The difference between visible and invisible: LED signs and why you must use them

LED signs as a marketing strategy. All of us, at some point, have seen a luminous sign that has caught our attention. We didn’t see that sign by chance. It has been part of a strategy for us to notice it.


LED signs, as their name indicates, use LED technology to promote products or services. We know them to be a way to attract attention and thus more potential customers.


LED trivia


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWhen we talk about LEDs, we are referring to light-emitting diodes, better known as LED lights.


In 2000 new variants of its brand acrylic glass were developed:




One of these variants is especially suitable for back-lit LED lightboxes.


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led sign


This is the black surface of the light-diffusing material where we mount LEDs.


Besides this, the different color varieties of PLEXIGLAS LEDs adapt.


To the same wavelengths emitted by red, yellow, green, or blue LEDs.


This way, we can use colorful LEDs to make our space shine brighter without increasing energy consumption.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


That said, we think this is an excellent way to operate this light source.


Likewise, PLEXIGLAS LED introduces new and better light-scattering properties for backlighting than conventional acrylic glass and in compact light box constructions, such as those made possible by LEDs.


This way, we avoid the formation of unwanted HotSpots.

        BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led sign

Types of LED signs


There are different types of LED signs, which depend on the use that the client wants to give them.


They adapt to the project that the client wants to undertake.

  • BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signLetters with LED lighting: In this sign, we can see that the light from the LEDs is directed towards the front, and on this, it places the letters with a transparent material such as acrylic and translucent vinyl, to allow the passage of light.
  • LED backlight: Usually, these types of signs use non-transparent materials. Then we direct the LED light towards the wall to give a discreet lighting effect. Because of this, we widely use LED Backlight for the outdoors.
  • Lightbox: These signs are the most common and they consist of boxes made with a stainless steel frame and with internal LED lighting. However, we recommend cleaning them regularly.
  • Highlight letters: This technique consists of letters made with different types of materials to which we apply LED lighting on different surfaces such as MDF, Trovicel, acrylic, and aluminum.
  • BluCactus - example of a well done signOpenwork sign: we can work High precision openwork signs with water cut or laser cut, which offer excellent results.
  • Acrylic with LED light: These are made of transparent acrylic on a base and then we can embed them in walls.
  • 3D signs with lighting: We can create them in stainless steel to guarantee their durability and in formats ranging from letters, numbers to logos, to which we apply LED lighting.
  • Racks: These structures are made of metal or wood, which are then fitted with vinyl or printed canvas, to later be internally illuminated with LED lights.


LED signs as a marketing strategy. How can we see the digital labels?


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signDigital signs are in strategic places and, this way.


Companies can reach a much wider audience than with traditional flyers or brochures.


Besides, they have a clean and striking design.


Companies love to use LED displays because they leave a great impression on the viewer’s mind and they don’t break the budget destined toward marketing.


Knowing more about this strategy


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signThey bring profitability to any business.


If you use luminous signs with LED screens, your location will no longer be a problem, since you can program them from anywhere.


All you have to do is have a device with an Internet connection and you will achieve more efficient ads.


You can also adapt the advertising messages to your target audience.

  BluCactus - example of a well done sign

This means that we can optimize the advertising impact.


Because of this, you will get more profit with the use of LED screens.


In addition, the software is very intuitive, meaning that anyone can program an LED display, even if they don’t have technical knowledge.


We often saturate ourselves with negative thoughts which lead us to stop doing some things.


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signThis is because we think that we’ll need a lot of knowledge to do them. The reality is that we only need to read the instructions and practice.


LED signs offer two important advantages: They save time and money, compared to printed signage, this is much more convenient for your company.


When you buy them for your business, you save the printing cost, time, and resources used to place and remove advertising.


Another important fact is that this product is resistant to rain, wind, and temperature changes. So we should not worry about the weather at all.




Advantages of LED signs


Next, we will explain the significant advantages of these signs.


BluCactus - example of a well done signAttract potential clients


If you have a small sign with dim to no lighting, it will be very hard for future clients to find your ad or business at night.


On the contrary, users will for sure notice a luminous or back-lit sign.


This way, by including them in your marketing strategy, passers-by will notice your business.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


Thus, you will be able to expand your client portfolio.


All kinds of night establishments such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, highly depend on standing out and people noticing them.


