9 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Writer For SEO


9 Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Writer For SEO. A professional writer can make your life easy. But, what exactly are the benefits of hiring one for SEO?


Search engine optimization helps your brand or business stand out in a competitive online market. If your brand makes it on the first page of search results on Google, it has a better chance than many, since Google alone accounted for over 70% of online traffic in 2021. This makes it an ideal platform to launch your business or make an existing one visible to its target audience. However, you need a thorough online strategy to get that sort of benefit. For that to work correctly, you need a viable stream of content. Higher SEO rankings can’t be achieved with one blog post or two. In order to build authority over the web, you need a bulk of content and publish it regularly for maximum effect.


Consequently, you need someone who can provide you with crisp content while staying within the boundaries of search engine optimization. But, creating SEO content is a challenge in itself: knowing that SEO & content go hand-in-hand, your writers need to be well-versed in all SEO tactics; whether it is keyword research, backlinks, or metas. So, how does hiring a professional SEO Content Writer help you solve it? Let us understand a few key things first:


Why Do You Need SEO?


SEO is your key index. Treat it like a phone directory in the 90s. If you were to find something back in the day, you’d have to go through the directory in terms of alphabets, industries, services, etc. Nowadays, you need to put your query in any search engine, and your desired business or service provider pops up. Not only this, but you also get several related businesses in the search results, giving you more options to choose from.


Now, the first few results you see are good optimization results. This is because they understood what you or their other target buyers might look for. This happens when businesses know what their consumers are looking for.


So, is this a result of instinct or planning? It’s a bit of both, but mostly good planning of content optimization for search engines.


When you properly strategize and create your SEO content, you get a few things. Here is a list of things you must take a look at.


  • Visibility


Every buyer’s journey begins with intent. Then, recognizing the problem and finally, finding a solution. While you can optimize your content, you need to lead a buyer on that journey with helpful content for better visibility.


The job of a professional SEO writer is to make sure this optimized content agitates the searcher and then presents them with a solution, aka your services or products. So, for better visibility, you need SEO content, which incites a careful journey of your ideal customer.


  • Domain Authority


You need to be in superior search results to create your domain authority. SEO content allows you to do that, but your content needs to be crisp and brittle. It needs to lead with informative value rather than inane gibberish that makes no sense.


So, a professional content writer would always avoid blabbering, fluff words, or keyword stuffing. Instead, to increase your value in the eyes of your target customer and help you establish your domain authority, making crisp and informative content should be your priority.


  • Generate Leads


Lead generation is one of the critical benefits of employing SEO. To lead a customer on a buyer’s journey, you need content that stands out from your competition. An SEO writer would always focus on points that agitate a buyer to target that customer intent.


Agitating leads to generating sales, as your brand presents itself as an organic solution to their searches. So, three main elements are audience research, content creation, and optimization. Pro writers know just how to connect all three and help you generate leads.


  • Increased Credibility


When you create all-around content, it increases your credibility, which helps not only your buyer but also puts forth your business in SERP. So, let us add what we know so far. First, it enables you to increase your brand’s visibility.


It also portrays your domain authority in your industry, and it helps you generate your leads. It attracts traffic, but it also lets you increase your brand’s credibility.


Should You Hire A Professional Writer?


Whenever someone hires a professional to do something, it is because of two reasons:


  1. A professional with experience in a specific category, such as SEO content for this one.
  2. They need a professional who can manage a variety of tasks.


So, hiring a professional writer has become an increasingly common practice among businesses. You have to carry on your websites. You need to ensure your blog content’s integrity and your social media handles to keep pouring in your following.


In the United States, the number of writers has increased 8% since 2011, and it makes one of the most sought-out professions of the digital era. So, now you understand what goes into a successful SEO strategy and the part of a writer in it.


But, should you hire a professional writer? Yes, you should. Besides all the benefits in terms of workload, you get an array of advantages. Therefore, to help you grasp the idea, here are a few benefits of hiring a professional SEO writer.


Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Writer For SEO: Extensive Research


Blucactus-A-professional-writer-can-make-your-life-easy-6SEO requires you to create accurate and exact content. It needs to feature proven information. And it also needs to portray your expertise. So, to make it in the SERP, you need to ensure your content has solid, informative value.


In addition, you need a lot of research to create informative content. So, creating appropriate content for SEO purposes requires you to spend a lot of time gathering data, unless you have a dedicated professional for it.


A professional writer’s job description includes searching for valid data and creating content with precision. So, you save yourself from all that hassle by hiring one. This research ensures that one pillar of your content is research and facts.


The more informative value your content features, the easier it will be for you to stand out in a sea of similar content. Moreover, search engine crawlers identify content with such value. Therefore, pushing your content ahead of similar content in your niche.


Swift Content Creation: Saves A Lot of Time


When you’re done with the required research for content creation, a few other things go into making a perfect content creation recipe, such as outlining your content, the goal, CTA, etc. In other words, you will be spending a lot of time staring at the screen.


However, making content and tending to your business requirements might be too much for you to handle. Considering it requires a lot of focus to create unique SEO content. Moreover, you might compromise the integrity of both these elements.


But if you hire a professional to do it for you, it allows you to focus on other business elements simultaneously. For example, a recent study found that employers are 73% more likely to hire someone with writing skills in any industry or niche.


One of the main reasons behind that is their time-saving skills. It helps you create good SEO content without going through all the hassle.


Understanding of The Audience


Blucactus-A-professional-writer-can-make-your-life-easy-5Audience research is one of the first ingredients in a successful SEO strategy. Because creating good content requires you to understand whom you’re writing for. It includes elements such as their occupations, hobbies, demographics, etc.


Why is this research necessary? Because it allows you to adapt the tone of voice required, topics to target, and questions to answer. But doing it all by yourself can take a lot of your time and attention.


So, researching all that is time-consuming and drags you away from the primary objective of SEO. Hiring a professional writer will help you understand your audience without hassle. Then, they will create content accordingly, drawing an audience of similar types.


Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Writer For SEO: Reliable Content


Content integrity is one of the essential things that counts in search engine optimization. How it’s written, what it portrays, and the goal it leads to. From the objective to the conclusion, the content needs to be reliable so that the search engines can present it to the one searching for its related queries.


One of the significant benefits of hiring a professional writer is their content’s reliability. Combining audience research, topic research, and the ability to formulate content quickly helps you get good SEO value.


So, hiring a designated writer can ensure your website and other platforms feature good content with integrity. Moreover, you can feel at ease knowing that your content is of top quality and serves your audience well.


Informative Value


Blucactus-A-professional-writer-can-make-your-life-easy-4As mentioned above, the integrity of the content is one of the things that helps you stand out on the search engine results page. Therefore, to ensure your content gets featured on the first page, it needs to provide essential information. Preferably something out of your understanding or experience.


With SEO content, rarity and uniqueness are what make up good content. Writing content like that while keeping all the complexities in mind can be challenging. But, for a professional, it is just another day at work.


So, hiring an expert will help you increase your content’s informative value and help it stick in optimization. It will also help you create content that features high informative value. Not only will search engines recognize it like that, but your audience will also find it enticing.


Simplify Complex Topics (They Aren’t Experts, They’re Writers)


One of the crucial things that the typical audience doesn’t like is complex content. Using industry jargon or terms that they are unaware of will get you nowhere. So, there’s no use in flashing your expertise with content such as blogs or website copies.


For SEO, simplicity is the best way to go. Making your content sound complex will not only make the audience dislike it, but search engine crawlers may not index it at all either. For writers, this is something that they deal with efficiently. Why is that?


Because they are writers, not experts of your industry or niche, this pushes them to simplify their understanding of any industry. They make content and explain things to the audience in layman’s terms. So, it also helps you streamline intricate details about your products or services.


Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Writer For SEO: Incite Buyer’s Journey


Blucactus-A-professional-writer-can-make-your-life-easy-3As mentioned previously, good content needs to lead a buyer on a specific journey. For example, from an awareness of your business, agitation about a problem, and finally to the solution, purchasing your product. To achieve this, you need a professional storyteller.


