Find out and take advantage of the new 11 book cover design trends that will take 2021 by storm!

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11 book cover design trends for 2021. After spending a year full of different changes, graphic or editorial design wasn’t far behind. For 2021, new technologies and new ways to design arrive.


Here, we will show you the best editorial design trends. You will find the colors that will mark this year and the best visual elements for this year.


1. 3D designs


BluCactus - book cover design trends - graphic trendsEven if this trend isn’t really new, more people are using it due to its attractive. 3D designs are a type of visual content that now takes advantage of new technological advances.


Besides, it uses different means of modern software to create fun designs. On the other hand, augmented reality is now a big part of this process.


Within many applications such as high-performance UI and web pages, these types of designs are the most used.


The 3D trend ranges from hyper-realistic images to animated illustrations. The aim behind the creation of these designs is to be more unique than the competition.


2. Emojis in graphic design


BluCactus - book cover design trends - graphic trendsWho doesn’t love some good emojis? These graphic elements which bring us joy, are the current way of making pictograms.


Emojis allow graphic designers to add emotion to every site or print media. However, this is one of the most ideal characteristics in the digital world. This is because they add an extra element at the end of a sentence that really helps to close everything.


On the other hand, you must know when and how to use them. Every platform has a different form of communication and target.


Not only that, but within them, there are thousands of subgroups with different audiences. First, try to get to know your audience. This way you can decide whether your designs suit your social media platform and target.


3. Nature inspiring design


BluCactus - book cover design trends - graphic trendsOur surroundings have been the inspiration of many since the caveman.


That’s why this year 2021 everything natural is once again the center of designs. The approach is to imitate nature with the use of lights, soft-toned colors coming from the earth.


Within color schemes, natural gradients and flowing lines will become part of a minimalist trend.


This happens because people want to be more in contact with their environment. Thus, the focus on organic trends during this time of the pandemic.


4. Optical illusions


BluCactus - book cover design trends - graphic trendsWe now live in a digital era filled with designs andimages through social media, websites, and all over the Internet. Because of this, it can be hard to get people’s attention. But, optical illusions are the best type of design to attract your audience.


These are images that each person sees differently. As a result, it makes people spend an amount of time looking at them while trying to figure out how they work.


These types of designs are smart, addictive, and fun for your audience. On the other hand, you must be careful to not use these illusions on platforms where they don’t belong. Everything has its time and place. That’s why your designs have to follow a narrative line. Thus, you must use them in the appropriate channels and organizations.


5. 3D typography


BluCactus - book cover design trends - graphic trendsWe won’t only see the 3D effect in images but also fonts. Different designers have started to use these types of concepts to make typography more fun for viewers.


Whether with organic or geometric letters, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.


During 2020, typography was the hero of many designs in all sectors. Now, with the help of 3D technologies, we’ll content with ultra-realistic letters, full of textures and animated. This kind of design has become a symbol of innovation within graphic design.


This is thanks to its use of modern and highly vivid techniques.


6. Illustrations and cartoons in the design


We all like custom designs, and if we add illustrations to this, it can be a great way to make any simple platform have a better experience.


BluCactus - book cover design trends - graphic trendsIllustrations are interesting graphic elements. They use different techniques to create interest in the audience or the website’s visitor. Even if they are becoming more and more famous, we are sure that this year they will be more clean and minimalistic.


The next step to create these kinds of designs is to use their animated factor to create fully custom animated characters. Both formats are vital in today’s digital world. This is because they can be adapted to suit any platform while being fun.


Today, illustrations are ideal for those creative professionals who want to add an extra element to their company. For example, thanks to it, they can create attractive business cards, posters, presentation materials, or their website. Many love these types of animated designs, and they help show off your personality in a simple and fun image.


7. Gold in visual design


BluCactus - goldA color as attractive as gold is now turning out to be a trend that won’t go unnoticed this year. The metallic effect was already famous within product designs. One can see them almost in any kind of household materials or technological devices such as smartphones.


In the same line of minimalist style, this color fits perfectly because it adds an interesting factor in small details.


As a result, it can easily grab the attention of anyone that sees it. Besides, gold offers a sense of luxury and ostentation.


Using these colors to your designs will make them feel light, shiny, relaxed, and exclusive.


8. Voxel art for graphic design


BluCactus - voxelTo understand this art, you must know that a Voxel is a type of cube in three dimensions.


In other words, the 2D version of a 2D pixel.


Even if you don’t know what this is, it’s very likely that have seen it before. For example, in video games and different virtual platforms.


This is yet another design that will rule 2021. Voxels are known for being simple visual techniques with a retro air. However, they work really well as a very modern aesthetic element.


9. Monochromes and duotone


BluCactus - duotoneThe influence of minimalism not only applies to simple design elements. It also creates a more limited color palette. This too has been affected by a new-look full of soft and simple environments.


Today, there has been a rise in illustrations and other graphic elements. Because of this, many designers must now reach a balance between simple color themes. As a result, they must shift their focus onto the creation of more complex designs.


On the other hand, inside the mind of the consumer, this simplifies the message your design wants to convey. This, in turn, allows it to be much easier to understand. That’s why monochromatic or duotone designs are the most logical options. They help you create an entire background scene in each of your designs. What’s more, these color palettes allow you to showcase a more structured and harmonious style to your designs.


10. Geometric shapes


BluCactus - formsUsing different shapes on their own to make them larger and more complex is also a trend for 2021. In this sense, we will see it at its highest point during this year. It aims to break the false idea of reality and the common. This way, it can give these simple graphic elements a new message.


The use of geometric shapes started with the heyday of info graphics. They allow you to create fun graphic designs with many shapes and elements to show many things. For example, images, content, situations, and messages. Besides, with them, you can showcase the simplicity of the image designs. This, while also showing off your creativity and imaginative level. So, they are tricky to look at.


Book cover design trends. Using geometric shapes in designs is the same as creating meaningful content in a basic way. Not all designs that look easy and simple are that.


11. The “chaotic” typography


BluCactus - chaosThere is a new typeface called “chaos” that has really caused a stir among its designers.


Some use it a lot as an attractive element, while others prefer to not go through the risk of using it.


This is because it breaks all the rules of editorial design. Although these types of fonts aren’t the most ideal for a project, it’s best not to ignore them.


This type of type is known for its misalignment of text and letters, which also orders words in its own way.



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