Cold leads and how to handle them

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Cold leads and how to handle them. Working on email marketing strategies may involve many challenges for any company. This is thanks to the prejudices that new entrepreneurs have with this tactic. However, a good email marketing strategy has many benefits that you can take advantage of.


Increasing your contact list, expanding your followers on other platforms, and boosting your number of sales, are some of the advantages that you can see in your brand if you use cold leads. But what happens to those contacts you send emails to and don’t interact with you? Should you forget about them altogether or look for new tactics to capture them?


In this blog, we will talk about cold leads, their importance, how to handle them and what are the best strategies to go from passive contacts to active contacts on your mailing list.


What to do with leads that “cool”?


BluCactus - Cold leads - important dataIf a contact ends up not buying anything, abandons their cart, stops opening your emails, or just doesn’t interact with you, it doesn’t mean you lost them. Many people stop interacting from the first email or after obtaining the material or information they wanted.


That’s why there are many vital processes to the strategic work of keeping these contacts interested. In other words, this is what will allow you to keep the interest of your content, what you say and new offers up. For this, many companies use newsletters as a strategy to keep up to date with the latest news.


In this case, they get the help of inbound marketing and the sales funnel in their life cycle as a company.


BluCactus - Cold leads - important data

Cold leads, what are they?


Cold leads are all those users who aren’t looking for your business.


In other words, it focuses on those who did find you a long time ago but didn’t come back again.


Marketing strategies are ideal to help rekindle this kind of contact and turn them into hot leads to increase sales or conversions.



BluCactus - Cold leads - important data

Why do leads get cold?


Those people who show a high interest in your business are known as hot leads.


In this interaction, they want to know more about you, your products, and the benefits you can give them.


In contrast, those customers who lose interest, who aren’t more attracted to the content, or don’t have other products that captivate them become cold leads.


BluCactus - Cold leads - important data

Understanding hot leads


These types of customers show a proactive interest in your brand.


It doesn’t matter what channel they use or the platform on which they communicate.


They tend to be very aware of what is happening with the business, they give their opinions and want to communicate with you through comments, mail, direct messages, or social media.


Strategy to heat your cold leads


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Not all contacts are handled the same. That’s why the clients who went cold from your list shouldn’t be treated in the same way as those who are interested in your business.


The ideal is to create sequences, strategies, tactics, and materials exclusively for them. This way, you will find new ways to capture their attention.


It’s also very important to know in which segment these customers are. What are their needs, where they live, their ages, the lifestyle they lead, and why they went from being active customers to being disinterested in the brand.


Next, we will present some marketing strategies to warm up your cold leads and re-captivate them:


BluCactus - important dataNurturing: re-engagement


Very commonly used in email marketing strategies, nutrition strategies allow us to offer the customer new content of value, relevant to their needs, tastes, and interests.


You can take them one step further by offering new content on each communication channel.


This way, you won’t only tell them to open your emails, but you can also motivate them to follow you on social media and your website.




BluCactus - important dataEven if this may not be as aligned with the previous strategy, you must contact your client from different channels. For this, you must avoid being as invasive and annoying as possible. That is, the best thing you can do is approach your inactive contacts through social media or other communication channels you may have.


Important: don’t be pushy. It doesn’t mean that you are going to call the customer or send them a text message to communicate with them and regain their interest.


The most appropriate thing is to send them some emails, then communicate with them through networks or make attractive campaigns to offer them something that you know they want.




BluCactus - Cold leads - important dataA fundamental point of digital marketing is its particularity in the unique and personal. Who doesn’t like to be treated like the only one in the world with such special tastes and desires that they deserve personalized treatment? Well, in the search for capturing the interest of your clients, it must be the same.


We recommend using the data that these clients left in the past as a database. This way, you’ll be able to create information and materials associated with their navigability behaviors. This includes their preferred keywords, most used tools, past conversations, among others.


The goal here is to segment them as well as possible to personalize nurturing campaigns and send content related to their profile. As a result, little by little, the information in your database will grow.




BluCactus - important dataDon’t let your warm leads get cold again


Keep track of your contacts and don’t let them get cold again.


The best thing is to keep abreast of everything they do.


For this, you can use the help of statistics to see what works best and what is better to discard.


Work with different strategies, different materials and try to discover what best suits their tastes and needs.


BluCactus - Cold leads - important dataTake advantage of Lead Scoring


Thanks to Lead scoring, you’ll be able to have a more key idea.


According to the objectives that you develop, of what your contacts are achieving.


Ideally, you should frequently check this to see if any of your clients got cold, lukewarm, or were easily reengaged.



Employ automated workflows


BluCactus - Cold leads - important dataThis point is focused on email marketing since the best strategy to work with cold leads is automation. This allows us to have control over the type of strategy and content that we give them. It unites the aspect of marketing and sales, the actions we want to achieve, and boost our personalized communication with the client without having to write an email one by one.


Carrying out strategies like this by hand can be almost impossible for some. Plus, it takes a long time and you won’t be able to perform as you may want to. That’s why for your newsletter nurturing strategy, it’s best to use a sales or customer journey. This way, once they’re done and cool, you can add specific content for them according to their respective labels.


By working on automatic marketing strategies, you will have time to focus on dealing with your clients. Added to this, you can also pay more attention to your brand’s growth. As a result, you’ll be able to fix those problems that may take a long time. For this, you can find many tools targeted towards email marketing. These will allow you to create automation in a simple and concrete way. The goal here is to find one that finds your needs, the number of contacts, the capacity of emails per month, and what you want to achieve from this strategy.


Cold leads are just as important as active leads. That’s why within your business and strategies you must always have one aimed at them.


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