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What is a blog, and what is its function? We always have a friend who likes to write or who knows about technology. Because of this, they use the internet to document their knowledge, either in a space known as “Blog” or in a social network.


We can say that a blog is a webpage, but its focus is on displaying publications. They can be posts or articles as if it were a personal diary. This sets it apart from the rest of “normal” webpages.


One of the characteristic aspects of blogs are comments.


Usually, at the end of each article or post, there is a comments section where readers can leave opinions and ideas. In there they also answer the questions that the author made in the post, add something to what they have read, and even generate debates.


Here, the author can reply to the comments. As you can see at the end of each post. Thus, the blog can become a two-way communication channel between the author and the readers.


What is a blog?


A blog is a website in which we can publish content from time to time in the form of articles or also called posts. Likewise, we can sort them by publication date, so the most recent article will appear first.


Where does the term “blog” come from?


BluCactus - people working togetherIn 1997, Jorn Barger used the term weblog for the first time to describe the act of “logging the web”.


Later in 1999, Peter Merholz spreads the word in “weblog”.


Thus, from then on it ends up being abbreviated as we know it today, “Blog”.


In the same way, we can use the blog as a digital diary where we can “record” our content by date.


From there come the following terms:


BluCactus - people using the computer to work Blogging:


We can use this term to refer to many things such as the fact of having, writing, or managing a blog.


It’s also used to refer to things related to blogs, such as “the world of blogging”.


Which it interprets as “blogosphere”.



BluCactus - Blogger Blogger:


This refers to the person who writes, has, or dedicates to the world of blogs.


It also refers to the name of the blogging platform (


Owned by Google or a blog created on it.




What are the parts of a blog?


Like any website, it comprises different parts, and they are:


Blucactus - HeaderHeadboard


This part of the blog is usually at the top of everything.


This is where the logo, the title, and the main menu with the sections that the blog has are usually put.


It’s also where the description of the blog or links to social networks or advertisements are.


We can also use the header to highlight the identity of the blog.


This way the reader can navigate through the main sections or categories that it has.


Blucactus - columnMain column


This is the main part of the entire blog and is usually on the left side.


It can also occupy the entire width, the latter happens when there is no sidebar.


This is where you see the content of the articles or posts.


It can show the title, a prominent image, the date, the author of the article, the text, announcements, subscription forms, or comments.


Blucactus - sidebarSidebar


This is a narrower column than the main one.


This is usually on the right side, although some blogs also place it on the left side or don’t put it directly.


The well-known “widgets” are usually placed in the sidebar.


These can be links to social networks, subscription forms, a search box, advertising, special menus, or the most popular posts.


Blucactus - footerFooter


This is at the bottom and usually occupies the entire width of the blog or the same width of the main column.


We can place information and various links here.


These can be legal notices, privacy policy, information about cookies, and copyright.


Likewise, it’s often used to introduce links to social media or contact information such as an address, email, or telephone.


Blucactus - backgroundBackground


This occupies the entire area behind the blog and on which we use the rest of the elements.


In most cases, people use one color for the background of the blog.


However, we can use several colors, gradients, images, videos, and even patterns.




Blog types


  • BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itPersonal blog: 


This is possibly the most common type of blog.


This is logical.


As we know that blogs began mainly as a kind of personal diary where you can tell experiences, ideas, or thoughts.





  • Professional blogs: 


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThis type of blog is becoming extremely popular.


The reason for this is that companies seek to enhance their personal brand.


Now, many decide to publish content that could help them.


For example, to attract customers for their business or even that the blog is their own business.


Every professional blog could offer information and objective data.


Likewise, it should also have a personal footprint, since this is what will set it apart from other blogs.


  • Corporate blog: 


Blucactus - corporateWe gear this type of blog towards businesses, corporations, and brands.


Here we also try to take advantage of the benefits of the blog and most times “humanize” the image of companies.


Later you’ll see more examples of companies and organizations that use blogs.


They do this because it can add value to users. Blogs can also help you to build trust and attract potential customers in a much less invasive way than classic advertising.


  • BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThematic blog: 


This is blog focuses on a specific topic.


Likewise, it’s usually about films, music, sports.


A specific author, a current problem, a product, or service.


Thus, this type of blog can include many categories.



What is a blog for?


You can find an infinite number of blogs about almost any topic and find a different type of blog for almost any objective that comes to mind.


All this because the advantages of a blog are huge. And, although there are also videos, podcasts, and social networks, today, a blog is still one of the channels that generate the most trust. Thus, this is key to achieve your goals.


But the best you can do is see for yourself what can you do with a blog. For that, we will leave you these 7 functions with examples.


Make money with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itYes, it’s possible.


Although many people don’t believe it, you can use a blog can to earn money.


Also, the blog can be your own business.


Be careful though, as this isn’t an easy task at all, no matter how much some want you to believe otherwise.


It takes many hours until you can hit the necessary key.


Generate sales with a product or service blog


Blucactus - salesWithin the web, you will receive a greater influx of traffic, and you will promote within each article.


Thus, people will be more likely to buy your product or service.


Another advantage of having a blog is that, if one day you become recognized in your sector, you will be able to write ebooks or create courses and sell them to your users.


It’s a great way to show how good you are in your field and also to monetize it.




BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itBelieve it or not, affiliation is a widely used way to monetize a blog.


Here, an affiliate will promote the product or service of an advertiser.


Then, it will take a commission from the affiliate for each conversion they have through their blog.


This way, the affiliate will provide its users with a link to the landing or sales page.


There, if it converts, the blogger will receive money or whatever was agreed in the previous contract.


Advertising and Blog Ads


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThere are different advertising channels.


They can be through direct collaborations with the advertiser, or through a system called Google Adsense.


In the last one, you will receive the money based on the clicks you have on the banner or ad.


In general, when you visit a website or blog, you can see in the top or sidebars the products of stores that you recently saw or visited.


Get leads


Blucactus - leadsWhen you get to a web page, they can ask us for our phone, email, name, or other information.


In the vast majority of cases, if you don’t receive something in return, you will probably end up leaving the web without giving what they request.


With a blog, it’s much easier to get that information.


This is because, thanks to email marketing platforms such as Mailrelay, you can send our users emails with valuable content.


If we only send corporate or sales content, they will probably end up being unsubscribed from our lists.


And that isn’t what you want.


Personal branding with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itIf you want to teach the world what you know and show that you are a professional in what you do, with a web without movement, it will be very difficult to do it.


Likewise, if you want people to recognize you as a professional, you must show confidence.


For this, you can make a blog where you showcase your knowledge and the way you can apply it for other people or companies.


Thanks to this, users will have another vision of you. Thus, they will recognize you as an expert on the subject.


If you don’t show it, no one will know what you really know.


Promote a product or service with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThis old classic advertising method no longer “convinces” or “attracts” people as it used to.


However, a brand that can give you useful and valuable information without asking you for anything in return can create trust.


Thus, this will last longer and be much more effective.


Next, we will mention an example of how to promote that product or service:


  • Raiola Networks


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itAs far as hosting services are concerned, Raiola has bet strongly on their blog. This is because they understood that it’s a perfect way to reach many of their potential clients.


