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How much does a logo design cost?

A logo is the first face your customers will see regarding your brand’s identity. It’s so necessary to take care of all components to get a brilliant one. Successful business owners spend a lot of money to get a vibrant logo because they know that it’s worth it. But if you still ask yourself how much a logo design costs, and why you see significant differences between the ranges of logo design prices then…

In this article we will discuss:

BluCactus - Person with a question mark asking: how much does a logo desgin cost?How much does a logo design cost?

How can you get a professional logo?

  • Free logo maker
  • Unprofessional Freelance services
  • Professional Freelance designer
  • Small design studio
  • Marketing Agency

What should you do if you can’t afford logo design?

4 Simple tips to get a successful logo design


So, How much does a logo design cost?


It depends on many requirements you should answer first before asking this question. It’s about the size of your business, the planning strategy you want to take, and the values you want to focus on it.

But first of all, let’s talk about ways to get your logo.


How can you get a professional logo and how much does a logo design cost?


BluCactus - Computer with logo maker app in a circleFree logo maker

You might ask yourself now, why I am going to spend money to create a logo, whereas multiple tools could enable me to get a free one (Canva, Adobe, etc)

All you have to do is click through one of these sites select from a variety of logo templates, make limited edits to your design and download your logo.

Yeah, just like that, and in a few minutes, you have a logo. But, is it a logo?


Why shouldn’t you use Free Logo Maker?

  • It’s not original

If anything should be in a logo, it must be originality and uniqueness. Uniqueness is not about being catchy and memorable. It also is about being itself.

Even though there are limited options to change some elements, the logo is not yours.

  • Lack of creativity

Your space for creativity couldn’t find its way because you are restricted with the designs offered on the platform. Dragging and dropping will be your approach to adjust a logo when it comes to your creative needs.

So, creativity will be nearly absent here.

  • No copyrights

Copyright is the most crucial issue you could find yourself involved in when another company has already used it under a trademark. And that’s when violation copyright lawsuits will be raised against you, definitely making you waste time and money.

In Texas and over the United States, obtaining a trademark is a matter you should consider after creating your logo design. You have to go for legal registration to be sure that no one will copy it.

The logo maker doesn’t allow you to know if any company has used this design before or not. Therefore, you need an expert to go for both trademark and copyright issues without getting in trouble.

  • Logo Can be used by another company

Perhaps, you will go through all the recommended measures to ensure that the logo design is not owned by another company. But what if a company copies the logo after you have exploited it!

The company may not even know that it’s yours. So, an expert, who is going to check your trademark and copyright, couldn’t do anything in the case of an offshore company tends to use the same design.

  • Not have a professional look

Usually, logos created by a generator site implies that they are not a personalized image. They look like each other. You feel that they are lacking something. Everyone needs to be exceptional, hence why Logo maker never enables you to be like this, exceptional.

Simply put, they are not professional.

  • Lack of unique fonts

Among other things, you can’t change the format fonts in the logo. Fonts are one of the main elements in your visual image. Providing your logo with customized fonts will add uniqueness to your identity. With logo generator programs, it is difficult to find the correct fonts.

  • Not a customized logo

A good logo couldn’t be a good one without adjusting it to your industry.

Your values, principles, and message should glow through your logo design. And that wouldn’t happen by using preformatted online templates. You certainly need some efforts to leave an impact and drive people into your brand.

BluCactus - Freelance working in a computer inside a circleFreelance services

You open your LinkedIn account, post a job opportunity to hire a freelance designer, Or maybe, you can search for designers on hiring websites such as UpWork and Fiverr. Or you publish a simple question “How much does a logo design cost?” to pick up persons with a low rate.

Okay, it’s understandable. but is the logo cost worth being with a company that continuously give you results you are not happy with or simply put, is it worth going through the hassle in the  efforts of your pursuit?

Why shouldn’t you do that?

  • Lack of quality

Low price usually means low quality. A low-quality logo means you will never reach the optimal niche, and you might struggle to secure your place between your competitors. We cant generalize it as a base but if yourto go ahead and give an answer to the question “how much does a logo design cost?” the cost is 20USD, so for this price don’t expect to have a good logo.

  • Lack of performance and scalability

Dealing with a non-experienced freelance service, may it be a website or a designer, it´s a risk. Especially, if you rethink about amending anything in the logo, you might not be able to keep in touch with a designer again or might find it difficult to get your updated logo on time.

They don’t have the experience to adapt your industry

Cheap services in the majority of cases represent non-secure. We mentioned above the importance of getting legal registration for your logo, and this time it’s about guaranteeing that a non-professional freelance designer never uses your logo for other companies. Yeah, it’s related to the credibility and honesty of a hiring person, but you should be safe and avoid these actions.


