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What is an Efficient and Impactful brochure?

At BluCactus we are experts in digital marketing and the creation of marketing brochures. What is an Efficient and Impactful Brochure?

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Therefore, we will show you some creative and practical tips so you can boost your marketing campaigns.


Following them, you can learn to customize marketing brochures according to the needs of your brand.


The following describes how you can use your company’s brochure.


To make a lasting impression on your potential customers.


Read on to know What is an efficient and impactful brochure?


First, Be brief and go straight to the point


BluCactus - woman with a white tshirt teaching classesWhat is an Efficient and Impactful Brochure? You may be tempted to include too many details in your marketing brochure because you don’t want to exclude any relevant information.


However, this will do more harm than good. A good design can help you stay on track when writing your content.


At BluCactus, our specialists can give you a perfectly prepared triptych for your needs. Our marketing pamphlets are the perfect option to simplify your content structure.


Too many details can cause information overload. This can also confuse readers and get away from their main points. As much as possible, focus on the main objective for your marketing brochure and then create your content from there.


Second, What is an efficient and impactful brochure? Know your customers


BluCactus - What is an Efficient and Impact Brochure? - people around the globeTo deliver a powerful message that catches the attention of your target audience, you must really know who your customers are and what they are looking for.


Customer information will help you determine the purpose of your campaign brochure and guide you through the content and designs it contains.


For example, let’s say your company sells high-end smart toys for children. So, you probably want to target parents of young and middle-aged students who can afford the products.


Therefore, you should advocate the idea of ​​helping children learn while playing with toys. The better you know the people in your audience, the better you can design graphics and messages that resonate with your desired problems and solutions.


Third, Write an impressive headline


BluCactus - What is an Efficient and Impact Brochure? - colorfull headlineWhat is an Efficient and Impactful Brochure? No one will continue reading the contents of your company’s brochure if the cover owner does not arouse the interest of the readers.


Why bother creating a brochure if your readers simply read the front and then discard it? That is why it is crucial that you captivate your audience immediately with an impressive title.


For example, the company’s double-fold template is a perfect example of a captivating headline that will engage your audience from the beginning.


An effective title should capture the interest of your target audience and address your key issues. Many company brochures often make the mistake of simply putting basic company information on the cover.


Fourth, What is an efficient and impactful brochure? Use simple words

  BluCactus - What is an Efficient and Impact Brochure? - use simple words

Avoid using big words when preparing your company’s brochure.


You don’t have to impress your readers with words that are difficult to understand.


Simple words are highly recommended because they are easier to digest.


When your readers can quickly capture your ideas, you can convert them into customers faster.


If your readers do not understand your content, you are not only wasting your time but also your money.


Fifth, Don’t forget the basics


BluCactus - What is an Efficient and Impact Brochure? - contact us infromationBecause your main focus is to stand out, you can skip the basics when creating a company brochure. Be sure to include relevant information.


For example, the name of the company, the address of the company, the logo, and at least two modes of contact information. Preferably, the contact information should be email addresses and telephone numbers.


It is not enough to add the basic information of the company. In addition, it is very important that you add at least two or three short sections of the benefits or solutions that your products or services can offer.


People are interested in knowing how your company can solve their problems or how you can make life easier with your offers. You should describe its benefits in easy-to-read blocks so that your readers can digest them faster.


Sixth, What is an efficient and impactful brochure? Impresses with large numbers


BluCactus - What is an Efficient and Impact Brochure? - discount with the 50 percentThe numbers do not lie. The numbers hit people with truths and do a good job to convince people to take action.


Your marketing brochure is a direct weapon in your market launch strategy, so why not add some surprising numbers that address the need for your products?


Find a large number that will surprise your audience. Present it crystal clear in your brochure.


Then, place it together with your products or services as a catalyst for the urgent need for a solution.


Seventh, Look to add stunning photography

BluCactus - What is an Efficient and Impact Brochure? - discount with the 50 percent  

It is also recommended to add photos of your products if you have physical products to offer.


On the other hand, the use of user images is also an excellent way to show your services.


For example, if you are a restaurant or fashion store, at least include your photos of your most popular dishes or clothes in your company’s brochure.


You can add your own photos to capture your audience easily.




BluCactus - two people talking about a subjectWhat is an Efficient and Impactful Brochure? An effective business brochure should be informative and memorable at the same time.


We have shared some expert tips to help you master the content and design of your brochures.


Now it’s your turn to start brainstorming and create the best brochures for your company’s promotional campaigns.


Do you have any doubts? Contact us and we will give you personalized attention. At your disposal BluCactus! Your Brochure Design Agency in Dallas! Your success is our success!


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How much does a Logo Design Cost?

Wondering how much does a logo design cost? A logo is an important element of your company’s brand since it makes a meaningful impact on its public perception. As you might have experienced before, you can accurately guess the nature of a business just by looking at its logo. In this way, you can cleverly attract your target market by having your logo efficiently designed. Therefore, your business logo design is one of the most important branding investments you can make.


A logo is a powerful lead magnet that conveys key information about your business and allows you to captivate your audience in just seconds. Consequently, it is of great importance to have a logo design that distinguishes your company from the competition.


BluCactus - smart investmenteWhy is a logo design a smart investment?


Investing in professional logo design is a decision that leads to a high return though it is one of the bests ways to keep your customers engaged.


In other words, you will use it to improve your business.


Thanks to your logo, you will give more visibility to your brand, products, or services. However, as a logo design is based on your company’s personality and the impression you want to give to your audience, its cost varies.


Logo Design Cost: Making a good investment


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - good investment

As with any investment, variables such as price and potential quality should be considered.


The price of a professional logo design may vary depending on your requirements, the size of your business, marketing research, and branding strategy. Moreover, the cost of a logo design is also subject to who you decide to hire.


Companies with low budgets ( $0 USD- $ 300 USD) may opt for designing their logos on a website, using specialized software, or hiring a beginner designer.


Brands with mid-range ( $ 300 USD – $ 2, 500 USD) or high-end ($ 50,000+ USD) budgets can opt for hiring an experienced designer or a professional design agency.


BluCactus -value of the costHow do professionals value the cost of your design?


The professional designer or design company in charge of the creation of your company’s logo will also value its cost according to the impact this product will make on your business’ public perception.


As with any investment, you must ensure that you are making the right decision when hiring a logo design service.


Whether your objective is to launch your new brand or convey a new brand image, you should consider some important aspects.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingCost of Logo Design: Key questions that define the design of your logo.


Taking the decision of changing your corporate image is a step that should follow making yourself some important questions.


Some examples of these are: “What impact do I want to make on my leads with my logo?” “Will a new logo increase my brand’s visibility?” and “How can it help me increase my sales?”.


In this way, you will get a solid idea of how to set your requirements when hiring a logo design agency.


How much does a logo cost? What is the price range of a good logo design?


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingFor logos with few requirements, having them designed by an agency can cost $ 2500+ USD. This option is ideal for businesses with mid-range to high budgets.


A price that guarantees you high-quality designs from a comprehensive service of experienced designers.


Plus, they will also advise you on how would be the best way to have your logo idea creatively executed.


Thus, professional design agencies like BluCactus offer you a top-to-bottom branding package.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - font choicesWhat can you get according to your budget? How much does a logo cost in the USA?


You might be wondering, what are the alternatives for every specific budget range?


Here we will show you what are the pros and cons of getting a logo design with a low, medium, or high budget:


Budget: $0 USD – $ 300 USD


BluCactus - professional men working hard

If you have a budget within this money range, you can either make your logo on a website or hire a freelance designer.


However, websites often offer limited options to create a logo, which may not be a good option if you want to effectively convey your brand identity.


On the other hand, a skilled freelance designer might be able to create any design you want.


Nevertheless, you must make sure you can trust this professional, as there is a chance you find unscrupulous individuals on many websites.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - woman working with her computerBudget: $ 300 USD- $ 2500 USD


If your budget is within this range, you have an appropriate budget for a logo design.


You will get an eye-catching design either by hiring a freelancer or launching a logo design contest.


Either way, both are good options to get an impactful logo design at an affordable cost.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingBudget: $ 2500+ USD


This is the ideal budget for a logo design as you will get unique, competitive, and appealing logos for your company.


If you are willing to pay more for a better product, you will surely get more quality.


That is the benefit of hiring a logo design agency like BluCactus.


How much does a logo cost? Professional Design


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional designYou should always consider hiring a professional logo design company.


How much do the services of a professional design agency cost? It depends, but they are worth it.


A professional design agency comprises a team of graphic design specialists that will properly convey your company’s values through an impactful and versatile logo.


In other words, it’s a service that ensures a logo design that communicates your brand message distinctively and effectively.

  BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - woman working with her computer

It doesn’t matter if your business is just starting or if it’s already established.


After all, having a professionally designed logo brings many benefits to companies of all sizes.


Thus, the question “How much does a logo cost?” is not as important as “How can a logo design increase my profits?.”


A well-designed professional logo will give you a competitive advantage in your market.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingGet a powerful brand identity


Professional logo design helps you build trust with your leads. How?


It helps you make a powerful first impression that creates an emotional connection with your audience thus increasing your brand visibility.


And in this fast-paced world, it is of utmost importance to make a positive impression on your audience to stay ahead of your competitors.


Hence, your company must have a unique and memorable logo that helps you increase the number of your customers.


Why hiring a professional company for your logo design? Professional  Logo Design Cost.


BluCactus -hire a professional company

Compelling design is a powerful tool.


Many people don’t understand the competitive advantage that their logo design gives them.


Are you worried about how much does a logo cost?


Its price is only in a one-time investment you’ll make to achieve the success you want.


Having a logo with a great design can make the difference between success and failure. The best designs are those that help your business grow to reach their goals.


How much does a logo design cost? Think big and grow successful


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men working

If you want to have better performance and outstanding business results, you have to dream big. Your logo is a powerful marketing tool that can take your company to new heights.


Do you think your business has the right size? You can always expand your company’s horizons and grow it to greatness. A clever way to do it is by developing a powerful corporate image that allows you to expand your audience reach.


Consider that a logo is not just an image. The value of a logo not only lies in the work of the designer. Other factors influence its cost. Then, how much does a logo cost? The cost of a logo depends on your market potential. Thus, a very important point to consider is what your company will earn from it. As previously stated, a logo is an investment. Ideally, investments have an economic return.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men workingReinvigorating your company’s image. How much does a logo design cost?


A logo design cost depends on the goals your company wants to achieve with it.


If you feel like your current logo doesn’t express your values.


Or if your company is branching into new territories, you might want to consider rebranding.


Successful examples 


BluCactus - microsoftCompanies like Apple and Microsoft have used this strategy to strengthen their presence and image in the eyes of their customers throughout the years.


This is a good idea if you have a new target demographic, new competition has emerged or your business has changed significantly.


However, it implies a complex process that considerably increases the cost of your logo design. On average, businesses can expect to invest between $ 90,000 USD- $180,000 USD on this process.


Reinvigorating your company’s image can help you keep up with the competition and reposition as a leading-edge company. Thus, your biggest worry should not be how much does a logo design cost but how to manage all the benefits it will bring to your company.


The importance of a well-designed logo for branding purposes


BluCactus -brandig purposesA well-designed logo should properly represent the heart and soul of your corporate identity.


As it is one of the main graphic elements that allow people to identify and recall your brand, it should be consistently used across different communication channels. Therefore, your logo design should be included in your website, social media, business cards, products, and any other elements that represent your company.


Also, an effective logo design fosters a professional image and raises expectations.


That is, it not only makes your brand stand out but also look more reliable and trustworthy. In this way, a logo design is a powerful marketing tool that boosts brand loyalty. Thus, the price of a custom logo design should be thought of as a smart investment.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - Suitable budgetsHow much does a logo design cost? One of the most suitable budgets for your logo design


Highly effective, breathtaking logo designs can be done at prices from $ 2500 USD up to $ 10, 000+ USD.


A professional design and branding agency often offers great branding packages that include market research, creative briefs, and design consultancy.


In this way, agencies assure you a high-quality final product that effectively conveys your brand’s values. Besides, it will help you attract your target market like shooting fish in a barrel.


How to recognize a good logo design?


