The benefits of a digital menu for restaurants: Say goodbye to paper and hello to success

Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants. The central focus of a restaurant is to always have excellent food and high-quality service. However, other elements can help a restaurant succeed in a very competitive market. For example, the menus. As we know, all restaurants have a menu to show their products to the public. Currently, not all restaurants have printed menus. That is why we will tell you about the benefits of the digital menu for restaurants.


What benefits do digital menus offer to restaurants? The main one would be the fact that it’s a very fast and cost-effective solution. So, that alone should be reason enough to invest in this digital upgrade. Besides, digital menu boards are becoming more and more common in restaurants.


Following this new trend, we are going to explain some other benefits that digital menus for restaurants can offer. Don’t wait any longer and let’s dive into why updating your restaurant is an excellent choice.


The benefits of the digital menu for restaurants


1. Communication made easy thanks to digital menu boards


BluCactus -communicationWe begin with one of the most important benefits of digital menus for restaurants. With them, you can use attractive videos and animations to grab the attention of customers.


Not only that, but they also make communication between your employees and clients easier. But how? Well, you can thank its ability to display your products in the clearest way possible.


As a result, clients will see the options you have available for them and choose them. Thus, there won’t be any space for mistakes or misunderstandings.


Moreover, a digital menu gives you control over what you want to highlight. This, in turn, will influence your client’s order choices.


2. Save time and money with an easy-to-update digital menu


BluCactus -save money and timeYou can do any plate or price update in seconds and every time you need it. So, you don’t need to worry about the additional costs and delay in printing another set of menus.


Out of all the benefits of using a digital menu for restaurants, this one saves you a lot of money.


Besides, there won’t be any hassle as this is a one-man task.


Not only that but this also only takes a few minutes per day. In contrast, a physical menu update can require 2 or 3 different resources every time you make an update.

  BluCactus - dgital screen

3. Digital display to create a more memorable experience


Digital menus also improve overall customer experience.


For this, it uses a mix of graphics and videos to entertain your clients.


Besides, you can also help them choose what they want by displaying the correct information about your products.


4. Better menu visibility. Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants.


BluCactus -better menuDigital menus can grab your client’s attention with videos and animations.


Besides, it’s a proven fact that digital cards are more pleasing to the eye than paper menus.


Moreover, in these digital menus, you can attract and keep more customers by showing the specials of the day.


You can also do this by showcasing pictures of satisfied customers.


All of this can allow you to stand out from the competition and thus, increase your sales


5. 24/7 support


BluCactus - supportYou can also program a lot of menus for a single day. For example, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides, you can do this in an established time and without delay.


Thus, you will not need to do additional work three times a day. Moreover, many restaurants have opted for full-day menus. This way they also create an impression on those people that pass by the restaurant.


This can do many things well. For example, show a chef making magic dishes.


However, that’s not all, with digital menus, customers can also share comments about their experience with the restaurant. Not only that, but you can also show highlights of the specialty of the restaurant. For example, these can be seasonal dishes.


6. Promote and sell your new dishes


BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - promote and sellAmong the many options that exist, digital menus seem to be a perfect choice. This is because they allow you to sell and promote your new dishes and items.


Besides, we know for a fact that a lot of large restaurant chains are using this strategy.


Thanks to it, their newly added articles have become very popular in no time.


Thus, this can allow you to achieve growth within the market.


7. Convenient and easy to use. Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants.


BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - easy to useDigital menu boards are very easy to update.


In fact, they are so useful and that you won’t need to go through the annoying process of updating paper menus now and then.


With digital signage, you can share more details without disturbing the viewer’s eyes.


Thus, the more information you share the more sales you will make. This, in turn, will indirectly increase your profit margins.

  BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - adaptable menu

8. Lower costs and higher profit margins


By investing in digital menus and signage panes, you will be reducing costs.


This way, you will also avoid printing new menus every time there’s a minor change.


Thus, your sales will increase as well as your profit margins.


BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - adaptable menu9. Customizable menus


You can make flexible updates to a single menu.


