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What is a Software Development Company?

What is a Software Development Company? Many enterprises are unaware of the existence of software development companies and opt for ready-made software. For example, some companies need an ERP-system, and what does the regular business do? They acquire an ERP system that already comes with many predetermined tools that are suitable for any type of […]

What is a Pitch Deck?

Capturing the attention and interest of a potential investor or client is the main objective of what a Pitch Deck is. A Pitch Deck is a communication tool that gives your audience an overview of your company and helps you attract investors. It is a brief presentation that is designed for your potential investors to […]

Types of PowerPoint Presentations

The different types of PowerPoint presentations are used on a general level to attract clients. In the digital market, we can identify them according to their functionality. This allows creating a family of very diverse categories from their common elements. On the other hand, this classification has been very useful in regards to its offer […]

Why is SEO so important to my Website?

Why is SEO so important to my Website? Keep in mind that the better positioned a website is in the search engines, the greater the chances that the user will click on the link and the more visits you will receive.    To give you an idea, imagine that you want to buy a case […]

How to measure Brand Awareness?

It’s important to measure brand awareness to develop a successful marketing campaign. How to measure brand awareness?   Keep reading to learn about the 6 keys to measure brand awareness so that you can develop better strategies.   How to measure brand awareness, the 6 keys to measure your brand awareness    We review some […]

What is SEO Positioning?

What is SEO positioning? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques developers and designers apply on web pages with the aim of improving your position and visibility on the results pages of the main search engines.   In other words, we can define SEO as a process focused on placing a certain web […]

How much does Software Development Cost?

How much does custom software development cost? Custom software development is the creation of software systems for a single specific user or group of users inside a business or organization. Therefore, developers design custom made software to meet your company’s specific needs. On the other hand, the more typical commercial factory-ready software works in a […]

5 Benefits of Influencers Marketing

The popularity of Influencers Marketing has been significant in recent years, but how do you know the profile of the ideal Blogger or Youtuber? I comment on some peculiarities to choose it according to the Branding of the brand of your product. Come I invite you to continue reading the 5 Benefits of Influencers Marketing. […]