Therefore, using LED lighting on your signs is a highly effective strategy to keep your business active at night.


Don’t wait any longer and use them!


LED signs as a marketing strategy. Capture the attention of afternoon and sunrise traffic


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signPeople generally think that illuminated or back-lit signs are for nightly businesses but this is not necessarily true.


If you have a business that opens before nightfall, in the early morning, or during the early hours of the morning, LED signs will make the difference between having people seeing and ignoring you.


To increase its effectiveness, we recommend taking height into account.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


Many people don’t look up when they are on the street, they just look forward and away, so the most suitable height is at the level of people’s sight.


Remember that you want your potential customers to notice you before the sun rises at its highest point!


For this reason, we recommend that you implement the above.


That way you can take advantage of any local competitor that operates during the day.


Make them remember you


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - dentistA sign that is not illuminated will not get the same “respect” as the businesses that do have them.


A cardboard sign with printed letters is not the same as an illuminated one.


The latter inspires innovation and a lot of creativity. It’s for this reason that many hospitals use this technique of outdoor advertising.


These signs can be an instrument to make your business a memorable experience.


You not only want the clients to see you but to also remember you!


LED signs as a marketing strategy. Always make your business known, even if it’s closed


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWe are close to completing the advantages of LED signs, but we could finish without first explaining this point.


Many times, when a store closes, the owners forget the signs they have outside and leave them on.


Believe it or not, this is also a way to perpetuate their effectiveness.


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWe recommend that if you can advertise yourself, even when your business is closed, do it!


LED signs are an incredible option to do so.


If you are interested in using LED signs or advertisements for your business, then it’s time to throw away that old blackboard or fluorescent cardboard and opt for a sophisticated strategy.


They are a 24-hour marketing strategy


BluCactus - example of a well done signFinally, we come to the end of this list about the advantages of LED signs and, well, it’s as simple as its name indicates.


Ideally, you can install a light sign outside your business and keep it on 24 hours a day.


This would be of great help since you could attract attention at any time.


In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t mean that you must keep the lights on during the day.


BluCactus - example of a well done signYou could have advertising in the daytime and lighting at night to attract more prospects.


It’s as we colloquially call it, “kill two birds with one stone.”


However, every business has a determining factor and we will tell you our last tip for this type of advertising.


The type of sign you choose will depend on your commercial activity and your marketing goals.


Being a highly effective type of advertising, choosing LED signs to promote your company is your best option.


Do you have a business that needs a light sign?


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Unipole advertising: Advantages, types, and all the reasons why you should use it.

All of us at some point have visualized an ad pole, whether on the highway, on a street, or anywhere else. What do you think of them? What characterizes them? You have come to the right place to clarify all your concerns. Unipole Advertising is one of the most representative supports of outdoor advertising. They accompany us on our road trips, they show us the location of a business and they abound in the main entrances to some city.

  BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole

What is Unipole Advertising?


First, advertising unipoles are one of the most effective outdoor advertising methods to make an impact in terms of the number of views received.


We call them that because they consist of a single-pole that holds a gigantic sign on the top of it.

  BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole

They are placed at a suitable height so that people can see them well in the distance.


Thus, the splendor of this medium makes it impossible to not see them.


This makes it a remarkably effective advertising method.


Would you like one for your business?


We can advise you and enhance your brand. Contact us.




BluCactus - creative billboard exampleNon-intrusive advertising


Certain types of advertising methods can be annoying. Like advertising spaces in media for instance.


Thus, this method often interrupts the flow of the content watched by people.


In contrast, outdoor advertising has become a part of our landscape.


Consequently, this has led it to become a non-intrusive type of advertising.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleQuality and technology, Unipole Advertising


Technological advances have allowed us to improve the quality of the elements used in outdoor advertising.


Advertisers can now choose from a wide range of finishes and design options to display their advertising messages.


These options include the labeling on canvas, the backlight, among others.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleVisual impact


They have a large size and are visible from many angles.


Although, when preparing our message we must remember that users see them in a few seconds.


Therefore, the message has to be clear and direct, the more precise the better.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleAdvertising effectiveness, Unipole Advertising


This medium is effective because it exposes messages for a long time since it remains static. Likewise, we are beings of routine.


This means that we usually pass through the same streets every time we go to work or school. Consequently, we can see this type of advertising over and over again which causes it to be extremely effective.