On the other hand, you can also display multiple menus based on time.

Do you serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner?


Replace manual updates with adaptive and smart updates.


10. Consistency of the brand


BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - example of a digital menuMistakes are prone to happen since we are humans and it’s normal. So, an employee could forget or ignore a new update in the menu.


This won’t happen with digital menus as they will ensure every restaurant is up to date.


Besides, if you have a franchise and multiple locations, this digitized menu will ensure consistency between them.


This is a vital benefit of having a digital menu for restaurants. Not only that, but brand loyal clients love the same service no matter where they go. Thus, this will improve brand loyalty.


11. Reduce waiting time. Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants.


BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - profesional people wowrkingAnother benefit that a digital menu for restaurant provides is that it improves customer service.


These digital menu boards help waiting customers decide what to order.


This way, as soon as they sit down at their table, they will be ready to order.


Besides, a restaurant can use many other things. For example, you can display fun facts or promotional material to distract your waiting clients.


12. Streamlining orders


BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - person working togetherA digital menu board can display eye-catching images instead of large chunks of text. This, in turn, encourages customers to make a quick decision.


This is because they won’t have to read a lot of words. This way they can simply choose their order by the look of the food.


Thus, your employees will be able to take orders faster and serve more people, which again increases profitability.


This also improves your customer service rating because people don’t have to wait to order food in a long line. This can mean the difference between a customer who returns and one who never does it again.


In conclusion, the benefits of a digital menu for restaurants


BluCactus - Benefits of a digital menu for restaurants - contact usAs you can see, a digital menu for restaurants has a lot of benefits. Besides, they allow you to visually connect with your customers. These digital menus also affect the way your client chooses their food. It does this by showing eye-catching images.


Not only that but with them, you can also show the nutritional information about your food. This, in turn, helps the customer to know what exactly are they choosing and thus, improve their experience.


Today’s restaurant customers expect a great dining experience which is something that a digital menu can help you deliver. At BluCactus we have the best digital menu design service for restaurants. If, on the other hand, you choose to stick with physical menus, we can also design them!


Contact us today for more information and enjoy the benefits of a digital menu for restaurants. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.


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Ordering made easier: Everything about the new tool that will make your client’s life easier when making an order.

How much does a digital menu cost for restaurants in the US? In general, we often think that the only way to get a gastronomic software service is by paying a high price. However, we have to remember some factors when we want to know the price of a digital menu for restaurants.


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodOn the other hand, digital agencies have started to expand their plans to offer this service. Their aim is to become more accessible to the public.


Among these plans, renting has become the most popular option among a wide variety of businesses. Some of them are the sectors of gastronomy, tourism, and hotels.


Because of this, establishments such as bars, cafes, and restaurants can now have this software. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, the small economic sector used to be only one able to use this service.


On the other hand, this software and its price include a lot of factors that depend on customer needs. In this article, we will point out the different elements that make up the cost of this service.


The reason for this is that here at the BluCactus agency we are immersed in this area. Thus, we must answer what is the price of a digital menu for restaurants.


Main data about the technology renting market in the US:


How much does a digital menu cost for a restaurant through a rental contract?


BluCactus - main dataIn today’s world, the option of renting is something that many marketing agencies are offering. Besides, many sectors already use this system.


Some of them are the IT and automotive sectors. This system consists of the creation of a leasing contract.


Thus, in this contract, the employer will be able to receive all the equipment they require.


In the US, rental contracts usually last between 12 and 60 months. Likewise, the rental of this software service for restaurants has a fixed market share that must be paid monthly.


BluCactus - main dataHowever, the gastronomic sector integrated this service on their businesses early on. This is due to the need to offer a better and more efficient sales experience.


On the other hand, the technical aspects that establish the net value of the collection fee depend on two factors.


These factors are the type of software and the complete hardware system of the service you want to contract.


Likewise, American leasing companies usually categorize their service plans into three levels. These are basic, medium, and advanced.


Thus, we now know that depending on the size of the company the price could be affected. This can help you to know how much does a digital menu for restaurants in the US exactly costs.