BluCactus - Professional freelance designerA professional Freelance designer

Having a small business never conflicts with coming up with a professional logo design. Even if you when you achieve starting your enterprise, spending money on your visual identity is noteworthy. And then what will matter to you is not “how much does a logo design cost”, but, is what i want to transmit represented on my visual image?

But if you seem serious about your logo design, you ought to be selective when bringing a logo designer.

Start searching for a skillful designer and the best way to ensure you get the excellent service is to communicate directly with a designer.

The logo cost tends to depend on years of experience, the age of the designer, and his previous projects.

The beginner designer could cost you from 150- 1000 USD to create an original logo. If you have a larger budget, you can hire a more experienced designer. That would cost you anywhere from 1000 USD to more than 5,000 USD.

Accordingly, if you see that your project needs more work and a border team, your budget could widen to more than 15,000 USD.


BluCactus - Small design studio in a circleSmall design studio

You are looking forward to a team with a slightly low-cost logo design. You can think about a small business studio to create your distinct logo, and it’s supposed to provide you with experienced designers to discuss your project, and finally get the best version of your identity. Logo cost could vary from 6,000 USD to 20,000 USD.

In Dallas, Austin, or even Houston, you can find many small design studios that can create your visual identity with an affordable cost logo design.


BluCactus - Building of a marketing agency in a circleMarketing Agency

The range of logo cost differs from one marketing agency to another. Logo cost relies on the size of this agency; the number of designers that will work on your logo and the scale of fame of this agency.

Logo cost can start from 5,000 USD to 40,000 USD. And that huge gap between prices comes from the level of a hiring team. For instance, if you prefer to bring a director, consultant, and specialist alongside designers, logo cost surely will be higher.

Besides, when you are going to invest in a market agency, you don’t only get a logo. The professional agency will create a coherent study about your industry, your competitors, the best way to express your message, and the short way to attract your potential customers. You never throw your money away when your logo cost tends to be expensive. Instead, it seems to be a long-term investment.


So, what should you do if you can’t afford logo design cost?


BluCactus, No money for a logo design cost in a circleNow,  if you’re more lenient towards the idea that the marketing agency is the best option for your starting company, then the logo should be original and professional. You need to have it become one of the compelling factors to drive traffic toward your site, and increase followers. Your brand deserves to be contiguous. The issue is you don’t have money to afford the logo cost.

My single answer to you is, save that money! Your identity is not something you can sacrifice or surrender because your budget couldn’t come up with logo cost. It’s crucial. Don’t even consider creating a Facebook page without having a good logo.

If you need to launch your project and a marketing campaign as soon as possible you can, you have an alternative solution. Build your strategy, mission, vision, values, and message, and then pass them to your freelance designer. You can follow his progress step by step.

The idea is that you shouldn’t transfer all duties to your designer as he works as an individual. Instead, allocate a few hours to help him and illustrate all that he needs to accomplish your objective.

Tell him that you are welcome to any questions. We know you are not free. But, trust me, by building a friendly relationship with your designer, you ensure your project is going in the right direction. Consequentiality, your designer will transfer all your notes and views through your logo.


Quick figures could trigger you:

How much does a logo design cost for giant companies?

  • Coca‑Cola spent 0 dollars to create its logo and it kept its original copy however the cost of redesigning Pepsi’s logo was 1 million dollars in 2008!
  • The logo cost of either Google and Microsoft was 0 dollars too. The in-house designer created it and they didn’t cost any extra fees.
  • The most expensive logo design ever is Symantec Brand & Acquisition which costs 1,280,000,000 USD.
  • Twitter paid only 15 USD for its bird logo and the dominant social media platform got it from iStockphoto.

4 Simple tips to get a successful logo design with an affordable price


Before hiring a marketing company or a designer, there are some tips you should consider before paying any money.

BluCactus - head thinking about the logo design cost in a circleBelieve in the importance of a logo

Before you spend a lot of money, you have to understand the importance of obtaining an outstanding logo. As if you believe in the core of your identity. you won’t search for answers to questions like “how much does a logo design cost?”

For more explanation, how would you be decent and elegant when you are going to an interview for a leading company?

Like your fashionable look, your logo is going to be your company’s look. Think about which look you like to be seen by your customers. Would you prefer it to be just a look or to let your clients ponder on your brand?


BluCactus - Man sitting having an idea and meditatingUnderstand your brand identity

All companies want to have a personal and custom logo. Nevertheless, they can’t do it as long as they cant define their personality.

Before hiring a designer to get your identity, before even thinking about the logo cost, you have to sit, meditate, deliberate. Bring your pen and conjure all the ideas about your business. Start writing your business purpose, the values you add to the market, and the best description of your brand.