Therefore, it’s natural to think that, because we see them repeatedly, the message will also get ingrained on their minds.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleMedia types


We already know what unipoles are and what their most outstanding characteristics are.


Now, we tell you the types of supports that exist and that can be seen throughout all the places we know.


BluCactus - creative billboard example


Conventional format, Unipole Advertising


This is the most common support.


It consists of two sides to achieve visibility in both directions of the road.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole



It’s made of two poles of equal height that make it possible to mount much larger billboards.


Thus, with this, we can achieve a greater impact.


BluCactus - BluCactus - creative billboard examplebillboard example of a unipole


Triface, Unipole Advertising 


It has three faces that produce a triangle and making it possible to see the advertising piece from different angles.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleFrontlight


They are installed with light bulbs so that people can see it at night.


It’s thanks to these posts that we can see any advertisement on the freeways at night.

      BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole

Backlit or backlight, Unipole Advertising


It’s a support that contains tubes of LED bulbs installed inside the advertising drawer.

  BluCactus - creative billboard example  

LED Unipole


This incorporates a digital screen made up of LED lights, which gives it a greater impact and public attraction.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleCorporeal advertising, Unipole Advertising


This type of unipole is maintained with supports and the format adapts to creativity.


It abandons rectangular measures to offer a three-dimensional sensation.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleWhy choose unipoles to publicize your business?


Outdoor advertising represents a good reminder of messages posted through other means.


Next, we will show you the main advantages of them to publicize your business:


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipole24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Except for closed circuits, unipoles represent an active medium 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


They are very useful since not all people have the same working hours or leave their homes at the same hours.


Also, when we go sightseeing somewhere, they help us locate ourselves.


BluCactus - creative billboard example

High level of impact, Unipole Advertising


They are in strategic places and produce a high number of views from their target audience.


They are an advertising piece located near shopping centers.


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleSegmentation


They may target certain groups that are difficult to capture otherwise.


For example, workers who spend a lot of time away from home and hardly have time to watch television or those who travel a lot for work reasons.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleLow cost, Unipole Advertising


Since the cost per thousand impressions (CPTI) is low, they are in high demand for any type of campaign.


At BluCactus we advise you on any advertising campaign that you would like to carry out.


We will offer you an excellent advisory service that adapts to your needs and the location where you want to display your ad.


Benefits of Unipole advertising


BluCactus - Unipole Advertising - creative billboard example of a unipoleThis type of outdoor advertising continues to be one of the supports preferred by companies because of the many benefits it offers:


Because of its height and dimensions, it achieves enviable visibility which gives it brand recognition and great advertising effectiveness.


It’s of great help to locate a physical business or reinforce the image of a company.


The location of the monopole is essential to achieve a greater impact.


BluCactus - creative billboard exampleIt’s the best ally of advertising campaigns since we can combine it with other media such as digital, radio, or television.


At BluCactus we want to be part of your advertising experience and your own history by offering you the widest knowledge in marketing.


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OOH advertising:  What it is, how it can be used and why is the perfect publicity tool for your brand

With the rise of the digital age, advertising strategies, as we know them, have changed their presentation method. However, in 2020 the new OOH trend has revolutionized outdoor advertising. Today we will delve deeper with their types.


The user or client loves to see creativity in their products and/or services. In consequence, over the years we have seen the wide variety of outdoor advertising that follows the same pattern. However, each design has its own essence.


Likewise, creativity is infinite for advertising, and one of the most ingenious and attractive ways of its presentation. Additionally, we know that there are different ads, but we are talking about OOH, outdoor advertising. In this area, we know that ads are divided into categories. We’ll explain each of them.


What is OOH?


BluCactus - OOH advertisingHave you ever heard of or read this term? Maybe you did, but you didn’t know what it was.


OOH advertising stands for “Outside the home”.


This element allows a great variety of combinations, montages, frequencies, impact, and interaction with other media.


It goes hand in hand with Brahma Decoration, a company specialized in the conceptualization and assembly of public furniture in airports.


Types of OOH advertising


BluCactus - OOH advertisingThe vast majority of brands rely on outdoor advertising or OOH since it allows them to connect with many viewers. According to the BTL Information Research Department, brands allocated 245 thousand dollars in 2016 in street marketing strategies.


