3 Must-Haves to Boost Your Beauty Brand’s Instagram Profile

BluCactus - 3 Must-Haves to Boost Your Beauty Brand’s Instagram Profile

3 Must-Haves to Boost Your Beauty Brand’s Instagram Profile if you’re in the US. Instagram has the power to make your beauty brand something great! With the rise of social media marketing, many brands have been adapting to the digital playing field, and it’s time for you to get on board! Many tools and strategies on Instagram can boost your beauty brand’s profile. Promoting your company’s Instagram profile means your account has the chance to gain more popularity, more traffic and visitors, more followers, more likes and comments, and even more sales. Let’s discuss three must-haves to give your beauty brand’s Instagram profile the boost it needs! 


Going Live Can Boost Your Beauty Brand’s Instagram Profile! 


Blucactus - social media for beauty brandsInstagram Live can boost your beauty brand’s profile. Your business must take advantage of this tool, as it will strengthen engagement with followers and potential customers.


Beauty customers want to see products in action, and the brand’s team and Instagram Live allow you to do both! 


Going live on Instagram offers many different ways in which you can provide beauty tutorials, host Q&A, receive feedback, or do a GRWM while promoting your products. Beauty customers love virtually connecting with their favorite brands.


The more a business makes an effort to engage with its followers, the more traction its Instagram profile will get. 


Why is Instagram Good for Beauty Marketing?


Blucactus - social media for beauty brandsInstagram is good for marketing because it thoroughly encompasses and promotes visual advertising. Instagram is the epitome of seeing is believing.


It engages the followers, visitors, and audience in its entirety through images, whether still or moving. While some can argue that other platforms might be just as good for beauty marketing, many of them mostly rely on written text, posts, or captions. Instagram allows businesses to show and tell rather than just show.


Additionally, Instagram is a game changer for beauty marketing because it’s the most popular platform among its audience. It is where many beauty patrons look for their next glamorous purchase. 


Insta Stickers Can Boost Your Beauty Brand’s Profile 


Blucactus - social media for beauty brandsAnother must-have to boost your beauty brand’s Instagram profile is utilizing Instagram stickers! Like going live, stickers allow your business to connect with your audience further.


They may be more inclined to view stories. You can incorporate Instagram Stickers into your posted Instagram stories. 


Stickers encourage followers to interact with your brand. You can ask questions, take polls, and keep up with trending Stickers. They are a great tool to optimize daily, encouraging follower participation and allowing you to maintain your online presence.


Instagram Stickers will boost your beauty brand’s profile, as they will drive traffic, connections, and new followers. 


What do Beauty Influencers Do? 


Blucactus - social media for beauty brandsBeauty influencers are experts in cosmetics, whether makeup or skincare, and they create social media content based solely on their expertise.


Many beauty influencers film videos of themselves trying on different products, leaving reviews for brands or products they’ve already tried, providing beauty tutorials to their audience, and even creating their go-to beauty look for the day or a quick GRWM.


However, their content includes more than videos. Beauty influencers can also post simple pictures of new faces they’re working on, their new favorite mascara, or hints of what they’ll be working on next. No matter the video, picture, post, or caption, beauty influencers are trusted allies in the beauty community and are valued by both businesses and customers.


Teasing a Product Launch Can Boost Your Beauty Brand’s Instagram Profile  


Blucactus - Beauty Brand’s Instagram ProfileCustomers of the beauty industry go crazy for product launches, especially when they’re from their favorite brands. It is not just the initial launch, that first-day release, but the pre-launch promotion that can get your followers hustling and bustling to your Instagram page. Teaser campaigns can often be just as successful as the product release campaign, and Instagram is the prime source your brand will want to market. 


As you may know, Instagram is one of the leading platforms for marketing beauty and cosmetics, and it’s essential to take advantage of that current fact. Your beauty brand’s Instagram profile can tease a product launch by showcasing “coming soon” content. Whether by highlighted stories or published posts, this content will surely pique followers’ interest, at the very least. It can also increase the number of times followers visit your page, as they might remain curious about the products to come. While it’s easy to overthink this must-have strategy, try not to! Less is more! Keep in mind that you want to publish the bare minimum and just enough that your followers stick around for more and even click that pre-order option. 


How Do People Get So Many Followers on Instagram?


Blucactus - Beauty Brand’s Instagram ProfileMany people obtain a substantial number of Instagram followers because of the consistency and creativity they put into their content. Many followers only appear for a while because followers must be worked for and attracted over time.


However, your effort into your Instagram profile will make all the difference. Posting content daily will maximize the amount of traction to your account. Many Instagram users want to see a consistently active profile that creatively displays your personality.


Content that is repetitive or appears similarly on your page will seem unexciting to visitors. Incorporating new ideas and colorful content will allow you to gain more followers. 


Looking for More Ways to Promote Your Brand on Social Media?


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