BluCactus - mind working with design tools in a circleSearch for inspiration

No one on earth could be productive without studying what their ancestors have done, and searching for his way to create a new thing. Sometimes you can imitate the original copy by adding your personal touch. Even innovative logos couldn’t come out of the blue.

You should ask your designer to hold a brainstorm session. When you work together, you will get the best results. This session is not available only if you consider a marketing company to execute your logo.

The logo cost is going to be pricey, but these rounds lead to having a perfect solution for your brand.


BluCactus - Competitors studiesStudy well your competitors

Don’t ask about the logo cost before you check your competitors. Abstractly, studying the existing market, discovering what works with the audience are significant steps. You also should understand what the audience ignores.

Additionally, Your brand must have a competitive edge to draw your potential customers over all these distractions.

When you know all these cases, you can save your money and time. And then your marketing campaign will be on the right track.




However I called these steps as “simple”, it needs experience, more time, and such a successful crew to do it well. Logo cost could be zero and could be a million. Although, think about your brand, your identity, and your personality. So, the point is not “how much does a logo design cost?”, it’s about the appearance you’d like to introduce yourself to the public with.

Do they cost zero or a million? Don’t have a million?

Okay, no worries. Contact us, here in BluCactus we will find a package that suits your budget.


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6 Lessons Volkswagen New Logo Can Teach Us

What is the logo design you love the most? When faced with this question you might think now about Apple, Google, and Nike maybe Starbucks. Did you think about  Volkswagen’s new logo?

have you asked yourself how they got their innovative and memorable identity? How did they get started?

It was like Isaac Newton’s discovery of his law of gravity. History tells us he was sitting under the tree when an apple dropped down on his head. Then he perceived that he almost found the answer to his doubts.

But you need to know, even super genius Newton couldn’t come to his impressive theory in a single fleeting moment. instead, he had to work on his premises and principles over and over to get the most authentic one.

I know what Newton has done is inevitably incredible, but the base is the same. Brands also needed endless sessions to get ideas for their logos. Then, they might need to review their target audience, their message, or their symbol.

Early in Sep 2019, the Auto giant has unveiled a new VW logo, maybe you can find it; some say it’s not a really new. However, the company confirmed what changes they have made to the new logo..

To know what drove the German vehicle company to get Volkswagen’s new logo, we have to know what stood behind the VW old logo. As you know a logo is part of branding which is part of the identity which is the part that explains or communicates the reason of being of any company. We need to know the history of how this great company was founded.


So, what do you know about Volkswagen?

Volkswagen is one of the pioneering automobile manufacturers that the German government established on the 28th of May 1937. It was called “Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH” which means in English “Limited Liability Company for the preparation of the German People’s Car”.

But the story of an enormous automaker started in 1933 when Adolf Hitler thought about the majority of people could buy a car with low-price for the sake of building a superhighway known as Autobahn.

This national project went for providing Germans with welfare and luxury. After working hard for accomplishing this superhighway, the car was available for $140.

After becoming Germanies leader Hitler called the Austrian automobile engineer, Ferdinand Porsche, Porsche had already extensive experience in design engineering. He just started manufacturing his design under his name.

As a result of an economic crisis, his factory started suffering and couldn’t stand out.

In 1934, Porsche had received an official contract from Hitler to energize his cars.  And in the same year, Bela Barney, who is the father of safety in automotive design, as he invented several protection systems, revealed the Volkswagen car.

Less than a year later, the long name of “Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH” minimized to “Volkswagenwerk GmbH.”

The marketers there in the meantime embarked on a promotional campaign targeting all germans. The advertising message highlighted the concepts of happiness and feeling powerful.


World War II

With the outbreak of the war, the factories affiliated to the German company were demolished.

Then, Ivan Hirst, British Army officer and engineer, turned to the new chief of the factory. The British soldiers started to repair machines that disappeared under sands. They planned to rebuild what war-devastated. Later, they succeeded to revive Volkswagen. The story of the re-establishment of the auto factory was an epic achievement.

After bringing life to over 200 vehicles, Britain flooded production with funds with the purpose of expansion. The Number of vehicles was able to increase by more than 10,000 pieces. That’s when the “Volkswagenwerk GmbH” turned into Volkswagen as it’s known until now.

Due to the circumstances of World War II, VW management saw it would be better to reshape its logo.

This Nazi symbol had a circle around it like an arsenal. The war was over, so Britain had to walk away from the leadership and administration of the manufacturing firm. Unlike, Ford and Fiat, which participated in the rebuilding plan of the automobile factory.

In 1949, the British army decided to withdraw from the authority of the company, and hand over it to Germany.

So, New Zealand and the United States put on to energize the company to develop it into such a remarkable company.


