The key for the perfect advertising campaign: Segmentation

What do we mean by segmentation when advertising? In today’s world, we can see targeted advertising on any site. In this article, we will tell you all about it. This includes its types and benefits.


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - men workingSegmented advertising is nothing more than the power to split the target audience that will receive the advertising. For this, we take into account some pre-defined characteristics according to interest. By doing this, we seek to reach the buyer and thus increase the performance of the campaign.


There are many types of segmentation, and we can mix all of them.


One of the main objectives when advertising, whether online or offline, is to reach the right audience at the right time.


In general, brands, products, and services have a target audience to which they choose. This is because they know that they are more likely to consume what they sell.


What is segmentation?


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - computer with important informationLike many of the concepts used in marketing, a segmented market is a term that shows itself through economics. So, when we say this, we mean a set of people or organizations in a market that share one or more specific features.


This segment is one-sided in need, reacts alike to prompting, and differs from other segments. This concept is perfect to know where you want to aim your advertising strategy. So, when moving it to the digital world, and especially to that of digital marketing it can be useful.


Every time digital advertising is produced, we seek to segment the ads to those sectors that we know will be more prominent for your business. We can do this both in Google Ads and in the different social media.


Next, we will show you more types of segmented advertising. Besides, this, far from being exclusive among themselves, can be combined until reaching the target audience you want.


Types of advertising targeting


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - people workingSegmentation when advertising, Geographic:


This type of segmentation is not only for countries. On the contrary, we can segment it by provinces, departments, cities.


Besides, on some platforms, we can also do it by neighborhoods of a city.


Likewise, it’s possible to segment according to radio around a location.


BluCactus - demographicsDemographic:


By this, we mean that we can segment it according to different characteristics.


Some of them can be sex, age, studies, work profile, or marital status.


This will be very useful when we want to aim a product for a certain social group.


We can also use this when we know that something we sell is successful in a specific demographic.


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - men workingBy interests:


You can choose ads to people with certain pre-established interests in society.


These interests can be part of general categories like travel, or marketing.


Besides, we can even target it to more specific ones.


Some of these can be luxury travel, or digital marketing agencies, respectively.


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - men workingSegmentation when advertising, Remarketing:


Yes, remarketing is a type of segmentation.


This is because an audience is being segmented only to those users who have already interacted with your brand.


We can also segment it according to different elements. For example, the purchased product contracted service, or the type of interaction with your brand.


BluCactus - keywordBy keywords:


Although this seems very basic, the use of keywords and especially negative keywords is important. For this, we can use them for Google Ads search ads.


Segmentation when advertising, By day and time:


It consists of showing your ads on certain days and times, not all the time.


What are the benefits of segmenting?


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - segmentationThe possibility of getting to a group of potential clients. Especially those people interested in what we offer.


As you know, they are very important for our brand and products.


Segmenting allows you to improve your conversion metrics, especially your conversion rate.


Besides, with it, you can also increase your cost and conversion value. Another great benefit of this is that you will have more conversions.


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - roiAll of this, while investing a lot less than if you target your ads without discrimination.


You will also improve your ROI (Return on Investment). This is because you will have minimal investment in advertising. However, it will be efficient and will allow you to achieve great profitability.


It will positively impact your potential clients. The reason for this is that you will offer content or solutions relevant to them.


And it will have more concrete information about the segments that Feedback is targeting. So, while your ads run, you will learn, through trial and error, how to better reach them. Thus, you will be able to optimize your campaigns.


Some considerations when segmenting


Segmentation when advertising, Beware of over-segmentation


BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - whyMixing every type of segmentation to reach more people can be a bad idea. The impact that this will have on your business and your advertising campaigns is something that you don’t want.


Thus, you must know how negative it can be to not segment your campaigns. However, you must also know that doing the least can be bad for you. On the other hand, doing the opposite is also negative.


So, if you try to segment your campaigns as much as possible through the combination of the different factors that we showed you earlier, it can make your campaigns very inefficient.




BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - woman workingBecause you will probably be targeting a very small market segment. This, in turn, could make your campaign unprofitable. So, you may be leaving potential customers out of the way.


The only way this could be a successful plan is if the decision were supported by truthful information. This has to be something that shows how only that limited group of people is paying off.


If this happens in a good way, you would be facing a market niche with great potential to be exploited. Thus, you could generate a great return on investment.


As we say at BluCactus, to get to this optimization state for a campaign, you need to try, try and try to see what works, what doesn’t, and how you can improve each part of your campaign more and more.


Segmentation when advertising, Beware of biases before a target audience


BluCactus - over segmentationAnother point that you have to take into account when segmenting, is the direction that you want to reach on the target audience that you choose.


A typical case of this happens in segmentation by sex or by age groups.


You may think that your product or service is important to a certain group.


However, this doesn’t mean that another individual from other groups may be like what you offer.

  BluCactus - target

On the other hand, those that do like what you offer may be part of other groups and not necessarily a minority group.


So, in this case, maybe you’re not convinced to remove them from your target audience.


Thus, having active campaigns, monitoring, and interpreting the data provided allows you to know how your consumers behave. Besides, with this, you will know what segment they represent.


You can use this to make decisions on how to segment more easily. So, you won’t leave any potential interest group out of your target audience.


BluCactus - targetAt the same time, and in a similar way, it may happen that what you offer is of interest to a certain group that is unknown to you.


Likewise, the target group might be not fully identified. So, in this case, segmentation can become more complicated.


For these cases, it’s always good to start the campaigns with a minimum segmentation. This means doing this in a general way, aimed more than anything at the geographic.


After this, you can, over time, evaluate which are the most attractive segments for your business. Besides, you will also know those in which you should concentrate your advertising efforts.


Conclusion of Segmentation when advertising


BluCactus - conclusionWe believe that it’s important to segment according to our capabilities. With this, we mean, both the budget and the operational capabilities of the business.


Only in this way can you provide a certain service or sell products in an efficient way in a city.


So, you don’t have to advertise throughout the country.


Also, it may be convenient to limit your advertising campaign and not have them running 24/7. This, in the case that you can only answer queries that come to you on certain days and at a certain time.

  BluCactus -Segmentation when advertising - contact us

Finally, targeting can also help you to maximize your budget if your budget is limited. It can do this by making your ads show to an audience that has transactional intentions.


At BluCactus we firmly believe that there is no formula to segmenting. However, the initial configuration, constant data analysis, testing, and the hand of an expert make a campaign profitable.


In recent years we have invested in the campaigns of our clients, and we remain convinced that day by day one continues to learn.


If you need help, we can gladly help you. We can do it either with the management of your Google Ads campaigns or with the management of your advertising campaigns on social media.


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Google: Internet friend or foe?

In the last few days, we have seen a lot of news about the monopoly that Google has. This news is all about Google’s dominance over the $ 130 billion digital advertising market. The reason seems to be that Google’s monopoly.


We know this thanks to a document where it says that the United States could file an antitrust case against the Internet giant.


Let’s learn more!


Is Google a Monopoly?


In an interview with the CEO of Google Spain, Javier Rodríguez Zapatero, he assured that Google was not a monopoly. His reasoning was that the competition was just one click away. In the same way, he assumed that anyone can switch to a competitor’s product without any problem.


BluCactus - google monopolyDespite this, the market shares in Spain are above 90%. Because of this, we can consider them a monopoly. Likewise, a monopoly is risky, because a unilateral decision can leave business out of the game.


If you set up an online business, your revenue will most probably depend on online advertising or direct sales. So, if you are removed from the search engine for any reason, that business can fail.


This is a great power to have, as well as dangerous if you have a total market share. However, the CEO of Google Spain is right; there is no way out. There are also other sectors in which anti-monopoly measures have been taken. One example of this has been the telecommunications sector.


If you don’t like Google, you can use Yahoo! Ask or Live Seach. The problem is that the product that Google currently offers is of higher quality, or at least, this is how users rate it.


What measures can be taken against a monopoly of this style?


BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - googleThis means one that has great power, but to which the users are not bound.


It’s difficult to know. It may not be possible to do anything or perhaps the problem is in the rest of the search engines.


Some of these even have much higher market shares in other countries.


Simply put, Google has the best product today. Besides, a large percentage of users jump to use the best of the best.


The problem of this is since there are no limits, it has been hurting advertisers, news publishers, and consumers.


Google problems


Google’s monopoly, What is Google’s problem?


BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - sundar pichaiThat is the concern we have when we read this type of news.


Let’s talk about the location: Google is located in a beautiful place and consists of two locations. The first is where the old headquarters is located, a set of buildings full of offices.


From the outside, there is a similarity, where a large tent is found, but the inside is not yet defined. However, after the pandemic, this site can be very helpful.


“We will have the opportunity to re-imagine it,” says Sundar Pichai, leader of Google and its parent company, Alphabet. It’s because of this that the structure is changing. Besides, this is not the only thing that is being changed. The organization is also going through a transition.


Google’s growth


When Pichai took over as CEO of Google in August 2015, he quickly became the core of the newly created Alphabet. The online search and advertising business had revenues of $ 66 billion and net profits of $ 14 billion.

  BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - person using money

Google’s founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page made the decision to hand over control of Google’s parent company last December.


At this time, its division was reaching $ 34 billion in profit on sales of $ 161 billion. Not only that but after four years Alphabet managed to increase its worth up to twice as much.


This high balance sheet defends Pichai’s rich reward package over many years. Thanks to this, he now has an annual salary of $ 2 million, not to mention the $ 240 million in stock and stock options.


In the same way, a degree of satisfaction is justified. However, Pichai warns that he has received an organization amid a huge change. This is not only due to the exit of the founders or the move next year to the new headquarters but for deeper reasons.


As Alphabet has grown, so have economic and political forces.


Google’s monopoly, New pressures


BluCactus - new pressuresOn the other hand, there is a lot of people who are angry with Google.


This list ranges from legislators to people who are against monopolies. They all want answers from the company about their so-called abuses against the searches and advertising technology market.


And to add more fuel to the fire, on July 29 of this year, Pichai, along with the CEOs from Amazon, Apple, and Facebook was called for interrogation.


This interrogation was created and made by the North American Congress. What was the aim of this? They wanted to investigate the alleged anti-competitive practices of large technology companies.


Always fresh never mainstream


From within the company, everything is fine, and Google’s main business is going strong as ever. However, Pichai’s biggest challenge continues to be the same. This is avoiding at all cost the possibility of ALphabet becoming “a mainstream company”. This was something that Brin and Page were always looking to avoid.

  BluCactus - alphabet

This becomes slow anguish because of the lack of innovation and low growth rate.


Today, Alphabet is a combination of business that at first sight may not have anything in common. You can call this a planetary system if you will.


Now, in a commercial aspect, it’s obvious that its main core is Google, especially it’s online advertising business. So, because of this, it generates around 83% of the group’s income and all its profits. As you can see, this is like a constellation in and out of itself.


It has an overabundance of products that together create what’s called the “online ad stack”. This includes services to sell, buy, and attend, notices, and measures for effectiveness, all of this done automatically. Thus, is in these areas that Google is the best globally as it is in online searches.


Their market share from advertisements exceeds 90%. Did you know?


Google’s monopoly, The sky is the limit


Where Pichai’s changes to the administration are most noticeable is in Google Cloud.


BluCactus - google cloudAfter becoming the number one service on Google five years ago, it’s clear that cloud storage has become more than just a trend.


In 2018, he hired Thomas Kurian to lead it. This man was a former top executive at Oracle and is a great creator of corporate software.


Going along with Pichai’s growing leadership philosophy, Kurian was given a lot more freedom.


This, in contrast with his predecessor, Diane Greene. Thus, making the unit a top-notch organization.


He did this by hiring people from his past employer, as well as from SAP, its German rival.

  BluCactus - person talking with some guys

Google’s business in the cloud, which includes G Suite, its a set of online services for professionals.


This is a service that is growing at a rate of more than 50% annually. Besides, earnings are projected to reach $ 13 billion this year, adding 8% to Alphabet’s total.


However, Kurian’s financial success brings a lot of risks. Some of these are how company employees report the drive’s departure from the cloud to other parts of Alphabet.


Their main concern is about how the top-down drive of Google’s cloud business could spread around the organization.


In this sense, many begin to complain about orders that arrive from above with a deadline.


Google’s monopoly, Google’s stand in social issues


After George Floyd’s murder, Google’s staff complained about the lack of diversity in the company. Not only that, but they also said how the people in charge weren’t doing anything to solve this. So, after a couple of weeks, the company vowed to raise “representation in the leadership of underrepresented groups” by 30% over the next five years.

  BluCactus - firm

In June, over 2,000 employees signed an open letter to Pichai ordering the company to stop selling its technology to law enforcement agencies across the United States.


For the past few weeks, it seems like the situation has calmed down in the company. A lot of workers decided to stay silent in fear of being fired. We only know this because a Google employee shared that information anonymously.


All of this only adds to the fire of rumors and speculation, both inside and outside Alphabet. In fact, a lot of people are wondering if Pichai is the right person for the job.


On the other hand, Pichai is accused of being too risk-averse. “I was never shy to make big bets and follow my instincts,” insists the executive.


However, it’s hard to say that he is a visionary. This can be even harder if we compare him to figures like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos or Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. In this aspect, Pichai has the chance of proving everyone wrong.


A new age for Google


The Covid-19 pandemic offers the perfect excuse to erase a lot of problems in the company. An example of this can be the excessive stack of a lot of products. Besides, this also allows them to erase Alphabet’s internal bureaucracy.

  BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - technology

No everything is bad news though, this could be a new age for Google.


Google’s monopoly. It could bring a new balance between Google’s culture of “better is new” creations and the more frequent use of the potential to make money from its products and services. So, these antitrust investigations could be a good thing for Pichai after all.


