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Differences between SEO and SEM: What are they, how are they used, which is better, and why you must include them in your marketing strategy.

In today’s world, Digital Marketing has become a daily talking topic, either with your friends or colleagues, due to its undeniable effectiveness. Two words that resonate a lot in any endeavor are SEO and SEM.


But do we know what each one consists of? There are ways to differentiate them. We know that SEO is a series of organic positioning strategies. While SEM or Search Engine Marketing manages sponsored links in search engines.


Today we will explain how they differ:


What is SEM?


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itWhen we talk about SEM, we refer to Search Engine Marketing. It promotes the website in search engines through the use of sponsored ads on platforms such as Google Ads or Bing Ads.


Believe it or not, this concept also includes other displays and social media platforms where you usually pay. They’re usually based on the clicks generated by the ads.


This strategy aims to facilitate the immediate visibility of your website. It configures the campaigns so the ads can appear on the first page of the results.


What is the function of SEM?


BluCactus - semThe function of SEM is to position commercial web pages on the first page of search engines for a certain time. They have sponsored ads that appear before SEO results, to attract potential customers to a website.


When executing SEM campaigns, this strategy takes into account several elements:



Once the target audience is clear, it’s necessary to specify some data that will determine how, where, and to whom the content produced under SEM strategies reaches.


For example, the target audience, the geographical area, and the devices through which it carries the searches.


SEM encompasses several key concepts:


It generally uses CPC in SEM campaigns, such as Adwords, Display, and Facebook Ads.

  • CPM, which means cost per thousand impressions.

It’s when the advertiser pays each time they display their ad 1000 times on the platform. The amount to be paid will have been previously agreed upon.


Advantages and Importance of SEM

  BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on it

Next, we will mention what are the advantages of SEM and why it’s important:

  • It’s a quick method to publicize a product.
  • A strategy that allows segmenting audiences, it allows reaching a specific audience directly.
  • Favors the return on investment.
  • Allows us to develop specific campaigns and redirect the audience to a specific landing page.
  • Positions an unlimited number of keywords, however, it requires a minimum of keyword consistency.
  • Offers short-term benefits.
  • You can plan specific campaigns that lead the audience to a certain page or category.
  • Lets you check what type of campaign works best after trying different creative strategies.
  • It doesn’t influence the contents of the web.

SEM works by itself, not under the influence of any theme or content of any page.

  • Depending on the investment and the CPC of the keywords. SEM allows us to make a more or less accurate forecast of the short-term benefits.
  • If SEO campaigns work with creativity, SEM works in part thanks to the ability to segment audiences and target a target audience.

What is SEO?


First, we’ll clarify that SEO means Search Engine Optimization and refers to the work of optimizing and increasing the popularity of a website. The aim of this is to get the search engines to recognize and index the website.


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itLikewise, SEO focuses on making web pages relevant enough that they appear in the top positions of search results for specific search queries from users. Therefore, SEO focuses on making websites appear in the first results that, as we know, attract more customers to your business.


The idea is to appear on the first page, preferably in the first five positions of a search engine, in a set of searches that interest us without having to pay a direct advertising cost for each visit. This is one of the best advantages that SEO offers.


Different search engines even test hundreds of signals from all the websites. They do this to determine which the best responses to that search are. This way, they ensure that users have the best experience and find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.


If a website is correctly optimized for SEO, it has more possibilities to position itself in the first positions of organic results. Within SEO positioning work there are 2 large sets of factors that we can optimize:


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on it  

SEO ON-PAGE is one that encompasses all those actions we perform within our website, to optimize it for search engines.


For example, having friendly URLs, reducing loading time, and offering original and attractive content.


Also, provide the user with security and a good browsing experience.



This SEO encompasses optimization actions that work to increase the popularity of our website. We accomplish this by having other sites link to us.


Every time a site links our website, it gives us a vote of confidence. The popularity and reputation of this website influences the value that this link may have to promote our positioning.


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itSome examples of SEO OFF-PAGE are publishing guest articles on blogs and registering in relevant subject directories. SEO OFF-PAGE focuses on making us known on websites with a greater reach than ours. It achieves this through practices such as distributing content to visualize it using social networks and third-party sites, publishing press releases, and content on relevant topics on our website.


These actions are external factors, given that they don’t imply technical changes on our website.


SEO and SEM, therefore, are two complementary strategies or ways of working with search engine optimization. For this reason, we highly recommend, in most cases, to work both of them in a coordinated way.


Advantages and importance of SEO for companies


BluCactus - advantahes of seoSearch engine optimization is a technique that has been evolving since its appearance, as well as the need for its implementation in companies. Today an online business could not survive without SEO professionals.


The definition of SEO has evolved to the point where some have already named it as Search Experience Optimization. This name refers to a search engine positioning oriented towards the user and the need to improve their experience.


Below, we will tell you point by point, why companies need to implement SEO:

  BluCactus - calendarization
    • It has no expiration date. Search engine optimization is a reliable marketing strategy since it updates constantly and its effectiveness lasts.

Any online search depends on keywords.

    • It’s profitable. Compared to other methods, such as Google Adwords sponsored ads, long-term SEO is profitable for popular search queries. This is because in SEO there are no requirements concerning the time in which a link is in the search engines, nor terms of its cost. In this sense, the cost per click (CPC) in the first phase, is higher than other strategies, however, once applied, the cost remains.

Search engines have a significant market share. Around 80% of customers review products and services on the website of the company.

  • Generates qualified traffic. 

BluCactus - traffic  

We achieve this by attending to the needs of the users. If a website contains information related to all the queries generated around a sector, the public will increase and we’ll get more customers or subscribers.


For example, if you have a blog about digital marketing and cover all the topics that exist in this area, users will refer to your site.


    • An SEO specialist finds out what those topics are and responds to user requests as soon as possible.


SEO is the best way for your users to find you through searches in which your website is notable. These users look for what you offer them and the best way to reach them is through a search engine.


Which is better, SEO, or SEM?


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - seo and semWe know that SEO requires work that offers results in the medium / long term, but that will be maintained over time.


SEM makes it possible to briefly achieve visibility. But there’s a drawback, once the ads campaign stops paying, these results will disappear from the top positions.


So what is recommended the most?


The most recommendable thing is to design a strategy that combines the two options. That way, you can carry out a series of SEM campaigns while the SEO work is achieving the objectives and expected results.


This is an excellent strategy to increase the visibility of your website’s products and services on Google. It’s proven that having both Adwords and organic results provides a greater number of clicks, in addition to intensifying the branding of your brand.


Differences between SEO and SEM


Next, we will explain what the differences between SEO and SEM are:

  • Cost, Differences between SEM and SEO

BluCactus - cost  

With SEM, you pay a specific amount for each time the user clicks on an ad. The more clicks, the higher the cost. This payment model is called PPC, which refers to the cost per click or pay per click. This means you don’t pay for the times it shows the ad, but for the times they click on it.


In contrast, in SEO you don’t have to make any payment for each visit as in the Google Adwords platform. This doesn’t mean that you don’t pay anything. The work and time you spend optimizing a website to naturally position it in search results can give better results.


In the short term, SEM is more expensive than SEO positioning. However, in the medium and long term, this changes completely.


BluCactus - a short termIn the short term, an SEM campaign can become more expensive since you need to hire an Adwords expert, not to mention the cost of the campaign itself. In the medium and long term, this could change since your investment could be less.


SEO isn’t one of those tasks you do on your website once and you forget about it. On the contrary. Content generation is a task in which you must work constantly to publish it regularly and update the information on your page.


Besides, optimizing your website and making regular updates are elements that you can never leave out.

  • Time

BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - weatjer  

Find out how SEO and SEM differ when it comes to their runtime:


In SEO we get the results above all, in the medium / long term.


In SEM we get the results almost immediately and we can extend it as much as we want in time.


We know there are times when we can achieve to be among the first SEO results in a few days. However, when we start a project from scratch, the results can take a few weeks or months.


Through continuous work, we will always observe details that we can improve to optimize your website according to your specific objectives. This makes the difference between other strategies and SEO and is what will make our portal take off at any given moment.


Differences between SEM and SEO, Why is it like this?


Because search engines want to make sure that your project is serious and long-term. It may sometimes happen that after impeccable optimization work you don’t get the visible results and perhaps when you least expect it, your positioning will take off.


How do we achieve this?


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itBy performing clean and constant SEO optimization. For this reason, dedicate yourself to constantly improve it because you can also lose it.


Through SEM strategy, we can appear in a matter of minutes in the first or second place in the search results, surpassing all the SEO results in a flash.


This will make us achieve effective results, such as increasing visits and conversions almost instantly. However, in an SEM campaign, success is about trial and error, especially in the beginning.

    • Patience


When we start this marketing strategy, patience reigns supreme. We will see the results between the first and fourth month of its implementation. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a little patience, as mentioned above.


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itWe may notice that in the first-month sales have not yet exceeded the cost of the campaign. However, as long as we observe progress and we solve problems, it means that we are on the right track.

    • Implementing multiple strategies, Differences between SEM and SEO


Such problems sometimes don’t depend on the campaign it relates to but to the company’s conversion funnel. For this reason, we should put various strategies into practice to turn your prospects into loyal customers. For example, having a product or service that is interesting, a competitive price, and a website with relevant content.


We can also see it from another point of view, and that is when a new competitor enters the market. Here, the competition will implement their strategies and will make it difficult for you, including using unethical click techniques, such as Black Hat SEO.


Once the SEM campaign operates, we should not see it as a strategy that replaces SEO, but as a complementary one.


As long as the campaign is profitable and you generate conversions, visits, or sales on a recurring and continuous basis, it’s ideal that you continue implementing it.


SEM strategy is the one that attracts most of the conversions and is necessary. However, there are businesses in which SEM strategy is difficult to monetize and is limited, with SEO being the most favorable option.

  • CTR


BluCactus - ctrRegarding SEO, various studies show that the CTR, known for being the click rate below the fifth position, is less than 5%, which can affect the optimization work.


Appearing on the second page of results is like not being there since only 1% of users go from the first page. A curious fact is that appearing in the first results usually generates click rates close to 30%.


In SEM, there is the case of advertising systems such as AdWords, which allows getting very high CTRs in the first 4 results. Those that come out in the TOP area, and can reach figures of over 10% and up to 30% with being in the first position.


Some users prefer to click organic results instead of sponsored results, as they know they’re ads.

  • Content, Differences between SEM and SEO


BluCactus - contentsIn SEO, we must seek innovation, extension, quality, and relevance.


SEM should seek, above all, relevance, besides giving a more commercial focus to the content, focusing it on the conversion of customers.


In SEO, the contents of the pages that appear in the first search results are organic and are positioned by the relevance of the website within a defined theme, and by the quality of its content.


For this reason, the user is more likely to find the answer to what they’re looking for in organic search results.


An SEM strategy has a clear business purpose. That is why most of the time such content doesn’t meet the needs of users who perform search queries.




From what we mentioned above, it’s a commercial strategy, it only seeks to sell, not to educate.


If working with SEM, it’s highly advisable to have specific pages focused on giving the user what they’re looking for and leading them towards conversion, using calls to action. Likewise, the user must reach the objective we have set for ourselves with the campaign.

  • Visibility, Differences between SEM and SEO


BluCactus - woman workingSEO: there is no guarantee of appearing in the first results.


SEM: from the moment the campaign starts, it’s possible to appear in the first results.


In SEO, no one can guarantee that you will appear on the first page of organic search results or in a certain position at a certain time. Whoever tells you that, is trying to deceive you or using unethical techniques that, most times, can lead to serious penalties.


Why do we say this? Because SEO involves planned work that allows you to achieve results in a reasonable time period that will depend on the popularity of your content. We will see this as these SEO optimization results, gradually pays off.


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - seo and semHowever, we have to assume that the positioning could work for months, even years, and even then, we might not achieve our objective, which is to position a web page in the TOP 10 of search results.


This is because competitors could position themselves there for a long time or have more resources to promote their businesses. Here, it’s better to opt for other solutions.


In SEM, if you optimize the campaign correctly, you will appear on the first page almost instantly and even in the first position. We should note that you could get this successful result if you invest properly in the campaign. In this way, SEM represents a reliable alternative to quickly increase your visibility. However, in the long term, it’s not just a matter of insisting a lot, but of structuring the campaign and optimizing it correctly.

  • Ranking


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itKnow the ranking of each of them:


SEO: there are no immediate big changes in terms of your position in the ranking of results.


SEM: the variety of positions can be constant.


In SEO there isn’t a great variety in the positions in the rankings since it considers hundreds of elements, and it’s difficult for a single signal to produce important changes.


We often see large changes when search engine algorithms trigger modifications that influence the processing of some signals. This usually happens a few times a year.


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itTherefore, if a website is in a great position, it will be difficult to overcome it in a brief space of time. One of the main positioning factors is the age of the domain, but also the freshness of the content. For this reason, to maintain the interest of the reader from beginning to end, we insist on making valuable and creative content.


Older websites have certain advantages, while more recent articles are more relevant.


In SEM, the changes are constant because if any of the competitors modify their offer or changes the campaign or on the website, it will change the rank of the ads. This depends on a mathematical formula that takes into account the bid – the price offered by the buyer – and a quality factor that is calculated in real-time for each search.


  • Measurement, Differences between SEM and SEO


BluCactus - measurementDo you already know what the differences between SEO and SEM measurement are? Today we will explain them to you:


SEO is difficult to measure immediately. To know whether you do good SEO, you need some time to see its progress.


SEM is easy to monitor due to the digital tools that facilitate the process of visualizing the performance of everything we want to monetize.


We will explain it in more detail below:


BluCactus - Differences between SEM and SEO - computer with importante information of seo on itIf we ever use a web analytics tool such as Google Analytics, we will have noticed that Google cares about privacy in searches.


What we identify as ‘Not provided’ in Google Analytics refers to the keywords used by users that Google can’t provide. Having a session started, it’s more difficult to know the queries or keywords for which we are getting traffic.


Instead, to measure the metrics related to SEO positioning, we can use the tools for web developers that search engines provide us with, in Google’s case, it’s Search Console.


This tool provides us with certain information on the positions, and keywords that have generated clicks. However, the information is usually incomplete, thus hindering the work of the SEO specialist.


In SEM, due to the tools provided by advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, you can have all the data and statistics of keywords and metrics related to a campaign.


This way, we can easily identify the keywords with which we get the most visits and interactions. Also, in Google Analytics we can have this information completely, but not in real-time.


The initial investment in AdWords can be useful to know which words are searched, which ones attract traffic to our website, and which ones convert the best.

  • Flexibility, Differences between SEM and SEO

BluCactus - flexibility  

We will explain what the differences between each one are:


SEO isn’t very flexible to changes.


SEM is very flexible to changes.


In SEO positioning, for the changes to take effect, you have to wait for days or weeks.


For example, to make a title change, the search engine robot needs to scan the page again and update the result in its index servers. This can take time, so we should avoid changing titles regularly. Instead, in SEM, any change in the campaign is applied immediately.


Some modifications that we can make, are to change the texts of the announcements, pause a keyword that doesn’t give us good results, and add others.


In conclusion of Differences between SEM and SEO


BluCactus - contact usWe have learned the differences between SEO and SEM. We learned that while SEM can quickly put us on the first page, its results depend on us paying a certain amount of money and once we stop doing it, the results can disappear.  SEO, on the other hand, can gradually position our website through a series of organic strategies. 


It all depends on your goals and content. If you want to have immediate results and are able to spend some money, we recommend SEM.


SEM can be used when, for example, you need to sell something quickly, like a Valentine’s sale that’s limited for a date. If instead, you prefer to get there organically and remain there for a while, SEO is what you need. SEO works best for long term goals, such as selling services and/or products all year long. 