Therefore, after carrying out an exhaustive investigation about outdoor advertising and its different types. We have realized that there is no organization in charge of the affected categories. Although in places like LATCOM they comment that there are outdoor, indoor, digital, transport, cinema, and mobile advertisements. The fact is that there is no adequate conceptualization of them.


First, we can divide outdoor advertising into two types: DOOH, which means Digital Out Of Home, and specific ads. One of the most important characteristics of the DOOH is that they use electronic platforms for its realization; while electronic advertisements don’t make use of this tool.


You could ask yourself:


“How can there be outer and inner OOH advertising?”


The first refers to advertising in open spaces. For example, a street. While the second one refers to ads in public spaces but closed, like a plaza.


BluCactus - OOH advertising - billboard informationWe can sub-classify them into:


OOH advertising, Outdoors.


This category includes all the specific advertising supports on avenues, routes, and principal streets of a city.


Its key attributes are frequency and coverage.


Their supports are:


BluCactus - large formatsOOH advertising Large formats:

  It comprises reproducing messages and images in formats whose size exceeds those used in traditional standard signage.  

Nowadays, more and more stores and businesses are turning to billboards and large tarpaulins on facades to promote their products and services.


Therefore, to major size, greater visibility, and that supposes greater public impact.


BluCactus - OOH advertising - urban furniture

Urban furniture:

  It’s the set of objects and pieces of equipment installed on public roads for various purposes.   Likewise, this set includes benches, litter bins, traffic barriers, mailboxes, bollards, tiles, paving stones, public transport stops, and telephone booths, among others.    

BluCactus - OOH advertising - billboards


  we define it as an outdoor advertising structure comprising flat support on which we attach advertisements.   Thus, fences have become a regular part of the urban and interurban landscape by presenting advertisements or advertising messages.      

BluCactus - OOH advertising - curtainCurtain:

  They’re one of the oldest advertising supports.   They’re on public roads, mounted on the scaffolding of a building under construction or under restoration.   Renowned firms make them for a single product.      

BluCactus - OOH advertising - watchesClocks:

  How can a clock be a public medium? Watches are one of the best tools to transmit the brand and fix it in the mind of your consumer.

Another question you may have is:

How can a watch achieve so much?


Usually, a person looks at the time between 50 to 100 times a day. If you include your brand on it, your potential client will see your logo or message the same number of times.


Magnificent! Isn’t it?


It’s much easier to remember your brand or company if you give advertise it and even more if it’s useful.




These devices are in shopping centers, airports, points of sale, metro terminals, trains, buses, cruises, among others. Additionally, its key attributes are the quality of contact and segmentation.


Its supports are:


BluCactus - OOH advertising - billboards bannersBanners:

  It’s a form of consistent Internet advertising.   It includes a graphic advertising piece within a web page.   Its aim is to generate brand recognition and attract traffic to the website of the advertiser that pays for its inclusion.    

BluCactus - mupisMupis:

  They’re advertising supports installed in elements of urban furniture in the busiest and most central places of our cities.   Thus, we find them at bus stops or isolated in areas of human transit.        

BluCactus - OOH advertising - strairsStairs:

  These are the stairs as we know them, perhaps electric or not.   So, think about the number of people who can go through a mall, airport or stores and have to use the stairs.  

This space gives you the key advantage that the consumer comes into direct contact with the brand by “touching it” and giving it a unique experience.


BluCactus - OOH advertising - elevatorsElevators:

There are a lot of types; panoramic, with sliding or automatic doors.   The ideal for this advertisement is to carry it out where the greatest traffic of people is. For example, the shopping center’s elevators.  

If you like this idea, imagine the number of people you will surprise by the innovative advertising you will be doing.


BluCactus - OOH advertising - btlOOH advertisingBTL:

  Below The Line. It comprises using non-massive forms of communication aimed at a specific segment.   Creativity, surprise, and a sense of opportunity are the key resources, creating innovative channels to communicate the desired message.      

BluCactus - OOH advertising - billboardsOOH advertising Backlight:

  It’s a translucent canvas designed for a backlight. Therefore, this canvas allows light to filter in from the rear and is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

OOH advertising, Digital:


Movement and sound characterize this method. Likewise, their interactive potential transforms it into a category. Its key attributes are dynamic interaction and impact.


