Colors make the logo: How the perfect blend can bring success to your fashion brand

How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? If you are about to create your company logo, you might find it hard to choose the colors for it. Remember that this is something that you can’t create overnight. Have in mind that each color has a meaning, and it affects the way people see you.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorIn the fast-food industry, the colors that stand out are red and yellow, while banks use blue tones. Why? How can a color characterize or highlight a brand?


Color is one of the most essential forms of communication that we have. In nature, it can warn us when there is danger nearby. An example can be the yellow and black of a wasp.


Through our evolution, we have come to associate colors with emotions. So, using color in marketing can be part of a strategy. We can even use those emotions on a psychological level.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorSometimes it can be obvious as most people associate blue with being calm or red with danger. Such colors can convey more emotions a lot faster than the words themselves. However, there are several meanings mixed with colors that go much further. Some of them have even transcended their original meaning to become something new.


For example, we talked about how the food industry uses the color yellow. However, most of the advertisements for different fast-food chains use a combination of red and yellow in their main ads.


In general, red and yellow are the colors that one can associate with speed and efficiency. However, McDonald’s has now moved away from this color scheme. After extensive studies, researchers found red to be more associated with poor diet than fast food. Did you know that?


Can you describe your brand in one sentence?


BluCactus - example of a colorThe emotional connection with color is very strong and has evolved over millions of years, and will surely continue to do so for many years to come.


When you want to choose the color for your brand, you must review everything that is happening in your sector. However, we recommend going out and see it for yourself. This way you will understand the meaning that each color has and how people react to them.


Every day, life offers us a diverse and rich color palette. However, it can be annoying when people dismiss a gray day. They ignore the fact that it can even lift their spirits because there are colors everywhere. Besides, this color can suggest emotions of peace, security, and tranquility.


Why do brand colors matter?


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorAs Picasso said, “Colors are like characteristics, they follow the changes of emotions.”


With that said, we have a question for you: What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word love?


Whether your answer is negative or positive, your answer is likely to be more emotional, and the first thing you think of is the color red or pink. It’s normal.


Emotions are very powerful and whether or not we like it and they motivate people to make decisions. As a brand, we understand that you want to forge a strong emotional connection with your customers.


The problem is, you can’t tell the entire life story of your company in a logo or store. However, brand colors provide a straightforward and simple path to the hearts of your clientele.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorThe link between colors and emotions


One of the most famous color theorists, Faber Birren, wrote extensively on the link between colors and the emotional state. You can find this in his book Color Psychology and Color Theory.


In the same way, words like “love” and “airplane” cause different emotions, and the same happens to colors.


For example, colors like red and blue create different human responses. That said, it’s interesting that the same colors tend to bring out similar responses in different people.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorThe color theory runs much deeper than the typical phrase “pink is a soft color”. Psychologists link it to the evolution of humans itself. Connections to certain colors can develop after years of matching them with particular objects. For example, the color red places people on alert for some near danger, and the brown tones to dirt and rotten food.


People might not use this color a lot but farmers and chocolate lovers love it a lot. On the other hand, there are the cultural partners. A simple example is how Americans link green with money because the currency that they use every day is green.


There’s also the fact that, in other countries, they don’t need to understand the phrase “going green”. However, when a company “goes green” we often think of the environment.


Besides, even the surliest business person at heart cannot ignore science among the psychological effects of colors. But how can colors work for your brand?


Applying brand colors


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorAccording to neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, colors show how consumers feel about a brand.


You can mix this with the fact that certain colors invoke certain emotions and enthusiasm. Thus, your brand colors may have the ability to affect your sales or performance even more than the products you offer. Because of this, we can say that repeating the same color can strengthen brand awareness.


This question is for you: When was the last time you saw a Coca-Cola can that was not red or a Twitter bird that was not sky blue?


These are things that don’t change overnight, it takes time and there is usually a study behind it. Besides, the marketing world surely learned its lesson from Heinz’s tragic transition to purple ketchup.


With enough exposure, colors become part of a brand, so you want to boost the association that uses your brand colors consistently.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorIn case you forgot, here are the most common areas in which you will use your brand colors:


By using the same colors throughout your business ventures, you can strengthen your brand association with colors and, by extension, cement brand awareness as a whole.


Everything relates to the brand and it’s because of this that colors must be chosen with great care. If you do otherwise, this can have very unexpected or unwanted results. Besides, the color you chose will speak for your brand identity.


For example, maybe your favorite color is purple and you want to use it for your brand. However, this could be a poor choice for your business advertisements. If you don’t want this to happen, the first thing you must do is define the personality of your brand. After that, you must find the color that exactly matches your ideals.


Meaning of color in fashion


The colors are not only those that we see every day in different garments. They are those that are also present in different commercial brands, logos, and corporate image. They, of course, depend on what they want to convey and what type of client they want to reach.


Next, we will explain the most popular colors on the market:


White: purity, confidence, and neatness.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorThis color is one of the neutral tones that go with everything.


We recommend it for those people who want to provide a professional image. For example a job interview, or, perhaps an important exam, also in sanitary trades or wedding dresses.


On the other hand, if you want to show toughness or a tougher image, this color is not recommended. To make white look good, it has to be immaculate. Thus, it’s very important to take into account the environment where we are going to be. In short, watch out for any stains.


Black: Power and absence of light


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorBlack is a complicated color when recommending in a consultancy.




Because it not only transmits authority and power. And despite being the concentration of all pigment colors, it’s also the absence of all light colors.


Therefore, it’s possible that it transmits a sad image and that it tries to go unnoticed. We recommend using it if you need to convey authority and distinction. However, it’s a color that you should avoid in an interview or any personal and professional environment if you want to build trust and communication.


Gray: neutrality par excellence.


BluCactus - example of a colorThis color can be described in two words, sophistication and elegance.


Although depending on the structure and shape of the garment, it can convey classicism. It’s recommended when you want to convey a point of seriousness and authority with more margin of communication than black.


If you are a retailer, most often than not, you will be around senior executives who want to build trust in their employees. On the other hand, it’s not recommended for people who are going through depression processes. This is because it’s a color with a heavy lack of energy.


Brown: warm and approachable


BluCactus - example of a colorIt transmits stability and neutrality in communication.


It’s recommended for people of warm harmony who wish to convey neutrality and confidence.


Be careful if the skin undertone is yellow, as it can reduce the luminosity of the face.


It’s not an easy color to combine, so if you are not sure how to combine it, it’s best to avoid it.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorYellow: Joy and positivity


This color conveys joy, confidence, and positivity.


Be careful when using it, as it’s one of the most difficult colors to assimilate.


Use it in its different variants, that is, paste yellow or mustard.


You can also use it in accessories to attract attention and convey confidence.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorOrange: Energy


This color, although not many know it, is related to energy par excellence.


It transmits positivism, contrast, and fun. It’s recommended for people with a need for energy and positivity. And it can be used, as a complement or as a garment.


It’s not advisable in job interviews or of any kind, due to its irresistible vibrations. We also don’t recommend it for very eccentric personalities, in case the other person wants a little more calm.


Red: A striking color


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorRed represents an indescribable force. It transmits passion, strength, character, power, and energy.


If used wisely, your outfit combination can represent elegance.


It’s recommended for people with low self-esteem or in any situation where you need strength.


You should also avoid it in potentially confrontational situations.


Rose: Feminity and innocence


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorAs in all colors, there are nuances, and each one acquires a different meaning. Similarly, in higher color saturation, in this case, fuchsia, it can cause fun and excitement.


On the other hand, in a lower saturation, we refer to the pastel pink color, in this case, it speaks of the nuance of innocence and lack of character.


It can be used to provide a more feminine touch and in its most saturated version, for looks full of energy and dynamism.


On any occasion that you want to use it to bring out your character and avoid a more childish image, it’s better not to use it, because it causes the opposite effect.


Violet: mystery and mysticism.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorThis color transmits power, sensitivity, and imagination by nature.


So, it isn’t by chance that it’s used many times by magicians.


We recommend it for those who want to disconnect with the material world and want a touch of modernity.


Avoid this color in situations that want more earthly energies such as in situations where you want to conclude a deal or business.


Blue: A different energy 


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorAs with the color pink, and throughout the color palette, blue also has shades.


Navy blue is the color most used in interviews and the one that after black, evokes more power.


And, when we think of a color, light blue calls for leadership and calm.


We recommend using it when you want to generate sales and job interviews.


If you are in creative environments, its better that you avoid it because it lacks stimulation.


Green: The color of nature.


BluCactus - example of a colorAlthough we relate it to nature, the truth is that this color symbolizes success, money, and health.


It’s a color that we can get used to and according to its shade, it transmits serenity.


You can add it to your clothing combinations if you want to convey the image of a leader or a more creative side.


And be very careful if your skin has a pink undertone as this color can enhance it.


Emotional associations of each color


BluCactus - example of a colorWe have talked enough about colors, how it would look to dress, and how each color has a different meaning in its symbolism or according to the industry of the sector where it’s used. However, we didn’t talk a lot about its emotional side.


Next, we will show you a summary of what colors can mean when we refer to emotions. After knowing this, you will have a very clear idea of ​​what color to use when creating your logo and what you want to convey with it.

  • Red: passion, importance, attention.
  • Orange: playful, friendly, vitality.
  • Yellow: happiness, optimism, warning.
  • Green: nature, stability, prosperity.
  • Light blue: calm, confidence, openness.
  • Dark blue: professionalism, security, dependability.
  • Purple: royalty, creativity, mystery.
  • Pink: femininity, youth, innocence.
  • Brown: rough, earthy.
  • White: clean, virtuous, healthy.
  • Gray: neutrality, sadness, subdued.
  • Black: powerful, sophisticated, edgy.

Please note that this is a short version. The connection to color runs much deeper than this, for example, too much yellow can cause anxiety.


The formula for building a brand color scheme


You must know that there is no exact formula to build or choose a brand color scheme. When it comes to deducing brand identity, it’s tricky and unwise to notice the hard and fast rules.


BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorThat said, the process can be confusing and perhaps demotivating, so we will give you a little guide.


Below we will explain the process for building a color scheme that you can use more as a frame, and less as step-by-step instructions.


Think of 3 colors: Base, Accent, and Neutral.


The brand’s color schemes can be between 1 and 4 colors depending on the type, but even monochromatic schemes require some variation in hues for different purposes.

  • BluCactus - example of a colorChoose the base


Of all the personality traits of your brand, we will ask you: which is most important?


In the color of your foundation, we recommend that you reflect not only the most dominant trait of your brand’s personality, but also motivate the target audience you are trying to reach.


Choose the remaining colors based on how well they match this one.

  • BluCactus - example of a colorChoose the accent


The accent is the most used color after its base color.


This is a bit more difficult, as choosing the accent color may have more restrictions.


Besides matching a brand personality trait, your accent color should also visually blend in with your base color, not to mention that it can calm your audience.

  • Choose the neutral


BluCactus - example of a colorYour neutral color could be a background color, something chosen to avoid attention.


Usually, these are different shades of gray, but beige and whites work. Black is an option too, but be careful, it tends to dominate whatever color scheme it’s a part of.


Throughout the process of choosing brand colors, the end goal should be kept in mind: what type of color scheme is being used?


Brands typically use one of these common brand color schemes.

  • BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorMonochrome


This type of scheme focuses only on the main color of the brand.


Although ideal for minimalist brands, the challenge here is to differentiate the tones enough that your eyesight is not visually impaired.

  • BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorAnalogously


Adjacent colors on the color wheel have harmonious relationships, as they often have similar emotional connotations.


Analogous schemes are often called safe bets, but they are not the best to stand out or attract attention.

  • BluCactus - example of a colorComplementary, color complements or opposite


They are colors directly across from each other on the color wheels.


Because they are opposites, they bring out the best in each other when combined, within the sports world, this schematic model can be highly perceived.


Complementary colors are great for stimulating and dynamic visuals, but be careful to copy another brand as they are very popular.

  • BluCactus - How to select the colors of the logo of a fashion company? - example of a colorTriadic


A stable brand color scheme, triadic colors draw in equal parts for three different sections of the color wheel.


Triadic schemas are stable as analogous themes, but provide more stimulating variety like complementary schemas.


However, a tricky part of this scheme is getting the three colors to match the traits of your brand identity. Remember, your brand’s color scheme determines the look of your website, logo, store design, advertising, and more.




BluCactus - example of a colorColors make our life have a lot of emotion and life, they make us feel and motivate us to carry out different actions. So, after reading this article, I hope you change your perspective of use when dressing and when using it in some action.


If you are looking for an exact color for your logo, and you have a fashion company, first take into account that you want to convey your style and that you can characterize it within your same sector.


If you need help, contact us! Your growth is satisfactory for us.


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Lack of content? Get inspired! Our top 15 content ideas for fashion brands!

We already know the importance that social media has for online businesses, and even more within fashion brands. Learn the 15 content ideas for fashion brands.


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - tutorialsThe creation of content is essential because it helps to show the range of products in creative ways. Besides, it allows you to communicate everything behind the brand. The reason for this is that potential customers are real people who are looking for more than “just products.”


People attach importance to the experience they have when creating content. They not only want to see products, but they also want to learn how it’s made. Besides, how to care for and maintain the product, what people are behind the brand, among other aspects are part of their interests.


For these reasons today, we share 15 creative ideas that are using content to attract customers to your brand. This is a great strategy that allows you to understand how to sell online and increase sales.


We hope it serves as an inspiration for your content!


15 content ideas for fashion brands

  • Tutorials with ideas on how to use the products


This is one of the most viewed ideas. These can be famous “outfits” or fashion combinations.


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - dignanisOne great way to show the products it’s with videos or photos. This is where you give several ideas or teach how to use them. Besides, it’s a good way to not be always selling something. Thus, it’s more natural.


Showing is always more powerful than telling, and tutorials are a great way to bring that to life. Many girls watch tutorials to know what to wear or not, at what time of year, or on what occasion.


For example, The girls at The Dignanis create this content to inspire their potential customers with thousands of ideas to use the scarves they sell in their store.


They also do it with tutorial videos and in their photos. In them, they show their different ideas so people can use them


This way, customers or users not only talk about their products but also inspire others with ideas on how to use them.


