well for you.
  • 20% of your content should be educational. Not sales-related.
  • 10% of your content should be experimental. 


Follow this strategy for a month and check what kind of result you get.


10. Reply to comments


If you want to organically grow your Fashion Facebook page, then reply to the comments of users without fail. Imagine a situation where you opted for service by seeing a Facebook ad. Now, you have some confusion regarding it and try to reach that brand commenting on their wall. 


But there is no reply from their end. How would you feel? Bad, right?


In the same way, when your followers comment on your post or on your wall, make sure that you reply to their comments. This will make them feel special and they’ll appreciate this gesture of yours. 


If it is a positive comment, then write a small thank you note. If it is a negative comment, then deal with it politely.


11. Do a giveaway 


Blucactus - do a giveawayThe next in this list of 14 Impeccable Tips to Improve Your Fashion Facebook Page’s ranking through SEO is doing a giveaway.


Giveaways are the most underrated technique to improve the Facebook page’s ranking. 


They will help you make your brand go viral within a few days.


Apart from this, the giveaway will also help you in generating leads and improving your conversion rates.


12. Create a Facebook group


Blucactus - create a facebook groupWe have already mentioned that organic reach on Facebook is dying. So, a better solution to increase your organic reach on Facebook is by starting a group or a community. 


Facebook group has an edge over the Facebook page. We have already mentioned this.




The Facebook group will also help you create a community of like-minded people. You can easily run and promote your offers in such groups. Also, you don’t need to worry about driving traffic as you already have a community of loyal followers.


13. Complete your profile


Blucactus - complete your profileDo you follow random profiles on Facebook?


Of course not. Nobody loves to follow a brand that is not genuine, authentic, and transparent. That’s why you should complete your Facebook page profile from top to the bottom. 


Mention each and every detail about your page. 


It will help you establish your trust, authority, and credibility in the minds of your audience. 


Also, make sure to have a good profile picture along with a stunning cover banner that goes with your fashion brand.


14. Be consistent 


Blucactus - be consistentThe last in this list of 14 tips to improve fashion Facebook page’s ranking is to publish content consistently. Consistency is the key to success. That’s why you need to ensure that your fans and followers are always occupied with quality content. 


Yes, consistency is important but it will be useless if you are not publishing quality content. Consistency and quality content go hand in hand. 


Photos, images, text, links, and videos are the 5 types of content that you should churn out on Facebook on a regular basis. UGC and live video can also provide good value to your audience. 


You must try publishing interesting and eye-catchy information about your fashion brand, business, or blog. 


A how-to guide and tutorial content works the best in the fashion niche.



Blucactus - Contact us


By using the 14 tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post, we are sure that you will definitely improve the ranking, reach, and engagement of your fashion Facebook page. Although fashion is a tough nut to crack, these tips might come in handy for you.


They are simple, easy, and effective. You can use a few social media tools and your creativity to get the most out of these 14 tips.



Quote your project to let us create your Social Media project to increase your audience and sales today!

How Do You Organize Your Work With Social Media

How Do You Organize Your Work With Social Media. Are you looking to organize your social media workflow but are confused about where to start? Not sure what social media management tools to use?


You have come to the right page.


In this article, you’re going to learn how practical social media management tips to keep your workflow organized.


If you’re wondering how to create a social media content calendar or you’re looking for simple ways to organize your social media tasks, then this article is for you.


See, social media marketing is becoming more important than ever. Nevertheless, as brands and companies are using more than one social media channel, it’s hard to organize your workflow.


Apart from the lack of proper research, companies are wasting close to $958 million due to ineffective marketing each year.


It’s not easy


Blucactus - it's not easyThe reality is that staying organized with your social media workflow can be overwhelming and time-consuming.


You have to determine your target audience, develop an effective social media strategy, identify the type of content to share with your audience, and know what channels to use for social media marketing.


As if that’s not all, you have to create a content calendar, follow the latest social media trends, engage and connect with your audience, determine what tools to use, etc.


It’s no easy task.


But don’t give up because this article will teach you how to organize your social media marketing.


Sounds good?


Alright, come inside and explore the topic.


Understand the reason for being on social media


Blucactus - understand the reason for being on social mediaFirst off, when it comes to how to organize your social media workflow, you need to start with the “Why”.


Brands use social media for various reasons.


Some use social media to provide great services to their customers while others are looking to drive. A study by Nerdy Writers, an essay writing service provider has shown that 90% of marketers say their social media marketing has increased exposure to their brands. 75% have reported increased traffic to their online businesses.


Some companies use social media to promote their products or services.