The history of the Volkswagen logo

  BluCactus Volkswagen Different Logos  

Volkswagen experienced historical events that changed the whole world. If you looked at the evolutionary trip of updating its identity until Volkswagen’s new logo, you could see it as a story of surviving.

Volkswagen means people’s cars as Volks means people in German and Wagen means car. VW logo considers one of the outstanding and memorable one in the automobile industry.

And here we will preview the anecdote of evolving the Volkswagen symbol.

  • Before WWII, the logo was more complicated with four black vanes which are inspired by the Nazi symbol as we mentioned before.
  • During the war, between 1939 to1945, the VW symbol turned to a circle like a waterwheel, and the W and V letters are mixed up inside this circle.
  • From 1960 to 1967, a square showed up around the whole shape.
  • And from 1967, the logo came into blue and the square died out. And from this date until now, there were no significant changes.

So, how is Volkswagen´s new logo?

“The new brand design marks the start of a new era for Volkswagen,” says Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Brand Board

Volkswagen’s new logo comes to a modest appearance but still unique. The company decided to get rid of 3D-styling. Maybe it sounds like its an old logo without any outer circle which reflects flexibility and usability the company goes for now.


Why Volkswagen created a new logo?

According to an official statement, Volkswagen’s new logo emerges after the new company policy on taking action on pollution emissions. Volkswagen’s new logo expresses the motto of “digital-first” and “no filter”, as the officials said.

Although you could see the Volkswagen new logo is subtle and doesn’t need more work, the company assured that 19 internal teams and 17 external agencies worked together to get a new one with their new goals.


What we can learn from Volkswagen?

Abstract branding is not an easy way to go because changing a fundamental icon like a logo considers changing your identity. Maybe it became a common approach for many business companies, but you have to take the right track when it comes to rebranding.

Alright, we should take a look at Volkswagen’s new logo as a case study if you think about rebranding your business.


BluCactus - Ascending Graphic in a circle1. Your business has insanely expanded

The VW chief put the disclosure of Volkswagen’s new logo down to prepared for an electronic era. VW expands for manufacturing electric vehicles. So, growing your industry seems to be reasonable to justify redesigning your identity. Besides, you are going to look more conscious.

The VW director also announced that Volkswagen’s new logo comes to extending its targeting areas including China, North, and South America as well.

Therefore, if your business is going to reach new regions with different backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles, you can do it. But if your new target audience doesn’t seem to be all that different, there is no need to rebrand your identity.


BluCactus - Volkswagen Logo Refreshing2. Refreshing or rebuilding?

Volkswagen’s new logo is a refreshing process. The company found that it would be better when it comes to being flat and two-dimensional.

What should you do? Refreshing or redesign?

Indeed, it depends on what you aim to achieve through changing your symbol. Refreshing is like you going to the Barber to get a stylish haircut. Or like buying shoes and getting a decent suit to go to a crucial meeting or a pleasant date.

Redesigning is like going to get some plastic surgery done in order to change the way you look in a more definite way.

For instance, what Apple did from 1976 to 2014 is complete plastic surgery. The old logo was complicated to follow with more details.

With Volkswagen’s new logo, the vehicle manufacturer chooses the safe side. They kept VW old ones with slight tweaks to support their growth plan.

The safe side also includes updating a color palette to boost its current message or using different writing font. To prefer not integrating the name of your company in the logo, like what MasterCard did, it´s still acceptable as just renewing.


BluCactus - Clock rushing in a circle3. It never to be late even if you are Volkswagen

Over the years, while the German firm had changed its identity, maybe they thought that they never went to a new logo. But everything around us is changing every day. Even ourselves, we are going to become older.

Equally, you were so confident of your old visual image when designers formed it. Then, you started to feel that it was not what you aim for. You need something more glamorous and enchanting.

VW has changed its image several times. Each time, they added a new concept and Volkswagen’s new logo adopts new goals. It draws up a new strategy to be more transparent and vivid.


4. Overcome bad reputation through redesigning

BluCactus - Man Overcoming obstaclesVolkswagen has struggled with accusations related to the cheating scandal affected health outcomes in the United States. And ultimately, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago diesel found that cars per 1,000 cars increased rates of low birth weight and acute asthma attacks among children by 1.9% and 8.0%, respectively.

The story started when a handful of scientists, found out that the German manufacturer had used devices on its “clean diesel” models in September 2015.

The new software detects whether a car is on the test bench – and only then does it comply with the exhaust emission limits. In normal traffic on the road pollutant emissions are many times higher. At least eleven million vehicles worldwide are affected. Most of them travel within Europe, including more than two million in Germany.

In a further development related to this case, the German authorities charged chief executive, chairman, and former chief executive. These accusations are related to market manipulation. The VW management covered up information about the emissions cheating scandal.