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - strabucks CoffeeA good logo design is the result of a marketing strategy that includes these key elements:

  • Simplicity: Simple logo designs are easy to recognize and remember. That is, they convey your company’s mission, vision, and values with few elements.
  • It’s memorable: Your logo is an introduction to your brand, so it needs to leave a positive and lasting impression on the audience. For instance, you might have not felt immediately in love with Starbucks’ siren logo design at first glance, but it must certainly have left a distinctive impression in you.
  • It shows a strategic color, fonts, and graphics choice: Colors play a very important role in logo design. They catch people’s attention, evoke emotions, and convey messages. Fonts and graphics also communicate your business personality. Hence, a professional logo design company should offer you an effective consultancy on which colors, fonts, and graphics better convey your corporate identity.

BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional woman workingBuild your success


A logo design aims at giving you an impressive corporate image through a creative marketing strategy.


Besides, it shows an accurate understanding of your business and its needs.


Hence, a high-quality logo design is well-thought-out.


In that sense, it should help you captivate your target audience smoothly. For that reason, you should consider defining a budget that helps you get closer to your business goals.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - people working in a logoIn general, how much does a logo design cost?


As with any other service, logo design has a wide range of prices.


Depending on the graphic designer or agency you hire, the quality of the final product and its cost varies.


Overall, reputed and highly experienced experts can offer you jaw-dropping and sublime logo designs within a price range from $ 200 USD up to $ 25,000 USD.


BluCactus -become aware of buyingBecome aware of what you are buying


When establishing your logo budget, you should have realistic expectations of what you can afford.


In this way, you can be sure that you will get what you want at the right price.


So, how much does a logo design cost?


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men workingLogos under $ 50 USD


Inexpensive logos like these have high chances of being plagiarized graphics.


In this way, they are proof that it is not always true that a penny saved is a penny earned.


Therefore, unless you are certain of the designer’s ethics, we strongly recommend avoiding this kind of logo design service.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingLogos from $ 100 USD up to $ 1,000 USD


Logos within this price have relatively good designs, even though they might show that there was limited market research in their crafting process.


Yet, college students, designers with little experience, and young design agencies may charge these prices to attract clients.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingLogos from $ 1,000 USD up to $ 10,000 USD


With a budget of $ 1,000 USD or more, you can get an effective design solution provided by an experienced designer or logo design company that adheres to professional ethics.


Either of them will plan your design based on market research, a creative brief with the client, and a solid creative concept.


Therefore, the question “How much does a logo design cost?” does not have a specific answer but an appropriate price range.


Logos of $ 10,000+ USD


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional people workingThe design of these logos has a similar structure to those of the previous section. The key difference is that they are often created by a top-notch team of designers and marketers. What does this imply? The joint work of several professionals oriented towards making your project a success.


The greatest advantage of hiring logo design companies is that they offer quality-focused services, cost-effective solutions, and a full understanding of business niches.


Hence, they often offer branding packages specially designed for you to reach your specific business goals. Thus, you will certainly get a high-quality logo that outstandingly conveys your brand’s values and satisfies your wishes.


Logo Design cost also depends on the client


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - going up in sucess

Additionally, how much a logo cost also depends on your company’s potential to profit from it. As we mentioned before, a logo design is an investment in your brand that directly leads to higher revenue.


For that reason, logo design companies consider your brand scope to value the price of your logo.


In this sense, designs for businesses with a local reach do not cost the same as for businesses with national and international reach.


A professional logo design company will provide you with a whole visual identity system that will serve as a remarkable marketing tool for your business. Therefore, how much a logo design cost depends on both technical aspects and the planned scope for the logo.


BluCactus - start upBe the front runner of your industry


Graphic design plays an important role in the modern competitive business environment. It gives your company an impressive and memorable image that inspires trust and allows you to enhance your sales. Therefore, it helps you stay ahead of the competition.


As every brand has a unique personality, the answer to “how much does a logo design cost?” is different for every particular case.


To create a high-impact design adjusted to your business needs, designers implement refined strategies.


Why hiring a Logo Design Company?


BluCactus -hire a professional companyA logo is a marketing tool as powerful as any ad. It increases your brand awareness and, therefore, boosts your business.


For that reason, hiring a logo design company is an investment of great importance.


Your logo is the first interaction that prospects have with your brand.


For that reason, having an effective and professional design is imperative.


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional men workingAfter all, a great first impression will always do wonders for your company.


How much does a logo cost? A number that depends on your marketing goals and that, conveniently, will result in a good investment.


Even though you can make your prospects become faithful clients with an excellent service, a great way to attract them is by having an engaging image.


Hence, if you want to have an appealing corporate image, you should hire professionals. A professional logo design company will effectively attract your target market and drive your business to success.


Make a powerful impression on your leads


BluCactus - How much does a logo design cost? - professional woman workingAt BluCactus, we aim to make your company stand out from the competition. For that reason, we conduct honed market research and competitor analysis. Afterward, our top-notch team of designers approaches your project with the information compiled.


In this way, we create iconic and versatile logos that become client magnets for your business. Thus, hiring a logo design company is a great option to mindfully scale your business for success.


An effective design is custom-made, versatile, and memorable. BluCactus Logo Design Company creates engaging corporate logos fully adapted to your business goals.


We develop all kinds of corporate identity projects. We have a team of top-notch designers and a client-oriented service that aims at building your success. Let us create your logo, and you will get the powerful brand identity you are looking for.


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How to attract clients: Everything there’s to know about the perfect tools that are presentations, its types, and how to use them

All employees and entrepreneurs are aware of what a presentation is. Even since we were young, at school, our teachers used to assign us presentations to talk about certain topics. However, we are often asked to make presentations once we are looking for a job or already have one. This is where we realize that these presentations and those from our school days aren’t the same. Learn the types of presentations to attract clients.


What is a corporate presentation?


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working togetherThis presentation defines the identity of the company to the client. Within this exhibition, we can showcase the company’s values, vision, and objectives.


Thus, this will be the cover of our company to attract clients.


Because of this, we must carry it out for our viewers.


Then, the idea is not only to seduce the client by offering our services.


We must convince them in such a way that they believe in us and want to work with our company.


BluCactus -investorsWe should note that if our presentation to attract clients is convincing but doesn’t convey what we want to show to the customer, they won’t see the quality of the product or service we are offering them.


Therefore, it’s important to look beyond the presentation itself. This way our listener can become an ally of our firm.


Within the world of advertising and marketing, it’s often difficult to get the public to remember us.


This will be even more difficult if we don’t have a presentation that impacts and transmits the correct image of our company.

  BluCactus - brief

Types of presentations to attract clients

    • Presentation of work: They are those in which the spectators are our workers or partners.
    • Brief presentation: in this, you make your business, product, or brand message known in a short time.
    • Online presentations: in case you forget a USB flash drive or cable to carry it out, you can store them on the web.
    • Presentation of brand image: in this exhibition, you can talk about the business values ​​you want to convey.BluCactus -company
  • Presentation of a product: Here, we disclose the results of the research and development of a product. You can also include this presentation as part of an event, be it business or other.
  • Presentation for investors: this will expose the most relevant aspects of a product, service, or initiative for those who show interest in investing in our project.
  • Company presentation: these presentations are serious and old-fashioned. However, this trend is continuously changing to present products, brands, or projects. Therefore, this will help us reach our target audience.
  • BluCactus - presentation projectPresentation of a business plan: its aim is to clarify the doubts of investors or those to whom the presentation or business idea is addressed.
  • Professional presentations: They generally use classic colors (white, black, and gray), slides full of figures, and a pre-established order. However, they have changed a lot in the digital age, to the point where they now prioritize efficiency and speed. And although we should keep using certain classic aspects, this doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.
  • Presentation of a project: Here, the most important thing is to convey the enthusiasm and profitability of a project. Remember that presentations are an excellent opportunity to sell your business idea.


Steps to a perfect presentation to attract clients


Below, we will mention five key elements for you to describe your company perfectly, seduce your potential customers, and attract partners.


Corporate colors


BluCactus - corporate colorsWhat’s the first thing that catches our attention in a company? What is the color of McDonald’s? What is the color Barbie?


Color is everything! There isn’t a better way to represent your company than having a characteristic color attached to it. This will help you stand out from the competition.


You must showcase in your presentation to attract clients the colors that define your company as this will allow the general public to remember and identify it more easily.


In fact, we recommend that you use these colors as much as possible in your slides to infiltrate the minds of your audience.


Types of presentations to attract clients, Short text


BluCactus - brief textThe second element you must keep in mind while making your presentation to attract clients is to use brief texts.


Nobody is interested in reading a long presentation with a lot of information, much less if it’s being already said. Another thing to remember is that you must avoid reading your presentation at all costs.


If you do, you’re telling the client that you’re not prepared and don’t know what you’re talking about. If you can present your topic without reading and with short text much better.


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working togetherThis is all because long slides can be very distracting and boring


A good tip is that if you want your client to remember the information you’re presenting, you must introduce the most relevant words in your presentation to attract clients. These are the characteristics and values ​​that define your company to highlight its strengths.


Another important factor is that when you’re doing a presentation to attract clients, you must mean what you’re saying.


If you’re just saying empty words, the client will surely notice it. Remember that the message is not only delivered by words but by body language as well. Therefore, if you want to attract clients, you must be confident and show your belief in the company.


Types of presentations to attract clients, Corporate video


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working togetherIf you want your audience to remember your company, we advise you to always include a presentation video.


This is because our society has turned very audiovisual.


This video shouldn’t be too long as it might seem boring during your presentation.


Ideally, it should be a video of 3 minutes max describing the strengths of the company.


BluCactus - product presentationIf you include a video in your presentation, rest assured that everyone will remember your company more easily.


If the video is also creative and attracts attention, it will probably stand out above its competitors.


Finally, we remind you to put in the effort to get loyal customers.


The loyalty of a good clientele is very important during these times. Remember, a loyal customer is a long-term ally.


Important information in the presentation


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working togetherFirst, the information you include in your presentation to attract clients must be important and well structured.


The first and most advisable thing is that you briefly describe the history of the company.


Talk about how it started and how it evolved until you get to where you are today.


The first thing your audience is interested in is hearing from you.


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working togetherFinally, include in your presentation the mission and vision of the company. Don’t forget to highlight the objectives that the company wants to meet.


This way, you will get the recipient to feel some type of emotion.


The information must account for the successes that the company has had.


Thus, you must highlight its strengths. This will give a good impression to the executives in the sector, which will then give you a certain prestige.


For example, if you are in the pharmaceutical sector and have collaborated with a major company, mention it. This will help your company’s image and reputation during your presentation to attract clients.


Types of presentations to attract clients, Concise corporate presentation


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working togetherThe last key element is that the presentation must be as short as possible.


If we saturate potential customers with a lot of information, it’s likely they won’t remember even half of it.


A presentation aimed at attracting clients can’t have a lot of slides. Its duration shouldn’t be too long since the main intention is that it keeps the most outstanding data.


Finally, you will be able to create a very effective presentation by using these 5 simple elements. They will help you capture the attention of the client allowing it to transmit the brand of the company and achieve its objectives.


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working togetherConclusion of Types of presentations to attract clients


Presentations are essential for any company or project that is already in the market or is entering it.


This is because they show your DNA.


They convey the personality, knowledge, and experience that you have in a certain topic.


BluCactus - Types of presentations to attract clients - people working together

With different levels of relevance and animation of the presentation according to the criteria of the speaker, these exhibitions communicate messages to a relatively specialized audience in the subject, from which you can also learn.


There are three key points that every company must remember when organizing and presenting its corporate presentations:

  • Selection of clear and concise messages.
  • Design adapted to the message and audience.
  • Use of resources that call and hold the attention of listeners.

Don’t forget the keys we are giving you today. They will make your next presentation successful in attracting clients.


BluCactus - contact usWe are glad that you are a part of our community.


If you have any questions about customer engagement, please write them in the comments.


At BluCactus we are aware of the importance of a presentation to attract clients.


Don’t leave it in the wrong hands. Contact us to advise you. We are just a click away!


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Corporate and commercial presentations: Are they the same? Not at all, and we’ll tell you why

Whether it’s to impress or win clients, we know that a business presentation has a goal. Therefore, we will explain what these two types of Corporate and commercial presentations comprise and what differentiates them. Learn the importance of Corporate and commercial presentations.


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentation

Defining a corporate presentation


A corporate presentation aims to make our company known within our sector.


Likewise, it also helps us find new partners or suppliers for a project.


We can call it the backbone of the commercial system of presentations.


