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Discover 5 secrets to connect with your audience on social media. The audience on social media has become the best barometer for the success of any brand. Mainly because of the variety of content that we can see every day. Not only that but also for the many accounts that appear every minute.


BluCactus - connect with your audience - men with a cellphoneThus, it’s important to know which key to touch to get closer to our users.


A word that we see often when talking about the audience on social media is “Engagement”.


This is a concept that lets us know if the content and marketing we are using are successful.


All of this means that good engagement is the ability to connect with our audience on social media. We do this through an emotional bond. At the end of the day, our goal is for followers to interact with our brand’s content.


Types of Engagement


BluCactus -engagementThere are many types of audience engagement on social media. The one that stands out the most is customer engagement.


This comprises the commitment and dynamics of interaction between a client and a brand. All of this through the time of their relationship.


The second type of audience interaction on social media would be Employee Engagement.


This is a type of commitment geared towards employees or collaborators.


BluCactus - engagementSo, this means the emotional bond that a worker has with the brand. Something that goes beyond their payment. Here, the most important thing is to promote a sense of belonging to the brand.


Another way to measure audience engagement on social media is User Engagement. In short and simple terms, this means user interaction. What this does is measure how devoted followers are to a brand. To do this, it works through the different communication channels of said brand.


Finally, on the best known and most used types of engagement is Social Media itself. This shows the positioning of an account compared to the competition. Now, you might be asking: How? Through the number of followers. There, plain and simple. However, this isn’t all, it also does this to assess the quality of the interactions and the perception of the general audience.


The magic formula 


BluCactus - magic formulaWe usually measure the latter by using the formula called “the engagement rate”. So, to get a result out of this, we divide the total of interactions gotten during a period. For this, we select them from among all the publications we made during the same period.


Once we have the first result, we must divide this total with the number of followers of our brand on social media. Finally, we multiply it by 100. As a result, it’s we’ll be able to determine the relevance that the brand has around the platform in question.


However, we know that connecting with your audience to improve engagement and interactions can be hard. Thus, we’ll show you some secrets that will allow you to increase this emotional bond.


Find your voice as a brand, Connect with your audience from social media  


BluCactus - connect with your audience - voice as a brandOne pioneer in marketing, Alan Siegel, was the first to use the term “voice of the brand”. In the beginning, in the eighties, when the printing press dominated the world, the term was unknown. Now, the digital world is ahead of advertising and marketing strategies. This is because it’s the place where at least 70% of people in the world spend most of their time. The term “brand’s voice” appears once again for the new generations. Mainly because it’s the tool that will successfully attract the most people.


Likely, a brand doesn’t know who its “buyer persona” or ideal client is. This, in the case, that it addresses a very general and broad group of clients. Thus, knowing your followers is what will allow you to get closer to them. Besides, this will also allow you to create much more successful strategies.


When creating new content you should ask yourself several questions. What’s the voice of my follower? What do they like best? Do they prefer graphics or a short explanatory text? Only with a few simple questions, you will understand your follower and your voice as a brand.


Tone and voice are not the same 


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people workingHowever, you shouldn’t confuse the voice of your brand with its tone. The voice of the brand is constant and permanent. It talks about issues like personality, fundamental values, the archetype, and the character of the company.


While the voice is who you are and what you believe in. The tone itself must constantly change according to the context of the message you want to deliver. If the brand wants to communicate an achievement, the tone will be celebratory. If on the contrary, it’s to help an annoying customer, the tone should be calm and empathetic.


Whichever way you address yourself, it’s essential to create personal content. This, if you want to create a bond with the client. Not only that, but you should also do this is you want them to see you as a brand in which they are reflected. Don’t speak to the masses. Attract many with your creative content, but talk to only one, your ideal client.


Find unique and personal insights:


BluCactus - connect with your audience - insightMarketing insight stands for consumer motivation. This is something that we can see when it comes to their behavior towards a sector or brand. Connect with your audience from social media. It also consists of perceptions, images, and experiences. All of them something that the audience has about a company and its products or services.


So, if you want to create insight to use it in advertising and marketing, there are some steps to take. What you have to do is do in-depth research while taking into account observation, introspection, and deduction. They, in turn, have to relate to your brand and content. Some people understand this as the number of facts, told or not by the audience, and intuition.


How do you use this to connect with people? Simple, people love the exclusive. Offer your audience something that they cannot find anywhere else. This way they will go directly to you, and you will be their reference for a specific topic.


Connect with your audience from social media, How to achieve insights? 


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people workingWhen creating a marketing message to cause some kind of reflection, you can use content with a double message. This works to offer the follower a message that creates some kind of understanding. For this, most people decide to use the connotative language.


Figures of speech are becoming more and more popular among the world of digital marketing. Here, experts use a mix of written language but the visual aspects remain to be the focus.


So, even if the latter works very well in advertising, another relevant speech has come up. In recent years, to achieve insights, experts find that the use of storytelling is very helpful.


The modern storyteller 


BluCactus - storytellingStorytelling, as its name shows, is telling a story to allow the audience to identify with one of its protagonists. The aim of this is to incite a thought process in the content consumer. Then, they should conclude something out of it. Moreover, we know that finding the insight of a brand is not an easy task. However, once you achieve this, it will offer you an important advantage over the competition. This, in turn, will help you grow on social media quickly.