Its supports are:

  • Digital Light: It’s a system of LED headlights capable of displaying messages on the asphalt. It connects these headlights to the electronic management of the vehicle. Then, it extracts all the information gotten by the cameras, sensors, and the various control systems equipped by the car. Afterward, it projects all kinds of messages on the asphalt.

Here is an example:


Digital cylinder:

  BluCactus -kiosksThis cylinder allows converting existing mechanical seals into an electronic access control system with no wiring or modifications to the door.   Therefore, it’s an important object for the consumer because they can use it every day at different times, even at all hours.  

Digital kiosks:

  They’re ideal places for brands to exist.   This is because consumers, during the purchase process, remain exposed to advertising messages for a longer time and have a greater opportunity to capture them.  


  It’s a special configuration of professional screens that match to show contents and simulate a large screen. The latter has a very high economic value.   BluCactus - OOH advertising - videowallFor this reason, a Video Wall is an excellent cost-benefit alternative when we require displaying large content.  

LED Screens:

  It’s an electronic device made up of LEDs or light emitters.   They can display data, information, images, or videos. Thus, it’s an effective way of attracting the attention of consumers and capturing their attention since it allows us to relate to them with a certain closeness.

OOH advertising in Transport


The supports are in means of transport, whose key characteristic is displacement. Its key attributes are coverage and frequency.


These are:


BluCactus -metro


  it distributes them both in the entrances, corridors, stairs, and waiting platforms.   This makes this medium one of the most effective to advertise for travelers on the metro network.          

BluCactus - OOH advertising - busesOOH advertising, Buses:

  It comprises placing advertisements inside and outside the buses, is a partial or total upholstery of the vehicle, and belongs to outdoor advertising.   In these advertisements, you can find the premiere of a movie, the recent collection of perfume, or some political propaganda.    

BluCactus - OOH advertising - trainsTrains:

  This is one of the most popular options.   It comprises labeling with vinyl parts or the 100% wagons.            

BluCactus - OOH advertising - taxisOOH advertising, Taxis:

  Advertising in taxis will be anywhere and everywhere.   You can see ads for airports, hotels, restaurants, discos, schools, big events and the list can go on.  

OOH advertising, Why advertising in taxis?


Because they travel during the day and night carrying passengers in an illuminated environment, which increases the visibility of your brand.

BluCactus - OOH advertising - fence mobile

Mobile fence:

  These fences are in lobbies, stairs, and platforms.   Circuits can hire them or by selected single fences according to the needs of the client.        

BluCactus - OOH advertising - bicyclesOOH advertising, Bicyfence:

  It comprises handling an innovative concept of mobile advertising and can promote your brand.  

A uniformed bicyfence promoter is the one who drives this advertising. They usually wear a cap and a shirt with the brand’s logo to then travel through strategic routes at low speed. This allows it to affect the audience. In addition, it doesn’t pollute and can circulate in parks, avenues, and squares


BluCactus - scooters


  The Scooter circuit includes the key points of the city with the highest traffic and public influx.   They’re a different and creative way to convey a message to a wide audience.  

OOH advertising, Mobile


MOOH is the synergy between traditional Out Of Home elements and Mobile devices.

What are its advantages?

  1. Expand the segmentation, impact, and coverage of an OOH campaign.
  2. It increases the radius of action, allowing to communicate a greater scope of the message.
  3. Add a new distribution channel, offering multiple possibilities of contact with customers.

BluCactus - OOH advertising - billboardsOOH advertising, Movie Theater


Advertising displayed in entertainment centers enables you to reach a receptive, engaged, and expectant audience.


Its key attributes are the quality of contact and Advertainment.


In OOH advertising there are several types of announcements which are:

