Why should you care about your clothing label? The key to be iconic

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How important is a label? What does a clothing label mean within the fashion industry? These questions may seem very simple to answer, but few understand the impact of them. The importance of a clothing label for your fashion brand.


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsMarketing has evolved over the years, and because of this, it has gone through many changes.


However, even if this is true, there are still some elements that have remained the same.


For example, the way people identify products.


Here, we will tell you why creating your label designs for clothing products is so important and how this affects your brand.



Origin of labels


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsThroughout history, people have used labels as a way to set apart a product from another. However, many think that they are irrelevant in the build and importance of a brand.


Nonetheless, the real origin of the labels comes from the paper industry. This developed in Europe in the 16th century. It all started with the creation of the press by Gutenberg. Not long after it, the creation and development of labels was a reality.


It was the paper manufacturers who used the designs on the labels. The first to do so was the papermaker, Bernhart. In the year 1550, he used the first paper strips with a design in the center.


Its evolution


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labels- clothing label for your fashion brand - ejemplo de etiquetasThe label industry at the end of the 18th century went through two very important moments.


On the one hand, the paper-making machine appeared for the first time in France.


Second, lithography began to develop as the printing technique that consists of engraving a drawing on a stone or metal plate to print copies of the original.


Since then, product labeling has spread throughout the world.


BluCactus - example of a visual identityLater, people started to use labels to mark all types of containers.


For example, food, cosmetics, cleaning, medicines, and others.


In the mid-19th century, with the advent of color printing, graphic design became the main focus of labels.


As a result, these became a means of attracting consumers.



Labels in fashion


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsIn the fashion world, labels can be very creative or very simple so that the client only focus on the product.


Some brands even make small labels with just the name of the business.


Others opt for labels that be easily removed by the client from the product, but that also enough information about it.


They do this to entice consumers and keep them updated on what is happening with their brands.



Why use them?


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labels

Thanks to labels, we can find out about the materials used, the price, where it comes from, the brand, and other information we need to make a purchase. Some of its ultimate goals are to inform, attract, decorate, and highlight.


On the other hand, adhesive labels are an important part of the product presentation. This is because they are the first contact that customers have with them. That’s why many require exclusive designs that stand out from the competition.


They also must be of long durability and versatility. Many brands prefer to identify their pieces with this model of labels, both in their textile and printed versions.


As you can see, you shouldn’t choose your labels lightly. They are small communication strategies that reflect values ​​and identity. By that, we mean everything behind a product.


Importance of labels


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsThe label is one of the most important parts of your product since this is the first contact that a client has with it. Besides this, they aim to provide all the information they need about a product.


This can be its name, brand, and characteristics such as fabric, size, size, components, among others. Thanks to it, the customer will be able to easily decide if they want to buy it or not. 


Nonetheless, you can place a lot more information on your label. For example, you can add the names of those who make the product, where it comes from when it was made, and its expiration date.


Features of custom clothing labels


Every fashion label has a totally unique way of presenting themselves. However, all of them must meet certain characteristics for it to be a successful and attractive label. Some of these are:




BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsCustom labels offer the flexibility that today’s consumer market requires. They are easily adaptable to any product, design, and size without established limits.


However, the designs of attractive products are generally atypical, so they need services that allow them to be printed properly. All of this without neglecting the quality of the colors and the adhesive.


Your business can find the right label without having to adapt to traditional options. Being personalized, the client has an endless number of possible designs.


Thus, creativity is a vital element that every brand must-have when creating their clothing label.




BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsAs we mentioned before, the label is the customer’s first contact with the product.


Because of this, you shouldn’t take it lightly, much less neglect it. Not only that, but this labeling should also be at the forefront of the marketing trend. For this, some consider self-adhesive labels innovative.


This is because they are easily adaptable according to the requirements of the brand.


They also have a greater impact on the minds of consumers. The idea is to mix designs and textures that quickly explain the message and values ​​of the brand.




BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsLabels are suitable for all types of products. Regardless of the material in which it was made, you can attach or adhere it to the packaging.


Besides, depending on the media and finish, they can last as long as necessary until the final consumption of the product.


This prevents it from coming off or being lost at any time due to conditions such as humidity, temperature, and friction between items.


In short, your product image will remain intact regardless of constant product handling.


Better connection with consumers


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsBrands must now connect with each of their consumers. That’s why you must deliver elements that interact with them.


Remember, it’s not just about the product, it’s also about the presentation. The latter is what will make your company have good sales results.


People tend to talk about the brand. Even more so, if your product is personalized.


So, you can use this as a strategy as this can help your brand to connect with your new clients. Not only that but when a customer’s mind is caught in the instant, they tend to be much more loyal to the brand and buy again.


Fashion marketing


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsClothing labels to personalize your products can be used as a fashion marketing strategy.


But what is fashion marketing?