It not only attracts much more than a direct sales message but also increases the opportunities for selling. Why? Because it inspires them to come up with ideas or different uses. Who knows? Maybe they may have never thought about them without your help.

  • Answer frequently asked questions originally


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - answer questionsAnswering frequently asked questions from your customers in a creative way is another great option.


What if you make a more original video or tutorial video?


This way, you can take advantage of the questions that people always ask. Thanks to this you will be able to create content and improve the shopping experience. Especially for those future customers who had the same questions.


Here, the girls from Bord created a story on Instagram. In it, they shared a step by step guide to install their organization panels.


Perhaps this was a common question that many people had. So, because of this, they made it a story for all to see.


You can also create response ideas with different sections. Inside the store, they created these and with them, they answered the most frequently asked questions. Some of them were about how to choose the size of the ring, how to place the earrings, or how to clean the accessories.

  • 15 content ideas for fashion brands, Share the why and the stories behind the products


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - baummAnother powerful way to create content for your brand is by telling the reason why or the story behind your products.


There is always a story that begins with the business and then with the products of it.


Sharing this content is a great way for your potential customers to connect with your brand much more emotionally. All this with the aim that it’s not only about products or prices, but that they see that there is much more.


Here, we expose the Baumm brand, which dedicates to making backpacks with reused paragliders. It’s not just another backpack, as we know it. Besides, there is a story behind each product concerning the use of sustainable materials and where said fabric was before it became a backpack.


Their duty is to show and share all that. This way their potential clients find out and see the soul and history behind the products.

  • Creative alliances to show the products in use


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherWhen you create alliances with other people, it’s so you aren’t always the one who is showing the products. It’s also a great idea to create content and attract more attention.


For example, the girls from Bord recently did this in a super original way.


They know that their organizational panels are a great product, especially for creative entrepreneurs.


So, they also know that these people need to have their work items on hand and in order.


They summoned 15 entrepreneurs to do a photo session, in which the organization was on their behalf. Also, they asked them to bring their favorite items of work.


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherFinally, they created wonderful photos of their panels displaying a variety of shapes and areas in which people can use them.


Added to that, each of those 15 entrepreneurs shared the photos on their own social media. Thus, this increased the number of people they reached with their brand.


It’s a very original idea in which you can draw for inspiration. Alliances don’t always have to be with influencers or with people who have billions of followers. You also don’t need to pay a fortune for a mention.


It’s preferable to do it with people with fewer followers but who have constant interaction with their audience.

  • 15 content ideas for fashion brands, Customers themselves to display the products in use


BluCactus - tablet with information of fashionAnother way to achieve something similar to the previous point is to take advantage of the customers themselves to show the products in use.


What better than the people who choose and like what you offer to show it and help more people know you?


An example of this is Juli Santini. She is an apparel designer who organizes an afternoon tea every month. Here, she invites her main clients to try on clothes. But that’s not all, they also spend an afternoon with her and take photos.


This is a great way to stay in touch and get to know your own clients more. Not to mention that it gives exclusive and preferential treatment to its most loyal clients.


In the same way, it’s a very original way to have infinite photos of the garments in use with the different “models”.

  • Educational content about the benefits of the products


BluCactus - cellphone with informationThis content depends solely on the type of product you sell. Not all products solve problems, as some benefit from one in particular. Instead, if your product is within this area, this content is ideal.


Here, you can explain based on your experience, the benefits that the product offers when used. This means that if you sell skin products and know who to use it, sharing your knowledge can be beneficial.


Don’t just talk about your products, but also about the other benefits that people are looking for when buying it.


As a result, you can attract potential customers by sharing tips and useful information. This, in turn, will help them to promote the importance of the product.

  • 15 content ideas for fashion brands, Creative photos to show the products in different uses


This point is very important.  Photographs are a key content to attract potential customers to the brand.


The issue is that there are so many, but so many images circling social media. So, to attract attention, you must use a lot of creativity for the photos. Remember to try not to always show the products, in the same way, every time.

  BluCactus - cellphone with information

Consider that potential clients see thousands of photos per day on their social media platforms. Thus, to grab their attention in a few seconds, the photos have to stand out from the rest.


This is easier said than done, but nowadays, not having quality photos is not an option. Remember that we live in a world where visual content is very important.


They don’t have to be of professional quality. However, they must be well made and of excellent quality. This is because this will make someone interested in seeing and knowing more about your brand or not.


For example, Ringo’s workers are a great example: they focused their entire store on a single product. For this, they created original and attractive photographs to display them in different usage situations.

  • Use user-created content 


A way to create content is also taking advantage of the content created by your users. Knowing how to use it wisely and effectively, whether for companies’ large and small, builds knowledge and brand loyalty for you.


BluCactus - cellphone with informationWhile you may not have the budget to hire a macro-influencer, it’s possible to share user-generated content. The best thing about this is that is practically free.


Like, for example, Glossier made product placement important to their brand’s success when they launched their beauty line. They also made sure that their packaging was photogenic and adapted for Instagram.


When you scroll through their Instagram feed, you can see several posts from micro-influencers showing the pink cheeks and glossy lips.


On the other hand, ASOS takes its use of user-generated content to the next level. They do this by creating Instagram profiles for their influencers.


Such influencers attract followers on their personal pages to create a community on their ASOS profiles. This is where people can only share ASOS content.

  • 15 content ideas for fashion brands, Fashion news


Try not to focus everything on your product. News, catwalks, trends, presentations of brands, or famous people that firms take as an image always surrounds fashion. Besides, this is part of the brand and its themes that always interest a passionate fashion reader.


BluCactus - laptop with informationThe news of the world of fashion usually are given in an image within a dynamic blog.


So, if something characterizes fashion is dynamism. Your brand has to convey the feeling that with its information the reader will be up-to-date in everything that happens in fashion and its latest trends.


You have to think just like a follower of yours would think. If you are a fan of fashion, you will love to keep up with the latest news.


Thus, it’s also great content and it will probably gain more audience.


A blog can not only have content “seen”. It also has to have innovative content and news, apart from informing are constantly transcending.

  • Post with lists and compilations


Users and fans receive and accept posts with lists well. Likewise, the power of the information collected by the same published grid is contextualized.

  BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working together

It’s a strategy that, if used well, is fantastic. Besides, it can be used to create a link building strategy. This is something that favors the exchange of links between those responsible for the products that are cited in the lists and your own blog.


The informative content always has a high value. This is because the target or the lead will find in it a more or less extensive list of products. Likewise, this list will include a review of the qualities and a directing to broader descriptions.


If your blog has already created a theme with chained posts, these lists can also serve as scripts or indexes that point to content on your own blog.


On the other hand, the content of the lists or information gathering will clearly depend on what you post on your blog or social media and keeps a calendar of topics and publications.

  • 15 content ideas for fashion brands, The power of videos 


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherThe world of marketing is getting bigger and bigger. That’s why there is no reason why social media shouldn’t take advantage of this resource. One of the most popular ways is to broadcast live to your audience.


We can see that in marketing, the audiovisual part of it is very present nowadays. So, with the rise of video apps, they have gained space in blogs and social media platforms. Thus, if you like videos, exploit your creativity and show through them the essence of your brand.


If you don’t like videos, you can come up with other audiovisual ideas. This way, people can see your brand through audiovisual spaces. We should note that the videos attract attention since they generate curiosity in people.


This encourages a sense of urgency and a rejection of loss. Because of the more videos you make, the more people will have the space to see you. So, in this way, they won’t miss out on what you show.


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherThe reason for this is that, when social media platforms warn their followers that the broadcast has started, users want to know what you will show in the video, and they have to see it at that exact moment.


And if they miss it, the only way to see it is if you or the person streaming a life posts the entire stream. This is only if you want to.


Since, if you publish the video, you can lose the audience. Why? Because they already know that you will publish.


Whereas, if you only do a live, it will motivate users to watch it in full and be aware of your publications.


This also makes live broadcasts a great way to draw public attention to whatever else you are doing.

  • Survey the audience


BluCactus - tablet with informationThere is no better way to know what content may or may not be for your brand than to talk to your fans, followers, and audience.


Social media platforms work with constant “social” motivation to stay active.


How do you get “social”?


It’s achieved with the interaction you have with your followers. The best way to maintain interaction on social media is to communicate with followers.


BluCactus - happy faceThey are the ones who indirectly decide what you place on your brand. Without them, no brand could progress. What the follower thinks is precious.


That’s why it’s important to give it the value it deserves and always treat it with respect.


You just have to listen and know how to apply what you learn.


The first step is to create a survey that allows you to do this in a simple and fun way.


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - content ideasWe leave you with a word to keep in mind: balance.


It’s important not to fall into either extreme.


The first would be to ask only random questions, with no importance.


This will indicate that the survey was done solely to follow the trend, and not to generate value.


The second would be to interrogate the audience with many questions and always on deep issues. You must choose the middle ground, asking what type of content the public wants to see on the blog, among other similar things.

  • Analyze the metrics of social profiles


BluCactus - cellphone with informationYou may first think that since it’s possible to analyze social profile metrics, you can create content for your blog.


It may be a boring task, but the data doesn’t show powerful information that can strengthen your overall strategy.


You need to know how to track the right data and understand what it tells you about your business.


Based on the analyzes carried out, you will have greater clarity to decide related to factors such as:

  • Publication frequency
  • Types of content you should share
  • Better times to reach a wider audience.

With this data, you will know when to publish the content to reach more followers. But not only that, with it you will also know what content to publish.


We recommend running a posting grid after analyzing the data mentioned above.

  • 15 content ideas for fashion brands, Use in a good mood


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherAnother good way to create content is by using humor. Nowadays there are many emojis, GIFs, and trendy memes. So, these deserve a notable place in your marketing strategy.


As much as you are a fashionable profile, this doesn’t mean that it has to be extravagant and boring, on the contrary, it can be a lot of fun.


It’s important to take into account the environment, which is naturally relaxed. Also, enjoy it as much as you can and put a good mood in all your posts.


This will humanize the brand and bring them closer to people. With this, you will also increase engagement when you create a good post.


Just remember to be cautious with humor. Do nothing burlesque, as fashion is serious and classy. However, you can ​ add a fun and exotic touch.


We also don’t recommend making jokes with delicate topics and that has nothing to do with fashion.

  • Content curation


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherFinally, one way to create content is by curating old or previously used content.


You should take the time to produce quality content and look back at what was already published. Also, give your audience fresh materials that are still important to your followers.


We can say that content curation opens doors. This way you can highlight the content already published, without repeating, just highlighting.


This creates value for followers and for your brand, which will allow you to position yourself. Besides, forming new spontaneous partnerships can generate opportunities for future joint marketing.


Conclusion of 15 content ideas for fashion brands


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - contact usThe 15 ideas mentioned above are some suggestions that you can implement within your website, blog, or page in which the main theme is fashion.


Each of these suggestions stands out for a particular action. So, it’s up to you if you agree to follow our advice. As an agency specialized in Digital Marketing, we are happy to present ideas that may be of help to you.


In short, it takes organization, time, and creativity to carry out all these suggestions and with a strategy behind everything.


If you are looking for support to expand the content of your page, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our agency has specialists who will help you achieve your main objective, to sell!


Likewise, we invite you to follow us on our social media platforms and subscribe to our daily newsletter.


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Social media marketing is the new black: Everything you need to stand out!

Social media marketing for fashion brands. When you have a fashion brand, the first thing you need is a marketing strategy to take that brand to the next level.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingThe marketing strategy leads to interaction with social media platforms, which has to be as solid as anything.


Because of this, participation within social media has to be creative, as it will help you to build the brand. It will also expand the reach of your social media posts which will then increase your sales.


Let’s clarify that the world of social media can be overwhelming, and you may fall. However, do not stress, there are many new platforms, ways to use them and the algorithms do not stop advancing day by day.


We will tell you how to carry out social media so that you don’t fail on the first try, everything is practical.


This article will help you follow the path of your social media marketing strategy for a fashion brand.


Social media and marketing


BluCactus - brand awarenessIf you are starting in the world of marketing or you already know what it is about, you must already know that social media is a large topic within it.


Besides, when you enter the world of fashion you can see that it’s also a wide world.


These are two very different topics that can be complemented and merged on social media.


However, to achieve this you have to know how to do it and monitor how you will carry it out.


blucactus - brand authoritySocial media platforms are the natural environment for fashion brands.


Because of this, the best way to sell on them is to focus on their visual aspect.


For example, you can use Instagram or Pinterest since they allow you to directly expand and target potential customers.


One tool that can help you manage many different aspects of your online presence is a brand monitoring tool, such as Brand24.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. Brand24


BluCactus - brand24Brand24 is known to be a reliable, simple, and inexpensive social monitoring application.


It serves to identify, connect, and analyze online conversations about your brands, products, and competitors.


It can be done from the entire platform and in real-time. Besides, companies of all sizes and sectors also use it.

      blucactus - brand authority

Brand24 can help you to:

  • Monitor the performance of hashtags and the reach of your social media posts and campaigns.
  • Choose the right hashtags to find the right audience for your posts;
  • Improve your customer service by responding quickly to customer inquiries;
  • Implement customer testimonials on your website;
  • Finding the best social media influencers for your next social media campaign.


Why does your fashion brand have to be present on social media?


BluCactus - people working togetherA lot of fashion brands don’t get why they have to use social media to sell or why it’s so important.


They don’t understand the fact that social media is now an essential element of any marketing strategy.


Social media marketing for fashion brands is so important because the fashion industry is very visual. Because of this, if you have a brand of this kind, you must use the different platforms that exist for this.


Besides, they are very easy to use, for example, Instagram or Pinterest are two platforms that focus on this aspect as you already know.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. What exactly are the benefits of a social media presence?


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - seoNext, we will mention the many benefits that you cannot ignore:


You do not need any more reasons to know what advantages the use of social media gives to your brand.


If you need a person to advise you, remember that we at BluCactus, have a wide of specialists that can help you take your brand to greater heights.


How to propose a marketing strategy on Instagram for fashion brands


BluCactus - instagramThe first thing to keep in mind is that you can use Instagram as an online catalog. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just that.