If you look at their blog, you will realize how many quality and useful articles they have.


They can be of help for anyone who, for example, has a website, uses WordPress, or is interested in SEO.


Once again, it’s about adding value to the reader, generating trust in them. In the long run, the user will take them into account if one day they need a good hosting provider.


Promote an event with a blog


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itMany event organizers of all kinds have realized the importance of blogs.


This includes the “power” of attraction that a blog can have when promoting them. Likewise, creating content related to the main theme of the event can position you, not only in Google but also within the sector you want to reach for readers to go to the event.


If you show that the blog content is interesting, it’s logical to think the event will be too.


Another interesting way to use the blog to promote an event is by directly talking about it weeks before its celebration.


This way, the reader can part of that event as if it were their own. Thus, this makes them feel involved with it.


Here is an example of real events that have used a blog to get more visits both online and offline:


World Quondos Record


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itThis is a clear example of how to use a blog to promote an event. It’s a world record that people try to break year after year.


People do this by developing an event for over 50 hours in a row and with online broadcasting.




Here, blog articles only focus on everything that has to do with the event from minute zero:


how it’s being prepared, if there will be gifts for the attendees or if the record is achieved.


Find a job with a blog


Blucactus - blogNowadays you can get a job on a blog as a Community Manager or Social Media. Likewise, these people can spend all day sending resumes.


Thus, the first thing that a company that knows the online environment will do is search for that person on Google. For example, they can do it on platforms like LinkedIn. Because of this, we recommend creating a suitable profile for what you are looking for.


It’s not the same to send a resume than to be contacted because of your profile on a digital platform.


Don’t you think your chances of getting the job you want will increase?


The company’s human resources will probably take that person into account for their next interview.


Find clients on the blog


Blucactus - clientsNowadays it’s very rare to not find a professional who offers online services or who doesn’t already have their own blog.


The reason for this is very simple. A blog can allow you to show what you can do. However, this isn’t the only aim of “digital professionals”.


Because of this, many people have realized that having a blog can be a good way to attract customers, regardless of their business and location.


Nowadays, Google shows search results according to the likes, previous searches, or the place where the use is. Thus, a blog can help attract customers even to a small neighborhood store.


Capture students with a blog


Blucactus - studentsOnline training is at its peak, and it makes sense.


The “normal” causes for training don’t respond to the real needs that we have today in our personal and work lives.


For example, many journalists have not seen or know how they can use Twitter.


Later they find that Twitter is an indispensable work tool in digital newspapers.


In the same way, that “didactic character” that a blog already has, has become a means of attracting students, and we refer to both private schools and professionals who dedicate to training.


What strategy can we follow to make a blog?


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itLike everything in online marketing, a blog requires a strategy to which we can adjust and establish a route of action.


Before talking about the strategy, it’s important to remember the different platforms that exist, such as WordPress, Blogger, and Wix, to create a blog.


Among all those mentioned, the most used and most renowned is WordPress.


We know this because over 30% of all websites worldwide are based on WordPress.


You have two options to work with WordPress:


  • Blucactus - We can use WordPress as a cloud service by creating an account on the website. Then we can start working.


They offer a fairly limited free plan and several paid plans.


  • Another option is to download the WordPress source code from the website and install it on your own web server since you can hire a hosting.


This last option is more professional and removes all the limitations of


As for what to use, it’s a matter of interest, but we can say that in general, the free plan of, as in other platforms, is limited.


BluCactus - What is a blogFor example, you cannot use your own domain, because it will be operational only to fix and little else.


As for the payment plans, even the most basic is already around the cost of good hosting and continues with important limitations that it doesn’t have on a WordPress site with hosting.


Therefore, if you are serious, it’s advisable to hire a hosting, not to mention that there are many discounts. For example:


  • With the discount coupon for Webempresa.
  • Get 25% and more discount and on days like Black Friday. With the discount coupon for Raiola Networks 20%.


Once you’ve started the practical part of blogging, then now examine the strategic part as well.


What tools do you need to start a blog?


To have a blog that engages and facilitate its dissemination, there are blog tools that need to be implemented.


There are thousands and thousands of blogging tools, but we will highlight the most important ones that we think you should have at the beginning:


  • A well-designed website and blog


Blucactus - what is a blogMany bloggers when they start, believe that the web isn’t important. But it does matter.


If you want to be seen and noticed from the first moment within your sector.


And be a reference in your subject, you must do it with style, taste, and professionalism.


A neat web page is the first thing that your users will perceive when they arrive at the blog, so it’s super important that you take it into account.



  • Social media sharing


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itWhen a user reaches your article or post they must be able to share it.


Therefore, you must implement buttons throughout the blog.


They must have a social plugin to share on social mediawith their respective buttons to encourage propagation.


Within WordPress, you can use tools such as Divi’s Monarch, Sumome, or Social Warfare.


We can configure all these plugins any way we want.


This way we can place the buttons inside the blog content, going down fixed on our screen while scrolling or at the end of the article itself.


  • Capture leads


Blucactus - capture leadsLike wanting to share on Social media.


It’s necessary to capture as much information as possible from our users.


Likewise, you must have a plugin like Bloom or Thrive Leads to capture as many emails as possible.


Thus, this will then allow you to sell through the email marketing technique.



  • Email marketing


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itOnce the emails are collected, you need to have a tool to carry out the blog campaigns.


With Mailrelay a new list will be created and sent weekly to subscribers of news, gifts, courses, or tips. We advise you to send quality content, and not only about the company or blog, as it can tire the user and leave the lists.


It’s super important that you have your own blog. For that, we can support you to start it, and then you can tell us the results in the comments.


It can be complicated due to a lack of resources, either time or money, but it’s an investment that we are sure you will not regret.


What to do before creating a blog?


  • Write for SEO


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on it

Although for years it has been one of the most important elements and that can most obsess us when writing a post.


The truth is that the next trends suggest leaving this practice aside.


With the aim of a better quality of content and originality that helps SEO.


The old techniques will continue to work, but something more is sought.



  • Invite people from outside


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itGuest blogging is one of the practices that you should put into operation, it always works and it’s a plus for your blog to get greater exposure.


This can help you expand your reach and increase your personal relationships.


Besides, it will allow you to promote your personal image by increasing your visibility on social media.


It can also provide you with qualified referral traffic.



  • An email will continue to be the best way to connect


Blucactus - advertisingBlogs are great, but the news is better.


If you combine both platforms, your subscribers together with your quality blog, you will have the winning mix.


If someone gives you their email, they want to hear more from you.


Because of this, if you send them quality content they will share it, promote it. Thus, in the future, this relationship will become a purchase or a loyal customer.


Email marketing works just as well now as it did years ago.


  • You must know all the aspects of having a blog


Blucactus - personal brandIf you only pay attention to SEO, to the more technical aspects like the server, looking for more visits at all costs and graphics, you will lose the focus of your work.


To have a successful blog you have to focus on what you do really well. If you are a writer, focus on your stories, if you are an innovator, focus on finding new ideas.