What options does the expiration date of a leasing contract offer?


National digital providers main benefits


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using his ipad for workA common aspect of every rental contract is the inclusion of a deadline.


This deadline establishes when the contract must end.


How much does a digital menu cost? However, the provider can also offer another option to manage this software beyond the fixed date.


Through this alternative, the manager can see the price of the digital restaurant menu.


This is possible if they buy the complete menu system. For this to happen, the manager has to first test the performance and effectiveness of this service.


BluCactus - rentingThus, this purchase allows them to be the owner of the software and hardware. The reason for this is that they will be buying the whole system.


In fact, if needed, the contract can be extended.


Likewise, the renewal of it doesn’t include the equipment or the optimization of processes in the digital database.


Thus, you need to consider the customer’s needs and the type of contract.


This will let you know how much a digital menu costs.


Additional assistance, training and maintenance services determine the price of a digital menu for a restaurant


Besides all these characteristics we mentioned before, you should know that rental contracts in the US can vary. Because of this, the price of this software can be affected by additional services. These additional services can be benefits that the customer could include in their contracts.


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodHow much does a digital menu cost? For example, one of these services could be 24-hour technical support. This can offer help or assistance in case some part of the equipment breaks down or malfunctions.


This way, the restaurant will be able to continue offering excellent customer service despite any setbacks that could occur. Likewise, some companies offer a guarantee of up to 6 years for their products.


On the other hand, some companies can also offer custom maintenance services.


These work through the use of phone assistance and training services. The latter involves educating the company’s staff on the use of digital tools for this software.


So, you must add the price of these services to the base price of $50 per month of this software. This will allow you to know how much this a digital menu for restaurants in the US costs.


How much does a digital menu cost? Get to know the new BluCactus digital menu


All the gastronomic software services that adapt to your needs


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using her ipad for workHere, at BluCactus, we have experts in programming with over two decades of experience in the market. Besides, our software’s prices can adapt to your budget and interests.


This product is more accessible through the use of a monthly charge with a basic rate of $50. The BluCactus team can also offer you technical advice on how to use multimedia tools. This way, we make the use and management of this tool easier for you.


How much does a digital menu cost? We also provide a wide variety of automated tools in our software.


For example, each contract in our digital menu includes elements like regular maintenance. We also offer you the latest updates. Thus, you will be able to focus on what’s important, which is your restaurant’s business performance.


Additionally, you should add an extra $20 for the payment of each waiter who operates the software. This will let you know how much a digital menu costs for a restaurant with BluCactus services.


What other relevant benefits does BluCactus digital restaurant menu software provide for customer service in my restaurant?


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodOur software offers an intuitive and informative layout that allows your customers to easily choose their food. This system sorts the different dishes that your business has into different categories.


Some of these can be, salads, drinks, desserts, among others. Thus, people like these features better because they make their lives easier. Because of them, they can easily look for their favorite dishes and then order them without any problems.


How much does a digital menu cost? Now, when we talk about the management of these software devices, BluCactus will train your staff. We can guarantee that you that our software is fully compatible with different models of tables.


Likewise, we can also offer you our maintenance services which in turn can create backup copies of the software. This will guarantee the safety of the information related to the commercial performance of your restaurant. Remember that this also has an additional cost, so you must add it to the package of your digital menu. This will let you know how much this service costs.


Final notes: BluCactus is your ideal provider of business management software nationwide


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using her ipad for workToday, the restaurant software market is advancing at an incredibly fast pace.


Because of this, any food establishment that doesn’t have this type of software will fall behind in the market.


This is why BluCactus aims at keeping your business in tune with the needs of your clientele.


We want to do more than just letting you know how much a digital restaurant menu costs.


BluCactus - contact usWe want to show you our quality service plans.


With them, you can reinvent your business in ways you never imagined before.


For more information on how much a digital menu for restaurant costs, we invite you to contact us to receive all the benefits of having a high-quality service.


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Summary of How much does a digital menu cost?

