Discover the best number of words for your blog and social media in 2021

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Discover the best number of words for your blog and social media in 2021. Creating content for different platforms isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. All it takes researching all the content your clients or target audience is looking for. Besides, you must also find out their favorite platforms, and the personality and voice they prefer for their written content.


Content marketing is really the mainstay of many marketing strategies today. Because of this, if you don’t have a good content strategy, you won’t be able to create a connection with your clients. Today, we offer a guide on what’s the best number of words that your blog or social media content must-have. Once you figure it out, you will be able to easily grab the attention of your followers and readers.


Ideal length and characters for a blog post


BluCactus - important dataHaving a blog on your website is one of the best ways to work on search optimization. Thanks to this, you can have the chance to appear among the first results of search engines. Besides, Google takes into account how often you post new content. Because of this, posting frequently on your website is a great idea to be more successful in the digital world.


The ideal length of a blog header ranges from 8 to 12 words and less than 60 characters. However, you must try to have less than 60 characters or not exceed them. Otherwise, your title will be cut off in the search engine results. Another fundamental element is to establish your keywords and add them to your title, at least one so that it is attractive in the results.


An extra tip to get more visits from other platforms is sharing your new blogs through email with your customer contact list, or you can even make a publication on social media and share the link of the same blog. Everything will depend on which platform your clients spend more time on, you can do it through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even from Pinterest if your blog allows it.


The ideal number of characters for titles


BluCactus - important dataIt is well known that most people only read the titles of articles or blogs. That’s why these should be so striking and eye-catching that readers want to read the rest of the article. For this, the ideal amount of words in a title is 8.


As for the ideal length of blog content, it is best to stay between 16,000 words, which equates to 7 minutes of reading. Each blog has a unique length and all your content will depend on the topic, audience, theme, and other factors essential to meet your goal of making your blog attractive enough for various audiences.


Most of your readers will prefer a blog concise and digestible enough to read in 10 minutes, but with enough information to be relevant, interesting, and easy to read. Other elements are just as important within the writing of your blog. Here are some of those elements.


BluCactus - number of words for your blog - dataThe ideal length of a meta description: 155 characters or less, number of words for your blog 


A meta description is the HTML attribute that summarizes the content of a particular web page.


This is the description that you can quickly see in the preview of any blog or website.


Without it, many readers will not want to read beyond your blog or will look for one that quickly tells them if they have the content they need or not.


BluCactus - number of words for your blog - dataThe ideal number of characters for the meta description


Like titles, they cannot be very long as they are likely to be cut off when previewing.


That is why the ideal number of a meta description ranges between 150 characters.


You must be careful because each of these aspects affects the SEO of your page and, in turn, your web positioning.



Ideal length and characters for Facebook posts, number of words for your blog 


BluCactus - number of words for your blog - dataSocial media is a great place to write content and keep your readers up to date with your brand. That’s why you must have a strategy to grab the attention of your followers. This way, you will keep them interested in your blog or brand.


When it comes to the best length to update your Facebook status, it’s around 63,206 characters. However, social media gurus assure that it’s best to only use 40 characters. By doing this, your message will be easier to digest. As a result, you’ll be able to lead your audience to your website or blog.


If you want to use a title on your social media to attract your follower, keep it around 40 characters or 5 words. This is because many studies ensure that this is the best number to grab your reader’s attention. In fact, they won’t lose your post’s idea and will find it easy to read. Thus, making them interested in your content.


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