Best SEO off-page strategies for website success in 2021

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is important for any business that wants to stand out in the digital realm. That’s why today we’ll discuss the best off-page SEO strategies for website success in 2021.


But first things first.

What is Off-page SEO?


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - off page seoOff-page SEO consists of all SEO tactics that we already know about, but outside your website. It sounds a bit more complicated than it really is.


Most often than not, people think that SEO strategies should be carried out within our website or platforms. However, this isn’t true at all. When it comes to SEO off-page, we think of the use of external links, citations, a solid strategy, and social media. These, after all, are vital for the success of any brand. Because of this, we can’t leave them out of this guide about the best SEO off-page strategies.


In other words, SEO off-page is any strategy that doesn’t consist of changing or publishing content within our own online page. These kinds of tactics are perfect to work on the image and authority of your website. Not only that but it also allows you to build its trust and relevance.


The Best Off-Page SEO strategies for the success of your website in 2021


SEO strategies don’t come in a one-size-fits-all format. Every website has its own set of SEO strategies for its success. Because of this, it’s important to know the difference between Off-Page and On-Page SEO. Both types of SEO are essential to achieve a good web positioning among search engine results.


As the name implies, Off-Page SEO works on all aspects outside a website. These external factors consist of many aspects and processes. For example, the creation of Link building structures, backlinks, the organization of external links, and the use of social media. Besides, you can also use paid advertising like or Facebook Ads.


On the other hand, SEO On-Page works with everything related to the internal use of your website. In contrast to off-page SEO, this focuses a lot more on the operation of the website itself. In this sense, it focuses on its loading speed, internal link building, image and content optimization, among other factors.


Even if these strategies don’t directly relate to each other, both are equally important for the web positioning of any website and the growth of a business.


Benefits of Off-Page SEO


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - googleImprove search engine rankings


The reason people want to carry out the best off-page SEO strategies is to make their website show up among search engines’ top positions. These help to improve your positioning according to the standards of search engines such as Google. As a result, your website will be taken more into account and will increase its relevance to your target audience.


You get quality traffic


This is the result of the previous benefit. If your website is among the first positions within search engines, more people will see it and perhaps, visit it.


Some Off-Page SEO strategies that you could use to attract new readers to your website are Link Building tactics. This will attract quality traffic from different pages, with different niches, that may like your content.


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - link buildingHelps you spread your content and work


Off-page SEO strategies are perfect to boost your digital business.


Especially if it’s for digital businesses, blogs, or personal pages.


These strategies will allow you to easily advertise your business through social media. For this, the content that you create on other platforms to attract new traffic is also vital. As a result, these and many other tools are ideal for your work to spread massively on the internet.


Off-Page SEO vs. Technical SEO


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingWe already explained the difference between Off-Page and On-Page SEO. However, there’s another type of SEO perfect for your website marketing strategies. Here we’ll explain what technical SEO is and how you can use it to create a successful website in 2021.


As you already know, Off-page SEO strategies include all those actions related to what happens outside your website. Some of them are the creation of links that will take the user to the main pages of your websites. Besides, they use content marketing strategies, social media, and participation in podcasts, reviews, and the generation of local appointments, among others.


On the other hand, technical SEO also uses tactics related to the indexing and crawling of websites in different search engines. Different experts say that technical SEO is a type of SEO apart from on-page SEO. However, this is a type of discipline in itself that focuses on optimizing web page speed, structured data, canonicalization, hreflang, among other factors.


Why do you need off-page SEO?


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingThe main reason for using SEO Off strategies is to position your website in the first search results. This is what allows you to build a level of authority on par with the competition.


Although we have talked a lot about links and link building, they aren’t the only tactics used in Off-Page SEO.


Much less are they the only aspects that the latest Google algorithm takes into account to classify a website as important or not.


To achieve a good positioning of your website you must use the best Off-page SEO strategies to help build your brand and boost your business.