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationSince it presents organization, structure, and objectives.


It also discloses what services or products it offers, how it uses its resources, what benefits it generates, and how its differential values ​​make it more desirable than other companies in its sector.


There are some ways to carry out a corporate presentation. We can do it through a web page, a brochure, or a PowerPoint presentation.

What content does a corporate presentation present?


Main elements


BluCactus - Example of powerpointThe aim of this presentation is to build the image of your company. Because of this, its content follows certain rules. This image will impact the way the general public sees your company.


Thus, your employees, customers, and competitors will also be affected by this. However, we must be clear on something:


The corporate image isn’t the same as the corporate identity, which shows what your company really is. Besides, the corporate graphic identity, which is the brand itself, isn’t the same from the previous two terms.


The corporate presentation presents the following structure:

  1. BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationBase template: This template allows you to comply with the corporate graphic identity manual and helps you order the contents of the presentation.
  2. The cover: This is the main element, as it’s the first thing the audience will see. Remember that a good impression always helps. For this, you can use a reference image. This image must reflect the company’s values such as a specialization in a sector, teamwork, or even a partner. Likewise, the logo and phase that best represents the values of your company must also be present.
  3. Index: It helps the audience, either through a physical or digital document, to know the content of the presentation and thus know ​​what it could be about.
  4. Who we are”: in this section, the name of the company heads a summary. Besides, it could show who is the organizer in the market, their billing figures, their offices, or distribution networks.
  5. What we do”: this section defines the organization’s activity. It highlights the benefits that come from the products or services.
  6. Our advantages”: the differences between your organization and its competitors and what benefits your public derives from are exposed here.

Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: Other useful elements


BluCactus - Example of powerpoint

“Human team”:


This allows the public to see who works at your company. To show this, you can use a service organization chart.


It can be a functional or hierarchical one. It could show this by service areas or using an individualized CV.

  BluCactus - Example of powerpoint    


Corporate and commercial presentation. “Service network”:


This is where the service offices, the points of sale or distribution channels for your products are located.


Remember that every organization is a world and you should explain the advantages of your company structure.

    BluCactus - Example of powerpoint



In this section, you can request the authorization of your clients to show their names in their commercial presentations.


Corporate and commercial presentation. “Awards or recognitions”:


Showing your recognition within your sector is valuable since it adds credibility to your service offer.


Corporate social responsibility:

BluCactus - Example of powerpoint

This shows how your company returns to society part of the benefits it profits from. In this section, they will want to know how your company does this.


Likewise, they may ask you the names of the institutions that your company collaborates with.


Even if this is taken as a passing trend, it’s still a basic behavior of good corporate governance.


Corporate and commercial presentation. Back cover:


Here, you can add the contact details of your company. This information will allow the world to easily find you. Thus, it’s very important.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: How to use PowerPoint for a corporate presentation

BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentation  

On the other hand, if you are creating your presentation with PowerPoint, consider the following:

  • Make it a supporting document for your face-to-face or non-face-to-face presentation.
  • Be brief, concise, and concrete. Think about your audience and the reason for the meeting.
  • The font size is at least 24-28 dots since smaller sizes don’t display well on a projected screen or PC.
  • Don’t present many concepts on the same page. If you need to detail a service, an advantage, or something related to that, use the Word format for it.

Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: Characteristics of the corporate presentation


BluCactus - Example of powerpointYou must remember that the aim of a presentation is to let the client know they can trust you.


To do this, you must showcase the most outstanding features of your company.


Don’t forget to mention the main advantages the company has over the competition.


Likewise, keep in mind that a lot of information can be boring for most people.

BluCactus - Example of powerpoint    

Thus, they may be only interested in some aspects of the company.


It’s key that the presentation is brief and concrete, highlighting the most relevant aspects of the company for the recipient.


In short, the presentation must project a positive and friendly image of a company with values ​​and commitment to society.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: Corporate presentation design


BluCactus - Example of powerpoint

The support


You shouldn’t worry too much about this.


A simple program like PowerPoint will be enough to get an acceptable result.


However, to get the best quality in slide designs, you can choose one of these two options.

  1. Entrust your design to a designer. In this way, you will display an exclusive format perfectly adapted to your company.
  2. BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentation

    Use templates drawn from some design web portals. You can choose free supports such as free PowerPoint Templates. Likewise, you can also choose paid ones such as those from specialized pages like Canva or Creative Market. In this last case, remember that this can help you showcase your presentation in a professional format. Select the template that best suits your company image, even if most of them are fully customizable.

      BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentation

The style. Corporate and commercial presentation


To make your presentation interesting to your interlocutors, keep these tips in mind:

  • Minimize the amount of text on the slides and give maximum prominence to the images: photographs, diagrams are the first thing that will attract the viewer’s attention.
  • Use different font sizes depending on the importance of the message. Different types of fonts can also be combined on the same slide to highlight the most important entries.
  • Always use high-quality images: You have a lot of options for this. An example of this would be hiring a professional photographer to take pictures of your company. BluCactus - Example of powerpointLikewise, you can also get free pictures from platforms like Unsplash, Pixabay. Remember that you can also get them from paid sites like DepositPhotos or Istockphoto. If you do this, you will be able to present an image of professionalism in your presentations.
  • Use backgrounds with soft colors or don’t use any background color to highlight the messages.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: What’s a commercial presentation


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationThis presentation is a persuasion tool that the sales team uses to achieve a sale.


It shows products, services, or a digital brand that has had importance for a few years.


Besides, it can be intended for suppliers or clients.


This can be done through various supports such as Prezi, PowerPoint, writings, and catalogs, among others.


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationThe presentation must gain the interest of the audience.


For this, you must convey the brand’s competitive advantages as well as respect its strategies and objectives.


Likewise, to empathize with potential clients, your presentation must showcase the values of your company.


If you do all this, we guarantee that you will reach all your objectives.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: characteristics of a commercial presentation


Next, we will explain some characteristics that make this type of presentation stand out.


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationFormat. Corporate and commercial presentation


Two fundamental elements are format and structure since, without them, we wouldn’t be able to achieve a good visual image. We remind you that the titles must head the content so that the presentation is clear.


Then, the most prominent information should follow the title.


Don’t forget to use clear, basic fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. If you want to change it, you can do it in the titles or phrases you want to highlight.


BluCactus - Example of powerpointIt Causes interest


Use good quality, attractive images. Use creative phrases or words that spark interest. For this, you can get inspired with the help of Google.


Also, communicate to your audience what sales strategies set you apart from the competition.


All of this can bring you direct positive results in your business presentation.


BluCactus - Example of powerpointCreativity, brevity, and concreteness. Corporate and commercial presentation


Presentations that talk about the history of the product or the company are in disuse.


This is because they can be boring and extensive. Because of this, it’s time that you take advantage of the new trends in your sector.


Apply your creativity to create a speech that will impact your target audience. For this, use unexpected phrases or questions to make the client curious. This will draw attention and the need to know more about your product.


Also, don’t forget to be brief and very specific in communication. This is because if there is something that customers don’t want, it’s listening or reading for too long.


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationIt lets you empathize with the audience


It’s essential to apply emotional marketing to connect with your potential customers.


For this, you should tell a brief tale about your product. In this tale, you must build some relation between the product and an experience the audience could relate to.


This is because these types of stories have a great impact on speeches to attract traffic. In fact, what moves or produces some feeling is what currently sells.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: two key aspects to consider for a commercial presentation


BluCactus - Example of powerpointIrrelevant information for the client. Corporate and commercial presentation


You must remember that the client only cares about your product.


They don’t care about the history of your company. Thus, sharing a lot of information about it can be detrimental to your product.


Things like the milestones of your company and its market shares can be boring and irrelevant to them. In some specific cases, this data may be useful but, in general, it’s useless because they focus solely on you, not customers.


Therefore, before making introductions or presenting comprehensive reports on the state of the market or the important role your company plays, ask yourself:


How does this relate to the customer’s needs and interests?


BluCactus - Example of powerpointFocus on service


The customer is only interested in hearing the advantages of their product or service. They don’t care if the product is made from a new type of polymer. If it doesn’t fix their problem, you might lose that future customer or follower.


For example, suppose you sell razor blades. It doesn’t matter if they’re made of stainless steel. What’s important is that with this material the blades last longer and they save money.


The same would happen if you sold extendable monopods (stands for smartphones or cameras). What’s important is that you can carry it in your pocket everywhere. Not the fact that it measures 7cm unfolded.


In a commercial presentation, it’s of utmost importance to be specific and make the most of each slide.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: other aspects to consider for a commercial presentation


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationShowing graphs, figures, and data. Corporate and commercial presentation


Overwhelming them with numbers and percentages will not help the customer form a clear idea of ​​what the numbers you’re showing them mean. In these cases, it’s best to use bar charts or pie charts. Also, if you want the graphics to not only look good but also stimulate the purchase, please apply:

  • Don’t use more than necessary.
  • Highlight only the information that contributes to closing the sale.
  • Only use 2D graphics. 3D graphics are all the rage and seem to be more eye-catching, but it’s actually counterproductive. Besides, 2D is perfect, and it fulfills its purpose which is that the public can understand the information.

Harness the full power of storytelling


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationSince the beginning of time, we’ve always been interested in stories.


Therefore, storytelling has become one of the preferred and most effective marketing techniques. In fact, some studies show that with a story, users retain 26% more information.


So you may wonder:


“How do I apply storytelling to my commercial presentation?”


To do this, share experiences with your clients: what problem they had, how it helped them, and how they’re now, among other aspects. Tell them with names and surnames and with a photograph, thus transmitting your personal and business credibility. Also, if possible, let your client tell the story.


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentation

Make the customer visualize himself with the product or service, Corporate and commercial presentation


Today, customer demands go beyond knowing the specifics of a product or service.


Thus, you must ensure that the customer can visualize themselves with your product or service.

      BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentation

Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: summary


We previously mentioned the types of presentations, their characteristics, and how they work.


We should note once again that each of them pursues a central aim.

  BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentation

The corporate presentation seeks to publicize the company, its essence, its values, its products, or services, among other aspects.


On the other hand, the commercial presentation aims to provide support to achieve a sale.


Likewise, it’s a little more informal than the corporate one since it seeks to attract customers.


Finally, it doesn’t matter if you have an established company or an inexperienced one.


BluCactus - Corporate and commercial presentations - Example of a presentationWe are here to help you! Our digital marketing services will be useful to increase the quality of your products. 


Likewise, we will ensure the satisfaction of your consumers. Contact us. Begin to create and innovate with BluCactus.


If you have questions about the differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial one.


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3D textures: Digital Design’s new trend and everything you need to know about it

In 2019, 3D Textures design became a huge trend. However, this year hasn’t fallen behind at all on this and it has even added another layer of texture.


What is 3D design?


BluCactus - 3D TexturesThis kind of design is constantly evolving. It comprises the creation of vertices to give an impression of volume. We do this through the use of artificial light to create faces. That’s why this is the perfect complement to correct modeling as it will provide a good share of materials and textures. We will be able to adapt the virtual light to the surface it’s illuminating. Thus, our final creation will be a three-dimensional one.


Therefore, as if it were in real life, we will be able to simulate the characteristics of any surface. It could have a rough, satin, or matte texture and we could still create it. We can also simulate the pigmentary qualities of the surface with no problem.


The software technology allows you to create your own textures such as wood or marble and attach images on the meshes to achieve textures impossible to achieve, such as an actual image on a TV screen or a picture in interior design.


3D design forms and procedures


Next, we will talk about the most common methods for making 3D designs.


BluCactus -modeling boxBox modeling, 3D Textures 


This technique is based on a basic pre-designed figure such as a plane or cube.


We can access it immediately in the designed program.


Then, we can add geometry in the form of vertices and faces, making the volume gain shape and detail.


BluCactus - 3D Textures - sculptural modelingSculptural modeling or sculpt modeling


In recent years, sculptural modeling has been the modeling that has gained the most prominence. As with box modeling, you need to start with a basic figure.


Then you must add geometry to simulate a pressure, stretch or crush on the 3D mesh.


In this way, we can generate new faces internally by modifying the volume and shape.


The result is useful for sectors like animation.


BluCactus -surfacesNURB surfaces and curves, 3D Textures 


With this kind of modeling, we can control certain contours of the object we’ll design.


It’s particularly useful for designing exact types of models, such as those from cars and airplanes.