So, the German automaker perceived that the time not only to refresh their brand and displaying Volkswagen’s new logo. But also it’s kind of a statement that the company would provide its customers with more eco-friendly cars without any harmful pollutants.

It’s considered a worthy excuse to the public.


BluCactus - Man with Internal Issues in a circle5. Coping trendy issues

What are the most significant global concerns today?

I bet you the first thing pops in your mind is climate change and global warming.

Consequently, you present yourself as you also appreciate their concerns. Their worries are all you consider. As well as, you are searching for solutions to resolve their problems.

You should let people trust you. Show them you have already reacted to their fears. The initial step is to redesign your visual items.

That’s what VW has done. Volkswagen’s new logo is more definite. It tells us that perfectionism in the vehicle doesn’t matter anymore. What really matters is us.

That doesn’t mean you have to change your identity, and message with each global concerns. But such an issue like climate change is worth it. You can change your logo and policy to accommodate these consequences.


BluCactus - People first in a circle6. Making people your Priority

“We want to become more human and more lively, to adopt the customer’s perspective to a greater extent and to tell authentic stories,” said Jochen Sengpiehl, Chief Marketing Officer.

What do you think about these words? Feeling overwhelmed, right?

I want to admit that I like it. Even, I couldn’t afford to have a VW car now, but I like this brand. Everyone likes to feel that someone understands them and understands their interests.

And I deem this is a valuable lesson from Volkswagen’s new logo we should consider. If you decided to go for a new one, you should emphasize that this measure is going in the interest of life and a healthier planet.

Only in this case, potential customers will listen to you and you will gain more sales.

Thinking about rebranding or changing your design. Okay, don’t worry BluCactus has you covered. Choose the safe side like Volkswagen’s new logo and contact us.

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What is a logo?

If you are starting a new business, maybe you think about location, the services you intend to offer, and your budget. When it comes to the logo, you don’t allocate more time to have a good one. You say to yourself “what´s a logo!? it doesn’t matter,” but it should!

In BluCactus, we appreciate your time. We know all these critical factors that keep you up all night and haunt your mind. From coffee logo design, fashion logo design, to car showroom logo design, we will go for them.

So, keep your head up. You are in the right place; BluCactus will create your business logo without fail.

No matter if you are in Amsterdam, Dallas, or another faraway place in the world, we will help you appeal to the entirety of the market and all of its requirements.

Inherently, our digital marketing agency can translate your objectives into visual and in it creating a reflection of your character and features to stick in your customer’s mind.

With our professional team, BluCactus understands “What´s a logo?”  and you shouldn’t adopt any designer. As your business logo is not a random mark, it will stand with you throughout time. We will help your brand to have an innovative logo, and that can’t happen without asking the right questions of what your customer’s needs are.

So, our reputable design agency is canny enough to realize the market needs because of our endless experience in this area.


What is a logo? Why do you need it?


What is a logo?In simple words, it is a symbol that connects our minds to the business in question, without needing to search for the brand name.

We intuitively recognize that this shape is for this brand. Your logo is a straight communication with your customers that embodies your ideas, values, and mission.

Creating a distinct business logo design may create an extra budget to hire a designer or contacting a graphic design agency. But you should know that’s worth it. Why?

  • Convey your identity and show your story.
  • Help your customers recognize your brand once seeing your symbol.
  • Make your brand catchy and grab attention.
  • Create an impressive first impression of your business.
  • Help you find your loyal customers. (for example, people now feel loyalty to the logo of Starbucks and Costa, more than belonging to the taste of the coffee they serve).
  • Help you stand out in the competitive market.
  • Translate all your mission and values to a visual objective.

How does a logo look like?


We can divide it into 7 types.

BluCactus is competent to do all these, and will also help you to decide which one is good enough for your business.


1. Monogram

The monogram consists of letters only such: CNN, ZARA, IBM.

These logos are, even if they are simple, memorable and effective.

It doesn’t mean you should go directly for a monogram to get simplicity, but BluCactus will cope best with it.

When we can use: if your business name is too long, and you need everyone to remember it, consider using an abbreviation (for example referring the first letters of all words in the company name) to make your brand name easier.


2. Wordmark

The perfect example of a wordmark logo is Google, VISA and Coca-Cola. It comes when you have a unique and succinct name.

So, when the company name integrates with distinct typography, this mark becomes a notable landmark.

It’s immensely important to choose the right typography. For example, designing wordmark for fashion tend to use elegant, and cozy fonts, while going for an official body always adhere to a traditional font.

When we can use: If your business name is short enough that you can use all it in the logo, or if your brand has already owned an outstanding name, it would be an exceptional idea to let your brand stick in customers’ minds.