Main off-page SEO actions


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies -blog

There are several actions to get links to your page and, in this way, improve the PageRank and authority of your website:


  • Create a quality blog and keep it updated with the best content. This is undoubtedly the first step you must take to start using content marketing strategies. If you don’t have updated and optimized content, you won’t get traffic to your blog or website.
  • Use content aggregators. It’s not just about working on a single platform. You should start using the content within your website on other platforms such as social media platforms and distribute it all around the web. This will give you visibility, authority, trust, and then many more links.


  • BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingTake advantage of the power of viralization on social media. Social Media will be your ally when it comes to Off-page SEO strategies. Within these platforms, you must create communities on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, it’s important to ensure it doesn’t become a spam channel for potential followers. These strategies are perfect for acquiring new followers, generating traffic, and low-cost advertising.
  • Put in place honest link-building strategies. Although search engines aren’t people, they recognize the real and sincere intentions of spam. That’s why you must create blogs and websites with authority and build trust among other pages. For this, it’s best to start establishing relationships with the administrators of different pages with similar niches or target audiences. You can work together to benefit from the exchange of links and posts. Strategies like this must be sincere because otherwise your website may be penalized and unlikely to be recovered.


Off-Page SEO strategies to improve the positioning of your digital project


We have already talked enough about how and why you should use Off-page SEO strategies. However, we haven’t let you know about the best and most used strategies and how you can use them. Here are some tips to consider when working on Off-page website optimization tactics. Be very careful when using them, otherwise, you will affect your website, and not in the best way.


1. Guest Blogging (Write as a guest author)


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingThis is one of the steps that give the best results. Guest blogging is part of Link building strategies and refers to working as a collaborator on a website.


It can be weird to read that to grow your website you should write outside it, but we promise you that it works. With this technique, you can easily obtain a link at no cost. On the other hand, what you publish within any other website will depend on its owner and what they want in terms of content.


For this, it’s best to create relationships and work connections between different web domains. Try to approach different well-positioned webmasters in the industry or sector that you want to work and create a link with them. Working together with them will not only help you to grow, but you will also be able to share experiences, techniques, and methods of online growth. Some of them may be some you haven’t heard about before.

What’s important is to keep these relationships alive and sincere. A good connection between webmasters can allow you to earn more than two links. Besides, by doing Guest Blogging and you will have a greater chance of increasing your authority online.




BluCactus - guest blogTake the time to choose your options and make your moves. It isn’t about being demanding when it comes to this, but you shouldn’t be impulsive. However, you must think about the actions that will help your business grow faster.


As you already know, guest blogging is an excellent strategy to increase the growth of your website and authority among different search engines. However, any opportunity to collaborate doesn’t mean that it’s the best. First, you should study the website you want to work with or that has given you an opportunity.


Study if this website has good traffic, is well-optimized, and hasn’t been penalized by search engines. If you work together with websites that have had a poor score, your own website could be affected.


The best advice we can offer you is to start by collaborating with lesser-known blogs or online pages. By this we don’t mean poor quality ones, we mean websites with small and well-established communities. Besides, these small and beginning websites tend to be well optimized, high quality, and their On-page and Off-page strategies are well established. So, as you can see, it’s better to start small and then work your way up.


2. Reciprocal Links or mutually link


BluCactus - typingAlthough this tactic can be a combination of the previous strategy, they don’t necessarily have to go hand in hand. What happens here is that once the connection and creation of the article are done on an outside website, it will add a link to your blog.


This is why we call it reciprocal links. Two sites from the same niche create a link and work as collaborators on both websites, each one following the rules and parameters of the other webmaster, of course.


This is very common if both websites want to benefit from each blog’s communities. In some cases, two collaborators make an article where they invite their readers to stroll through the other’s page. At other times, they just review the website within their blogs.


If there is a good relationship between the two administrators, it’s possible to even add the other’s websites to the main page or home page of the site. Some make a separate section or a special category where they attach the different links from other websites. This is where we highlight the importance of good relationships and why they should be reaped among online page owners.




