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We know that sharing large files can be quite an ordeal, and most file-sharing services don’t have the cognition they deserve. However, this doesn’t mean that people are sharing less content. Thus, a lot of these exchange services have been adapted to the needs of today’s users. Learn the 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files.


There was a time when these apps and platforms weren’t common. In today’s world, many of the existing platforms now allow sharing content through the use of a single link. On the other hand, simple email service has all the storage necessary to share different types of content.


Moreover, you can share documents, videos, audios, or PDFs smaller than 5 GB with your contacts. But what about files that are larger than 5GB? For this, BluCactus compiled the 15 best platforms to send large files for free.


Why use one of these platforms?


The reason behind the creation of this list is to give you free, fast, and useful options to share content. Besides, most of these apps don’t require prior registration or the creation of an account.


What’s more with these services you won’t need to download anything more to your computer. Besides that, they are all very easy to use. Not only that but many of the apps that were relevant before are still relevant today, such as MediaFire.




BluCactus -ydrayThe Ydray platform allows you to send files up to 5GB for free safely. In fact, the laws that rule this platform are from Spain and France. This means that this platform backs up your information so that your data isn’t at risk.


To solve problems, this free document delivery service was born.


This is a Spanish company that allows you to transfer information and then create an URL to download the document.


Its policy of security measures ensures that no international transfer of data takes place outside the European economic framework.


How does it work?


One of the best things that this platform has is that you can use it without creating an account. With it, you only need to go to its website and once you’re there you must write the sender’s email in “Origin”. After this, you need to write the recipient’s email in “Destination”.


The next step is to compose your message. Then add the file and accept the conditions before hitting the transfer button.


Besides these functions, Ydray has a “Professional” and “Project” version. The latter allows having more than one user within the same dispatch management panel in the same email.




BluCactus - we transferWeTransfer is a cloud-based file sending application. Little by little this tool became one of the most used services by users and companies. This is due to its ease and effectiveness in making these shipments via email.


The main advantage of this tool is that it’s unnecessary to create an account to share the files. Although this website is free, with a paid account you get more benefits. 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files. For example, if you open a paid account, you will be able to send files of up to 20 GB. On the other hand, with a free account, you can only send up to 2 GB of files.


This website also has a premium option that creates a whole space in the cloud for you and your files. This space can transfer up to 100 GB of information. Besides that, it offers you the possibility to create a password to protect your documents. In turn, you can customize the emails or the appearance of the page with which you want to share your files.


How to send files by WeTransfer?


The initial step to submit files is to enter the website. Once inside, it will offer you to use the paid version or the free version. Press the button that says “take me free” to send files for free without having to register.


After completing these steps, the site will direct you to a page with the portal’s terms and conditions of use. Read carefully each of the links that they provide you. Then accept these conditions to continue.


On the next page, you can share your files. For this, you only need to click on the icon that says “Add your files”. This will open the search engine for your operating system and with it, you can select the documents you want to send. Remember, that you will only be able to send up to 2 GB. Not only that but with this platform, you can also decide if you want to send your files via email or a link.




BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolThis is a well-known platform for users who require these tools. Its simplicity of use and how easy it is to understand makes it a good option to consider. Despite its features, this is one of the preferred applications of many.


Its Light version allows you to upload 25 MB per file. 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files. Plus you get 1G of storages, 5 folders for collaborative sharing, mobile phone access, and other features.


On the other hand, the free version offers different things, but only for personal use. The company came up with a freemium version. With it, you get 10 GB of storage for personal accounts. This, besides offering a limit of 250 MB per file.


How to use Box? 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files


With Box, you can share your files or folders with other people by sending them a link. However, the only ones that can access these are those who have access to the link. For this, will send you a notification as soon as the files are free to access. Once you have the files, you can share them with other people in a folder.




BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolDropbox is one of the best-known platforms within working tools and file storage in the cloud beginners. However, it failed to outperform companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft launched its own file services. Nevertheless, dropbox remains in the minds of users.


15 best free and easy tools for sending large files. This platform is elegant, easy to use, and reliable. In addition to being adaptable to any device. Dropbox files are shared via an application-created URL. With a couple of taps from your Android, iOS, Windows, or simply with the web you can access the content. What’s more, you can also protect them by adding a time limit and password protection.