  • BluCactus - billboardsIn walls: They’re installed on a wooden board or sheet on public roads, intended to cover the perimeter of a work in progress.
  • Attached: It comprises those advertisements that adhere or fasten by any means to a facade, wall, and railing.
  • Self-supporting: It’s one that is supported by one or more columns supported by a foundation, or by a trail displaced from the ground
  • Denominative: Why are the announcements denominative? Because they contain the name, trade name, or logo with which we identify a natural or moral person, or a building.
  • Neon: As its name implies, it’s characterized by being integrated with neon or argon gas.
  • Optical projection: Although similar to neon signs, this is used by a light system comprising spotlights, reflectors, or diodes. It reflects static or dynamic messages on the opposite surface.
  • On the roof: This advertisement is on the upper horizontal plane of a building.
  • BluCactus -inflatableInflatable: It comprises a body expanded by air or some other gas.
  • Sponsorship: It’s one that includes the name of the natural or moral person who pays the cost of a good or service intended for a social purpose, or that incorporates any of the trademarks that identify said person.
  • Overhang: because of its shape, it can only be installed perpendicular to the face of the facade.
  • Integrated: It’s the one that, in high or low relief, or openwork, is an integral part of the building.
  • Mixed: Covers elements of a word and propaganda ad, including slogans.
  • Modeling: It’s characterized by comprising a human, animal, or abstract figure, whatever the material from which we make it.
  • Virtual: It’s used in a lighting system to project images that have a clear (virtual) existence and not a real one.
  • Propaganda: Messages of a commercial, political, or electoral nature characterize this advertisement.

BluCactus - OOH advertising - men counting money

OOH advertising, How much can you spend on outdoor advertising?


For example, in Argentina, in 2013, according to the Argentine Chamber of Media Agencies, they spent around 1,800 MDD, of which the investment in OOH advertising was 5.2%.


However, the investment you make in outdoor advertising will depend on many factors.


What are OOH’s strengths?


By observing OOH advertising, the consumer lives the experience.


BluCactus - indoor meansWhat do we mean by this?


When we see a high impact advertisement, of any category, in a matter of seconds our mind imagines ourselves with that advertisement, whether it’s “eating”, “traveling” or “at a concert”.




Studies show that we usually process over 60,000 thoughts daily, 1 per second, and this influences our behavior. Of these, 95% are repetitive and 80% are negative. This is a piece of information that we could take into account regarding the management of our advertising strategy since our brain classifies these thoughts.


OOH advertising, It offers a greater impact on our knowledge


BluCactus - mcdonalsThe campaign that is part of that space of our brain needs not to be processed.


For example, “M”


When we see this “M” as part of a brand, we know what it refers to. Here is the impact of the product.


We need not think


It’s often said that we don’t plan the best moments. We believe the same in this area.




It’s a direct effect of this advertising.


For example A Christmas campaign at the airport, the momentum is direct and there is no need to think before buying.


OOH advertising, The information received by the consumer is not aggressive since the information is part of our daily life.


BluCactus - OOH advertising - elevatorsThere is no better way to say it. It’s like when we see a novel, read a book, or identify ourselves with some propaganda. Consumers love everyday life. Hence, they see some advertising and say: “I want to have it and I can do it.”


Bus stops, outdoor fences, street furniture, etc. Now more than ever, become one more element of the daily landscape and are part of that scenario in which we are the protagonists.


The consumer must feel comfortable and aware of what they’re seeing, even if they haven’t yet gained it.


It’s the ideal complement to other, more direct campaign types.


For example, TV commercials. They’re a positive combination for reaching consumers. This is because their connection is such that it becomes the perfect showcase to reach the public.


Likewise, we can implement this concept in spaces such as airports, together with the “Out of home”. The fact of taking advantage of this space makes it more comfortable for the consumer. This is because of the impact it caused on them.

  BluCactus -propaganda

Since they feel that they live the experience and launch themselves into the unknown because of the impact it caused on them.


OOH advertising, Take advantage of public movements


This is the aim to generate more interest and expectation regarding the product we are exhibiting.


It’s not a form of subliminal advertising since it’s a direct and clear message. However, yes, it’s the key that opens the trunk of our memories when buying. It not only works in the subconscious but in the conscious as its part of our daily lives.


An example to familiarize ourselves with this is when we see the advertising of a recliner and feel comfortable without having tried it. In some furniture fairs, they let you use and detail their objects so that the consumer lives the experience. In other words, the person who saw the advertisement and experienced how good it felt, remembers the advertisement and tries it out at one of these fairs.


What do you think this guy will do?




And only because of the use of good tangible advertising space that allows you to use it and live the experience.


OOH advertising as brand visibility


BluCactus - OOH advertising - consumer in the wallThe challenge can always be, like any other, knowing how to seduce the consumer through a plan that integrates innovative, differentiated, relevant, and surprising marketing strategies. Likewise, these are some basic purposes of any brand that wants to preserve the preference and trust of the target, beyond just offering quality products or services.


Given this tireless search for applying to the life of the target audience and which identifies their favorite brand. There are a hundred companies that make use of various formats, both traditional and BTL.