BluCactus - digital projectLike the previous tip, what’s important when making strategies like these is to work together with sites that have some authority, are reliable, and have an optimized SEO. This is one of the most important aspects because you cannot irrationally do this.


Everything in the world of digital marketing must have a purpose, reason, and planning. The links that you create cannot be the exception to the rule. If you want to work together with other websites, you must be sure to ensure their relevance to your users.


Work with online pages that are relevant and have some connection to each other. Otherwise, search engines won’t find the collaboration as an aspect of value for the readers, and it will not rank you among the next searches for the users.


3. Social media for Off-Page SEO


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingEven if some experts don’t take this into account when it comes to Off-Page SEO strategies, for us, it’s a vital aspect to grow your business and position yourself before the competition. Social media is a decisive factor in marketing strategies for any company or business. It doesn’t matter if your brand is big or small, you must have some kind of plan for these platforms.


Social media is crucial for your business not only because they’re an effective method to promote your products and services, but they also work as a good dissemination channel for your website and its content.


Some advantages that social media offers aren’t only the increase in traffic that they can offer to your website. These platforms can also be elementary aspects to gain authority and relevance among search engines such as Google and Bing. Don’t forget that the greater the reliability of the site, the better its web positioning will be.


It’s necessary that within your digital marketing strategies you add space to create a good presence on social media. For this, you must create content that complements what appears on your website and attracts new communities to your online page.




BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingDon’t be afraid to dabble on different social media platforms. The best advice we can give you is not to work on the same platforms all the time.


Although you must have an online presence on the most popular digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are new platforms that are gaining popularity and in which you can have a great market of opportunities.


Platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, or Google Discover can allow you to get a large percentage of traffic.


However, don’t forget to study your audience very well and discover which social media platforms the best for them. Don’t be afraid to make different content and adapt it to new platforms.


4. Register in company directories


BluCactus - social mediaFirst, what’s a company directory?


This is a website where you can find different companies within the same location or region. Even if today they aren’t as popular, you can find many of these to get all sorts of information.

This is one of the best off-page SEO strategies for those e-commerce businesses with a physical store.


Usually, you get NoFollow backlinks from the websites it has.


Even if they won’t give more authority to your project, they will allow you to show search engines that your site is organic. As a result, you will avoid any kind of penalty.




BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingAlways remember to carry out an exhaustive search and study of these directories.


Many of them are made up of spam and pop-ups that will lower the quality and authority of your website. We already know how damaging this can be to your own page or blog.


Our advice is that if you really want to work with this type of tactic, invest some capital in premium directories. Business directories like these have a higher link quality than free ones.


Besides, with these, you will ensure that your website has the lowest level of spam possible. As a result, your website will get many benefits from this.


5. “Buy” links or backlinks


BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingAs part of this guide about the best off-page SEO strategies, this is very easy to understand. It consists of the purchase and sale of links as well as backlinks between different websites.


Many companies offer the sale of links or reviews from different websites within their services. Some do this regardless of their level of authority.


Even if this sounds unnatural, if you have some money to spare, you should try it. In some cases, companies offer discounts for companies that want to use these kinds of strategies.


Some also advise companies and businesses about their social media and their own content strategy. After all, these are also vital aspects to improve your web traffic. Hence, their presence on this guide about best off-page SEO strategies.




BluCactus - best off-page seo strategies - people workingIt can be very easy to get dazzled by backlink offers like these, but it is important to be careful.


Nobody wants to be scammed, much less if they’re investing money in your business.


Be very cautious when looking to buy backlinks from websites not related to our topic.


Focus on working on the authority of your website and the trust you want to build.


For this, you can collaborate with different external websites. Don’t forget that to get a good rank on search engines, you must take into account your content’s relevance.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - contact usBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Our group of experts focuses on helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the creation of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Dallas, TX, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website


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