“In some sense seek greater clarity,” he says.


Another possibility is to charge for one of their services. And, for this, Google becomes more of a data tutorial center that handles people’s information for it. So, we can compare this with what a bank does with the money.


The firm has already started to create the necessary tools for this. This includes software that can eat up encrypted data. If Pichai could make this happen it would really be an inspiration. Thus, this would allow Alphabet to stick around for a while.


Google’s monopoly, Google’s legal battle


BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - person talking to a crewThe tech giant Google faced an “unprecedented” investigation by fifty US attorneys general into its power on the internet and a possible violation of the country’s antitrust laws online.


“This is an unprecedented investigation. (…) It is fair to say that Google controls all aspects of the supply chain of the web public,” said Missouri Attorney General, Republican Eric Schmitt, in a press conference in front of the US Supreme Court


The highest court in the country served as the stage for Schmitt and a dozen other prosecutors from states in the country, such as Texas, Republican Ken Paxton, who leads the alliance.


“It’s a very important issue of our era. Many consumers believe that the internet is free, but we have learned that it’s not. Google is a company that dominates all aspects of advertising,” said Paxton.

  BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - person using money

48 state attorneys general and those of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will carry out investigations into the behavior of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, on the web.


The only two states not participating in the initiative are California, where the company is based, and Alabama.


“It should not surprise them that California is not part of this. (…) But they are invited to do so,” Paxton quipped when asked about it.


The Texas prosecutor stated that the initial focus of the investigation will be online advertising. This is a market in which he highlighted that Google is a “leader”. This comes after the company raised over 48,000 million dollars this year.


The accusations


BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - ken paxtonHowever, other attorneys generals went further with this issue and created more questions about Google’s activity. Some of them about the processing and protection of user data.


“When there is no free market or competition, prices go up.


Google’s monopoly. This happens even when something is marketed as free, and it hurts consumers.


But, is it really free when our private information is being shared more and more? “Asked Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, Republican.


BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - facebookProsecutors participating in the press conference highlighted the “bipartisan” nature of the initiative and the importance of “protecting American consumers”.


The moment Americans found out about this investigation, they started to build a lot of expectations.


Now, large technology companies will have to face the court to explain all of their online practices in recent years.


Because of Google’s dominance over 90% of the web search service, it has faced a wide range of accusations.


The most important one is about how they lead consumers to their own products at the expense of competitors.


Where does this come from?


BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - conclusionToday’s action comes after another coalition of attorneys general from eight states opened an investigation Friday into whether Facebook compromised consumer data or violated antitrust law.


“The largest social media platform in the world must obey the law,” said New York General Attorney Letitia James.


Last month, Facebook agreed to pay $5 billion as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for privacy violation charges.


In short, two of the world’s largest tech companies will face a huge amount of investigations for the next few months. Thus, this result could change the advertising and data protection policies on their platforms.


Conclusion of Google’s monopoly


BluCactus - Google’s monopoly - contact usSo, as you can see, Google is basically one of the largest search companies on the internet.


Because of this, all of our information depends on this company and the fact that it shouldn’t go outside of it. However, the beginning of this situation must be taken into account.


We know that after the pandemic, Google could change the structure of its headquarters, at least on a psychical aspect. On the other hand, when we talk about a company having a monopoly, no one comes close to Google.


We must take care of everything we use, even within the internet. Google is currently in a difficult situation where we will not know what its end will be.


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Everything you need to know to achieve success within the decoration and furniture industry

The best marketing strategies to be successful in the decoration and furniture industry. We can’t deny that all companies need marketing strategies to move forward with their business and reach their goals. However, some people think it’s hard to use these strategies with businesses that sell furniture or any kind of home decor. So, since we all now live in a world of technology, all companies must find a way to adapt to these changes. Furniture and decoration are no exception.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobWe all, at some point, have gone to a furniture store. Always with the need to buy a piece of furniture or to give a change to our home.


Over time, e-commerce has influenced this business sector. Now, they too have had to use social media and other types of media.


The aim of this is, as always, to make themselves known and attract more customers.


For this, they have had to innovate using these different digital platforms adapted to their business.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobIn this article, we will mention some marketing strategies that you can use if you are part of the entrepreneurs who dedicate to selling these types of products.


At BluCactus, we always bring you the best option for your business. We are a marketing agency committed to our clients and we always focus on their well-being.


Now, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have stayed at home. This is a great opportunity for sellers of these specific products.


So, because of this, there are a lot of people who have decided to apply some changes to their homes. Some of them do it out of boredom since they spend most of their time at home. Thus, now is a good time as any to put in use some marketing strategies and grow your business.


What are the companies that make up this sector?


Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry, Furniture sector


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobAll those products that people buy for their homes, offices, and places like stores, are what makes up the furniture sector.


These are objects that we all use for our daily and essential activities.


Some examples can be a bed to sleep in, a dining room to eat, a chair with a desk to do office work, etc.


As you may have noticed, most of the products offered in this sector are beds, furniture, shelves, chairs, tables, and kitchen furniture.


BluCactus - sectorThese are basically the articles that we can always find in this sector. So, if you wanted to enter this industry, you already know the range of products that you can offer to your customers.


Normally the materials used to build the furniture are wood (cherry, pine, oak, among others) and metal. However, we can also find some pieces of furniture made of plastic. Besides, this is one of the best recyclable materials. That’s why this is a good opportunity to start a business. It can even be more perfect if you don’t have a lot of financial resources at your disposal.


What’s important is that there is a wide amount of ways to build different furnishings. Thus, you don’t have to worry if you haven’t figured out how to do it yet. There a lot of options where to choose from.


Decoration sector


BluCactus - companiesOn the other hand, all those stores that sell products like mirrors, paintings, lights, plates, and candles make up the decoration sector.


Not only that but it also sells decorations for celebrations like balloons for example. So, these industries often work together because their products are alike.


Besides, they also work well together inside a house. That’s why a lot of furniture companies also sell decoration products.


Thus, this is a good strategy to use. The reason why is that it offers a wide range of products in one place.


What are the key marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies?


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobThere are many marketing strategies that companies use for this sector.


First of all, you must know who your loyal and potential customers are.


This way, you can better tailor your product to meet their needs.


In BluCactus we’ll give you some marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies.


We are sure that they will help you to start in this business:


BluCactus - computer with important informationGive a good description of the product: 


This point is for all those entrepreneurs who offer their products on their website or any social media platform.


E-commerce has been very good for this sector.


This is because it attracts every day more users to this type of product.


However, when viewing a piece of furniture on a shelf or on a website, potential customers would like to know a thing or two, such as:

  • BluCactus - measureWhat’s the length of the productFor example, if you are selling a shelf on your website, you must show what the measurements are. In this way, potential customers can get a picture of the product in their head, and know if it will fit perfectly in their home or if they need another smaller or larger shelf.
  • What material is it made ofWe already told you the most common materials. But, you still must tell your customers what the materials that you offer are. They aren’t guessers and even if they do know, you should still do it. That way they will know if they can find what they want with you.


Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry, Variety in colors and designs:


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - cellphone with important informationWe recommend offering a wide variety of colors and designs. This way customers can choose their favorite and the one that best suits the needs of their home.


Finally, don’t forget to use a good photo to display your product on a website. A good photo must have the right angle, the right environment, and, above all, excellent lighting.


All of this is key to offer a good article on a website. You can use your own page or an advertisement on Facebook or Instagram for this. The inclusion of videos, where you showcase some of your products is also a good idea. In them, you can place your furniture and décor products in the same space.


This way you will give potential customers some ideas on how they can decorate their own space.


Other marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies


If you want to increase the success of your store and are interested in selling these items, it’s important to use other marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies:


Use digital advertising: 


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobDigital advertising is a good option to make yourself known on the web. Offering your products on another page can bring you a lot of benefits if you use it well. Remember to create an advertisement that doesn’t come off as invasive. If you do this it can annoy and scare off potential customers.


So, for this, you can use a lot of types of digital advertising to attract customers. For example, you can use banners on websites, stories on Instagram, or an ad on Facebook. If you know any other social media platform, try to see if you can also advertise there.


So, as you can see, there are a lot of options for the creation of marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies. The only thing you have to do is choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.


Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry, Start making yourself known on social media:


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - cellphone with important informationCreating a Facebook page or a business account on Instagram is a good option to start promoting yourself and thus attract potential customers.


Before this, you must establish what the objective of that social media platform will be for your business. Do you want more clients? Do you want to offer all your products to increase sales? The objectives must be very clear so that you can get the most out of that platform.


Without a doubt, you will also be able to offer details about your physical store -if you have one- so that customers can go and see in person the different furniture and decoration products that it offers if they wish.


Enter the main Google search engines: 


BluCactus - computer with important informationMarketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry. This one of the most important marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies. The reason for this is that this industry has had a new boom with the Internet.


However, even if this isn’t a popular sector within merchants, your company must be in Google search engines. How can you achieve it? There are a lot of ways to do this.


One of the most generic ways to do this is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Some things that you should remember to position your web page in the main Google search engines are


Finally, the website must have good text content along with an attractive design. Remember that this must be adapted to the client’s needs and that it answers all their questions.


Tips for starting a furniture and decoration store in 2020


BluCactus - measureWe have talked about the importance of having an action plan set to meet the goals of your online business.


But, besides, some basic tips will help you achieve the success of your store in 2020.


If you are starting your business or if you already have a physical business and want to take the digital leap, you must pay attention to the following tips.


Here are more marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies:

  • BluCactus - computer with important informationCreate your own attractive websiteThis is a good marketing strategy for companies in furniture and decoration. Having your own domain will help you to become known and to be successful in the market. Your site has to be attractive, but also original enough to stand out.
  • Apply the email subscription option: This step may be optional, but it’s a good way for your potential customers to receive more detailed and personalized information about your products.
  • Interact with your customers: Send surveys by asking questions. For example, what kind of new products would they like to see in the store? Do a question-and-answer section. The customer will always be the key to a good marketing strategy for furniture and decoration companies.

BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobHere are some marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies.


With these tips, you can know ​​how to start your business or even move from the face-to-face platform to the digital one.


If you need help to execute your strategies, we are your best option.


At BluCactus we offer you the best-personalized method to boost your brand.


For more information, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our marketing strategies.


Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry. Social media and furniture: can they work together?


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - cellphone with important informationSocial media has become the boom of the century. Every day more companies are joining these platforms. The reason why this happens is that they know that they can get a lot of benefits from it. We do not want you to be the exception. Undoubtedly this sector can combine very well with social media, due to their versatility and the number of people who spend their time on them.


So the answer is yes, you can combine both. You can include social media as part of your marketing strategies for furniture and decor companies.


But for this, it’s necessary to know which social media platforms is the best to enter this business. Next, we are going to mention some of them:




BluCactus - instagramThis is an excellent option to show your products. You can work with Instagramers or influencers who are very active on this platform.


With them, you can have them model or take photos with your products. You can also open your business account here.


This way it will be easier for users to access your website. Besides, you can also take photos, videos, and upload them to your profile.


A good story and a few advertisements can accompany these elements. Don’t forget that interaction on Instagram is very important for users. Thus, if you are going to enter this social media platform, try to be as quick as possible.


Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry, Facebook: 


BluCactus - computer with important informationThis is one of the best platforms for marketing.


With it, you can have a greater impact on your audience.


This is due to the wide range of age groups that use this social media platform.


In it, you can open your account and not only display your products, but you can also add information from your physical store – if you have it – that is useful to potential customers.


Other social media platforms you can use


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - computer with important informationYouTube: 


A lot of YouTubers and influencers have joined the trend of showing off their house on this audiovisual platform.


They call this a House Tour.


This is an excellent opportunity to work with them and make them part of your strategy to advertise your products.


This way you will be able to increase your sales and get more views on your page. Thus, attracting potential customers.


Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry, Pinterest


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - cellphone with important informationNow, Pinterest is perfect for this. The reason? A lot of digital artists look for ideas on this platform to get inspiration and make their own works.


The industry of furniture and decoration is no exception. Displaying your products on this platform can give you a lot of benefits.


This is because people will look for ideas to decorate their homes and your products could be what they are looking for.


With this list of social media platforms, you can boost your online business and take that leap to become known in this sector.


Being fast and close to your customers is important for this sector. So, if a user is interested in a piece of furniture or has a question about some other product, try to respond as fast as possible.


What are the most successful furniture and decoration companies?


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobSome companies have used social media to build a presence in their sector and have been successful. Remember that here, patience is key.


So, you must apply these marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies to get the best results.


Next, we are going to show you some examples of successful brands.


They have reached success in the furniture and decoration industry without losing their essence:




BluCactus - computer with important informationThis Venezuelan brand is an odd case. This is because little by little, it included decoration and furniture products to its stores. These stores are in the main cities of the Venezuelan territory. And even if it’s mainly known as a clothing store, it also offers products from this sector at a good price.


A perfect example that furniture and decoration can be mixed and get great results.


It also has decoration and furniture products for all ages, even for the little ones.


Not only that but it also has the option of buying through Auto TRAKI. This service is just like those from fast-food restaurants, an example can be McDonald’s AutoMac. They can also order their preferred products through the store’s website.


Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry, Ikea: 


BluCactus - computer with important informationThis brand is one of the biggest references in this sector. We cannot mention the furniture and decoration industry without talking about Ikea.


From furniture, shelves, beds, bathroom furniture, kitchens, and even pet accessories.


These are just a few of the enormous number of products that Ikea offers. But what is behind the success of this famous company? Among the many successful practices that have led it to success, one of them is the adaptation to web platforms.


