21 blog post ideas to boost your blog traffic

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If you want to attract users to your content, then you’re going to need to come up with catchy ideas for your titles, and we’re here for that same reason, to give you 21 blog post ideas to boost your blog traffic.

Let’s begin!


BluCactus - blog post ideas - men workingThe name or title has to tell your story, who you are and how you want to be perceived in just a few words.


Besides, it should explain the history of your content and summarize it as well as possible.


As a result, the reader will be able to understand everything without having to read more.



However, we know that these aren’t easy at all but don’t worry! In this blog, we will help you choose the best name for your blog.


How to choose names for your blog


If you have too many ideas to start choosing a name or don’t know where to start, here are some important steps to start choosing your name:


  • Establish what you will talk about


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The first step is to define our blog’s topic.


In this case, you must think of a topic you’re passionate about.


On the other hand, it should be one with a lot to talk about so that you can have a lot of content in the future.


Some blogs focus on topics such as gastronomy, tourism, or fashion.


Look for a topic broad enough to have a wide variety of information, but specialized enough to attract your target audience.


  • BluCactus - blog post ideas - men workingDefine your target audience


The target audience you’re going to work with must relate to your blog’s content.


However, there are other factors such as lifestyles, socioeconomic and professional levels.


To determine who your main reader will be, you should do a consumer profile. In other words, you must imagine how your ideal frequent visitor looks like and what they like. For this, you can ask yourself what are their hobbies, age, marital status, nationality.


  • Create a nice name


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For some, the name doesn’t necessarily have to be something with a lot of meaning.


In fact, some experts say that what’s important is to create an attractive and easy-to-remember blog.


Thus, try to give your blog a name pleasant to everyone’s ears and catchy enough to make them curious.






  • BluCactus - Attractive elementUse an attractive element


Use calls to action so that your readers feel some kind of excitement or interest in your blog post A phrase like “reduce expenses with these steps” is much more attractive than “learning to reduce expenses”.


Your goal should be to allow the user to feel identified.


For this, use words that speak directly to their problems.


As a result, they will feel much more comfortable and attracted to reading the blog.


  • Verify that it’s little-used


BluCactus - woman investigatingThere is a lot of content on the internet and there are thousands of web pages with the same materials.


When creating a new blog post, you must ensure to not choose a topic used again and again. Otherwise, these may be unappealing to readers.


If your content is the same theme as others in search engines, try to do something different that stands out from the other sites.


For example, you should offer innovative information to your new customers and attract them with new things.


Eye-catching blog post ideas to increase your traffic in no time


In this article about blog post ideas, we’ll explain the different categories from which you can obtain an endless number of attractive blog post ideas for your visitors:


  • Let’s count them all


BluCactus - NumbersIn this type of blog, most writers use numbers within the headlines to attract people.


This is because visitors like lists and enumerations.


The best thing is to add some type of number to them and make a list of the objects or products within your blog. Here are some examples of the best titles to attract new readers:


  • 4 cleaning products that you cannot miss.
  • 12 steps of the best beauty routine to leave you better than ever.
  • Dare to follow the 9 favorite tips from the stars.
  • 10 design tools that you cannot miss.
  • 15 tools to monitor your brand on Social Media.
  • 15 applications to improve your Instagram.


  • How to…


BluCactus - blog post ideas - men workingIf you need a guide on how to do something, be it a dessert or some type of software improvement, these types of titles are ideal for it.


It works as a way to offer all the information your reader needs in a deep and easy-to-understand way. Some use it to perform complex actions and others for larger groups and much simpler actions. Read on to find some crucial examples for your blog and each of the content:


  • How to make a three-ingredient chocolate cake?
  • Guide to improve the speed of your website.
  • How to increase your website conversions?
  • Basic manual for branding your new business.
  • Tutorial to create your own filters in Lightroom.


  • Revealing is the secrets


BluCactus - blog post ideas - people workingWe all love secrets and nothing better than when we offer the best advice to our readers.


Don’t be afraid to headline your blogs with the word secrets as it offers a sense of novelty and mystery.


Take inspiration from the following ideas and don’t be afraid to use them within your blog:


  • Discover all the secrets of digital marketing.
  • Discover the best-kept secrets of the best chefs in the world.
  • The best kept secrets of entrepreneurs to start your own business.
  • The secrets of the stars to lose weight in a short time.


  • Questions


BluCactus - blog post ideas - questionsQuestions are great to get everyone’s attention. They usually generate a need in people to know new information.


Because of this, it’s best to start your headline with an unknown. As a result, you will sow doubt and a mental debate within the minds of your visitors.


The following examples can help give you better blog post ideas to create attractive new headlines and driving lots of traffic:


  • Why do you lose followers on your social media?
  • What are a sales funnel, and what is it for?
  • What is Linkbuilding: definition and techniques
  • How to attract new visitors to your website


  • Post tips as titles


BluCactus - blog post ideas - men workingIf you want your blog to have a much more personal narrative thread, you can use tips to create your blog’s content.


This reveals new specialized and relevant information for each of your followers in different sectors. The best thing about this type of title is that it helps you create a real and strong bond with your readers.


The following titles will help you get a better idea of ​​what you can create:


  • Discover productivity tips to work better.
  • 10 fashion tips to create a dream closet.
  • The best-kept tips from the marketers.


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