Item Price
Basic rate 50
Additional per waiter 20
Support and maintenance 20

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What is a Software Development Company?

What is a Software Development Company? Many enterprises are unaware of the existence of software development companies and opt for ready-made software. For example, some companies need an ERP-system, and what does the regular business do? They acquire an ERP system that already comes with many predetermined tools that are suitable for any type of business. But many of these software packages, if not all, have tools that they do not need and that do not know how they work. This software also doesn’t fully adapt to the needs of the company that buys them. 


What is a software development company? At BluCactus, we build solutions for your specific needs 


Within the software development process, you must take into account certain aspects. For example, its relevance according to the needs of your company, as well as those factors that will be of great help for the success of the project development. But what means software development? Simply, we can say that it’s the collective process involved in the creation of software programs. This process incorporates all the stages throughout the life cycle of systems development.

  BluCactus - comuter with different tools and a marketing agency logo

Additionally, broadly speaking, some of its functions are: manage the computational resources of your business and provide the appropriate tools. It also includes the optimization of the software system. Besides, software development acts as an intermediary between the stored information and the user.


That being said, you may be wondering: what is the importance of software within my business? Well, investing in Software is an efficient investment. The reason is that, in addition to helping you improve and optimize your business processes, it is also ideal to maximize its development and scope.


However, this is not all. Also, by opting for hiring a software company for the development of a project adapted to your business needs, you will be making a safe bet to guarantee its validity. This will happen within a market where the competition is fierce.


Also, keep in mind that software will have endless usage possibilities since you can use it from making inventories to keeping a better record of all your customers. In it, you can include their purchasing habits and other data that will be of great relevance to be able to send messages to the right people, at the right time.


What is a software development company?

BluCactus - What is a Software Development Company? - a computer with a software computerA software factory


What is a software development company? A software development company is also known as a software factory.


A software factory is a company in the software industry. Its mission is to develop software for its clients according to their specific requirements.


A software factory is a development field dedicated to producing components and complete processes for system execution based on specifications. It operates as an assembly line based on plans for assembly.


What is a software development company? The tool to reach your business goals


BluCactus - What is a Software Development Company? - a computer with a rocket on itNowadays, companies are competing like never before. They are facing unprecedented challenges, and have less time to develop and hatch new ideas that help create solutions to meet the needs of consumers, many of them with high expectations. For this reason, they go to the software factory, since competition has reached levels that fragment the industry and materialize in the market niche and micro-market niches.


Digital disruption, reduced innovation cycles, new kinds of competition, increasing customer expectations, and decreasing costs are just some of the challenges that entrepreneurs face. Companies have changed profoundly compared to what they were in the past. Now, businesses prepare and focus on the constant change of the micro and macro elements that are presented.


These modern companies are in contact with their customers 24/7 to find new ways to compete. Internally and externally, they remove friction at each level. And they focus on results, not processes. What is a software development company? It’s the company that can help you reach all of your business goals.


Learn more about what is a software development company and a software factory. Why do you need a company that manufactures software?


BluCactus - comuter with different tools and a marketing agency logoWhat is a Software Development Company? The great amount of devices connected to the Internet has allowed the emergence of different types of software. Today, the greatest potential of the software lies in creating a direct connection with customers through digital channels. Developing that potential requires an external approach.


To deliver superior customer experiences with unprecedented speed and scale, you need outstanding skills and tools. You also need a very different type of process. Within this new technological revolution, computer programs play a key role in our every day so that companies achieve success.


A software factory offers technical knowledge, agile development, and implementation methodologies that allow rapid acquisition of the tool. It will help you to solve and support the automation of administrative or information processes, as well as the defined reporting. Also, a software factory will guide you with the use of the newest technologies that allow a friendly and effective performance of the custom software.


What is a software development company? BluCactus provides the services you need


BluCactus - What is a Software Development Company? - a computer with a marketing agencyAt BluCactus, we can develop the software solutions that your business needs to help you achieve your goals. A software development company is a key to improving your processes and achieving a higher level of efficiency.


