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7 Reasons why you should write a List Post

Of course, we write our posts or articles with the intention of them being viral or at least to be read by our target audience. We need everyone to click through an article link. You have to know “what is a list post?” Abstractly, our main goal is to drive traffic to a website, increase […]

What is a Presentation?

Remember the last time you went for a presentation. How you were anxious, stressed, and your slides weren’t well-organized. Remember when you were a student listening to your classmates’ presentations. You were so impressed and asked yourself why I didn’t do that. And as you settled down on my page, you seemed that you wanted […]

How much does a Logo Design Cost?

A logo is the first face your customers will see regarding your brand’s identity. How much does a logo design cost? It’s so necessary to take care of all components to get a brilliant one. Successful business owners spend a lot of money to get a vibrant logo because they know that it’s worth it. […]

7 Questions before hiring an SEO company

Can you imagine how many other websites are talking about the same topic you are going to create a post about it?  ask yourself, why are these specific sites showing up on the top of Google searches? Do you need to hire a business in this area? You could have even had trouble to get […]

What is a logo?

If you are starting a new business, maybe you think about location, the services you intend to offer, and your budget. When it comes to the logo, you don’t allocate more time to have a good one. You say to yourself “what´s a logo!? it doesn’t matter,” but it should!   In BluCactus, we appreciate […]

How to position your website in Google Search?

What is SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization?   It is a process of optimization for your web site. Through SEO, you will improve your site’s ranking in the search engines and improve the UX (user experience) of the visitor. For this reason, sites with search engine optimization take a higher percentage of the […]