The people who are interested in fashion look for ideas, inspiration, and trends. That is why you must focus the strategy on meeting these needs as the user who discovers can become a customer.


You must also remember that it’s important to make the purchase of a product as easy as possible from the application itself. For this, you can use the advertising formats that exist on Instagram. However, we must be honest and tell you that it can be difficult to sell if you decide to do this organically.


Take into account that formats like Instagram Shopping are designed to maximize conversions. Thus, investing in these types of ads will be profitable.


Need help?


BluCactus - instagramIt’s likely that to expose your full potential, you may need the help of a professional in social ads. They can help you to come up with a good campaign idea. This professional can even help you with the creative process and messages, and to make an optimal segmentation of the audiences.


Setting aside the fact that Instagram can be a catalog and a source of inspiration, you should also know that it is an amazing platform to show yourself as a brand. In it, you can express the personality of your clothes and more. Don’t forget that people also like to see what happens behind the scenes. It’s just human nature, we are curious creatures and our desire for discovery can get to that point.


Thus, a good idea for a marketing strategy on Instagram for fashion brands is to tell stories about what happens daily. You can show aspects that people don’t know, and create expectations around it. This way you will be able to maintain the attention of the audience to some degree.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. What social media channels should your fashion brand use?


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - socia mediaIt seems that social media platforms were invented for fashion brands because of the great boom that exists.


Besides, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest are highly visual.


This makes it easy to promote your fashion brand.


We have the following question:


What social media channels should you choose to provide the most effective social media marketing for a fashion brand?


Instagram for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingInstagram is one of the best platforms, and it can be the obvious choice for any fashion brand.


First of all, Instagram has grown a lot in the past few years and it now has over a billion active users.


Second, it’s a visual medium that allows you to showcase your products from the best perspective.


Fashion brands have become the masters of Instagram as they feature carefully curated content, targeted ads, and behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram Stories.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingBut don’t worry, you don’t just have to show your product.


You can also post user-generated content, which is known by its acronym CGU.


Things like inspirational quotes, or tips on food and art destinations can be really helpful to boost your presence on this platform.


So the next question arises.


How to generate more views, engagement, or comments? With the use of hashtags!


Choose the right hashtags


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingYou can use hashtags to expand your reach on social media and show your content to new audiences.


They will help you find new customers and build a loyal fan base.


But how do you choose the right hashtags for the brand?


With a little help from a social media monitoring tool called Brand24.


Previously, we mentioned that tool, what it consisted of, and what were its advantages when used.

  BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people working

So the first thing to do is set up a project.


Put all your keywords in the project creation wizard.


Social media marketing for fashion brands.


Keywords can be:

  • The name of your company.
  • The name of your products.
  • General terms related to the business niche.
  • The name of your CEO or popular employees.

Facebook for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingThe main objective of Facebook is to give “meaningful interactions” between users.


It sounds difficult, but the truth is that it’s a great opportunity for your fashion brand!


The trick is to present the Facebook fan page as a meeting place for the target audience.


Exhibiting the newest collection is a great start, but think even further than that. Remember that innovation is the golden rule.


For example: What else could help your target audience and make them feel even more connected to your brand?


BluCactus - ratesSometimes looking for ideas can be difficult, but at the moment where you least expect it, inspiration comes.


We recommend that you, for example: introduce user-generated content and show how your products look on real people in everyday situations, not on models during photo shoots.


Another idea may be to organize a contest.


We are sure that with this, you can get a lot of creative ideas and make a connection between customers and the brand.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. Facebook Groups


BluCactus - facebook groupsWe talked about Facebook, but creating a Facebook group can be a good idea.


If you use this correctly, you will be able to get prominent interaction among your users, and this way, promote your products.


The key to a successful Facebook group for a fashion brand is not just talking about your product but introducing new ideas.


There are a lot of topics that can be interesting for your target audience.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingSome of the topics will emerge naturally, as users will begin to ask questions, for example, about how to care for a garment or what type of shoes are best to match a dress.


You can also ask questions and information on your own.


Most consumers are interested in knowing where their garments come from, who sews them, and what type of fabric they are made from.


That’s the perfect basis for an interesting story, which will make your fashion brand stand out from the crowd on social media. You can also show an exclusive view of your most recent campaign, discount codes, and much more.


Bots for fashion brands on Facebook


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - facebookIf you use them well, bots can bring a huge advantage to social media marketing for a fashion brand.


For example, Levi’s created a virtual Levi’s stylist. This helps users find the perfect pair of jeans through a bot.


Imagine all the time you can save by going to the store or browsing hundreds of different pairs of jeans online.


The robot asks about the fit, height, stretch, and washing of the jeans, as well as, you can ask what size it is in other brands.


Everything to make sure you find the perfect pair of your Levi’s.


Social media customer service for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingOnce you establish your brand and become active, you will inevitably have to deal with customer complaints, no matter how good your product is.


A negative review on a social media channel can be a blessing in disguise. However, there are some rules you must follow for a negative customer review to work for you.


First, time is very important. Your customers will expect a quick response and that will be your window of opportunity to showcase the best of your customer service practices.


On the contrary, if there are negative messages, the best way to detect them is by viewing your publication. Once you find them, you can either reply or ignore them, it’s your choice. However, you can smartly answer them to prove your point.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. Live customer testimonials


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingCustomer reviews lead to the next technique you can use to stimulate the social media strategy for your fashion brand. This is it: What can be more compelling than reading the reviews left by other satisfied customers? That shows how real the store is, and future customers will have confidence.


The question is: How do you show customer reviews aesthetically and authentically? Remember that your potential customers should know that the review is written by a real customer, not a bot.


Live customer testimonials can be a widget that you can implement on your website.


When you have your project, you can choose the mentions you would like to display on your website, in a group. The tool will generate a line of code that your frontend developer can add to it.


Marketing of influencers for fashion brands


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingWhether you like it or not, influencer marketing is here to stay and now more than ever. When it comes to social media for fashion brands, this is great news.


With this technique, you can promote your fashion brand by working with micro-influencers.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. What are the benefits of this type of promotion?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach new audiences
  • Build trust in your brand
  • Create greater engagement with your brand

BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingOne of the first difficulties in creating successful influencer marketing is finding the right influencer to work with.


Many brands struggle with this step. That’s why you can still see a fashion blogger promoting dietary supplements or a fitness blogger working with fast-food chains. That’s why you must find someone who has a huge following and that has already used your products.


Because of this, Instagram allows you to contact well-known influencers, either to create your own stories or to become brand advocates or brand ambassadors.


We said before how good it can be for a brand to work with influencers. And it is not in vain, these opinion leaders remain at the top and it is possible to cite influencer marketing among social trends.


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingHowever, you must think deeply about these campaigns with influencers. This is because they involve a lot of work, both in the selection of the prescriber and in the measurement of results.


Don’t only stay in the easy part: distributing clothes among the most top Instagrammers can be done by any brand.


If it is necessary to think about a successful campaign, use the best channel, the best prescriber, and put the best idea at the service.


Whether in your own corporate channel, in the third party channel, or in a combination of both, having a good idea in line with the brand values, the tastes, and the preferences of the target will make a difference.


Social media marketing for fashion brands. The importance of aesthetics


BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - aestheticRemember that when we talk about fashion, we think of beauty.


Therefore, everything that is done on a social media platform, as for example in the case of Instagram, has to be beautiful and with a deep aesthetic sense.


You have to inspire the consumer, capture their attention, generate engagement, and make them return to you.


This is what we mean when we say that whatever your strategy on Instagram is, you must carry beauty as a banner.

  BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people working

For this, we suggest that you use good quality professional photos that express your brand values.


You have to draw the public’s attention to the competition, not just anything.


Similarly, in those formats designed to launch short and quick content, such as Stories, you shouldn’t stop being spontaneous.


It should look casual, but the material should be of good quality.


Besides, it must bring interest and value to users.




BluCactus - Social media marketing for fashion brands - people workingSelling on social media is not a job that requires the help of professionals.


Instagram and Facebook are very different social media platforms and each has its own way of working in favor of your brand and thus, your target audience.


However, we came to the conclusion that to sell, you need advertising and quality content (creative and beautiful photos).

  BluCactus - contact us

Remember that less is more.


The more you show what you sell, the more you will attract the attention of the public.


As an agency specialized in Digital Marketing, we have the necessary knowledge for your fashion brand to be successful on social media.


If you need a strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us, remember that your success is our success.


We also invite you to follow us on our social media platforms and subscribe to our daily newsletter.


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Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands

Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands. Many fashion brands have impacted the market with new trends. Fashion marketing and branding are, undoubtedly, two factors that influence our buying decisions. Do you know why and how to design the best marketing plan? Keep reading and discover everything you need to know about marketing strategies for fashion brands.


How to create a Fashion Brand?


When developing a brand, there are various factors that you have to consider.

  BluCactus - dress in a paper

We’re going to explain them one by one. Let´s begin!




When structuring a project, you must define the following elements:

  • Opportunities
  • Market spaces
  • Resources

BluCactus - teamworkAfterward, you can create a series of steps to make your idea come true. For this, you must follow a program that will allow you to achieve your goals.


It’s also important to specify the company’s values and identity.


What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to convey? These are two key questions that you must answer before proceeding. 


Besides, you must create a flexible plan. Why? Because you don´t know what could happen in the future.


Thus, your plan has to allow you to modify it according to any changes or events that your company experiences.


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Design


The design of the product is a very important element of fashion marketing.

  BluCactus - model

This has to be developed by a professional designer that knows and understands your brand´s identity.


Because of this, each product must be consistent with the company´s identity and include its logo.


This is very important for fashion branding and marketing.


Thus, companies have to design unique and attractive images. This will allow them to grab the attention of people.


Originality and creativity are the two most important factors that are needed so your brand can stand out in the competitive world of fashion.


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Market


BluCactus - market

To understand the market´s needs and interests you must first define the number of people who are interested in the product.


Then, and only then, you will be able to offer the products that truly appeal to them.


Experts take this into account when crafting fashion marketing and branding strategies. For example, visual storytelling and ad campaigns. 


Then, always remember to include this in your fashion brand strategy as its necessary to fulfill the requirements that your target audience is looking for in your product.


BluCactus - time



It’s important to be patient and wait for the brand to gain traction and popularity.


In other words, there must be a waiting time for the clothing item to become popular among your audience. 


The fashion industry is unpredictable so you have to be prepared to adapt your strategy to the changes that appear as the company grows.  



¿How to develop a fashion brand marketing strategy?


When building your fashion brand’s strategy you must focus on the following factors:


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Location

  BluCactus - teamwork
  • Choose the right place for what you want to sell.
  • You must keep in mind the quality of the merchandise.
  • What design should it have? What will be its size?

By answering these questions you will know the right place to implement your strategy.


You can also make a plan to sell your items in virtual stores.


This is great to reach a specific online audience.


Thus, you can expand your customer base and increase the number of your potential customers.


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Catalog


BluCactus - girl reading a magazine in a deskYour business has to establish the rules in terms of product warranty, payments, and refunds. 


Likewise, you should also define if you will only sell in your area or if you will import your merchandise.


After defining these factors you will have the most important guidelines set to create your fashion branding and marketing. 


Besides, you can improve your connection with your clients through a CRM that manages personalized feedback.


Each interaction with your clients should strengthen your relationship with them. Thus, this allows you to expand your customer network.




BluCactus - bunch of cash with a calculator

When defining your budget, consider it as an investment for the growth of your company.


Nevertheless, you have to determine whether materializing your goals is possible or not.


So, you must also consider your product’s weaknesses and strengths.


On the other hand, you must consider the competition and the fashion trends that are created day by day.




BluCactus - Cellphone with a bunch of files on it

In other words, the marketing structure will help you reach your target audience.


It will create excitement for your brand and allow you to have more recognition.


Remember that your goal is to capture the clients’ attention and make them establish a connection with your brand.


Above all, you must make them choose you over other brands.


¿How to use social media marketing in fashion brands?


When creating a fashion brand strategy for online marketing, you have to use the best tools.


For example:


BluCactus - pretty woman looking at her laptopSEO (search engine optimization)


Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, increases organic traffic by improving your website’s search engine positioning.


Hiring a professional SEO company might be a good option to grab the attention of website visitors.


Besides search engine positioning services, you can use different social media marketing alternatives like: 


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Blogs


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - computer open with notifications on it

If you already have a website, you can create a blog section with the aim of publishing content related to it. 


This will create traffic and let your clients know about the best qualities of your product. 


Furthermore, this will keep them up to date about your products.


By doing this you will be able to talk about the benefits of your products and why they are the best choice for your clients.


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Social platforms


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - girl holding her phone with the social media open

When promoting your fashion business, it’s important to manage social media to reach your clients.


This will create a constant back and forth with your clients.


It will also allow them to share their ideas or questions about your products.


Plus, due to its well-known effectiveness, its inclusion is a must in all your fashion marketing and branding strategies. 


Email advertisement

  BluCactus - Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands - Omnisend

Using personalized email marketing will create direct contact with each potential client.


You can further closeness with each client or potential client in order to solve their doubts and push them to become clients or buy more products.


Newsletters are also a great tool in order to keep your audience informed of your business’s new products or offers. 


What is an email subscription?


Formalizing diffusive email campaigns is one of the most used strategies. We can do this to personalize the service and to maintain direct contact with each potential client. Likewise, it allows us to be in contact with our followers on other platforms, such as social networks.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - email arriving in the computer with flowers on the background

This way, it’s possible to create a close relationship with each user to clarify their doubts.


This can also help us to solve any inconveniences that may prevent or achieve the successful sale of a certain product or service.


In addition, we can implement the use of newsletters or informative bulletins.


They are a methodology to shorten distances and keep the subscribing public informed on a scheduled and automatic basis.


Through subscriptions, we can inform our future clients or followers about what products are we offering for each season change, or if there are any offers and promotions. Thus, if you want to plan a successful sales strategy, don’t miss the chance of using subscription by mail.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - fashion magazine with models on itPaid ads


You can reach your target audience and convert them into customers through ads on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.


Social media ads allow you to program a set of actions to attract a specific audience and spur them to purchase.