What is a software development company? Can it help my business? Yes, it can. We develop custom software specially designed to provide solutions for the specific problems your company might be going through.


With the technologies BluCactus implements, plus the possibility to scale up your software solution, software development costs the same or even less than buying default software. Besides, the features of your software will be designed according to your business needs! 


One of the solutions that our company offers is the development of specialized software according to the unique needs of your company because this system will allow you to achieve the objectives, tasks, and vision of your business. Our main goal is to understand your expectations from the start to create software products that quickly add value to the company.


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How much does Software Development Cost?

How much does custom software development cost? Custom software development is the creation of software systems for a single specific user or group of users inside a business or organization. Therefore, developers design custom made software to meet your company’s specific needs. On the other hand, the more typical commercial factory-ready software works in a general way.


Generally, a contracted third party or internal group of developers creates custom software only for that specific entity. In addition, they don’t package custom software for sale in a broader market.


In this article, we will address one of the first questions every customer asks. How much does custom software development cost? It is a difficult question to answer as there are many variables that affect the cost of custom software development.


How much does custom software development cost? The two types of business software


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-The-two-types-of-business-softwareSoftware applications are an important and key element for all modern businesses looking to come up with ways to optimize their processes while generating more revenue.


Essentially a manager or CEO can choose between two general types of software. The first of these two types of software include factory-ready solutions based on predefined module sets. The second is custom software featuring fully customizable applications that are adaptable to your business’ needs.


It’s a fact that personalized programs have much greater potential in terms of return on investment, so let’s find out how much custom software costs. In this post, we will analyze the components of cost and the factors that affect prices.


How much does custom software development cost? What is custom software development?


Custom software development is the creation of unique software solutions for your business. Custom solutions are usually more expensive than ready-to-use software options because they have different development steps that consider the customer’s needs.


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-2-Developing-custom-software-requires-a-detailed-plan.Developing custom software requires a detailed plan.


Custom software development is the design of software applications to specifically address the needs of these users better than commercial factory software. 


Normally, an external developer creates custom software only for a specific business.


An internal group of developers can also develop custom software. This is the reason you won’t find custom software packaged for resale.


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-3-The-cost-of-software-customization-versus-the-cost-of-factory-software-solutions.How much does custom software development cost? The cost of software customization versus the cost of factory software solutions


It’s crucial to realize how two types of software differ in terms of cost.


Compare the definitive characteristics of factory-made software and custom software:


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-4-Factory-applications.Factory applications


Factory applications include universal combinations of the most popular modules.


Multiple clients get factory applications without unique customization or only with a few minor changes.


Normally, these applications have the initial license price. They might also include monthly fees based on the number of users. In addition, they can involve additional expenses in updates, technical support, training for the staff and customization.


Custom software



Applications of this type are unique in that developers create them exclusively for the use of a specific organization. They come with previews, extensive research, MVP release, testing, and more. Customers can define which modules they want to add or remove depending on their needs or business objectives. Custom software often features only one big payment that includes all expenses.


The second type of software is potentially more profitable than factory applications. This is because managers see how much the company has to spend from the start and can be sure that there are no pitfalls with the implementation.


Custom applications generally include support, training, and upgrade costs in the final price. So this is the main question: how much does custom software development cost considering all of its benefits?


How much does custom software development cost? What affects the cost of custom software?


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-6-Software-Size.Software size


The more screens the software has, the more work you will have to do to develop your application. Therefore, it will be more expensive to deliver. Small apps range from 10 to 25 screens, the medium size is in the range of 25-40, and large size is more than 40.


What do we mean by screen? What constitutes a screen? In general, a screen would be everything the user sees when they first access their app, and then every single screen behind every button click, link click, or menu click.


A screen for viewing customer information and a screen for editing customer information are two different screens, although they display the same information.


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-7-The-complexity-of-the-software.The Complexity of the Software


Complicated applications mean more coding and also more testing time.


What happens if your custom software application performs a lot of heavy analysis, scores, or numerical calculations? What if your “secret code” has many nuances and a variety of permutations?