This was one of the first companies in the sector to use digital media. We can also highlight the good use that Ikea makes of social media. And finally, they also included videos as part of their content marketing strategy.


BluCactus - computer with important informationAmazon: 


What product can’t we find on Amazon?


It’s the largest online store (eCommerce) and offers endless articles.


The furniture and decoration sector is also part of this list.


This online store provides convenience to users since they can make purchases anywhere in the world.


Conclusion of Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry - working people doing their jobWe have shown you some brands that have been successful in this sector. As you can see, each one of them applies different strategies to attract loyal customers. So, what’s important here is that you know the needs of your customers.


Only in this way, you will be able to satisfy them with your products or services. Using any of these marketing strategies for furniture and decor companies can be hard. However, remember that it’s extremely important to have an effective plan of action to achieve your goals.


If you are part of this industry or want to venture into it, BluCactus is your best option to get advice. We can help you with a marketing strategy for your furniture and decoration company.


Our aim is to boost your business and increase your sales. Now it’s your turn to tell us, did you know the importance that creating marketing strategies for furniture and decoration companies had? Remember to follow us on our social media and to subscribe to our daily newsletter.

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How the world sees you matters: What is a corporate identity?

What is a Corporate Identity? If you’re looking to build your brand, there are different aspects that you have to consider. This way you will be able to inspire security, either financially or in the loyalty of consumers.


Some of these factors are the post-sale relationship, financial benefits, and corporate identity. These allow the brand to be part of the public’s consumer habits. Thus, when the consumer sees certain symbols, colors, or practices, they will think of a company.


What is a corporate identity?


BluCactus - Corporate identity - what isThis is the set of values that takes part in the world’s vision of a company.


This includes elements like its principles, endomarketing actions, the position that it adopts in different situations, and the image it wants to create for itself.


If you want to know what a corporate identity is, you must learn that this is way more than the image of a company.


This has to do with important cultural and organizational matters of the company.


BluCactus - Corporate identity - logoThat is why companies of all sizes and sectors think this is essential for their relationships with collaborators and customers.


Plus, it represents what a person is, their values, how they relate to other people, and how they act in different situations.


Now, to answer your question about what is a corporate identity, we will explain its elements.


What is a corporate identity? Brand elements

  • Name


BluCactus - mcdonaldsYou must choose a name that showcases your corporate identity.


We know that this can be a challenge since it has to represent everything that the company is.


Besides, it has to tell its story and what it stands for.


This is the first thing that will make your company stand out from the rest.


You also have the option of adding a slogan after your company name. The results of this can be amazing. This will depend on if your slogan turns out to be catchy and the public likes it.

  • What is a Corporate Identity? Brand logo


BluCactus - logo of the brandThis is a symbol or image that is created based on the values of the company.


Design specialists say that a logo should be simple and clear.


This way, the general public can easily understand the message it wants to deliver.


This can be in a written format or a drawing.


BluCactus - computer with a brainRemember that no matter which one you choose, it must have meaning.


We recommend creating different versions of the logo. For example, you can create it on a white background, black background, vertical, horizontal, and so on.


We must say that the logo isn’t the name of your business in PowerPoint with a Comic Sans font. Also, the logo can be even more important than the name itself. This is because the human brain remembers images better than words.


A logo is a design in which you can add or replace the company name. It must also meet these terms: Be distinctive, lasting, and sustainable. All of this without leaving out everything the company means.


BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherWhen creating a logo, it’s very useful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my business fun or serious? Depending on the answer, you will need a striking color or quite the opposite.
  • Who is it for? An adult audience is not the same as a child, or male or female.
  • Is it something exclusive? It can be a design that conveys elegance and high purchasing power.

Most often than not, companies don’t give the logo the importance it has.


This is a big mistake since this is the first impression that a customer has of the business.

  • Typography, which represents the personality of the brand


BluCactus - typographyTypography is nothing more than the fonts we can use to create our brand. In general, we recommend sticking to only one font, but remember that before you make a permanent decision, you must first consider if it would look good in print, digital, or different color materials.


Some companies choose up to a second and a third font if the first is not available.


This is key to having an effective image identity. Companies like Apple or Mercedes-Benz are brands that people can easily identify.


This is thanks to their unique and constant typographic style.


Remember, you must have a unique personality, both clear and easy to read.

  • What is a Corporate Identity? Colors that can make the company identity stand out

  BluCactus - colors

Colors are not just the color of the logo.


They are also the colors and tones that will be used in all the company’s materials, be it graphic material, online, or even in the physical structure of the business.


It’s common for the color palette to include a primary palette of 2 to 4 colors and a secondary palette of 8 to 12 colors. All materials must meet certain specifications.


The aim of this is to have the public only characterize these colors to the visual identity of a brand and not relate it to another.


BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherYou should not leave the choice of the color palette to chance either.


Remember that color is used to call out emotions and express personality. Thus, they can affect the emotions that your brand evokes in people.


In turn, it can incite brand relationships and make you stand out faster.


For example, think of a red can, it’s unnecessary to say that it’s Coca-Cola, much less say where it was bought.


Once we see the colors, a specific image will come to mind, no matter if we want it or not.

  • BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherImages that can evoke the brand


Using images, whether they are photos, illustrations, or icons.


Is also part of the corporate visual identity of any brand.


For that reason, it must be consistent with the rest of the elements.

  • BluCactus - Corporate identity - voice and toneWhat is a Corporate Identity? Voice and tone


Voice and tone refer to the way the company expresses its messages and addresses its audiences.


Treating the public as you is not the same as treating them as yourself.


Respect is above everything.


Remember that it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

  • Website, increase your brand’s experience


BluCactus - Corporate identity - example of the corporate identityNowadays, a web page tops the list of brand needs. By the due take care of its design, its usability, and its contents.


The website has become the second-best experience of any brand. This is only outdone by the real experience. Besides, most times, this can be more efficient and faster.


Like the website, social platforms have made stories, statements, and opinions more than ever important. Because of this, companies now consider them to be another element of what is a corporate identity.


This has come to the point where users now trust more in companies that have an online presence. Because of this, online reputation is a factor that we must also take care of.

  • What is a Corporate Identity? Corporate stationery, which embodies the identity


BluCactus - logoFor every day that passes by, fewer people are using letters and envelopes.


However, companies still use them in the form of business cards, flyers, brochures, and catalogs.


They do this to communicate with their audience.


Thus, we must remind you that there are many opportunities to showcase the personality of your brand in these elements.

  • BluCactus - the signageSignage


This identifies the brand in the outside world, and most companies don’t even think about it.


Now, when it comes to business with physical establishments, the decoration, including the facade as well as the sign with the brand’s name, will represent the brand.


That’s why it’s so important to not leave out this detail.

  • What is a Corporate Identity? Packaging that make your brand unique


BluCactus - packagingIf your brand’s packaging shows honesty, we assure you that the users will, without a doubt, take it home.


We constantly allow the shapes, colors, graphics, and packaging messages of the products we buy to influence us.


Thus, we consider that stores’ shelves can be the most competitive marketing environment there is.


So, we must highlight, once again, the importance of being unique and stand out.

  • BluCactus - messageMessage


The message of your brand is one of the last elements that make up what is a corporate identity.


This has to do with the vision, mission, and values of your company.


This element is a must-have if you want to direct action in different areas of the company.


For example, the message can be more formal or informal depending on the company’s profile and image.


What is a corporate identity? Its benefits


BluCactus - reputationA stable and clear corporate identity that is easily identified and long-lasting, has the following benefits.

  • Increases brand equity
  • Helps to stand out from the competition
  • Creates trust in the company and improves its reputation.
  • Provides consistency in all communication.
  • Allows the company to be easily identified and remembered by consumers


What is the difference between corporate identity and a logo?


BluCactus - Corporate identity - example of the corporate identityWhen people ask what is a corporate identity, they often think that the answers are that it goes hand in hand with the logo.


Because of this, they think once they do this, the identity of the company is complete.


However, this is just one element among many that makes this up.


We can say that the logo is one aspect that makes up what is a corporate identity, but doesn’t represent the main characteristics of the company. 


On the other hand, the visual aspect of a company is an important factor that allows people to identify it. However, the image of a company’s speech must be put into practice in many ways, and not just as an aesthetic.


What is a corporate identity? Why do I need one?


BluCactus - Corporate identity - example of the corporate identityYou already know that a corporate identity represents the essential and visual elements that make up a company.


Now, you must clearly define what your company stands for and what will it defend. This way, your customers, partners, and contributors will know what to expect from it.


In this sense, some companies have a speech, but in reality, all they do is an act. If you do this, you can lose the trust of the public.


To give an example, if a company has a speech about how much they care for the environment and its preservation, and at the same time partners with companies that are known to be polluters, it will send a wrong message.


BluCactus - Corporate identity - example of the corporate identityThus, once the public knows about this, they will question what the company stands for and think badly of it.


Because of this, corporate identity has become important to build a solid message. The reason for this is that it can help to create strong expectations from the public as well as allow them to know what to expect from you.


Today, new consumer trends have made the relationship between a company and its customers more important than ever.


It also has allowed creating a balance in sales. This is because the fixed base of customers makes up an important part of a company’s finances.


This new relationship makes consumers begin to demand companies to take a stance on different topics. Thus, if someone says “What is a corporate identity?” you can say that it’s a relevant factor to direct these kinds of relationships.


What is a corporate identity? Its subjective characteristics


BluCactus - differentiationOnce you start to create the corporate identity of your company, you must consider many aspects.


One of them is including the daily practices that already exist in the company.


Thus, this way you will avoid many problems like the lack of synchronization between the proposal and the execution.


Within the subjective factor that has to be present in the identity of a company, the next stand out.

  • BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherDifferentiationWithin an efficient proposal you must stand out from the competition and grab the attention of the public because of the exclusivity of the performance.
  • CoherenceThe contradictions between discourse and practice are a huge risk that you must not take. Thus, the identity must maintain the characteristics of the company and the way it works.
  • RelevanceThe importance of the company to its target audience must include, not only the creation of the brand’s concept but also be compatible with what the public seeks with the company.
  • ReputationOnce you create the above three elements, the company will be able to focus on the positive image it wants to deliver to its target audience.

BluCactus - relevanceA good reputation won’t just appear the same day you start to create it.


You must build this over time.


So, now that you know what the subjective characteristics of a corporate identity.


We will explain which elements must be present when creating it.


What is a corporate identity? How to create one?


BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherBefore you create your corporate identity, you must know the visual identity is not as important as the values that must be had.


Some of these are differentiation, coherence, relevance, and reputation.


Now, we will tell you in more detail how it should be prepared:


What is a Corporate Identity? Brand story:


Each person creates their own identity based on the life history they have.


BluCactus - Corporate identity - visual identity

With companies, this isn’t different. A company can only adopt a certain speech if it goes along with its history.


So, by determining, and not creating, motivations become critical to the brand. Thus, the identity of a company is built step by step, in harmony with the message it wants to deliver.


Visual identity:


As you know, this is a fundamental aspect of the company since this represents the message that the company wants to convey. 


Within the elements that make this up are:

  • What is a Corporate Identity? Target audiences:


BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherThe identity of a company must take into account the target audience and the buyers it wants to reach.


Both the visual identity and the essence of the message to be transmitted can be different.


For example, if the audience is made up of young people of up to 25 years old or people between 45 and 60 years old.


The approval of the identity to the target audience influences the congruence of the message and the construction of the reputation.

  • Language


BluCactus - languageLast, but not least, is the language that the company will use. We previously said that being respectful is everything.


Remember that this will be the language that you will use not only in advertising but in business relations.


This includes your relationship with the clients and collaborators as well as your marketing choices and more.


Thus, the language must be consistent with the message and the characteristics of the audience.


What sectors of the company it influences?


BluCactus - internal communicationBy creating a corporate identity, you will influence all areas of the company. This can be either directly or indirectly. Now, we will highlight some important aspects of those changes.


Internal communication


Besides adopting this to the visual identity, you must also integrate it into every form of contact.


These can be: with collaborators, with talks, internal reports, notice boards, magazines, and more.


This is something that conveys the values we want by using the correct language.


What is a Corporate Identity? External communication


BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherThis is where we impact the target audience, partners, and the general public. We can do this either through press advice, advertising pieces, website, and social media, among others.


Thus, as you can see, the importance of being consistent with the identity of the company is critical.


Some examples of this kind of communication include the manual for the brand’s publications on Facebook.


You must follow this with the same rules of what is a corporate identity. This means that you can do this according to the visual aspects of it or on how to interact with the public.


Customer service and relationship


BluCactus - people workingLet’s start with an example. Let’s imagine that a company wants to convey a message of modern technology but doesn’t use social media to reach its users.


What do you think will happen?


Well, as you can imagine, it will send a conflicting message. This is because of its proposal, and what they really do is different from each other.


Thus, the ways of relating to the clients, the channels of service, the methods, among others.


All are influenced by the stance the company chooses.


BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherWhat is a Corporate Identity? Organizational culture


Finally, a company that allows its employees to have creative freedom, will see how this affects the organizational culture of the company for the better.


The same will happen to companies that put concepts like teamwork, organization, professional growth, among others, above everything else.




BluCactus - Corporate identity - people working togetherWe finish this article by saying that corporate identity has to do with both the aesthetics elements that convey the identity of the company and the values with which it acts.


We hope that we were able to answer your question about what is a corporate identity.


Besides, after explaining everything, we assure you that if you follow all of this, you will be able to transmit the essence of your company to the public.


We can guarantee that you will achieve your objectives within your company, of that, we are sure.


BluCactus - comuterEven if you’re an experienced entrepreneur who knows all the characteristics of your own business, we recommend hiring a team of specialists who will consider all the aspects of the identity guide.