In this manner, you can establish different methods to increase your visibility and thus reach a wider audience.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - pink brochure with models on itMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Brochures


It is an alternative that enables you to inform your audience with the use of print material about your products.


Your company’s values, and changes implemented in your brand.


Well-thought-out Professional brochure design allows us to reach the public easily and quickly and get your business known. 


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - a billboard with 50% sale billboardBillboards


You can use billboards to showcase the items of your fashion brand in a specific location.


The results of this strategy depend on your target audience and your product.


This marketing tool is designed to attract clients in streets, avenues, or malls.


Thus, it´s a great idea to include it in your fashion brand´s marketing strategy.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - models in a runway with red glovesPublicity, radio, and TV


Mass media is a great tool for reaching both local and international audiences with ads.


For this, you can use two types of conventional media such as radio and TV.


So, as you can see, it is possible to create a connection with people who are interested in your clothing brand.


For this, you only have to use auditory and visual communication tools.


What are the main benefits of fashion marketing?


Some of the main benefits in the creation of fashion branding and marketing are:


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - persons holding hands with the blucactus logo on the backgroundMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Team building


Using clothing that includes your corporate logo creates a sense of belonging in the employees.


Plus, it helps your team to convey a sense of unity to your clients.


Because of that, the use of clothing that identifies your enterprise generates a cohesive atmosphere among the members of your team. 


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - blue background with a graphic on itBuild the business’ positioning


When customers think about large corporations the first thing that comes to their minds is efficiency and reliability.


Consistency and positive experiences can help your company improve its reputation and increase its reach in the market.


This is based on a simple fact…


Happy customers will recommend your brand.


BluCactus - computer with a girlMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Create a corporate culture


We must mention that the use of different outfits within the company allows you to choose which clothes you want to wear at that moment.


In this way, you can create a culture based on the use of clothing.


Plus, it will also be easier to associate the use of certain clothes with a particular fashion season.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - girl doing her makeup with a palette in his handMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Build loyalty


When you offer your customers positive experiences.


You are ensuring that they turn into clients and thus.


Become brand ambassadors that can help you expand your reach.


What are the most popular fashion brands in the world?


The following are some of the fashion brands that have caused an impact on the history of fashion:


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - Zara storeZara


Created in 1963 by Amancio Ortega, who opened his own business in Spain.


It´s one of the first fashion brands in the world that started to sell its products worldwide.


This allowed it to reach its current positioning in the fashion market.


Likewise, its success as well as the income it earned thanks to this, influenced the way fashion brands sell their products on a global scale.


It also impacted directly on the expansion of stores worldwide.


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - handmMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, H&M


This company was founded in 1947 in the town of Västeras, in Sweden and is comprised of a franchise of stores distributed worldwide.


It has a varied selection of clothes for men and women that has allowed it to earn up to millions of dollars a year.


Alongside this, it includes creations of renowned designers like:


LanvinLagerfeldIsabel MarantSonia RykielComme des GarçonsMatthew Williamson and Marni.a


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - nike storeMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Nike


This is a successful and distinguished brand known for the quality of its main products:

  • Sports, shoes, and sportswear.

Besides, the Nike brand is also known for sponsoring various famous athletes. 


BluCactus - Marketing strategies for fashion brands - louis vuitton high fashion brandMarketing strategies for Fashion Brands, Louis Vuitton


This is a French company created in 1821.


It’s considered a brand of luxury and elegance.


Its creations are characterized by tanned, beige, and brown tones.


Louis Vuitton is well-known for being high-end and one of the most popular among celebrities, which makes it an exclusive brand. 


BluCactus - Tablet with informationDo you need help marketing your fashion brand?


Do you want to start a venture within the apparel industry?


At our Digital Marketing Agency.


We provide you with the tools you need to succeed with your fashion business.

      BluCactus - contact us

We will guide and assist you in the creation and execution of your fashion business action plan. 


BluCactus has an experienced team of specialists in fashion branding and marketing.


That will plan the perfect strategy for you to achieve your goals in the fashion industry. 


Contact us today for a free consultation on your project and learn more about our custom fashion marketing services.


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How to innovate and not die trying: 19 viral fashion campaigns

19 viral fashion campaigns. Being unique and fast are the two perfect concepts that describe the demand from digital consumers today.


Fashion brands understand these concepts very well. Because of this, they consider the needs of the customer when creating their marketing strategies. This has allowed them to deliver some of the most successful campaigns of this year.


19 viral fashion campaigns




BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandGucci’s strategy for this year has been to be persistent. This comes from the need to attract millennials and Gen Z. Another well-used strategy has been including its brand into the most used hashtags on Instagram.


Without a doubt, #TFWGucci has surpassed all the previous campaigns through a simple and very familiar idea: memes.


Alessandro Michele turned to international artists who were well-known on Twitter and Instagram, to design unforgettable memes. These memes would eventually go viral for the launch of the Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection.


According to Dash Hudson, the post caused a total of 1,986,005 likes and 21,780 comments.


Michael Kors, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - michael korsNow you don’t need to have an exclusive invitation to a fashion party, or at least not one from Michael Kors.


“The Walk” is one of the Shanghai-based parties that have been held for some time. This party received 9.53 million digital visitors through the popular Chinese application, YiZhiBo.


The #korsshanghai event was broadcast live and featured VIP guests showcasing their “after-dark style” on the catwalk with LED lights. It included the participation of Soo Joo Park, Yang Mi, Hikari Mori, Ella Richards, and Princess Olympia of Greece.


On the other hand, artists such as DJ Sebastien Perrin, Bibi Zhou, and hip-hop artist Nick Chou were in charge of offering entertainment to their guests. Thus, this was the perfect combination of physical and digital, a winning recipe for fashion events.

  BluCactus - fendi



F is for Fendi is a space for young people only. Here, they don’t have to buy anything, in fact, there’s nothing to buy.


The only aim of this is to share original content.


It presents a “main screen” full of creative and light images in which you can explore five different series:

  • BluCactus - futureFreaks: It’s where we find the manifesto, a powerful message that empowers younger generations. This inspires users to be creative and unique.
  • Fulgore: This is full of editorials made with an iPhone 7 that contains photos that feel spontaneous and authentic.
  • Faces: You can meet brand ambassadors, (like Laura Love).
  • Freedom: It offers city guides and the ambassadors’ favorite places.
  • Fearless: A space dedicated to artists and musicians, to share their work, like Cailin Russo in the following video.

Fendi’s Global Communication Director wanted to give younger generations their own space to express their identities.


So they created F is for Fendi which was a success.


Burberry, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandBurberry contacted blogger Mr. Bags for the launch of its leather DK88 bag. They did this through an exclusive online store on WeChat. Then, Mr. Bags boosted sales by asking shoppers to share screenshots of their orders with him in exchange for an exclusive chance to win a gift.


Burberry also created a game on WeChat in which users could move their phones to “paint” the DK88 bags.


Once the user “liked” a color, the application provided personality descriptions based on their favorite colors. An example could be the color blue, which meant that the user was “kind, delicate, elegant and calm.”


The color shown for the launch was chosen by Mr. Bags and called Bright Toffee. This was only available for purchase in China, at Burberry’s official WeChat store.


Louis Vuitton


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandLouis Vuitton has always had a strong digital presence. It’s known for its creativity and quality within its digital campaigns.


The company’s website shows everything that happens within the world of Louis Vuitton. For this, they created a section called “World of Louis Vuitton.”


This strategy makes use of a detailed narrative of the brand’s history and its dedication to design and art. It showcases the latest events, product updates, and behind-the-scenes coverage for brand enthusiasts to discover.


Each article is easy to read and has special buttons to share them on social media. Thus, this encourages readers to share it with their followers.


Besides, the Friends Of The House section highlights all the celebrities and prestigious people who are associated with the brand. From Selena Gomez as UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassador to Wong Kar Wai. The latter, in 2009, had the honor of directing the panel of judges for the first-ever Louis Vuitton Journeys Awards, which showcased emerging filmmakers.


Primark, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationIn March 2017, Primark launched a range of products about the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at the time of the remake’s release.


The $8 Chip mug was very popular, so much so that shoppers were fighting over it. Primark saw this as an opportunity and instantly designed a pair of socks, and posted them on Instagram.


The phrase on the socks was “I wanted a cup of Chip, but all I got were these #Chipgate socks”.


This was well-received by its followers and gave them 145,000 likes.


Neiman Marcus


BluCactus - neiman marcusNeiman Marcus uses the latest and unique technology to improve the customer experience. At its new location in Dallas, the Neiman Marcus iLab team created this technology to interact with their clients.


It also includes everything from digital catalogs within the lobby, smart mirror technology in the beauty section, to custom music playlists in the fitting rooms.




Smart mirror technology offers buyers an interactive and digital makeover experience. It does this while educating them to apply all the different products.


Buyers can record the makeover app on video and later share their beauty experience on social media. The aim of the iLab team is to bring new technologies that a sector that doesn’t use them.


Nike, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationNike joined forces with the NBA by creating jerseys with a technology called “NikeConnect”. Every NBA Connected Jersey has a unique chip that uses Near-Field Communication (NFC). This can be paired with an iOS or Android device via the NikeConnect app.


With NikeConnect, you can get exclusive access to videos, images, GIFs of your favorite teams and players, special products, tickets, and game highlights straight from the NBA.


But, what really makes this digital experience stand out is its personalized touch. For example, NBA players can connect with fans who own their jersey, sending them personalized messages instantly via their phones.


Tom ford


Some time ago a Tom Ford beauty products store opened in London, the location included many technological elements.


The aim of this was to help customers search for digital products and content to get information.


Besides, the brand created a digital scent table to allow customers to test the Tom Ford fragrance collection.


The brand also used augmented reality to let the customers test their wide variety of lipsticks.


Chanel, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandChanel’s relationship with digital content has been clear in recent years.


From video production to content creation for each channel on social platforms, we can say that the brand has become an expert in creating online content.


The luxury brand’s website also focuses on history. Here, guests can explore the story of Gabrielle Chanel in different chapters and experience her legacy.


The traditional French house has highlighted the trajectory and history of its founder. This has been closely linked to the evolution of the brand.


Daniel Wellington


Daniel Wellington is a company that only works with influencers and has proof of its impressive sales.


As a manufacturer of wristwatches, the company has built its brand reputation in a solid structure of hashtags and a careful selection of influencers.


Hashtags or tags like #DWPickoftheDay or #DanielWellington are some of the hashtags about fashion on Instagram.

  BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brand

Using these hashtags as a starting point, the firm runs contests and offers discounts regularly through posts from the influencers it sponsors.


And what is the result?


The creation of engaging and rewarding content that is given to loyal audiences through popular influencers.


Concerning the other traditional forms of marketing, Daniel Wellington shows itself as a brand respected by the community, and that it trusts that its products speak for it.


It doesn’t use glitzy photoshoots or over the top campaigns. Thus, consumers view this brand as a community effort. This creates a sense of authenticity.


Influencers who show their watches in their posts go for natural and realistic images instead of highly edited photos.


Forever 21, 19 viral fashion campaigns


The market for women’s fashion is filled with a lot of competition. Because of this, Forever 21 decided to reach the social media audience with something more than typical photoshoots. Thus, they made the decision to join forces with well-known influencers.

  BluCactus - forever 21

Influencers talked openly and directly with their followers. The brand created a series of revolutionary posts. So, instead of showing its new collections with the traditional poses, they told influencers to create content about trying on clothes.


All points of view were accepted and remained in the content without editing or removing them.


Because of this effort to bring a genuine touch to their new creations, Forever 21 could showcase their new collection and create a “shopping with friends” sensation and message.


Finally, once the influencers decided that a certain outfit was here to stay, they uploaded the videos to social media.


After hearing real and honest opinions about which pieces did not pass the cut, consumers said which influencers they would really wear in their day-to-day.




BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technologicalThe well-known brand Zara selected the most famous influencers in the world of fashion to show their products creatively and easily.


This was one of the most effective ways to get them to “take over” their Instagram by sponsored influencers like Teesh Rosa.


By asking influencers to create content from their products, Zara sends the message that their clothes are for everyone and authentic.


Zara’s decision to display their clothes through famous influencers ensured that their budget for the campaign was worth every cent. Because of this, Zara was able to earn around 4.6 million followers in just eight months.


Lululemon, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandConsumers have developed the gift of knowing when a brand is being original or not. So, even if editing apps are very popular on social media, the audience is still able to identify which brand messages seem natural.


Because of this, Lululemon came to the conclusion that they needed to change direction. Thus, they made the decision of becoming less exclusive and friendlier.


In recent years, the brand’s social media platforms have changed paths. They went from creating over the top photoshoots of its leggings and sportswear to featuring ordinary day-to-day photos of its own clients.


They now show people playing in the snow or resting between yoga sessions. And what’s more! Now their clients create this content themselves and about them.


Brands now look for regular people to represent them. They no longer hire the typical Instagram models, choosing to have a natural look. Thus, they decided to work with well-known figures from the world of fitness and well-being. They even worked with an Olympic athlete. All of this was done because the brand is not stopping any time soon from growing and opening stores all around the world.


Dr. Martens


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a really important fashion brandMany brands try to include the community in their efforts, but Dr. Martens has gone much further. For its campaign, the British firm has tried to create a new shopping experience for its most loyal clients.


Free haircuts, in-store gigs, and even tattooists to customize boots on the spot are some examples from their efforts.


And where can you follow these events if you are not in the store?


On Dr. Martens’ Instagram of course! They have earned over 2.5 million new followers because of in-store direct or content sessions.


As its director of products, Darren Campbell explains: “Today, purchases are a by-product of connecting with the customer.”


Monsoon, 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - viral fashion campaigns - a technological product with important informationWebsites like ManRepeller and NET-A-PORTER are the ideal showcase for haute couture firms or influencer relationships.


And Swoon for Monsoon has earned a spot on the list.


They proved that mixing editorial content and online shopping doesn’t have to be limited to luxury brands.


With a website and digital magazine available, whether on mobile phones or tablets, Swoon for Monsoon is the perfect example of how influencer content can influence a new life of fashion and style.


Marc jacobs


BluCactus - marc jacobsUsing the visual aspect of Instagram, the brand Marc Jacobs launched the campaign called #CastMeMarc. The aim of this was to find new faces to showcase its new collection.


