What Is Inside Inditex Giant Bershka’s Marketing Strategy?

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What Is Inside Inditex Giant Bershka’s Marketing Strategy?

Bershka, founded in April of 1998 by Amancio Ortega Gaona, , pioneers in designing fast-fashion clothing at reasonable prices. As a result, boasting a strong foothold in the fashion market. The brand has a presence in over 75 countries with approximately 973 stores, representing about %10 of the Inditex group. 


Besides Bershka, Inditex group encompasses Stradivarius, Zara, and Pull&Bear, targeting different consumer segments for a bigger market share. However, all these brands’ marketing strategies are similar; employing an active social media presence, up-to-trend designs, and captivating campaigns.

What Is Bershka’s Brand Identity?


Bershka, renowned for having a youthful spirit and a fashion-forward vision, has a tailored brand identity that allows the brand to target a young demographic. Below are the key aspects of the brand’s identity:


Affordable and Stylish


As discussed, Bershka is characterized as a fast-fashion brand, offering budget-friendly and trendy clothing ranging from casual wear to dressy attire. This characteristic makes the brand accessible to a wide range of customers. 


Digitally Proficient


Bershka has an active presence on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and more, enabling it to connect and interact with its target audience, showcase new collections, and run impactful campaigns. 


Global Presence:


With a presence in over 75 countries, Bershka’s worldwide approach allows the brand to expand its reach, test new markets, and drive revenue. 

Who Is the Target Audience for Bershka?

BluCactus -The brand typically targets a younger demographic interested in the latest trends, popular culture, music, and more. 

This group ranges from teenagers to young adults in their early 20s who seek budget-friendly options to satisfy their diverse fashion needs. 

What Are Bershka’s Key Promotion and Product Strategies?

The fast-fashion brand employs several key product and promotion strategies to maintain its leadership in the competitive fashion scene, resonate with its target audience, and drive sales. So, here are the key promotion and product strategies of Bershka: 


Product Strategy


Trend-Attuned Collections


A fashion-forward vision is a vital part of Bershka’s product strategy. The brand is renowned for offering affordable urban streetwear, wardrobe staples, and on-trend apparel. Furthermore, Bershka often collaborates with niche brands, crafting capsule collections that generate buzz and excitement. In 2024, Bershka partnered with SSSTUFFF, RAL700STUDIO, and the NFL, providing garments that appeal to both eclectic and avant-garde devotees as well as creative stylers.    

Diverse Collaborations


Continuing with Berhska’s impactful collaborations, its diverse partnerships with big-shot Netflix series proved lucrative for the brand. Remarkably, the brand partnered with Maria Pedraza from the hit Netflix series Elite in 2020, songwriter Bad Gyal in 2021, Korean thriller Squid Game in 2022, and more, boosting its engagement rate beyond expectations. 


Fast-Fashion Model


BluCactus -While Bershka is continuously criticized for offering fast and disposable fashion, in recent years, it has started taking initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. To set this in motion, Bershka has removed plastic bags, focusing on crafting its products from sustainable raw materials, and using water-saving technologies during the manufacturing process.


Personalized Experience


To offer a personalized experience through customization, Bershka launched its ‘Custom Lab’ project, allowing customers to customize their garments and accessories. This project goes hand in hand with the brand’s ‘Denim Lab’ project, which enables customers to customize all things denim. 

Promotion Strategy


Active Social Media Presence


To resonate with its target audience and stay on top of trends, Bershka utilizes its social media platforms. The brand’s active presence on social media allows it to foster a dynamic relationship with its community, facilitating fast and reliable communication. 


Effective Digital Marketing


Bershka leverages digital marketing to present impactful ads, campaigns, and engaging content, allowing it to increase its reach, engagement, and achieve cost-effective results. 

Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing might not be considered cost-effective, but it is surely Bershka’s secret weapon for increasing visibility and revenue. The brand partners with renowned influencers to expand its customer base and increase visibility. It also offers an affiliate program for partnerships, featuring micro-influencers with the hashtag #Bershkastyle.


Tech-Savvy Vision

Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Bershka partnered with FFFACE.ME, an award-winning international tech studio to debut the world’s first semi-digital clothing collection in 2023. This collaboration marked a significant breakthrough in the fashion landscape, offering an immersive experience to Bershka’s client base in Lisbon, Portugal. This showcased the brand’s creative vision and tech-savvy approach to fashion, inspiring the industry to strive for more. 


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