Remember that you can also use both at the same time. That way you can create a solid strategy that will impulse your website to the top.


If you are looking to do SEO, you can contact us immediately. We have a specialized team and we can help you achieve your goals.


We are BluCactus, we take care of designing the solution to all your problems. We accompany you throughout the process and guarantee you successful results in realistic terms.


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Your company’s future in the right hands: 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency

When you want to have a website for your business, the first question you could ask yourself is: which SEO agency will I choose? This is the moment where we ask friends or family if they know of any and generally, their answers don’t satisfy us. Learn the 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency.


Don’t worry though, today we will dig into some questions you should know before hiring an SEO marketing agency.


One of the marketing strategies that work best for companies that want to improve their online visibility continues to be SEO. We will review several types below before starting with the questions that you could ask about this helpful strategy.


SEO Types


BluCactus - Woman working and reading a book

  • Independent SEO Consultants: These are freelance professionals who offer SEO services.
  • SEO companies or agencies: These companies have mostly standardized SEO teams and processes.
  • Internal SEO: You use this SEO type when your business or company is very large or is growing rapidly.


You can hire an SEO consultant to help you put things in place and come up with an initial strategy to get your website off to a good start.


Today many variants exist between freelancers and SEO agencies. However, if there is something they have in common, it’s that their SEO services will not be cheap. We recommend you be careful when hiring. Discounts of these services often mean that the agency or SEO “specialist” you hired is using troublesome strategies. This, in the long term, could damage your website.


BluCactus - men thinking in workingHowever, it’s good to find a balance, because an outrageous price does not guarantee quality work. Many agencies absurdly increase the prices of creating the website. However, these SEO companies can get away with it since most website owners don’t know how to test SEO work. To avoid this abuse, you must know some useful questions before hiring an SEO agency.


By now, you must have a certain notion about what SEO is and by visiting our blog you have shown your initiative to learn what questions you should ask before hiring an SEO agency.


As long as you ask the right questions and pay attention to the answers (we’ll show you how to do that later), you should be able to find SEO that will positively impact your business.


How to hire an SEO company?


BluCactus - computer showing important informationWe know that when the time comes to hire an SEO agency, many questions can arise. It’s normal to feel a little scared since it’s an investment that depends on the growth of your company.


Today there is a great offer of web positioning services for companies and individuals. If chosen incorrectly it could have serious consequences for the visibility and positioning of your brand in search engines.


The best thing is that you hire a professional who carries out the SEO service perfectly. This way you can be very successful, gain position, and organic search traffic without advertising. Therefore, you must choose carefully. If you are considering hiring an SEO service, the best thing to do is to ask yourself key questions to feel safe.


Out of all the questions, we’ll propose below, choose only those that adapt to the aim you want to achieve.


Let us begin!


39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


Can you detail the services you would provide me as part of the SEO strategy?


BluCactus - woman working in a computerThis is one of the main questions. If the SEO agency representative is reluctant to detail the work they intend to do for you, be careful: some SEO companies use unethical web positioning techniques and they hide what they do with the money you pay them.


In contrast, a good agency will be transparent with you and won’t be afraid to expose the services they claim to provide as part of the SEO strategy. The services they provide should develop throughout your contract, so remember this when asking these questions before hiring an SEO agency.


Don’t be afraid to ask them for the number of hours or assets that they will provide each month depending on the strategy they propose.


BluCactus - men screaming in a megaphoneAside from the previous question, here are some other questions you may initially raise:


  • What are the services you plan to deliver monthly as part of the strategy? Could you specify the amounts of these services?
  • How many hours can I wait for each service monthly?
  • Internal and external items will you provide per month?
  • Time do you spend analyzing campaigns and reports?


When faced with these questions, don’t be surprised if the agency says: “This is what we will provide from the first month to the third month …” It’s common. The agency will try to find the right strategy for your business and adapt the offer as the negotiation develops.


BluCactus - site rankLastly, make sure they base the services they provide on research and not intuition.


How will you optimize our content?


Content is in control of any social network. If you publish good content, you will have many followers as a result.


Therefore, before hiring an SEO agency, make sure that it will improve its content.



Can you show us some of your writing samples? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


BluCactus - men working in a computer

This is one of the key questions before hiring an SEO agency.


When we ask this question, it’s because we’re interested in knowing what the writing style of the agency is like.


Any agency that offers content marketing services should be able to provide you with samples of the best work of their writers.


If this doesn’t happen, something is wrong.


How do your writers adapt to a new business or industry?


BluCactus - 3en working in his computerThe agency should discuss its best copywriters and how prepared they’re to develop content for their business regardless of the sector.


If you ask this question before hiring an SEO agency, you’ll know if they will carry out the amount of research necessary to produce quality content.


If the agency’s response isn’t to your liking, you have two options:


  • Test their writing style to see if it works for you.
  • Decline in the company’s offer.


How will you optimize content for our readers and search engines? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


BluCactus - google trendsWhen referring to search engines, which are vital to position content, we highlight that this is a key question.


Through it, you could know the process of the content team to target your target audience.


You could see how they work with the SEO team, if they optimize their content with keywords and if they have tools like Google Trends.


This is used to know which keywords are the best for certain content.


BluCactus - men working a tablet

What types of content do you produce?


Using this question, you will discover if the agency has experience producing texts, blog posts, infographics, video scripts, and short animations, among other types of content.


Take all of this into consideration to find out what type of content you want for your business before hiring an SEO agency.



BluCactus - people working on a teamHow many internal and external content posts will you create per month? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


You must have a clear idea about what you want on your website and expose it when you ask these types of questions before hiring an SEO agency.


You could specify if you want to increase your content or just keep a certain number of visits.


Make sure that the agency has a good strategy and that it can guarantee compliance.


BluCactus - computer with colorful arrows

Will new content be published on the website?


Find out if the agency will add images, edit content to engage its online readers, and publish the final product on its site.


If the agency doesn’t handle the administration of the publications, it can advise you to hire an additional professional on the internal team which may also be part of the agency contract you will sign.


What metrics (statistics) will you inform me of? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


BluCactus - colorful graphics

This is a crucial question before hiring an SEO agency, how well will you follow up on the agency’s work? Fortunately, metrics or statistics always speak for themselves.


Don’t forget it. The agency should always go beyond web traffic, social networks, and the number of comments.


It should measure how its content helps those followers or fixed clients who ask questions.


By interpreting these, you can increase the engagement of your customers or followers.


How much do they know about link building?


BluCactus - seo backlinksDid you know that external links that redirect the user to your website are key to any online marketing effort? Well, they are, so take this question seriously before hiring an SEO agency.


If there aren’t good links leading to your website, it may be difficult for you to rank higher than the competition in search engines. You won’t be well-positioned if you have a small number of visits.


However, not all links are good. Some of them may classify as spam. Therefore, if you choose the wrong SEO agency, which doesn’t follow Google’s guidelines and creates spam links, your website could get a penalty, causing you to never achieve your goals.


Here are some questions you can ask:


  • What type of links will you create? How will you do it?
  • How many new links will you produce per month? Expect an estimate.


BluCactus - seo investigationWhat experience do you have working with companies in my industry? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


With this question, you can know if they are capable or have some kind of experience with other companies in your industry.


This last aspect isn’t necessarily a decisive factor.


Also, you could ask what steps the agency will take to specialize in your industry.


Does your agency have a Google Partners Badge?


BluCactus - google partnerIt’s not a very common question, but it works to verify if the agency can carry out the daily tasks and meet the objectives you have in mind.


If the agency has a Google Partners Badge, it means that it has Google AdWords certified employees.


Therefore, it has access to its team of Google agencies and is up to date with the latest AdWords innovations.


This is important because it shows that they’re employees committed to their work.


BluCactus - men workingHow will we communicate? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


Without a doubt, you will need to be very aware of the work regarding SEO. This is one of the basic questions before hiring an SEO agency. We recommend that you ask the SEO agency, who will be in charge of communicating with your company and how often can you speak to them.


You can suggest communicating as many times as necessary during the week or from time to time to find out if the hired service is succeeding.


BluCactus - men working

How will you inform us of our monthly progress?


Here, the agency can deliver a report and an easy-to-read summary with the statistics about the progress of its website.


Another question that may arise before hiring an SEO agency is if they will explain the report to you.


However, you can also schedule meetings from time to time to control the growth of your business through the website.


BluCactus - team of people workingWho makes up the technical team? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


Before hiring an SEO agency, make sure you know who makes up the technical team and who will be responsible for each task. Some agencies aren’t clear about this when offering their services.


This can lead to conflict when you need an additional professional to implement the changes they recommend.


Find out if they will need help from another professional at some point.


BluCactus - websites in designCan you show us some websites you have designed?


This is an important question. Because through it, the agency can show you everything it has done. However, remember that you may not find what you’ve been waiting for. Everything depends on which agency will you hire.


There are SEO agencies that specialize in certain areas. It’s advisable to consider the site that the agency shows you to see if it has any similarity to your business idea.



BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itDo you design custom websites or use templates? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency 


Your business doesn’t need a very elaborate page layout, that is, a more demonstrative layout to make yourself known, a simple template might suffice.


If you need a unique website that generates leads or sales, speak to agencies that offer custom design services.



BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - professional men workingHow much participation will I have in the design?


A useful question before hiring an SEO agency is to find out to what degree you will take part in the design of your website.


However, remember that sometimes you will give your opinion on a design, while at other times the agency will provide you with ideas that they think are best for your business, even if no one knows you better than yourself.


Also, find out if you will see the website and provide information as they create it. Be sure to give your point of view. You can also find out what the agency design process will be.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itWhat type of design will they use? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


Any agency you hire will want to look good in your eyes, so the proposed design for your website should be appreciated in all screen sizes and resolutions.


Consider that the design provided by the agency responds to any device.


Be it on smartphones, tablets, and monitors, among others.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itCould my website grow as my business grows?


The agency you have in mind should explain how you will handle each design of your website. Like, for example, where you will place your company’s products or services, the way to contact it, and where it’s located, among others. Don’t miss this ask before hiring an SEO agency.


Remember, that the agency should edit the website as your business grows and is recognized by its clients or followers. If, on the contrary, the agency has not thought about this aspect, you must restructure all the ideas you had of your website from the beginning.


BluCactus - offer electronic commerceDo you offer e-commerce services? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


If your business generates sales, clarify all your doubts regarding them before hiring an SEO agency. If the company doesn’t answer you for sure, it’s better to think twice before hiring.


The agency should easily understand what you mean by electronic commerce.


A specialist in this area can suggest that within its website, add a button for the shopping cart, support for multiple currencies, and update prices to reflect discounts, among other elements.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - professional woman workingWhat social networks should my company compete in?


Today social media is synonymous with sales and audience, so don’t forget this question before hiring an SEO agency. When you do it, the agency should already have a strategy prepared to know in which social media you can view your business the best.


  That way it can recommend the networks that are most relevant to you based on your audience and your objectives. Everything will depend on your type of business and what products and/or services it offers to the public.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itHow prepared is your team for managing social media? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


They should have a good social media team to respond to comments, encourage conversations on all social media, and connect with customers through these channels.


Therefore, one question before hiring an SEO agency must aim to know if the agency has an adequate team to meet the management objectives so that your business can enter the different social platforms.



BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itHow will you ensure that our presence on social media reflects our brand image?


The agency you have in mind for your hiring should think of social media strategies consistent with their brand image.


They shouldn’t employ tactics they have already used for other clients because they may not perform well for you.


It’s about your brand image, include this question in your top 10 questions before hiring an SEO agency.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itDo you offer ongoing maintenance once the website is active? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


Maintenance is another important point since it relates to virus removal, updates, the verification that all links are working correctly, and the status of the central website.


Will the contracted agency be able to handle post-launch troubleshooting, or will you have to find another provider to maintain your website?


While there are agencies that specialize in some objectives more than others, the idea is to get all the benefits in a single agency.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itWhat role does SEO play in site design?


This is another of the essential questions before hiring an SEO agency because it’s the key element of this matter: SEO.


We suggest that the website is in harmony with the theme or business that you are launching on the market because even if you don’t believe it, your future clients and followers will notice this detail.


Therefore, if your website is not following what it offers, I assure you will not get many clients. We have been mentioning how SEO is so important when creating the website and how it has to be in tune with your business.


 Ask these two questions before hiring an SEO agency:


  • Does your agency produce content optimization for keywords, titles, and meta-descriptions?
  • Will you be able to implement a crawlable link structure and use other strategies to make the site SEO friendly from the start?


What kind of security features do they offer? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


BluCactus -sslHave you thought about securing your website? With this question, we can be sure if the agency has knowledge in this area and if it can configure a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate to establish an impenetrable connection for traffic between the web browser and the server.


This is of vital importance because you don’t want your website to be hacked or easily accessible to unauthorized third parties. Now, do you understand why this question is crucial before hiring an SEO agency?


Lastly, given the importance of the secure connection layer, ask your prospective agency for checks to verify that you can configure this security measure.


Are they updated with the latest algorithm changes?


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - algorithm changesGoogle creates approximately 500 algorithm changes per year, although not all are significant. Most of these changes have little impact anywhere.


However, if there’s a select group of algorithm updates that are significant enough to warrant naming, then all SEOs should be familiar with such updates. Be sure to ask the SEO to describe some of the latest updates to check if this person knows what you are talking about.


You will know if the SEO agency you are thinking of hiring is an inexperienced person who only wants to make quick money or if they know about the subject and are trained to take care of your business. Remember this question before hiring an SEO agency.


If the agency is up to date with updates, it could also be active in forums and on some SEO community.


Finally, if you don’t know where you can see this list of updates, we provide you with the website where you can see them, this is SearchEngine Land.


Can you guarantee that the site will rank # 1 for an important search term? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


BluCactus - panda to searchNext, you will know how to eliminate or deny false SEOs and their illegal techniques. One of the most relevant questions before hiring an SEO agency.


If an SEO professional or agency is trying to make a sale, they will usually be happy to say that it guarantees the number one ranking in Google’s search results.


However, here is the dilemma: no one can guarantee ranking number one and much less in a specific time period.


Here are some reasons you can’t believe those promises:


No SEO knows the exact algorithm of Google.


BluCactus - googleIf any SEO claims to know the exact algorithm, it’s lying. We can assure you that if you knew the algorithm, you could earn much more than what you would charge as a typical SEO consultant.


This is because it’s very complex to guess the sequence of a series of operations besides its use on the web.


Google drives more than one algorithm change per day on average, so unless you’re working on this algorithm with Google, you can’t know when or how it will change.



Penalties can appear at any time. 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


Google rarely says when certain algorithms will run. Its penalties can be algorithmic or manual. With algorithmics, they can be run weekly, monthly, or annually. In contrast, manual fines, reviews, and penalties can appear at any time.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itTherefore, these two points mean that although SEOs can consistently increase their search traffic over time, they cannot guarantee the positioning of specific keywords.


However, there is one important caveat: some SEOs may ask you what keyword you are considering or suggest one. If you are targeting a very easy keyword, they can offer you a guarantee.


Take into account before hiring an SEO agency that offering a guarantee and guaranteeing a number one ranking are two unique aspects. Providing a guarantee usually means they expect you to rank at number one for an easy term, but if they can’t help you do that, they’ll give you some kind of refund. This guarantee is good, although you should be cautious because it could lead to them being too aggressive to get short-term results, which could be dangerous or illegal.


Instead, guaranteeing you a number one ranking means that, even with a difficult term, the agency guarantees you a number one ranking in search results.


What tools do they use?