The saturation of messages, the indiscriminate use of promotional tools, and the visual contamination present in urban areas can sometimes overshadow OHH. This is because companies believe that the target has to able to identify them anywhere and at any-time.


BluCactus -brand visibilityHowever, even if several cities may overuse OOH advertising. The innovation in its design, strategic location, clarity, and forcefulness of its messages, makes it a high-impact advertising tool.


And far from being annoying to people or being part of the visual pollution. They transmit an idea. To the point of where consumers and sometimes, even international BLT marketing experts, praise them for it.


At the end of 2017. A report showed that the global investment destined for OOH amounted to 38 billion dollars. Of which 24,500 were for the physical format, and the remaining percentage went to digital format. Also, at the end of 2018, the capital used to develop this marketing reached $39.5 billion.


It’s interesting what an investment in this advertising can achieve!


The world of OOH advertising and BluCactus


BluCactus - OOH advertising - contactFinally, we now know that OOH OOH advertising can be used in many ways and formats. Every single one with its own advantages and characteristics. Find the one that best suits your company and brand. And if you can’t decide, and need a little help? We’re here to help you!


We are BluCactus. We are a Digital Marketing company specialized in increasing your profits and helping you achieve your goals. For us, it’s important to see you grow and achieve the visibility of your company.


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How much does Billboard Advertising Cost?

It depends on a number of factors, also how much does billboard advertising cost? Among these factors are the location, visibility and the duration of the campaign that you are going to make.

BluCactus / How much does billboard advertising cost? / billboard  

For example, it doesn’t cost the same to have a billboard in Los Angeles, San Francisco, California as it does to have it in Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, the cost depends on a lot of different things that can represent an important factor for its success.


In this article, we will explain the factors in-depth for you to understand way better. In addition, we will give you all the tools needed to create the perfect billboard outdoor ad for your business and to have the highest rank of positioning and acceptation of the consumers.


What is the design of a billboard?


Properly planned, a billboard is a smart investment. You can increase your sales with outdoor advertising. However, if you do it incorrectly you can also lose money. Know the right strategies to achieve all your business goals. Create the best marketing campaigns in all of the USA, from Los Angeles, San Francisco, California to Dallas, San Antonio, Houston all the way to New York…


BluCactus / How much does billboard advertising cost? / cityFind the right price for your outdoor advertising


We will answer a variety of questions to give you the answers you need. Do you want to know how much does billboard advertising cost? It’s a variable price. The range is between $1,500 USD – $50,000 USD per month.


This is a very open range, so you should know how the final price is determined. Do you want to know the design price of a billboard? Do you know if it’s the right type of marketing for your business?


All you need to know


BluCactus / How much does billboard advertising cost? / parkIn this article, we will explain everything you need to know. The billboard consist of massive outdoor advertising. What is the purpose of billboards?


Its objective is to attract the attention of the public that travels near the place where the ad is located. For example, by a certain street or highway.


As the name implies, outdoor billboards are found outdoors. You can find them in Los Angeles, San Francisco, California,  Dallas, San Antonio, Houston. To fulfill their function, billboard images are used to capture the public’s attention instantly.


Now, are billboards good for all types of business? How much does it cost to rent a billboard and design the ad? There are two important factors to consider. First, the ad design. Second, the rent of the place where this ad will be placed. Considering these two factors we can calculate the profitability of this type of marketing campaign.


Determining How much does billboard advertising cost 


BluCactus / billboardWhen it comes to advertising, there is only one truth. Everyone wants the best for their money. That is, spend as little as possible to earn as much as possible. The difference between a successful campaign and losing money is in every decision you make. Promoting your business in a smart way is the key to success.


Effective advertising drives your business and increases your income. On the other hand, poorly targeted campaigns only make you spend and spend without seeing any advantage.


For this reason, the first question that a business owner asks before starting a marketing campaign is always the same. How much is billboard rental cost? This is a clear and concise question. However, the answer is not as simple as the question.


The complex cost of the billboard


Knowing how much it costs to rent a billboard is complicated and depends on different factors. Not all billboards cost the same. There is a wide variety of factors that change the price. So, to determine how much Billboard ads costs, there are other questions we must ask ourselves first. There are variables that determine the price of publishing your billboard on a specific billboard.