BluCactus - 3D Textures - meta objectsMeta-objects


This model works with objects that, when they approach each other, behave like drops of mercury.


It can have multiple effects, but its creative possibilities are very limited.


Thus, it has fallen into disuse and has become outdated.


BluCactus - textsTexts, 3D Textures


This procedure allows you to work with curves with great ease and versatility.


Also, thicken text quickly so you can turn it into a 3D object or make a profile follow a straight or curved path like a twisted wire.


BluCactus - 3D Textures - particles and fluidsParticles and fluids


We use this to create soft bodies, particle emissions, and wind or smoke simulations.


This is done through the use of various techniques.


We can also use these virtual creations to create static images or animations.


Materials and textures in 3D modeling


BluCactus - 3D Textures - summaryRay tracing and light simulation programs, 3D Textures


If we want to simulate lighting and perform the necessary calculations to generate scenes, we must use some specific 3D software.


They use ray tracers to do this, which the renderers usually include.


We’ll now list some of these programs.


BluCactus - blenderinternalBlenderinternal


This is the most used renderer since it provides great quality.


However, it has some weak points such as transparent materials.


It has been used for many years with very good results.


This is the best software for beginners who want to start rendering.


BluCactus -cyclesCycles, 3D Textures


This is usually enabled by default in the program, but in case it’s not, we can install it as an extension. It’s still in development, but this hasn’t stopped its use from becoming widespread.


This is because of its potential to create realistic renderings.


On the contrary, we don’t recommend to start the designing process with Cycles. This is because we can’t edit its parameters to create materials and textures.


Therefore, the actual editing is done through a more advanced system like node editor.

BluCactus - 3D Textures - yafaray



It was one of the most used software until the arrival of Cycles.


However, it is a good program and is still in use today.


3D Textures: Meanings of the texture word


BluCactus - 3D Textures - meaningWe can find this in all the objects whose texture can be rough, smooth, harsh, flat, among others. This is because it represents a visual and tactile element to them.


Usually, we use this word as a synonym to point out the structure of a surface. Some textures properties are graininess, contrast, and fiber direction.


On the other hand, in 3D computer graphics, the texture is an image used as a surface for a three-dimensional object. This then gives it the appearance of different materials. Most often than not, the texture is a photograph of a true texture.


In contrast, in digital image processing, all images are called textures.

  BluCactus - 3D Textures - the importance

The importance of texture synthesis for a 3D design


This process involves the use of an algorithm such as Tiling, Chaos Mosaic, or TextureGrowth.


It’s used to create a large digital image from a small one.


This doesn’t increase the resolution of the image but rather imitates the content of it.


On the other hand, the most important use of texture synthesis occurs in the elaboration of digital images. We use this to fill the gaps or thicken an image. You can use this to create great images as backgrounds.




BluCactus - contact usWe use 3D design to create vertices with which we can form artificially illuminated faces to simulate volume. We can only achieve this by doing good modeling. For this, we must choose the correct materials and textures. This type of design has different forms and procedures for its creation.


Finally, our digital marketing services will be useful to increase the quality of your products and the satisfaction of your consumers. It doesn’t matter if you have an established company or if you have one that’s just starting out in the market. We are here to help you.


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20 Amazing and Versatile Trends in Web Design in 2020

The different trends in web design in 2020 have always undergone an unstoppable process of evolution. A traceable fact from the late 1990s to the present day. Despite the new decade of the 2020s has just begun, its web trends already have strongly defined features. Understanding these features as platforms that are part of all styles within web design. At a general level, the rise of mobile technology represents an important factor in the consolidation of these trends. Entity composed, also, by an interactive platform of devices such as iPads, tablets, and smartphones.


Web designers also predict that the early arrival of the IoT (Internet of Things) is part of the process. A reality that demands more and more web page designs adaptable to any type of support or screen. Finally, the different trends in web design in 2020 will also rely upon the widespread use of the so-called Snack Content phenomenon. A requirement increasingly demanded by a wide audience of customers and users. A characteristic to which every new web page must efficiently respond.


What are the new trends in web design that are part of the global market?: Main tips for its recognition and differentiation.


The web design field is a part of the digital industry imbued with fierce commercial competitiveness. This is the reason why it is always an avidly changing sector.


An element that withstands an evolutionary rhythm that even comes to differentiate itself between one year and another. Faced with this, the experts of the BluCactus Marketing Agency draw on their experience to develop clear criteria that allow offering a clarified vision of at least twenty trends in web design in 2020. This integrates both modalities and visual tools that are part of the daily life of this field.


For the preparation of this article, it was possible to identify three main trend groups. The first of them comprise the trend range with no more than 10 months old. The second group comprises consolidated styles from the past decade. The third, for its part, refers to structural aspects and are identified in terms of their mandatory nature. Each one of them corresponds to the thematic points listed below.


Trend 1: Animation of design elements (dividers, GIFs, and transition phenomena).


BluCactus - example of an animationg design elementeThis modality distinguishes from the other types of web design trends in 2020 recently created. It stands out given its ability to bring dynamism to any web composition, which meets the improvement criterion in terms of user experience.


The diversity of application strategies and methods will depend on the level of creativity of the designer. The goal of a website is another reason adjoining such elements. So, first of all, components such as gifs and animations will be an active part of the new websites.


The most fundamental aspect of this trend is the break with classic web designs, where an important style and freshness are added to the compositions.


The trends in web design in 2020 that are supported by this type of elements offer both visual and mechanical movement. The first of these is achieved through the use of color gradients in fonts. The dynamic separator achieves its effect through the exclusive use of lines. It is always advisable to have the assistance of a graphic designer to identify such occasions. Thus, aspects such as when and which website requires such applications are determined.


Trend 2: Prevalence of web compositions with pronounced asymmetry.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThe introduction of asymmetry in web design represents a completely innovative field. As a trend, it is consolidated after 2015.


This works as a response vehicle to the compositions defined by balance. Among all the trends of web design in 2020, it aims at providing an air of informality. Some authors define it alternatively as a new type of asymmetric balance, derived from the set of conditions necessary for its effective operation.


Web designers have developed various strategies to build highly attractive designs. Mainly from web pages based on asymmetry to create a permanent visual impact. Among them, the lateral placement of objects stands out.


The representative factor of the sector known as asymmetric balance. Trends in Web Design. In this trend, diverting the user’s gaze allows them to capture their attention. The broken grid strategy represents an important alternative within these web design trends in 2020. A grid refers to the hypothetical line plan necessary for the distribution of elements on the web. Visual rigidity is one of the elements that disappear with it.


Trend 3: Animation and movement in web design. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itDue to its features, this design does not represent a total novelty. What does imply an advance is an increase in its level of acceptance. Thus, it operates on a market previously resistant to its use. Expert web designers can better identify it as a set of trends.


These web design trends in 2020 include page loading effects. Also, animated graphics will allow you to add dynamism to statistical information. Lastly, there are also certain fading effects associated with the scroll movement.


There are also other variants of this type of web design trends in 2020. Important effects such as Slo-Mo also belong to this group. Its basic principle is the use of CSS animations in a very particular way. The transition turns out to be subtle in design. It, therefore, represents a very suitable alternative for backgrounds. Trends in Web Design. Finally, scrolling and the rest of the UX effects are an important part of it. Hence, the use of this type of tool will allow an improvement in the user experience. This is achieved thanks to the rise of elements such as HTML5 and CSS3 formats.


Trend 4: Designs in virtual reality and 3D.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThe feeling of visual depth is the main reason for the birth of this trend. It is estimated that its appearance date coincides specifically with the year 2011, which is why it constitutes one of the trends in web design in 2020 with a modern and recent origin.


Currently, most web pages are in a two-dimensional format. Experts believe that the 3D design will be decisive for the future of all information on the network. The potential that this type of tool has is in its dynamism. An element of this kind favors interaction with the Internet user in a personalized and unique way.


At the moment, the 3D design does not apply to websites. Its application is usually consequently in a fractional way. Thus, 3D characteristics are attributed to each of the constituent elements of the web and not to the absolute composition. A Loading Page is one of the most used elements within these web design trends in 2020. Besides, this includes other elements such as the main or header image and the presentation of the product.


Trend 5: Use of infographics to merge and divide content. Trends in Web Design.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThis designing technique is characterized by the use of a vertical axis to achieve a clever distribution of the information. Generally, as a result, it is possible to carry out a comparative analysis of the content.


The elements are thus distributed between the left and right areas of the website. In this way, these web design trends in 2020 allow a more detailed examination of the characteristics of information. This movement had the Apple company as one of its pioneers. During the year 2020, its consolidation can be observed.


The content division can work as the following two types of modalities in their entirety. In the first of these, each of the sections obtained shows a particular attribute. In the second one, the same element is achieved through separation by color blocks. Another advantage of these web design trends in 2020 is their ability to create contrast. Another variant of the process involves placing the cutting axis horizontally. Regarding this, its combination with the use of blank spaces is very effective.


Trend 6: The Hover effect. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a hover eventThe Hover effect is recognized within the web design trends in 2020 by its customization degree. It consists of the dynamic effect obtained after the interaction of the mouse pointer with a certain element. To a large extent, this can be noticed by movement or a specific color change.


In previous years, menu and button designs were an excellent example of this. The great innovation within this trend is its application on increasingly significant elements. Thus, designers now consider their application on blocks of text, images, and background. The main advantage that the Hover effect has is its ability to be combined with other trends. Closely associated with it are the trends of dynamism and movement.


The peculiarity of these elements is the activation of the movement to address the presence of the pointer. The different web design trends in 2020 that make use of the Hover Effect also involve links. Trends in Web Design. The intention is to retain the user’s attention on a specific item. Web design experts point 2016 as the moment of consolidation of this trend. This came after the overall thrust provided by macro companies like Apple.


Trend 7: Content in vertical displacement. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a vertical scroll contentThe creators of this trend focused on the dynamism of content. In this way, the scroll movement is the main element of this type of web format. It consists of the up or down scrolling of web information. The sensation thus obtained by the viewer is that of being from a fixed point of view.


These web design trends in 2020 are currently going through an evolving process. For the next few years, the slide movement will become a more important element of them thanks to the major role mobile formats play in the market. The slide movement, on the other hand, consists of moving the website’s content by using the tips of the fingers.


Other important predictions about these new web design trends in 2020 can also be cited. The most important of these are web pages with vertical and horizontal scrolling combined. This allows the user to experience a feeling of multidimensionality. Based on its current example of uses, this type of web design has no beginning or end. The structural order will depend on the presentation of the data. A resource complemented by movements such as zoom and drag.


Trend 8: Optimized formats for private browsing.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a different color tabs openThe private browsing trend is born thanks to designers’ need to classify data and information. On a website, this implies that secondary information will be out of the user’s sight.


Its visibility will only be possible after enabling an element that will allow its deployment. Some of these commonly used elements are banners, icons, and buttons. This type of web design trends in 2020 emerged within the world of mobile telephony. A field where the space available for viewing is limited and reduced. The subsequent inclusion of this type of format within the traditional web is given by its characteristic flexibility.


Currently, the most representative factor of this trend is known as the hamburger icon. Element distinguished by three short horizontal bars. Trends in Web Design. Generally, through this you can access important information in the form of a menu. This tool within the trends of web design in 2020 is easy to visualize. This design reinforces the viewer’s attention after the display of a menu that is darker in color than the background. Pop-up or Pop-Out menus are also part of it.


Trend 9: Predominant use of Landing Pages and Sticky Bars.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design- a page of fashin marketing openThe wide acceptance that this tool has is thanks to the advantages it brings to every online store. The reason why it is found to be an active part of multiple product pages. It consists of a graphic element broadly functional within the user-source interaction.


Its functionality complies with following the view of the user during all their scrolling on the website. Trends in Web Design. Classically, these web design trends of 2020 are associated with conversions increase. This also influences an elevation in the sales margin of online stores. This is the technical reason that justifies its recent conversion into a trend.


Traditionally, these web design trends of 2020 stand out for their effectiveness. WordPress even responds to this fact by creating plugins for its building. Just like it happens with Divi Woo modules. Another modality turns out to be its use in Landing Pages. Spaces where they are used for the classification of specific functions. In such environments, the user can be guided in activities such as product reservations. The purchase of tickets and registrations such as registering or unsubscribing is also a very frequent function.