Your application is likely to have some complexity that requires special attention from the development team. This might increase production time and also the costs.


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-8-Creative-design1.- Creative design


Creative design in custom software development is about visual design.


You can choose different fonts and color palettes, among others.


Just like when designing and decorating a home, the more specific and special your design needs, the more expensive it can be.


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-9-Integration-with-other-systems2.- Integration with other systems


Integration with external software introduces many unknown variables to the situation. There are many unknown factors, like how well the other system allows information to flow and what obstacles it must go through in the process of integrating the systems.


Sometimes the integrations are easy, but other times it can be extremely difficult. Typical integrations like payment providers like PayPal or Authorize.


Net is extremely easy to integrate. The same goes for Equifax or Experian credit check services. Older or lesser-known systems can pose a challenge and increase the cost of the project.


3.- Migration of existing data


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-10-Migration-of-existing-data.If you have data on an existing system that needs to enter your new application, assuming it is more than you can write by hand, you will need a digital migration of the information. Migration is nothing more than custom scripts that extract data from your old system, clean it up, and change its format so that it can fit on your new system.


The process steps are very straightforward. However, you must take many questions and decisions if the two systems will store the data differently.


Companies execute migration efforts multiple times after the software development ends. In this way, we can ensure that everything has been translated correctly and that the new system is using the data as required by the customer.


When you are analyzing the costs of software development and budgeting for your custom software development, these factors should be taken into account.


How much does custom software development cost? Designing the budget


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-11-Designing-the-budget.Similar to building a house, companies can design software to fit a budget.


A good software development team can take your ideas and create a design with a target budget in mind.


Once a company completes initial design and cost estimates, they can add or remove certain features to reach its target number.


It pays to put a reasonable number in your target budget when you start a project.


How much does custom software development cost? Breakdown of software development costs by stages


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-12-Breakdown-of-software-development-costs-by-stages.The most important thing to remember for now is that custom apps take longer before launching than factory-ready alternatives.


The point is, developers have to make a product from scratch instead of implementing pre-programmed software. Therefore, customers must be ready to wait in order to get the completed software.


The process consists of several stages that start with an initial business investigation and end with ongoing technical support. Each stage has its own expenses that affect the price.


The following four sections represent the most important steps in developing software products. How much does custom software development cost? Get to know them to know how much you should spend.


How much does custom software development cost? The development


BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-13-The-developmentStarting with analysis, the development stage is the key element of a product. During this process, programmers and analysts cooperate with the customers to define the desired application requirements.


Partners discuss the overall needs with exact modules included, a lead time, more accurate expense budgets and additional services like training or maintenance.


The development itself takes anywhere from a few weeks to years, depending on the complexity of the application. As a result, you get a fully functional product that will further your business and help you reach your goals.


How much does custom software development cost? The implementation


BluCactus-The-implementation.Here, the developer installs the finished app on your server. They can also deploy to the cloud with remote access.


This stage should include a proper test and performance evaluation.


That shows that the software works well and that you won’t lose core data or integrations after switching to it.


During implementation, having control for 24 hours over applications is crucial.


BluCactus-The-training.How much does custom software development cost? The training


Without good training, your employees can’t take full advantage of the new software.


Normally, custom solution developers provide internal or remote lectures and practices with basic application information.


If this option is not included in the final list of services, be sure to request it even if it involves more expenses.


BluCactus--The-maintenanceHow much does custom software development cost? The maintenance


The development life cycle does not end after launch. It continues with further evaluation, updates, support, and technical maintenance.


Similar to training, these options may come as parts of the price or may be available for additional costs.


Again, you want to get them from developers who know how the program works rather than partnering with third-party teams that aren’t as familiarized with your customized software.


How much does custom software development cost? Factors that affect the cost of software


BluCactus-Factors-that-affect-the-cost-of-softwarIn addition to the basic stages that define software pricing, there are also numerous secondary factors. They are definitely worth considering as each point can increase or decrease expenses and respectively help the company avoid exceeding the previously defined budget.


