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Blue Cactus is the most creative digital marketing agency.

When you think about creativity you think about Blue Cactus. You can find us anywhere from Dallas all the way to Amsterdam. In Blue Cactus, we count with a repository of invaluable strategies for your marketing campaigns. In addition, we have experience in managing digital media and social networks in the most effective ways.

At Blue Cactus, a digital marketing agency, we manage and improve all your social networks. Together, we can give your business the boost it needs to reach your goals. For that reason, we have the solutions to your growth and expansion problems.

Blue Cactus - A crane is keeping the BluCactus logo in place. Two Marketing Specialists are helping out.

Blue Cactus offers you various social networking services

For example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, among others. This way, personalized strategies are created, developed and executed for each of our clients. All this is done in order to increase your sales and generate better market positioning. How do we achieve this? Blue Cactus achieves this primarily through social networks and professionally designed websites.

The experience of Blue Cactus, Digital Marketing Agency, is at your disposal.

In Blue Cactus, we understand that there is no other way to be successful than to know in-depth each project with which we collaborate. Therefore, we take care of the research and development of the various objectives that each client has. By using this method, we start from the fundamental needs to create and design strategies that have an impact on the performance of your business.

For Blue Cactus, it’s not about doing things the same as others, that is, with templates or models. In addition, we focus on doing things in a unique and authentic way. Always analyzing the appropriate strategies for each type of company or brand with which we work. Therefore, we can implement effective action plans that lead us to achieve success.

Instantly, from the first contact with our clients to the delivery of the service, we stay very close and in constant communication with the client. In this way, we can succeed. Thus we become a direct advisor, that guides that each company or brand needs in order to advance in marketing or communication issues. We find the solution to your problems. Therefore, we generate the best proposals so that your communication and business strategies are successful. Why? Because your success also strengthens Blue Cactus as a company.

BluCactus - 5 Graphic designers working together in a team to build something amazing

We always seek to generate comprehensive support, covering all areas of impact.

What are the areas of impact?


Blue Cactus knows that marketing is constantly evolving. For that reason, it is also very important for us to continue innovating our services and ways of working. Therefore, we adapt to new technologies, software and design trends to our digital marketing services and solutions.

Curious, intuitive, persistent, creative and strategic, these are the traits of Blue Cactus’ work. To sum up, they’re all vital points so that each brand we work with has a professional, accurate and profitable experience. We make sure that marketing is not a luxury or an expense, With Blue Cactus, marketing is an investment that will help your business. For that reason, our mission is to prove this statement with all our customers.


In Blue Cactus, we are looking for solutions to your digital marketing problems. In other words, we want to help your company solve the problems it may face in terms of visibility and scope. When it comes to finding solutions, we are sure that we have the infrastructure, creativity, and knowledge to find what your business needs.

Our goal is to position ourselves in the ranking of the main digital marketing and branding agencies in the global market. For that reason, we are in both Dallas and Amsterdam. In addition, Blue Cactus seeks to distinguish itself from superior methodologies. Our specialized work processes are innovative and always with high quality.


For Blue Cactus, digital marketing is the search for solutions. Therefore, we will find a marketing campaign that your company needs to achieve your objectives. The vision that drives Blue Cactus every day is the creation of good synergies with our customers. That’s why we have the solutions to carry out high-impact projects together.

Thus, Blue Cactus will find the solution that your business needs. Therefore, we can meet the expectations and needs of each client. Our work has only one purpose, to find the solutions for your business to grow. In addition, we aim for your communication objectives to be achieved and, finally, for your sales to multiply. Your success is our success.

Our Values



We achieve our goals thanks to our strategies. In addition, we have various processes or standards that we implement throughout the entire journey with the client. We always generate excellent projects with distinguished quality. Why? Because we want to be the best marketing agency in the market. In order to accomplish that,  our quality must distinguish us.


We are constantly renovating. Always looking for new solutions so that our service can incorporate the most innovative strategies in the market. We aim to give our customers something unique, in graphic design, websites and digital digital marketing strategy.


Being creative is part of our DNA. We want to give you unique solutions. BluCactus is a team of professionals with a lot of curiosity and ingenuity to solve problems. Together, we generate value proposals and create impactful strategies.


Our years of experience are the best support as well as all the accumulation of information we have. In addition, working with a variety of brands we have soaked knowledge in different areas of digital marketing.


We will never deliver a late or half project. We know that each client puts his mark in our hands with all the confidence and to fulfill in time and form is our main interest.


Marketing is a sensitive issue within any company. Therefore, we build trust so that our clients feel they are in the right place and working with the experts.

The Blue Cactus Difference

In the world of marketing, the search for the total distinction of the rest of the agencies in the market is always maintained. However, this constant battle is not BluCactus’s style, as it is very absorbent and tiring.

Therefore, we decided to stop observing everything the rest does and return to the basics. That is, to our essence. We want to find the perfect solution for you. Because of this, we are going to listen to the needs of the clients and distinguish ourselves by the quality of our own work.