As you can see, different companies have different reasons for being on social media.


Back to you:


  • Are you looking to increase brand awareness?
  • Drive more traffic to your website?
  • Increase your brand’s online presence?
  • Provide better customer service?
  • Generate more leads?
  • Boost consumer engagement or grow revenue?


Once you determine the reason(s) for being on social media, it’d be easier to develop a strategy that helps you achieve your goals.


Know your target audience


Blucactus - know your target audienceEver heard of the saying, “marketing to everyone is marketing to no one?”


This is where it applies.


If you don’t know who you’re selling your products or services to, chances are that you will try to sell to everyone on social media. 


You will end up wasting a lot of money, time, and resources because no one will buy or engage with you.


42 billion people use social media worldwide. This equates to 53% of the world’s population.


However, not all are interested in doing business with you.


First off:


  • Determine who you want to target with your social media campaigns.
  • Know what they want and like.
  • Why do they want to consume certain types of content?
  • Which social media channel do they prefer?
  • How they want to consume your content.
  • Etc.


Understanding your target audience will help you know when, where and what content you’re going to share and get your audience engaged.


Knowing your prospects also helps you better solve their needs and answer their request.


Develop a winning social media strategy


Blucactus - develop a winning social media strategyA report compiled by Pro Essay Writing, a company that offers professional essay writing services shows that approximately 91% of US businesses use social media for marketing purposes. This means that the competition on social media is fierce so you need to develop a strong social media strategy.


As stated earlier, your social strategy is influenced by the social media marketing goals you set (refer to our point about understanding the reason for being on social media).


Once you have established your goals and objectives develop a plan detailing the steps you take to actualize them.


Developing a strong social media strategy helps to keep your team organized and also increases overall productivity.


Choose the right social media channel for your business


Blucactus - choose the right social media channel for your businessThere are over 103 social media sites out there but not all are suitable for your online business. Besides, you don’t need to create accounts on all of them.


You will lack time and fail to create engaging posts.


You need to choose the right social media channels.


Once you choose the right channel, it will be easier to create relevant content.


It’s better to select only a few social media channels that you can have time to create high-quality content that engages with your target audience.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the most popular and powerful social channels currently.


Since you have determined your target audience, it will be easier to know what channels they prefer.


Identify the types of content to share on your social channels


Blucactus - identify the types of content to share on your social channelsUnderstanding your target audience helps you know what types of content they want to consume, and how.


There is a bit of strategy when it comes to identifying the types of content to share with your social media audience.


First, you will need to know your consumers’ preferences. This will involve some little research.


Once you have figured out that, find out how you can satisfy those preferences.


How to satisfy your audience’s needs can also be tricky.


This is where you need to apply the 80/20 principle that implies that 80% of your content should be educational, informative, and entertaining, with promotional content taking the other 20%.


The content creation process can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.


Audit the content you already have- blog posts, marketing materials, blog posts, etc. Then think about other types of content such as industry articles, customer reviews.


Once you decide the types of content to share on your social media platforms, head over to our next tip.


Determine the right time to share your content


Blucactus - determine the right time to share your contentTo be successful with your social media marketing, timing is everything.


Knowing what time to share your content helps you reach the biggest number of viewers.


This is where you need to find out the exact time your prospects prefer to use social media.


For instance, busy 9-to-5 workers prefer to use social media between 6 and 8 pm. 


Social media users with flexible work hours can use social media between 12 and 3 pm.


Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all method of determining when your target audience uses social media.


For that reason, you need to understand your target audience’s behavior.


Create a content calendar to organize your social posts


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 4Remember that our topic is about How to organize your social media marketing workflow.


So you need to create a content calendar that works.


A social media calendar will help to save your time and allow you to track and test different strategies to see what works for your audience.


It also helps you organize your content and develop an editorial strategy for posting.


You can download free content calendars online or create your own using an excel spreadsheet.


In your content calendar, ensure to have links, posting date and time, social channel, category, and post verbiage.


The type of content calendar to use will be determined by the number of social channels where you’re going to share your content.


For instance, if you intend to share content on one social channel, you can create your own content calendar with an excel spreadsheet.


Perhaps you’re wondering why you need a content calendar.


Let’s answer a few questions about social media content calendars.


What is a social media content calendar?


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 2

CoSchedule defines a social media content calendar as a spreadsheet or application used to plan when and which content to schedule in advance. 


Content calendars also help to manage campaigns and monitor deadlines.


Having a social media content calendar will help to keep you focused and simplify content planning.



What are the benefits of using a social media content calendar?


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar

In other words, why are social media content calendars important?