BluCactus - tools to useWhen we use the word “tool” it usually describes a wide variety of SEO applications that allow you to process a lot of information in a short time and save a lot of money.


Here are some of them:


  • Reporting Tools: Although we know that reports can be created manually, it’s much easier to create a custom, computerized report that combines analytics, keyword rankings, and other SEO metrics.
  • Link building tools: these are tools that allow creating hundreds or thousands of links with the click of a button.
  • Technical tools: do you know tools like ScreamingFrog? This allows SEOs to quickly track large sites when there is a technical problem.
  • Research tools: These are the tools that allow you to collect contact information for numerous people in minutes. An example of them is BuzzStream. These types of tools help to group potential clients and carry out keyword research.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - computer with important information on itThey design these tools to comment on hundreds, if not thousands, of blogs, forums, or 2.0 websites, as it automates them. However, if the SEO company names tools like Xrumer, SE Nuke, or Bookmarking Demon, stay away – it’s not a suitable option.


Therefore, it might be helpful to ask questions before hiring an SEO agency regarding these tools.


Likewise, another application that is partially inadvisable is Scrapebox, since they can use it for spam comments on blogs, but they can also use it for legitimate investigation and reporting activities. If your SEO Company specifically mentions Scrapebox, ask for more details about how they use it.


Could you specify what SEO tasks you will do in my business? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - professional men workingThis question is of great importance before hiring an SEO agency. This is because the person in charge of answering this question should have developed at least a basic technical SEO audit and once they hire the agency, they should show said audit.


If, on the contrary, this isn’t part of their process, they are probably not very good SEO and we recommend that you be careful, as technical SEO involves all the in-depth aspects of SEO that search engines are still interested in.


These are things like finding and addressing web crawler errors, 404 pages, redirect issues, and testing site navigation, meaning, tasks any SEO agency should know about. Don’t let them fool you.


Do you always follow Google’s best practices?


BluCactus -googleIt may be true that following Google’s best practices is important for long-term traffic growth, but let’s not forget that Google uses approximately 500 algorithm updates per year.


All these updates have a single purpose: to facilitate the best results for search engines. Each of them publishes the search engine rules, known as the “golden rules”.


So when you break the rules, Google doesn’t end up happy. For this reason, they have created certain algorithms that have penalized many sites with easy access for being hacked.


When you get a penalty, your web traffic is the most affected and it may take months or even years of recovery work to correct it. You can also lose tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue during this time. We recommend that you think long-term. Don’t forget that quality SEO takes time.


BluCactus - 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency - professional men workingDo you offer an out clause? 39 questions to ask before hiring an SEO agency


This wise question before hiring an SEO agency will ensure that there is an exclusion clause in the contract. Thirty days in advance can be a good starting point.


This clause will prevent you from losing your earnings.


Once you find the right agency, give the agency six to nine months before making any rash decisions.


Why should we hire them over other SEOs?


Perhaps this is the last question before hiring an SEO agency. This question can help you know what you are looking for in your company. Because it’s a fairly open question, it doesn’t have a correct answer, but it can give you some idea of what the agency can expect.


BluCactus - men working to hire an agencyHowever, here are some answers that could alert you to a poor SEO agency. Be careful if they respond by expressing something related to:


  • “We are the cheapest option.”
  • “Build you more backlinks (external links)”.
  • “Don’t know.”
  • “Get excellent results in a short time.”


Given these answers, act smart and know what the work of this agency will be like. Without a good SEO job, you cannot add tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to your corporate account. The SEO service is an investment that takes at least a few months before you see significant results.


If the SEO professional recommends you to take shortcuts or be extremely aggressive with link building, it’s best to move on to the next candidate with the key questions before hiring an SEO agency.


Ideally, when you ask this question they will respond by referring to their experience that should include their successes, their satisfied clients, and the prestige the agency has in the industry.


Are you starting your business and don’t know who to hire to drive your business?


BluCactus - contact usThen write to us and we will gladly assist you. We have a specialized team to support you at all times.


Also, if you have any doubts or questions about this article about 39 questions before hiring an SEO agency, you can leave us a comment below. At BluCactus we distinguish ourselves by seeking excellence and advising our clients through experts in digital marketing.


Thanks for being part of our community. We are a company dedicated to digital marketing to solve your problems.


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White Hat SEO: Your company’s best friend in Marketing Strategies

The world of SEO is broad, and there are two basic concepts that everyone should know. One of those two concepts is the White Hat SEO which, within the web positioning strategies, represents “the good”. There is Black Hat SEO, known to be “the bad/dangerous” side of SEO.


We will talk about SEO philosophy. Although in the theoretical and practical aspects, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO are opposite elements. That doesn’t mean that they’re incompatible. However, some prefer to use the term Gray Hat, as they use techniques from both sides. Today we will delve only into the White Hat.


What determines the good and bad of SEO?


BluCactus - google logoFor those who don’t know, it’s very easy.


Google determines the ethical standards of the positioning strategies in their search engine. So if you follow Google’s guidelines, you will implement White Hat SEO.


If, on the contrary, you want to speed up the positioning by trying to manipulate the search results.


Google will eventually realize it and the consequences for your website will be worse. Because of this, we recommend that you do things right.


What is White Hat SEO?


How to get approval from search engines?


BluCactus - practiceWe will focus in this article on Google’s established guidelines to implement web positioning strategies or SEO. Even though each search engine establishes its guidelines, most of them base the website’s position on the advice that we’ll give you below.


However, it’s always an excellent idea to inquire about the rules set by other search engines besides Google. This way, to position yourself in the first place of their search results, you will remember what they require.


Likewise, we highlight that not all techniques work 100% in all cases. Their effectiveness depends on the niche of the market, objectives, competition, and the strategy that is being implemented. However, with content marketing, these are some tactics that work perfectly:

  BluCactus - profitablity
  • Higher quality content


Since content is the foundation of this marketing strategy, it must be able to connect with the public.


People enter the internet with some objectives, among them are to interact and find information related to a need.


So, based on the last of the suggestions, content is one of the best ways to satisfy those information desires.


How to create good content? White Hat SEO


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - profesional people workingResearch and analyze the content that interests your audience. Then resolve the doubts that it has through different means: articles, social media publications, eBooks, and infographics, among others.


Content creation bases itself on two key elements: originality and utility. By applying these two notions, users will find your content useful and it will encourage them to recommend your website and share your articles on social media.


Including interesting content on your website is part of the White Hat SEO practices recommended by Google. This and other search engines consider the websites that get frequent visits and where the users stay the longest. Why? Because this shows that the information on these websites is useful to them.


This way, according to the valuation that a search engine gives your website, it’ll rise in the search’s position results.

  • Design


This is another tactic that has different applications, whether in the presentation of a website, brand design, or adaptability to unique devices. All with the same importance. Your website must be visually attractive. Likewise, its design must facilitate the reading and interpretation of the content.


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important informationHow we represent the brand must not only be attractive but consistent with the communication and sales interests of the company. Also, we must structure it according to the interest of consumers.


Sometimes, we can’t distinguish the letters of a website we enter, or the information isn’t in tune with the title of the page. This, of course, causes great displeasure. Because of this, we recommend consistency above all.


The site must have an adaptive or responsive design. Whether it’s on a computer, on a tablet, or a smartphone, it has to display perfectly.


Before creating your website, verify that the host has the “responsive web” option.

  • HTML code, White Hat SEO


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important informationHaving a well-structured HTML code is a tactic that facilitates the display of web content. It contributes to the website’s good positioning in the search engines.


The idea is to have an easy-to-use code to be easily found and thus increase the visibility of your company. While creating the website, it could happen that the code you’re using is not appropriate. It’s important to choose it according to the functionality you want to give your website. That is why some systems give you the option to choose between different codes.


Where can we find these codes?


We can find them at the top when we insert a direct link.

  • Attractive Titles


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important informationThis point is just as important as the content, and that is why we will explain it. The title, as we know it, is the mouthpiece of information. It ensures that the user decides whether to read or view content.


In this sense, on the Internet, the title of our page works as our room address. That’s how we can find our website in the digital world. Just like a newspaper headline, the title of your website should incite consumption, hence the importance of it being attractive, promising, and interesting.

  • Keywords, White Hat SEO

BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important informationWhat do we mean by keywords?


We know them for being the basis of marketing content strategy or the result of the analysis of user searches. A keyword is a kind of code, a set of specific words that lead to top search engine results.


The compilation of these words requires an in-depth study. They make their selection according to the subject of the content.


Next, we recommend:


Investigate: Before creating content, do some research, but what digital tools can we use?


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - profesional people workingYou can take into account the suggestions of the Google search engine.


Use tools like, or even your instinct based on what you know about your target audience.


Analyze how people could search your topic or find you and detail what words they used to search concepts.


This way, you will become familiar with the words that users use the most to make their search queries.


BluCactus - competition


Study your competition:


Use analysis tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to see where your competitors are directing their strategies.


Don’t forget to look at which keywords have the most traffic and the pages that generate the most conversion.


That way, you can develop a strategy that allows you to beat them.


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - profesional people workingAnalyze: Remember to review all the above. Find what works for the competition, upgrade it, and go looking for new long tails without giving up.


And, if you have a new website or have not worked with any SEO strategy before, work three times as hard as your competitors to get excellent results.


Although long-tail words are very useful to be found on the net, they must be fundamental pieces of our texts. Therefore, they should not appear far-fetched or forced into written content. This is because search engine algorithms track the structures in which we include the words typed by the user.

  • Links, White Hat SEO


BluCactus - links

There is a rather peculiar strategy and, although it may not seem like it, it requires extensive knowledge of your market.


However, you have to carry it out to gain not only positioning but also credibility among people.


If we analyze these two advantages in-depth, the second effect is more important than the first.


We are talking about link building.

  • Link building


BluCactus - linksAs we just mentioned, link building is a strategy that goes hand in hand with your company’s value proposition.


To get natural and quality links may be a complicated task, and this could be true. However, it favors the construction of your domain authority.


But it’s very easy to fall into spam. To avoid paying for links, we have this example for you:


When someone in a forum, which deals with a topic, writes a response that links to the user who started the forum.


How’s this? White Hat SEO


BluCactus - people holding red lettersImagine that you are in a forum or a WhatsApp chat, and a user comments on a response, but this response links to a page or website. The said user performs this action so that others go to this site or web page. Here, it’s possible to notice that this action is not accidental.


Luckily, Google has refined its algorithms and has become more cunning at detecting when links are unnatural. So, if you want to promote your project, you must use a professional and quality link building strategy.


We recommend planning, studying the competition, and creating useful content to gain external links. If you need to resort to sponsored links, go for them, without a doubt, it’s an investment that will be worth it. You can collaborate with bloggers, to promote both your content and theirs. Each link must have a meaning and importance that justifies it.


Before choosing a link that redirects your website, inspect what type of traffic it has, what topics it focuses on, and who links it. It’s a lot of work; we know. But we believe that your project is worth it.

  • Constancy

BluCactus - White Hat SEO - profesional people working  

Constancy makes the teacher. And we don’t say it in jest.


Constancy leads to gaining discipline, generates authority, and search engines consider it most of the time.


So, with greater constancy, greater visibility, and with greater visibility, greater interaction.


Do you understand?

  • Strategic links, White Hat SEO


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important informationWhat do we mean by strategic links? 


It’s when we link to another tool that provides benefits.


For example, let’s say your makeup company does makeup tutorials on YouTube to promote their products.


So if you link your videos to your social media and vice versa, you can reach a wider audience.


This strategy is effective as long as you remember the tastes and preferences of your target audience.

  • Bet on long-tail strategies


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important informationWe know that your main goal, and everyone’s, is to be in the top 1 of the search results with your main keyword. However, on new websites or those that have done little SEO, this doesn’t happen overnight.


One of the best White Hat techniques to position your website is to go from less to more. An excellent strategy is to opt for keywords with fewer searches but also less competitive since this makes it easier for us to position our URL.


They don’t provide many monthly visits, but they will signal Google that these keywords are also part of our niche.



  • User, White Hat SEO

BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important information    

The main reason you create an enterprise, apart from the economic income, is for the personal growth that interaction with your clients brings you.


Well, the same thing happens on your page.


To have a good performance, it must adapt to the user. We know this as UX or User Experience.


White Hat SEO Disadvantages


BluCactus - avoidthe blackOne drawback of White Hat SEO is its limited scope, why?


When we do organic work, no matter how hard we want to move forward, we have to go step by step, because if we hurry things, they can take us for spam, and that’s not the idea. Although SEO specialists can optimize a website, organic optimization strategies for search engines give results in the medium and long term.


Concerning Off-Page Optimization, the possibilities are very limited if you don’t want to end up doing Black Hat SEO, or Gray Hat SEO. Google has banned unnatural link building strategies in its guidelines for web developers, such as spam methods or link buying.


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - computer with important informationAnother drawback is the competition. If we use Black or Gray Hat SEO, it would almost force the company to use these methods frequently so as not to be left behind.


For this reason, it’s difficult to beat another highly optimized website in the rankings only with White Hat SEO measures.


However, if we optimize the website with Black Hat’s methods, it would receive a penalty. Furthermore, it would take a lot of time to catch up on a clean-method optimized website. Besides, the damage it causes to the reputation of the website can sometimes be irreparable.


So, we know that the aforementioned optimization work that White Hat SEO allows within its framework is very slow and complex. Although Black Hat SEO is fast and more profitable, in the long term White Hat SEO is more helpful in terms of costs.


White Hat SEO Advantages

  BluCactus - White Hat SEO - profesional people working
  • Security: White Hat SEO is a technique that guarantees that Google won’t penalize the website, as it follows its instructions to the letter.
  • Ethics: If you’re in the top positions with White Hat SEO, it’s because you’re doing things well and adding value to users.
  • Stability: Pages that use Black Hat SEO techniques can achieve their position in a short time. While this may be good in the short term, once Google notices it, it will penalize them.

The fall-off the rankings is very hard. Instead, optimizing pages with SEO White Hat positioning methods guarantees that the position achieved is sustainable, even when Google changes its algorithms.

  • Profitability: White Hat techniques generate high-quality, organic traffic. They also guarantee that we don’t lose the investment since we‘ll avoid Google’s penalties.

Follow Google’s guidelines


Google is our best ally, don’t forget it.


When Google speaks, SEOs are silent. If Google establishes that the loading speed influences the positioning, we take care that the pages of our clients load quickly. To do this, we optimize the images, review the behavior of the server, and create quality content for your website.


BluCactus - obey googleWe know that one of the most important things is the variety. For this reason, our team develops content strategies with different keywords, since we understand that people can search the same thing differently and that search engines intelligent enough to interpret these search queries.


We understand that if Google sets rules, it is for an important reason. White Hat SEO


Google is the search engine par excellence, so it informs us about the factors it takes into account to position a website, we must take this into account when developing your project.


At BluCactus we are very clear that when implementing SEO strategies it’s very important to be up to date with the changes. This implies that what has always worked does not mean that it will work tomorrow since SEO is very changeable. In this sense, it’s important to analyze your website’s performance and optimize it as Google’s algorithms change.


It’s important to listen to reliable sources, be aware of Google updates, and consult professionals on the matter. Instead of paying attention to what anyone says on the Internet.


At our agency, we apply innovative strategies and offer personalized solutions to help our clients increase their organic traffic and improve their visibility. We commit to White Hat SEO and the satisfaction of adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards.


Avoid Black Hat SEO!


How to avoid Black Hat SEO?

  BluCactus - security

If you have a company and you launch yourself into the online world or, you’re already in it. The first thing that you should remember is the SEO strategy that you will implement. To do this, we recommend hiring a professional or an agency specialized in digital marketing.