Trend 10: Typography as a base item within the composition.Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design- a page of fashin marketin openUnlike other web design trends of 2020, graphing by including typography is a classic element. The reason why it has been included in this list is due to its level of validity. In addition to its versatility for being combined with other design manifestations.


In this case, the typography is not used textually but graphically and represents just another element of the audiovisual components of the web. Despite its simplicity, the results obtained can be completely surprising and endowed with a wide personality. There are numerous techniques for the effective implementation of these elements.


One of the most used strategies within this trend is the combination of fonts. Understood this as the use of different font styles within a website. Depending on the company’s goal, it is possible to always use two to five proposals. Each of them must have their space and purpose justified. Within these web design trends of 2020, color also represents a differentiating element. The basic point of each of these systems is to ensure that they are complementary.


Trend 11: Depth in design obtained based on the overlap. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThis phenomenon within web design is born as a branch of 3D trends. It is one of its most minimalist subdivisions. Even so, impressive effects can be obtained through them. The increase in the feeling of depth is the most interesting and important of them all.


Graphic design, in general, has taken advantage of the reception of these web design trends in 2020. All this through the import of techniques to achieve an effective finish. Each type of overlay is classified according to its elements.


Trends in Web Design. Thus, we have permutations such as text-image, image-text, and content on content. Each of which is based on the so-called principle of general proximity.


The advantage of a website that uses this type of web design trends in 2020 is its ease of reading. It is a strategy that uses overlaying to order and classify information. This provides a dataset that can be interpreted in just a few seconds. Generally, this is the measure of time that every user has to determine if a website is useful or not.


Trend 12: Dynamic effect linked to the promotion of products and services.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itThe existence of this type of web design trend in 2020 demonstrates the influence of dynamism on eCommerce. Statistically, 46% of visitors evaluate the quality of a website according to its animation framework. Trends in Web Design.


A process comprising a maximum time of 2.5 seconds. Regarding its influence on the conversion funnel, this is equivalent to 75%. Seen from this perspective, animation effects are not only a purely aesthetic element as they also help to promote sales.


Through the proper use of web design, it is possible to create a link with the user. This factor influences users’ habits and behavior when buying or consuming services.


These web design trends in 2020 comprise a wide variety of tools. These include various operating modules such as Ramjet, CAAT, Animista, Flubber, and Relax. There are also a total of eight types of modules classified according to their objective and function. For the effective operation of this, the web designer must be clever and inventive. Thus, his ability to recognize on what type of web page these trends should be used is highly useful.


Trend 13: Parallax effect. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a parallax effectAccording to the history of web design, the Parallax effect represents a classic example of modernization. The businessman Disney created this effect through the multiplane camera.


Initially subscribed to the world of cinema and video games, the web universe has not been immune to this trend. Undoubtedly, these web design trends in 2020 are here to stay. The Parallax effect is recognizable for scrolling both background and content at different speeds. Thus, the scroll movement allows the user a simultaneous sense of depth and dynamism.


Experts emphasize recognizing what type of page is adaptable to these web design trends in 2020. Overall, the Parallax effect favors certain websites where the information distribution is sequential. For this reason, it is a favorable tool for Storytelling, since it is a graphic resource that allows the easy assimilation of content. Trends in Web Design. For its assembling, designers use HTML5 resources associated with CSS3. Javascript Parallax.js library is an excellent alternative for this. Parallax is a term that evokes the mechanical nature of this trend.


Trend 14: Use of audiovisual elements in the background of websites.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itAgainst all the predictions that foresaw its exclusion from the market, the use of videos remains in force. The reason for its permanence within the web design trends in 2020 is its advantages for SEO positioning.


This fact has propelled designers to increasingly efficient usage of them. Its influence on the ROI index is a prominent factor. This resource is increasingly frequent within corporate systems portals. Other statistics indicate the influence of the use of videos in the elevation of 80% of the sales margin of a company.


Another important reason that motivates the development of these web design trends in 2020 is their contribution to companies in terms of brand value. Audiovisual content forms the basis of emotional design.


Trends in Web Design. The joint association between brand and experience thus contributes greatly to engagement. There are important elements for the proper use of a video. Experts recommend the use of clips of no more than 10 seconds with a maximum weight of 5MB. Hiring the right hosting and adapting it to mobile devices is of great importance for the success of the design.


Trend 15: High presence of Chatbots. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - an example of a chatbotThe chatbot is an informative communication unit from the field of Frontend development. Currently, it has been efficiently incorporated into the web design trends of 2020. Its indisputable effectiveness for virtual customer service has not gone unnoticed by the digital business world.


It is, therefore, a tool that allows us to answer users’ questions with great efficiency. Furthermore, the chatbot works as a guide for the buyer to get what they want. Trends in Web Design. The most significant element that allowed this factor to establish itself as a trend has been social networks. Its great performance has allowed its inclusion into globally known applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp.


Essentially, this movement stands out for comprising a set of specific trends. The arrival of 2020 has been the main factor causing this. The future development of these web design trends is closely linked to artificial intelligence. The objective of this will be the development of virtual personalities. Trends in Web Design. Each element of them will be able to execute parameters such as voice recognition and intelligent user identification. Globally, Europe, Latin America, and the US stand out for their high use of chatbots.


Trend 16: Responsive Design.


BluCactus -an example of a responsive designAfter becoming a trend, responsive design has gone from being an alternative to a complete necessity. The objective of responsive design is the proper reading and display of websites on mobile devices. Its creator, Ethan Marcotte, developed this structure based on the concept of OneWeb.


The current trends in web design in 2020 respond through it to the user’s need for mobile Internet consumption. A field that includes the use of items like tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and laptops. The impact of such fact has allowed Google to penalize any non-responsible mobile website. Statistically, a reduction of 20% of visits applies to all non-responsive websites.


For eCommerce stores, these web design trends in 2020 represent a sales strategy thanks to its advantages. On the one hand, it allows a significant improvement in the user experience. On the other hand, it eases content to go viral due to its compatibility with social media. The year 2017 was the beginning of the peak of this trend.


Trend 17: Installation of the HTTPs protocol to favor safer web pages.


BluCactus - a landing page opne of a marketing agencyIn terms of cybersecurity, this trend responds more to the functional field than to the visual or perceptual one. Two reasons have awakened the birth of this movement. On the one hand, there is the adaptation of multiple browsers for the emission of alert messages to unsafe websites.


On the other hand, this design aims to prevent hacking and ransomware. This movement, besides, involves numerous trends in web design within its subject. By the 2020s, elements such as biometric identifications will replace passwords.


Other important digital operations linked to this trend include cybersecurity in the cloud. An element that represents an initiative of security companies regarding the improvement of their services. Advanced data encryption also belongs to these web design trends of 2020. Particularly useful within websites dedicated to activities such as online shopping and financial performance. The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate stands out for being mainly free and open. All these tools represent an opportunity for web designers to build fully efficient projects.


Trend 18: Adaptation to the Legal Data Protection Regulation. Trends in Web Design. 


BluCactus - a landing page open to fill informationThe Legal Regulation of Data Protection or RGPD is a mandatory quality within the operation of a website. The priority of this legal system is to safeguard the information of all users on the web. Its characteristics are, therefore, compulsory.


The massification of blogs and online stores has allowed it to consolidate itself within the web design trends in 2020. In general, this involves the protection of information from sources such as cookies, contact forms, and comments.


A web designer is always up to date with the specifications to adapt a website to the said legal system. Data security is an issue that has become a priority for many websites. From blogs and eCommerce to various online service sites. Trends in Web Design. The online legislation is not a simple issue, compliance with this justifies the pragmatic side of web design. Lastly, these standards associated with the web design trends in 2020 also require the compulsory notification of three legal texts, which correspond to the legal notice and the privacy and cookie policies.


Trend 19: Optimization of Loading Speed.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itDue to the short time the user has to process content, the speed of page loading is an important factor. At the structural level, there are two fundamental reasons for complying with this requirement.


Firstly, it is an element prone to favor the positioning of websites. Secondly, any website that loads at a very slow or inappropriate speed will be quickly abandoned by the viewer. In these web design trends of 2020, this also implies a decrease in its usability index. In response to this trend, WordPress has enabled numerous plugins to speed up its operation.


According to multiple experts, the optimal speed of a website should not exceed a single second. Extending this period to a maximum of two seconds corresponds to the average loading speed. Exceeding three seconds is classified as an inefficient or negative loading speed. Trends in Web Design. The designers involved in this type of web design trends use various tools to measure Web Performance Optimization (WPO). These tools are very handy to detect performance problems. PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom Tools, and Chrome DevTools are some of the most popular.


Trend 20: Use of micro-interactions for optimization of full-screen forms. Trends in Web Design.


BluCactus - a landing page open to fill informationDespite its minimalist structure, a form can have countless uses. Precisely, this has been the factor that has led them to become part of the trends in web design in 2020.


This last trend appears as a response to the need to capture information. Its conversion into a trend is based on its usage in a full-screen mode. A fact that has proven to be an effective strategy to improve the user experience.


This good reception allowed its incorporation into other trends. Thus, the inclusion of micro animations, for example, provides an exceptional dynamism effect. In this way, it is common to see the display of transitions, color changes, and submenus during data loading. Trends in Web Design. The user will thus be able to find a more effective way of interacting with your brand. Another factor that allowed these web design trends in 2020 to emerge is form builders. Applications such as Google and Zoho Forms, both completely free, belong to this group. Ninja Forms, for its part, is exclusive for WordPress.


Final Notes: The BluCactus marketing agency team adapts the latest web design trends to your business needs.


BluCactus - Trends in Web Design - a computer with a page open on itWithin the market of web design trends in 2020 there is an element that is rarely mentioned. Responsive Trends in Web Design. Particular systems that use elements opposed to styles that have exceeded a high degree of use.


The main disadvantage for any entrepreneur non-advised by a marketing agency is the speed with which his web design can be overshadowed by the emergence of new web development trends. Our team aims to make your company’s website timeless through a modern, high-quality design tailored to your business goals.


The different services offered at BluCactus will make your clients perceive your brand as a valid option for their needs. A service provider always at the forefront of every benefit that technology has to offer, capable of taking advantage of the different trends in web design in a unique and particular way. So you have nothing to worry about if you think your website needs change. Contact us and tell us all your requirements! Our professionals will take care of the rest!


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What is a Presentation?

Do you know what is a presentation? It is sure that at some point in your life you have made one. You could have been asked to do it at school as a task in which you had to present a topic in front of an audience.


It may have been from Chapter 6 of the Geography book. Maybe you have a new project at work or a new product to investors or potential customers. Anyhow, the point is that, in general, you are familiar with the idea. But, could you accurately define and answer the question “what is a presentation”?


Definition of Presentation


In the dictionary, we read that it is the act of introducing and exposing certain information to a specific audience. However, its purpose varies. In general, it is to inform or teach an audience about a specific topic.


BluCactus - What is a presentation? - a men giving a conference to a bunch of peopleNevertheless, every speech that accompanies a presentation has nuances of argumentation. Therefore, in addition to informing, he also seeks to persuade and convince an audience of an argument.


An important tool for slides


Slides represent the visual support we use in our presentations. These include pictures, synoptic charts, diagrams, and other kinds of graphics.


In the past, slides were printed in small frames. These old slides had special requirements. To be screened and to work as a support, they needed specialized machines. These worked in much the same way as roll film projectors.


Graphics make your message clearer


So, what is a presentation? It is simply a way of presenting a topic to an audience. For this, an informative speech is enunciated, which is complemented with graphic material to better illustrate the ideas.


BluCactus - graphics and stadisticsOn the other hand, to make an effective one, there is another powerful and indispensable tool you must use: slides.


A modern presentation


Nowadays, creating and showing slides is much easier. What is a presentation? It is a way to orally specific topic to an audience.


Anyone who is going to make one can structure it relatively easily. This is thanks to the help of specialized programs. For this reason, anyone who wants it can create an effective presentation from their personal computer.


BluCactus - What is a presentation? - a men giving a conference to a bunch of peopleBe memorable


Try to remember some of the many presentations you have attended throughout your life. Think about your classes at college or work meetings.


PowerPoint slides were likely used in that presentation you remembered.


Also, it is possible that the visual material in that was so captivating that it allowed you to immediately get hooked on the information.


To achieve the same with your audience you need a good PowerPoint presentation.