A social media content calendar improves focus for your team.


Without a content calendar, your social media strategy is doomed. You’re going to struggle to effectively engage your audience and grow your business if you don’t develop a strong strategy and content calendar.


Here are a few reasons why you should use a social media content calendar:


It saves time and helps you stay organized 


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 3Think about what will happen when you scramble to put together a post a few minutes before you need to publish it.


You’re most likely going to share a mediocre post that adds no value to your prospects.


A content calendar helps you to plan out your social media content on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis in one go.


This means that when it’s Monday, January, or December, you know what posts need to go live. It also helps to free up your time in the future.


It helps to customize posts for each channel


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 4The message you push on Instagram isn’t the same as the one you push on LinkedIn and other platforms.


In other words, you need to customize your posts for each social media channel.


A content calendar lets you craft a custom message for each channel that suits your audience. 


For instance, you can share a snippet of your latest video on Instagram while posting the full video on YouTube and Facebook.


A social media content calendar helps to reduce everyday stress


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendar 5Life is busy and everyone is busy. You’re also probably busy and stressed already.


So you don’t want to worsen the stress by worrying about what and when to post on social media.


A content calendar will help you with content planning so you know what type of content to share each week or month. This way, you will never have to get stressed.


Improves efficiency and consistency


Efficiency and consistency are two of the most important aspects of content marketing.


You need to share educational, relevant, and entertaining content regularly with your target audience.


Having a content calendar helps you maintain a consistent message across multiple channels with a regular posting schedule.


Keep your content calendar updated regularly


Blucactus - what is a social media content calendarCreating a content calendar is one thing; you also need to update it day after day.


Besides, you should keep your content calendar as flexible as possible because, with social media marketing, not everything is set in a stone.


Sometimes you will need to change things along the way.


Your content calendar should allow you to do this without affecting other things.


Also, because you will be creating new types of content for different platforms, your calendar should match the type of content you’re sharing at all times as well.


Know where to look for timely and relevant content 


Blucactus - know where to look for timely and relevant contentNew trends are coming up on social media every time. You need to keep your target audience updated on every new thing that’s happening around your brand.


So you want to keep your eyes and ears open to know what’s trending, what content people are posting on their social media channels, which stories people are talking about, etc.


Staying on top of trending topics and stories can help you drive mountains of traffic to your online business.


Schedule your posts in advance 


Blucactus - schedule your posts in advanceYou probably have a lot of tasks to accomplish within a given period, right?


Scheduling your posts in advance can help to free up time so you can focus on other important tasks.


You will also save more time by grouping and schedule your posts beforehand.


Remember that posting too little or too much can hurt your social media marketing goals and objectives.


Scheduling your posts can help you avoid this because you will know the best time to post what content on what platforms.


To simplify post scheduling, you can use social media management tools like HootSuite or HubSpot.


Perhaps you’re wondering “what are the best social media management and planning tools?”


Here are just a few you can try and see which one works great for your business.


  • CoSchedule.
  • Buffer.
  • Hootsuite
  • IFTTT (If This Then That).
  • ContentCal.
  • SocialBee.
  • Edgar.
  • SharedCount


Over to You


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That’s how to organize your work with social media.


Remember that these are just a few of the social media strategies to help you organize your workflow.


It’s your time to execute your strategy by creating and filling your social media profiles, and following the strategies shared above.


Do you have any questions or concerns?


Ask away in the comments and we’ll be glad to respond.


Good luck!


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A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021

A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021. Facebook is an incredibly vast platform, compact with over 2.6 Billion users and 6 Million marketers, who are ready to advertise their products on the platform. It paves an easy path for businesses to reach their prospective customers.


You can create business groups or pages to produce lucrative content to attract users. However, the Facebook market is highly money-minded; it intentionally affects its organic reach, stopping your page to grow further. This leaves no choice for marketers but to run paid ads to ensure they reach like-minded people.


Facebook is a major social media platform that makes 98% of its revenue selling ads, and there is no way it is leaving the market. So, you need to up your promotional game and become an expert on Facebook ads. Acknowledging our reader’s concerns, we have created this guide to answer all your questions and help you establish your first Facebook ad campaign.


What is Facebook Audience Manager?


Blucactus - what is facebook audience managerFacebook audience or ads manager is a tool provided by Facebook that allows you to run and manage your paid advertising campaign on Facebook. It is an all-in-one tool that will allow you to run, manage, and track your ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.


Ads manager is a highly technical tool but it can be used by beginners as well.


The best part about this tool is that it gives real-time data on likes, views, comments, and engagements on your ads. With such data, you can take an important business decision and improve your ad campaign.


