Best SEO Books That Every SEO Expert & Blogger Must Read


Best SEO Books That Every SEO Expert & Blogger Must Read. Do you want to make a career in SEO? Are you struggling to take your SEO efforts to a new level? Struggling with organic traffic and rankings on Google? If your answer to the above question is yes, then you have come to the right place.


In this post, you’ll come across the 10 best SEO books to read in 2021 and take your SEO knowledge to a whole new level. Whether you are a newbie, expert, startup owner, or blogger, you must read any of these books if you are serious about SEO. 


1. SEO 2021 Learn Search Engine Optimization


Blucactus-1-SEO-2021-Learn-Search-Engine-OptimizationPeople don’t often use SEO properly and overlook it across all the marketing sectors today. SEO is not merely trying to increase your website ranking on Google, but it can also help you in improving your conversion, sales, profits, revenue, and generating more leads in general. 


This SEO book provides you with a comprehensive approach on how to use SEO so that you can skyrocket your business and website on the world’s biggest search engine which is Google.  


Maximizing your organic (free) traffic channels should be a top priority and this book will provide you with every strategy, technique, and tip on how to do it. From working with on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, and technical SEO, this book has got you covered. 


Besides learning the most effective processes to structure your SEO, this book will also offer you tons of free materials, resources, and bonuses which includes: links to the best SEO books and tools, worksheets, SEO quiz, notes, and a lot more stuff to take your SEO game to the new level. 


2. SEO Fundamentals for Small Business Owners


Blucactus-2-SEO-Fundamentals-for-Small-Business-OwnersIt’s time to reimagine your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO is no longer about ranking your website on Google and increasing organic traffic it is something more than that.


Do you want to learn how to drive organic traffic to your website on alternative search platforms like Amazon and YouTube? Are you interested in learning how to get creative with your marketing content to ensure that every dollar you spend is maximally effective? 


If your answer to the above questions is yes, then this book on SEO has the answers to these questions and more, direct from one of today’s leading SEO experts in the world. 


Brands often overlook SEO and content marketing and regret it later by incurring huge losses. This SEO book will help you and other brands engage customers with creative content ideas and the best next-generation SEO practices that are proven to get results. 


From the basics of SEO to the most advanced and technical topics, this book is your one-stop guide to moving beyond outmoded, traditional practices of SEO. 


3. Product-Led SEO, Best SEO Books


Blucactus-3-Product-Led-SEOIf you are looking for a visually appealing book on SEO with lots of graphics, images, and charts in it, then Product-Led SEO has got you covered. 


There’s a good amount of graphics and tables mentioned in this SEO book. Also, each chapter has certain topics that can easily turn into a checklist or pointers to get yourself a better understanding of SEO and the working of search engines.


Apart from this, the multiple-choice questions at the end of the chapter work like a charm. We think this book shows the author’s experience in the field and is a great all-in-one book for online businesses to have. 


You can read this book multiple times as it is easy to understand and written in simple English. Even a newbie in SEO can read this book and learn a thing or two about SEO. Some steps and strategies mentioned in this book are proven and will give you 100% ROI.


4. SEO For Dummies, 7th Edition


Blucactus-4-SEO-For-Dummies-7th-EditionThe purpose of having a blog or website is to get visitors, and you’ll get more when your site appears on the top of search engine results pages. This book helps you make that happen by explaining the basics of search engine optimization and teaching you the tricks that drive traffic, sales, and conversion to your site. 


You’ll learn how to make your site search engine-friendly so that it can rank well on Google and other search engines. Apart from this, you will also learn how to register it with various directories and indexes, get all-important backlinks, and use analysis tools to track results. It also covers topics on how to find and how to write effective content, use social media for SEO, optimize YouTube videos and images, benefit from local search, and more.


To put it in a nutshell, this book on SEO is an excellent guide to start with regarding SEO and also a great guide to keep on hand. 


It covers a lot of basics that help make sense of what SEO is and content marketing. The book might seem very basic for those who already know a thing or two about SEO, but for those who want to understand why their company’s website is not ranking on top of Google, this book is for you. It is easy to read and understand as well. 


5. 3 Months to No.1:, Best SEO Books


Blucactus-5-3-Months-to-No-1This is a great SEO book, especially for beginners who want to learn everything about SEO. The book is well written in a conversational format that flows easily. The author has explained well every topic of SEO with tons of examples and case studies.


The tech aspects of SEO were explained well and there are a bunch of live examples listed throughout the book to delve deeper into topics of interest or tools of your choice. 


This SEO book will surely open your eyes to the world of Google’s search engine and you will learn many things about it you never knew before or had any idea even existed. But if you’re a SEO pro, then you already might be aware or know most of what’s in the book. So, if you are an advanced SEO professional, this book is not for you. 


Still, you can consider buying it for updating and brushing up on your knowledge. 