BluCactus / How much does billboard advertising cost? / billboardAlthough there are several variables that can affect how much it costs to rent a billboard, it’s easy to remember the 3 main ones: location, visibility, term.


Next, we will analyze these three factors in more detail so you can know how much is billboard advertisements. This will be very useful information for your business.


How much it costs to rent a billboard depends a lot on where your business is. For example, it’s not the same to rent a billboard in California and New York as it is in Texas.


In large cities with more inhabitants, the ads have more visibility, so the rent is more expensive. Let’s talk now about the visibility factor of outdoor advertising.


The importance of visibility to know how much does billboard advertising cost


BluCactus / carsLike its location, the visibility of an advertisement is crucial to know how much it costs to rent a billboard. As a general rule, the closer to the road there is a billboard, that is the more visibility you have, the higher the price. On the contrary, the further behind the road is the billboard, the less expensive the rent. At least generally.


This makes perfect sense when one of the most frequent problems facing the design of a billboard is considered to be the readability of the text. By placing your ad very close to drivers and pedestrians, the fundamental problem is eliminated and they are allowed to read the text more easily.


BluCactus / menHowever, there are benefits in outdoor advertising in billboards with high and low visibility. This is the reason why you have to know how much it costs to rent a billboard. Let’s give an example, let’s think about a certain business of great size and importance.


This business has published advertisements on high visibility billboards for years. For them, this strategy yields huge dividends. Being loud and flashy, and putting your mark so everyone sees it in highly visible places is a sure way to get attention.


On the other hand, there are other ways to do marketing. If your billboard layout is simple and you don’t have too much text to read, the less visible places can work wonders. How much does it cost to rent a billboard? It depends on your needs. If the design of your billboard consists mostly of images, it really doesn’t matter much how far you are from the road.


How much does billboard advertising cost? Know the duration of your campaign


BluCactus / How much does billboard advertising cost? / personThe term simply refers to the duration of the campaign in which a company will use a specific billboard. In this term, we find the only variable that companies can easily control to determine how much it costs to rent a billboard. How much does billboard advertising cost?


The location and visibility of a billboard are constant, but you, the advertiser, have full control over the duration of the campaign. And it’s important to know that the longer the term of a campaign, the less it will cost you per month.


How does it work? Suppose your business found the perfect location to publish its best and latest outdoor billboard advertising. Based on other factors, it usually costs a certain amount per month to be able to publish your ad on the spot.

BluCactus / billboard  

However, if you publish the ad for 12 months, the rent may cost 25% less. These price differences change from one billboard to another. Even so, it’s a factor to consider to know how much billboard advertising costs.


In general, running a long-term campaign is as beneficial to the exhibitor as it’s to the billboard owner. How much does billboard advertising cost?


For the advertising business, long-term campaigns mean greater exposure, which leads to the brand staying longer in the minds of consumers. It’s about doing the right thing for your business and making the most of the money invested in advertising.


Other factors to consider

  BluCactus / men

You should also think about whether the billboard rent includes the canvas because if the canvas is included it can cost more expensive.


The season is relevant as it includes protection insurance against storms and other situations that could damage your ad. When insurance is included it may be more expensive at the beginning but in this way, you can protect your investment.


How much does billboard advertising cost?


There are different types of billboards. How much does billboard advertising cost? A very common question for a business looking to advertise. How much it costs to put on a billboard depends on various factors. For example, the format, circulation, impressions, and demographics of the place.


BluCactus / How much does billboard advertising cost? / billboard

How much does it cost to put on a billboard? Determining how much it costs to put on a billboard depends on the purpose of your business. The price must be calculated according to a number of factors.


Among the factors that tell us how much billboard advertising costs, we find the size and location, also, in addition, runtime duration, and location are included.


It’s also important to know if the ads will be lit or not because in the end, how much it costs to put on billboard costs vary. However, billboard ads will continue to be an excellent advertising technique. It attracts the attention of many demographic groups and market goals.


BluCactus / How much does billboard advertising cost? / contactWhat are the conclusions?


How much does billboard advertising cost? It depends. First of all, it’s good to know that the location, visibility, and term are the 3 key factors that determine how much it costs to rent a billboard. Understanding how each of these factors enters the price equation helps you be better informed.


Making the right decision for your company is the difference between success or failure and we adapt to your budget so that you reach your market efficiently and profitably, so contact us today for more information.


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