Given the importance of this, you should not take this lightly.


Remember that along with the corporate identity of a company is the branding of the brand itself.


This means that both of these factors are complemented with a strategy of action in the market. 

  BluCactus - Corporate identity - contact us

At BluCactus, we have specialists who can advise you and create a strategic plan for your corporate identity.


This way, you will be able to transmit the essence of your company.


Thus, increasing your sales and gaining more exposure in the market.


Contact us now and request your free quote!


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E-Commerce, conquer the world of Online Sales: Everything you need to know and more!

What is e-commerce?  Thanks to new technologies and new advances in digital business, you may have heard about what e-commerce is or what the exact meaning of this term is.


Today, this system is very popular. However, despite its fame, many people are not sure what exactly it’s.


Hence, the aim of this article is to explain what e-commerce is. We will explain, its difference with other similar terms, its types, and the advantages it has over traditional commerce.


What is e-commerce?


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingE-commerce or electronic commerce is, according to the definition of different websites, a system of buying – selling products and services.


Likewise, it uses the Internet as the main means of exchange.


So, in conclusion, it’s a business that manages collections and payments through electronic means.


Differences between e-commerce and e-business


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingPeople often confuse the concept of e-commerce with that of e-business when, in reality, they have nothing to do with each other.


This system means the sale of goods and services between a buyer and a seller.


On the other hand.


e-business refers to the entire process that we must carry out to manage an online business.


BluCactus - inbound marketing


For example, within e-business, there are:


The concept of e-business is larger compared to this system.


In fact, e-commerce is part of it as it’s a type of business model.


Main differences between e-commerce and marketplace


BluCactus - hostThe platform where the web is hosted:


One of the main differences between this system and the marketplace is that the former has its own domain for its website.


In other words, the seller can create a custom name.


However, we recommend that this name is of the brand itself.


Since a marketplace displays many products from different companies at the same time, the name of it will be generic.


Thus, it won’t be related to our brand.


BluCactus - personalizationPersonalization:


While this system allows the manager to change the design of their online store to their liking, the marketplace does not.


A point in favor of this system is that it can make the online store follow the same patterns as the brand, in terms of colors, fonts, and images.


Thus, we can create personalized content for our target audience.




BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingThe main element that we’re sure will help you to make a choice between this system and a marketplace is the visibility. This visibility, depending on how high or low it’s, is what will help you gain a great position on Google’s search results.


In the marketplace’s case, its visibility is higher than this system.


This is because marketplaces spend money on more publicity and offer more products and seller offers.


On the contrary, this system needs more time for its brand to be positioned in Google since it has to work on SEO or SEM.


The appearance of competition:


BluCactus - competitionFor a user who doesn’t know exactly what to buy, a marketplace is more practical since it offers them endless options.


However, this isn’t an advantage for sellers, as a larger catalog means more competition.


In the same way, in a marketplace, the attention time of visitors to the same product will decrease.


In e-commerce, we don’t find this problem, since the user is only browsing your website.


BluCactus - inversionInitial investment:


In this system, when creating an online store from scratch, you have more initial purchase than a marketplace.


This is because the marketplace has an established platform.


Meanwhile, with this system you have to buy a domain, hosting, or position the brand.


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingEarnings per sale:


Another difference between e-commerce and the marketplace is what the seller earns for each purchase.


In the marketplace’s case, the owner of the page takes a commission per sale.


However, in this system, the seller takes all the profits since there are no people in between.


BluCactus - relationshipB2B / B2C relationship


This system uses a B2C business because the only intention is to sell its products.


The marketplace, besides being an online store, allows the establishment of business between the companies involved.


This is because it uses a B2B and B2C electronic commerce.


Responsibility for shipping:


BluCactus - scalabilityThe brand is the party responsible for the shipping, and warranty of the product. This is the same for both the marketplace and this system.


Forms of electronic commerce


In case you didn’t know, there’s a large world within this system where we can find many different types of models.


We can classify them into two:

  1. The function of who sells and who buys.
  2. Different “models” of this system.

We’ll explain:


BluCactus - b2bAccording to the commercial profile


Each business has a client to which they direct it, and based on this.


We can classify it into:

  • B2B (Business-to-Busines): Companies whose clients are other companies or organizations.

For example, a materials store that targets interior designers or architects.

  BluCactus - b2c    
  • B2C (Business-to-Consumer): 
  Companies that sell directly to the final consumers of the product or service.  

It’s one of the most common and there are thousands of examples.


Of stores for fashion, shoes, electronics, and more.

  • BluCactus - c2bC2B (Consumer-to-Business):
  Entries in that consumers publish a product or service and companies bid for them.  

They are the classic freelance job entries such as,


Freelancer, Twago, Nubelo, or Adtriboo.

        BluCactus - c2c
  • C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer): These are those companies that facilitate the sale of products from some consumers to others.

The clearest example would be eBay, Wallapop, or any other second-hand sales website.


Besides these forms of electronic commerce, there are other less popular ones such as G2C (Government-to-Consumer), C2G (Consumer-to-Government), or B2E (Business-to-Employer).


As you can see, e-commerce goes far beyond just being a simple buying and selling of products in a store.


BluCactus - profitAccording to the business model


The online sector is not yet mature.


Technological changes are constant and the new online businesses.


That arise adapt to the new needs that come with them.


Depending on how the income is generated or how the exchange between buyer and seller is carried out, we can divide them into:

  • BluCactus - membershipOnline store with its own products: This the first thing that you could of think of when talking about this system. It has the same characteristics as a physical store but in an online version. For example
  • Dropshipping: At first sight, the consumer might think that everything is the same as normal e-commerce. The difference is that the seller does not send the product, but it’s a third party that does.
  • Affiliate e-commerce: A delay in the purchase process is affiliate businesses. Here, the store not only does not send the product, but it also doesn’t do the closing of the sale on its platform. What it does is refer the customer to another store, which pays a commission when the sale is confirmed. Affiliations with Amazon are very common. Example:
  • Membership: This type of e-commerce looks for recurring purchases. The way to achieve this is with a periodical subscription, it can be weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. These types of memberships are becoming more popular with the so-called “Mystery boxes”.

BluCactus - marketplace

What does it consist of?


This is a box that is shipped each month with products, for example, a monthly box of craft beers.


Instead of selling the product only once, it offers the possibility of receiving it with a certain frequency.


For example

  • Marketplace: A marketplace is a store of stores.

BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingIt’s a website where different sellers offer their products of one or more themes. Amazon is also an example of a marketplace.


Although it also works as e-commerce, anyone can sell on this platform for a succulent commission for Mr. Bezos.

  • Services: An e-commerce business doesn’t just have to be about selling items.

Training, consulting, mentoring, or any exchange of time for money is a very viable option to start without risk.


As we have mentioned, advances in this sector happen almost every day. This means that new types of this system are constantly appearing. 


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person working

Advantages of E-commerce


Next, we will explain the advantages of this incredible business technique:

  1. More customers: In no store, local, or company with offices in several cities you can achieve the reach of this system.

The ability to buy and sell from anywhere in the world widens the target audience and allows us to get more customers.

  BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person working
  1. No hours: This system does not have hours, while there are rarely stores or companies that work 24 hours a day.

The website is open to the public all day and the customer can buy what they want whenever they want. If your business is not on the web, it’s time to think about it.

  1. Fewer costs: Knowing that you won’t need to pay a physical place, it lowers costs compared to traditional business.
  2. More profit margin: The reduction in costs and the increase in the customer market mean that, even by lowering prices, we can achieve a higher margin than with a traditional establishment. Thus, you will sell more which means more money for you.
  3. Scalability: This means that you can sell to one or a thousand people at the same time.

BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingIn a physical business, there is always a limit to the number of clients that can be served at the same time.


While in e-commerce the limits set by its ability to attract visitors.


While this system does have great advantages.


It’s important to say that not everything is rosy.


Because of this, it also has its cons which we will show you:




BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingMore than disadvantages or cons, we can call them “challenges”. We know that everything has its positive side and not so positive, but don’t look at it as a negative.


Everything has a solution and this can work so you’re aware of what this system can mean.


Lack of confidence: 


The payment method has advanced a lot, to the point where it has become even more secure than those of a physical business.


However, many people still think that this is an unsafe transaction.


This results in mistrust. You can help solve it with an SSL certificate (HTTPS) that encrypts the transferred information, and with other seals that convey that much-needed trust.


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingProducts or services “that cannot be seen or touched”: 


We are all buyers and at some point, we have a sense distrust when making an investment.


One way to achieve confidence is to see and touch the product with our own hands. That intangible feeling is lost in e-commerce.


How can we solve this?


With very complete product sheets, including images, videos, and one very detailed product description.


BluCactus - internetThe need to have Internet access: 


We might take it for granted, but we must highlight that to sell through the Internet we will need an Internet connection.


Forgive the repetition.


We will also need a digital device such as a computer.


Most people can do it, but in certain sectors, where the target audience is older or less “technological”, this might cause inconveniences for them.


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingTechnical difficulties:


Any undertaking, whether offline or online, implies entering unknown topics.


With e-commerce, the technology part requires minimum technical knowledge that not everyone has, and this is normal.


The best way to solve it’s by assigning that part that you or the person in charge don’t understand.


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingRemember that this has an added cost.


  • Competition: the possibility of economic entry to create e-commerce is not as high as a physical business. That means more competition. Because of this, we recommend that you do a market study and from it, create strategies.
  • Time to get results: When a physical business opens its doors for the first time, it’s already exposing itself to the customers that pass by.

In an online business, getting exposure is more complicated than you might think.


You can have a great product and a great platform, but if you don’t work to gain visibility, no one will ever see it.


Steps to create an e-commerce


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingNow that we know what this system comprises, its pros, and its remains, we will now explain how to create one:

  1. The idea


This is one of the first questions you must ask yourself. Do you already have an idea? Or do you have to start from scratch?


If you aren’t sure, there are several techniques to detect potential opportunities.


They all consist of opening the mind and being attentive to observe, from a business point of view, almost every situation in your day-to-day.


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingIf you go down the street, look at what physical businesses you could take to the Internet.


Think about your needs and those of the surrounding people:

  • What do people wear every day? By what things do they usually complain?

A way to answer those questions is to go outside and watch people.


BluCactus - marketingIf you just sit in a square or shopping center, you will understand the current fashion trends and what people will buy.


See what people are wearing and how they behave. Observe and write every idea that comes to mind.


Always think of solving problems for people and keep in mind that your business mind is like a muscle to be trained.


But the most important thing is not to sell products, is about resolving problems.


Analysis of the idea

  BluCactus - idea

The second step involves refining the initial ideas until you have one or a few.


These are some e-commerce ideas that we will analyze:

  • Value proposition: What value does it bring? What need does it satisfy?
  • Market: Is it a new product? Is it a product that already exists, but with new features?
  • Competition: Who is currently satisfying that need that you have seen in your potential clients? Could you improve it?
  • Demand: Is that problem you are going to solve widespread enough that there is enough demand?
  • Difficulties: You can make a list of challenges that will arise, such as technical difficulties, competition, and threats.

A good way to analyze an idea is with a basic entrepreneurship tool: the SWOT. The SWOT is a matrix that, from an internal and external point of view, analyzes the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your idea.




BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingAbout 300 new companies are registered every day, but most go to the market without a set strategy. We assure you that knowing where you want to go and how you want to do it, will ensure the success of your e-commerce.


You can ask yourself the following questions such as:

  • How will you meet your ideal customer?
  • Why would they prefer the competition?
  • What defines your customers? What common characteristics does your business have?
  • Will you be cheaper?
  • What goals does your business have? How are you going to create it?

To define your e-commerce strategy, you can use the Canvas or another business model canvas.


This template allows you to quickly and easily summarize the keys to a business. Taking the time to fill in your 9 boxes will help you figure out what is important to your idea and how to carry it out.

  BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person working

Action plan


So far you have only set the general ideas and objectives.


In this fourth phase, you must be more objective by defining specific actions aligned with the established strategy.


We will give you some tips:

  • BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingName: This is one of the biggest concerns at the beginning. We recommend that you follow some basic guidelines. Some of them can be keeping it short, easy to pronounce, having the .com domain, and the main social media platforms available.
  • HostingAn e-commerce business needs a server to host.
  • Corporate identityHere, it not only refers to the colors or the logo but also to the values ​​to be sent. This is the true essence of the brand.
  • Website: Who will build the website? If you are not going to do it, you will need someone to do it or advise you correctly. Evaluate the different options based on your business model: PrestaShop, WordPress, and Shopify.
  • Visibility: Although this is the last point, it does not mean that it’s the least important. This is actually the most important and most forgotten part at the same time.

Most entrepreneurs strive to have a good product and a nice website where to sell it, but they don’t think about how customers will get to it.


Criteria to remember to enter the world of digital commerce


BluCactus - What is e-commerce? - professional person workingThe first thing to keep in mind to implement a digital commerce platform is to achieve a unique online shopping experience for the customer.


To achieve this, several aspects must be implemented properly.


You must have a reliable and efficient management system that takes care of online purchases and sales, distribution, product information, and digital marketing.


This system should cover:

  • BluCactus - distributionDistribution: Inventory management, warehouse, orders, packaging, and transportation to the destination.
  • Merchandising: Everything related to the virtual store, catalogs, prices, promotions, and discounts.
  • Marketing: Advertising, sales guidelines, and target markets, as well as the analysis of information and communication channels.
  • Finance: Sales or loss report and accounting books.
  • Technical support: Administration and maintenance of the technological platform and system database.
  • Customer Support. It’s essential to communicate with customers about any aspect of the online sales and purchasing process.