Now, you can also get the Facebook Ads manager application on your phone.


With the Ads Manager app for iOS and Android, you can monitor your campaign while you’re on the go and still have access to important KPIs like engagement levels, likes, comments, reach, and so on.


Wherever you are, you’ll have the power to create and edit ads, track their performance and manage ad budgets and schedules. Convenient push notifications are some other added benefits of this application.


Here are some other advantages associated with it:


Blucactus - what is facebook audience manager 2

1. Create ad campaigns.


In Ads Manager, you can select campaign parameters such as your objective, goals, and audience. You can also include your ad creatives and create a copy for maximum benefits and traction.


2. Review and edit your campaigns.


Ads Manager makes it easy to edit and review your ad budget, audience, placement options, and creativity. Another great feature of this tool is that it also allows editing multiple ads in bulk. So, you can pause, launch, edit and re-launch your ads at any time with Facebook.


That’s cool, right?


The 2-Step Formula to creating your Facebook Ads Manager Account


Blucactus - the 2 step formula to creating your facebook ads manger accountFacebook Business is a tab that effectively allows you to manage your Facebook Ads campaign settings. The platform acts as a governing body that gives you full access to optimize your ads and deeply analyze their performance. You need a dedicated Facebook Ads Manager account to perform the following functions;


  • Manage multiple ads at a time: Many businesses run various ad campaigns to reach their targeted audience. Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can easily manage those ads along with proper analytics.


  • Proper Reporting: It is extremely crucial to have a proper channel that guides you about the performance of your Facebook ads. Setting up a manager account offers you a vast dashboard that contains all the major analytics reports.


  • Dedicated user role: The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to define user roles according to their activities on the account. This helps businesses limit the access of information to each user.


Now, let’s quickly dive into the significant steps that you need to accomplish to set up a Facebook Ads Manager Account.


1. Log-in through Facebook Business


Blucactus - log in through facebook business

Your primary step would be to create your Facebook Business account using business.facebook.com. If you already have a personal account, we would advise you to continue with that. Facebook sometimes acts weirdly and bans accounts if it finds anything suspicious.


However, if not, you can create a new account by filling out the required information like Business and Admin name along with a Business email address. After this, you can click submit and verify the email address.


2. Assign user labels


Blucactus - assign user labels - A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021Now that you have created your Facebook Business account, Facebook allows you to add partners in the Business setting menu. Here, you can label them either of the following options:


  • Ad Account Admin: This is the highest label in the lot, allowing you to manage all the Facebook Business account details. This person handles all the payment information and specifies the spending limit and other billing information.


  • Ad Account Advisor: As the name suggests, this is for the people responsible for creating and editing Facebook ads. However, this person is limited to access the account’s payment information.


  • Ad Account Analyst: This label is for professionals who want to analyze the ad to offer any further suggestions to the Advertiser and Admin.


The last thing would be to add your business page from the Accounts tab into the Business setting menu. Ensure that you also make business information changes using the business info option in the setting menu.


Design your first Facebook Ad campaign


1. Enable Facebook Pixel


Blucactus - design your first facebook ad campaign - A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021

Before creating your ad, your primary step should be to integrate Facebook Pixel.


It is the most prominent analytics tool that helps businesses estimate future advertising’s performance by analyzing their website’s actions.


Facebook Pixels aids business to:


  • Identify the right audience for their ads.
  • Drive sales.
  • Measure the efficiency of your ad.


2. Define your ad goals


Blucactus - define your ad goals - A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021After you have successfully integrated your Business page into the platform, you must see a dashboard where you will find a CREATE tab at the top left corner of the screen.


Here, you get multiple options to define your Facebook ads’ awareness, conversion, and consideration aspects.


Let’s take a broader look at this:


  • Brand awareness: It is used to create market awareness for the brand.
  • Reach: This is used to develop a mass campaign to reach the maximum number of people possible.
  • Engagement: It is here to capture maximum engagement by launching a special offer.
  • App installs: As the name suggests, this increases the app downloads.
  • Video views: This is for people who want maximum views on their video.
  • Lead generation: This is the best way to capture potential leads.
  • Message: It encourages people to message others through Facebook Messenger.
  • Conversions: This is used to motivate customers to sell through the ads.
  • Catalogue sales: This enables marketers to show personalized catalog items by analyzing their actions on the platform.
  • Store traffic: It is mostly done to attract a nearby audience to physically visit the store.


3. Estimate a budget


Blucactus - estimate a budget - A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021Now, you will see a dashboard that will ask you to tick the most suitable option that aligns with your Facebook goals, starting with estimating a budget.