Use tools that streamline the rest of the tasks and hire experts to help you with the technicalities.


This way you can dedicate yourself to what you do best.



  • Data, research, and statistics are now simpler and more integrated than ever

BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itOne of the best things about becoming a blogger today is that it’s easier than ever.


Every day the world is more familiar with the data and statistics many tools provide.


These, of course, are at your service.


Thus, having a blog is becoming a more and more professional need.


Google Analytics for example will help you measure the number of your visits, the success of your latest posts, and the bounce rate.


  • Responsive design is no longer optional


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itIn fact, Google has long been prioritizing those websites with a responsive design over those that can only be seen on computers.


If you are really thinking about starting a blog, choose a theme with a design adapted for this format.


The good news is that WordPress layouts are already adapted for responsive design without requiring a great deal of effort on your part.




  • Increase the importance of audio and video


BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itAs data speed increases, user demand for video and audio does.


Likewise, the use of text is no longer enough.


Thus, the platforms now adapt to support all configurations.


Don’t forget to use different formats to make your new blog more original and attractive.




  • Customize


Blucactus - cuztomizaA few years ago, everyone wanted their blog to look like that of a big company with a big budget reflected in its graphics, photos, and design.


However, lately, the trend seems to head towards customization. People are becoming more and more interested in those blogs that have a more personal feel, small and of close reach.


So, if you are thinking of starting a blog, don’t forget to be professional. However, don’t forget to remain personal.


You can do this by including photos of yourself, stories, and unique things. Thus, all of this could create a connection with the user.


  • Write about what you are passionate about


BluCactus - INSPIRELast but not least.


There is no use wanting to create a blog if you don’t have in mind what you want to do, the theme, or if you will not enjoy yourself along the way.


Find out what you can contribute to others, what are the advantages of starting this adventure and go for it.


The road isn’t easy, but being clear about this latest trend will not be as difficult as starting from scratch.


Remember that you can do it and welcome to the world of blogging!




BluCactus - What is a blog - computer with important information on itA Blog is a widely used tool today.


Many people are already using it to attract customers and together with their posts, monetize it, and earn money.


Prioritize first what type of blog you want to create and what is the aim of its creation.


Don’t waste time just thinking you will make money overnight because it won’t happen, it takes time and effort on your part.



Blucactus - contact usWe mentioned nine useful tips that can work for you before creating your own blog.


Likewise, we recommended the most important tools for this.


If you are thinking of creating a website or blog that represents a company or enterprise and you want to know more about how to do it, we can help you.


We have a trained team of experts at your disposal. Write to us and one of our experts will get in touch with you quickly.


Your success is our success. Remember we are only one click away.



Quote your project to let us create your Content Management Project
to increase your audience and sales today!

We all love to listen and tell stories because Storytelling is part of the human being since by nature we are social beings. It’s a tool so old, but at the same time so necessary, that even today it’s still trending and is essential to consolidate your brand. You might ask yourself, what is Storytelling? The person who does this is called a storyteller.


BluCactus - men working

Although this is a concept that seems easy to apply, the truth is that narrating is an art.


Thus, the key to success is being able to master it.


Storytelling has certain characteristics that make it unique.


You must know them and apply them to succeed in the world of marketing.


If you properly use it, you’ll stand out from the competition.


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessLikewise, this technique has been used by large companies over the years.


Thus, this has given them a lot of clients thanks to the use of different narratives.


With this method, you can get the user to gain experience beyond buying any product or service.


If you want to tell a good story that will for sure give you loyal customers, you will need to meet some basic guidelines.


Likewise, you will also achieve the kind of engagement in the market that you always wanted.


At the BluCactus Agency we will explain why you should be a good storyteller:


  • You can create a unique bond with the consumer: 


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessGood stories appeal to the emotions of people which then allows them to identify with it. Therefore, in today’s world, is no longer enough to just sell a product.


Nowadays, we must create a pleasant and unique experience every time someone buys our product.


Thus, we must offer something different that can make us stand out from the rest.


This will allow us to grab the attention of potential customers. Hence the importance of a good story to attract clients and create empathy.


  • Storytelling for marketing campaigns, Ideas are best expressed:


BluCactus - people working in ther own jobsIf you want people to understand you, your stories must be spontaneous.


Thus, you must replace complicated concepts with simple ones.


For this, you could include some personal or real-life anecdotes in your stories.


This won’t only catch the attention of the public that reads or listens to you, but it will be less likely to confuse them.


  • You can inspire others: 


BluCactus - people working in ther own jobsWith storytelling, your brand will be able to project an original image which will then help you connect with users.


Thus, emotions can unite you with consumers and improve their loyalty to you.


Likewise, you could tell stories about the origin of your brand or anecdotes of your employees.


This will create an impact on people which will then help you gain their loyalty.


  • BluCactus - people working in ther own jobsStorytelling for marketing campaigns, It’s cheaper: 


To be a good storyteller you don’t need to invest large amounts of money.


The ability to tell stories is ingrained in our system.


Thus, anyone can become a great storyteller.


For this, you will only need to have a little practice, be creative, and have some knowledge.


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business

But what do these stories include?


We know that currently clicking with the consumer isn’t a simple task.


Because of this, stories seem like a fantastic idea to win customers.




However, telling something just to fill a gap isn’t enough.


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business

Besides, thanks to the digital age, readers now prefer to read short and easy content.


This creates a new challenge when creating narratives.


Likewise, creating content has never been easy.


But now that our world is constantly changing, this is even more difficult.


Therefore, pay attention to the main characteristics that a good story should always have:




BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessStorytelling for marketing campaigns, Emotions:   


Yes, we know that we talked about this before, but the truth is that well-told stories create an emotional impact.


Besides, they can be even more effective than ads.


This is because they affect the consumer at an emotional level, thus, they don’t leave them indifferent.



BluCactus - creativityCreativity:


We are sure that you’ve never heard that boring stories hook.


This is because people cannot connect with them. So, remember that having clear ideas isn’t the only important thing.


You have to be creative to create an interesting story. This will impact the consumer and thus create an interest in the brand.


If you do this, you will achieve that connection with the client. 

BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business


Storytelling for marketing campaigns, They represent the brand: 


Storytelling is a fundamental part of your brand image.


So make sure you not only tell a good story but also that it goes according to the values ​​of your organization.      







They are not sponsored: 


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business


Stories aren’t used to promote a product, this is one key for successful stories. Although they do sell, they do so subtly and indirectly.


How do they sell the stories you ask?


They only achieve this if there is an emotional impact on the consumer.


For this, you don’t even need to show what you sell or even talk about it.


It will be more than enough if you touch the most sensitive and emotional fiber of that potential client


Storytelling for marketing campaigns, Context: 


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business

Understanding the context is staying in tune with what you express and what you want to achieve.


If you don’t include this feature in your story, you are making a big mistake. 


Likewise, if you want to sell love-related products on Valentine’s Day, you can’t tell a story of heartbreak.

On the contrary, you should tell a love story able to connect with your customers.


Be consistent when telling stories and have clear objectives. This will help that narrative go hand in hand with those goals.