This book is also pretty up-to-date on info and at the very least one could learn what’s coming around the bend, as well as new types of technology. It will give you a clear picture of SEO in 2021 and beyond. 


6. How To Get To The Top Of Google in 2021


Blucactus-6-How-To-Get-To-The-Top-Of-Google-in-2021Maybe you already know something about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and have felt disappointed with the results, or you are a complete SEO newbie looking for a large slice of the ranking of your new website and blog, or you are a professional looking to stay up to date with the best SEO practices. Whatever the case, this book is for you.


The book How to get to the top of Google in 2020, is written in plain English by Tim Cameron-Kitchen. This book on SEO is a great way to get introduced to SEO and how Google gives info on searches. From crawling, indexing, and ranking web pages on Google, this book covers everything that you need to know about the working of search engines and SEO. 


According to the author, he and his team update this SEO book every year to incorporate new, latest, and updated SEO strategies so that the readers can get unique and most updated information every time they buy this book.


Their tips, techniques, and strategies mentioned in this book are proven with years of experience and will surely help you in taking your website’s organic traffic to the level of awesomeness. 


Apart from this, the book is also jam-packed with tons of case studies, live examples of websites and blogs, interviews of some of the world’s best SEO experts and bloggers


7. SEO Workbook, Best SEO Books


Blucactus-7-SEO-WorkbookThe book provides a detailed understanding of search engines, ranking algorithms, and website making, designing and changes, so you can understand how Google works.


The book will also teach you everything about the mindset and techniques you need to get SEO right, and provides specific techniques you can use at each stage of a new business. 


From finding the perfect keywords for your targeted audience to retaining customers and building relationships for growth and leveraging the assets you build for the payoff.


Whether you want to increase the sales and conversion of your e-commerce store, or you want to take your business website to the level of awesomeness, this indispensable guide has everything you need to plan and implement the award-winning SEO strategy for your business or company.


8. The Art of SEO


Blucactus-8-The-Art-of-SEOThis is another great SEO book for beginners. We recommend having some knowledge of WordPress (just basic functionality) before reading. It will help make some of the terminologies make sense.


In general, this book covers the following topics in-depth:


  • Learn about how Google works and how it chooses which websites to rank. 
  • Know exactly what keywords to target to get more organic traffic on your site and increase your sales. 
  • How to get your most important long-tail and short keywords hit the top spot. 
  • Learn about website structure and what it takes to make a SEO-friendly website. 
  • Learn how to write and create killer content that Google and your visitors love. 
  • Tips on how to make connections with key publication players in your industry and have them begging for your content. 
  • How to create award-winning SEO strategies and campaigns that deliver results.


9. Effective SEO and Content Marketing


Blucactus-9-Effective-SEO-and-Content-MarketingSEO is dynamic and ever-changing and no blog or book is ever going to be able to fully keep up with it. Also, there are many different types of SEO, and different issues connected with online marketing that it is very difficult to understand, especially if a newbie wants to learn SEO.


If you want a book on SEO, then this book is as good or better than anything else you could get. 


The only downside of this SEO book is that it lacks certain aspects of SEO. For example, the technical SEO part is lacking in this book, which is very important for a successful SEO strategy. Apart from this, the book also lacks advanced link-building strategies. 


This book on search engine optimization is an amazingly written book with detailed and extensive coverage of almost everything a SEO lover should know. Those who are looking forward to making their career in the SEO field must read this book for sure.


After reading this book from page 1 to end, you’ll surely call yourself a professional SEO expert.  


Time, effort, strategy, and detailed plan are what’s needed. You can surely think of getting this book if you want to take your SEO to the next level.


10. SEO Mastery 2021


Blucactus-10-SEO-Mastery-2021Search engine optimization or so-called (SEO) is the process of increasing the ranking and organic traffic of a website so that a particular website can generate sales, leads, conversion, increase brand awareness and grow the business. 


This unique book taps every pinpoint of advanced SEO knowledge and reveals secret tips, techniques, and strategies used by only the best SEO consultants, bloggers, and webmasters.


You will take your SEO skills to the next level after reading this amazing book. This SEO book covers tips, actionable advice, strategies, and techniques such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and link building. 


Another great thing about this book is that it is jam-packed with case studies and live examples and tons of links to the most valuable resources on SEO. 


When you open this book and read every chapter, you’ll feel that you are sitting with the top SEO expert in the world and you’ll get tons of actionable insights and information. 


You’ll benefit from this book by learning about the best SEO tips and strategies that only a handful of SEO experts in this world know. In this book, the author has also debunked the SEO myths which most bloggers and so-called fake SEO experts think about SEO. 


Conclusion of Best SEO Books That Every SEO Expert & Blogger Must Read: 


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These 10 SEO books mentioned in this post are written by the best industry experts with years of experience.


You can surely consider buying any of these books and take your SEO game to the next level.


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