Given its well-known presence, this is a great example of how an influencer can showcase their own brand without using an outsider.


All he did was ask aspiring models to tag their photos with #CastMeMarc, and the campaign dissolved like water down a river. 


Another bright side of this was the creation of a real commitment to connection and collaboration among Marc Jacobs’s fans. Even Marketing Week magazine named #CastMeMarc the campaign of the year.


THINX, 19 viral fashion campaigns


Blucactus-THINXTHINX is a menstruation-proof underwear company with charitable roots.


The founding idea came when Miki Agrawal found out that millions of girls around the world didn’t have the resources to manage everything that menstruation entails.


It makes sense that such an understanding and the straightforward company would come up with the motto “For People With Periods.”


By putting hard debates aside, THINX created a campaign that attracted interest from small groups to big media like Buzzfeed.




Blucactus-YeezyKanye West himself is part of this campaign so it shouldn’t be difficult to draw attention to the product. However, building the reputation of a brand that hasn’t even seen the light can be a hard task.


But, the Yeezy Boost sneakers are living proof of this. This product was born out of a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West. Thus, this is an interesting example of influencer marketing.


The main goal was for people to realize how exclusive the shoes were even before they were launched.


So instead of sending dozens and dozens of boxes to each big-name, the company only selected a small group of people to promote the product.


So, what was the result?


An incredible success. That was the result. Once consumers realized they were not Adidas’ sneakers, the waiting lists to buy them became endless.


The prestige and reputation of the exclusiveness of the shoes meant that many of the influencers who were lucky enough to be selected to wear them did so without the company having to pay them for it.


Conclusion of the 19 viral fashion campaigns


BluCactus - contact usFinally, today in the world of Digital Marketing, we can see that influencers are carrying out everything, at least in most campaigns. Other brands just stick to using labels or well-known hashtags.


We must mention that to carry out every campaign mentioned above, brands needed to create a strategic plan. This plan, of course, came from their knowledge about what their target audience liked. Thus, even if a brand is famous and already has influence, it doesn’t mean that they won’t need the help of experts.


We saw in one example that, although the exclusivity to introduce everyday life is “ending”, each brand fulfills its essence and transmits what is necessary to sell.


If you have a company and want to take it to the next level, you can contact us and we will reach the goal together.


Hire the services of BluCactus as we are an experienced Digital Marketing Agency. Remember that your success is our success.


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The best strategies to make your fashion store stand out and attract customers

How to attract customers to your fashion store? The fashion industry is known to be one of the most dynamic and powerful in the world. It includes a large set of activities that begins with the production of products itself, with the transformation of raw materials, through the manufacture of articles, clothing, footwear, and accessories.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - fashion storeDid you know that one of the backbones of this sector is the points of sale?


Nowadays you see a great variety of food and beverage distribution companies, the retail trade of garments and accessories is gaining a position as a generator of the clothing business.


And, on the other hand, there is marketing for clothing stores.


You can find numerous examples that can allow you to increase sales and stand up to the competition.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingIn this post, we put together several marketing strategies to apply in your fashion store, a ‘fashionista‘ version of competition and emerge victorious from face to face.


Clothing stores are usually businesses with a very loyal clientele.


When you find a style and a store where you find that type of clothing, it’s easy to always go there. Only if we don’t find what we like will we consider going to other clothing stores.


The problem is that there are too many stores that offer the same thing.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - singing menSo we go from one to another like a bee in a field of flowers.


Besides, clothing stores strive to have many collections each year.


This creates a sense of an ephemeral, worthless product that reduces their ability to prescribe fashion and to add value to the customer.


Therefore, the objective to attract customers for a clothing store has to be:

  • Finding a suitable style for the type of client we want to attract.
  • Balance the need to have collections each year while maintaining your own style.

Strategies to attract customers


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Create customer loyalty programs.


BluCactus - loyaltyIn general, clothing stores sell garments that have been designed according to the fashions imposed at all times.


The main problem with this product strategy is that it competes with all the department stores.


It also competes with all the fashion brands that manufacture in large amounts and at a better price.


When we have a small clothing store, we have to look for differentiation.


This is either in the style of the clothes, in the treatment, or in other small details, such as quality.


A custom clothing style


BluCactus - clothing styleIf you have the possibility of having a personalized style of clothing you can stand out yourself from your competition.


It’s not always possible to create a specific product line for your store. Boutiques and creators’ stores can afford that, but not those that buy their collections in warehouses and wholesalers.


However, it’s always possible to provide a distinctive sign. Either in the design, which can be personalized with small details added to the base collection or with the accessories that can be combined with the garments.


The goal is that no one can say “I can buy this at this other store”. Also, once you personalize your collection, it’s difficult to make comparisons by price.


While a standard jean is the same here as there, when that same jean is personalized we can no longer say that it’s the same and therefore we cannot compare.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? The quality of the clothes is essential


It’s obvious if the price is to rise, the quality also has to increase. Often times it’s about small details such as labels, finishes, or the quality of the fabric.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingIf your tent is seasonal, quality is less important because it only has to last a few months.


But, there is nothing worse for customers than seeing an auction fall apart, how a garment shrinks or deforms after the first wash. Too bad!


This type of detail must be taken care of, and more so if it’s a type of clothing “from the bottom of the closet”. Thus, quality is essential.


It has to last several seasons and customers will prefer to pay a little more if they are sure that it’s a garment that will last longer. Because of this, you must buy from suppliers that offer you quality.


Check the garments one by one and improve those details that are lacking in the finish. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sewing a loose button or finishing off a few loose threads since it greatly improves the appearance of the garment.


Finally, add the personalization elements afterward.




BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingOne of the best things you can do is organize presentation sessions, this when the goal is to sell and sell more.


If you have loyal customers, before launching the new line or season, invite them to a private session in which you show them what you will have in store. You don’t need to do a model show for this.


That is expensive and no one may want to sit the entire time it lasts. However, you can clear the store a bit, close it to the public for a couple of hours, and invite the 10 or 20 regulars.


You can offer a snack, and in turn, showcase the clothes. The objective is to explain why that collection has been chosen, the colors that will be worn, and comment on the details that you have added to personalize the clothes.


That way you will win the best customers. They will discuss it with their friends and you will surely attract new clients.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Serve the companions


BluCactus - companionsIn addition to the showroom, you can create a waiting area in the store.


Companions often get tired of standing up.


When the tired face is seen the client feels uncomfortable and ends up leaving. And, that is not what you want to obtain.


That’s why people who like to visit stores like to go alone.


But if you create a waiting area, with a seat and some magazines, the companions will be calm, even at ease, and will leave the customers alone.


Personalized advice


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingOne of the keys to attracting customers for a clothing store is personalized advice. In general, the people who attend are concerned with whether the client will need a size or a color, but not about giving them advice and offering them other garments.


Many stores already have pre-set compositions.


This affects the uniformity of the store with its competitors and its little differentiation. As the manager of the store, you should try to stand out from the other clothing stores.


However, you can gradually approach garments that complement the ones your client is already looking at.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Customer file


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingAnd if your customer is loyal, you must have a record with the purchases they make.


Customer files are essential. And to these cards, you have to add a copy of the purchase receipt.


Sure there are patterns, and when you have a product tailored to their tastes you can call and present it to them.


This way you will gain a satisfied customer and improve personalized advice.


Use Facebook as a virtual showcase


BluCactus - facebook virtualIf you want to attract customers for a clothing store, you must use social media.


Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are perfect for clothes.


They allow you to hang many photos and videos with what you have in the new collection.


You have to focus on what sets you apart from your competition.


And don’t sell anything on social media. The objective is to give visibility to the brand and the product, only visibility.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Lean on social media campaigns


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingSocial media doesn’t offer much natural visibility. We recommend that you accompany the publications with a little supplement in the form of promoted content campaigns.


You don’t have to sell anything. You don’t have to drive traffic to a website, just get “likes” for the Facebook page or the Instagram profile.


This will increase the ability to reach your potential customers. But be careful. You’re only interested in those customers who can actually be bought.


Focus on a geographic space very close to your store. Divide the campaign by interests and demographic profile. You don’t need thousands of likes, just those from your potential customers.


The magic of the number 9.


BluCactus - the magic numberIf you’re doing an offer, sale, or special promotion, you can use the number 9. Likewise, make sure that the price of your clothes ends in that number.


If you establish that one of your products costs $20, you won’t have the same result if you say that it’s worth 29.99. The number 9 has a psychological effect that grabs people’s attention.


The reason is that in our subconscious we believe that these products are cheaper. So we end up buying more. We invite you to try this technique.


Use this number, and let it be noticed, that is, that the prices are big, either next to the merchandise and even advertising outside the business.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Customize clothing


BluCactus - clothesPersonalization is always an eye-catching idea for customers. The power of putting a name on your shirts, a logo, and a special image is something that grabs a lot of attention.


You can offer sewing services, for example:

  • Name stamping.
  • Stamp logos, etc.

Although adapting the clothes to the client’s body is no secret to anyone, most people have to take their clothes to a seamstress to make the final adjustments.


You can provide these services, and not only will it make you stand out from the crowd of stores, but the customer will prefer you because you make their lives much easier for them.


So do your best to let people know that you offer this extra service.


Meet potential clients and show the designs.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - people making a lineThis point is important. To start you can do an investigation and make the most of all your means and resources to find out who your potential customers may be:


Describe the customer profile and below:

  • Make a list of those people on social media, house to house, on the streets, and more.
  • Now take a survey to that person to see how much they buy in stores like yours.

With this, you will know who can be potential clients and invite them to a small event behind closed doors. What you’re going to do there is a kind of display of your products.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - fashion storePerhaps you could hire models for the display, although it would be expensive, and it would also depend on the type of clothing. But it’s enough that you have a well-organized room, with mannequins, refreshments, and someone who professionally exhibits the newest designs and the best offers.


If you sell school clothes, you can take a few days before back to class and make a presentation type. That way you will already be gathering potential clients. And at this point, you will have already grabbed their attention in a very original and polite way.


Remember, many already have stores where they are loyal and may not care about yours, and do not know the wonders you offer.


That if they knew they would be your clients. This idea helps you in this regard!


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Entertain the companion


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - alot of people talking togetherIf you ever went to a clothing store, you will know that this is a good answer to how to attract customers.


But if logic is used, it does not seem like an idea to attract customers but to retain


That’s right!


What will really attract customers is that they find out that you have distractions for their companions. Their next concern is entertaining.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - entretainmentYou can place an ad that says: “Visit our store, bring your companion without a problem.


As long as you choose your clothes they will have fun in our entertainment room”.


As soon as a person reads or hears this, even out of curiosity they will visit your store. Customers like many of us have been, will want to be part of your experience.


We all know how tedious it’s to choose between so many shirts and see how your companion gets tired of waiting, it’s uncomfortable and, in the end, we end up not buying anything because we have to go.


A good idea is to create a children’s playroom with toys. And, on the other hand, a comfortable room with Wi-Fi or TV. But make sure it’s in your store, but separated, so they will truly feel comfortable.


Promotion events


BluCactus - eventsWhile it’s true that ordinary promotions are recommended. You can also be invited to hold a promotional event.


In other words, the discount could not only be for a single article of clothing but rather everything the customer can see.


Of course, you do not have to promote all your merchandise, that’s why we are talking about events because it will be a special day where your ordinary store will close.


This is the moment in which you can open a space to only promotions. It’s not the same for a customer to hear that you have some products on sale than to hear that the whole store is on sale.


This event can be held in the street, with music and the most important thing is to make it clear who you’re so that at the end of the event they know which clothing store they have to go to enjoy the same services and quality.


How to attract customers to your fashion store? Ease of payment


BluCactus - ease paymentAnother easy way to make the shopping experience for customers is the ease of checkout.


Therefore, it has to strive to be a business that accepts all types of cards, in case the customer does not have cash.


On the other hand, if it’s within your means, enable the layaway system.


It may even sell a little more expensive than another store, but if there is no section system in the other store and you will stand out because it has one.


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman workingWe are sure that if you do this, customers come in waves! Just for the fact that they can’t pay everything in one installment.


Also, in seasons where customer traffic is congested, you can prepare a good control strategy.


For example, in December, where many stores collapse, we recommend reordering your store. Do this with the aim that it doesn’t affect the aisles, the payment at the time of canceling the purchase, etc.


So try to have a good space, and if you have the possibility of setting up branches much better, hire more staff, not only for customer service but to collect, which is eventually more problematic.


Surely, if your store is very organized, people will prefer to visit you and buy it!


BluCactus - targetCommunicate with your target


It’s essential to open communication channels with your target audience.


If you don’t get your messages across, how can your efforts to expand sales take effect?


It’s not possible, of course.


When we refer to these media we are thinking of several essential tools, such as:

  • How to attract customers to your fashion store? Offline


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - topshopWe refer to the posters, offers, promotions, and added value of your product in the establishment itself.


Although the investment is minimal and the results are interesting. Here is an example from the British chain TopShop.


This chain always advertises in a thousand and one ways that during the sales season it can attract more customers.


Very large letters, simple typeface, and a clear message: “Mid-season sale. Up to 50% discount on selected lines”. Thus, whoever passes in front of the shop window ends up entering the store.

  • Online


BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - onlineHaving a presence on the internet it’s essential in a sector as competitive as textiles.


Although not all companies can indeed have it, if they can open up to the web, they should not stop exploring this channel.


Today, in countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, 14 and 19% of the total turnover of national fashion companies (British and American) come from the online channel, well above other countries such as Spain, where this figure is 10%.


BluCactus - conclusionHow to attract customers to your fashion store? Conclusion


Strategies are essential when attracting customers, so we recommend that you follow our recommendations.


Selling is not only that the customer buys your product, but it’s also so that you can build a relationship between the customer and the brand.


The objective is to improve the experience from the moment the customer enters the store, either alone or accompanied, and that they feel comfortable with what they are going to buy.

  BluCactus - How to attract customers to your fashion store? - a woman working

Our recommendations are thought out in every detail to make the customer happy and in this case you with your store.


Another important thing is to highlight that it’s necessary to hire a company to carry out this management.