What are the most common types of Storytelling?


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessThere are endless stories to tell.


The type of story you use will depend on the message you want to convey, what type of audience you want to affect, and what you want to achieve with that impact.


After defining what you will narrate, to whom it’s directed, and your objectives.


IBluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businesst’s necessary to take into account the different ways that exist to sell with this tool. 


Each type of story has a specific aim depending on what you want to achieve.


Its adaptability will also depend on the format you choose.


Annette Simmons defined the top 6 Storytelling rankings for sales:


  • Who I am: In this type of story, you get to know yourself and your brand. It’s used so that the audience knows you from another point of view, knows who you are, what your origins are, and what you can offer the public. This is a perfect opportunity for you to represent what makes you unique.  
  • BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessWhat am I here for?: This element works so that you can publicize your goals, what you want to achieve with your audience and your business objectives.   
  • Visionary: Visionary minds seek long-term results. In this section, you can show what plans you have in the future and how you intend to achieve them.
  • Educational: The purpose of this type of story is to provide people with ways to easily learn.
  • Values ​​in action: Here you can show the values ​​of your brand. According to Annette Simmons, the idea is that you show how you can face the needs of your audience and how your company works.
  • I know what you’re thinking: Through the story, you will be able to show your audience that you know what their needs are as well as show them you can meet them. Likewise, you can offer them a differential value. Thus, you will transmit your advantage over the competition.

Storytelling for marketing campaigns. What kind of stories can be told?


BluCactus - fiction stories

As already mentioned above, there is a wide range of narrations.


These are even more easily seen in the cinema.


Fiction, romance, drama, or action are just a few topics that are used in that industry to tell a story.


In marketing, Storytelling also has its types, and here are some that are closely linked to Annette Simmons’ 6 proposals:



  • BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessFictional stories: This comprises narrating a story that isn’t real or that doesn’t closely relate to your brand. Nonetheless, you still use it because it conveys your message. You can use these types of stories to let your creativity run free. To do this, you have the option of using literary resources
  • Consumption stories: These stories are practical because they show what your product is for. Likewise, they can affect your audience and show the best qualities of your brand.
  • Stock stories: It’s based on telling a story that shows the values ​​that your brand wants to convey.
  • Real stories: This is a simple type of storytelling since it only tells the story of your brand. However, even if it’s easy, you still have to grab the attention of the public. Thus, this is a great opportunity to show what your company is about.


How to create a successful story?



BluCactus - men thinking

While it’s true that spontaneity is key to impact the public with good stories, there are certain basic patterns that you must follow to create narratives.


We’ll show you some of them so that you can take them into account when narrating:


  • Storytelling for marketing campaigns, Choose a message:


The main idea of ​​what you want to narrate must be clear and properly conveyed in the story. For this, you must be clear about the objective of that narration, for example, if you want to recruit personnel, raise funds, etc. 


  • BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessKnow your audience: 


You must have gotten this advice more than once in the world of sales. However, it’s important that if you want to make good use of your story, you have to know your audience very well.


It’s necessary to know if people will be interested, or if they will get any benefit from your narration.


For this reason, before telling it, you should get to know the audience you are going to help.  


  • Storytelling for marketing campaigns, Decide the medium: 


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business

There are many ways to tell a story, the medium you decide has to be related to the resources you have and what you need to express.


Good transmedia storytelling unfolds if the story is told through different platforms.


For this, the use of multimedia resources is essential.


The medium is the bridge that you will use to connect with your consumers and hook them.


Building that path is important because users will have a fundamental role in spreading your narration.


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business


Various means are used to convey the stories. Some of them are:


  1. Oral: This is one of the oldest ways of storytelling. The earliest versions of narrated stories were spread this way. Despite all this, this method is currently on the rise thanks to podcasts. Likewise, podcasts are accessible and personalized radio shows. You can download them or listen to them online through different platforms. Another example is AI voice calls. They serve as digital personal assistants. They have different functions such as answer the user’s questions or search content. An example of this is Siri, from the Apple Company.
  1. BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessWritten: The written stories are an indisputable classic, but you should be careful with them. Likewise, you should keep in mind to whom you’re writing content. For example, millennials and the new generations (such as Z or T) prefer short and easy content. This content must be easy to digest but also interesting. Thus, if you are writing for a young audience, be sure to write brief texts and include multimedia resources in them. Some of these resources can be videos, infographics, and images. Finally, don’t forget to create good content as if you don’t, readers will most likely get bored. Ideally, you should support the texts with some visual resources.



BluCactus - visualThe platform you will use is also essential to define the writing style you need to use. It’s not the same to write for a blog than for an account on Instagram or to tell a story through a thread on Twitter. All platforms are different and writing the right way in the right place is the key to written stories.


  1. Visual: In a video, you can use both visual and audiovisual techniques with written elements to impact your audience. However, if you are going to use text, be sure to not do it excessively. This way, you won’t overwhelm your consumers. Thus, this can ve another great option to promote your brand. On the other hand, remember that if you want to create audiovisual material, this can take a lot of time and effort. Likewise, it could demand a bigger budget for its creation.


  • Storytelling for marketing campaigns, Define the story: 


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business

The story you tell will depend on your objective.


There are thousands of things to tell that adapt to different contexts.


To choose what type of story you are going to tell you must take into account the following: show yourself as you are, with your strengths and weaknesses.


Motivate people so that they can also meet their goals.


BluCactus - share it


Share examples of everyday situations that allow you to relate to your audience, and tells true stories that lead to human error.



  • Share it: 


You must have a good content dissemination strategy if you want your story to be powerful.





BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own business

What successful brands have used Storytelling?


Several brands have used Storytelling in their campaigns.


These have managed to create a great impact and shake the emotions of their users.


Large companies use this technique because they know that it’s an adequate way to conquer the market.


In case you still have doubts about how to apply stories in your sales strategies, we’ll give you some examples of great brands that have managed to become great storytellers over the years:


  • Storytelling for marketing campaigns, Coca Cola:


BluCactus - coca colaThis Company is an expert at telling stories.


This is because, in their commercials, there’s always some type of story with an inspiring message.


Likewise, they know how to use different narratives to impact their audience.


There are a lot of amazing campaigns from this company.


One example is their 2017 campaign “The Last Customer”.


In it, we can see multiple stories of workers during Christmas Eve.


  • Nike: 


BluCactus -nikeIn 2017, Nike, the prestigious sports brand, launched a campaign titled “Equality” where different stories were showcased.


In it, stories like those of Lebron James and Serena Williams were included.


Likewise, the aim of this campaign was to send a message against racial discrimination.


Another example from Nike was when they launched its commercial “I would run to you” in 2012.


In this campaign, we were able to see an inspiring love story with a happy ending.


  • BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessStorytelling for marketing campaigns, Starbucks: 


This brand is another great example of storytelling. 5 years ago they launched their campaign “Meet Me at Starbucks”.


Where an endless number of stories met in the same place.


This sent the message that Starbucks is a brand for everyone.

BluCactus and Storytelling


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessAlthough it’s a tool that has been on the market for decades, at the time it was here to stay.