PowerPoint Presentation


Most people relate the word “presentation” to a “.ppt” file. This is the format property of PowerPoint., the Microsoft program that is part of the Office software package. Currently, it is synonymous with the idea it represents. Since when asking many “what is a presentation?” a “.ppt” file is what they will probably answer.


BluCactus - What is a presentation? - a men giving a conference to a bunch of peopleA PowerPoint presentation consists of a set of slides organized to expose a particular topic. Hence, when someone tells you to make a presentation, they are suggesting you build a set of PowerPoint slides.


Knowing how to use PowerPoint for a presentation


The PowerPoint brand name is usually associated with its product.


This happens because PowerPoint has broad market penetration. It is not difficult to know the reason. Access to PowerPoint is widespread since all Windows computers have it installed by default. Also, using this software is quite simple.


BluCactus - a book with information and a marketing agency logo

Plan your presentation


PowerPoint includes a variety of pre-made templates, which allow you to create visually appealing presentations. However, using it to create high-impact presentations requires good planning.


When designing the slides, you have to distribute the information strategically and know how to highlight it with the appropriate graphic elements.


Communicate your message appropriately


What is a presentation? Giving truly memorable presentations is more complex than just taking pre-made PowerPoint layouts and filling them with our information.


Making a presentation involves communicating a message appropriately through public speaking skills and the clever use of graphics.

  BluCactus - What is a presentation? - a men giving a conference to a bunch of people

In other words, you should explain the content of your presentation well and use the PowerPoint slides in a way that makes it easier for the public to understand.


Other options


What is a presentation? PowerPoint is not the only program to design slides and make efficient presentations. A free alternative is Google Slides.


The user-friendly platform of Google Slides is quite similar to that of PowerPoint and allows you to store your documents in the cloud. In other words, in virtual storage space.


Google Slides does not have as many template options as its competitors. However, it has the advantage of allowing multiple users access to a document for editing it at the same time. A very useful feature when creating a presentation with a team. On the other hand, if you have an Apple-brand computer, a good option is the KeyNote program. KeyNote has tools to allow the user to design creative and eye-catching presentations.


Do you want to impact your audience with an effective and original presentation?

BluCactus - contact us information


Lastly, it doesn’t matter which program you choose to create your presentations.


The key is knowing how to organize and present information clearly and memorably.


If you are looking for a Presentation Design Company in Dallas, Texas, that designs highly effective presentations, contact us! Your success will be ours!


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What is a Pitch Deck?

Capturing the attention and interest of a potential investor or client is the main objective of what a Pitch Deck is. A Pitch Deck is a communication tool that gives your audience an overview of your company and helps you attract investors. It is a brief presentation that is designed for your potential investors to know more about your company and your business plan.


This allows us to highlight each of the advantages that your company’s services can provide. Currently, this tool stands out by its effectiveness and the degree of professionalism that it is capable of printing on any business entity. Its use within work and business environments is in the midst of notable consolidation and growth.


The Pitch Decks understood as an information platform, is not a completely new tool, in other words, its commercial appearance, which occurred in the workplace of the United States of America, was initially focused on improving the process of offering services by new companies.


For this reason, the BluCactus agency in Dallas brings you this new and particular professional service. A service where you can count on a team prepared in each of the details of the creation process of what a Pitch Deck is. In this blog, we provide information regarding this product.


What is a Pitch Deck?: Main characteristics and advantages of this highly effective sales tool.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - presentations in paper and graphs with blue colorIn general, every Pitch Deck design must have a minimum length of between 10 and 20 slides, in other words, this is enough space to display an overview of any brand or company.


The existence of various types of Pitch Deck can be explained as the result of the many occasions and audiences in front of which they must be presented. Thus, they are perfect to give presentations for Demo Days, that is, meetings, where the information the prospect receives, is issued orally.


On the other hand, the concept of what a Pitch Deck is is an important part of email marketing campaigns. An area that requires more informative designs and with a higher text load than usual. This implies that all sales-oriented slide designs must be self-explanatory.


Tracking slides are the third important element within the Pitch Deck types, in other words companies use this type of platform through social networks.


What are the basic and fundamental elements that make up a Pitch Deck presentation? What is a Pitch Deck?


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in power point with blue colorDue to this wide range of uses, the basic structure of Pitch Decks is usually also very varied. In other words, this has allowed various proposals for methodological unification to have emerged among these sectors, mainly having numerous brands from the United States as main authors.


At a commercial level, at least five different proposals can be identified for the general model of what a Pitch Deck is. An important part of these proposals are the models made by companies like 500 Startup, Sequoia Capital, and NexTView Ventures.


For explanatory purposes only, in this article, experts from Dallas’ BluCactus agency mention the model proposed by Guy Kawasaki. Expert renowned for his collaborations with the companies Google and Apple, in other words, his proposal is based on a set of 10 slides, where each one of the features small amounts of text.


This is the methodological proposal with the least number of slides available. The author maintains the general approach of presenting the concept of what a Pitch Deck is as an instrument for solving problems.


1.- Title Slide:

BluCactus - a profesional woman in a suit  

Initially, the author places a slide to present the basic data.


It contains information such as the company’s name, address, email, and contact information.


The author’s 10-20-30 rule development stands out.


These figures correspond to the maximum number of slides (10), the total duration of the presentation (20 min.), and font size (30).


2.- What is a Pitch Deck? Problem and Opportunity:

BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room  

A problem is the need your company wants to solve through its services offer.


It is an essential part of what a Pitch Deck is since the viewer will be able to understand the importance of your initiative.


Deploying this element adequately guarantees you more clients or investors for your business.

BluCactus - a profesional men in a suit

3.- Value Proposition:


This section corresponds to the methodology capable of highlighting the particularities of the company or the business.


This is the stage where the viewer receives information related to the qualities of your brand’s products or the services.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room4.- What is a Pitch Deck? Underlying Magic:


It directly coincides with the elaboration process of products, or in the case of services, in other words, the way in which they have been created.


Generally, this section of what a Pitch Deck is describes the qualities of these elements.


Therefore, the general value of your company.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room5.- Business Model:


This is the most commercial element of what a Pitch Deck is.


Here, you must make sure potential partners and investors feel identified with your business’ methodologies to establish a plan that allows a collective benefit.


Is defined by the ratio between the invested resource and the profit to be obtained.


BluCactus - a profesional men in a suit6.- What is a Pitch Deck? Launch Plan:


This slide must bring together all the approaches associated with the process of attracting the user or client.


Each launch plan must be approached objectively and sequentially.


Related with the intentions and potentialities of the company.


BluCactus - a profesional men in a suit7.- Competitive Analysis:


There, we identify the companies that serve the target audience in a similar way.


That we do and that have comparable marketing strategies.


This allows us to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of our company.


Afterward, we make reference to the competitive strategies we’re going to apply to defeat our competitors.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck? - a team of profesionals in a meeting room8.- What is a Pitch Deck? Team:


We identify the human resources that conform to the company, as well as the personnel that is in charge of implementing marketing strategies.


This element of the model is important to define what a Pitch Deck is.


The investor’s interest will always be encouraged by the professionalism and reliability that the work team offers him.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in power point with blue color

9.- Key financial projections and metrics:


The resulting database will represent graphically the company’s.


In their financial growth evolution in relation to the arrival of prospects.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in paper and graphs with blue color10.- What is a Pitch Deck? Current Status, achievements, schedules, and use of funds:


Its function is to provide a closure to the entire system of what is a Pitch Deck.


There, we emphasize three important aspects.


First, the current state of products understood as their adaptability to the changes to be implemented. Second, we describe the milestones.


Finally, we should include investment strategies for financial resources. 


BluCactus agency shows you the importance of custom Pitch Deck design services.


BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in paper and graphs with blue colorFor the creation of this type of product, it is possible to contract the services of a digital marketing agency such as BluCactus in Dallas, Texas. Without a doubt, the best option that brands and entrepreneurs have today. 


What is a Pitch Deck? A scarcely replicable feature through the use of templates, in other words, to allow the entrepreneur to obtain fast results, these types of digital tools must be designed by experts. 


This situation is aggravated by not having previous experience in the layout of what is a Pitch Deck. Therefore the elaboration of this type of product comprises a set of activities that demand a lot of time and energy because to solve this situation, our agency has made this new service module available to you.


A set of plans and strategies to facilitate the construction of this support through which your company will obtain the objective set out in its project.


How do the professional design services that the BluCactus Agency offers work?


BluCactus - a profesional men in a suitWhether you own a start-up company or a large corporation, BluCactus in Dallas, USA, has all the services you need. We have a service module for start-ups and SMEs through the implementation of intensive workshops or workgroups.


A system through which a set of advisers and designers of the agency will meet with members of your organization, in other words, the purpose of this meeting is to provide advice to formally present the content of what a Pitch Deck is


For any kind of company, our team offers a first plan divided into two consultancies. The first modality is punctual advice: we assist the entrepreneur on previously built projects, improving the quality of everything that is a Pitch Deck.


The second modality is ongoing consulting, where our team will guide you through the entire Pitch Deck creation process. The second plan consists of the slides correction service, to refine the details of your Pitch Deck.


3 characteristics of Blue Cactus’ Pitch Deck models that make them highly demanded products. What is a Pitch Deck?


Due to the level of experience of our designers, our products have guaranteed quality. Because this applies to the variants in the development of what is a Pitch Deck. Considering its use within the online and offline marketTo achieve this, our experts work based on three basic criteria:

  • Optimized Designs:BluCactus - a computer with an alarm clock


Each of our products has a maximum duration of 3 minutes.


This only represents one of the traits that determine their final effectiveness.


On the other hand, we reduce the use of text blocks in favor of graphic elements.

  • What is a Pitch Deck? Models Exported in PDF:

BluCactus - a computer with a pdf  

The use of software, therefore, our design department adjusts the concept of what a Pitch Deck is to each need, according to the occasion.


This is due to the fact that this format allows greater informative stability for the slides.


Which avoids possible errors and flaws at the time of their presentation.

    BluCactus - What is a pitch deck - presentations in power point with blue color
  • Models adjusted to the occasion:


In order to satisfy the demand for information from all our customers.


we provide fully customized Pitch Deck models.


Our products have in common an average length of 10 slides.


Final Notes: BluCactus Marketing Agency, your best ally for the design of Pitch Deck.


We know that each brand or company has the ability to create a unique and unrepeatable quality seal. A reality that for every entrepreneur understands a path that is not usually devoid of difficulties because the BluCactus graphic design agency team provides you with all the tools and services of what a Pitch Deck is so that your management process be completely efficient.


BluCactus - conclusionWhat is a Pitch Deck? A process through which each difficulty and challenge will become opportunities for the development and learning in both personal and business scopes.


As we previously explained, our team has excellent plans and service structures. Strategies designed with your quality and well-being in mind. In addition, our professionals open the doors to explore new work options within what is a Pitch Deck.


Innovation has been precisely the key that has led the BluCactus Pitch Deck Design Agency, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Dallas, United States, to gain prestige in the global market.


We know how to adequately satisfy the needs of all our clients. That’s why we are glad to please a large list of clients in dynamic cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas because we offer high impact solutions for your brand or company, so don’t hesitate any longer! Contact us! Our specialists are here to assist you!


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Types of PowerPoint Presentations

The different types of PowerPoint presentations are used on a general level to attract clients. In the digital market, we can identify them according to their functionality. This allows creating a family of very diverse categories from their common elements. On the other hand, this classification has been very useful in regards to its offer as a service. Another determining element is the context and audience to which they will be addressed. 


The role that marketing agencies play in identifying the types of PowerPoint presentations is also important. This is because they are organizations that accurately understand the needs of their clients. Based on this, marketing agencies have set trends with their innovative proposals.


This article describes these new classifications according to the BluCactus agency criteria. We have created each proposal focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, we have integrated its structure in a creative and entertaining way.


What types of PowerPoint presentations does the BluCactus Marketing agency team offer?


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - Men doing a powerpoint presentation in his laptopAmong the wide range of services that BluCactus offers, we include slide design. We have more than a decade of experience providing these presentation design services at our headquarter in Dallas, United States as well as in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and in Monterrey, Mexico.


In fact, this is one of our most demanded products due to the trusted network that we have built with our clients. Among these are brands and companies that have increased their credibility in the market thanks to the use of our designs.