At BluCactus we have specialists to grow and support your entire business at all times.


Likewise, we invite you to follow us on our social networks and subscribe to our daily newsletter.


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The world could have stopped but the fashion world only got stronger, don’t let the quarantine stop you, conquer the world of fashion on the internet

How to sell fashion in times of crisis? In the world, there are a lot of fashion companies, and many of them use different marketing strategies for their products. Because of this, the world of fashion has become the most difficult and important challenge for brands.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThe client often shows an ‘unfaithful’ behavior thanks to the big amount of options that they find on the internet as well as on the street.


The biggest mistake you could make is to believe you’re “doing marketing” just by hiring influencers or updating social media. If you want to work within the fashion world you must know that you have to create and use a strategy that allows you to boost your sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing really well at that moment.


The results can be really incredible if you have never worked before on a strategy and at the same time, acting with planning.


Boosting your brand and turning it into a more profitable business are some of the benefits that you can achieve in 2020 if you bet on fashion marketing.


Besides, we are at the beginning of a new decade and digital marketing is no longer a simple option to improve income. This is because it has become the perfect tool to bring success to your company.


Make a difference in fashion marketing


BluCactus - action planHow to sell fashion in times of crisis?


To get the most out of fashion marketing today, the following steps have been taken:

  • Plan actions for the next 12 months
  • Establish a budget for digital marketing
  • Have a team to carry out the actions, whether internal or external.
  • Bet on learning more and constantly, either in mastermind groups or mentoring. Remember that the internet changes at the speed of light.

Once you have these clear steps, you can begin to develop the action strategy. Here are some steps to make your brand or your fashion business more profitable this year.


What can you do to sell more?

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Retargeting your visitors


BluCactus - retargetingThis action is very important and easy, along with the tools that are within our reach.


Likewise, it looks like many stores don’t use it, which is why they are so absent.


Retargeting, or the way to get people who have visited your store out, has become the key to driving sales.


If you think about it, users don’t usually buy immediately the first time they visit a store.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherIn general, when all people enter a store, first they look around, then they analyze what is in the store after they read and then they leave the store.


Perhaps some people do grab an item, while others don’t.


Whatever they do, it’s important not to miss the opportunity to remind those visitors that your brand is incredible.


You must remind them that you have a product that they liked and that they can purchase it with some extra benefits if they buy it within a certain period of time.


Retargeting can be done with Facebook and the return on investment is impressive. You can start doing it from there. For every $1 invested you can get more than 660% profit.

  • Holiday promotions


BluCactus - summer saleToday, most brands have gone through the idea of ​​doing promotions. For this, they carry with them an annual campaign calendar from which they get all the possible juice.


Said calendar that combines several points:


These are 4 calendars that every fashion brand and store that sells fashion products should have. Here, we will talk about the holiday promotions that may interest you the most during this year. This can work better if you have never launched fashion marketing strategies.


BluCactus - fashion salesOn holidays, you have the opportunity to launch campaigns and boost your sales.


For example, you can do this through email Marketing.


When sending the emails, you’re reminding your subscribers that you have discounts on various products or that you have special days to make purchases on selected products.


How to sell fashion in times of crisis? This will give you a conversion boost that will likely brighten the month.


BluCactus - salesWe have the following idea for you, for example, flash sales by-product for the summer holidays.


During 7 days you can put 7 categories on offer.


On day 1 you can place the categories of pants, day 2 of shoes, day 3 of dresses, day 4 of accessories, and so on until you complete your campaign.


How to sell fashion in times of crisis? Do you like the idea?


Let us know in the comments, we love hearing your opinion.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Style guides


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherThere is nothing better than style guides to work on your capture.


There are fashion brands that apply these sections in their own online stores and others that decide to create downloadable manuals.


The options are endless so that your fashion brand, your online store or physical store can make a perfect combination with the target customer who wants to buy.


You can create lifestyle guides, music style guides, party, baby, decorating style guides, and much more.


BluCactus -promotionsEverything you imagine can be turned into a style guide.


These guides have 2 key objectives:

  1. Educate your visitors, for example, in the use of your products and in combining them with wardrobe backgrounds.
  2. Capture, but without expanding its database.

What do you think of adding this section to your website?

  • Work with Influencers in your fashion marketing


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis is something very essential when it comes to fashion. And, we agree that it is a key piece, and controversial.


In general, working with opinion leaders is always a good option. However, even if it’s a good idea, 


In order to work with influencers, you must have certain knowledge in marketing. You also need to have a website that can take on and capture the traffic that will come to you. Likewise, you need to have a good purchase process, a status foot that catches, and a good sales and after-sales service. If all of the above exists and is working properly, investing in these influencers can pay off wonderfully.


Now, if you only want to learn more about the use of influencers in marketing strategies, you must learn from professionals. Don’t listen to friends who know nothing about this or Internet ads. They could mislead you and thus, only create more doubts than answers.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingFor this year, which has been so atypical, it is better to learn from opinion leaders.


This way you can rely on them to promote the campaigns that you already have designed.


Set budgets and remember to agree on good working conditions.


This is so you don’t have negative results in the future.


Doing a good marketing job with influencers and micro-influencers can give you a great boost in terms of visibility. Thus, you will also be able to attract many sales.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Events and fairs.


BluCactus - eventsAlthough it is true that it costs a lot to leave your comfort zone, and even more so when a brand is born in this digital age, you can create an eCommerce and it has never had a physical presence. If this is your case, it is wise for you to welcome these activities.


If your goal is “visibility” with your fashion brand, then you have to make it visible.


A great idea is to go to trade fairs in your sector, either as a visitor or as an exhibitor.


We also recommend that you talk with salespeople, representatives, stores, and other colleagues in the sector.


BluCactus - eventsThis will allow you to make connections that could, in the future, help you to boost your brand.


Don’t let the feeling of competitiveness ruin a good conversation with other people like you.


It is also a good option to participate in markets or pop-ups that are held seasonally.


It is a good opportunity to put your product in front of an audience that will give feedback from which you can learn a lot.


As a tip, we recommend that you take care of the markets and pop-ups.


This is because it’s suggested that they be of the same level as your company so that everything always brings good results.

  • Raffles or contests on Instagram


BluCactus - sweeopstakesWhen we refer to raffles, we mean virtual events. These have recently become so famous on the pages of blogs and on different social networks.


Do you know what are we talking about?


Some people call it the “digital aloe vera”. This is because running contests or raffles can bring endless benefits to the account or company. 


Likewise, some people don’t know how to set them apart and some abuse this activity on Instagram. If you want to learn more about this and how to use it correctly to get the most out of it, we recommend that you learn from professionals.


This cannot be missing in your store if you want to do fashion marketing


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - woman workingWithout a doubt, these are the 5 points that complete the 11 important keys you must know.


These can boost your fashion marketing to new heights.


Several brands confess that they have ideas and that it is difficult for them to establish a strategic plan.


Because of this, you must elaborate on a graphic division with the key points.


It can help you to move forward and achieve your objectives.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Branding


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - brandingBranding is an extremely important job that you must do at the beginning when you are creating or starting the company.


It must always be renewed. This way you won’t lose the relationship with the client.


It’s essential that the branding of your brand message and your product go hand in hand. Otherwise, the customer will not understand what you are transmitting.


This will start the “no sales” process for your fashion eCommerce.

  • Images


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherNow, you have the opportunity to create images. It’s important to be creative.


For this, you can use audiovisual and digital resources. These can allow you to reflect on the magic of your brand.


On the other hand, fashion sells through the eyes, much more when it’s online. How are your photos on your website?


This way you can create a good seasonal photo shooting or have photography studios to create images for your tireless digital activity.

Would you like to know how to better organize photo shootings?


If you would like to know, you can study fashion marketing. This way you can have everything in your hands to do magic every season.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Web usability


To begin we will do the following:


Is your store comfortable for the customer?


It’s a question to ask yourself to shape your store.


The best thing you can do is avoid product sheets with a lot of elements, make easy paths from home to cart, and improve the purchase process so that they are only three steps.


Does all this sound familiar to you?


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis is part of what we call UX or User Experience.


This is developed by looking very closely at all the data that tools like Google Analytics can give us. 


For example, do you know which your most visited pages are?


Your most viewed product?


If you have it located, then take advantage of those pages to include recruitment, sales, or loyalty hooks.


Test it!

  • Testimonials and reviews


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingThis commonly calls for something like ‘social proof’ and what matters most to users today: recommendations.


In your case, in an online or physical store, this social proof is press appearances, collaborations with influencers, or logos that give confidence.


These can be eCommerce certificate seals that let your visitors know that they are in the right place.


There are always questions about how to get testimonials.


Did it happen to you?


You have clients, but there is no way for them to leave opinions.

  • How to sell fashion in times of crisis?, Trust


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - men workingWould you shop in a store with no lights, cluttered, and dubious customer service?


In your case, we know that you know better, but the general public might not.


Many users who surf the internet, see magical photos on Instagram and once they enter the store they find a really gloomy space.


You must take care of the sales processes and have a trusted payment corridor such as PayPal or Stripe, without forgetting that your store has a security certificate (https).


You can review all these aspects of your online store here.




BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherDuring times of crisis, you often see the black dot on the entire blank page, as we are engrossed in the problem and not the opportunity in front of us.


All the strategies mentioned and explained above have been put into practice, and it has worked wonders.


At BluCactus we have Marketing specialists who affirm and explain the operation of these strategies.


If you liked this article and you are new to the Marketing world, you can contact us and subscribe to our daily newsletter to know and learn more about digital marketing.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - people working togetherOn the other hand, you can also use these keys in companies that are starting out or that haven’t been well defined. You can do this if you aim to start from the first moment conquering the hearts of their users.


So, we give you the courage and encouragement to try.


Your level doesn’t matter, because testing is the only thing that will make you grow.


By the way, if you want to learn much more about Digital Marketing in a more personalized and practical way, you can join a private club.


BluCactus - How to sell fashion in times of crisis? - conclusionFor this, you can look for private classes or consultancies where you learn and benefit your company.


Without further ado, if you liked our article or have any comments, you can do so without any problem, we will gladly answer you.


Remember, here at BluCactus, Your Success Is Our Success.


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Look bold, fierce and unstoppable in these 21 fashion trends for 2020

The first trimester of 2020 is about to end and we know you want to know what are the fashion trends that will rule the scene for the rest of the year so you can look impressive all the time. The most prominent Spring/Summer 2020 fashion runways show an image of an elegant and sensual woman with an exquisite taste to adapt past fashion styles to contemporaneity and highlight her femininity. If you want to look bold, fierce and unstoppable in these 21 fashion trends for 2020 are for you.


Fashion Trends for 2020


Therefore, for you to look fabulous all year, we have done a selection of the fashion trends that you must have on your radar during this season. Plus, you will find tips to maximize each one of these trends.

1.- Fashion trends for 2020, Saturday Night Fever

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - girls with professional suit color silver and black

Disco fashion is back! Disco collar shirts and jackets dominated Paco Rabanne’s, Louis Vuitton’s and Victoria Beckham’s designs of this season, reminding us John Travolta’s outfits on the film “Saturday Night Fever”.


By the same token, the motto of this fashion trend for 2020 is: the most marked the disco collar is, the most eye-catching its effect. The golden rule is to know how to cope with color contrasts. You can combine a 70s shirt with a leather trench coat. As long as you create contrast, you are going to have the perfect look!


This fashion trend also includes flower prints and psychedelic dresses with the 70’s shapes, such as the suede skirts and jackets with fringes that were so popular during that decade.

2.- Dressed to kill! See-through dresses with lots of volumes

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - pink dress in golden globes

Short, long, layered or asymmetric, see-through dresses with voluminous shapes like ruffles and layers, made of organza or tulle, are in.


This maximalist trend, contrasted with straight hairstyles and neutral make-up, dramatizes the silhouette and highlights your femininity, giving you a completely different effortless look.


Considering this, Molly Goddard’s, Giambattista Valli’s or Tomo Koizumi’s designs are proof of that. Although pastel colors are the most romantic, you can also choose floral tones like rose, lemon or bougainvillea to leverage these elegant fashion trends during 2020.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - pink huge sleeves with a huge red hat

3.- Puffy sleeves: the waist-slimming 80s-inspired fashion trend


Hand in hand with stylish blouses and voluminous dresses are puffed or puffy sleeves, which evoke not only the classic romanticism but also the 80s fashion.


As well and have the advantage of averting the gaze towards the upper part of the body, so they conveniently create the optical effect of making your waist look smaller. Hence, this 2020 fashion trend will make all gazes avert towards you.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - navy polka dot dress4.- Fashion trends for 2020, Polka dots


Dot patterns are a must-have this season. Its monochromatic palettes and versatility provide a charming and chic effect.


To squander femininity, you can wear this trend on blouses, skirts, and dresses. All sizes and colors are welcome.


However, the classic black and white pattern never goes outdated and asserts its presence in this fashion trend for 2020.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - tracksuit color military green with sunglasess5.- Safari-style: comfy and fashionable


Based on khaki and military green color palettes, this fashion trend for 2020 invites you to look comfortable and relaxed.


The overall idea is practicality and comfort, therefore, you are free to wear loose shapes and all kinds of functional garments like blouses, jackets, coats, and shorts.


With this in mind, if you want to look more adventurous, you can opt for clothes that have many pockets. In that case, more is better.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - lara lee with a black bralett6.- Say goodbye to crop tops… Use some bralettes instead


Crop tops reign became void in 2019. What is in now are bralettes.


To keep a professional and, at the same time, sexy look designers like Michael Kors and Jason Wu agree that the best is that you feel covered while showing breasts and belly.


That is why they advise you to wear your best bralette with a blazer, so you can get the greatest benefit of this fashion trend for 2020.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - huge green coat with white sunglasess7.- Knockout leather in bold colors. The edgy attire rules 2020 fashion trends


Whether smooth or textured, leather clothing is one of the best investments you can make to renew your wardrobe. They are timeless and give your outfit an elegant and glamorous touch.


The reigning trend in 2020 is to ignore classic tones, brown and black, and to opt for all the other colors.