Without a doubt, thanks to all its benefits, versatility, and adaptability to all digital platforms it will continue to be a trend in this 2020.


Likewise, you now have all the tips you need and some examples to motive you to become a storyteller.




By following these tips you can create great stories that impact your audience.


BluCactus - Storytelling - woman working in her own businessAt BluCactus you will find this and other strategies that will help you increase your sales and reach your marketing objectives.


Likewise, we will create the perfect storytelling strategy for your campaigns.


Contact us. We are BluCactus, a digital marketing agency whose purpose is to give you the solutions you need.


Tell us, on which platform or social network would you like to use Storytelling to express your ideas?



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In order to keep up with our audience, we must understand what concepts like Fast Content are. Users nowadays look for quick and summarized information. This is why it has become so “fashionable” to be objective and to only communicate what’s necessary.


Fast and short content marketing is becoming increasingly popular at a fast rate, allowing advertisers to take advantage of it to reach more consumers through micro-moments.


How it began


BluCactus - fast content- how it startedThe first time we saw this kind of content was on the Snapchat platform in 2011 and it aimed to create a community for quick exchange of short content. Sometime later in 2016, Instagram joined this trend, creating its own Stories, which caused Snapchat to lose prominence.


Therefore, nowadays social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or YouTube also provide the option of sharing short stories quickly. This is very spontaneous and is used for any occasion. Thus, it isn’t only necessary to know what this method is, but you also have to take advantage of it.


A problem that goes hand in hand with this method is the saturation of it. This makes it extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, the keys to success remain to be innovative and creative.


What does it comprise?


BluCactus - men workingThe definition of this term can give you clues about what it is. However, what you could initially understand, doesn’t completely define it. The most complete answer would be: It’s short, concrete, and good quality content. Likewise, it makes use of new technologies and builds a connection with users.


Another key factor is that it mainly produces content in video format, to then get distributed toward a specific audience. This audience takes part in the development of real-time trends. When we use platforms that allow creating Fast Content through videos. We create a great segmentation of users. This makes it easier to reach our target more efficiently.


However, for this to happen, we must interactively present this content to generate engagement with our users. Only then we will capture the interest of people.


Fast content goals


BluCactus - fast content- woman working on her social mediaKnowing what this method is, implies being aware of its two key objectives. These are:


  • Provoking an action by the user, including subscribing to their daily newsletter, visit their website regularly, following their Instagram account, among others.
  • Generate engagement, invite the consumer to follow the content published by your brand, and make them an enthusiastic follower.


On the other hand, this isn’t just a passing trend. It was a trend in 2019 due to the ease of reaching consumers, the good results it provides, and how attractive it is.




BluCactus - objectivesAmong the multiple advantages of this method, the following stand out:


  • It can generate a large commitment from users, thanks to the speed of its content.
  • It’s a highly interactive format and its main objective is to get a response from the user.
  • Since your means of transmission are social media, this method allows you to position yourself within the digital world, which represents a great advantage when directing social media campaigns to current or potential clients, from whom we expect a good response.
  • Quality content becomes good advertising. It’s no coincidence that personalized content published on all platforms and in local languages ​​quickly and safely has transformed the communication industry. Marketing departments use this type of content for large advertising campaigns. This is because the content is more relevant to advertising than any of its elements.


BluCactus - objectivesSo, if we add to these advantages, the large sales that this method produces today, how can we not dare to use it? Don’t wait for your competition to do it first. Knowing what fast content is, drives you to innovate and gain new clients or future followers. As a well-known (Mexican) saying goes: “do it and if you are afraid, do it with fear.”


These kinds of sayings have become mantras for companies where staff turnover is high and competition is volatile. However, will it be a mantra applicable to fast content if we consider that it has to be of quality? Of course! Never be afraid to grow your business.


How to apply marketing with fast content


BluCactus- seoThis method is intended for interactions generated through cell phones or smart devices. It’s very likely that even you already handle the type of content that works best on these devices.


Therefore, in addition to knowing in depth what fast content is, you must take into account SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as well as other factors to reach your target.


Also, remember the ideal format for this content, which is videos whose duration should be between 5 to 10 seconds.


This is the attention span that most people dedicate to this type of content.


What types of content are fast content?


BluCactus - ads in youtube

  • Ads for YouTube


The mandatory ads that precede YouTube videos, known as bumper ads, are the perfect example of fast content.


These ads, which are very original and of good quality, manage to capture the public’s attention in less than 6 seconds.




  • Stories


BluCactus - storiesYou surely have some idea of ​​what “Stories” are. With more than 1,000 million users using this method, Stories are one of the ideal channels for this method. This format is preferred by both large companies and small entrepreneurs. This is because the short content of Stories has positioned itself among the main marketing trends. After the arrival of Stories and its potential, this option is emerging as one of the big trends in social media.


Therefore, companies face the daily challenge of innovating and presenting spontaneous content that will help them appear more humane. This, in turn, demands that their content must be fresh and the less elaborate the better. Images or videos must speak for themselves. This way you could transmit messages that motivate users and the public you want to reach.


BluCactus - fast content- woman working on her social media

  • Micro campaigns


The fast content trend has also reached big companies, transforming the way they run their campaigns.


Now, the bet goes towards creating micro-campaigns, short actions, or short content to boost their brands.


In these micro-campaigns, micro-influencers are used, and any good strategy to attract users.


How to develop fast content


BluCactus - fast content- men working on her social mediaYou probably already know what fast content is. Now, do you consider it relevant to your business? If so, here are some key elements.


Having light and advanced enough technology is key. You can even use your high-tech smartphone.


  • Creativity: companies must use their creativity to capture the attention of consumers. So don’t go the easy route by making content that has nothing to contribute. How can you stand out without creativity in a space where there is a lot of information, brands, and users?
  • Show your ability to synthesize: This is a fundamental aspect so that the message can reach the public. For this, it’s important to have copywriting knowledge that can help you in more than one occasion. If you don’t already have a copywriting expert in your company, it’s best to hire one right away.
  • Shocking content: You know that what you do won’t last, but this feature isn’t an excuse to do things just to do them. On the contrary, make an impact with all your publications on the audience, which also mobilizes at top speed. Remember that once you neglect yourself, your audience will stay away from you.
  • Make mobilizing calls to action: as they are essential to facilitate the user to deepen their brand.

Is this trend noticed?


BluCactus - fast content- cellphone with social mediaYou have earned what it is, what it comprises, how to carry it out, and what it’s more important, now you know how to do it well. Companies like Kraft Foods and Facebook have embraced this successful trend for several types of businesses. Yours may be one of them.


So, take advantage of mastering this content strategy in the market.


This will bring you many benefits such as gaining followers and attract the attention of brands that may want to advertise with you.


What is the most important social network for fast content?


BluCactus - social networkAlthough the birth of fast content has its origin with the launch of Snapchat, it’s Instagram with its Stories that have won the battle.


This is the social network that has grown the most in users and the frequency of visits in recent years.


62% of Instagram users admit having become more interested in a brand or a product after seeing them in Stories.