3. Pictorial mark

It’s the most common to us once we hear “what is a logo”, as it depends on an icon graphic such: Apple, Twitter, Volkswagen.

Behind this sample model, a symbolic meaning resides. They want to establish the core of their business, and they win it.

When we can use: It works when you want a deep meaning, and think beyond the stereotyped image of your business.


4. Abstract logo

It’s similar to pictorial, but the main component is related to abstract geometric figures and shapes. Pepsi and Adidas are an excellent example of it.

When we can use: if you want to use outlined colors with a catchy shape, without mentioning a complicated notion, the abstract figure will be our choice.


5. Mascot

Mascot logo tends to get inspiration from a funny character and it the perfect way to create a spokesperson to your business.

The best application to this idea is Michelin and KFC’s Colonel.

When we can use it: it works for a company that wants to attribute a concept for families and children. Though, put on your consideration, this type of logo can not come across to all your marketing forms such as business cards.


6.  Combination

A combination logo brings together at least two of all the above.

The icon and the letters come side by side to create a finalized image.

Here are examples of this combination; Doritos, Burger King, and Lacoste.

Indeed, the tremendous benefit of this logo is your audience starts to link your business name and your visual identity.

When we can use: we always suggest using this combination, especially in the case of setting up your new industry. Your business needs to bear in your customers’ minds.


7. Emblem logo

An emblem logo usually consists of a traditional icon that will leave an impressive impact. This symbol is a go-to choice for historical universities, authoritative firms, and car companies, as it adds prestige and reputation to the business.

When we can use: although it seems to be epic and mystery, we can still employ it to your cutting edge startup. Especially, when it comes to the food and beverage industry, like Starbucks, the emblem logo is doing well.

Don’t miss out and take a look at our favorite logos from our catalog.

10 Vital tips we follow to get a really good logo


BluCactus don’t go for anything without a specific strategy; we are aware of what is a log and how the capability of visual identity can strengthen your authority. We have a track record of implementing a successful logo.


Here some of our power rules


1. Sketches are a must

Maybe it seems a little old fashion, but we believe in the unlimited power of holding a pen to paper for any productive designer. Some designers prefer using a vector program, such as Illustrator for example.

These messy drafts would help to get an effective logo eventually, and have an answer to “What is a logo?”

But be careful, you should think deeper. If you want to create a coffee logo design, you don’t need to go for outlining just a cup of coffee. What makes Starbucks, Starbucks,  is its dazzling logo.

Accordingly, we don’t get stuck on one idea; no we outline with more than 30 sketches and find out what we should consider and what we should skip.

BluCactus appreciates this inspiration phase and spends more time in this initial step before moving on to completing the design process.


2. Bring balance

Designing is all about bringing balance between different elements.

Our eyes are great at catching balance in these combinations or at observing when something is in the right position, and normally at first glance.

Therefore, we keep balance by realizing the weight of different components, such: graphics, and colors.

Balance is the core of designing. If you break it, you will something, but I assure you it’s not designing work.


3. Consider size

It’s incredibly important to make sure that your logo goes well across all marketing materials, like when you use flyers, posters or billboards, to electronic formats.

Our approach is testing it ourselves to land the best one that can adjust to all sizes.


4. Take advantage of color

What is a logo?

It’s about using optimal colors.

Color has profound researches and confounding theory. Our designers can serve these theories to help you get your goals.  For example, if you search for a fashion logo design to your men’s clothing store, your logo might be black or beige.

You will never go for the answer to “what is a logo”, without interpreting the color benefits on your design.

Maybe you know the basic rules of using colors, like considering near colors on the color wheel and making sure what colors look in the black and white background.

But BluCactus is Okay with breaking rule to get a creative spot, as long as it still looks stunning. We can provoke such a polarizing effect to snatch eyes.

Besides, we mix and generate compounding colors to inspire a new model of colors.


5. Design tone is appropriate to your industry

BluCactus believes that there’s a time and a place for everything. We couldn’t follow hard steps without understanding your industry and what you want your customers to know about you.

First, we will elicit all the information you are eager to muse in your brand. Then, we will come up with a strategy to meet your expectations.

Most importantly, make your logo look persuasive and appealing.


6. Typography does matter

The logo graphic is significant, nevertheless, finding and choosing the right font type and size is much more significant than you think, especially, when letters are the masterpiece on it.

BluCactus doesn’t ever depend on familiar fonts, as using most common fonts makes the design seem clumsy.

We also get straight on only one font. Consideration of a custom font is one of our mindsets as it helps your identity to come off as surpassing.


7. Recognition is our goal for a logo

As we mentioned before, the logo is a prominent force when it comes to introducing you to the market.

So, we are aware to not deviate from this goal. Making you distinguished from your competitors is our mission. We aim to create a logo that can provide an answer when someone asks “What is a logo?”.