Therefore, take a risk and choose leather clothes in bold colors like green, red or turquoise; or dark colors like navy blue. The result is extremely chic and feminine, plus, you will turn everybody’s heads.

8.- Fashion trends for 2020, The suit, how do I wear them this 2020?

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - model with a white suit


Yes, suits are an item of essential clothing that will never go out of fashion. This year, suits come with interesting updates. One of them is the addition of vests, resulting in three-piece suits -blazer, vest, and pants-.


If you want to have a more informal look, you may wear Bermuda shorts. How short should you wear them? Well, you can choose among short, very short or medium-length, till the knee. With them, your typical bossy girl outfit will look more casual.


On the other hand, if you rather wear long pants, you may opt for some loose pants. Make sure to pair them with some long blazers. The fashion trends for 2020 are set for you to look chic and relaxed in your suit.


BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - bella hadid with a black professional suir9.- Vertical stripes: an easy way to look more refined


Not a fan of vests or shorts but still want to look fresh and feminine at work? Then, look slim and beautiful in your suit with some vertical stripes.


This pattern was shown on the catwalks of Michael Kors and Balmain and it looks so refined that it is one of the favorites among the fashion trends for this 2020.


We love it because it has two great qualities: it’s subtle and versatile. Furthermore, it slenderizes the silhouette!


BluCactus - versace collection with a green tshirt10.- Fashion trends for 2020, Tropical print


Tropical prints and its bold colors rule casual garment among the fashion trends for 2020.


Green, orange, lilac, pink and cerulean blue have the leading role in the dazzling range of colors of this trend.


To try this out, channel your inner Jlo with a Versace bold dress or look a charming Dolce&Gabbana two-piece suit and pair it with your best smile. The joy and sympathy of Latin girls distinguish us from all the women in the world.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - pretty yellow dress with a beach view


11.- Citric explosion: color fashion trends for 2020


Look glowing, fresh, ravishing and full of energy in one of this season trendiest range of colors:


warm tones like yellow, red and orange.


These suit almost every kind of skin color, so don’t be afraid to include it in all your outfits.

BluCactus - white dress with a purse


12.- Fashion trends for 2020, Cute and flirty with laces


Look hyper-feminine, delicate and romantic in an outfit completely made of lace fabrics.


Although it gives you an automatic cute and flirty look, bear in mind that lace must allow seeing the skin so its refinement can be better admired.


BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - model with a bralett of crochet color white

13.- Fashion trends for 2020, Crochet


Luxury crochet knitwear continues to be trendy this 2020. Ideal to go beautiful and comfortable anywhere, it fits all ages.


Wear them on all kinds of clothing:


Bralettes, dresses, jumpsuits, vests, pants, and skirts. Moreover, we recommend you to wear this fashion trend either strapless or with only one uncovered shoulder.


BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - girl sitting and smiling with green shorts14.- Shorts… super short!

Rush to work those legs at the gym, ride a bicycle or go upstairs instead of taking the elevator so you can tone your legs as soon as possible because what is in this season is wearing super short shorts.


Brands like Hermès, Dior, Isabel Marant, and Chanel imposed it on this season catwalks.


Thus, start now wearing shorts with a hem that reaches the beginning of your thighs. For not crossing the fine line between sexy and vulgar while wearing this fashion trend,  remember that if you completely expose your legs, you must cover a little bit the upper part of the body.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - pencil skirt with black heels15.- High-waisted tubular skirts. Showing some skin is a 2020 fashion trend


Show your favorite thigh with a sexy tubular skirt and a waist-high lateral split.


The waist-high is trendy and eye-catching, so decide which of your thighs do you wish to expose so you can get the greatest benefit out of this trend.


As a result, you will look so hot that when temperatures start raising the next months, maybe you be one of the reasons.

BluCactus - dress with pink flowers16.- Feathers: reminiscence of the early 2000s


The early 2000s can be admired in the current fashion runways.


Feathers are back to give you the coquettish and bold appearance you are looking for.


Richard Quinn’s, Burberry’s and Valentino’s dresses remind us that you can wear feathers in all types of shapes and colors, from long sleeves dresses to voluminous mini-dresses. Accessories and shoes decorated with feathers are also popular.


17.- Fashion trends for 2020, Draped dresses: the flattering 2020 fashion trend


BluCactus - pretty blue dress

If your objective is to dissimulate your belly, you have arrived at the right section. Draped dresses are the best way to camouflage those extra pounds that always turn us down.


The volume contrast displayed on the designs of Jacquemus, Schiaparelli, and Valentino not only will give you an elegant and sophisticated touch, but also will slenderize your silhouette.


Thus, if you want to strategically conceal any part of your body, we invite you to opt for an asymmetrical draped. Instead, if you want to completely slenderize your body, we recommend you choosing a knit draped waist dress.


The trick of this fashion trend is that you know your body structure and how to balance it with this clothing. The result is completely effective and turns out to be inadvertent or effortless: the je ne sais quoi effect.


18.- Mesmerizing clothing with a diva attitude in fashion trend for 2020

BluCactus - dress with a lot of black

For all the wonderful fashion divas that are reading us, we have good news for you. You may use sequins during the day with no shame!


Now you can catch everybody’s eye and highlight your entire silhouette wearing a dazzling sequins dress during the day. And who supports this idea? Well, no more and no less than designers like Ralph Lauren, Adam Lippes, Sally LaPointe and Cinthia Rowley.


You may choose the colors that you wish. So feel free to wear a red, navy blue or orange sequins dress, or opt for the classic silver. If this fashion trend reflects your style, say yes to the sequins dress. In 2020, do not let anything or anybody steal the spotlight from you.


19.- Fashion trends for 2020, Mini bags: as cute as a button

BluCactus - chloe purse in the runway

This season’s minimalist trends are mini bags or micro purses. Did you read well? Yes, mini bags.


Although impractical because of its size, they look completely adorable as a complement to your outfit.


You will surely recall the first purse you had when you were a child with these teeny tiny purses that set trends in 2020’s fashion.

20.- Wasp waist effect with XXL belts or maxi-belts

BluCactus - girl with a professional suit

Maxi-belts are an item of clothing that helps us to distinguish our waist and enhance our figure, plus, they are super versatile.


Comfort, versatility and design diversity characterize this 2020 fashion trend.


There are maxi belts of all kinds and shapes: with maxi-buckle, corset style, padded, asymmetric


In short, multiple options are laid out for you to choose the most creative and coquettish one so you can avert everybody’s attention towards your waist and enhance your figure with a glamorous maxi-belt.

BluCactus - fashion trends for 2020 - girl with jean shorts and a black bralett

21. Invisible underwear: dangerously seductive


If you want to highlight your physical attributes, do not hesitate in taking advantage of the see-through, laces and crochet trends to show your underwear elegantly.


The secret lies in the fact that the visibility of transparencies through the outfit creates a subtle restriction on the viewer that turns out to be dangerously attractive and sexy.


Conclusion for fashion trends for 2020


What do you think of these fabulous Fashion trends for 2020? Choose the one you like the most and adapt it to your style. Experiment with colors, prints, and fashion silhouettes and dare to get out of your comfort zone. Highlight your attributes, follow our savvy image advice and dazzle everybody with these wonderful fashion trends for 2020. With the right attitude and a beautiful smile, you will look breathtaking in any of these outfits.


Marketing strategies for Fashion Brands. BluCactus has all the tools that you need to begin a fashion business or a project involving clothing. We can help you in developing the correct plan in order to design the best clothing for your brand. We have the best specialists in marketing to guide you through the process. Contact us today and learn more about our services. BluCactus specializes in helping businesses of all types reach their marketing goals.


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How to Position your Shoe Brand?

How to Position your Shoe Brand? Shoe brands represent an important aspect of the fashion industry. Therefore, it is important to maintain an appropriate Branding with your product identity. I invite you to continue reading the following post to discover how to position your footwear? See you inside!


How to create your shoe brand?


If you decide to build your product identity you should consider some steps, such as:


How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Segment

  BluCactus - How to Position your Shoe Brand? - a bulb of light with a target on it

When sectioning the type of client in terms of:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession

Besides, if you consider other aspects of the brand, you can improve the ideal user prototype and offer shoes that fit the needs of each consumer.


On the other hand, you can find common elements among the target audience, which will allow you to strengthen communication and deepen your requirements.



BluCactus - How to Position your Shoe Brand? - computer with stadistics on it and a logo of a marketing agency

Obtain detailed information related to the target regarding what tastes do they have?


What type of shoe do you wear, how often do you like to be fashionable?


So, you can refine the strategy to meet the interests of each visitor on the web.


It is appropriate that you know your competition in this way you can offer products Innovative and unique, with a comfortable price and adjusted to the client’s profile.


 BluCactus - How to Position your Shoe Brand? - shoes color pink

How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Focus


Prioritize the attributes and values ​​of the footwear.


Do not intend to cover qualities that distort with the branding of the brand.


Being punctual and precise with your characteristics will help you define your right target.




BluCactus - people thinking about work

You must select the tool to publicize the product catalog to your audience.


Therefore, according to the buyer person choose the channel to transmit and disseminate about the launch of the shoe brand.


You will have the option to do it through traditional marketing with brochures, billboards, or inbound marketing strategies using social media or advertisements.


This phase allows us to project the brand and spread it to a national or international market, without border boundaries.


BluCactus - shoes hanging in a wood background



Keep in mind the creativity and analysis of the fashion trend in footwear.


So, you can adjust the design according to the forecasts and research carried out by specialists in the sector.


It should be noted that the fashion industry is innovative and temporary, which requires continuous updates and collection of details to offer innovative designs.


How to Position your Shoe Brand? How to create your shoe store?


When founding your business as a virtual shoe store you must take into account aspects related to fashion and shoe styles. In addition, you must define:

  BluCactus - How to Position your Shoe Brand? - cellphone with a lot of shopping bags

Business Name


It is necessary to perform administrative tasks to specify your legal name before the offices of your city.


In addition, it manages what is related to the generation of taxes by reason of sales.



How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Locate Suppliers


If you are not the manufacturer of the product.


Keep a list of footwear manufacturers, this way you guarantee the permanence of merchandise.


It will be useful for you to diversify the product and have several price options, that is, you can choose between quality and cost.


Blucactus-How-to-Position-your-Shoe-Brand-Formalize-Website.Formalize Website


Once, you create your legal company, you can officially establish your web page, aligned with the legal name of your company.


However, you must verify the availability of the web domain.


Keep in mind that if you want to align the legal name of your company with the domain you must verify it beforehand.



How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Updates


The sales of virtual footwear imply that you should stay updated according to the trend and fashion styles.


It is convenient to be informed through magazines.


Internet publications of updates related to the fashion sector, so you will take advantage in relation to the competition.


BluCactus - How-to-Position-your-Shoe-Brand-Target-Customer

Target customer


Identify your audience what are the characteristics of the ideal consumer?


What is the gender of the customer?


So, you can choose the target user profile and meet the needs of consumers.


In addition, it allows you to verify the flow of visitors and sectorize in order to offer products appropriate and adjusted to your requirements.



How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Transportation and shipping


It establishes a system for sending and moving the merchandise to different places.


So, you can schedule deliveries and orders.


With this you are going to be secure that they are going to arrive.


What are the benefits of having your shoe brand?


Among the advantages during the consolidation of your product identity, you acquire benefits such as:


Build trust


By creating your own shoe brand, you strengthen security in yourself and it allows you to keep moving forward while maintaining a positive attitude towards new opportunities that arise in the development of the project.

How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Build credibility


Once you carry out actions aimed at designing your shoe identity, you show the target audience the added value of your brand.


In this way, you project the image of your product demonstrating the qualities that make it different and competitive in relation to its adversaries.


BluCactus - How to Position your Shoe Brand? - woman holding a sign Make a footprint


During the process of launching and positioning your brand, it is conducive to develop planning that allows you to highlight and leave your image to users.


It is important to focus on actions that allow you to differentiate your product from the traditional and conventional.


The goal is to create an affinity and close relationship with users interested in acquiring your merchandise, generating emotional connections with your target.


How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Maintain a feedback


Blucactus -Maintain-a-Feedback

By interacting with your audience.


It will allow you to get to know it and create a connection with each user that shows interest in what you have to offer them.


The idea is to eliminate barriers between the client and the brand representative.


Thus strengthening relationships and trust, which will help to position and that is your main goal, for you to gain more clients and prospects that can support the brand.


Focus on objectives


By understanding precisely what are your skills?


What is the strength of your product?


You can choose the right opportunities to strengthen the growth and projection of your company.


Being focused on the purpose of your product, allows you to distinguish the possibilities and development of timely programming to achieve the performance and positioning of your brand identity.


How are the marketing strategies to position your shoe brand?


A marketing campaign must be complete and effective to cover issues related.


To the promotion and marketing of products effectively.


It is ideal that you focus on some points such as:


Blucactus-Plan-Fashion-Events.How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Plan fashion events


Once you start with the creation of your brand, it is advisable that you make a Fashion presentation of your articles.


In this way, you are encouraging audience participation in your public shoe launch.


It is favorable that the parade is free and integrates professionals or ambassadors of the brand that endorse the image and are transmitting means of the event.


Measure trends



When starting with sales, it monitors the flow of merchandise and the frequency with which the customer is acquiring it.


For this, you can propose the survey method where you evaluate the quality of the footwear and the service received during the purchase.


Maintaining continuous communication with each user will allow you to detect what are the tastes, what is your style?


Thus, you adapt fashion clothes to the inclinations of potential buyers.

BluCactus - how to position your shoe brand - e mail marketing in a computer

How to Position your Shoe Brand?, Newsletter to subscribers


Activate the dissemination of newsletters to each subscriber of the web in order to promote the catalog of what you sell.


It is a means of communication by email that is personalized and you can empathize directly with each subscribed user.


Blucactus-How-to-Position-your-Shoe-Brand-Optimize-the-webOptimize the web


Make use of optimized SEO content in order to enhance the website and improve digital visibility.


It is conducive to activate your blog where you publish texts related to the image of your brand.


Informing of the usefulness and advantageous contributions that it may have when consuming your fashion article.



Promote social media


Maintain a relationship through digital media with your target audience.


Make use of some social media such as


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.