However, some questions you may have are: How do you know that they will do it well? How to make sure they will not implement Black Hat SEO?


Our best advice is to be wary of agencies that offer cheap service with quick results.


If someone tells you that your website will go from position 100 in Google to 1 in three days, be suspicious. That’s impossible to do with good SEO, and the only thing that you will get is a Google penalty.


SEO is a process that requires time and a lot of consistency; it’s not something that we can achieve in two days and, once achieved, we must maintain it. You must have SEO experimented professionals. A true SEO professional will never carry out “black” techniques and, we assure you, the long-term results will be a thousand times better.


White Hat SEO. If you are interested in contacting us, do so!


BluCactus - White Hat SEO - profesional people workingWe are just one click away to offer you solutions to your problems and help you achieve your goals.


As a company specialized in Digital Marketing, we are interested in the progress of your brand, for which we will develop highly effective strategies to achieve it.


But above all, we want you to see the progress of your website with us.


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Black Hat SEO: The dark side of Digital Marketing and the worst mistake you could ever make.

Marketing lovers may know the answer to this question but, for beginners, and it’s a pleasure to expand their knowledge. Today we will detail important information about Black Hat SEO. Are you ready?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a technique used to high position a website on Google’s search results.


You understand, right? Very good!


What is Black Hat SEO then?


BluCactus- computer with the sign of seoYou may or may not know, but we are here to help you learn everything there’s to know about the Marketing World.


We call Black Hat SEO; the web positioning techniques that seek to achieve fast results by avoiding Google standards. They base this deception on confusing the search engine to move up the ranking results.


Even though Black Hat SEO can get some immediate results, in the long run, it’s never worth it. Once the search engine discovers any attempt to cheat its algorithm, the penalties are very serious. For this reason, when implementing Black Hat SEO, the opposite desired effect is the only thing achieved. Surely that’s not the idea, right?


Likewise, Black Hat SEO has another problem, which is that it doesn’t have any tolerance towards end-users. And while it may be effective in the short term, it usually ends up being detrimental to a company’s marketing objectives.


For this reason, we always recommend following the ethical standards of SEO or White Hat SEO, step by step. That way, you will be able to build a solid foundation on which to base your campaigns.

  BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - computer with the sign of seo

Black Hat SEO characteristics


Some characteristics of the Black Hat SEO technique are:

  1. They defy the norms and rules proposed by search engines
  2. They interrupt user navigation due to the techniques used.
  3. Messy pages with inconsistent texts.
  4. Possibility of malware on the website to which they implemented this technique.

BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - malwareYou will ask yourself, what is malware? What is Black Hat SEO?


Malware means malicious software.


It’s a malicious program or software that performs harmful actions on a computer system intentionally and without the user’s knowledge.


What do you think? Amazing, right?


Search engines, on the other hand, notice when the web developer implements improper techniques on a web page. However, some practices have not yet been determined if they are Black Hat SEO or not.


BluCactus - part of the makingSEO is an essential element of the preparation, correction, and maintenance of advertising campaigns on the Internet and web pages. It’s a technique that works both to improve content dissemination and to make itself known.


A properly implemented SEO will make it easier for different search engines to get the data from your page.


This set of measures not only contemplates positioning techniques but content optimization is also relevant. A high-quality technical SEO campaign will not make any sense if the website’s text is inconsistent. There are companies that in the past incorporated meaningless texts on their pages and so, they got a penalty. 


Black Hat SEO is illegal?


BluCactus - illegal workBlack Hat SEO isn’t an illegal practice unless you attack another website.


If you do, this will cause Google to reject you from its services.


However, those experts in Black Hat SEO, deceive search engines to keep profiting from this questionable strategy.


Not getting caught by search engines is not an easy task. For this, they have to believe that you have a 100% natural SEO positioning.


What does a Black Hat SEO specialist do?


We previously explained what Black Hat SEO is. Now, a specialist in this technique is an expert in both Search Engine Optimization and web programming.

  BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - ranking of seo

This professional has extensive knowledge and experience in the techniques that benefit webpage positioning concerning a certain keyword.


We divided the functions of a specialist into two types: one from SEO1 and the other from the SEO2 consultant.


The SEO consultant profile classifications are:



BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - computer with the sign of seoIt takes a lot of practice and effort to get this profile.


It’s not only about studying web positioning techniques but also testing the potential of a website.


Among the principal functions of a SEO2 Consultant are:

  • Plan a company’s web positioning strategy.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Successfully plan and implement On-Page and Off-Page optimization of a website.

What is On-Page Optimization? What is Black Hat SEO?


BluCactus - optimizationOn-Page Optimization applies to all the changes that take place on a website.


Such as measures related to the content and structure of the website.


It all starts with the selection of keywords to achieve a good ranking in the SERPs.


This stands for Search Engine Result Pages, or in other words, the pages of results of the search engines.


So Off-Page Optimization is the opposite, right?


BluCactus - dashboardOff-Page optimization are techniques focused on obtaining external links leading a website to improve its organic positioning on search engines.


While SEO On-Page optimizes the internal elements of a web page: structure, improvement of texts, use of keywords, etc. SEO Off-Page implements strategies outside of it.


Surely, there are no more doubts, are there?


Let’s continue!


What is Black Hat SEO? SEO2 Functions:

  •  Identify the principal sources of traffic and get relevant information from them.
  •  Design of dashboards.

The dashboard is the instrument panel, it’s like a graph that shows the most important indicators when achieving specific objectives in a business.

  • Crisis management and negative SEO


An SEO consultant is also responsible for preventing a website from being manipulated by Black Hat SEO techniques. It’s also responsible for managing crises that may affect a company’s website.


When we mention negative SEO, we’re talking about Black Hat SEO, which aims to sabotage the organic ranking and positioning of a competitor in the search results.


BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - link buildingSo when a search engine algorithm detects this malpractice, it penalizes the websites that are performing them. Thus reducing their organic ranking and positioning, or worse, deleting them from the search results.


It should be clear by now, right? What is Black Hat SEO?

  • Planning link building strategies


Link building is an outstanding marketing practice aimed at optimizing a search engine positioning.


Likewise, it’s all the actions it carries out to ensure the linking of a website to increase its popularity.

  • Monitor and measure the performance of a web page, What is Black Hat SEO?


What do we mean by this?


An SEO specialist measures and tracks the number of visits, users, page views, views per page, and the bounce rate.

  • Continuous On-Page Optimization


Previously, we specified what On-Page Optimization was, and how regularly we should do it. This ensures that both potential customers and search engine robots can correctly interpret the content of a website.


Likewise, with a good SEO On-Page setup, search engines can easily index web pages and easily understand the website’s structure. Finally, an SEO specialist with a Black Hat focus has an advanced knowledge on all the profiles described above.


SEO as teaching


BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - computer with the sign of seoSEO is a discipline that has changed a lot in recent years. Why is that?


Let’s look at the many updates that Google has implemented and how these gave a 180-degree turn to SEO’s understanding. Marketing and everything it entails, is developing more and more.


Always remember to monitor Google updates and how they are used!


SEO is a growing activity. This is because companies are convinced of the strategic importance that being on the first page of search engine results entails. We should keep in mind that SEO is integrated into what makes up your business strategy, and your company’s communication policy. 


Additionally, it’s essential to remember that the good positioning of websites is due to the work of an SEO Optimization specialized team. Its results, although not immediate, are effective. Therefore, it’s an investment that offers a glorious return, being a marketing tool whose results are lasting.


What are Black Hat SEO techniques?

  BluCactus- computer with the sign of important information

Before, we mentioned and explained what we mean by that term and what it consists of.


Next, we will explain what their employment techniques are:

  • Keyword Stuffing, What is Black Hat SEO?


This technique consists of frequently repeating the keyword within the text of the website with the intention of positioning it

  • The spinning of Contents (Or Spinning)


BluCactus- computer with the sign of important informationHere, unlike the previous one. With the use of an automatic software, it modifies pre-existing articles in the network to later change them with synonyms.

  • Hidden Text, What is Black Hat SEO?


This is one of the oldest techniques.


It’s used to hide text or keywords with the same background color, with a size small enough that the user won’t perceive it.

BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - computer with the sign of seo        
  • Spam Comments on Blogs

It places worthless comments on blogs with the sole intention of getting visits to the website.

BluCactus -cloaking            
  • Cloaking, What is Black Hat SEO?


This technique shows one content to search engines and another to users.


The page that search engines observe is over-optimized with the keywords it tries to position.

  BluCactus - What is Black Hat SEO? - expired domains        
  • Buying expired domains


It’s about buying domains that expired but still maintain the influence authority to position new websites or redirect users to where it wants them.

      BluCactus- computer with the sign of important information  
  • Link Spam, What is Black Hat SEO?


It creates hundreds of inferior quality blogs and websites to implement link building on other websites.


To improve their indexing and positioning, thus creating a great pyramid of links.


How awful!

  • Buy-Sell links


It’s about buying and selling links on websites with top domain authority to gain notoriety and improve ranking position.

  BluCactus - sell links

Such practices will never stop as long as the algorithm keeps giving importance to these websites.

  • Page Hijacking, What is Black Hat SEO?


It consists of hijacking a page to create a very similar copy. That way, the search engine believes that the copy is the original.


Don’t fall for copies!

  • Negative SEO

BluCactus - negative    

It’s about the use of various techniques to harm the competition.


Either by speaking ill, sending bulk backlinks of poor quality, or sending them SPAM.


This only results in the loss of position in the long term. It ends up losing its favorable position in the search engine results for a short term benefit.

  • Mass mailing (SPAM), What is Black Hat SEO?

BluCactus - mass mailing spam  

We certainly have fallen for this technique. It refers to massive SPAM towards emails consented by users.


It’s not bad. But if you use lists with thousands of emails to send mass mailings commercially, then it is.


Mass mailing aims to capture a part of these users to get commercial benefits, don’t abuse it.


Always delete SPAM!

  • Abuse guest posts

BluCactus - abuse of backlinks

Guess what this technique is about!


It produces quality backlinks, which is a process that should be built organically.


Posting articles on other blogs can be useful to make yourself known. Although, It’s recommended to not base your website on guest posts since Google will doubt whether you generate content.


You must generate backlinks from unique sources because, otherwise, you will get a penalty.

BluCactus - products for backlinks    
  • Send products for a link. What is Black Hat SEO?


It’s a hidden way to buy links. You offer a product or service for an external link to your website.

    BluCactus - agree link building        
  • Agreed backlink exchanges.


Link swapping between blogs was a heavily used technique 10 years ago, and it worked until Google stopped it.


Web developers used to base their link building strategy on this practice.

  BluCactus -Create automatic websites.        
  • Create automatic websites. What is Black Hat SEO?


This practice is still used, but Google has improved its algorithm to the point of penalizing these websites. 

  • Buy featured positions in directories.

BluCactus -Buy featured positions in directories.  

It may seem ironic to you, but some directories offer to put your home page on some prominent website.


It’s a way to get a backlink from the website’s home page.


However, Google knows very well that you pay for these locations.

  • Misleading clickbait. What is Black Hat SEO?

BluCactus - Black Hat SEO - Misleading clickbait  

Clickbait refers to the creation of sensational titles.


For example: “You will not believe what happened to this woman when she called a locksmith.”


This feature became very fashionable 7 years ago and worked very well, especially on Facebook.


However, Google and its users grew tired of this practice.

  • Creation of PBNs or Private Blog Networks.

BluCactus - blog networks  

Did you know that PBNs became popular 4 years ago?


The sameweb developer created blogs in different IPs and hostings and then linked the websites they wanted to position from their network.


Google, our faithful friend who does not fail, refined its algorithm to detect these patterns and penalized them all.

  • Abuse of links in the footer of a web. What is Black Hat SEO?

BluCactus - Abuse of links in the footer of a web  

Some web developers use the footer of their website to link to other websites.


For example:


Web positioning in Mallorca” and repeat that link with all the Spanish provinces.


These links only change the province and then redirect to very poor websites with poor quality text.

  • Tools that leave automatic comments.

BluCactus - Tools that leave automatic comments  

These are tools that because of their use of proxies, leave thousands of spam comments on WordPress websites.


Surely you have received comments of this type.


Therefore, it’s necessary to put an anti-spam plugin on the website.


What are proxies?


They are servers that act as mediators in requests for resources made by a client to another server.

  • Changing the content of the post once you have reached a good ranking.

BluCactus - Black Hat SEO  

This is another technique that is old and used.


It creates a spectacular post that ends up positioning itself in the first positions.


Then, it changes the content of the article to commercial content to make money with affiliates.


Over time, the user changes and the post ends up disappearing.

  • 301 redirects to sell traffic. What is Black Hat SEO?

BluCactus - 301 redirects to sell traffic  

Although it may not seem like it, it’s a heavily used tactic on movie download sites that have hundreds of thousands of visits daily.


They sell traffic to other web developers because of a 301 redirect that they implement somewhere on their website. 


They also place links to their customers’ websites on the “Download” buttons. This leads to a monumental waste of time and an unpleasant user experience. Surely you have fallen into these tricks.

  • Overuse of keywords


Some people make gigantic spam from the moment of purchasing the domain. For example, 


After this, they buy backlinks and all the anchor texts are like “Plumber in Salamanca”, which leads to a certain penalty.

  BluCactus - Overuse of keywords

Backlinks are the links that a web page receives from other websites.


Anchor text is the visible text on a link or hyperlink that provides information about content to which we want to direct the user and search engines.

  • Negative SEO towards competition.What is Black Hat SEO?


Such a technique is disastrous and almost illegal. It consists of creating links from penalized websites to your competition. Some of them carry these practices in the competition’s name. Google has stated many times that its algorithm knows how to detect this practice.


Would you like to improve the SEO of your page?

BluCactus - contact us  

What is Black Hat SEO? Contact us, we are just a click away!


We are a company specialized in SEO with a team of talented experts who will provide you with the solution to your problems. We are grateful to be one of your options when informing you.


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How Google’s new algorithm humanizes our search results and affects SEO strategies

We dare to say that you may have heard what Google BERT is, but do you know what it is and how to use this update?


Google BERT is an update brought out by the famous search engine to improve the semantic capacity of its algorithm. Google Algorithmics experience constant updates and most of them go unnoticed.


However, a few of them have incredible importance and represent significant changes, such as the case of Google BERT. 


This recent and already known Google Update directly affects SEO work within Inbound Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies. This is why we think appropriate to explain what it’s about. Which upgrades it brings, and what makes it different from other Algorithmic subsystems.


What are we talking about? Specifically, of RankBrain.


Are you understanding so far?


Take it easy! We will continue with the step-by-step explanation for you.


What’s Google BERT?


BERT means Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It’s an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system to help Google Search algorithms. This makes it easier to understand the language that users use when performing a search using sentences.


For this reason, the recent update in Google’s algorithms is as innovative as the one made in 2015 with RankBrain. SERPs results get analyzed and classified by an AI mechanism for the first time ever.


BluCactus - Google BERT: SEO's friend or foe? - person searching for this toolThese systems, especially BERT, contextualize each query more naturally thanks to an analysis method. To achieve this, BERT has a characteristic called “bidirectionality”, which consists of analyzing a sentence in two directions. Therefore, it’s taken into consideration the words to the left and right of a keyword.


That said, this allows it to deeply understand the context and theme of every phrase the user enters for Google search. Thus, Google’s algorithms put to action their 200 ranking factors after fully understanding what the specific query is about.


These factors then choose the content that best responds to that search. And so they influence theresults of SERPs, which become increasingly relevant to users.


