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BluCactus Fashion Marketing - 15 content ideas for fashion brands

Social media is important for online businesses — and especially fashion brands. Your brand should always reflect your values, motivation, and preferences. However, many clothing brands are so focused on selling only their goods that they don’t take the time to consider what their consumers need or want regarding fashion apparel. Today, we’re excited to share 15 creative content ideas that will attract customers to your brand.


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Content creation is essential since it helps to creatively display your range of products and communicate everything behind the brand. This is because potential customers are real people who are looking for more than “just products”.


People attach importance to the experiences they have when creating content. They want to see products, but they also want to learn how they’re made.

In other words, if you keep your content insightful and engaging, readers will see you as a valuable source of information.

This is crucial to help your business attract new customers and improve customer satisfaction.



15 Content Ideas for Fashion Brands


How do you begin using content marketing to promote your brand and establish yourself as a fashion industry leader? The first step is quite simple: you must delve into what content marketing is. If you want to learn more about how to do that, keep reading.


It’s now or never. You must adapt to the changing market and use content marketing to ensure long-term success and development. This page is the perfect place to learn how with the best 15 fashion content ideas that can provide your fashion brand’s success.


These incredible fashion marketing strategies are a great way to understand how to sell online and increase sales. We hope these ideas serve as inspiration for your content!


#1 Can I Use Product Tutorials for My Fashion Content?


Remember, your ultimate goal should always be to maintain customer loyalty. And product tutorials can do just that by demonstrating to customers the best way to use your products. We suggest publishing your tutorials on YouTube and Instagram because they’re the most popular and effective channels for this type of fashion marketing strategy. Start by helping current and potential customers appreciate the importance of what you’re offering.


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - dignanisMany people feel indecisive when deciding what to wear, so they watch tutorials to get a clear idea of what’s trending.  Showing is always more powerful than telling, after all — tutorials are a great way to bring your fashion content to life.


For example, the girls at The Dignanis made product tutorials that could inspire their potential customers with thousands of ideas on using their beautiful scarves.


They did it through videos and photos where they showed different techniques and creative style ideas for any occasion.


As a result, their direct sales had a significant increase — but what also improved was their customer reach. So this is the moment to get inspired and put this idea to work in your favor, and you’ll be creating charming product tutorials in no time!


#2 What Are the Advantages of Creating a Q&A?


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - answer questionsAnswering frequently asked questions from your customers creatively is yet another great way to boost your sales. If you’re trying to improve the customer experience (or refine it), it’s crucial to know the customers better than they know themselves.

That’s where a fun Q&A section comes in handy. It could be a list written in a quirky style or even a video for faster engagement.


 With a fun and distinctive Q&A, you can create unique content and improve the shopping experience, especially for future customers who’ll ask the same questions.


For instance, the girls from Bord created a story on Instagram. In it, they shared a step-by-step guide on how to install their organization panels.


Perhaps this was a common question that many people had. So, because of this, they thought of a unique way to answer these questions through a story everyone could watch. They have many more fun Q&A responses, such as how to choose one ring’s size, how to place earrings, or how to clean related accessories.


No time or patience to implement?  We do it for you!

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#3 Are Stories Useful When It Comes to Content Ideas for My Fashion Brand?


The power of stories can be harnessed when it comes to your content. One of the best things you can do when making content ideas for fashion brands is share the story behind your products.


A story always begins with the business and ends with the company’s products. Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker, once stated, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. If you talk about what you believe, you will attract those who believe what you believe.”

So, in other words, when creating a story behind your brand and products, you must answer these three questions:


  1. What do you do?
  2. How will you do it?BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - baumm
  3. Why do you do it?


If you truthfully answer these questions, you can start sharing content that will emotionally connect your brand to your potential customers. Remember, this strategy seeks to make your customers understand that your products are much more than meets the eye.


As an example, Baumm brand is a business dedicated to creating backpacks with reused paragliders. They show the story behind each product, covering the sustainable materials they use and where the fabric was before it became a backpack.


Baumm’s stories show innovation through sustainability. This way, their potential clients see the soul and history behind their products.


#4 Can I Collaborate With Others To Show the Products in Use?


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherWhen you create alliances with other people, you aren’t always the one who is showing the products. Alliances are a great idea to create content and attract more attention.


For example, the girls from Bord recently did this in a super authentic way.


They know that their organizational panels are a great product, especially for creative entrepreneurs. They also know that these people need to have their work items on hand and in order.


So, they summoned 15 entrepreneurs to do a photo session and asked them to bring their favorite work items. Then, they created beautiful photos of their panels displaying a variety of areas in which people can use them.


The 15 entrepreneurs shared the photos on their social media. Doing this increased the number of people they reached with their brand.


As you can tell, promotional photo sessions are a very original — and successful — idea from which you can draw inspiration. Furthermore, collaborations don’t always have to be with influencers or people with billions of followers, and you don’t need to pay a fortune for a mention.


You can collaborate with people who have fewer followers but who constantly interact with their audience. It’s more authentic that way, anyway.


#5 What are the Benefits of Involving Customers in My Fashion Brand?