And publish attractive attributes that attract and capture the attention of your leads.


What are the best-selling shoe brands in the USA?


Consumers in the USA have an affinity for different types of footwear. Thus, expressing interest in different styles of brands and designs, such as:

  • Adidas


This brand is a German multinational company founded in 1937 dedicated to the creation of sports equipment and fashion products. The company is also a sponsor of events and sports figures worldwide.

  • Skechers


Blucactus-How-to-Position-your-Shoe-Brand-SckechersThey have an avant-garde and elegant style.


They focus on women and men who wish to look attractive and young.


This brand is from Manhattan Beach, USA, and was created in 1992.


Besides, it also has approximately 2400 physical stores distributed throughout the world.

  • New Balance


New Balance Athletics, Inc., better known as just New Balance, is an American manufacturer of bow parts based in Boston. Its origin dates back to 1906 under the name “New Balance Arch Support Company”.


These sneakers are known for their use of high-quality materials and robust building techniques. As well as outsourcing manufacturing to countries like China and Vietnam. Besides, this brand produces a wide range of sneakers made in England and America.

  • Converse


Converse is a North American shoe company that designs, distributes, and licenses sneakers, skating shoes, lifestyle brand footwear, apparel, and accessories. Founded in 1908, it has been a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. since 2003.


Converse shoes stand out thanks to many features. One of them is the company’s star insignia, the All Star’s rubber sole, smooth rounded toe, and wrap-around strip.


As of 2019, Converse sold products through 109 company-owned retail stores in the United States and 63 stores in international markets. Converse employees are counted among the 76,700 employees of Nike Inc. worldwide.

  • Nike


Nike, Inc. is an American multinational company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of sports equipment. Their product list includes balls, footwear, clothing, equipment, accessories, and other sporting goods.


Its name comes from the Greek Mythology Goddess of Victory, Nike. What’s more, the brand alone is worth $ 47.4 billion, making it the most valuable brand among sports corporations.

  • Under Armour


Under Armour, Inc. is an American sports equipment company that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. This brand’s global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located all around the world.


Products manufactured by Under Armour include athletic shoes, t-shirts, jackets, hoodies pants, leggings, shorts. They also offer accessories such as bags, gloves, caps, and protective gear. Under Armour also produces American football and other different sports uniforms.

  • Reebok


Reebok International Limited is a footwear and clothing company founded in Bolton, England. Its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts.


Since 2005, the company has been a subsidiary of the German sporting goods giant Adidas. Besides this, Reebok also produces and distributes fitness, running, and CrossFit sportswear including clothing and footwear.


Not only that, but it’s also the official footwear and apparel sponsor for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), CrossFit, and Spartan Race.


Where to ask for help to position your shoe brand?


Blucactus-How-to-Position-your-Shoe-Brand-Where-to-ask-for-help-to-position-your-shoe-brandHow to Position your Shoe Brand?, Do you want to start your new shoe brand project?


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As a digital Branding Agency, we characterized by formulating marketing strategies tailored to your online business initiative.


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What is Fashion Marketing?

Do you know how fashion marketing is used in your marketing strategy? What is Fashion Marketing? Do you know how to properly work on the planning linked to your fashion brand? The world of trends in clothing and beauty accessories very similar to advertising and its different tools.


Do you want to know more information? Continue to read and find quality content that answers all your questions and provides guidance in discovering What is Fashion Marketing? 


What is Fashion Marketing?


Fashion marketing is the management of advertising brands and fashion products focused on cultivating potential customers.  It’s necessary to carry out an investigation focused on the target audience because you can guide the creative strategy to create the best campaigns.

  BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - girl with her hands looking in an ipad a red dress

This is particularly important for the sector of costume design but for example, articles that are part of the beauty industry.


Also, are they adapted to the brand must be incorporated into the marketing strategy.


Information is key for the designer who seeks to impress a certain segment of the population.


You can manage specific campaigns with marketing focused on clothing accessories. 


In addition, online advertising allows you to market clothing and accessories making use of social networks creatively but, it’s important to present the products.


And be specific with the target audience in innovative and appealing ways that you are going to use.


Furthermore, it’s essential that you carry out market research so that you learn to segment your marketing according to interests and needs because this is the best way to monitor the market and address its changing perspective effectively.


The important aspects of fashion marketing 

  BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - a computer with a shop car inside and a world like a background
  • Identify the target that best matches what you want to offer to the audience.
  • Locate the right place to develop sales
  • Use digital media to promote articles and attract customers.
  • Does those who are able to acquire and recommend the products to their friends.

To create the most efficient marketing flow associated with the sector.


Also, you must associate your products with a specific brand or store.


This is the best way to project an image to consumers that show interest and closeness towards the company’s offering.

What is the fashion marketer? What is Fashion Marketing?


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - black cellphone with green screen talkink with a megaphoneWould you like to be a fashion marketer? Do you have the relevant skills and knowledge?


It’s essential to include a professional in advertising that promotes plans with a focus on growth and momentum of the brand with appealing designs.


So the participation of a marketing specialist is ideal for launching campaigns on fashion products because for that reason essential to connect the idea of ​​the creative designer with the needs of the consumer.


Before starting with the planning process, it’s vital to research the brand’s history and the changes it has experienced because in this way you can direct users to create affinity towards your brand’s fashion, and understanding the identity of the service you will be able to:

  1. Position the brand
  2. Transmit values
  3. Generate emotions and experiences
  4. Some of the important activities of a fashion marketing specialist are:
  5. Make a work scheme that suits the identity of the product.
  6. Execute a previous market study, sectioning the consumer segments.
  7. Develop planning in the communication sector through digital media and social networks.
  8. Develop structure strategies in order to apply them to the e-commerce site.
  9. Plan fashion shows, exhibitions, and events that involve the community of potential clients. 

What are the Fashion Marketing strategies?


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - people inside a photo caption in instagramIn addition, there are some guidelines to develop campaigns and create connections with the ideal personalities in the fashion industry.


Among them are:


Create a link with personalities, What is Fashion Marketing?

It is vital that you integrate and associate with different personalities or influencers that are linked to design because these personalities give you recognition as a clothing brand.


They are the ideal assistant to venture into the promotion of fashion accessories that you want to sell given the fame they may have in entertainment, movies or music.


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - woman posing in instagram with a pink city backgroundCreate coherent content.

When generating content you should focus on current trends because remember that the styles in fashion are temporary, appropriate to the geographical location, year, tastes and colors.


You must prepare articles that respond to the user’s need to be informed in the news.


Remember to convey the values ​​that differentiate your brand and lean towards the need that the user or potential customer has.


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - hand holding a phone with the blucactus logo on itInnovation and difference, What is Fashion Marketing?

It is vital to develop texts that are novel and that surprise the target audience because you should distinguish yourself from the competition.


Remember, be the trend that makes a compelling impact by transmitting value to potential customers or potential consumers of the products but it’s important to keep clients so that they’re able to recommend or refer you.


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - an importan fashion event with models on a runwayImportant events

Take advantage of important events or festivals to show the collections to the spectators attending the parades.


Keep in mind that there is a market segment that’s attractive to go to a catwalk to purchase accessories.


It is an interesting action plan to capture the attention of a buyer person identified with the holidays.


Attractive packaging, What is Fashion Marketing?

The external cover is decisive in the presentation of a product. A striking wrapper will cause a visual image to the person who receives the clothing he acquires.


The bag or box will be part of the essence of the brand and will help captivate the public with the presentation of packaging.


What are the benefits of Fashion Marketing?

  BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - two photos of a coffe and a woman post on instagram

There are many positive contributions to the apparel and beauty accessories industry. These positive benefits are: 


Brand positioning, What is Fashion Marketing?

It helps to improve visibility before users interested in using and buying accessories from the clothing store so it’s necessary that you make proper use of social networks to reach and improve the recognition of your image as a fashion company.


Organic traffic on the web

What is Fashion Marketing?. Fashion marketing planning helps you improve the flow of visitors within the website.


An important aspect is to develop a structure of actions that keep the potential audience informed.


Another aspect is to strengthen communication through social media.


Create customer loyalty, What is Fashion Marketing?

It’s important to get continuous feedback that helps you understand your audience.


This will help you create the right image to create an impact on your audience.


It’s also vital that you respond to the interests or doubts of your current audience or potential customers. This way you’re building integration, which allows you to create affinity towards your brand.


Massive impact

Through the utility of social platforms, you can earn the attention of a variety of people of different kinds anywhere in the world. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are constantly growing.


What is Fashion Marketing?


You can use fashion marketing to promote clothing brands to a select audience that adapts to the values ​​of your brand. In addition, advertising strategies are strategically targeted towards the potential customer that can buy the products that you are selling.


When you structure the plan of action you must coordinate and establish guidelines towards the ideal client.


Your objective is to convey the essence of your image as a fashion brand.


What is Fashion Marketing? On the other hand, digital advertising is ideal for fashion marketing.


Why? Because fashion is variable marketing that changes constantly according to the time of the year.


In addition, you can develop each adjusted and appropriate step that allows you to connect with the wardrobe or beauty accessories and potential buyers.


 Action Plan in publicity


Also, online advertising tools serve to expand your business and help you improve the branding of your image by consolidating relationships to make your customers loyal to your brand.


In addition, it’s a discipline that offers alternatives to analyze and understand the market according to global trends.


This information will help you generate planning to develop your business successfully in the field of fashion.


The advertising plan gives you the necessary information to make the best decisions regarding a variety of important factors. 


What is the ideal target for services? If you have a fashion business, you must adjust the advertising tactics to be attractive and capture the attention of the market.


What is Fashion Marketing?, What are the key aspects of fashion marketing?


BluCactus - computer with the toolsThere are important elements that you must pay attention to in order to improve sales. Some of these aspects are:


Promote social media

It is essential to make use of social platforms in order to boost the availability of your products to potential buyers.


You can use social tools to promote your brand and attract people who are related to the different products in order to reach your target audience.


Through these tools, you can market and offer merchandise to consumers interested in your brand.


BluCactus - a brain map with a purple backgroundBrand identity, What is Fashion Marketing?

By developing a brand image you reinforce the values ​​and quality of your product possesses.


You must highlight the best characteristics of the product you want to sell but it’s important that you maintain a visual identity and personality that fits the aspects that define and generate an appropriate image for your target audience.


BluCactus - men using a computer with alot of marketing strategyConsolidate the website

It is important to build and structure an organized, dynamic and intuitive website because the design should be attractive to the various users who visit the platform.


You must boost and manage the site by making it attractive and practical for your business’ target audience.


In addition, you can use creativity to improve the visitor experience and improve navigation within the different sections of your website.


Marketing strategy, What is Fashion Marketing?

Deepening marketing planning allows the company to address new markets and maintain a continuous flow of people interested in consuming what you offer.

BluCactus - manage a calendar with a lot of people


You can build a strong and broad audience by educating, informing and increasing the number of visitors until they are committed and generating traffic within the website.


Manage a calendar

By coordinating your dates you can establish a schedule of content and strengthen the marketing and seasonal promotions.


BluCactus - advertisements paid ads with red shoesPaid Ads, What is Fashion Marketing?

The use of paid advertisements on digital media, like Facebook and Google Adwords, is an option because if you want to develop SEM marketing plans you need it. 


The implementation of paid ads is an efficient alternative because it will help you convert customers properly.


However, the execution of paid strategies requires a budget allocated to it and to always consider the customer’s needs.


What have been successful brands within the fashion industry?


Some successful brands that are an icon in fashion have used industry-focused strategies and increased sales of different fashion items for their business but, let’s see some examples:


BluCactus - black nike shoes with a descount Nike, What is Fashion Marketing?

Nike’s marketing conveys emotions capable of inspiring minds and hearts. Their plans in sports marketing promote footwear as personal items.


Although the brand has plenty of competition, it’s noteworthy that the imitators have only reached 48% of the US market.


Their products become attractive and evocative of a well-defined brand identity that appeals to their customers. 


BluCactus - birchbox fifty porcent doscountBirchbox

Birchbox is characterized by being an online service, capable of offering its subscribers information and sales of beauty items because the success of the system is based on the connection of the public with a high-quality product.

When using their platform you can recommend what you have already bought to a massive audience that uses the website.


Birchbox is an excellent alternative to spread the word and encourage visitors because it is about the effectiveness of their products.


What are the emerging trends in fashion marketing for 2020?


Some of the patterns that can help with the momentum or boom of a fashion company are:


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - customize your fit Product customization, What is Fashion Marketing?

Using parameters that create affinity with customers, satisfying tastes and preferences because, for example, the Nike website offers options that allow you to choose the shoe based on a color pattern.


The consolidation of the brand’s own qualities lets you create empathy and meet the requirements of the buyer.


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - a pretty woman with a nature background and black hairOnline marketing

Sales through electronic stores are a mechanism that generates connection and effectiveness when boosting sales of fashion because this generates a favorable alternative that will help you market effectively and reach your target audience in a timely and easy way.


Once the client acquires confidence in the mechanism of buying merchandise online because they can purchase again and be able to recommend acquaintances properly.

BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - red beauty discount offer in the form of a lipstick


Retail sale, What is Fashion Marketing?

Through digital channels, because you can design plans that formalize the purchase and sale of accessories.


It represents an aspect of the economic structure of the company and will guarantee its permanence, development, and growth.


Where to go for advice on fashion marketing?


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - contact form in a cellphone shapeWhat is Fashion Marketing?, Do you want the best planning for your fashion business?


The promotion of your product identity is linked to the tools linked to marketing because from there, you take the address and you add added value to your company.


BluCactus has the advice and guidance to improve your visibility for your customers because we have experience in increasing the organic traffic associated with your business sector.


BluCactus - What is Fashion Marketing? - Contact us guy with a red tshirtWe will reply to your inquiry immediately and will be focused on giving you a plan according to your needs.


BluCactus adjusts and facilitates the sales tactics that attract and retain potential customers in your industry.


We are a marketing agency with experience and knowledge in positioning brands, but what is Fashion Marketing? We have the ideal strategies that help you point your brand towards development and growth.


Contact us for more information because we can implement an effective plan in fashion marketing because this plan will increase the flow and loyalty of customers according to the identity you have.


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