Fashion marketing is the application of different strategies and techniques that focus on attracting the consumer.


These strategies seek to generate emotions and motivations so that the purchase decision becomes one of the main objectives of the brand: conversion.


Types of labels for custom clothing


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsThere are a wide variety of labels. The best known are:


Descriptive or informative labels


These labels are used in every product because they are very complete.


In short, they offer information to the customer.


Besides this, they also generally comply with laws and regulations within the fashion sector.


BluCactus - example of a visual identityPromotional labels


They are generally used to capture the attention of the target audience with eye-catching designs and promotional phrases.


As a result, these create a need for purchase in the consumer.






BluCactus - example of a visual identityBrand labels


They include only the name or the brand, for this characteristic they can adhere to the same product.


They are widely used in the textile sector.








BluCactus - example of a visual identityGrade labels


They are special labels that help to identify the quality of the product using a letter, number, or word.









BluCactus - example of a visual identityMandatory and non-mandatory labels


Mandatory labels are those in which the manufacturer complies with current laws; failure to do so will result in fines or penalties.


Non-mandatory labels don’t need to obey these rules but must include useful and valuable information.






BluCactus - example of a visual identityOther tags that are also known are:


  • Screen printed labels.
  • Ribbon labels.
  • Limited edition labels.
  • Cardboard labels for t-shirts.
  • Woven neck labels.
  • Labels on sleeves or hems.
  • Woven patch labels.






BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsDepending on the type of function that these labels will have on the products, there are other types:


  • Security: they are those that provide greater security to products, packaging, or other objects.
  • Promotional: used to attract potential buyers. They do this by drawing their attention or standing out from the crowd.
  • Brand: Only the brand name appears on these. The aim of this is so that the client can identify the clothes’ brand.
  • Price: these indicate the cost of the product.




BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsRemovable labels


Wholesale jerseys usually come with removable labels.


These usually come cooked but in a way that is easy to remove in one pull.


If you are a designer and want to start your own line of custom t-shirts, this is the best option for you.





BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labels

Elements of a label


Before designing or commissioning a product label design, consider the following:


  1. Find out the laws, norms, and regulations in force on labeling within your industry or sector. For this, you can carry out inquiries in chambers of commerce, industry associations, and other entities. If you don’t do this, you could face all sorts of issues such as fines, complaints, and other penalties. Not only that, but this can negatively affect your brand image. Thus, always take into account the laws enforced for the creation of labels.
  2. BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsPut yourself in the customer’s shoes and consider what information you would like to find on the product label. To do this, you can carry out a focus group with potential clients to find out.
  3. Clothing label for your fashion brand. Find a way to stand out from the competition while taking into account the laws or regulations in force and the suggestions of customers.
  4. Never include misleading, false, or incomplete information on the label. So even if a label aims to grab the attention of people, you shouldn’t do it. This action will damage the image of the product and the company.
  5. Think long term. Try to consider that customers will become familiar with the design of the label and the information it provides. This means that you won’t be able to change the design without this having some kind of effect.


BluCactus - clothing label for your fashion brand - example of labelsOther elements that you should have on hand when designing:


  • Registered trademark.
  • Name and address of the manufacturer.
  • Name and nature of the product.
  • Content.
  • Registry number.
  • Composition.
  • Barcode.
  • Manufacturing date



How to design a clothing label


BluCactus - example of a visual identityTo design the ideal clothing label for your brand, you must take into account how to choose certain important aspects:


Choose the correct colors, Clothing label for your fashion brand


The importance of color cannot be underestimated when working with packaging and labeling brands. The best custom labels use bright colors to grab the attention of customers.


Thus, we recommend not using neutral tones and grayscale. Instead, it is better to use something more vibrant: a little color can go a long way.


BluCactus - example of a visual identityChoose the correct font for your labels


When it comes to high-quality business labels, the font is another aspect that catches the eye of customers.


While elegant, italic-style fonts can look attractive and classy, ​​they are often difficult to read.


That is why you should think about certain elements before making the label.




BluCactus - example of a visual identitySuitable materials, Clothing label for your fashion brand


You should define this before you start the design process.


Otherwise, this could affect the colors and fonts you select in the future.


For example, textured materials are great for use on antique or handmade product labels.


While, on the other hand, smoother materials are usually ideal for food and beverages.


BluCactus - example of a visual identityChoose the right way


Clothing label for your fashion brand. The shape of the label can also tell a lot about the product.


While straight lines and shapes tend to be the most common, you can give your product an extra boost by creating a custom shaped label.


The shapes for labels are practically unlimited.




Why hire an agency to create labels for your clothing brand?


BluCactus - example of a visual identityMarketing agencies have an entire team of professionals who will help you create each of the essential elements for the label of your clothing brand. Some of the tools they can offer are:


  • They develop the right strategy for your target.


  • Stand out with originality and creativity.


  • Be aware of the most popular trends and techniques.


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