Then the following concern arises:


Should you invest all your efforts on Instagram?


BluCactus - fast content- woman working on her social mediaIn recent years we have become an audiovisual consumer society, with videos being the kind of content that records the best interaction and traffic data.


To introduce yourself to this content, we recommend finding allies in micro-video, and on social networks. They are the ones who have the most experience integrating this strategy into their advertising formats, as with YouTube with bumper ads.


If your target audience is Generation Z, you could also explore the culture of tiktokers (TikTok users), because, after its launch in America, TikTok has become the favorite micro-video social network for young people and the third most visited, ahead of YouTube.


A tip to design and integrate fast content


BluCactus - fast content- people working on her social mediaThe great challenge of those who are influencers or who offer a service or product through their account on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok is to capture the attention of users who, although they are more selective when searching for content, do so due to the great exposure of publicity they receive.


The audience knows what they like, how they like it, and when they like it. The truth is that they won’t interact with it if it doesn’t meet their expectations. They won’t follow or seek it for anything, it won’t exist for them.


Therefore, dealing with this micro campaign requires a lot of creativity, analytical skills, and many hours of brainstorming, planning, and production. But don’t panic, below, we will give you some tips to carry it out.


  • Less is more


BluCactus - less is moreFast Content isn’t just publishing Stories as if there is no tomorrow.


In fact, there is little to no content with a high creative component, in the right format, segmented to the right audience and disseminated.


If you do everything mentioned above, you will generate more linkage, traffic, and sales.


Thus, you should adapt the message to each channel, both to the audience and to the target. The correct way to attract followers isn’t by telling stories, but in the way, you tell them.


BluCactus - fast content- people working on her social mediaFor example, Burger King’s “Onion Blackout” campaign, adapted to Instagram Stories (from the standard video ad to the streaming format), achieved 60% more user interactions.


In addition, we should note that 89% of the audience of a video maintains all their attention during the first 10 seconds and when it reaches the minute, their attention drops to 46%.


Another example of how to apply this method in a YouTube bumper ad of just 6 seconds, is the Chipsmore brand.


  • Use complementary apps

BluCactus - fast content- people working on her social media

You can find a lot of applications for the generation of content.


They could help us make our Stories more original and creative.


So when defining your strategy, try incorporating influencer marketing strategies.


Finally, integrating this method into your content strategy is essential, as it represents a significant advantage to attract new customers without the need to invest large amounts of resources.




BluCactus - contact usNow that you know everything there’s to know about fast content. We recommend using this method in your marketing plans. If you find that you’re struggling, don’t worry! We are here to help you.


Questions? Comments? Leave them below! We’re happy to read and answer them.


Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us on our social media. That way you will keep up to date with the new marketing trends.


We’re BluCactus. Our purpose as a marketing agency is to solve all your problems. Trust us!


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Hoo, you know this deep sigh when we just finished a big project. This time it’s your website. You finally created your interface. You´re now thinking about how to increase visitors to your website. All you feel is a combination of excitement, enthusiasm, and maybe anticipation.

BluCactus - man painting


Alright, you start streaming your content. Check the analysis, again and again; no one has clicked through on your link.


No one left has left a comment on social media channels and brought any reactions.


Don’t be frustrated, take a deep breath. We´re here, and we are going to tell you some simple tips you can apply to increase visitors to your website without paying unnecessary amounts of money.


How to increase visitors to your website in simple and free steps


We picked up the best strategies which we have already used, as well as many others who want their websites to be a hit.


One, Create great content


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - personGrabbing readers’ attention from the get-go is one of the biggest challenges. Therefore,  If you passed this successfully, your likelihood to gain more visitors will increase. How you lead your topic should be the most compelling part. Besides, make it precise and relevant to the idea you discuss.


Short lines are desirable. Avoid long blocks to be more readable and understandable. Paragraphs may continue 3 or 4 sentences at most. Furthermore, to ensure your words are authoritative enough to hook your readers is by reading what you wrote out loud. You may discover better expressions or something that needs editing.


Telling a story has a magical impact, especially when it comes to a personal experience. People love to know more about you to trust you. Tell them about your last vacation and make a connection between it and your expertise. Tell them about the latest book you read and the valuable information you extracted from it.


Two, optimize your website content


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - seoImagine you have an awesome event. Let’s say it’s a concert. You brought a cool white shirt with a decent pair of sneakers. You look fashionable and stylish but it definitely does not apply to the concert at all.


Like your event, when you produce creative content, make sure it’s adequate to the search engine´s approach. So, learn more about positioning SEO services and how to make Google sees your article as a good one. Certainly, you should have already defined your goals, your audience, and which solutions you will provide to your customers before launching your website.


But you need to remind yourself about these highlights every time you are going to write an article or a blog post. Although. When you start publishing content on your website or blog posts, you need to check your current status. Use Google Analytics, which is a free tool, for discovering the performance of your website.


When your performance is poor but you´re confident that the content is good enough. That’s when you should consider further tactics that I am going to explain. In any event, you have to check your diagram numbers to fix the damage or follow your breakthrough.


So, if you need to know how to increase visitors to your website by organic clicks, you should optimize your content to be friendly to both the search engine and your niche.


Three, Use long-tail keyword


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - searchAssume that you´re heading out; you need a coffee to be able to keep going with your day as smoothly as possible. However, you know absolutely zero about what there is in this area. What do you write in the Google search bar? Coffee or the best coffee shop in Dallas?


Coffee is a short keyword and the best coffee shop in Dallas is a long-tail keyword. If you compared the results in each case, you would find the best coffee shop in Dallas is more useful and you would get what you need further.


So, using a long-tail keyword is not only about using the same words people rely on to reach your coffee shop but is also about keeping yourself standing out over the competition.


Most importantly, a long-tail keyword boosts your SEO positioning efforts by telling Google that your content is more valuable and worth ranking.


Four, Take advantages of social media capabilities


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - manSo, how to increase visitors to a website? you need to track your visitors. What this means is to know where your potential customers are. And today, social media a wider community in which you should enhance your appearance.


However, you couldn’t post your article on all social media channels and thought your content could have gone viral. You have to know how to post in the right way.


Each social media site has a different nature and attracts different types of audiences. Yeah, you may have an account in most of the platforms, but surely you spend more time on one of them. Instagram, for example, is going to be the most dominant social media platform. And a lot of updates have recently implied on it.


But firstly, you should make sure your company account turns to a business account to enjoy all the benefits. For example; it enables you to access your analytics and adding an option to contact via email or mobile phone. Also, don’t forget to add your website link in your bio which is another way to increase visitors to your website. For LinkedIn, you can republish your article here to span users there.


Eventually, set up your post schedule based on peak hours over your target region in order to know how to increase visitors to your website. Sometimes, you posted really great content and you didn’t get any impressions or engagements that’s because you might haven’t published your content at the right time.


Five, Share your articles on relevant Facebook groups


BluCactus - cellphoneHere is the harsh reality; driving organic traffic by Facebook Pages has recently dropped in the last few years. You surely have noticed that posts from business pages didn’t show up as much as we used to. And it was the policy of Facebook supporting users to see more posts from your friends or groups or only pages in which you are interested.