We want your customers to quickly be able to associate your logo with the services you provide as well with your company.

A logo could be seen in different positions, so keep in mind, if it’s applicable to view from all angles.




Now that you have an answer to the question of ¨what is a logo?¨, why it is important to have a good business logo design and how BluCactus can help you. You can now go ahead and contact our team. creating a logo is a part of our dedicated work. We have a competent team that will set their time to meet your needs.


How does it work in BluCactus?


BluCactus - Two people talking to each other about Graphic Design in front of the BluCactus Logo1. Good communication

Our staff will communicate with you and let you introduce your business. If we don’t know “What is a logo? We will help you define it. We listen carefully to all your needs and start aligning a strategy that well suits your project. Then, we keep all the channels of communication open and share any updates with you.


2. Exploit all research tools and collect data

After studying your brand information, we define your market segment. Market research is one of our approaches to determine the best way to present your project to the market. Then, start the first part of the design.


3. Preliminary logo design

We offer what will achieve right now to the client to evaluate our works and decide which one they like best.


4. Taking feedback into consideration

According to customer satisfaction, we keep working on the project after taking notes and considering your suggestions. After that, we start designing the second one.


BluCactus - Two guys carrying the BluCactus Symbol into the BluCactus Logo to complete the Graphic Design5. Final Touch

Eventually, you choose the one you like. Subsequently, our team will deliver all the material you need for your corporate identity, including the vector version.

We will never leave you without the feeling of comfort and fulfillment. Likewise, we will listen to your aspirations carefully regardless of your location, whether you are in Amsterdam or Dallas or even Cairo.


Still feeling confused regarding what is a logo; okay contact us now. We’d love to hear from you!

Quote your project to create your stunning logo
to increase your sales today!

8 Powerful Ways to Leave Your Audience Spellbound, Captivated and Impressed

We all get there. Standing in front of your audience seems to be very close. There’s a need to get done with the arrangements, maybe PowerPoint.  Being well organized, eloquent, and steady is essential. You need to try hard to keep your audience captivated. I know all these stinking feelings. You fight your fears and anxiety. Keep eye contact with your audience is another struggling issue. Maybe your heart is beating too hard. I have no problem admitting how to display your presentation is a harsh mission. But anyway you are in and don’t have the choice to pull out. The good news is that you can turn it into an unforgettable experience. You are going to be proud of it, and maybe you find out something within yourself which you have never known before.


1- Start by an engaging introduction to enchant your audience


“No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with a searching but at the same time a steady eye.”– Winston Churchill.

You might have great ideas you want to communicate to your audience. But if you do not have some persuasive content with a powerful speech, it would probably be run-of-the-mill. A dazzling presentation is about crafting relevant content.


Valley of Despair

While I was researching about how to keep my audience engaged and captivated, an interesting theory called “the Valley of Despair” grasped my attention. It argues that we give our 85% attention to the first 5 minutes of the presentation. Then it suddenly drops during listening to the presenter. Your mission, as a presenter, is to keep your audience moving away from the valley.

So, how can you start to keep your audience captivated?

When we talk about any form of speech, you need your plan which is impossible to be out of this clear three-part structure: introduction, body, and conclusion.

  BluCactus Creative slides to keep your audience captivated

A powerful introduction: It’s the most important part of your presentation.


Your audience will decide if you are that great to spend their time listening to you, or they have to search for something more valuable, even if it will be their facebook account. The introduction must be compelling, so briefly sum up, what you are going to talk about, and why they should listen to you. This is the only way to keep your audience captivated from the first moment.

A well-designed body: after you successfully grab your audience’s attention. The main ideas of your presentation need to spark.

Make your presentation based on facts, recent studies, and it would also be great if you add some spices such as quotes, pep talks, and percepts.

An inspiring conclusion: get it as specific as you can. If you want to captivate your listeners, then show them how they can effortlessly get their objectives.

So, sum up all you have said in simple tips on how they can practice what they have already learned.


2- Creative slides to keep your audience captivated

“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” — Bruce Garrabrandt.

When it comes to presentation, all of us -including me, there’s no exception- initially think about PowerPoint and these boring slides. Presenters often write out all the words they are going to say in their show. It’s dull. Don’t do that because your audience would end up distracted by the slides. You would be left alone, and you wouldn’t get the attention you want. Instead, consider adding visual items relevant to your talk track. More words on the screen seem to be awkward.

BluCactus Wow your audience with your sophisticated design

Images, even a personal one, seem to be more stimulating. If you want to illustrate your point with recent statistics, don’t put these fuzzy diagrams in your slides. Instead, put only impactful numbers, and give the attendees handouts for protracted studies. They could have a look at that if they are interested. Another important thing, there’s no need to make your presentation more than 10 slides. To keep your audience captivated all the time, think about illustration more than words.