Regardless of the industry for which they are developed, you can find the previously listed factors in the development of all software applications. However, you want to prioritize based on the market sector and specific industry requirements.


For example, complexity and functionality are extremely important to large companies that focus on covering everything at once. Integrations with external programs are crucial for companies working with different partners. Now, let’s take a look at the things that affect the final cost of software customization.


BluCactus-Size-and-scope.Size and scope

First, the cost of each project depends on its complexity and size. For example, a simple list-based mobile app for a small e-store that has only one catalog and one personal account will be really cheap. There is not much to do with this type of software. 


On the other hand, huge ERP platforms for multinational banks or logistics teams that require elaborate CRM, warehouse management, and financial security are expensive and difficult to deliver.


It’s suggested that you define the desired features from the start so that developers can estimate prices.


BluCactus-Budget-and-time.Budget and time

Last but not least, the final price is strongly related to the money you can spend and the time you are ready to wait.


These things are inversely proportional because the most urgent projects have additional costs because the developers have to work harder and faster.


It’s essential to know your funds and time expectations before signing a contract so that both parties can discuss the terms and reach a final decision.


Rates of offshore and nearshore Software Development


How much does custom software development cost?, Eastern Europe: 

Software developers from countries like Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine tend to offer their services at a price between $26 USD and $43 USD/hour. This price range is associated with moderate to high-quality services.


These countries have a large IT workforce, which leads to strong competition. Plus, it also forces developers to offer better value for money.


On the contrary, Latvia and Estonia have a less number of IT specialists so prices are more expensive. However, the quality is also very high. How much does custom software development cost? Software development tends to cost between or above $31 USD and $44 USD/hour in Latvia. While in Estonia, the place where Skype was born, these prices can scroll up to between $41 USD and $50 USD/hour.


Alternatively, software developers of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia offer great services at a price range between $34 USD and $56 USD/hour. Benefits of hiring software developers in Eastern Europe include: discovering a deep talent pool, getting innovative products and having a decent time difference with the USA. That way, both the time zone (UTC+2) and the diversified skills of IT specialists are competitive advantages. 



BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-Rates-of-offshore-and-nearshore-Software-Development-Asia.Offshore software development rates in Asian countries are much cheaper than in Eastern European countries.  Software development services there are good, effective and cheap.


In South Asia, the top outsourcing countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. In these countries, the hourly price rates range between $18 USD and $40 USD. However, the biggest player there is India, where the IT industry is solid and dynamic. 


How much does custom software development cost? Regarding East and Southeast Asia, China overpasses Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam in IT services.  Nevertheless, these countries have made their efforts to improve the quality of their services. Each one of them provides unique opportunities to develop your software project.   IT professionals of this region provide their services at a rate between $25 USD and $40 USD/hour.   


How much does custom software development cost?, Latin America

BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-Rates-of-offshore-and-nearshore-Software-Development-Latin-AmericaLatin America is a great place to hire offshore software development services. Here you will get excellent customer service, high-quality results, and the best value. Some of the most popular software development companies in this region are in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.


This is a mixed market with no single dominant player, so any of these countries is a good choice for you. Even though the prices in this region are higher than in Asia, comfortable hour differences with the USA worth it.


Hourly price rates range between $30 USD and $50 USD/hour. However, something to take into account is that Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay have higher price rates, hovering around $50 USD or more.  



BluCactus-How-much-does-custom-software-development-cost-Rates-of-offshore-and-nearshore-Software-Development-Africa.How much does custom software development cost? Africa is an emerging and highly affordable destination to hire IT services.


Here, countries like Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa take the lead in software development services.


There is not much competition, so hourly price rates stay stable in a range between $20 USD and $40 USD/hour.


Within this group, you can find cheaper services in Egypt, Morocco, and Kenya. The higher price rates belong to Nigeria and South Africa, ranging from $40 USD to $50 USD/hour. 


So, how much does custom software development cost?


How much does custom software development cost? It depends on a wide variety of factors. In BluCactus we have a personalized software development service. We will tailor our software design to your needs. Contact us today and ask for more information.


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