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Outdoor Led displays are very popular today in the market. This is because they work in a new way to advertise a business. So, in short, this new tool for advertising breaks the traditional and attracts the attention of users. For example, traditional ads are usually in the form of vinyl, posters, flyers, and small advertisements. Thus, even if these advertisements work, the truth is that LED displays offer many advantages, the main one being that they’re more attractive. Learn the benefits of outdoor Led screens for your business.


Besides, LED screens are very easy to move around. Not only that, but anyone can configure them according to their customer’s needs. So, unlike television monitors, you can adapt these screens to any kind of space. With them you can play with the measurements, the available spaces, cover entire columns, among others. Thus, as you can see, the possibilities of these types of ads are endless.


What are LED screens?


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenBefore explaining the benefits that these screens have, we must go into what an LED screen is.


Thus, an LED screen, or light-emitting diode screen, is a type of flat panel monitor that uses light-emitting diodes as a way to project itself.


As such, LED screens come in a variety of sizes, from the largest to the smallest.


Moreover, these light diodes are inside a Led panel, which means that a single screen uses several panels.


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenA light-emitting diode is a semiconductor chip surrounded by a transparent plastic housing.


This plastic box, in turn, allows light to pass through the plastic to emit different colors.


Thus, with an LED screen, they can change from ultraviolet to infrared light.


All of this will depend on the semiconductor material that your screen uses.


Types of LED displays


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenThere are different types of LED displays. Some people store them by screen type, digit or matrix size, color, packaging type, and the number of digits.


To choose the right one for this, you can ask for the help of any company. After this, they may give you a graph that explains which the best screen is according to the needs of your business.


The most common screens to use are light bar screens, with seven matrix and dot segments.


However, there’re many others. Some of them have a digit size between 0.03 to 0.40 inches. Although the most common size of use is between 0.2 and 0.4 inches.


What do these screens work for? Benefits of outdoor Led screens for your business


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenLED screens work with electroluminescence. This means they take advantage of the optical and electrical phenomenon that material has in response to the flow of electrical current and finally projects light. So, when this energy flows through the various LED screens, we can see the projected light.


Commonly, these LEDs are red, blue, and green. However, once we use them, everything will depend on the energy band of the semiconductor. It’s thanks to it we can see the color it produces. Thus, the parts that make up an LED are:


  • The anode and cathode.
  • Lens or epoxy encapsulation.
  • Metallic contact.
  • Anvil.
  • Semiconductor.
  • Platelet.
  • Reflector.
  • Flat edge.


Without each of these elements, an LED screen wouldn’t function as a dynamic and educational element to promote your brand.


LED screens


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenCurrently, people are more in contact with this technology than before. Some have mobile devices with LED screens, or their televisions have this capacity. However, these tools can be very useful for marketing. As we explained before, LED screens are video devices that use lights formed with digits or matrices, which then form pixels.


The pixel formats allow the projection of motion. So, this is the reason behind the creation of this technology, which then gets the name of dynamic pixels. This works because the pixels allow for the continuous and rapid change of lights. Then, it broadcast all this on the LED screens and gives the feeling of movement.


By applying this technology, pixels, and sub-pixels are formed that will allow a greater combination of colors. This color combination can achieve the projection of over 16 billion colors with high definition images and the best resolution.


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenBenefits of outdoor Led screens for your business, The main LED screens are:


  • LED screens for external use: We can use these outdoors. Besides, because of their large size, they are ideal for luminous signs on the streets.
  • LED screens for internal use: We use them in closed and confined spaces. However, they are perfect as bookmarks.
  • Single-line LED screens: with these, you can present a limited text that moves in a single line (some use it on buses or as directional).
  • Monocolor LED screens: People use it to project a single color. However, it doesn’t have much room for creativity but some companies use it to attract attention.
  • Limited color LED screens: with this screen, it is only possible to achieve up to 256 color scales.
  • Full-color LED screens: We use these for the projection and reproduction of videos with the best definition and resolution.

Panoramic Ads


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenA wide-screen ad is large-format advertising.


It’s very common to use it for display advertising as it’s full of many colors.


Besides, it also stands out for attracting attention very easily.


Not only is that but also adaptable to the needs of a company.


What’s more, it comes in different sizes and is easy to position at different strategic points to make them more visible.


Details of these ads


BluCactus -detailsBluCactus has an entire entry specifying every single detail of this type of advertising.


These ads exist in different sizes, and it’s easy to adapt it to the needs of your campaign and business. So, to make this type of ad stand out, you just have to do a good location study. As such, you must focus on where you will place your ad to attract your target audience. The average panoramic ad rental size is 13 meters long and 7.2 meters wide.


Many years ago, making panoramic ads was quite an odyssey. People had to print each image individually and then put them together until they achieved the final image. Benefits of outdoor Led screens for your business. The good thing about technology is that we can now print these graphic pieces completely in a single moment. Thus, digital printing helped improve the way of making panoramic ads. However, with new technologies, some customers are more drawn to seeing something that moves over a simple billboard.


When and where to place my ad?


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenAds tend to run for 24 weeks. However, it is possible to renew contracts and keep the same advertising for longer. Thus, if you want people to remember you, we recommend placing a LED screen in a strategic place for longer.


The content on these screens or advertisements must remain relevant for the entire time it will be in that location. Many believe that the most reactive way to get followers and sales is through social media. However, with a good advertising campaign, you can attract the attention of many customers.


These types of advertising have several forms of presentation and each one with unique characteristics. Here, we present a small list of them so you know which the best for your business is.


BluCactus - digital billboardsSpectacular unipolar


This advertising medium is perfect for conveying a clear and concise message. For this, it uses a single vertical screen in most cases placed on a pole.


Spectacular on the billboard


This advertising is known as billboard advertising or fixed billboard advertising.