Although BERT is not properly a ranking factor, it directly relates to several of them. Since this system will be in charge of telling the algorithms what exactly users need to find.


What improvements does Google BERT bring to SEO?


As you can read, the birth of Google BERT translates into a better ranking of SERPs results.  But this recent update has a lot more implications in the optimization of search mechanisms, which. We will explain in depth below.


Some specific improvements it brings to SEO are:


Identification of correct meanings


We know what we can understand as a meaning, but in Marketing, can we interpret it in the same way?


The term “meaning” in this area refers to the sense and connotation of a word or expression. In English, and many other languages, some words can have multiple meanings, such as “right”, “station” and “bank”. Therefore, to determine its real meaning, it’s important to inquire and infer the context in which it’s mentioned for its later interpretation.


Precisely, this is what Google BERT does, specifically, its “transformers” propriety. Likewise, it refers to assigning certain scores, to determine the most correct meaning of a word within a search phrase.


While it can be confusing to read. It’s important to understand and practice. There are also many specialists in these areas that you can go to with no problem.


Analysis of prepositions


BluCactus - computer with important informationWhat does it sound like when you read preposition analysis? Do you know what prepositions are?


We’ll help you refresh your memory a little.


Prepositions are those invariable words that serve to link two words or sentences and express the relationship between them. Then, to understand the user’s intention, this recent Google update doesn’t miss a single detail. It analyses the prepositions within a query phrase to project the results focused on the actual needs of the user.


Next, we will show you some examples so you can understand:


Examples of BERT’s differences


Before BERT, the algorithm ignored the “to” preposition in the phrase “2019 Brazil travelers to the USA need a visa”. Because of this, the first result of SERPs responded to a search intention of “American citizens can travel to Brazil without a Visa”.


In opposition, we have that, after implementing BERT, the algorithm took into account the “to” preposition. Thus, BERT gives it enough value as a determining element to understand the true search intention. Thanks to it, it adapts the new result in the SERP to “Brazilian travelers who want to travel to the US and want to get Visa information”.


Know the BERT algorithm


Knowing this key information, and even if BERT is not a ranking factor. We can apply certain changes in the way of writing our content to position ourselves better on Google. This feature is unprecedented in a Google algorithm and in any of its updates.


Google BERT is an open-source neuronal network programmed to process natural language. This means that it can improve and train itself to offer more precise answers and solve doubts and questions.


Although, it’s not a ranking factor by itself. Google BERT implementation of such upgrades shows that it’s necessary to examine the new principles and methods to follow. That way we can establish ourselves at the top of the search engine results list.


How are the dynamics of Google Bert?


In general, BERT’s proposed dynamics make it much more important to develop conversational content. And to not focus only on filling the texts with highly elaborated keywords. Since if we leave out prepositions and other linguistics elements this can cause spontaneity to get lost.


The principal aim is to focus on contextualizing every topic very well and expressing it. Both in the SEO title and content and not focus on the textual aspect. Without a doubt, we must integrate all this into the usual practices for the development of content. It must mainly reflect the understanding of the buyer and their stage in the sales funnel.


How can we conclude?


We explained BERT’s definition, which, in summary, is an update where its main objective is to understand, as precisely as possible, what humans mean when we search for something on Google or when we do a voice search.


Likewise, we understood the workings of a few algorithms like Google BERT and their importance in this heavily digital transformation influenced age. Where the internet and its platforms are essential tools to connect with the public.


BluCactus - computer with important informationIn addition, it’s important to appreciate that, although it seems like a great challenge, BERT isn’t a problem for SEO. On the contrary. It’s an opportunity to achieve optimal and reasonable organic positioning. This wonderful update from Google gives us information about the importance of developing truly human content, messages, and interaction flow.


Many times, we expect the contextualization system to be positively valued since it focuses on the Artificial Intelligence system, which can identify the user’s intention.


Natural language processing, known as NLP, challenges us to consider our communication strategies on the Internet. As if we did it face to face, with the closeness and human sense that this entails.


Can you understand what Google Bert is about? It’s too easy! If you have any doubt or questions, you can leave it in the comments. We read you! To learn more, subscribe to our daily newsletter and let yourself get surprised by the news from Digital Marketing.


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The History of SEO

It is known as the history of SEO the evolutionary study of information consumption on the web over a period that covers the last thirty years. A process where the implementation of different algorithms played an elementary role. This represented an advancement that allowed the search of data in a matter of seconds.


These elements comprise the acronym Search Engine Optimization, SEO. Those advancements built the Internet that we enjoy nowadays. This has allowed the massification of innumerable services and web pages that aim at attracting leads and customers no matter where they are in the world.


According to multiple pieces of research, the history of SEO is a discipline that experiences an evolutionary rhythm. An element that each year changes drastically. Ever since the creation of the BluCactus Agency, our technical team has been able to work simultaneously with those processes. Our services offer several strategies so that your prospects can become part of such important growth. On this opportunity, all this remarkable history will be shown to the reader in the form of this text.


What are the main stages of the History of SEO? Main technical elements that motivated the emergence of this system.


BluCactus - old computer color graySEO has evolved in parallel with the contributions that the algorithms of its last three decades have been able to provide it. That is how initially we come across with classic or rudimentary SEO from the 1990s.


Subsequent decades were influenced by the presence of technology and the professionalization of content creation. Under these parameters, experts divide the History of SEO into three stages or phases. The study of this field of knowledge eases the current and future understanding of these systems.


Very important for the development of the Internet was the emergence of the first web pages during 1991. The massification of them led to the need for search classification systems. Initially, the system Excite in 1993 was the first proposal of this kind.


An initiative followed by Yahoo in 1994, and Altavista and Google in 1995 and 1997, respectively. At this stage of the History of SEO, three parameters were implemented to promote the positioning of a website on the Internet. The number of visits was the most important factor. The number of keywords repetitions and backlinks complemented these parameters.


Relationship between SEO and Sales Marketing: The unexpected effect of the arrival of the 2000s.


BluCactus - computer with colorfull toolsThis stage of the history of SEO was influenced by a reformulation of the user concept. The user, formerly information consumer, becomes a consumer of products and services. This factor triggered fierce commercial competition among emerging companies at the beginning of the new millennium.


The application of marketing techniques shaped the current SEO. Besides, this decade represented the rise of Google as the world’s search engine leader. Initially, the system began to gain notoriety thanks to the launch of Google Toolbar, a tool for measuring PageRank. Also, the launch of Google AdWords in 2002 allowed search engines to develop the concept of keyword density.


The arrival of the 2000s represented for the SEO a change of approach from Programming towards Marketing. It differed greatly from the 1990s as a result of its inevitable commercialization. Among other important contributions that also marked the history of SEO, is the introduction of Blogger in 2003. The introduction of XML Sitemaps in the market also favored content management and indexing.


The History of SEO and the trigger factors of its professionalization: Know the origins of the main Internet penalties.


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the google logo on its screenThe third and last stage of the History of SEO starts with the arrival of the year 2010. At that moment Google reinforced its position as the main search engine in the world. The companies, given the high online competition, develop their work systems leading to the third phase: professionalization. The information to be indexed through SEO positioning is built by a professional staff in charge of content optimization. There are, besides, two key facts that encourage the control of fraudulent websites.


First of them was the invention of Panda. After its launch, a 12% reduction in the amount of existing false content on the Internet was observed. Panda represented a new way to face overoptimization. A year later, Penguin allowed control over websites with low-quality links.


In these conditions, a very important number of job positions started to rise, mainly, in the field of content creation. Back then, each effort was motivated by the improvement of each one of the SEO manipulation techniques. Below, we provide a detailed examination of these phenomena.


Keyword Stuffing Penalties


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the google logo on its screenThis point in the history of SEO marked a radical turn in its evolution. Keyword Stuffing, previously one of the main web positioning techniques became an illegal strategy.


For Google, this represented a greater control over the quality of the information. Hence, the concept of keyword density emerges to limit this process. This had its origins in the launching of Google Panda in 2001.


Previously, the market opened job vacancies to promote it. In addition to over-optimization, the algorithm also penalized sparse or duplicate content.


The emergence of Backlink Traffic Penalties


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the google logo on its screenThe year 2012 represented the end of the era of Black Hat SEO, better known as backlink traffic. Over more than ten years, companies had trained copywriters to spread backlinks.


This was classified as a punishable act under the implementation of the Google Penguin algorithm.


The idea of the main search engine company was to drive fair web traffic based on information quality.


After implementing this kind of structural reform, the History of SEO was never the same.


The boom of Content Plagiarism


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with data and informationPeople used to avoid penalties over content plagiarism following different methods. The most common of them was quoting the respective source.


Another method involved copying entirely the content maintaining the identification of the original author. A third variant was of that strategy implied translating the content into other languages.


The effectiveness of these strategies lied in making it possible for the copied source to exceed the original author’s traffic. During the last decade of the History of SEO, these were the most important contributions that Panda would make.


What were the other formulas that Google used to beat this kind of problem?


BluCactus -mozAlong with the development of different algorithms, Google indirectly forced the modern businessman to adapt to its emerging policies.


One of them was the implementation of the slogan “Don’t Be Evil”.


This system was used temporarily yet led to important results within the history of SEO.


Another relevant strategy was the development of the Moz algorithm. This allowed giving search queries a more personal touch. The system involved aspects such as search history and different business hours.


The participation of the Venice Algorithm: All the advantages through which this system allowed Google to never be the same.


BluCactus - notebook wit informationLaunched in 2012, the Venice algorithm represented a before and after within the history of SEO. This resulted from its impact on the local search system. Before this, a company’s search in the SERPs always yielded results at an international level.


This new search system allowed, after knowing the local IP address, to yield results that were geographically close to the user. Hence, services found by the user would be mainly based in his city. The inclusion of Google Maps within this process also favored web positioning.


During the years following this stage of the history of SEO, other important algorithms complemented those elements. The most important of them was Google Possum in 2016. Equally remarkable was the Hummingbird algorithm, which affected 90% of global searches thanks to semantic interpretation.


Another elemental change on the web was the HTTP to HTTPS migration. In this way, the SSL certificate allowed greater security of the users’ data. In 2019, the Neural Matching algorithm introduced the online concept of neural sensitivity.


Main characteristics that define the current SEO: How does information search work in the modern world?


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with data and informationCurrent SEO leverages numerous strategies that have limited the level of privacy of the users. This process involves three important factors. The first of them is the compilation of search histories.


Subsequently, the geographic location of the user is also an important factor. Lastly, due to its importance, Google considers the field of mobile telephony. This last factor is the one that has led to the boom of responsive content.


Thanks to all these data collection mechanisms, Google has played an important role in the history of SEO. As SEO has become more interactive, search results demonstrate a greater degree of dynamism. Hence, heterogeneous content is more important than homogeneous.


This explains why descriptive websites for local businesses rank higher than any other corporate website. As a user-friendly search engine, Google’s actions prevent the user from being saturated with advertising. This is due to the fact that at Google, the user’s intent is essential to show the appropriate search results.


The inclusion of optimization algorithms for the SEM system: Another important advancement that changed for good the history of SEO.


BluCactus - internet page openSEM, an acronym of Search Engine Marketing, is nowadays Google’s main revenue source. It is an advertising system that, also, has not been excluded from the modernization trend.


Automatic SEM optimization is part of that process. Formerly, manual programming had dominated the pragmatic framework of Google AdWords. Nowadays, SEO specialists have created tools like Übbersuggest, KeywordShitter, and DoubleClickSearch to redefine this concept. The performance of these tools has marked profoundly the history of SEO.


These systems have in common an API format connection with numerous search engines. For example, AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo, and Google.


Its effectiveness lies in the fact of having the ability to offer real-time information about searches. This data varies among elements such as campaign settings, performance metrics, and main keywords, which allows the continuous updating of SEM campaigns. This brings, besides, the advantage of offering a system that is free of human errors and can be quickly updated.


Chronology of the History of SEO: (1990- Decade of 2020)


Next, we’ll present to you the evolution of SEO. We’ll show you how does this industry has changed over time. Let’s start with the birth of the Internet we know nowadays.


BluCactus - The History of SEO - house with a pink flag1990


The first search engine in the history of SEO was Archie.


Students of McGill University in Montreal created this search engine.


By using the Archie system, you could find files that were in public FTP servers.


FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol.


1991, The History of SEO

BluCactus - history chronology 1991  

Gopher emerges, created by a student at the University of Minnesota. Gopher was a protocol designed to store and distribute files on the Internet. Two new search engines were created to search files on Gopher.


These two search engines are Veronica and Jughead. It is worth stressing that the name “Archie” was not a reference to the comic series of the same name. However, Veronica and Jughead did were named after the comic book characters.


On the other hand, the scientist Tim Berners-Lee develops and publishes the first website. Berners-Lee made history by developing the HTTP protocol that we still use today to access and store web pages. It is thanks to Berners-Lee that the internet works as it currently does.



BluCactus - history chronology 1993

The first web robot emerges.


Created by Matthew Gray, this first web robot was the World Wide Web Wanderer, also known as Wandex.


However, the functionality of the World Wide Web Wanderer was to measure the size of the Internet.


Thus, this web robot didn’t work to ease the content search on the Internet.

BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with data and information    

On the other hand, the Excite company develops an indexing platform for websites.


Indexing platforms for websites are the predecessor of search engines in the history of SEO.


These platforms work differently from web search engines.


They don’t index the whole web but just the websites that voluntarily want to participate.


1994, The History of SEO


BluCactus - history chronology 1994Based on the World Wide Web Wanderer and web crawlers, experts developed a private search engine called the World-Wide Web Worm. The first web search engine available to the general public emerged in 1994. This search engine was known as Web Crawler.


Web Crawler was the first search engine that allowed us to identify a website or web page according to the identity that its domain provided. Afterward, this would become a standard feature of any search engine.


Yahoo!, Magellan and Infoseek are some of the search engines that were popular during this period of the history of SEO. People could use them to find web pages that were of interest to them. Even though Yahoo! is a search service that succeeded over several years, this was not a search engine. What Yahoo! offered to users was a web directory like Excite’s.




BluCactus - The History ofBluCactus - history chronology 1995SEO - history chronology 1995The search engine Lycos emerges. This was a project of several students at Carnegie Mellon University.


LookSmart also emerges, which used to compete with Yahoo!. Both LookSmart and Yahoo! were web directories.


Besides, Altavista is launched. Altavista was the first search engine in the history of SEO that allowed terms in natural language.


In other words, it was not exclusively based on the use of keywords.


1996, The History of SEO

BluCactus - history chronology 1996  

The future creators of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin worked on the BackRub system.


BackRub was the first algorithm that could be used for online searches.


Larry Page’s web crawler begins to implement the concept that outbound and inbound links influence positioning.



  BluCactus - history chronology 1997

Companies start to implement significant changes in the history of SEO.


Specifically, in the search engines industry. SEO begins to gain traction, but it has not yet become profitable.


Excite, a company that until then only had a web directory buys WebCrawler. In this way, it enters the search engine market.


Besides, Ask Jeeves emerges. Ask Jeeves was a search engine with a similar system to Altavista’s. In other words, it was a search engine that could deliver results in response to queries in natural language. Years later, Ask Jeeves would become


1998, The History of SEO


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the google logo on its screenFinally, Google is born, the giant of search engines. Officially, the company entered the market in 1998. Its main product was Google Search. Currently, Google Search is the most used search engine in the entire history of SEO. In 1998, Google Search was still considered as BETA. However, back then it was already considered the best in the market.


By the end of 1998, Google Search already had an index of approximately 60 million pages. In an article, the website noted that Google search results were better than those of the competition.


Plus, also pointed out that the service was more innovative than that of other portals such as Yahoo!, Lycos or Until then investors believed that money was on portal sites. Hence, this radically changed.