Remember: don’t copy the same topics that everyone shows on their social media. We know that it can be tempting to use the content of your competition.


This can even be harder when you know they are successful. However, for your buyer persona, there is nothing better than giving them unique and specialized content.


Humor and empathy will be your best friends


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people workingEmotions carry the greatest weight in the decisions we make daily. If a friend recommends a service, you are more likely to purchase it yourself; do you love a product or its content? Mountains of that same topic will likely reach your social media.


On the other hand, the reputation of a brand can be very fragile. If someone leaves a bad comment about it or its services, that alone can be enough to destroy it. Connect with your audience from social media.


So, if you want to create positive engagement on social media, you need to create an emotional connection. Besides, it’s also important to use valuable content. This way your clients will feel identified and resolve their concerns.


Not only that but it’s also vital that you don’t underestimate the power of emotions on social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn are platforms with millions of users. All of them from different places all around the world. So, remember that these users have feelings and they can get carried away with them.


Showing emotion is the key


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people workingAny kind of content that manages to get a laugh or a tear out of anyone knows its audience very well. This is what will make the difference between one more follower and a solid link with a consumer.


So, the next time you try to figure out what content would be most attractive, don’t be afraid to make jokes! It doesn’t matter if only your audience will understand them. Moreover, if you rather prefer to tell an experience your followers can relate to, do it!


Being fully involved with the brand’s content, either with the help of the team or with personal experiences, gives a more familiar touch to the publications.


The people behind the brand are the brand


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people workingAt least 3 out of 4 users on social media prefer to follow accounts that share entertaining and funny messages.


One main reason for this is that they want to put aside the corporate and serious formalism.


Thus, clients need to see that the accounts they follow are run by people like them.


This is something that gives them another reason to connect with the company.


Ask questions and let them participate, connect with your audience from social media 


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people workingOne of the simplest and easiest ways to increase engagement on social media is to ask your followers questions. This way you get them to participate and start a discussion in the posts or stories. Ask about their experience with the brand, the product, or the contents.


This is something that will also help to find out what your strengths and weaknesses are as a company. Thus, this will allow you to improve the strategies that work and discard the ones that don’t.


Social media has many ways to keep healthy discussions open. For this, you can use polls in stories, ask a question, and let them answer you. This way you leave the way free for them to get involved in the brand. Remember that they are not just followers, they are your community and the brand exists because of them.


Encourage healthy debates


BluCactus - connect with your audience - healthy debatesIs there a controversial topic that your followers want to know more about? Give them a solid foundation, your opinion on the matter, and some data. After this open the discussion on the subject, if they agree or not and their opinions.


If, on the other hand, you want to do more dynamic activities for the community, you can carry out activities or games through the publications or stories on social media. For this, you can use the help of surveys. These strategies will then allow your followers to know your products in-depth or more about you.


These questions and answers not only increase the engagement of your account on social media, they will also give you an idea of ​​the next topics that your audience is interested in knowing.


The opinions of your followers will maintain the relevance of the topics you want to discuss in the next publications. Offer them fresh and unique content to get your audience hooked.


Believe in what you preach, connect with your audience from social media 


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people working

In social media, your audience addresses you as some specific topic expert. That’s why you must provide relevant and good-quality topics for your audience. This, without leaving aside the belief system of the brand.


Have you seen politicians’ debates? Imagine that they are in the middle of their speech about a campaign and they from one moment to the next, change their political position and beliefs. No one will believe in them, that’s for sure.


If a brand is not firm with its ideals and is indecisive in front of its audience, the audience will not connect with them. So, you must create content that truly represents your brand. For this, you have to be objective and professional. You should also maintain credibility and support the content with a solid foundation, images, and real sources.


Be Real


BluCactus - connect with your audience - people with emoji facesThe content of a brand should not only be words. This is because it’s the common thread of the argumentative discourse of the account. Followers look for the credibility of experts with whom they connect in the online world. So, if the brand is not determined by what they write, they will only drive away their audience.


Don’t try to redirect everything that others say and give it a new focus. You must be a brand that knows well what it wants and where it wants to go with its platform. The best thing about social media is that each of the brands has a unique space to express themselves. This way they can make people understand who they are in front of their audience.


Here, what’s important is not who published content more often or who has the most followers. What matters is to have a real community and being able to create some thoughts in the mind of your client.


Last Words of connecting with your audience from social media 


BluCactus - connect with your audience - professional people workingHere, you can find all the secrets that experts in digital marketing and advertising use. We are sure they will help you to increase the interaction rate of your brand on social media and thus, grow your digital community.


The engagement of a brand on social media is what will make the difference in its relevance against the competition.


We know that it’s not easy to achieve growth on social media. That’s why BluCactus has different tools, content, and support to give you. All of this to get you where you want to be as easily and fluidly possible.


BluCactus, your partner in marketing


BluCactus international marketing agencyBluCactus -what is Moz - contact us helps clients all over the world. Our specialty? The management of social media and other digital media. Connect with your audience from social media. For this, we have a group of experts devoted to helping brands succeed in the digital world.


We will guide you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of content, the development of your website to the management of accounts in social media, and more. We as an online marketing agency, based in Dallas, TX, seek to strengthen your image and take it to the next level.


Don’t wait any longer and get the help of the best specialists in digital marketing. Contact us through our social media or on our website for more information about our services.


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