BluCactus - contact usIf you are interested in creating e-commerce you can do it with our help, at BluCactus we have Marketing specialists who can help you take your digital business to another level.


Our recommendations are thought out in every detail to make you and your ideal clients happy.


If you are ready to create your store, it’s important to highlight the importance of hiring a company to carry out this management.


Likewise, we invite you to follow us on our social media now subscribe to our daily newsletter.

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Connect with your users! Increase your sales! Sell on Instagram!

How to sell on Instagram? In today’s world, online sales are essential for all businesses. Social platforms work as a bridge to connect brands with thousands of users around the world and Instagram is one of them. Its exponential growth in recent years has made it the favorite among brands.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itThis is because, due to its many functions, it offers versatility like no other.


Besides, over 95 million photos and videos are shared daily on this platform and its interactivity reaches 1 billion users per month.


This makes it the perfect place to sell anything from products to services.


Because of this, here at BluCactus, we will give you the main tools so that you know how to sell on Instagram and increase your sales.


Important data about Instagram


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itAccording to figures from DataReportal in January 2020, this is the sixth most used social platform around the world.


Likewise, We are the Social Hootsuite charts for this year showed that adults between 18 and 35 years old are the main users of this platform.


This makes selling on Instagram a good option to boost your digital business.


However, even though we must consider this age range, it must be said that it also showed that there are active users of all ages.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itThus, this is an excellent opportunity to offer endless products or services.


With this data, we can confirm that there are many reasons to sell on Instagram. Besides, it’s one of the social platforms with the highest growth in both users and functions.


One advantage of this platform is innovation. This is an elementary factor that keeps it as a favorite around of the world. The last tool it added to its list was Reels.


This is a feature that allows users to make editable 15-second videos. It also allows users to add effects and background music, much like TikTok.


What are the main Instagram tools?


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itWith the amount of diverse content that can be created.


Instagram is undoubtedly at the forefront of the empire made up of social platforms.


However, there are other important functions that we recommend to take into account when selling on Instagram.


Next, we are going to show you the main tools of this social platform:


How to sell on Instagram? Photos and videos:


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itUsers can post a maximum of 10 photos per post and videos of up to 1 minute.


These can have a caption where they can type a maximum of characters. People also have a lot of options when it comes to choosing filters to edit their photos. Some of them are:

  • ClarendonAt first, this was only used for videos, then it was also enabled for photos. This filter is ideal for illuminating reflections.
  • PerpetualWith this filter, users can add pastel tones to their photos.
  • InkwellAllows any photo to be black and white.
  • Amaro: This filter brightens photos more, but adds focus to the center of the image.



BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itThe platform introduced these in 2011 to make it easy for users to find photos or other people.


The idea of hashtags is that they be specific and novel so that they are successful.


Thanks to hashtags, people have been able to create trends on the platform.


Besides, the most successful trends tend to be highlighted weekly on Instagram.


One of the most famous is #ThrowbackThursday or simply #tbt, which users accompany it with a not so recent photo.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Instagram Direct:


Instagram created this feature in 2013. Here, different users can send pictures and videos through private messages.


People can also interact with their friends through a group of up to 15 people.


They can send messages to people who they don’t even follow or who don’t follow them.


If they do this, Instagram will mark the message as pending and the receiving user must accept it beforehand to see it.


Other functions that allow you to sell on Instagram


Instagram Stories: 


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itThis tool came out in 2016 with the aim that people could take or upload photos, with effects and filters to their Instagram stories.


This function lasts only 24 hours, similar to what Snapchat allows.


Later, Instagram included the option of videos and incorporated 5 and 15-second ads.


Here, the user can see them between the stories as well as skip them.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itIGTV: 


This is a tool that Instagram included in 2018.


These are vertical videos that can be up to 10 minutes long.


However, verified users can extend the duration of this tool.


This allows them to upload videos of up to 60 minutes.




This is the latest tool from Instagram.  It consists of short videos where users can exploit their creativity by creating different content.

  BluCactus - cellphone with important information on it

People will also be able to try out various sounds and special effects to optimize their 15-second videos.


It’s still too early to know how to measure user reception, but without a doubt, it’s a new and different opportunity to show products.


These are the main tools that make up this social platform. Now that you know what they are, you will think about how to use them to offer your products. Not all functions work for all sales strategies.


That is why we recommend to study and test them to find out which is the best suited to the product or service you are offering and which is the best to sell on Instagram according to the characteristics of your business. In BluCactus we will give you some tips for the growth of your brand on Instagram to be noticeable and get satisfactory results.


How to use these tools to sell on Instagram?


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itRaising a marketing strategy has never been easy, and much less if you try to incorporate various factors such as, for example, how the objectives are to be drawn.


Whatever the strategy, you must establish various plans to achieve your goals.


In the particular case of selling on Instagram, it’s advisable first to consider a target audience and, also, to know what part of that loyal audience is active on this social platform.


In this way, it will not be so difficult to consider the main objectives based on the needs of the brand and the usefulness of Instagram to achieve the proposed goals.


For this reason, we present some tips to choose a marketing strategy and be able to sell on Instagram:


BluCactus - workIdentify what you want to achieve:


Knowing what the goals are in the online business is an important factor that you must take into account.


The role that Instagram will play in achieving the established objectives is also fundamental.


Think about what this platform has that makes it unique and that they have no other means to achieve.


Besides, we recommend complementing the fact of selling on Instagram with the other platforms that make up the marketing strategy.

  BluCactus - cellphone with important information on it

How to sell on Instagram? Create content:


Content is one of the most important things on any social platform, not just on Instagram.


For this reason, it’s necessary to establish a content strategy that adapts to the needs of the audience and the functions that the platform can offer.


Therefore, keep in mind what your audience wants to see on that social platform.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itAsk yourself what is the best way to show this content:


A video? A story?


Fortunately, Instagram offers different formats to create content in one place.


But be careful with this point, the idea is not to create content to fulfill space.


It’s necessary to know what things we can offer and to be clear about the representation of the brand on the platform.


For this, we recommend identifying and order the contents.


This way you will have greater clarity when publishing and will know if they are better in a video or photo format.


BluCactus - stay activeBe interactive:


It’s important to constantly interact with the public. You can do this by either responding via direct message or exchanging opinions in the comments. Constant interaction with the audience is essential if you want to sell on Instagram.


How to sell on Instagram? Stay active:


Many brands use a schedule with the content to be published, as well as the date and time. They do this to stay active and be able to sell on Instagram. You may do the same to keep up with posts. Originality and spontaneity are big factors on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean being careless.


Part of the success is also in knowing at what time to publish. It’s also important to study your target, to know what is the best time to publish, and so that more people see those publications.


How to start your business to sell on Instagram?


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itMany have the knowledge, but it’s difficult for them to take the first step to start their online business. Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of preparation.


All you could need is knowing where you want to go by using these platforms.


Remember that they can work as an intermediary between the business and the client.


Instagram is no exception, so below, we will show you some basic steps that brands use when they want to sell on Instagram:


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Create a company profile:


A while ago, Instagram added the creation of company accounts to the platform to get certain benefits. One of them is to ally this account on Instagram with your company’s Facebook account.


This will allow you to access the Facebook API and manage the posts and comments on Instagram.


Other benefits are access to advanced profile statistics, promote a post, and advertising on the platform. In the case of raffles, you can export all comments to choose a winner.


Focus on getting loyal customers:


BluCactus - happy womanHere, quality is more important than quantity.


Having loyal followers who view and interact with your content is better than having many more inactive followers.


Thus, it’s important to apply different strategies.


This way customers will feel identified with the essence of the brand and be part of it.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Use Instagram shopping:


This tool is exclusive for companies and helps a lot to show products with much more detailed information.


Plus, it’s a useful feature that makes it easy to sell on Instagram.


Likewise, we can show the price as a tag, something similar to those used by users with other people.


This function also helps users who want to purchase the product from Instagram, because they will be redirected to the company website.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itPublish content of interest to the consumer:


This is key to getting loyal customers on the social platform.


The contents that you publish must go hand in hand with the essence of the brand and the needs of the customers.


BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram?

Invest wisely in advertising if necessary: 


There are many ways to advertise on Instagram.


Below, we show you the most common ones so that you can see.

  BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on it

Which one is the best suited to your needs:

  • Photo ad: This is the oldest way to advertise on the social platform.  Here, advertisers appear on the platform’s main home page with a photo. There, brands create creative and authentic content to surprise users.
  • How to sell on Instagram?Ad in sequence: It’s the ad in a photo with the particularity that in this case several images are shown in the same ad. This mode is useful if you want to show several products in a single moment. It’s also effective if you want to expand the information of a single article.
  • BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itVideo advertisement: It’s like the photo’s ads, with the difference that videos can offer greater visibility. Likewise,  they have a maximum duration of 1 minute. However, it’s important to note that the first few seconds will be crucial for users to see the ad until the end.
  • How to sell on Instagram? Advertising within stories: This is a more dynamic way to attract the public since the Instagram stories function has had very good receptivity among users. With stories, companies have the possibility of completing brand content and doing some promotions to sell on Instagram.

What are the most successful brands on Instagram?


Many brands have used Instagram to position themselves and increase sales. Although each one has its style, they share something in common: the proper use of the platform.


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itIt’s undeniable that this social platform came almost a decade ago to stay. So it was time to show you some successful brands that have made it big on Instagram:

  • How to sell on Instagram? Vans:


This brand has a characteristic street style that it displays on the platform, making its loyal customers feel part of that style.


So not only does it publish sneakers to its over 17 million followers but also on Instagram it reflects the essence of the brand and the way of life of those who use it.

  • BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itOreo:


This is a very interesting case study, as the famous cookie brand has several points going for it.


It shows not only creative and innovative content attached to interesting and important events but also, in its profile, it shows many recipes that can be made with Oreo.


Likewise, it also showcases other ideas of interest to its audience, which exceeds 3 million followers on the platform.

  • BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itHow to sell on Instagram? Lego:


It has created life-size figures that have surprised everyone, but besides that, they can be in tune with new trends to transform them into their characteristic dismountable objects.


One of its latest adaptations has been the epic Super Mario characters created by Nintendo:


Mario and Toad.


Currently, they have over 6 million followers on the social platform.

  • BluCactus - How to sell on Instagram? - cellphone with important information on itHollister:


This is a brand created for young people.


By having a clear target and target audience, it uses the Instagram platform to display fresh photos.


Currently, it has over 5 million followers.


The photos are mainly filled with various facets and youth experiences so that the audience feels identified.


Another point in favor of this clothing brand is that it allows consumers to create various styles without losing its essence.

  • How to sell on Instagram? RedBull:


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itThis brand’s Instagram is full of various extreme sports.


This shows that the drink is much more than just a liquid, it represents an entire lifestyle that allows you to overcome all kinds of challenges.


This strategy has apparently worked as the brand now exceeds 13 million followers.


These are some brands that have executed an assertive strategy on the platform by creating unique content on Instagram.


BluCactus - contact usWith these tips, we hope you gain all the tools to venture into one of the most preferred social platforms by users.


At BluCactus, we are prepared to satisfy all the needs of your online business.


We know that the digital world is in constant transformation and we have at your disposal innovative strategies that will undoubtedly boost your business.


We have at your disposal a unique method to meet your goals and boost your business.


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Recover your users! Increase your sales! Use retargeting

What is retargeting and how does it work? If you are part of the marketing world, you may have heard this term. Have you ever been chased by an advertisement while browsing the internet? Just when you’re looking to go on a trip and do a Google search are all the banners reminding you haven’t bought your plane ticket yet? All these cases have something in common, it’s retargeting. 


What is retargeting?


BluCactus - retargetingRetargeting, also called remarketing, comprises placing a cookie within the browser of a user. We do this when a user has visited a web page where they saw something that interested them but didn’t buy.


So, when they visit other pages, they will see the advertisement for the product they liked. This implies “chasing” the user who was about to buy on a website, so they make the purchase after.


For example, if they search for hotels for less than $50 per night on a website, once they leave it, they will be “chased” with ads about hotels that don’t go over that price.


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobOn the other hand, if they search for luxury hotels, we can use a cookie to target them with ads for luxury hotels that they may haven’t seen and that may interest them.


So, we aim this advertising formula at virtual stores.


This is because 97% of visitors from these stores buy nothing at first. Besides, on average, users visit a store five times before they buy anything.


This method can pay off if you’re running an active campaign. Likewise, we recommend including one or more pixels on your website. This way you can little by little generate a segmented database of users. This can be beneficial for you in the future.


Pixels and retargeting


BluCactus - Retargeting - computer with important information on itWe can use these pixels not only to display advertising campaigns but to also develop campaigns to attract traffic on social networks. For example, you can drive traffic to your social platforms by suggesting a post to a user who does not follow your page on Facebook but has recently visited your blog.


Likewise, we can use this in online stores to chase a user who left the page in the last step of the purchase. This way, if they already left their email, a discount could be sent to them to complete the purchase.


What is Retargeting? Do you want to implement this winning strategy on your website?


At BluCactus we have extensive experience and specialists who will help you to efficiently implement this strategy on your website. Count on us and boost your marketing. Contact Us!


What is the difference between retargeting and normal display ads?


BluCactus - display adsWith this method, advertisers can only impact users who have visited a certain website.


Thus, this advertising is more effective.


This is because the ad impressions don’t disappear.


This is what makes it different from traditional display advertising where it shows the ads to everyone.


What is the retargeting process like?


BluCactus - retargetingFirst things first, the user visits a virtual store then, a cookie records the products they clicked on.


After, when they leave the store and reach a website that is part of this method system, the cookie recognizes them which will then show the product to them again. Finally, if the user clicks on the advertising banner, they will be redirected to the virtual store.