Here, the platform offers you to select either of the option mentioned below:


  • Daily Budget.
  • Lifetime Budget.


As the name suggests, you can set daily budget limits after analyzing the ad reach and estimated conversions in the first option. In contrast, the Lifetime budget determines the total amount that must be spent on this ad once and for all. In our opinion, you must sign up for the Daily Budget, as ads’ objectives keep changing, and it will make no sense to go for an obsolete marketing campaign.


4. Define your audience


Blucactus - define your audience - A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021Your Facebook ad is made for a specific user group. And as you move forward, the platform will ask you to define your targeted audience. You must narrow down your audience requirement, eventually minimizing all excess competitions.


You can bifurcate your target group into the following categories:


  • Location: Here, you can define the geographical location of your target audience. Facebook Business further bifurcates into the following categories:


  1. People who recently visited the defined location.
  2. People who live in the following location.
  3. People traveling to this location.
  4. People who have their home on or near the defined location.


  • Age: Through this, you can highlight your targeted audience’s age to whom you want this ad to be shown to. It can be anywhere between 18-65 years.


  • Detailed targeting: Another aspect could be to define the behavior and interest of your targeted audience. Here, you mention those characteristics that separate the defined user groups.


5. Select where you want to post the ad


Blucactus - select where you want to post the ad

Facebook Business offers multiple platforms to run your ads like:


  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Audience Network.
  • Messenger.


All these platforms are sub-categorized to offer a narrower market, aiming to provide higher conversions. You can also go for Automatic placements, where Facebook itself places the ad optimizing your requirement.


Blucactus - create a compelling ad copy - A complete Step-wise guide to becoming a Facebook Ads Manager in 2021

6. Create a compelling ad copy


No steps would matter unless the advertisement copy does not do its magic.


You need to ensure that you develop an ad containing appropriate photos, videos, links, headlines, and CTA; in short, every element makes the visitor click on the ad.




How to conduct effective reporting of your Facebook ad campaign?


Blucactus - how to conduct effective reporting of your facebook ad campaignAfter you have successfully launched a Facebook ad, it is imperative that you effectively analyze the results to sum up the outcome of your effort.


The dashboard contains two major components: the column, and the breakdown. These will help marketers create customized reports according to their interests.


Let’s discuss both of them:




Blucactus - columnsIt contains multiple pre-set options you can use to create a useful report. These are:


  • Performance: Results, Costs, Reach, and Amount spent.
  • Delivery: Reach, Frequency, Cost-per-1000 people reached, Impressions, CPM (Cost per 1000 impression).
  • Engagement: Post reaction, Post comment, Post saves, Post shares, Link clicks, Page likes, CPC (Cost Per Click).
  • Video engagement: 2-second video play, Cost per 2s views, etc.
  • Carousel engagement: Reach, Frequency, Impression, Link clicks, CTR, CPC, Actions, etc.
  • Cross-device: Mobile app installs, Cost per app install.
  • Offline conversion: Offline purchases, Cost per purchase, Offline leads, etc.
  • Messenger engagement: Impressions, Link clicks, Messaging conversions, New messaging connections, On-Facebook purchases, Cost-per-purchase.


However, if you aren’t impressed by these pre-sets, the Column section also allows you to create customized reports by offering you multiple other options to mix and match to get optimum output.




Blucactus - breakdownThe following column is used to further breakdown the report into three major categories:


  • By time (Day, Week, 2-week, Month).
  • By delivery (Age, Gender, Business locations, Country, Region, Platform, Product ID, etc.).
  • By action (Conversion device, Destination, Video type, Video sound, Carousel card).


You can easily select the most appropriate option after analyzing your requirements. The dashboard contains almost all-important pre-sets, which will help beginners develop a report that can be efficiently looked upon.


The reports can be exported to your device; you can also share its link with the concerned person if you want to take the other person’s opinion.


However, the platform also offers detailed analytical insights that provide exact numbers on how many people were reached, the most engagement, and the total amount spent on the ad. Various effective reporting techniques can be customized to offer many detailed results.



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Many small business owners wish to advertise their products on a giant platform like Facebook; however, they are mostly scared of the outcome. In contrast, the Facebook Business dashboard is straightforward to use without needing any technical guidance. You can always refer to the above article in case of any doubts and feel encouraged to market your product.


Use this guide run to create an award-winning Facebook ad campaign. We have tried our best to complete an A-Z of Facebook ads manager in this guide. You can also consider sharing it with your friends, other business owners, with the people who are looking forward to learning a thing or two about Facebook ads manager.


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