The recipients of these files don’t need an account to access the content. However, its free version only offers you 2 GB of free storage. If you need more storage, the plans begin to be paid. The simplest ones start at $ 9.99, then comes the plans for commercial teams at $ 16.58. If you use this account for a long time, Dropbox recommends annual discounts to avoid paying every month.




BluCactus -smashFor some years now, a company founded in France has sought to position itself among the best tools for sending large files.


Its biggest advantages are for those who share photos and videos. Not only that, but Smash is also an alternative service with a very simple, intuitive, and easy interface.


This platform is very similar to the previously mentioned WeTransfer. 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files.


However, it has certain features that enhance the free version of this service. Their free plan is very comprehensive in most cases. As such, Smash offers an unlimited file size and a 14-day download time.




One of its greatest advantages is that you can view the content you are going to download before doing it. This way you can take a look at what has been sent to you. In the same way, with this, you can select if you want to download all the contents or only some of the folders. This is an application that is ideal for photographers and videographers, due to its simplicity of use and effectiveness. Besides, it doesn’t have ads!


The premium version allows you to have a personalized service. It has the same features as unlimited files but allows you to extend the download time for up to one year.


With it, you can also customize the interface with your own design. Although the paid version of this server fulfills almost the same functions as other platforms on the web, it’s more affordable. Its price ranges from $ 8 per month if you pay the full year or $12 if you pay monthly.


Filemail, 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files


BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolFilemail is one of the servers that allow you to send and receive files up to 2 GB in size. For this, you don’t need to go through a registration process.


What’s more, recipients won’t also need to create an account to receive the file. For this, they will only receive a link that will allow them to download the files.


If you want to be a member of this application, Filemail offers you two plans: the premium version and the corporate version, which is not currently available.


The premium version gives you the ability to send up to 5GB of files along with more available download days.


How to use it


Using this service is very simple. First, you have to go to their website. Here, you will find different options to download, like upload files or complete folders. 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files. Then, you must mention if you want to send the files to an email address or just get a link to share them with other people.


Once you know what content you want to share, you must click the button “Add files” or “folder” and that’s it! The process of sharing files is much easier than you think.


Mail Drop


BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolMail drop is a tool for sending large files that can be used with Mac, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch devices. All this through the website on Mac or PC. If you want to send a file that exceeds the limit through emails, Mail will automatically recommend this function.


How to use Mail Drop


To use this Mail function you must be active on the Apple website. After, you must go to the “Actions” pop-up menu that you will find in the sidebar. Once there, you have to select “Preferences”. Then go to the compose option and go to “Use Mail Drop to send large attachments”.


To send these files you just have to create a new message and go to the attach button at the top of the device. Select one or more files that are then uploaded to the body of the message.


Once the email is ready, a dialog box will appear asking us if we want to send these attachments through iCloud with Mail Drop. Loading this may take a few minutes. Once loaded, you must send the mail normally and that’s it!


Send Anywhere, 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files


BluCactus - send anywhereSend Anywhere is a service to send files with a lightweight interface, making it very easy to enter without distractions. The configuration of this platform is very simple, but it does not take away from the different functions it has for sharing files.


You can add files from the home screen and send them directly using a code from the site. You can also share them via a URL link or by email. This is a website, but if you prefer to use it everywhere you can download it to your Android or iOS device.


Send Anywhere allows you to easily share 10GB files with an active link for 48 hours. However, by purchasing a premium account you can share up to 50GB files, keep track of them, and limit downloads. Another advantage of the premium version is getting 1 TB of storage for yourself.


Pcloud Transfer


BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolAnother service that makes it easier for you to send files up to 5GB is Pcloud Transfer.


This tool offers the option to encrypt the shared content so that it can only be downloaded with a password.


This way, you can keep your files protected from third parties.


Besides, you can download the Pcloud application for free. This platform has been compared to others like Dropbox.


Learn to use Pcloud Transfer, 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files


You must first create an account on the official Pcloud page. Once you enter, you must click on the “Login” button. Then, add a valid email address and password to register.