Besides, you not only can apply this too failed purchases, but you can also use it when a user has bought a product on our page.


So, in future browsing, you can offer them something they could also like related to their previous purchase. Thus, this is a good way to take advantage of the knowledge that you have of their tastes.


What is its function?


BluCactus - functionWe can buy ad impressions of users who have already visited the advertiser’s website through real-time bidding.


This real-time auction shows the advertiser’s ad that offers the highest range for a certain user profile.


Businesses and agencies that want to use this method as part of their marketing activities can choose from several providers.


On the other hand, this method platforms like AdRoll offer a server that can send ads and real-time bidding algorithms.


BluCactus - personalization It does this to place the ads.


This way, it’s possible to impact users in a personalized way through social media and mobile apps.


Besides, customers from Google AdWords can also create their own retargeting campaigns.


On the other hand, Facebook doesn’t fall behind on this. They also offer the option of creating retargeting campaigns for large companies.


BluCactus - Retargeting - computer with important information on itThat’s not all! You can also use this method in reverse.


For example, through retargeting in Google AdWords you can segment users.


Then, you can include or exclude the results that come from this in your campaigns.


So, this makes it possible to exclude existing customers from campaigns that seek to attract new clients or signing up for a service.


This exclusion saves advertises the unnecessary costs of paying for leads or customers they already had. Thus, this filtering process reduces the diffusion losses.


BluCactus - siteTypes of retargeting


Site retargeting


Here, when a user visits a website, a cookie is inserted in their browser to show them advertisements from that company while browsing the Internet.


BluCactus - dynamicWhat is Retargeting? Retargeting dynamic


This is a variant of site retargeting that is only used in e-commerce.


Besides, this method allows you to automatize the creation of ads when the volume of products is very large.


BluCactus - social

Social retargeting


This directly depends on the cookies introduced by the retargeting site.


The only difference is that instead of showing ads on conventional platforms, it will do it on Facebook or Twitter.


BluCactus - email retargetingWhat is Retargeting? Email retargeting


This works to improve the conversion rates of the newsletter, email marketing campaigns, and offers.


It uses the same process as that of the retargeting site.


This is because, here, we insert a cookie within the browser to start showings ads.


BluCactus - crm

CRM retargeting


It comprises comparing the email lists you own with cookies available on the platform.


Then, it uses the database of consumers and users with whom you had or have a relationship.


This is because you probably already have the emails of many users who also have a cookie from your platform in their own browser. Thus, these users could start receiving ads even if they haven’t visited your website in a while.


BluCactus - search

What is Retargeting? Search retargeting


It comprises sending ads to users based on the searches they carry out in search engines.


What is the difference between remarketing and retargeting?


BluCactus - remarketingWe often use these terms synonymously, but they are not exactly the same.


Retargeting: This term refers to showing ads to your users on other sites in an ad network after they leave your site.


Generally, this process involves the use of “cookies”.


Remarketing: It comprises collecting contact information from potential customers to then send those advertising campaigns by email.


Advantages and disadvantages of retargeting


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobHere are some advantages and disadvantages of this method. 




Within the main benefits of this method, we can create a greater impact with campaigns of this type compared to other more conventional ones.


Why? This is due because of the greater and efficient segmentation that this offers us.

  BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their job

Likewise, thanks to this, we can target former visitors that have a purchase intent.


Thus, we can highlight the following advantages:

  • What is Retargeting? Better target audience conversion The users who visit the website and are interested in their products or services are potential clients who could buy later. It doesn’t matter whether they do this directly or through a search engine. So, by using this method as a strategy, you will be able to achieve the conversion of that user.
  • Loyalty Thanks to this method, you can keep old customers. For example, if you sell mobile phones, you could send ads to customers interested in add-ons for BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobtheir smartphones.
  • What is Retargeting? Reimpact
  • A lot of users consult the information of a product through different pages. They do this to compare the prices of it in various sites. Thus, this method allows you to impact them again and, that way, influence their buying decision in favor of your brand.
  • Greater visibility and more clicks We relate this point to the previous one. This technique reminds users of their interest in a product, thus awakening their need or concern and causing them to click on the ads and return to your website.
  • What is Retargeting? Personalization Here, you can take advantage of the information you already have from your users. This way you can offer them only the ads are of their interest and then redirect them to your website.
  BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their job



In general terms, this type of advertising has two possible disadvantages and they are the following:

  • Excessive persecution of the client The action of being constantly chasing after the user can become annoying and invasive for them. Thus, this can harm the reputation of the advertiser. This way, users can think of the advertiser’s brand as something negative.
  • What is Retargeting? The appearance of ads after a purchase A lot of times, even after having bought the product, the user keeps seeing the same add over and over again. This is not good at all, since it can not only be annoying to the customer but we can also be wasting our BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobinvestment. Despite its downsides, this method is, without a doubt, essential to win back potential customers and build loyalty. However, to achieve effective retargeting, we must have a good strategy based on certain objectives. Besides, we also must do an exhaustive analysis of all the data that we got from the visits of our users. This is an innovative technique, but there are many more that can help you attract more customers to your business. Do you need to know them? So, we invite you to subscribe to our daily newsletter where you will also learn about the different marketing innovations that could improve the results of your company.

Why is retargeting important?


BluCactus - importanceIt would be ideal if customers always make a purchase on their first visit to your site, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. This is where this method comes in. It can help you remind the customer of your product while they browse the Internet.


Likewise, it doesn’t matter whether they are doing this on social media or their favorite news site. Besides, with this method, you can segment your audience based on their traits and behaviors. This way, you could direct them to your website through a relevant advertising experience that allows you to increase your sales.


So it doesn’t matter which segment you choose, you are targeting a group of people who have already shown an interest in your brand by visiting your site.


What is Retargeting? When should we implement retargeting?


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobYou must know that this method is a long-term strategy for companies that already have a following. So, if your website gets at least 100 monthly visitors, Google retargeting ads are, without a doubt, for you.


However, while this is a wonderful strategy, it isn’t good to always use it. Because of this, we recommend the following so you can execute it properly and, that way, get the best results.


Promote your best-selling products


Retargeting ads are a simple and effective way to showcase your best-selling products and promote the items your current customers love the most. Thus, in short, this strategy can help you convert your users to customers and increase the ROI of your ads.

  BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their job

What is Retargeting? Present new collections


People who show an interest in your site are a great audience to consider when launching a new collection of products.


In this way, your ads will attract their attention wherever they are online, redirecting them to your store so they can see your news. We can do this with display campaigns using Google AdWords or through a Facebook retargeting campaign.


Keep your inventory moving


BluCactus - inventoryAs an online marketer, we bet that you have dealt with the slow inventory at some point. However, this method allows you to show the products you have left in your store to potential clients. We must also mention that this a perfect effortless low-budget option that you shouldn’t pass up.


What is Retargeting? Create brand awareness


Most people need to know enough about a product or service before buying it. So retargeting ads keep your brand on the minds of your potential customers who aren’t ready to buy when they first visit your site.


Results of carrying out this strategy


BluCactus - spamWe cannot deny that the results of this method are truly amazing and effective.


With a banner campaign, only one in 100 potential buyers will click on your ad, but with this method, this number increases to up to five times. Besides, this method is a very profitable tool as well as an essential complement in new customer buying campaigns.


However, like in any investment, there are also minor risks that you have to keep in mind. Because of this, you must determine the duration and number of impressions that your campaign gets per day.


BluCactus - Retargeting - computer with important information on itOtherwise, your ads could be extremely “heavy”. There’s another aspect that you must consider, and it’s the fact that a lot of people don’t agree with the privacy policies and the use of cookies.


Nonetheless, the companies that offer this service can charge based on the number of clicks. This can be an ideal alternative for online stores. Besides, they will be able to control their campaign expenses by keeping in mind the number of clicks they receive.


Because of this, Google AdWords or Facebook Exchange are two popular platforms that offer this method. Likewise, this can be done with the help of campaign management experts. Another example of a company that uses this method is the giant Amazon. They use this to remind users about those products that they saw and liked or that are related to any of their purchases.


Conclusion of What is Retargeting?


BluCactus - Retargeting - person working in their jobSo, as you have seen, this method consists of, as its name implies, targeting Internet users. We can do this both on computers and mobile devices, with personalized ads that can be adapted to the activities and needs of our users. Thus, this kind of publicity will grab their attention as it’s of interest to them.


The aim of this strategy is to recover those users who were about to buy a product, but for some reason or another, they didn’t. Thus, it allows you to motivate them so they buy said product or another. Besides, with this method, you will be able to increase your conversion rate.


However, advertisers should be cautious when using this method. For this, they must show ads with a limited frequency to the user so they don’t annoy them. Because of this, BluCactus has experts in web development that will help you optimize your retargeting. This way you will significantly increase your sales. Contact Us!


Did you like our article on what retargeting is and how it works? Please let us know in the comments.


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Make your visitors stay! What is a bounce rate? And how to reduce it for the success of your website.

What is it and how to reduce the bounce rate? When you think of this term, the first thing that comes to mind is that you get kicked off a page. However, what this means is:


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingThis is the percentage of users who enter a website and leave shortly after entering without leaving a trace.


This means that they leave without browsing or clicking anywhere else on the web.


In other words, the bounce rate represents the percentage of all the users who enter and exit your website without clicking on other pages on the site.


So if you work hard to increase your website’s search rankings and you want to get the most out of it, you should reduce a high bounce rate.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingAlso, if this rate is high, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your strategy: you are not attracting the right audience to the site, or those who visit it don’t have a good user experience.


Besides, when the bounce rate is high, it can mean that you don’t have an attractive and well-organized landing page.


However, if you experience issues related to this topic on your website, we recommend that you contact a specialized marketing agency such as BluCactus.


With our advice, you will solve this problem.


How to reduce the bounce rate

  • Improve the readability of your content


BluCactus - contentOne reason your target audience may leave your site is lack of readability. This is because the user experience begins when your content is readable. In fact, when the user sees a long piece of text, in a way they get scared and decide to not read it. Therefore, we recommend that you avoid them.


Another factor that does not help is bad formatting. This produces a high bounce rate since customers won’t get to know the merits of the content.


Because of this, the first thing to improve is the headline, so it’s large and energetic. Then use subheadings to make the article easier to read.


We will now give you the following tips to help you rewrite your content and make it more readable:

  • Use bullets to explain benefits or important points.
  • Use a variety of graphics, images, screenshots, and quotes from industry experts, as appropriate.
  • Sometimes enter keywords in bold.
  • Write lots of questions in your content to invite readers to participate, rather than just reading.
  • End your content with a closing caption.
  • What is a bounce rate? Limit or rule out pop-ups


BluCactus - windowsDid you know that most users find minor pop-ups annoying?


However, their use is debated among website owners and advertisers.


This is because they consider that these windows could work, for example, to grow your email list quickly. 


However, if you want to develop a long-term site that generates a lot of organic visitors, consider limiting or avoiding pop-ups altogether.

  • Create a compelling call to action


BluCactus - bounce rate - ctaAfter attracting visitors with your titles and generating interest with your content, don’t lose your site visitors with a weak call to action.


Thus, make sure it’s convincing and convinces the user to click on a button that directs them to another page of interest on your website. For this, optimize the call to action (CTA) by considering each of its elements. This is because even something as small as changing the text on a button can make a big difference. Besides, an optimized CTA could improve your lead conversion rate.


An example of an effective call to action is Sprout Social, a social media management software company, which encourages users to take advantage of a free trial period of their software. This way, they get user acceptance without generating an immediate purchase.


Besides, great calls to action will improve the usability of your website and your customers will be happy to stay on your site.

  • Introduce the narration into your content


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingTelling good stories can captivate the minds of your target audience. Besides, your potential customers are more likely to remember and respond to good stories.


Thus, good storytelling can bring your content to life. To achieve this, use eye-catching elements and consider how people read your content. These are, mostly, giving a quick glance at a page looking for something that stands out. It could be a caption, a keyword, a technical term, or an image.


Additionally, storytelling helps your content to engage users dynamically and emotionally. As a result, they will start to trust you more.


Now you may be wondering:


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingHow could I incorporate storytelling into my content, if my goal is to build a loyal audience that reads my posts and responds to my offers?


The answer is: make your customers the heroes. You can do this by putting your customers first and providing beneficial quality content for them to share. Sharing content demonstrates a level of trust, which then improves the user experience.


On the other hand, a reference for web storytelling is Copyblogger Media, a million-dollar company that tells a lot of great marketing stories.


Likewise,, a podcast about digital marketing, is thriving on good storytelling.

  • Keep your blog updated with the right content


BluCactus -content updatedDoing this will ensure you generate the best ROI. According to HubSpot, companies that regularly update their blogs with new content generate more leads than those that don’t. However, it is useful to differentiate between powerful content and correct content.


At first, it may bring out a “surprise” reaction from your readers, but it may not solve their problems. Instead, the right content will surprise and give practical advice. This in turn will produce the best results for them.


Before Google added mobile adaptation as a ranking factor, the bounce rates on mobile devices were about 60%. However, now that sites are correctly displayed on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, the bounce rate has dropped. Added to this, if you are new to blogging, a simple WordPress theme with the right plugins will be your hero. This is because the theme would be updated often and keep your blog adaptable.


So your job is to keep visitors active by adding content, which will then create momentum and help build trust. Therefore, you will be able to generate more income from your regular visitors because you gained their trust.

  • Enter high-value keywords in your content


BluCactus - keywordsThe use of keywords can define the success of a content marketing campaign. However, what are these words?


First, we should mention that we can divide this into two main categories: informational keywords or commercial keywords.