With it, imagination is your limit. You can adapt the message to your needs and increase the visibility of your brand in a short time.


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenFixed fence spectacular


This advertising medium is ideal for promoting any message, product, or service you want. The main advantage of it is that if you place it correctly, many will see it. Thus, you can make yourself known more quickly.


Digital billboards


Digital billboards allow creative projections that are easy to customize and interchange with other advertisements. In some cases, the screens are shared, that is, a different presentation is shown every 10 seconds or 20 seconds. However, it does not necessarily have to be from the same business sector or industry.


Benefits of outdoor Led screens for your business, What are digital billboards exactly?


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenOutdoor digital billboards are another way to make billboards, as they use the same dimensions. As such, these billboards use light-emitting diodes to create an image.


In other words, these billboards are made with LED screens. Although this type of advertising is frequently used for exteriors, it is also used for interiors.


If you prefer to use the smaller screens, these are perfect for indoors, but if you prefer something big, it’s best to make it part of an outdoor strategy. Smaller digital billboards tend to use LCD video screens. These are similar to the screens of televisions and telephones. Also, digital billboards for advertising can be mounted on a pole or wall.


Why use them?


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenAdvertising agencies can update the ads on these digital billboards remotely.


For this, these agencies use a wireless network to access the digital computer. Besides, the main reason to use an advertisement of this type is to promote your business. What’s more, it is proven that people have an attention span of between 6 to 8 seconds. Thus, this means that you have between 6 and 8 seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer.


The best way to attract a customer is by offering images and graphics that are attractive to them. Also, with the help of a led screen, you can get a message across very easily and efficiently. However, before running a campaign you should also know what message you want to offer and not make empty advertising.


BluCactus - men workingWhy use digital billboards?


In a previous post on BluCactus, we explained that digital billboards save time and offer design flexibility.


With the help of a digital billboard, you won’t have to worry about constantly paying for new prints. Benefits of outdoor Led screens for your business.


Everything is done from a computer and the ad can be easily changed in a few minutes.


This is the best option for advertising if you want to constantly be adding new things to your billboard.


Advantages of led screens for outdoor advertising


  • BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenSegmentation capability: One of the most important advantages of advertising with outdoor LED screens is that you can segment your audience better. Thus, lacing the screens in the geographic area of ​​your target or target client will allow you to better reach them. All you have to do is wait for them to pass and voila you will have their full attention.
  • High impact: This type of advertising tends to make a strong impression on viewers or customers through the use of technology. The brightness and luminosity along with how dynamic it is attract a lot of attention. Also, this type of advertising is presented in a new way and helps you to stand out from other ads.
  • Savings and low consumption: Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs are more efficient as they consume less energy. However, this doesn’t mean that they produce less light. LED bulbs consume 80% less than incandescent ones, they don’t generate heat and they have a useful life.
  • BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenBoost the company’s image: Thanks to their use, the corporate image of organizations is increased. Besides, displaying information and separating people from ambient noise to focus on advertising.
  • Versatility: There are several options to customize the advertising not only in size but also in content. Instantly customizing and modifying content has never been easier. And the best part is that it can be customized and monitored from anywhere in the world.
  • Flexibility: They have a perfectly designed LED lighting system to achieve incredible lighting effects. These are adjustable and can be adjusted in light, color, and distribution.
  • Brightness: Not only do they emit their own light that allows us to see them from a long distance, but they can also be seen when the screen receives direct sunlight.
  • High quality: This type of advertising offers an almost perfect resolution to enjoy advertising, information, and entertain yourself in waiting moments.
  • BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screenMaintenance: The high quality and resistance of its elements make the maintenance cost of the screens very cheap. Also, if it’s very cold, hot, or raining, they remain intact.
  • Respect for the environment: They consume between 30 and 50% less electricity than conventional bulbs. Besides, they are more environmentally friendly when it comes to recycling since they don’t contain mercury, lead, or halogens and don’t produce infrared radiation.
  • Contents and messages: Updating of messages and announcements that are made on the screens through real-time and instant content management.
  • Interaction with the user and Innovation of the point of sale or company: It impacts people’s attention in moments, sells 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Besides all this, advertising guidelines can be made depending on the consumer profile. Not only that, but it’s also widely used as a means of advertising and marketing reinforcement.
  • The spectrum of view increases when using them: The public has a perfect view of the screens from a distance, therefore they can observe in detail the message we want to convey.


Features of advertising LED displays


BluCactus - characteristicsThe electronic LED screen is made up of pixels using modules or panels of LEDs (light-emitting diodes).


These diodes can be monochromatic (a single color of LEDs), Bicolor (two types of colors of LEDs), or polychromatic.


Polychromatics are in turn made up of LEDs RGB (Red, Green, and Blue, the primary colors of the monitor, screen, or projector color palette).


These LEDs form pixels, which allows forming characters, texts, images, and even videos, depending on the complexity of the screen and the control device.


How to create content for giant LED screens


BluCactus - messageTo create special content for a giant LED screen, you must think like the customer.


What will catch your attention? It’s an image?


Is it a message? A sound?


You need to think a little more or do some research to know your target customer.


To do this, you can conduct surveys or call experts to help you better understand who your customer is.


BluCactus - outdoor Led screens - example of a led screen

Direct or eye-catching messages, but never long


It’s important to remember that your content must grab the attention of consumers in just seconds.


For this, you must make short but powerful announcements.



Don’t let your ad go unnoticed.


BluCactus - billboardGiant advertising LED screens as part of the urban environment


This type of advertising can help you position yourself as a brand, not only for the content but also for contributing something to the environment.


Technology can be an important aspect of attracting new customers.


You can also bring something new to the community with your LED screen and position yourself as a brand.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


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