Wherever you don’t have enough budget to manage a campaign, Groups are your path to hit again. Search for relevant groups and start publishing your content there but remember to read the group rules in order to avoid being removed from it.


Also, start interacting with members in comments. If anyone asks about a topic you recently created a blog post about it, don’t hesitate to provide him with your link. To learn ways of increasing visitors to your website, you need to try all legitimate means and find out what the best option is for you.


Six, How to increase visitors to your website? Think about guest blog


BluCactus peopleYou created a content masterpiece and shared it through social media channels, but you still don’t know how to increase visitors to your website. Your website is still struggling and you need an instant alternative to make your statistics go up.


Hence, a guest post emerges as a valid answer. You may have heard before that this post is not an influential approach maybe you might have even heard it’s a waste of time. But all you need to know is how to increase visitors to your website in a positive way.


First: search for authoritative websites that have large fans and its articles are sharable. Often, these sites have a section called “join us, write to us,” and so on. Such as Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post.


Second: choose which piece of content you should republish it. Make sure that your article is appropriate to the writing style and the tone of the guest website. And don’t worry about republishing.


Third: send your published copy or original one to the guest site. You can also contact the site owners via emails if they are authors. In the end, mention in your email how your article tends to add value to their website. Pay attention that your notable purpose for using guest posts is how to increase visitors to your website.


So, share your post affiliated with the original copy link on your website. If you choose to publish a new post on the guest site, then you can refer to any article you wrote before as a source. Accordingly, write a reliable bio about yourself and put your blog or website link which is will help you to increase visitors to your website.


How to increase visitors to your website?, Conclusion

BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - conclusion


Directing traffic to your website is a whole process. You should do your best to optimize your content, your social media accounts, and start watching the results.


It’s your turn to try it by yourself and find out which strategy you should consider and the other you should skip. Now tell me, do you know how to increase visitors to your website?


Which one tip will you experience first? If you have any questions to improve your website performance, please contact us now. We are here to help your business.




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Can you remember the last piece of viral marketing content you shared on your social media accounts? Have you ever created content that you thought was going to be viral and shareable? Have you created content that you thought was a masterpiece and then no one even cared?

BluCactus - Shares and Interactions


You wonder. What makes people share this content specifically? What is viral marketing content? Do these people know that their Facebook status might be shared 3000 times? Indeed, some people follow a few principles while writing Tweets, Facebook status, or blog posts. Others make it accidentally.


They are surprised by numbers of reach, shares, and engagements. But the whys of sharing content are based on psychological science. If you want to have viral marketing content, or going a social media influencer, or even working as a writer, you should know the answers to all these whys.


Another fact is that sharing is not a new phenomenon, we used to allocate daily hours to talk about reviews of the last restaurant we visited with our family, our friends and our coworkers. Even, we now do that by adding writing statuses, checking up our locations, posting selfie photos, and sharing blogs.


Psychology of turning to Viral Marketing Content




BluCactus People sharing and interacting to contentHere is the ugly truth. With all the billions of websites, billions of tweets in every single moment, billions of comics, blogs, videos, podcasts, and newsfeed, people are going to share what is worth to be shared.


You want to get through all the clutter and reach your ideal reader. It seems like a hard mission, but it’s still applicable.


The New York Times has conducted a whole study to figure out why people share online and understand what kind of content they like to share. This study is always working to consider what is happening in our minds when we press share post. The researchers have concluded that the core reasons for creating viral marketing content can be summarized as follows:


  • Self-actualization
  • Esteem
  • Love belonging
  • Psychological


What does that mean?


First, we have to admit that we are engaging in content that seems to present our identity and character. We write a tweet that helps us enhance our image to the public, besides, we share content that makes us appear as authoritative, well-educated and neat.


Second, almost 49% of the people involved in the NYT survey said they often shared to inspire their followers about products, and views to encourage them to go on our track. On the other hand, there are 94% of them said they shared content that tends to be useful for their friends.


BluCactus - Ways for Viral Marketing Content

Third, people tend to share trendy content in order not to miss something. They don’t like to look ignorant about current events. Also, internet users want to share their interests to grow their relationships with their common interests.


Forth, we sometimes share information and news feed when it comes from authentic sources. So, we can go back to our account to have a look at these articles using them for different purposes. Some people said they used their profiles as a reference for their future work.


 To sum up: the content becomes viral and contagious when it’s going to be personal, emotional, valuable, bringing entertainment, authentic, and popular. Now, let’s talk about actionable tips to come up with your published content.


5 Tactics to Create Viral Marketing Content


BluCactus - Banner Viral Marketing Content


Think about the last time you checked your Instagram or Twitter, or Facebook, what things drew your attention. Hence, to be practical and convert these numbers to objectives, and ambitions we can optimize to hit Google. Here you can find things to carry out your viral marketing content and not let your blog posts settle down at the bottom Google.


Defining your ideal reader and help them to define themselves


“Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia.”
Kurt Vonnegut


BluCactus - Influencer sharing a healthy recipe


Everyone, when they write, wants everyone to read, react, press like, or leave a comment. And the best gift you can present is to share content. However, a golden strategy is to come up with content as if were for one person. You should imagine your ideal reader with all the specific characteristics. His name, his marital status, his work, and the first thing he does once he up.


How does the reader go to work? What are their interests? What are their ambitions? Even if Henneke Duistermaat, an author and irreverent copywriter, said, in her compelling book, that you could draw your ideal reader, and hold this photo in front of your eyes whenever you get started the writing process.


Once you start creating personal content, it will help to define yourselves to your audience. And then, you will have viral marketing content because you can express their passions and concerns.


For example, your ideal reader is Mary. She is married and a thirty-old mother. Her interest in cooking. And you manage a herbs company that provides all-natural complements for eating and skincare. If you are going to talk about the benefits of adding herbs in recipes, all Marys certainly will share your piece as it’s a justification why she spends money on these products.


Put your ideal reader’s interest in your consideration before thinking about any ideas you want to write.


Using catchy headlines to get more Viral Marketing Content

BluCactus Social Media in Computer with Catchy Headlines


Let’s say you are going to search for tips to help you to pass your tomorrow’s interview. So, you open Google and write tips for interviews. You skim the top results.


Just imagine you are getting these links:

  • Interview tips.
  • 5 tips you should read before going to the interview.
  • Interview questions
  • Top 10 tips you should consider to get a job through the interview.


What do you think? Which link could you click through? Surely, you wouldn’t ever go through the first and third ones. Mostly, you find the second one is the best. Many studies have already proven the power of using numbers in headlines to drive traffic.


But, is that the only way? No, the “How to” headlines always work because it tells people simply a solution to their problems. Talking about mistakes to avoid is also a good way to grab attention, so people will share them, and then your blog is going to be viral marketing content.


To recap: creating a compelling headline is the first phase to have viral marketing content. If you still struggle to find this headline right now, take your time to think again. Maybe the best one will pop in your mind while laying on your couch.