3. Wow your audience with your sophisticated design


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”Leonardo da Vinci.

You should care about your presentation design. If you don’t consider hiring a designer, many online tools and websites will help you get a satisfying presentation. Sites such as Unsplash, Pxhere, and Pexels are a free source of stunning images. BluCactus also can provide you with a priceless design. Colors also are a big deal. Think about bright colors, but don’t make it tackier by using too many palettes. Two are good enough. Consistency makes your presentation look well-conducted. You need to use only one font and only one size.


How to keep your audience captivated 4.  Drawings to maintain your audience’s attention

BluCactus Drawing to maintain your audience’s attention

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell.

The core of your presentation is to keep your audience captivated and reach your objectives. So you can go on with any method as long as it’ll help you achieve what you’re aiming for. We recommend drawing if you have a whiteboard behind you. You should not stick to your slides only. And I know you are going to tell me

“My drawing is terrible!”

Come on!

It’s not about the beauty of your paintings; it’s just about illustrating your ideas. Make even simple lines to get triangles and these hazy characters whose bodies consist of two lines and one circle. It will be perfect to keep your audience captivated. Trust me. Don’t talk while drawing. Let your audience imagine what you are going to go through. After you finish your drawings, start talking and stand in front of your audience. Then explain what you are doing on the board and bring out your funny side.


How to keep your audience captivated 5. Keep your audience captivated by telling a story

BluCactus Keep your audience captivated by telling a story

“I can change the story. I am the story.”Jeanette Winterson.

We all remember well this presentation as a disabled girl gave us very motivating speech, telling her own story. She was talking about these struggles you thought you never get over. It was so touching. You know why? Because you see it, you feel it. Her stumbling blocks were real, so real.

Stories are the perfect way to capture your audience’s attention and make your message memorable. Start your story with a problem, and finish it with impressive success. If you aspire to keep your audience captivated, you have to be creative and pretentious. You can also use some objectives. Bring up creativity on the stage like costumes, and other visuals.


6- Hold your audience spellbound by being specific

BluCactus Hold your audience spellbound by being specific

“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.” – Colin Powell Blaise Pascal.

You might have large ideas and information you could present to your audience. It could make you more distracted. You start wondering about the most significant ideas you have to consider, and the information you have to exclude. Simplicity always wins. Cut the clutter in your preparation of words. Read your presentation week in, week out. Remove the ballast from your presentation to keep your audience engrossed.

Still feeling stuck!

What about contacting a reliable someone to review your material, practice your presentation in front of him, and get the feedback that helps you be more professional. Maybe it’s your monitor or even your trusted colleague. Do your best to turn your work into authoritative and tenderness at the same time.


How to keep your audience captivated 7- Catch your audience’s eyes by being interactive

“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.”Roy T. Bennett.

BluCctus Catch your audience’s eyes by being interactive

As far back as I could remember, I always liked these classes where my teacher or lecturer allowed me to express my opinion and pushed me to share ideas with my colleagues. These types of classes were full of enthusiasm for it aroused our curiosity. And now it’s your turn to entice your listeners. Select a few participants and ask them about their expectations for this session.

Write a list of all them on the whiteboard. Once in a while, check your list and remove what you would have already done. If you have almost concluded and still there were uncovered points, don’t worry. Apologize for the tight schedule; promise to keep in touch if anyone wants your assistance. Sounds good! You can even invite a few other attendees to get on the stage to talk about any relevant story. But be careful; don’t force them to do that; make it seem natural.

If you find that your audience is not engaging as you crave, start using your magic. For instance, tell them that they are going to participate in a competition, and you will reward the winner with a prize. Although, you have to come up with a concrete plan of when you let everyone talk, and when your time comes on because if you allow everyone to speak anytime, it would be squandering time.


8- Well prepared to keep your audience connected to you

“You make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.”Steve Jobs. Of course, you have never forgotten the test you went through without studying, got stuck there, and couldn’t find the correct answer.

BluCactus Well prepared to keep your audience connected to you

You tried to cheat, got lost, and eventually messed up. If I have learned one thing through my life, it’s the power of practice. You could never be a better writer without practicing writing. A professional musician could never achieve this without practicing. Therefore, you could never do a remarkable presentation without rehearsing what you are going to talk about before standing before your audience.

You might think that I am overqualified. I can swiftly do anything. But that’s not right at all. You only need to believe in your endless skills. You are unique. Find out your distinct voice over time. You can create a compelling presentation. However, if you have to make a presentation tomorrow, that’s the time for BluCactus.

We can make it easy, clear, and still irresistible for you. Check out our offers. We are always there for you.

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