A common element of all is their commercial and pragmatic approach. A feature from which we enable graphic structures of slides that conceptually potentiate the sales capabilities of each of your services or products. For this, we include in the presentations the benefits that your potential clients will get from hiring your services.


Based on all these elements, the team of the BluCactus Presentation Design Company is able to list the following 10 types of presentations:


• Portfolio Presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - Three computers with diferent presentations on their screenThe portfolio presentation ranks first in our services module for multiple reasons. Initially, it is one of the most used slides in the workplace. On the other hand, its elements describe the quality of the services of an organization.


Methodologically, it is a set of slides that particularly summarizes the range of products and services that a brand offers. In this presentation, slides have a structure where information is organized according to the classification of your services. Thus, this presentation shows a sample of your services. 


Although traditionally associated with promoting products and services, its graphic design style has led it to touch other hemispheres. For example, the labor and academic sector. In contrast, this one is highly versatile. It is easy-to-understand and suitable for all labor contexts. Plus, it can be included as a complement within other types of PowerPoint presentations.


Types of PowerPoint presentations, Presentation of the Pitch Deck

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - a laptop with a plant in the backgroundThe Pitch Deck comprises a favorable approach to capture the attention of a potential partner or investor in a certain project. It consists of a platform to apply sales techniques. 


An efficient Pitch Deck captures the attention of clients or investors in a short period of time. Multiple elements are part of this particular professional tool. For its design and assembling, BluCactus’ team includes elements of your company’s business plan. On this type of PowerPoint, presentation content is significantly humanized. That is done through the inclusion of the mission and vision statement of the company.


Among other important aspects of Pitch Deck presentations, is the possibility of creating it on multiple platforms. It is not only possible to build them in PowerPoint, but also in alternative software such as Keynote or Google Slides. Among the different types, this is usually one of the more complex. Its different proposals generally have a maximum length of between 10 and 15 sheets. A distribution that normally includes elements such as the presentation and body of the work project.


• Schedule Presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - schedule presentationAlso known as a Timeline presentation. Its name is due to the fact that presents the data in relation to a time frame. It is a working model based on a time sequence.


Business media use it due to its ability to explain processes effectively. Plus, it is excellent to detail the growth of a company based on the sequential execution of its projects. These also display a professional finish that inspires confidence in the viewer.


For the creation and design of these types of PowerPoint presentations, an important set of tools and programs intervenes. Our experts perfectly handle all of them. Office Timeline is an example of them. Moreover, our specialists know how to properly identify what type of presentation meets the needs of our clients. In short, the qualities of our team guarantee you a high-quality final product.


• Types of PowerPoint Presentations, Roadmap presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - Schedule presentation with a blue backgroundThis includes an information system whose objective is to organize all kinds of processes. For this, its format includes elements that facilitate its understanding. Regarding its duration, the information in this presentation includes the evolution of a project in a time span of between three and ten years. This factor depends on the requirements of the company under analysis.


Unlike other types of PowerPoint presentations, the degree of innovation occupies an important place among its elements. Its general constitution aims to identify, control, and project the results of a project.


Each design style is directly associated with the Innovation Roadmap. A fundamental aspect of this process is the so-called search fields or evaluation criteria. These are identified after implementing a SWOT analysis. Among all the types of PowerPoint presentations we offer, this is one of the most demanded by BluCactus customers for the launch of a product.


Ignite presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - tedxmilehigh presentationWhat distinguishes an Ignite presentation among all types of PowerPoint presentations is its duration, which does not exceed 5 minutes. During this time, you must only use a set of 20 slides.


It is this speed in the transmission of information that has generally led to its designation with this particular title. Although its duration is short, it is capable of efficiently addressing content by ensuring the viewer’s attention during the informative speech to be presented.


At BluCactus, our design team maintains strict rigor in the execution of this and other types of PowerPoint presentations. The duration of each of your slides does not exceed fifteen seconds. In this way, the speed in the projection of the slides indirectly forces viewers to keep their attention on the speaker. However, this type of PowerPoint presentation has many variations. The international TED Talks event usually includes them, which is why it has become one of the favorite formats for conferences.


• Types of PowerPoint Presentations, PechaKucha Presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - presentation color pink with green tonesUnlike other types of PowerPoint presentations, the PechaKucha is relatively new. Specifically, in 2003, by the Japanese creators Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham.


The name of this particular Informative presentation mode derives from the Japanese language and is translated as chit-chat. We have included it in BluCactus’ services due to its rapid global acceptance. Our designer team develops them in an original and customized way according to the needs of our clients and prospects.


The PechaKucha presentation is made up of 20 slides. The time to present the information of each one of them must not exceed 20 seconds.   As a result, the total duration of this presentation is 6 minutes 40 seconds. The challenge in these types of PowerPoint presentations is that the presenter synchronizes his speech with the presentation of each of the different images.


•Catalog Presentation

BluCactus - catalog presentation examples PowerPoint includes the “Photo Album” option to structure different types of catalogs. Our designers use this tool to design different types of PowerPoint presentations in catalog formats. A presentation catalog-type effectively organizes a visual field made up of all the products a company offers. Despite the simplicity of catalog design, to be effective you need the most appropriate professional consultancy. This is exactly what BluCactus offers you.


On the other hand, our team also advises you regarding your catalog’s distribution. According to the objectives of your company, we help you define the style of your product. In this way, the different types of PowerPoint presentations we create can be to be projected on digital platforms such as ISSUU.


Prestigious digital publishing platform that undoubtedly provides global visibility to any type of document. In order to promote the level of understanding that we have about the client’s needs, our team always makes a preliminary sketch.


• Types of PowerPoint presentations, Corporate Presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - corporate preentationCurrently, it represents an important marketing tool for the presentation of any brand image. Its graphic design style must be able to capture the essence and organizational culture of the company. In this way, the corporate presentation represents a direct way of bringing a brand closer to the public. For better viewing, BluCactus designers create this type of presentation in formats adaptable to any device.


At our presentation design agency, we include innovative elements of the products we deliver to our prospects. Storytelling is an important part of these elements.


It is about telling stories in our clients’ presentations so that they connect effectively with their audience. Furthermore, storytelling allows the audience to remember content for a longer time. Therefore, it represents an element that distinguishes corporate presentations.


• Corporate Template

BluCactus - corporate template with a meeting in the backgroundIt is a template that is included in corporate presentations and that works as a means to summarize the information of a company. Also, it represents your corporate identity. Through our services, the client can communicate the elements of his corporate identity in a striking and original way.


Incorporating this template into the various types of PowerPoint presentations brings a substantial level of professionalism to its final appearance.


Thus, the viewer will have greater confidence in the quality of your company’s products. These templates also show features of the company’s organizational culture so that the viewer becomes familiar with its qualities.


• Elevator Pitch

BluCactus - Elevator pitch style with blue backgroundAmong all, it has the shortest duration: between 30 and 60 seconds. Its name derives from this feature. It originated in the mid-1980s through the academic studies of Philip B. Crosby.


Due to its level of effectiveness, its use has gained great popularity in recent years. At BluCactus we offer a presentation design service aimed at helping you capture prospects, clients, and potential investors.


Our team of designers experts in the different types of PowerPoint presentations structures their work according to the 10/20/30 rule. This is a presentation building resource devised by Guy Kawasaki. This rule indicates that the number of slides on a presentation must be ten. Subsequently, the data on these slides should be exposed within twenty minutes and the font size should be thirty.


At our marketing agency BluCactus, we are a team at the forefront of presentation design


BluCactus - computer with a power point in a gray backgroundNowadays, we have managed to escape their traditional informational uses. Now they are also an important part of the marketing strategies of many companies in the world. At BluCactus, we create high-impact and efficient presentations to facilitate the process of capturing leads.


The focus we give to our products is to provide our customers with much more than a visual system, but rather an excellent support platform for the sales personnel of any corporation, to facilitate their different activities and objectives.


Thanks to this, the BluCactus agency turn the different types of PowerPoint presentations into excellent allies for your company with design slides. A process that begins when you put your trust in a professional, competent and efficient team. Contact Us! BluCactus will exceed your expectations!


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19 Presentation Design Trends of 2020

The arrival of a new decade always brings changes to business sectors. However, the different presentation design trends of 2020 seem to be ahead of time and have good chances to stay in the game for many years. These design patterns have experienced such an increasing development that it is now possible to find them representing the corporate image of companies in the United States and the rest of the world.


19 Presentation Design Trends of 2020


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-0.One of the websites that have influenced the broad use of these presentation design trends is Envato Elements.


Through this web portal, users have access to thousands of free presentation templates.


Graphic design experts say that the presentation design trends of 2020 are influenced by three popular templates:


PowerPoint’s X-note, PowerPoint’s  Analyst and the multipurpose STYLE template.


On this blog, we’ll do a detailed analysis of the latest graphic design trends for presentations.


1.- Infographics, an amazing way to overview information


Since a long time ago, infographics have touched several aspects of the industry and daily life in the United States. Infographics can summarize complex information and make it clearer, simpler, and easier to understand. The inclusion of infographics in the design of presentations will become a tool with greater visibility and renown in 2020.


Why use infographics for presentations? Infographics are persuasive and eye-catching. They are ideal for compiling a lot of data (text, charts, graphs, images, and diagrams) into a crystal clear format that is both alluring and compelling. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so by using infographics your content will instantly look more convincing.


One of the elements that have played a major role in turning this graphic tool into a presentation design trend of 2020 is Google Slides. This program shows a collection of prearranged slides that have taken off former limits of the use of exclusive software.


Other options for the design of infographics are Envato Elements, Boom Chart Infographics, Digital Utopia, the Google Corporate Business Plan template and the pack of Munkhuumgl.


Infographics are a presentation design trend of 2020 that enables your audience to better understand the message you want to convey.  They are easy to read, understand and remember. So, do not hesitate to include them in your presentations and take advantage of their benefits.


2.- Visual slides gain traction within the presentation design trends of 2020


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-2-The-Consolidation-of-the-concept-of-a-Visual-Slide-within-the-presentation-design-trends-in-2020.Hence, visual slides represent, among the presentation design trends of 2020, the core structure of PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and all presentation design tools. Visual slides follow the philosophy that less is more, so they only gather key information.


It has been shown that the deletion of 50% of the amount of text from a slide deck interferes neither with the transmission nor with the coherence of the message. Moreover, using a greater amount of graphic elements on your presentations it’s the easiest way to keep your audience engaged. For that reason, these presentation design trends of 2020 are visually rich.


Good visuals have the power to inspire people to act. Steve Jobs used to know that very well. For that reason, his presentations included powerful images that made the audience keep the focus on his message. Be a memorable speaker taking advantage of the magic of visuals with these presentation design trends of 2020. In BluCactus, we design high-quality images that will properly convey the uniqueness of your brand or company.


3.- Charts, Graphs, and Bars


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-3-Mixed-informative-complement-of-Tables-and-GraphicsThe new PowerPoint presentation design trends of 2020 will not only include changes exclusively in the areas of graphics and typography but also in the way to display and detail diverse statistical and numerical data.


Regarding that, improvements in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation of charts, graphs, and statistics are expected. Thus, according to the presentation design trends of 2020, companies in the USA will allow greater data entry on their slides, summarized in different kinds of charts and graphs.


Why are charts and graphs great for your presentations? Because with them you can simplify complex statistics and ideas, help the viewers get the point of your speech quickly, and make the information visually pleasing. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of this presentation design trend of 2020 lies in the fact that you must choose rightly which chart or graph to use. For example, pie charts represent proportions, line charts represent trends, and bar charts represent ranks under specific conditions.


4.- Image masking: Presentation Design Trends of 2020


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-4-Intensive-use-of-image-clipping-masks.Image masking is a non-destructive and reversible process of image editing provided by software like Photoshop and Gimp. It is used to hide some portions of an image and reveal others.


This presentation design trends of 2020 enable you to modify images to your liking and to do so you can use the main techniques of image masking:

  • Layer masking: It’s useful to make image composites, cut out objects from an image to use it on your slides, and change the opacity of the different portions of an image.
  • Clipping masks: Similar to layer masks in results but different in technique, they help to control the visibility of a layer. This is done by using the content (pixels, shape, or type) and transparency of one layer to moderate the visibility of another.
  • Alpha Channel masking: It’s the best way to handle hard edges like fur, hair, water splash, threaded areas or other complex elements while editing images for your presentations.