Intertwine a story

BluCactus - Girl Intertwining a Story


People love stories. We are gossiping all the time about what is happening to your old friends and how our neighbors have bothered us. You shouldn’t skip this fact when writing your blog post. Being a good storyteller makes you a good writer.


For example: let’s continue talking about your blog post you are going to tell candidates how to pass their interviews. Why not inform your readers about your ups and downs through your pursuit to get a job?


Mentioning your personal experience helps your blog to be viral marketing content. If you don’t have any experience in the topic you tend to write, you can ask your friends for any suggestions. Or you can fake it.


Provide a solution

BluCactus - Blog Content Writer


If you have a company and you want to launch a blog to promote your business, you have to know that your readers don’t want to listen or read about how great your company is. They don’t care about your company history, or the business goals you have achieved every year. They only care about how you can help them to solve their problems.


The basic principle to create viral marketing content is to identify a problem that your readers may face. Consequently, establish your content based on providing simple and handy solutions, advice, and ways to overcome their obstacles.


Imagine you have a digital marketing agency. Instead of pushing your audience to make deals with you, talking about how they can improve their SEO in sample tips. Be generous. The more information you cater to your readers, the more visitors will flow to your site.


As long as your blog post is valuable, it turns to viral marketing content. Because readers will trust you, they will share your content to benefit their followers.


BluCactus - Instagram InfluencerBe funny, unique, and controversial


Back to your Facebook home, you could notice that the content that is being shared over and over again is comics, short funny videos, or sarcasm news.


Abstractly, if you can use a funny tone in your writing, go for it. It’ll make your blog post and content unique. At the same time, don’t exaggerate and make your content funny over informative.


Being controversial is another approach to have viral marketing content. The argument method is captivated, especially if it has already diffused through your community. Of course, your business blog is not the right place for political debts but think about building a link between controversial issues and your business.


In a nutshell: creating unique content is not an easy task. Pick ideas from your friends, TV shows, and movies. Widen your space to be acknowledged about what people love and care related to your business.




Crafting viral marketing content doesn’t need a strategic plan. It only needs to be clear, direct, empathic and using powerful words. Find your competitors how they find their customers and then create your way, or contact us. Here in BluCactus, we will help you to get more and better content. You are unique in at least one thing. Remove dust from your inner remarkability and your writing is going to hit.


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How to be amazing in content writing? It is the everlasting challenge of every content writer and blogger to create the most exciting and user-relevant content writing. This skyrockets the interaction and user retention ratio on a web page. But content creation is easier said than done.


As usual, there is no secret recipe for success. It is but dedication, sincerity and the good old trial and error approach. Here you will find some practical easy to implement tips to get you started.


1. Nothing is boring, it is not what you say it is how you say it!


In content writing, rule number 1 is to take a different look at the content you are writing about. For example, imagine you are writing about blood donations. What would be the obvious product you are selling here? Blood… NO, wrong answer! It is the satisfaction of helping your fellow humans by donating blood. So, you are selling a feeling of self-worth and personal gain.


How to be amazing in content writing? You should always look beyond the product you are selling or writing about. Even in content writing, always take the marketeer approach not the salesman view.


2. Take a strong position and do not be afraid to swim against the tide in content writing


Mainstream is always safe and comfortable, but it is abundantly available. Why should I land on your site and read your content if you are saying exactly what the other millions and billions of web pages are saying?! How to be amazing in content writing? Put yourself in the user’s shoes. You need to create content that is controversial and valuable at the same time to be disruptive in the crowd. This is what attracts users and what makes them keep coming back for more of that extraordinary content.


To let you in on a little secret, content writing is practically the same everywhere. It is how you coat it that makes a difference. For example, take this article that you are reading. If you search online you will find hundreds if not thousands of similar articles talking about the same stuff but presented differently. What keeps you engaged is how it is presented and prioritized.


So, present it strikingly, present it differently and don’t be afraid to experiment with shocking opinions and extreme measures.


3. How to be amazing in content writing, Never steal, borrow!


If there is a big No-No in the content writing realm it would be stealing or right of copying content. Always remember “thou shall never steal” but you can borrow. Compiling useful content is key to providing value-added services to your customers/users.


The internet is a very big place where everything is possible but to keep your content original you would need to put some effort into making it original. How to be amazing in content writing? Either by creating the content from scratch like building up your opinion or where you stand on a certain topic or draw from past experiences and writing down your wisdom of the years. Or by using the collective approach by hoarding valuable information and knowledge from fellow creators and making it into a well-made, easy to digest meal for your customers/users.


You should, at any rate, have your fingerprint present in everything you create. Differentiate yourself and be unique. In the sense that if someone reads or sees your content, they would with no hard thinking associate it with your brand or your establishment.


This is part of building an image for yourself or your establishment which is a different topic that we will be talking about in a future post (Stay tuned ??!)


4. Embrace your failures and share the downfalls


It is not all rosy and dreamy in the real world, you are going to fail, and you are going to miserably lose. Embrace that fact and capitalize on it. Turn it from a weakness into an opportunity for success and use it in your content writing.


How to be amazing in content writing? As the old saying goes “sharing is caring”, you need not to only share your success stories but your failures as well. This shows people’s perseverance and courage and would build their trust in you. It also touches this very basic human need for drama. It would also keep your reader/viewer engaged. Have them relate to the human side of the story rather than keeping them tied to the blue screen in front of them.


When sharing a failure try to build up the excitement as if you are writing a blockbuster movie. Introduce challenges and your trials to overcome those challenges than the plot twist that turned everything upside down. After that show how it all ended (preferably without a big bomb explosion or anyone dying) then summarize what you have painfully learned and what you would be doing differently in the future to avoid the mistakes you made.


5. How to be amazing in content writing? Bring out the psychiatrist in you


Have you ever wondered why do people share stuff online? This is a fundamental question if you are truly after success among the masses. How to be amazing in content writing? Let’s return to the basics, what are the key motivations for sharing something?


  • Define ourselves with others (We love to be part of groups)
  • Share valuable and entertaining content with others (thus bringing recognition to ourselves)
  • Grow and nourish relationships (Again benefiting ourselves and our internal social rewarding system)
  • Get the word out about things we care about (because defining ourselves with something that returns with a social reward)


How to be amazing in content writing? Content is also more susceptible to sharing if it generates an emotional response. Funny, moving, illuminating, inspiring or even shocking content generate more traffic and more engagement. The journal of science published a study in 2011 on the psychology of sharing which supported the above points by saying:


“The sharing of stories or information may be driven in part by arousal. When people are physiologically aroused, whether due to emotional stimuli or otherwise, the autonomic nervous is activated, which then boosts social transmission”


How to be amazing in content writing? So simply put, stories and emotionally driven content writing is key to increasing your customer engagement and sharing. We will also be talking about how to create contagious content in a future post.


At the end of the day, keep trying and experimenting and never be afraid to change and adapt based on the reactions you get from different approaches. It is all about how to get to people and how to relate to them. It is the human connection that matters after all. BluCactus can be the solution to your writing projects. ¡Contact Us! Your success is our success.


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