Once the above steps have been completed, you must select the “Download” option to be able to download the application on different devices. This app is also available for a wide variety of operating systems such as macOS, Linux, and Windows.


With this app, you can send large files through a URL address. One feature that may be attractive to multiple users is the ability to modify the contents in the shared folder. Besides, you can also share the materials by mail. In this case, the recipient will receive a notification to open the shared files.




BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolThe following tool allows you to send files online without having to download an application on your computer or mobile device. For this, you only need to access the website and you will already have up to 2 GB to send files. As you can see, it’s very easy to use.


Then, you provide the recipient’s email address so that they can receive a URL with the files. To add the files, you must first drag the contents to the tool’s interface by clicking the button that says “Add Files”. 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files. Then you must send the files and instantly the recipient will have them in their mail.


Its Pro version offers some added values. One of them is that the sending limit increases to 4 GB, it’s much faster and the files are permanently kept in the storage place. Another of these values ​​is that the owner of the content receives a notification each time it’s downloaded.




BluCactus - terashareThis Windows, Linux, and Mac compatible application provides the ability to share material with other users safely and easily.


Besides not having limits to do so. So, if you want to use TeraShare, you must first go to their website, download and install the application on your computer.


Once the application is downloaded, it will be attached to your context menu.


This way you will be able to share any document in a very simple way. With just one button, a window will be displayed in the browser to see the progress of the file upload. After this, a link will be generated for your download.




BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolMediaFire is a cloud file hosting service. It was founded in 2006 in the United States. At first, this application attracted many people for the ease of use and its few restrictions. This application, which is already available for Android, has a simple to use web interface.


To use the free MediaFire plan, which allows 10GB of files, you must create an account. 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files.  Once the account is created you can upload files, create folders, documents, lists or have preview images for the folders.


The files you upload to this account must be yours or have no copyright. If not, the account will be deleted immediately.


With this account, you can share the files in emails, social media, websites, and others.


FireFox Send, 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files


BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolThis free web and code sharing file service was part of the Mozilla Company.


FireFox Send is on our list for having been one of the most used by people for many years.


However, FireFox Send went offline on July 7 of last year.


This happened after discovering that it was used to distribute malware and carry out phishing attacks.





BluCactus - rapidshareThis is an honorable and commemorative mention of this service. Rapidshare was a company of German origin to host files, which eventually operated for devices on the internet.


It offers a simple and accessible system for storing and distributing files over the internet. With it, you can share information between two people completely free of charge.


Rapidshare also offers a premium service that allows you to download 5 GB per day and more depending on the payment you will make. 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files. By 2008, this application ranked 16th on the list of the most visited sites on the internet. However, by March 31, 2015, the company terminated its services. However, this didn’t mean closing the accounts and deleting all files.


Alternative storage


Google drive


BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolThis is the cloud tool most used by different companies and individuals.


This is due to it being one of the platforms that allow collaborative work much easier.


With Google Drive, you can share files without the need to download them to your computer. Also, you can use other applications for creating documents.


Google Drive offers you 15 GB of free storage. If you run out of this storage you can resort to purchasing the paid version. However, one of the biggest criticisms from users is that it’s necessary to use the internet to download the files. Also that a connection is needed to synchronize them with collaborators.


Amazon Drive, 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files


BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolAlthough with this application there is a limit on the online storage capacity for photos, videos, or other files.


Its service is free and has 5GB of storage.


However, if you want to request more, you can buy 20, 50, 100, and up to 1000 GB with paid plans.


This tool is perfect to free the memory of your phone a bit.





BluCactus - 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files - example of a large file toolMicrosoft created a cloud storage tool called OneDrive.


Although this platform was formally known as SkyDrive.


Users of this application have 15 GB of storage in the free version.


Nonetheless, if you want to purchase the paid plans, you can receive up to 1 TB of storage for each person.


You can also opt for 50 GB by paying 4$ per month.


Telegram, 15 best free and easy tools for sending large files


BluCactus - telegramThis application is better known as a messaging service.


However, it has an option to send multimedia files of up to 1.5 GB.


This exceeds the WhatsApp limit of 100 MB.


Telegram channels can even share books, series, and movies. It’s because of them that the company decided to extend the limit for file sharing.


You just have to be careful with the copyright of these files.


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