Due to these wonderful advantages, image masking is a technique that will be widely used this year among other presentation design trends of 2020.


5.- Custom typography: presentation design trends of 2020


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-5-Fonts-customization.Regarding fonts, graphic designers have stopped using the classical font styles that have dominated the world ever since the mid-90s, Arial, Calibri, and Times New Roman, to use custom typography. Web pages like Envato Elements offer sets of custom fonts that can be assembled with more than 6,000 typefaces. Some of the most popular fonts within this presentation design trends of 2020 are Sophia Script, Walter Modern, Jewel, Fable Bug, and Regular Lunchbox.


Custom typography is another great branding tool that is featured in the presentation design trends of 2020. It gives a unique look to your company, as people tend to pay more attention to original looking types than regular ones. Plus, it boosts the process of getting a recognizable brand identity since people will immediately associate your brand with your innovative logo. And last but not least, representing your brand with custom typography will give the freedom to experiment and use text in many creative ways in your presentations.


6.- Color Gradient: presentation design trend of 2020


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-6-The-prevailing-use-of-the-Color-Gradient.A color gradient is a visual technique, widely used in graphic design, that consists in creating a gradual transition or blending from one color hue to another. This can be made whether with similar colors (for example, light orange to dark red) or with completely contrasting colors (for example, blue and yellow).


This technique was very popular during the past decade, which is why we were able to see it on many web page designs of the United States. Now, it has returned to become one of the presentation design trends of 2020.


This technique is highly effective because it is extremely versatile and gives your presentation design a unique feeling. Whether you choose it to be bold or subtle, the focal point of a slide or a background element, gradients will always look different and modern. Also, you can add depth and dimension to your slides by playing with mixes, blends of colors, and texture. So, go for it! Use this presentation design trends of 2020 on your slides and add them to stunningly vibrant energy that elevates their design.


7.- The simpler, the better


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-7-Very-short-duration-slides-templates-for-presentation-design-trends-in-2020.Traditional slides designed to extend the time of your presentation are now out-dated.


The motto of the presentation design trends of 2020 is “the simpler, the better”.


For that reason, these designs aim to optimize your time and keep your audience’s attention active.


There are many strategies you can implement to make your presentations interesting and brief at the same time, like the following:

  • Using Master Slides: This is the perfect option if you want to implement changes on each slide without modifying them individually. By only clicking twice, on “View” and “Master” respectively, you can edit all the slides simultaneously.
  • Slide Sorter: It is a PowerPoint feature that also allows you to make global changes to your presentation. You can do check your slides and arrange their order and transition. You can also set the timing of slides, which is great when rehearsing your presentation.
  • Chromecast: You can integrate Google Slides with Chromecast, an app with which you can share your screen with the display. That way, you won’t need any wire during your next presentation. Make sure to disable notifications on your phone to distractions.

As long as you keep your slides simple and time-effective, you will get the most out of the presentation design trends of 2020.


8.- Minimalism: presentation design trends of 2020


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-8-Use-of-minimalism-in-templates-to-achieve-a-greater-effectMinimalist designs focus on avoiding distracting or unnecessary elements on slides. And as it avoids distracting items, it is highly effective to advertise products or services. In this sense, minimalist designs avoid all unnecessary elements and include less color, more white-space, better typography, grid layouts, and essential images. Thus, the key elements of this presentation design trends of 2020 are simplicity, beauty, and functionality.


Minimalist graphic designs have become part of the presentation design trends of 2020 by featuring the following characteristics:

  • Flat design: In this trend, the design must be simple and stylish. Shadows, textures, and gradients are left apart while all necessary elements are welcome.
  • Limited color schemes: Minimalist designs are known for using monochromatic color palettes, that is, a single-color family. Other color options for this presentation design trends of 2020 are using analogous or complementary color schemes. But remember to use only one or two main colors.
  • Few elements: Only add elements if they’re going to add value to your presentation. Here, strategic placement is king.
  • Use of negative (or white) space: It brings contrast to your slides.
  • Dramatic typography: Minimalism is a presentation design trend of 2020 that invites you to have fun with different fonts. Experiment with styles and sizes and suit them to the message you want to convey.

9.- Dynamic Presentations


BluCactus-implementation-of-participation-and-feedback-activities-with-the-publicThe presentation design trends of 2020 have a dynamic approach. Throughout the years, it has been shown that audiences prefer attending to interactive presentations, where speakers dedicate time to creating an emotional connection with them. To do so, you must make sure to give an energetic, purposeful, and staged presentation. While planning it, think about it from the audience’s perspective.


Ask yourself “As a viewer, what would keep me engaged to a presentation?” and that way you’ll effortlessly create an easy-to-follow structure for your presentation. To follow this presentation design trends of 2020 use ice-breakers to get your audience in a good mood. Make sure to get them immediately involved. If you feel you’re losing their attention, ask them questions to clear any confusion they might have. Make them feel comfortable and amused.


Websites like Graphic River or Eureka offer versatile slide decks that will help you accomplish these goals. Eureka, for example, shows 200 templates associated with this presentation design trends of 2020. Our graphic designers point out the following models as highly effective for business environments: models #32, #201 and #202.


10.- Go Blue! Presentation design trends of 2020


BluCactus-Blue-as-the-primary-color-tone-for-presentation-design-trends-in-2020-according-to-the-Pantone-InstituteThis presentation design trend of 2020 refers to chromatic and luminosity aspects. The Pantone Color Institute has achieved international prominence, especially in the United States, due to its ability to influence trends in business graphic design.


Based on its experience, it has provided data about the projections of this color among the design trends of 2020. This institute has assured that this year’s color will be classic blue or, more properly, Classic Blue-194052. In consequence, it is expected a higher consumption rate of this color within the presentation design trends of 2020.


You can use Adobe to explore the versatility of the blue color hue. Light blues to give your slides a refreshing and friendly look. Dark blues make your content feel strong and reliable. Hence, going blue is an excellent option for corporate designs.


11.- Self-Running Presentations


BluCactus - powerpoint presentationsFor several years, the latest PowerPoint versions have outlined its ability to create independent animation and transition effects. This has allowed users to have at their disposal a greater number of graphic resources. Self-running or auto-playing presentations can be a great addition to your brand’s or company’s image at conventions or conferences.


It can be useful at conferences where the speaker is absent, to train employees, or to reach remote clients. This presentation design trends of 2020 are very easy to implement and it will make your presentation look polished and professional. PowerPoint enables you to set up the presentation and record the slides’ timing in a few steps. After that, you just have to record your slide show and you will be ready to succeed with your presentation.


Plus, this is also a great tool when you have to give presentations under tight limits of time.  They can help you determine accurately the time that your speech will take and rehearse it.


12.- Muck-up templates


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-12-Mockup-templates-for-real-time-previews.This presentation design trend of 2020 is incredibly useful when you need to visualize a product that must be developed in the future. By using mock-up templates you can create more realistic designs that will help you define whether to carry out a project or not. Mock-up templates allow you to visualize your logo printed and attached to different objects.


Professional designers create their mock-ups with layer effects of programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. However, there is nothing to worry about if you have an amateur level in design, as you can find many free resources on the web that will help you implement this presentation design trends of 2020. One of them is the website PSD mock-up, where there are thousands of options to design any project you have in mind smoothly.


Thus, your brand or company can save money on printing and assembly since you can show your clients a much more realistic and approximate idea of how would the design look on different graphic supports.


13.- Icons: presentation design trends of 2020


BluCactus-19-Trends-in-Presentation-Design-2020-Trend-13-Compression-and-simplification-of-concepts-through-the-use-of-icon-systemsThe use of icons is a strategy that adds energy and simplicity to the presentation. The most commonly used icons within the presentation design trends of 2020 are the ones of light bulbs, magnifying glasses, funnels, houses, as well as arrows, numbers, and emojis.


Including icons on your slides can help you reduce text blocks and save design time. Plus, icons are meaningful and universal, and they are effective communication tools as they reduce some concepts to simple shapes.


To choose the right icon you must be creative. Think about which one better symbolizes your ideas and to which style you would like to stick throughout your presentation. Then, make sure to choose the right format to have a clear image, and have fun with your icon recoloring it or wrapping it up.


14.- Self-running animations


BluCactus-Autonomous-slide-animation-and-its-relationship-to-presentation-design-trends-in-2020.Recently, it has been shown a decline in the quality of animation effects of professional presentations in some business sectors of the United States.


Thanks to the market’s tendencies to focus professional efforts on specific activities, entrepreneurs have outsourced the process of presentation design.


To satisfy the demand for self-running animation trends, specialists have created designs that include the movement of AutoShapes, images, and other graphic elements.


Websites like Vega, The Power of PowerPoint, Procyon, Business Infographics, Business Strategy, and JD allow you to create this presentation design trend of 2020.


15.- Ready-made slides for professional uses


BluCactus-Greater-proliferation-of-pre-assembled-templates-for-professional-models.Ready-made slides are templates that are perfect to assemble professionally effective PowerPoint presentations.


They include visual techniques like vectorization in layers as well as displaying the information in a consistent and easy-to-understand format.


The use of infographics within them is also popular.


Some of the templates associated with the presentation design trends of 2020 are:


Golazo, Native, The Press, Green Creative, MPoint, Space, and Highland.


16.- Macmorris template: presentation design trends of 2020


BluCactus-Macmorris-presentation-model-and-its-high-level-of-preference-for-presentation-design-trends-in-2020.The Macmorris template is a stylish, colorful template that is perfect for corporate presentations.


It’s multipurpose, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing, and it can be downloaded for free on the website Slides Carnival.


This eye-catching template has 25 fully editable slides, so you can easily adjust it to the content of your presentation. Its design is quite dynamic.


It works well with any color or photo background. It also features multiple options for graphs, charts, and tables. Plus, the Macmorris template displays 80 different icons that will help you add energy to your text.


17.- LucidPress for business presentations


BluCactus-The-Modernist-style-of-the-LucidPress-corporate-model-for-presentations-in-business-environments.LucidPress is an amazing platform that helps you create stunning business presentations.


It is a great tool for large companies that want to strengthen their brands with better marketing strategies.


This website promotes the rapid and effective implementation of the varied presentation design trends of 2020, such as:

  • Cloud-based storage system: You can access your designs from anywhere.
  • It’s intuitive: LucidPress’s platform allows you to start from scratch with its intuitive, drag-and-drop editor.
  • A wide variety of templates: Beautiful templates that will instantly charm your target audience.
  • Document automation: Handy settings that will help you save time on last-minute tasks.

18.- Gower template


BluCactus-Gower-template-and-the-unparalleled-opportunities-it-offers-to-work-in-a-completely-creative-environmentThis presentation design trend of 2020 is appropriate for meetings, conferences, and product releases. The Gower template has a modern minimalist design.


It includes a creative collection of 80 icons and pleasant styles for charts, tables, and graphs. You will feel like an expert swapping out colors and changing fonts to highlight smoothly the information on your slides.


Currently, this template is available on websites like Slides Carnival. There you can download it for free and use it on PowerPoint, Google Slides, or any other presentation software.


This template has 25 unique slides that will allow you to offer to your audience a fully pleasing experience.


19.- Disruptive innovation within the presentation design trends of 2020


Disruptive innovation is a popular concept within the fields of entrepreneurship and technology. It has been in use since the late XX century. From then, it has become synonymous with social progress and, therefore, the basis of the current scientific advancement.


For the presentation design trends of 2020, we glimpse the birth of solid tools that add creativity and comfort to the design of presentations.


One of the most popular templates of this kind is the Juliet template. This model is dynamic and colorful. It is also practical because it allows you to do a lot of changes regarding color, images, and programming.


However, it doesn’t include a large space for text because its design is minimalist. You can download this template from the website Slides Carnival.


It is an excellent example of the presentation design trends of 2020 which convey a sense of innovation, personal development, and emotional intelligence.


Final Notes: BluCactus, the marketing agency at the forefront of presentation design trends of 2020


Graphic design is an essential element of digital marketing because nothing sells more than a well-conveyed idea. That’s why our team of creative and innovative designers always stays at the forefront of the new design trends. With BluCactus, Presentation Design Company, your brand or company will benefit from:

  • Strategic presentations with fresh and creative material specially designed for your target audience.
  • Increase the impact of your message since you will get high-quality material that will receive the acceptance of your listeners.
  • And last but not least, you will boost the growth of your brand or company.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and you will love the results!


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