The first type is used to create awareness, while commercial keywords show a strong desire for the specific product and directly result in sales.


Besides, a strong desire contributes to a good bounce rate metric.


BluCactus - keywordsSome keywords are for “visiting” traffic. The user could look for those keywords, even if they aren’t related to the reading of each content that is sent to them.


However, other keywords are oriented to the true needs of the customer.


So, if the writer creates persuasive content by pointing out the keyword that relates to the customer’s need, it can attract an audience that will gladly read and share the content.


In this sense, if you want to improve your search engine performance, start introducing high-value keywords into your content. This way, your posts will be in a high-value traffic zone.


6.1. What are these keywords?


BluCactus -keywordsBy referring to high-value keywords, we mean keywords that involve deep content and that your users will spend more time reading.


Remember that the more time they spend on your site, the more likely they will read more and trust you more. This will cut your bounce rate in half or even more. However, you can still register an exit rate for visitors who don’t buy at first but aren’t bouncing.


Continuing with the definition of a high-value keyword, according to LinchPinSEO, this type of word is at the intersection of four important metrics:

  • Traffic value
  • Conversion value
  • User value
  • Brand value

So high-value keywords are powerful, they improve traffic, engagement, conversion rate, authority, and your online reputation.


6.2. How to find the right keywords and reduce your bounce rate

Step 1:

BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingGo to Google’s keyword planner. For this, make sure you are logged in with your Gmail account.


Then insert your main keyword plus a qualifier into the search box and click “Get Ideas.”


In this hypothetical case, we will use the topic of website design.


The high-value keywords in the list are:

  • freelance web designers
  • web design prices

BluCactus - pricesNext, select freelance web designers, the search engine will be mainly looking at a list of freelance web designers. Also, if you are working with web design and want to attract clients who are related to that topic, you should understand the buyer cycle.


People searching for these keywords aren’t ready to buy yet. This is because they are only trying to figure out what the best service or deal is before making a purchase decision.


Another argument why “freelance web designers” is a high-value keyword is that you could create multiple pages that show these designers, their rates, and their hours and terms of work. This would help reduce the bounce rate.

Step 2:

BluCactus - googleLook for high-value keywords used to understand the various product models of a brand.


This may work best in SEO e-commerce, but you can also use keywords for products in your industry.


Using the keyword planner, enter the words that define a product and its brand to find its variations.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingFor example, Nike training shoes. Next, the planner will return these results:

  • cheap Nike training shoes
  • Nike baseball training shoes
  • new Nike training shoes

In this regard, you can enter these high-value keywords in your titles to get lots of organic clicks and shared posts on social media.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person working


Here are some examples of original, eligible, and beneficial titles:

  • 20 inexpensive Nike training shoes under $ 70
  • The 9 Best Nike Baseball Training Shoes You Should See
  • New Nike Training Shoes With Style: Where To Buy Them

Finally, we recommend that you keep the following tips in mind when looking for high-value traffic:

  • Write the best content you can. Feel free to write it in depth and make it emotionally relevant to your clients.
  • Don’t saturate your content with keywords as they could penalize you.
  • Enter keywords that do not limit the user’s intent.
  • You can target your keywords to attract visitors from other searches.
  • Attract the right users


BluCactus - usersA higher bounce rate happens when you receive a visitor who isn’t interested in your content. This is a targeting problem that could be related to your strategy.


To reverse this situation there is nothing as powerful as publishing personalized content suitable for your market. Besides, we recommend using a content strategy that takes into account each stage of the buying cycle for this purpose.


However, the common mistake many content marketers make is attributing a high bounce rate to a lack of quality content.


Besides this, we should mention that in the world of Internet marketing, what people consider being high quality are long articles with over 2000 words. This is because they tend to address all the questions or concerns of the target audience.

  • BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person working

    Convey credibility


This is the ability to inspire confidence in other people.


Also, like reputation, credibility is not what you say about yourself, but how other people perceive you.


Likewise, credibility is also important if you want to lower your bounce rate. Here are some recommendations in this regard.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person working


A trusted website does the following:

  • It makes the public trust your content.
  • Convey credibility with your personal information
  • Eliminate the buying dilemma (“should I buy this?”)

Usually, when consumers shop online they feel safe when buying.


From brands like Apple and Amazon because these brands are credible in their opinion.


Conclusion of What is a bounce rate?


BluCactus - conclusionIn this blog, we have shown you several ways to reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rate. If you have decided to read this blog today, it’s because you want to improve your conversion rate. Remember that without high-quality content, even if you manage to cut your bounce rate in half, the risk of it increasing again is high.


Also, don’t forget to draw up a strategy and editorial calendar. Then stick to your work methodology and be consistent.


Perhaps some strategies could produce fairly quick results, but this is not what you should expect.


BluCactus - bounce rate - profesional person workingAs you satisfy your users, they will share your content, which will then improve your search traffic, the number of visits, inbound links, and lead generation.


On the other hand, if you manage a consolidated company or one with little experience in the market, our digital marketing services will be useful.


We may assist you in solving your bounce rate or conversion issues. Contact us, create and innovate with BluCactus. We are just one click away.


If you have any doubts or questions, we invite you to express them in the comments section.


Finally, we encourage you to subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive our articles and news about the world of digital marketing.


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What will happen to TikTok? The future of the biggest platform of the moment hanging by a thread.

What will happen to TikTok? Lately, a lot of rumors have emerged about what may happen to TikTok. This is in regards to the sanctions that China received from the US by President Trump. Likewise, Microsoft is looking to buy this app but they aren’t alone, Twitter also has its eyes set on the platform. In this post, we will tell you everything you need to know.


First, we know that Microsoft wants to buy It, this, in turn, could save the app from the US ban. Likewise, the current owner of this platform, Phen, has shown interest in this offer despite the statements of the US president, Donald Trump.


For its part, Microsoft confirmed its intention to buy the app in the United States. This came after its CEO, Satya Nadella, had a conversation with the American president. In this conversation, the president revealed his plan to ban the Chinese app in the country. Thus, the app won’t be available in the country.


Why does Donald Trump want to ban TikTok?


We know that TikTok is the social network of the moment. On the other hand, it has also raised tensions between China and the United States.


This tension came after the US president, Donald Trump, declared his intention to forbid the use of this platform within US borders. Thus, he has been taking some actions to remove the app.

  BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person holding a phone

Likewise, the US Senate has made progress in this regard. It has forbidden its public officials from using the app on their devices.


What will happen to TikTok? The US president signed last Thursday a presidential decree in which he prohibits any transaction or business with ByteDance, who is the developer of this app, and Tencent, developers of WeChat. Thus, both companies have 45 days to comply with this new standard.


This app has been downloaded at least 165 million times in the United States. Data like this caught the attention of Trump, who makes the argument that China could use this platform for its own benefit.


This presidential decree is supported based on “national security, foreign policy, and the economy of the United States”. Likewise, according to this document, this app has been saving a large amount of user data, such as their personal information. Some of this includes aspects like the location and the Internet searches of users.


Therefore, the US president thinks that this kind of data can reveal very sensitive information related to his government.


Recently, the Chinese short-video app has been the talk of the world


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - donald trumpWe previously knew that it was under fire because of the Trump administration.


This came after the US president stated his intention to ban the use of this app in the United States. Now, tensions have risen once again this week after the CEO of TikTok, Kevin Mayer resigned. 


No one ever thought that a video app could cause so much controversy between the two countries.


President Donald Trump signed an executive order on August 6 where it gave American companies 45 days to stop working with TikTok’s parent company, China’s ByteDance.


A new buyer enters the race


BluCactus - microsoftA few days ago Walmart announced that it was joining Microsoft for the purchase of TikTok. This is not a surprise since we know that the rise in social commerce is a mixture of activity on social media and online purchases. 


As the saying goes, there’s strength in the union, and these two companies have recently drawn even more controversy. The reason for this is that it seems like the offer of these companies can be more convincing and perhaps even approved by Trump.


We have to remember that he previously said he would support the technology company Oracle in the purchase of TikTok. This makes sense since Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison is a vocal Trump supporter. Besides, Safra Catz, CEO of the same company, has donated to the president’s re-election campaign.


TikTok won’t remain idle


BluCactus - chinaThis Monday, TikTok sued the government of Donald Trump for its ban in the US.


TikTok alleges that the Trump administration didn’t allow it to defend itself from the accusations of it being a “risk to the US national security”.


Likewise, it claims that Trump illegally relies on the emergency powers law in ways that don’t apply to the Chinese company.


TikTok has previously said that the only data about its US users are being stored in the US and Singapore. This way they are able to reject any request from the Chinese government to share US user data.


Since then, the video app has studied the possibility of selling the company.


TikTok’s defense


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? -donald trumpOn the other hand, the app has responded to these claims by saying that they receive the same type of information as platforms like Facebook.


They even declared that they have never shared this information with the Chinese government. Likewise, they also said that they have never performed any kind of censorship at the request of the government.


However, this tension between China and the United States has also sparked controversy within the Chinese country. This is the result of the veto and possible sale of TikTok to Microsoft, which has not pleased the Chinese government at all.


What will happen to TikTok? “USA. Will ultimately prove to choose self-interest over market principles “


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person holding a phoneThese were the strong words of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Wengbin.


Even if the developers of this app have tried to avoid the Chinese government, the truth is that this country has taken this conflict as a matter of state.


Likewise, when it comes to international relations, this friction has become extremely serious. 


To make matters worse, the same could happen with WeChat, the Chinese “super app” that combines several services.


This app, which has over 1,000 million users, is almost essential for daily life in China. Because of this, several US providers were trying to attract Chinese customers through the use of the app. This, of course, was before the ban.


What should be taken into account with TikTok?


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person holding a phoneAs you may know, TikTok allows you to create and share 15-second videos. Likewise, it has been one of the most downloaded apps in the last year.


In the first quarter of 2019 alone, it was installed on 188 million mobile phones. According to the latest data, it currently has over 500 million daily active users. This app is becoming very popular among Apple users.


Likewise, according to SensorTowerData, it became the most downloaded app during the first quarter of 2019. Hence, it surpassed platforms like YouTube and Instagram.


All of this places this app above other popular networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Thus, TikTok’s ability to capture the attention of Generation Z makes it the most valuable startup in the world.


However, we should highlight the following:

  • This isn’t an app for children:


BluCactus - appThis app has its origins in, an application that was intended exclusively for teenagers.


That reputation has endured even after the merge with TikTok in 2017, which is totally understandable. In fact, this app has the youngest user base of all social networks. This means that over two-thirds of users are under 30 years old.


However, if we take a quick look at the app, we can see that even adults have decided to join. This is reminiscent of Facebook, which began as a social network for college students.


The only thing that happens is that young people generally adopt new technologies much faster than other age groups. They do this even before they reach critical mass. Thus, with the arrival of adult creators, should also come the interest of brands to advertise their products and services on this app.

  • What will happen to TikTok? Comedy rules the world:


BluCactus - comedy rulesAlthough music remains the heart of TikTok, the platform is no longer limited to just this content.


The large volume and variety of videos available have turned this platform on a diverse source of entertainment. In this platform, you can find content like meme mixes, awesome parkour twists, jokes and even cooking tutorials.


However, they all have the same common goal which is making people laugh.


Thus, a video that has a lot of views and comments shows a strong relationship between being funny and going viral.


From a marketing standpoint, humor can be a powerful weapon when it comes to connecting with consumers on an emotional level.

  • No need for filters:


BluCactus - no need filtersAs this platform grows, so does the distaste of the polished and artificial aesthetics that we can find on Instagram.


Most of the influencers on this app are teenagers.  They were able to earn millions of followers from the comfort of their own rooms thanks to this app.


Likewise, On This app, teenagers feel comfortable showing themselves.


This is because they are free from the social pressure that is present on other platforms. Thus, they prefer this app over others.


The New York Times described the app as “the only truly enjoyable social network out there”. This comes from the fact that this app is filled with kindness. Likewise, the comments tend to be words of encouragement. Their users celebrate cultural exchange, body positivity, and diversity of thought.

  • What will happen to TikTok? Creativity for all:


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - creativityContent creation has never been more intuitive, due to the plethora of video editing tools that TikTok offers.


The app has erased any kind of barrier that could prevent people from expressing themselves. Technical skills don’t determine the success of content on this app.


Likewise, this sets it apart from platforms such as YouTube, where it’s required to have certain skills and real video editing software.


Thus, this means that almost everyone can provide something of value in this platform.


In the end, it seems like short and easy-to-make videos are going to become the future of interactive media.

  • A window into youth culture:


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person using tik tokReaching young people means moving at a faster pace. This means that, for marketers, this app can be one of the most effective ways to stay relevant.


In short, the actions taken by TikTokers can become trends in a matter of weeks or months.


Likewise, this can be useful to start movements and raise awareness about certain topics.


An example of this is the movement against climate change.


This movement, led by so many young people around the world, is spreading through TikTok with the hashtag #GlobalWarming.

  • What will happen to TikTok? Local niches and its global reach:


BluCactus - local nichesWe know that this app brings the best of the global world, but also of local engagement. The application has grown a lot in Asian countries.


An example of this is India, which has over 120 million monthly active users. On the other hand, China has not fallen behind with its over 250 million users.


The global appeal of TikTok offers a unique opportunity for brands that want to attract travelers from all over the world. In this app, there’s a lot of niches.


This is thanks to the “For You” section, which adapts itself to the tastes or priorities of the user. Likewise, it recommends a wide variety of niches according to their tastes.


From a marketing standpoint, the niche nature of this app allows brands to target youthful audiences based on shared attitudes, passions, and interests.