Another innovation of Google was the implementation of a page ranking strategy. In other words, the order of web pages in search results corresponded to different factors. It is due to this development that starts the process that we know today as SEO.



BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with data and information  

In 1999, Google’s growth continues.


This year, more and more people use Google as their main search engine.


It is important to highlight that the then giant AOL chooses Google as its main search engine.


Hence, this implies that all AOL users switched to Google as their main search engine.


2000, The History of SEO

BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2000  

Google decides that its method to generate profits will be ads.


The company establishes that such ads must be textual to make it easier for users to interpret them.


To not generate discontent, Google orients its efforts towards not causing any interruptions in the navigation of users.


The then-new system was Google AdWords and it showed ads related to search queries.



  BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2001

Google launches its first API within the history of SEO, which turns out to be a very important step for optimization companies, so as for their further evolution.


API is the acronym of the Application Programming Interface.


What is an Application Programming Interface? In the context of web development, it is a set of programming specifications.


A web API like Google’s is, essentially, a system that eases the publishing of new websites. For example, it makes it easier to display information on the monitor. Google’s API enables web developers to analyze information from visits made to your website.


2003, The History of SEO

BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with data and information  

Google Search launches its first massive update. This update was Google Florida.


The objective of Google Florida was to tackle spam, element becoming more common on the Internet. Hence, Google Florida changed the then rising SEO industry for good. In the 1990s, SEO mainly consisted of filling a website with keywords.


For that purpose, one brand used many websites. Likewise, these websites also used to include invisible text and hide links. This was a very important event. Thanks to Google Florida, the then SEO approach changed.


On the other hand, Google AdWords changed its way to show ads. That year Google starts showing ads with both text and links.  The ones that we currently observe whenever we search something on this search engine. To expand in the market of Marketing, Google develops AdSense. AdSense is a program that enables ads on a website to be related to the content on it.



  BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2004

To deliver even more relevant results, Google launches Google Local.


This is an algorithm that makes the results of a search query geographically close to the user. This will allow local restaurants to position themselves more effectively in the result pages.


Up to this point in the history of SEO, Yahoo was still just a web directory.


Not to be outdone, Yahoo develops and adopts its search algorithm.


Though this revitalized Yahoo’s visits, it wasn’t effective to compete against Google.


2005, The History of SEO

BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the google logo on its screen  

A very important advancement in the history of SEO was the launching of Google Analytics by Google. This service provides webmasters with information about the visits to their websites.


Using this info, webmasters can make necessary modifications to make your web page more attractive. In the same way, Google Analytics helps us determine weaknesses in SEO positioning. Furthermore, it is a useful tool to identify which keywords are the most popular.


This year Google launches Google Mobile Search. Google Mobile Search was the mobile version of Google Search. That is Google Search’s version that used larger fonts and other methods to facilitate search on small screens.




BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2006Google Trends emerge. an essential element of both SEO and marketing history. Using Google Trends, you can get to know the most searched topics of a certain time. Thus, these tools help you to know the popularity of keywords or a product or service. Google Trends is a useful tool both for SEO and to develop marketing strategies.


In that same year, various search engine companies announced the development of several formats for XML sitemaps, including Google.


XML sitemaps allow webmasters to inform Google with an XML file. This XML file includes all existing pages within a domain. In this way, an XML file eases the work of a web crawler thus making your website’s positioning update faster.


2007, The History of SEO

BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2007  

Google announces the launching of the universal search system, which allows users to obtain results related to their search queries.


To do so, Google includes the results of all its search services.


Therefore, a universal search results page includes results from Google Search, Google News, Google Images, among others.


This initiative represented an innovation.



BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2008

Google develops two updates to make its service more user-friendly.


The company adds the autocomplete system and suggestions. This means that the search engine will save the most popular search queries.


In this way, it gives users a larger number of options if they lack data about the kind of information they would like to get.


Besides, Google launches the search system within a website. This system is very useful when you need to search for information within only one domain.


In this manner, websites can implement this service in its interface. Similarly, users can enjoy it by adding certain commands to their search.


2009, The History of SEO

  BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the bing logo on its screen

To make Google Search faster, the company implemented several updates.


One of them is the launching of the real-time search system.


This system performs searches instantly, even if you haven’t finished writing the search terms.


Simultaneously, Microsoft gains traction in the history of SEO by competing against Bing in the search engine market.




BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the google logo on its screenGoogle starts to test the instant search system on mobile devices.


The company launches a prototype of the function, however, it doesn’t work as desired. For that reason, eventually, Google eliminates the function of instant search.


Google makes SEO history by implementing another method to customize searches in its SERPs listing.


In this new modality, Google adds the geolocation search system. With this system, users can search only pages related to a certain geographic region.


2011, The History of SEO


BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2011

This year, Google makes several improvements in its service, which increased its importance.


The two most important launches of that year were Google Images and Google Panda. Google Images results improved dramatically. Besides, Google implemented a new search system. This system focused on image search. The user entered an image in the search bar and Google indicated its origin.


For its part, Google Panda was a very important update for SEO. Google Panda was specifically designed to redefine the page organization system.


In other words, the way to determine the hierarchy of websites in search results pages changed. Panda also penalizes websites that plagiarize information.




BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2011BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2012In 2012, an update to Google Analytics is done. This update shows information graphically. Thus, webmasters can assess the situation of a website in detail. In this way, they will know what are the elements that really contribute to the user experience and, therefore, to the performance of any website on the Internet.


Another very important advancement in the history of SEO was the implementation of Google Penguin. Google launched the algorithm Penguin for its search engine to prevent websites from spamming with low-quality links.


Now, Google takes into account the relevancy of links. Another important fact for SEO is a change in Google’s policies. In 2012, Google implements a higher degree of penalization to websites that infringe copyrights.


2013, The History of SEO

  BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2013

Google launches the Hummingbird update. Hummingbird aimed at improving the language processing system of the search engine.


Hummingbird had a positive influence. In this manner, people were able to enter more complex questions into search engines. Hence, this update enabled search engines to appropriately answer these questions.


Additionally, Google launches a Google Penguin update, Google Penguin 2.0. Just like the first Penguin, Google launched Penguin 2.0 to tackle low-quality links. Previously, many websites were filled with poor-quality links to improve their positioning. Google’s main objective is to improve the operation of its page ranking system.




BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2014Google updates Google Penguin and Google Panda. Google Penguin 3.0 aims at improving the constraints of the previous version. In this manner, it seeks to tackle the problem of links that do not lead to a relevant website.


On the other hand, Google Panda 4.0 is an algorithm that helps Google to focus on the content of websites. Panda 4.0 aims at ranking web pages with good content. On the contrary, it penalizes those that are filled with spam.


Google implements some minor changes in its protocols. First, Google Search’s authorship system is eliminated. The authorship system enabled content writers to link all their work to a Google account. Conversely, content marketing strategies use quality internal links to improve the positioning of websites.


In 2014 starts one of the most important changes in the history of SEO. Google realizes that more and more users start using Google Search on mobile devices. Due to this situation, Google starts considering the performance of websites on mobile devices to determine their ranking in search results.


2015, The History of SEO


BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2015This year Google Search does an important update that will influence. This new initiative, launched as Google Mobile, was based on its version for mobile devices.


This focuses on optimizing websites that are not easy to browse on mobile devices. With the help of this tool, the content of websites will increase their visibility in Google’s ranking.


Google implements a new algorithm to build an informative hierarchy based on the quality of the content. This algorithm, known as RankBrain, is based on artificial intelligence for the results search. RankBrain helps Google process human language according to the user’s intention. In this way, Google can identify more easily the quality of written content.




BluCactus - The History of SEO - cellphone with data and informationThis year Google AdWords changes significantly the workings of search listings. Now, the first four search results belong to Google AdWords.


Previously, they used to be organic results. That is, In the hierarchical order of results, Google Ads are prioritized over SEO results. The reason is that on most mobile devices the first AdWords results can only be seen when the user scrolls the content.


Finally, Google Search gives greater importance to mobile devices. This algorithm prioritizes websites optimized for mobile devices. Another important update was that of Google Penguin 4.0. In version 4.0, Penguin becomes part of Google’s main algorithm.


2017, The History of SEO


BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2017Google Hummingbird was updated, Google’s algorithm to read the human natural language. Currently, Google Hummingbird is used to recognize if a website is filled with keywords incoherently. That is a website where keywords are repeated simply for SEO purposes, without offering to the reader valuable content.


Simultaneously to the new proposal of Hummingbird, Google updates the Penguin algorithm.


In its new version, it penalizes web pages with duplicate content. When Google realized that duplicate content was a strategy to forcedly improve a website’s positioning, the idea of this came out. The necessity of original content creation starts to deepen.



BluCactus - The History of SEO - cellphone with data and information  

This year Google optimizes its search engine for the reception of keywords through voice commands. Another change focused on the optimization of Google Search on mobile devices since it is more common to use voice commands on mobile devices than on computers.


Moreover, Google Search implements some changes to improve the user experience. Since 2018, the history of SEO was marked by the relevance websites gain when they use SSL certificates since they influence positively browsing safety. Also, since that year, a website’s charging speed acquires a determining role for its positioning in search engines. In this respect, the faster a website charges, the better the user experience.


The UX philosophy emerges. A web design philosophy focused on the user’s interface. UX philosophy comprises a set of Google’s guidelines that indicate that websites must be designed for users. Thus, user-friendly websites will be the ones that earn the highest positions.


2019, The History of SEO


BluCactus - The History of SEO - history chronology 2019The last year of the 2010 decade represents an important step. This is a period where we can see the reinforcement of several trends.


The most important qualitative leap in 2019 was the emergence of Google BERT. This optimized computer system revolutionized the SEO management. BERT is the acronym of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. The programming of this system focuses on human natural language recognition.


By 2019, the algorithm is available only in English. Despite that, it is considered highly innovative in terms of SEO. Google BERT substitutes the traditional search format. This gives the system a bidirectional approach regarding the semantic interpretation of search queries. In this way, Google recognizes the context of each word. This type of advancements, undoubtedly, represents an excellent turning point in the history of SEO. For the first time in several decades, the SERPs ranking takes into account the user’s natural language expression. Thus, these results exclude websites that show irrelevant content to the user.




BluCactus - The History of SEO - cellphone with data and informationIn 2020, a major reformulation of web positioning strategies marked the history of SEO. Experts already establish criteria to predict the disappearance of the current concept of SEO. The implementation of artificial intelligence on Google is the factor that has enabled this change.


The new system is identified through the phrase “optimization of the search experience”, where the user’s investment of time in the search engine is defined as an experience. Several factors indicate accurately the impact that the arrival of these tools will cause in the digital world. The BERT algorithm, for example, is based on the development of neural networks for the identification and recognition of language foundations.


Very important within the history of SEO is the disappearance of the keyword concept.  The search intent will replace keywords. Google currently prioritizes the informative genre called conversational writing. The reading of the texts by the tracking algorithms now uses the heat mapping system. This tool allows Google to identify the most relevant ideas of a text. Thus, the line that divides voice tools and textual searches will be increasingly thinner.


The arrival of May 2020 Core Update: Google’s strategy to adapt its algorithm to the informational behavior in the world.


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the google logo on its screenMay of 2020 turned out to be an object of study for the history of SEO. During that month, Google showed the key that has made it the world’s leading search engine. Consumption, search, and information flow were severely affected by the global public health crisis. Other topics such as live music, tourism, and international business were significantly displaced. Hence, Google launched the Core Update on May 4th of 2020. A period of 10 to 15 days is required in its entirety for its total integration to the search traffic.


This adaptive behavior of the company has been recurring during the last decades of the history of SEO. In this opportunity, Google programmed this algorithm following certain quality and reliability criteria regarding content. For all the websites that reported significant losses, an average 50% decrease in their web traffic is calculated.


Infographic of  The History of SEO

  Blucactus - The History of SEO - Infographic  

What are the main advancements that the SEO world awaits for the next 2020 decade?


BluCactus - colorful engineesExperts predict that the next decade of the history of SEO will comprise fully recognizable nuances. The great majority of these aspects focus on the development of artificial intelligence, without forgetting the development of a set of protocols for the optimization of search engines regarding language usage.


All these strategies have in common the field of content diversification. Hence, there will be a greater number of websites with more visuals than textual content. Future SEO will comprise systems that favor the positioning of visual elements. Examples of these elements are podcasts, videos, and infographics.


Regarding the progress of the history of SEO, the prediction of search intents will be an outstanding element. An example of this is the RankBrain algorithm. Also, we can’t ignore the impact that the vast expanse of searches on mobile devices will have. Mobile SEO will be during the following years the recipient of responsive design elements. Structural aspects formerly exclusively used for websites display on computers.


The services of BluCactus Marketing Agency are marking a before and after in the history of SEO


BluCactus - professional peopleDuring the last decade of the history of SEO we have witnessed all changes that have taken place on the Internet. Given our extensive knowledge of the market, we offer a set of services oriented towards the optimization of websites adapted to our clients’ needs. This has allowed our Dallas SEO Agency to offer custom products tailored to the market trends. The speed, quality, and effectiveness of our services are what distinguishes us from the competition.


Our Technical SEO team divides our optimization services into two types: On-Page and Off-Page SEO. On one side, our team has a wide experience setting marketing campaigns through digital tools like Google Ads. Regarding organic web positioning, our webmasters combine a set of powerful strategies. These tools provide websites with a favorable optimization level so a web crawler traces them easily. Our main lines of approach relate to programming, web design, and content optimization.


Advantages of hiring BluCactus: Find out what are all the plans and benefits that your Marketing Agency can give you.


BluCactus - The History of SEO - computer with the html 5logo on its screenOur web positioning service in Dallas is based on responsive web design. A concept that Google introduced in the digital market in 2015. This enables us to deliver excellent quality when it comes to On-Page optimization. The crawl rate or crawl budget is another value quantified by our specialists, which has allowed us to expand our experience with clients of different industries. To improve the user experience, our talented team of professional writers will create quality content for your website.


Another advantage of our services is the readability of our products. The proper order of the thematic sections of a website is a feature that directly influences your SEO positioning. Conducting link ordering studies to implement successful indexing allows us to achieve this. Another important advantage of our services is the correct tagging of web content. To do so, our developers use HTML5, a fundamental element in the history of SEO.


Final Notes: Other important reasons why BluCactus is your best option in SEO positioning services.


BluCactus - The History of SEO - professional peopleIn addition to optimizing the internal elements of a web page, BluCactus is also a leader in Off-Page Optimization in Dallas, Texas.


This includes techniques to position your website with backlinks, a factor that increases its competitiveness. Our experts know, thanks to the history of SEO, that number of backlinks your website earns is an effective tool for measuring its popularity.


Besides, our SEO Agency in Dallas stands out because of its extensive experience in social media management. BluCactus design marketing strategies that include social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, among others. This allows our clients to attract leads from different locations, tastes, and ages.


Our extensive background, endorsed by a unique international presence, makes it difficult for us to explain the scope of our services in a single article. We invite you to contact us to give you more information about them. Our goal is to boost our clients’ success. For that reason, we offer custom marketing services that allow you to build an outstanding online presence and attract more clients. Contact us now! Our professional team will make both your services and your company an important part of the history of SEO!


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Why is SEO so important to my Website?

Why is SEO so important to my Website? Keep in mind that the better positioned a website is in the search engines, the greater the chances that the user will click on the link and the more visits you will receive. 


To give you an idea, imagine that you want to buy a case for your iPad. The first thing you do is to search the Internet for “iPad cases”. Where do you click? I am sure that you directly access the first results offered by the search engine. What’s more, if these results do not convince you, chances are you will modify your search for something like “buy iPad case”, instead of going directly to the second or third page of results.