This is what differentiates us from the world of the agencies that exist in the market. We are Blue Cactus, a Digital marketing agency in Dallas and Amsterdam. For that reason, we have local and global reach. Blue Cactus has a broad impact because we work with a structure that allows us to adapt to the size of our customers. It does not matter if your company is small or large, or the type of your industry, we get 100% familiar with everything about your company.

That’s what we like most, finding solutions by knowing in depth everything that can be exploited by each brand and taking into account all the points that we can enhance. At Blue Cactus, we are marketing specialists with a great passion for what we do every day. The exact formula of our work is to put passion, energy and total performance to any client that comes with a proposal or ideas.

We are the ideal option for any type of company.

BluCactus - Logo Design idea. 4 designers working on a brilliant idea.

It is not necessary to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing strategies. In Blue Cactus, a digital marketing agency, we have services that will fit your budget. Identically, we are flexible enough to adjust to projects that are just beginning and projects that are scaling up.

In fact, we are interested in good ideas and brands with the potential to go far. Many of our clients are small and medium businesses that want to do things better and communicate effectively. For them, Blue Cactus finds the answer to their specific problems.

However, we also have the capacity, experience, and equipment to collaborate with large companies, with a national and international presence. We are prepared for any big challenge that comes our way.

What Blue Cactus will do for your company?

Blue Cactus is interested in increasing sales in your business. We can also improve your positioning in your company’s business and implement effective strategies in your social networks that connect with your audience. Likewise, we take care of optimizing resources in graphic design, branding, marketing, and SEO strategies.

We simply want you to achieve success and give more power to everything you do in your company so you can go further. We are sure you can do them with the support Blue Cactus can offer you. So do not hesitate to contact us so that you know our range of services and everything we can achieve together.

Impact your methodologies and change your strategy

We have well-defined and structured work processes to conceptualize, design, generate, direct and implement projects in a very specialized way.

If you already have in mind what you want to capture with your brand, we help you achieve it. If on the contrary you do not know exactly what you want or need, we support you to find that what and also exploit it to the fullest. We execute solutions tailored to your business.

In short, we strongly believe in innovation and constant reinvention of the image of your brand and the power of good design. In addition, we rely on the strength of attractive content with a good call to action. When it comes to web design, we also understand the various benefits of a professional service. For example, an optimized website, or an online store or e-commerce that increases sales and the generation of good strategies that will make you better every day.

Our History

We tell you the story of Blue Cactus, our digital marketing agency, have a coffee and come join us on this trip which dates back to 2010 in Amsterdam. Here we start as a project focused on software development. At that time our name was Titan Star Solutions. This began only as an alternate work to that of our CEO and founder, Ken Schreck. Ken had the vision of developing a great agency to provide comprehensive strategies to brands and provide them with the marketing solutions they were looking for.

The first success of Blue Cactus

Fortunately, everything began to work quite well, and the successes increased with the passage of time. At the same time, this became an incredible opportunity to start the expansion and look for new horizons. So, two years later, we managed to open a new branch in Cairo, Egypt. This branch was in charge of the Business Analyst team. This was an opportunity to break down barriers and begin that dream of growing up.

Three years after major projects and happy customers, we opened another branch in Hyderabad, India, run by the software developer team. This was a great strategy to find our catalyst and differentiator in a medium that began to emerge more and more: digital marketing.

In 2014, we also established ourselves in Monterrey, Mexico, an industrial city with a lot of business support. The place that opened the doors to start operating formally with the focus on digital strategies. However, until this time we continued with the same name Titan Star Solutions.


BluCactus SEO Company delivering SEO Services
BluCactus - Two guys carrying the BluCactus Symbol into the BluCactus Logo to complete the Graphic Design

The birth of Blue Cactus

So next year we decided to change our name and identity to strengthen our communication and structure. It was when Blue Cactus was born, with a more relaxed and friendly ideology to connect with our customers in an honest, responsible, reliable and very creative way.

We started working with local clients who trusted our work, and, little by little, we expanded internationally. By 2016 we already had a client portfolio in various countries. In Blue Cactus we provide more than 12 specialized services in Digital Marketing.

Fortunately, we have achieved the balance of our offer so that services can live together and strengthen the strategies of any business in a digital context. In this way, we can continue increasing your sales and improving your positioning.


The success of Blue Cactus continues

We ourselves are a case of success because as a company we have gone through various phases. BluCactus has evolved and changed skin integrating various services to continue updating its offer. As a matter of fact, we know that we can achieve great things with your company, and, above all, we know the potential of a brand, regardless of whether it was just born.

We currently have offices in the Netherlands, Egypt, India, and Mexico. Therefore, we have managed to further boost our marketing agency, BluCactus, with international collaborations.

Our story continues, and we hope you are part of it. That you decide today to embark on a journey in the use of the ideal tools and strategies that will boost your business to other scenarios. Equally important, we strengthen each day with the development of new concepts, appropriation of new technologies and methodologies.

Join this digital age, don’t let your business stay outdated and achieve the success your brand deserves.

Quote your project with us and start increasing your sales!