So, to push a buyer towards a journey, you need content that taps into their emotional element. The human touch in your content helps you yield higher results. That is why you need a professional who understands how to connect with various audiences.


Good content writers know how to drive a customer towards such a journey. They know just what stirs a specific set of audiences, which is precisely what they target when making copy or content for SEO.


Creating Engaging Copy


Are our professional writers only good for off-page content? No, they are not. However, besides making content like off-page blogs, guest posts, and social media content, they can help you make a good copy since it is paramount to stand out on the search engine results page.


So, if you wish to create good copies for your website, on-site blogs, and emails, then hiring a professional writer will also cater to those requirements.


Adaptability & Compatibility


Finally, a writer’s most incredible ability is to adapt to any industry and be compatible with any niche. As mentioned before, they are very good at simplifying complex topics. Therefore, hiring a good writer will help you stand out in that regard.


Difference Between Copywriting And Content Writing


One significant difference between writing copy and content is their place on the content funnel. Copy is top of the funnel, whereas content leads buyers to purchases and keeps them hooked to a business. Therefore, copywriting has more to do with awareness and selling.


While content writing helps you draw an audience, build followings, and cultivate the loyalty of your customers. Now, how does it do that? Is there a certain way content and copy operate to achieve these specific goals? Let us distinguish a few crucial differences between SEO copy and content.


  • SEO Copy Is Top Of The Funnel


Blucactus-A-professional-writer-can-make-your-life-easyTop-of-the-funnel content is used to spread awareness. Much like various social media ads, SEO copy paves the way for the rest of your content to work. If your content is your fortress, then SEO copy is the gate. It needs to be strong, and the foundations need to be robust.


However, creating a good copy won’t cut it because you need to optimize it for search engines. Besides targeting keywords, you need to target buyers’ intent as well.


You need to optimize your copy if you wish for your website to show up on the first page of search engine results. Creating a copy that entices your audience is one thing, but optimizing that same copy is another.


  • SEO Copy Incites Buyer’s Journey


The content needs to lead them on a journey from when a buyer visits your website to when they make their first purchase. This journey is what makes your content stand out from your competition.


Are you just creating content to sell your products? Or are you empathizing with your audience? It would be best if you sell benefits, not features. To incite a buyer’s journey, your content needs to help them understand the problems they don’t even realize they have.


Then, you have to urge them to imagine how easier life would be with your provided solutions. It is the right way to incite a buyer’s journey in copy. In content, you become a part of that journey and continue it.


  • SEO Content Acts As A Middle Link In The Chain


Blucactus- laptopSEO content is the middle link in all your content and copy affairs chain—from the time a customer trusts and purchases from a brand for the first time, to the point where they become a regular customer.


That’s why SEO content needs to be very strong and informative.


While copy helps build excitement and awareness, it is the mid-funnel content that keeps a customer hooked to a brand.


Therefore, the main benefit of a well-devised content strategy is that it helps a brand stand out from the competition.


  • SEO Content Builds Following


Lastly, SEO content helps you build a following. A copy can bring a customer to your door, but content helps them become your friend. You can portray your expertise and help your target audience understand why they should trust you through content.


Moreover, SEO content helps you stay on the top search engine results pages. Ensuring that your business continues to be in the eyes of your target audience.


Conclusion of Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Writer For SEO


Blucactus - Ken Schreck - ContactSEO is a time-consuming task, which requires consistency and dedication. If you are looking for promising and lasting results, you need to invest more or less one year to build authority by publishing SEO-optimized content in bulk quantities.


Moreover, this guide will help you understand vast aspects of SEO and SEO writing, which make it very clear that SEO can’t be done by one person.


Instead, you need to work as a team to produce more content and create more backlinks.


Therefore, hiring an SEO writer can help you cover a lot of ground. They will help you create content that builds a following and the type of content that you will need to stay on top.


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Having served several different industries she’s now exploring the digital marketing side and helping businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs establish their online presence with compelling content.


Having worked with numerous big names, she aims to help the struggling ones on priority for a change.





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