Do you understand now why is it so important that your website appears in the first positions? SEO positioning is one of the main strategies to increase traffic to your website. The more visits you get, the more chances you’ll have of getting new clients and increasing sales.


Why is SEO or web positioning important? Why is SEO so important to my Website?


Understanding what SEO is and implementing a good strategy is essential for the future of your brand. Do you think we exaggerate? Take a look at these reasons:

  BluCactus - site of google with a yellow background

1.- Multiply your visibility. 


Imagine that you manage to position your website for a term with 500,000 monthly searches.


If the first result that appears in the search engines takes 20% of the clicks.


You would be obtaining 100,000 organic monthly visits.


They don’t imply any additional cost.


2.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Improve your website.


BluCactus - Why is SEO so important to my website? - google search with the logo of blucactusWell done, web positioning techniques not only improve your page for search engines but also users themselves.


And improving user experience means improving your results.


It is a long term investment. Optimizing your website has some initial costs.


If you manage to position your website in the first positions, you will have a fantastic source of quality traffic at no cost. 


3.- Make your website profitable. 


BluCactus - Why is SEO so important to my website? - paper with the logo of blucactusHave you made a valuable investment in money, time and resources to build a website that represents your brand?


The logical thing is to have as many users as possible visit it to take advantage of that investment.


Why is SEO so important to my Website? Increase your impact on social networks.


Web positioning creates synergies with social media. The reason is that links shared on social media make use of the titles and descriptions that you will have optimized as part of your positioning strategy.

4.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Build trust and credibility. 


BluCactus - Why is SEO so important to my website? - hands shaking in front of a compuerDomain authority and relevance are the two key factors of SEO.


Therefore, when your website appears among the first search results, users know that it is a site that contains the information they are looking for and that has been approved by many users.


In short, it gives them the confidence they need to become clients.


It can be measured and optimized. It’s possible to evaluate the results of all the techniques and factors that intervene in your SEO to see which ones are giving the best results and correct them, if necessary.


7 techniques to do SEO and improve your search engine positioning



It’s important to know what major search engines such as Google consider when analyzing and positioning a website.


1.- The user experience


It’s one of the most important factors and it has become more relevant over time.


If your visitors have a good experience on your website, they spend more time on it, become engaged and come back.


In other words, when your users like the content they see and interact with it, Google takes this into account.



2.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Web optimization. 


Having an optimized website is key to improving speed and loading times.


Also, this directly influences the point we previously referred to, the user experience. 


3.- Domain authority 


BluCactus-Why-is-SEO-so-important-for-my-website-Domain-authorityMainly, it refers to the notoriety or popularity of your web page.


If your website and the content you create additional value, users spontaneously share it, Google gets to know it is interesting and takes it into account when positioning it.


Now that you know what are the fundamental pillars of Google, it’s time to get to work on your business (on and off your website).


Here are some techniques that are essential to give your page a boost and improve its search engine positioning.


BluCactus-Create-quality-content.4.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Create quality content


For a long time, it was claimed that content is king and it is. Creating quality content is essential whether you want to improve your on-page SEO or your off-page SEO.


Having original and interesting content will help your visitors read you, spend time on your website and interact with it.


Plus, it will also help you share this content on social media and get quality backlinks to your website.


5.- Choose a good hosting


If we are talking about optimization or improving the loading times of a website, a good hosting platform is essential to achieve it.


For example, if you have a corporate website, a blog with many visits or e-commerce, a professional hosting plan may be the best option for you.


On the other hand, if you have a more advanced project with a high volume of traffic, a VPS with SSDs will significantly improve the performance of your site and Google will appreciate it.


BluCactus-Optimize-images6.- Why is SEO so important to my Website? Optimize images


Images are a fundamental element of your website.


They catch the attention of your visitors, make your content easy to digest, and are a good way to add value to your website, but you need to know how to optimize them.


Alt and title tags are a must for Google to interpret them, so never forget them!


BluCactus-Why-is-SEO-so-important-for-my-website-11-Make-good-use-of-keywords7.- Make good use of keywords


Why is SEO so important to my Website? Knowing what keywords people use to search for information is key for creating relevant content related to those terms.


Identify and add them correctly to the tags of your website.


Of course, you have to include them naturally.


Google can detect an abusive or inconsistent use of them and penalize your website.


BluCactus-Why-is-SEO-so-important-for-my-website-12-Conclusion Conclusion


Why is SEO so important to my Website? As we have seen, having a web-optimized for search engines will help you maintain a good position in the Google SERPs and earn clicks on your page.


At the end of the day, SEO is the main organic traffic channel of a website.


BluCactus can help you with your positioning strategy. ¡Contact us!


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What is SEO Positioning?

What is SEO positioning? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques developers and designers apply on web pages with the aim of improving your position and visibility on the results pages of the main search engines.


In other words, we can define SEO as a process focused on placing a certain web page in the first pages of search results for the specific query of a user. Google is the most widely used search engine on computers, mobiles, and tablets, with a market share of 92.31%.


SEO is web positioning, natural positioning, or search engine positioning. What is SEO Positioning? All these terms refer to the same thing. That is, the optimization of a website to improve its position in the SERPs (an acronym for Search Engine Results Page) of Google or any other search engine.

What is SEO positioning? Where does the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) come from?


The first search engines emerged in the early 90s. Until Google appeared in 1996, many were created, including Yahoo. The web boom began. People realized that you could really make money from them. Thus, they concluded that they needed to attract traffic. What was the best method of attracting traffic? Search engines.


What is SEO? SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It consists of improving the visibility of a website so that it appears better positioned in the organic results of the search engines. SEO is search engine optimization and it is natural positioning or web positioning.


Its objective is to make your website appear in the highest possible positions of the organic search results for one or more specific words that have been previously selected and are relevant to your website.


Increase visitor traffic


What is SEO Positioning? The term SEO is also used to refer to the people who do the job of positioning. Traditionally, people who are dedicated to SEO tend to have a technical profile (programmers, web designers, etc.). However, with the new SEO trends, knowledge about marketing and communication has become increasingly important.


SEO is a discipline of online marketing along with others such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing, Web Analytics, and more. It is very important to understand that SEO is a medium or long-term job, therefore, sometimes it takes months to achieve results. 


The number of keywords to positioning is limited and depends a lot on the number of pages of which the web is composed. Therefore, the initial selection of keywords is very important to you. In any case, it’s impossible to guarantee the position that a keyword will obtain in a certain period of time. The reason is that, in SEO positioning, there are many variables that cannot be controlled, such as changes in search engine indexing algorithms.


What is SEO?

What is SEO Positioning? Anyone who owns a website or an online store will have been asked more than once what SEO positioning is or why it is so important to do SEO on a website


When you have an online business, it’s important that people find you and know you, otherwise, it’s as if you didn’t exist without positioning SEO services. That’s why in this post we will see in detail what SEO positioning is and why it is so important for your website. Let’s get started.


Web positioning: On-page SEO and off-page SEO

  BluCactus - mac computer with great graphics on it

SEO professionals can develop SEO strategies both on and off the web. That’s why we must distinguish between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Let’s see what each of them consists in with the positioning SEO services


SEO on-page


On-page SEO refers to the set of techniques applied on the website that we want to position.


For example, some factors when optimizing the on-page SEO of a website are:

  • Improving the speed and optimization of your website
  • Image optimization
  • Create quality content
  • Good web user experience
  • Good structure of HTML tags

Off-page SEO

What is SEO Positioning? In this case, we define off-page SEO as the set of techniques carried out outside your website but that also helps improve the position of your page in search engines. For example, some of these of the SEO services techniques are:

  • Social media usage
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory registration (Ex: Google My Business)

What are the origins of SEO?

  BluCactus-What-is-seo-positioning- SEO-and-Search-Engines on a computer with symbols around it  

Although today it seems absolutely essential, the truth is that Google did not appear until ‘96 and even today there are countries in the world where it’s not especially popular. The origins of this type of tool called a search engine, date back to the early 1990s when the boom of web pages began.


Almost all web pages have the same goal in common: to attract quality traffic. Search engines are one of the most effective ways of bringing visitors potentially interested in the subject of the web under consideration. Webmasters realized this and began to compete with each other for ranking higher in search engines. SEO was born.


What is SEO positioning? Understanding SEO


To understand in-depth how SEO works, we have to see what happens when Google “crawlers” roam the web. Their operation consists of two steps: crawling and indexing. To understand how tracking works, think about the transportation system of a big city. Every web page or document (like a PDF or an image) is a stop. In order to record the content of each stop, the search engine needs to track the entire city, and for this, it uses the best available path: links.


The link structure of the web is what connects the pages, which is why they are so important in optimization. Search engine robots use sitemap addresses and previous crawls to start their search and navigate from link to link. This way, they reach the documents stored on the web.


What is SEO positioning? SEO and Search Engines


Not all websites are crawled at the same depth or during the same time. Crawlers are especially drawn to new content, either because a site has been created from scratch or because an existing site has been updated. Charging time is also decisive.


The second step is indexing. Indexing takes care of deciphering your code and saving some “pieces” of it so that they can be retrieved when a user searches. As you can imagine, these “pieces” represent, in general, an immense volume of information. Therefore, companies like Google have massive data centers where they store this information so that it is easily recoverable.


Google orders all this information about web pages and documents available on the network in a series of indexes depending on their content, their authority, and their relevance. What is SEO Positioning? The criteria have evolved over time and is increasingly complex. In addition to keywords, Google takes into account factors such as the date of publication, whether they contain multimedia elements or not, the quality of the content, and many others.


And with these two steps, everything is ready for the user to search. At this time, an algorithm searches the indexes and sorts the results taking into account hundreds of positioning factors, all in a matter of milliseconds.


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7 Questions before hiring an SEO company

Can you imagine how many other websites are talking about the same topic you are going to create a post about it?  ask yourself, why are these specific sites showing up on the top of Google searches? Do you need to hire a business in this area? You could have even had trouble to get to this piece that I have written. If you have just landed on my page, then we are both very lucky people for finding each other in all this clutter to know which are the 7 questions before hiring an SEO company you need to know.

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You may have found me through Google, or maybe someone shared my content. So, I’m glad it caught your attention enough for you read it. 7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, I will do my best to keep you interested and informed on this page that’s a promise.


Search engine optimization has the facilities and capacities to make your site popular in Dallas, even if you are from Houston. Accordingly, when hiring a business in this area it doesn’t matter much if you are going to hire it from Taxes or outside of the United States.


But are all these cases adequate to depend on when building your site? Absolutely not, I could tell you that I adopted an advanced approach to let you see me through the internet´s mess. This approach is called SEO. You have certainly heard about it before


7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, Should you hire an SEO company or an expert?


BluCactus / 7 Questions before hiring an SEO company / lupaWe all know that Positioning SEO Services increases your website visibility and authority regardless of your business size, and the type of your industry. Search engine optimization will help your business to progress to the next level, make your potential customers trust you, generate leads, and finally, make deals.


Organic Search is the most powerful source of site traffic


7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, SEO is the best investment to ensure your website is going to have a high ranking on Google. Anyone who has a business, whatever your company is either large or just starting, Google cares more about the numbers of website visitors. It watches the indicator that tells it if the business is doing great or not. But did you know that what should matter to you is the quality of this traffic and not only the quantity?

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You don’t need all these uninterested traffic. Your business needs people who will turn into your customers and then your loyal customers. When you open any search engine, you have a particular trend. You skim the search engine results until you find what you want. That´s organic search.


Indeed, you have to know that the internet user is so impatient. Once he notices you are talking about boring stuff, he is going to turn around to search for somewhere. Here, it comes to the importance of Search engine optimization to keep organic search traffic flooding to your site.


Helps you understand the way of how the web works

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We all know that the internet consists of a set of endless series of complex algorithms to form websites. This coding language links websites with the most relevant search terms you enter in the search engine. So, what directs these search results to your website?


The simple answer is SEO. SEO´s job is to optimize your website for applicable search terms to generate leads for specific sites and stay away from others. 7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, ultimately, when you are mindful of tools, approaches, and strategies, you will perceive the environment of the internet, and how the search engine reads your published content.


7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, Helps you increase your brand awareness


BluCactus - Site needs help with hiring an SEO company to rank in GoogleAny business company has a goal of building brand awareness, to reach their potential customers in, for example, San Antonio when the physical location of your company is in Houston or Dallas, and also be able to create a reputation here.


This is done because it is known that if done in the right way, cash flow will increase. The bad news is that if your website is not high and successful on the search rankings this goal would be very hard to achieve. The good news is that by taking advantage of your expectations can become a reality.

  So, will my brand awareness increase if I utilize Search Engine Positioning Services? Certainly, YES.     BluCactus / woman

Helps you build reliability and trust


We all tend to trust in top search results regardless it seems not to be relevant to your search. The ultimate goal for hiring a firm of this area or expert is to make your website discoverable in search. But the matter is not that easy as it depends on user behavior, quality of content, loading of pages, and so on.


Like in a real-life, you need some time, effort, ethics, and moral behaviors to let people trust you. Your voice of authority also needs some efforts to earn the trust of your customers. Search engine optimization plays a prominent role in boosting your position. It helps you earn credibility.


Hiring SEO Expert vs. Hiring an SEO Company

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You might have adequate experience with SEO. But do you think your experience will enhance your online appearance among jam-packed web pages? Do you know how many websites launch every day? 100, 200, maybe 2000. Not even close. We get 547,200 new websites worldwide! This means that every minute the total number of the websites grew approximately by 380.


So, you need Search engine optimization help whatever it is hiring a Search engine optimization company or expert. So here are the pros and cons of each type to help you determine what you desire.


7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, Hiring an SEO expert Pros and Cons


BluCactus - Data in a circleWe can divide SEO experts into freelance and in-house experts. The first one is a specialist who often works for an hour, day or task. The second one is an expert; you are probably going to hire him to be part of your team regardless if he works for a full-time or part-time job.


Freelance SEO’s pros

They generally offer a cost-effective service. As well as, you have the opportunity to choose the hourly rate according to your budget.


Freelance experts have more time compared to companies as they don’t have so many projects. Moreover, you will have the accessibility to control your work and feel free to pass on your feedback


BluCactus / 7 Questions before hiring an SEO company / handsFreelance SEO’s cons

The problem of hiring a freelance expert is that you might not be able to assess his quality of work, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about search engine tools.


Another issue is that you perhaps couldn’t reach the right person if you rely on referral recommendation. Most importantly is that you may struggle to communicate with him as some freelancers don’t have that commitment to replay to you all time.


SEO In-house’s pros

Going with Search engine optimization in-house experts will make you feel more comfortable as you see what is going with your work. You also can keep in touch with him anytime. So, there are no worries that he is going to disappear anywhere.

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Search engine optimization in-house expert tends to be more committed to your task as he is already a member of all this structure, and he will be more attentive about the importance of this project to your company.


SEO In-house’s cons

Firstly, Bringing in-house experts could cost you more money if you need a whole team. Besides, hiring a full-time expert might be a long process as it takes more time to find the perfect candidate.


Secondly, to find a Search engine optimization expert to work form your office is also a big deal. Hence, hiring freelance or In-House Search engine optimization leads to the same result. They both need to work distant except in the second case, it’s going to be more expensive.


Hiring an SEO Company Pros and Cons

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7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, another choice is hiring an agency in this area, and here are the pros and cons.


Company’s pros

If you want a skillful team with more ideas, hiring a Search engine optimization company will be the optimal alternative. Also, the business of this area is going to be more affordable and with a broader team that will work on your project.