  • Everything is quick:


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person working in her phoneDespite its great potential, this app is still a very weak platform in terms of advertising. Until recently, the only way a brand had to advertise itself was by establishing a direct relationship with influencers.


TikTok’s advertising offer now includes features like native content, brand acquisitions, or sponsored hashtags.


Likewise, this app isn’t oversaturated by ads. This is something that sets it apart from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Thus, brands can connect with what seems to be hard-to-reach people, like Gen Z. Nonetheless, there is still a long way to go.


For example, there are certain concerns about the platform’s consistency. This concern comes with the fact that only 29% of users connect daily, compared to 95% of rival social networks.


At the moment it includes very limited measurement tools. However, we must start taking it into account for our next marketing campaigns.


What will happen to TikTok? Does Twitter want to buy TikTok too?


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person holding a phoneTwitter shares are speculated to rise as much as 5% this Monday after preliminary talks were reportedly held with TikTok. This app, as we mentioned before, is in big trouble with the government of President Donald Trump.


According to a report, this app is worth billions of dollars. This raises the question of whether Twitter, with a market capitalization of around $ 30 billion, can afford the popular app.


What will happen to TikTok? In case they can get the resources to buy the app, Twitter’s small size could ease antitrust concerns.


For its part, Twitter previously owned another video app, Vine, but it shut down in 2017. Microsoft said it would finish talking to ByteDance no later than September 15 anyway.


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person holding a phoneThat’s the date Trump set as the deadline for TikTok to find an American buyer. Failure to do so would lead to suspending the application in the country.


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The United States Government has taken action, and Trump, who a few days ago proposed to veto the service in this country, now indicates that the operation should have a surprise gift from Microsoft: a commission for the sale.


In a surprising post published by Microsoft, they talked about how the call between Satya Nadella and Donald Trump had made them rethink their initial position. Likewise, they’re now in favor of the purchase. However, after that call, Trump said in an interview that he expects that some of the money from the sale ends up in the bank account of the US government.

  BluCactus - donald trump

What will happen to TikTok? In those statements made through the C-SPAN network, Trump explained how he and Nadella had “a great conversation,” and after discussing the issue, he came to a conclusion:


“I told him that” if you buy it, whatever the price is, that goes to whoever owns it, because I suppose it’s China, essentially, but more than anything, I said that “a very substantial part of that price is going to have to go to the United States Treasury. “ Because we are making this deal possible. Right now they have no rights unless we give it to them. So if we’re going to give them the rights, then they have to enter, they have to enter this country. “


Trump compared this situation to that of a homeowner and his tenant. “Without a rental agreement, the tenant has nothing”. According to the president of the United States, without his government, there wouldn’t be an agreement. Likewise, he aimed at a commission to facilitate the operation.


The president’s statement raises some important concerns for companies in the country. Suddenly, the United States becomes a state that demands a percentage of any sale within its territory. 


Likewise, this situation has been heavily criticized by analysts and outlets such as The Wall Street Journal. They warn that this could create a dangerous precedent for buying foreign companies through administrative commissions.


What will happen to TikTok? In China, they will not accept “the theft” of TikTok


BluCactus - What will happen to TikTok? - person holding a phoneMicrosoft doesn’t appear to have responded to those comments from Trump. Likewise, its officials set a September 15 deadline to make a decision on whether to continue with the purchase process or not.


The Redmond Company does not want to buy “all TikTok”, but only the service that affects the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, curiously leaving the United Kingdom out.


Meanwhile, Zhang Yiming, founder of ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, indicated that he “understood the criticism” from the United States for the potential operation. “People have high expectations when they talk about a global company founded by someone from China and from which they have little information.”


For its part in China Daily, the newspaper directly associated with the Chinese government, the message was clear: China will not accept the “theft” of TikTok, and claimed that the country had “sufficient ways to respond” if the US government tried to force the sale.


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Instagram’s Reels vs. TikTok: Exposure against popularity, which one will win?

Instagram Reels versus TikTok. For the past few days, we have been seeing a lot of news about the future sale of the Chinese application (TikTok). We also saw Instagram’s last venture, Instagram Reels, which is clearly inspired by TikTok. Here, we will tell you why the latter is better and not TikTok.


According to data provided by the Digital 2019 Global Overview study, Instagram has over 1 billion users around the world. So, in its desire to maintain these figures and even increase them, it incorporates new functionalities.


One of the latest additions to the famous photo application has copied TikTok. We know that this is a social platform of Chinese origin. Likewise, it allows us to create videos of up to 60 seconds long. The aim of this is to share these videos in its stories function.


With the arrival of the month in question, we can now do the same on Instagram because of Reels.


What is Instagram Reels?


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appAs we said before, Reels is the new functionality of Instagram.


It works exactly like TikTok with only a few modifications and more functions.


Likewise, we can create videos of up to 60 seconds.


With these videos we can edit them, adding parts of audios, music, effects, and more.


Do you think Reels will triumph?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appWe believe that this new Instagram tool will be a success for the app. This is, of course, if we take into account that the photo application has copied TikTok’s function.


It’s an app that caught the attention of the younger audience. It also had over 1,500 million users spread over many countries, mainly in the United States.


Likewise, it’s not the first time that Instagram adds success to its list.


The app has “borrowed” functions from other apps before.


A clear example of this is the famous stories in the Snapchat app.


How do Reels work on Instagram?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appManaging Reels on Instagram is very simple.


We’ll explain how to create videos with background music or other audios with this new tool:

  • First, introduce yourself to the app’s stories.
  • Then, the Reels option should appear at the bottom, along with other options such as Super Zoom or Boomerang.
  • After clicking on Reels, the app will give you the option of choosing borrowed audio from a video or the option of incorporating a commercial song that you want to include.

BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appInstagram Reels vs TikTok.  We can search these songs with hashtags just like on TikTok.

  • Create a video.
  • After creating the video, you have the option of editing it by applying filters. You can also modify the video playback speed, or place timed texts, among other things.
  • Finally, after editing the video, you can share it on Instagram stories. You can also share with your best friends Instagram’s private messages.

Likewise, the “Top Reels” tool is added to the “Explore” box on Instagram. This is where the most viewed, virtualized, and highlighted music videos, will appear.


The expert “tiktokers” that have a large following will be able to expand more in this app. This, of course, if they know how to use it.


How do you create a reel and what is it for?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appEstablishing a Reel is easy for users who use the app daily. In general, users are used to making videos with music for Instagram.


In short, it’s one more function of Instagram that offers many possibilities. You can record a video in silence to later place some audio or a song. Or maybe you want to apply some transitions to give it professionalism. Thus, this allows you to let your originality flow, and much more.


Another function that is worth mentioning with Reels is that it allows you to share the videos with your followers. People can also discover you through the Explore function:

  • Instagram Reels vs TikTok, If you have a private account: 


Reels respects the privacy settings of your Instagram account.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appBy sharing your Reel, only your followers will be able to see it. Users who view your Reels won’t be able to use the original audio, and they won’t be able to share your videos with other uses other than your followers.

  • If you have a public account: 


You can share your Reel in any section provided by the Explore section. This way you can reach more users within the app.


To share it with your followers, just share it on your feed. To reach more users, you can also use hashtags, songs, or effects. If you do this, your Reel will appear on the pages of the certain hashtag, effect, or song.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appBy the time your Reel is ready, you can save it as a draft before posting.


You will be able to change the cover image or add hashtags, tag friends, and more.


When you share your Reel, it will appear in a tab within your profile where all the ones you have created will be stored.


This new Instagram tool provides users with much more content, videos with original and fun Instagram background music.


These videos will undoubtedly enhance the creativity of instagramers.


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, How to activate the Reels?


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appTo use Reels, you must open the Instagram camera, which is where the feature is located.


In the latest versions of Instagram, the camera interface changes to be divided into three options:


Live, Story, and Reels.


To activate this tool, you must tap on Reels.


The first time you open the application, it will show you an information window in which you must click Start.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appInstagram Reels is available in 50 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Brazil, India, and the United States.


If you’re in one of these countries and the tab doesn’t appear, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram installed. Sometimes, it may take a few days before the Reels function is activated on the mobile.

  • Open the Instagram camera.
  • Once the Reels tab appears, tap on it.
  • If it doesn’t appear, update Instagram to the latest version.
  • Now, if it still doesn’t appear and you’re in a country where Reels has been activated, be patient. It will end up arriving, eventually.



BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appSince the beginning of the quarantine, TikTok has become one of the most downloaded apps, since people use it as entertainment.


With this application, you can create short videos of 15 or 60 seconds, add music from a large catalog of songs or effects and funny phrases. Also, it allows you to change the speed of videos faster or slower and add filters.


During these months, millions of users have experimented with TikTok and created incredible videos. But TikTok also has its cons, for example, we can only share them within the app as a feed, story, or direct message.


Likewise, adding it to another social platform requires downloading the video and uploading it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Although we must remember the recent rumors that the app will probably disappear in the United States and some parts of the world. If so, TikTok will have served to inspire the creation of Instagram Reels.


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appOn TikTok you can:

  • Create videos of 15 seconds and 60 seconds. Add music found in Spotify or the Apple Music catalog.

But not only that. You can also add song affects you like, plus some pretty funny phrases, as we mentioned above.

  • Speed ​​up or slow down a video.
  • People can create effects on clips.
  • You can post to the stories, feed, or send the video to another user via direct message. You can even download the clip in certain cases.
  • To see the TikTok videos, you just have to open the application and view the ones that appear on the main screen, encouraging you to create yours.
  • You can only change video by scrolling the clip up
  • You can “like” it, share the video with your friends, or leave a comment. There is even a button to “follow” the author.

As you have seen, there are a certain amount of differences that shows how both applications have their advantages and disadvantages.


Do you stick with TikTok or Instagram Reels?


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, Why this new functionality?


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appIt’s not clear how long Facebook has been preparing for the global launch of Instagram Reels, but the fact is that it’s seizing a great opportunity.


The Trump administration has long investigated TikTok’s ties to China, where the company that created it (ByteDance) is located.


In early July 2020, Trump threatened to block TikTok in retaliation for the coronavirus. He also raised some concerns about the possible access of the Chinese government to TikTok data and content moderation on the platform.


Given the possible disappearance of TikTok, users and creators are looking for a platform where they can continue to share these types of videos, and Instagram Reels comes to cover that need.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appConsidering that TikTok is estimated to have a user base of 80 million users in the United States, it may be a perfect opportunity to capture market share. Although, Microsoft has announced that it will buy the rights to the social platform TikTok in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


All this to keep user data on servers in the United States and so that there are no information security problems. Thus, this avoids the ban of the app and it would continue to be a very strong competition against Instagram Reels in the United States.


In India, a similar situation has already occurred, since in early summer 2020 its government blocked the download of multiple Chinese applications, including TikTok. The reason for this was because its government considered that it was a threat to the country’s security. Although, we must mention that these actions do have a political background and borders.


The launch of Instagram Reels in this country at the beginning of July came at the perfect time to take that place.


Differences between Reels and TikTok


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appWe have already explained what each app is about, how it works, and what we can do within it, now, we will explain their differences and explain which one is better.


Let’s get started!


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, Application:


Remember that Reels is not an application, it’s a complementary option to Instagram, as is IGTV. While TikTok it’s a separate social platform.


This influences when polling the content because, in TikTok, it’s easier to know the trending content or to search for specific videos, while in Reels the process is more annoying, despite being like the Asian platform.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appEdit videos:


To make a video in Reels, the user only has to slide their screen to the right, while in TikTok they must press the “+” button.


If you have used both applications, you know how it is.


Regarding editing tools, TikTok shows its power by presenting multiple options in your videos.


In Reels, you can only add songs to your videos, change the speed of effects, at least for now.

  BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open app

For example, those of augmented reality that was already presented for stories, text, and a timer.


In the same way, TikTok has many more effects, including the most popular one such as beauty and photo montage functions.


When editing, both platforms are totally the same, in the sense that you can cut, add effects to each take, and more.


However, as mentioned above, TikTok has more filters and effects.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appInstagram Reels vs TikTok, Duration:


In TikTok, the duration of the videos is one minute, while in the new Instagram function it’s only 15 seconds maximum.


It’s a big difference.


However, it depends on what action you use the tool for.


Although both options are for entertainment, we can also use it corporately.


It totally depends merely on the user who is going to use it.




BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appWhen we speak about the publishing aspect, Reels has more variety.


This is thanks to the fact that we can share the new video on Instagram’s feed or only in the Stories.


You can also send it to the best friends section or by Direct Messages.


While in TikTok there is only one publication option and that’s it.


Instagram Reels vs TikTok, Which is one better?


BluCactus - better appAt the moment, TikTok offers many more options to users who want to make this content.


However, Reels is not far behind, it’s a threat behind the millions of users who already use Instagram and can be attracted to this new tool.


The new Instagram tool is very similar to TikTok. Both offer their users the possibility of creating 15-second videos and editing them to suit the user, with filters and many other options.


BluCactus - Cellphone with an open appThe big difference between these two apps is that Reels can benefit from Instagram instant messaging, while TikTok cannot.


It’s a great advantage that Reels has over TikTok because it allows users to share the video with whoever they want, not only in the stories of the app.


This allows them to limit their viewing to a specific group of people (such as best friends) or to a single contact or Instagram follower.


From Facebook, and despite the similarities between both tools, they assure that Reels is not a copy of TikTok.


BluCactus - Instagram Reels vs TikTok - cellphone with an open appThey said that the main objective of this Instagram functionality is the creation of authentic Instagram videos.


So can Reels unseat TikTok or other music video apps? Predicting what is going to happen is complicated.


However, there are a few things that are opposed to the American giant.


The startup that created TikTok is one of the most valuable in the world and they will do everything they can to compete with Instagram Reels.

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