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An agency in this area will give you objective feedback based on Search engine optimization trends and strategies due to the fact that they tend to be more experienced.


Company’s cons

Here the biggest challenge is hiring a Search engine optimization company that seems to be more appropriate to your business.


You also could face a problem when it comes to changing your marketing objectives. Even though, you can overcome it if you have a straightforward agreement including all details in the process.

7 Questions before hiring an SEO company


Once you settle whether you are going to hire an expert or Search engine optimization company, there are some questions you should ask to win.


1. Where is their site on Google ranking?

7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, It doesn’t matter to ask help from someone who couldn’t even help himself. You should double-check the business of this area which will help your website.

But you must also be careful, as not all high-ranking companies necessarily useful when it comes to your specific market segment. Besides, the years that the business of this area is not all that counts.


As you may encounter a firm in this area with many years of experience but it still gets stuck with an old version of strategies that no longer work. So, it shouldn’t be the most important criteria when considering hiring a Search engine optimization company.


2. How will they help your site’s ranking?

Anyone knows how to use keywords, and how to build internal and external links. But things can’t go on like this. To establish an influential website, you couldn’t use random keywords without an actionable plan.

BluCactus - Ranking because of hiring an SEO company in a circle


Your plan to optimize your webpage should consider backlinks. As you might know, not all backlinks pick up traffic and increase leads. One high-quality backlink could work better than thousands of poor backlinks.


3. 7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, How will they inform you about all the data?

A professional agency in this area is going to inform you constantly with reports. Another Search engine optimization company may provide you with quick updates per week. So, you should give an agency in this area access to your website or part of it.


Ask the business of this area about their strategy of how they will be updating you before you start working together. You, also, should tell them about any changes your developer makes.  If something goes wrong and your site stops working regularly, call for a developed report about what caused it.


4. What is the status of your competitive market?

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7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, Since you decided to start a new business, you must have studied your competitive market. Now, you know where you are and where you go ahead.


But, this would not run counter that you can ask before hiring a company of this area to provide you with the latest updates about your market.


This outlining study will be not only for you. But also for the team in a business of this area to understand the whole status.


5. Can Search engine optimization company share any previous case studies with you?

Hiring a business in this area is like shopping for new glasses or a t-shirt. You need to spend money on something worth it. Unquestionably, you will go through the internet, ask for references, listen to reviews, and read case studies.

We know that it’s slightly impossible to ask for all the details about their previous clients but a company in this area should be able to speak to you about at least 2-3 big clients. But if a company of this area refuses to hand over any case studies to you, it may be a sign you should worry about.

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6. 7 Questions before hiring an SEO company, Which tools do they use?

If a business of this area said it would use “tools” for optimizing SEO Services, you should know what these tools are. There is a vast diversity of tools and applications to improve your website. Making use of tools will help you accomplish many things in a short while with high-quality and with fewer errors.


Ask about which tools the company of this area is going to use such as: reporting tools, link building tools, technical SEO tools, and research tools. And which tools will be good enough for your company.


7. Can they help you be number 1 on Google?

“We will guarantee you will rank 1 on Google?”, if you heard this from a team before hiring a company in this area or a Search engine optimization expert, RUN AWAY, now.

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The simple basic truth is that no one could guarantee you will get that. No one knows what will happen to Google’s algorithm tomorrow. But a professional business of this area can provide you with all approaches to help you do that.


Conclusion on 7 Questions before hiring an SEO company


The most significant thing you should consider with the 7 questions before hiring an SEO company is to be patient. Search engine optimization is a lasting investment.


The process may take weeks or months before seeing satisfying results. These words may be painful but trust me, it’s worths it. If you need the support of a professional SEO positioning company, BluCactus has everything your business needs.


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How to position your website in Google Search?

What is SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization?


It is a process of optimization for your web site. Through SEO, you will improve your site’s ranking in the search engines and improve the UX (user experience) of the visitor. For this reason, sites with search engine optimization take a higher percentage of the top sites in the search ranking index. Learn how to position your website in Google with the marketing and SEO experts of BluCactus.


How to position your website in Google?, what should we do to improve the web positioning?


The basis of an effective classification in Google is in 2 basic key elements:

  1. Optimization On-page SEO
  2. Optimization Off-page SEO

Although they are old concepts in the SEO world, there are many times in which these two elements are not implemented correctly. How to position your website within Google? Keep reading to learn more.


In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to the 10 best strategic SEO factors to pay attention to when you internally optimize your website. How to position your website in Google? If these 10 factors are properly executed, Google will undoubtedly reward your site. They aren’t ordered, but they are all necessary in order to perform an effective and efficient optimization on your website.


How to position your website in Google? Let’s begin introducing the 10 best strategic SEO factors to consider


1. User experience (UX)


Currently, it is the most important factor that Google is taking into account when deciding where to position a website in the SERPs (Search engine results page).


The user experience is a compendium of web design strategies to persuade the user to stay on the site. Afterward,  the objective is to retain them on the website for as long as possible and to have them interact with the site.


¿How does Google evaluate the quality of the user experience?


Google uses a metric known as the clicks CTR (clickthrough rate) to measure the user’s experience before our site. The CTR or clickthrough rate is the number of clicks that a link to our website receives in the SERP for every 100 times that this link appears.


How to position your website in Google? When the CTR is high that indicates to Google that our web site is important for users and, therefore, brings more relevant value to their searchers. This will give Google an incentive to improving our web positioning.


It is important, without a doubt, to consider the design of a website. A company or designer can not ignore the different current devices. You can’t design your site exclusively for a home computer. Accessibility from a mobile device will greatly improve the user’s experience.


Therefore, a web design adapted to current electronic devices, such as tablets or smartphones, will provide better visualization of your website. Users will have many different options at their disposal to navigate through your website.


Another key element of the UX is the loading speed. Imagine a visibly attractive site that appeals to visitors and also loads very quickly. You can convert those visitors into potential customers.


How to position your website in Google Search?, What factors must be considered when improving the UX?


The structure of the site, creating an experience that persuades your visitors to navigate the site and interact as well as quality content are very important factors that result in the user to have a pleasant experience.


All of the previous factors and more are very important, that’s why you must have a website that’s relevant and useful for your audience. In the site structure, we will find factors such as loading speed, responsive design, colors, and web visualization.


2. Quality content

How to position your website in Google? One of the most important points is the user experience and this is in order to reach a good position in the search engines. The publication and updating of original quality content that is useful to the user is a determining factor in your site’s position in the SERPs.


You must write to the user. Write a good amount of text and give the expected value to the users, capturing their attention. They should be your priority.


Quality content is well-written, relevant, useful and it must guide the visitors through the site. Each part or paragraph must take the user to the next one. You continue like that until the visitor has read our entire Web and thus the users desire to take action grows.


So, do not do things lightly. How to position your website in Google? Get the best quality content you can offer to your visitors. Why? The longer they stay on your website and interact with it, the rebound rate will decrease by increasing and improving our CTR. The longer a user stays on your website and interacts with it, the better for Google.


How the positioning will be obtained?


SEO and positioning will be obtained by Google’s web crawler. Google will deduce the purpose of your web and it will provide a lot of important and quality information to its users.


That means that, if your website tries to sell uniforms, add a lot of content about the subject to your website. Talk about the type of fabric (there are many types, you should mention them all or most with an explanation), sizes of uniforms, colors, buttons. This is part of the relevance that Google currently gives your site. It’s all thanks to its new RankBrain change, which uses semantic content and synonyms.


Do not forget an old tip, “add the keyword in the content without exaggerating”; Google should see the keyword with which your site relates itself very naturally. Be careful, don’t use the keyword too many times and avoid degrading the density of your site.


Remember that the density of keywords varies, but from 1% to 2% is the best.


3. Title tags H


So far, this article has talked about keeping the user’s attention on your website and captivating them with quality content. Well, another very important factor, the key to your SEO success, are the titles of your website. The creation of unique titles and relevant descriptions are starting points for success in SEO.


How to position your website in Google? Try to start the titles always with questions that make the reader think and want to continue reading. Maintaining the H1, H2 architecture and including our keywords in these titles gives a lot of value to your content.


If you add descriptions to the phrases or concepts that expand the information, try to answer your questions as clearly as possible.


4. How to position your website in Google Search?, Text style


Well, this is more closely related directly to the use of keywords and the so-called “keyword density”


Why? Well, because the more text you have, the more careful you should be. You should always add the keywords for which you are trying to position yourself in Google. In a preferred range of no more than 1% to 3% of the text should be keyboards. If the keywords are from the beginning of the text, they will have more relevance.


5.  Title of the objective / Description of the objective


This is really what I call an “organic advertisement”. It’s different from Google Adwords’ ads because the title and description of your website are part of the “ads that Google does not pay.” These will be seen in the search results. They’re the first interaction between your site and the client, again related to the User Experience (UX).


How to position your website in Google? It is very good to use “Discover, know, how or use numbers: 10 Tips, 3 points, 8 factors, 9 things, etc.” Always remember to answer the questions that users look for in titles and meta descriptions. Through this method, you will increase the CTR of your website and, improve the number of clicks your website receives on the results.


The first interaction between clicking on your website and entering it or forgetting it and looking for another site. You should devote some time to create titles and meta descriptions that comply with the objective of your Web, be relevant for users in the SERPs and for Google.


6. Map of Links


Linking the pages of our site internally in an orderly and clear way facilitates the work of the search engines.


The convenient thing is that each of the links that lead to articles, internal pages or any other page, should be a click away.


A site map besides generating the options for your users, gives it to Google to indicate the internal pages with which your website counts so that they’re indexed. This facilitates the tracking of Googlebot and accelerates the indexing of your website.


7. Establish that order within your site


For this reason, many use “bread crumbs” or bread crumbs, to tell the user where they are, this also guides the search engines. When implementing this, always try to find out where you want the visitors and the search engines arrive. Always keep them one click away from the main site.


8. Link keywords


Previously, this was ignored internally on the web. However, now your address creates hyperlinks that might contain the keyword. It is important to consider this both from your home page to an internal page and vice versa, it is important.


Remember that Google positions pages, not sites.


So imagine that an internal page that you optimize. Then you do the job of building links. Through that method, you improve that page’s reputation and this page starts to get better positions in Google. The authority of that page will increase, therefore, having a link to your main website will make your main site acquire part of that authority.


The same happens from the main page to an internal one.


Try not to use the “don’t follow” links to your internal pages. However, don’t overload the pages you want to position with many outbound links.


Try to make sure that the number of links outside the web site does not exceed 10 links, such as the use of Social Networks, which many sites have in their majority. The links to the internal pages of our Web do not negatively affect the positioning since the main domain also receives authority.


A very good technique is to link the main page to an external page that is very representative, important and with a large DA and PA. This page should be similar to yours; that’s talking about the same business niche as your company. This link should be “do follow”.


9. Images and Videos


Use keywords in the title and an alternative label on all images and videos used on the site. In addition to optimizing the images you use on your website, do not forget to add the ALT tag that indicates the name, preferably with your keyword included.


Currently, many websites use the incorporation of videos on their site and these increase the user’s time of permanence in it. This is a dangerous gambit. If your website is in slow accommodation and with little space, it will cause losses of clients, since users won’t visit it if it’s too slow. If your site because the page does not load or takes too long, you’ve failed.

10. Web analytics, How to use Google Analytics on my website?


Finally, after doing all of the above, follow-up with methodical analysis- Ising Google tools is essential. Among those you can use are Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


It is recommended that whenever you have done the above points, measure the effort of your work and review the visits, the time of the stay, the place of origin, etc. You can do dis with tools that provide this data and help you make decisions or guide your marketing.


A strategy where a greater presence of users is required.


It is better to leave this analysis to those who have been entrusted with the task of these 10 key SEO factors. Each month, the employee in charge of the SEO or independent agency you hire should keep you informed about the development of their work. You should also talk to them about how it is improving and increasing your visits and conversions on your website.


What are the different levels of SEO?


Nowadays, the way your page is optimized is the most important criterion for SEO. These are the factors that can affect your visibility in search engines.


1. The quality of the content:


Good quality content is now essential for your SEO.


In fact, if your articles are appreciated by Internet users, this means for Google that your content is worthy of interest.


Therefore, it will be considered as a guarantee of authority and trust.


2. How to position your website in Google Search?Keyword in the title


How to position your website on Google? The title is one of the most important signals of relevance for a search engine. It is intended to give the most accurate description of the contents of the pages.


Search engines use it to display the title of your page in search results. That is why it is extremely important to integrate (ideally at the beginning) in this tag the keywords in which you want to place your page.


3. The H1 tag


The H1 tag is another relevance factor, which serves as a description of the content of the pages. Despite an ongoing discussion about its importance, it is always a good idea to include your keyword in an H1 tag on a page, as long as this tag is unique.

4. The Meta description


The importance of the meta description tag is often discussed in SEO circles.


However, it is still relevant to get more clicks from users on the search results pages.


5. The recurrence of the keyword in the content


The density of keywords is an important factor to effectively position your page in Google search engines. Be careful, however, not to over-optimize. You must find the correct balance of keyword density in your content by also varying when using synonyms.

6. The lexical field of the content


The lexical field represents today a key part of the positioning criteria. In fact, it is important that your content be the most semantically related to your main keyword.


7. The length of the content


Internet users always want to know more and will not be satisfied with the basic information. It makes sense that the longer the content, the more possibilities it will have to cover all aspects of a topic.


Obviously, Google takes these criteria into consideration and favors the pages that are the most exhaustive.


8. Unique content


Do not have a duplicate content copy of all or part of other content, either within your site or from other sources of external content.


Many websites are penalized by search engines due to a large number of duplicate pages.


Make sure you have unique and original content for each of your pages.


9. The canonical beacon


Sometimes, having two URLs with similar content is inevitable. One of the ways to prevent this from becoming a duplicate content problem is to use a canonical tag on your site.


This tag does one simple thing: it tells Google that one URL is equivalent to another and that between all these pages whose content is very similar. We must take into account in the search results that only this canonical URL will appear.


10. How to position your website in Google Search? Optimization of the image


It is not only the text that should be optimized on one page but also the other details. Images, for example, can send signals of relevance to search engines through their label, title, and alternative description. It is also a good way to position yourself in Google Image.


11. The freshness of the content


Google’s algorithm prefers regularly updated content. This does not mean that you have to edit your pages all the time, but doing a small update from time to time is not bad.


12. Outgoing links


Outbound links to external content with high authority send trusted signals to search engines. Remember to make your links so that your visitors want to learn more about a topic.


In addition, one study showed that outbound links had an impact on Search Engine Positioning Services.


However, having too many outgoing links can drastically decrease the PageRank of your page.


13. How to position your website in Google Search?Internal links


Thanks to its internal links you can interconnect pages of your site to create synergies.


Internal links play an important role in SEO since they allow the popularity of the home page to be transferred to deeper pages, but they also increase the PageRank of the strategic pages through the “content link”.


14. Keyword in the URL


How to position your website in Google? The domain names that contain precisely the keywords, called “Exact Match Domain” were very popular at the beginning of the Internet age. Why? Because they were favored by the search engines in their results.


Fortunately, this is no longer the case today.


However, Google takes into account the presence of the keyword selected in the URL, but this criterion affects SEO positioning very little. Still, it can give a slight boost in case of strong competition.


How to position your website in Google Search? Conclusion


The job of positioning SEO services is more complex than it seems. How to position your website in Google? There are many aspects at stake, and it does not consist merely of filling in the keyword page. The quality of the content and the semantic density are key pieces. If you need the support of a digital marketing team and professional SEO positioning, BluCactus has everything your business needs.


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