BluCactus - tablet with information of fashionHere’s another great content idea for your fashion brand. Show your clients themselves using the product! What better way to attract more people than using your existing following?

Juli Santini is a fantastic example of this in action. She is an apparel designer who organizes an afternoon tea every month. Here, she invites her main clients to spend the afternoon with her as they try on her clothes and take fun photos.


Showing your clients using your product is a great way to maintain contact with them as you get to know them more. You can also offer exclusive and preferential treatment to your most loyal clients to keep things exciting.



#6 Is Educational Content a Good Content Idea for My Fashion Brand?


BluCactus - cellphone with information If your product is within a particular area, creating educational content about its benefits is a great thing you can do.

For instance, if you sell skin products, sharing your knowledge on how to use them is very useful for potential clients.

(This doesn’t work with all products, however.)

Don’t only talk about your products, though — tell people how they’ll benefit from having them.

Answer their questions about the product before they even have time to ask them.

Such promptness, along with sharing tips and helpful information, will help you attract potential customers.

This, in turn, will help them promote the importance of your product.


#7 How Can Photos of My Content Help My Fashion Brand?


 Pictures are a vital source of content you can use to attract potential customers to the brand.

Because there’s an endless amount of images circling social media, attracting attention to yours can be difficult. People scroll past dozens of products within seconds, so making your stand out enough for them to click on it is essential. 

This is where high-quality images come in.

Now, the images don’t have to be of professional quality, so don’t worry about hiring a photographer if you don’t have the budget. With that said, the photos of your product must be excellent enough to instantly get someone’s click.

You can do this by showing the product in different, creative ways in each photo. This will be engaging and add visual variety, making your product more attractive and worthy of a shopper clicking on it to learn more.

Do this by being super creative with the photos of your product. Show them in different ways each time. So, to attract attention, you must use a lot of creativity for the photos. Remember to try not always to show the products, in the same way every time.


BluCactus - cellphone with information


For example, Ringo’s workers focus their entire store on a single product. They create original and attractive photographs to display in different usage situations.

What are you waiting for? Go and take some great pictures of your product!


#8 How Can User-Created Content Help My Fashion Brand?


A great way to create content is to use the content created by your audience. Whether you’re using it for companies large or small, knowing how to use it wisely and effectively will build your knowledge and brand loyalty.


BluCactus - cellphone with informationWhile you may not have the budget to hire a macro-influencer, sharing user-generated content is possible. The best thing about this is that it’s practically free.


For example, Glossier created product placement that was essential to their brand’s success when they launched their beauty line. They also made sure their packaging was photogenic and adapted for Instagram.


When you scroll through their Instagram feed, you can see several posts from micro-influencers.


As another example, ASOS takes user-generated content to the next level by creating Instagram profiles for their influencers. These profiles attract followers which turn into communities of people who love — and share — ASOS content.


#9 Can I Use a Blog to Engage and Inform my Audience?

Fashion is characterized by dynamism. The clothes, stories, and presentations are dynamic, the blogs about fashion are dynamic,  and the feelings people have when they wear something they love from a brand they adore are dynamic.

Therefore, your brand must also convey that electric, exciting feeling.

You could do that by writing a dynamic blog and using it to keep readers informed on everything that happens in the fashion industry.

Think like a follower of yours would think — what latest fashion news would you love reading about? What part of the blog would you read first?

Having a fashion blog is an excellent piece of fashion content that will engage your audience and help you attract more people.


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#10 Are Lists and Links a Good Thing To Use in My Fashion Content?


This may sound simple — but don’t underestimate the power of a list. It can help keep things organized for you, and, most importantly, your followers.

If you use it well, a simple list-making strategy can create a link-building strategy.

What does that mean? Well, when you cite something in your fashion blog with a link, you can guide potential customers directly to the products mentioned in your lists and blog.

A list can summarize the qualities of a product or describe it but a link will take people to the item right away.

It’s efficient for them and useful for you. You’ll get higher success rates if you use links compared to a blog without any.

Users and fans receive and accept posts with lists well. Likewise, the power of the information collected by the same published grid is contextualized.


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working together

If your blog already has a theme with chained posts, these lists can also serve as scripts or indexes that point to other content on your blog.

The content of the lists depends, of course, on what you post on your blog or social media. Write informative and engaging content so readers keep coming back for more.

You might also want to keep a calendar of topics and publications so you don’t risk repeating blog posts.


#11 What are the Benefits of Using Audiovisual Content for My Fashion Brand?



BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working together

Audiovisual content has become a huge part of marketing. Videos now take up space in blogs and social media platforms.


So, get creative and use them to display the essence of your brand. Fashion brands and social media marketing go hand-in-hand, so adding videos to your fashion marketing strategy is very useful.


If you don’t like videos, you can develop other audiovisual ideas. This way, people can still see your brand through audiovisual spaces.

The more videos you make, the more people will have the opportunity to see you.

To elaborate upon this idea, many business users of various

BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working together social media platforms use live streaming to promote their products and form a face-to-face connection with the people watching. They make posts to tell their followers when they’re starting a live stream.

If someone misses the live stream, you could post it afterward — however, doing this is a little risky.

If viewers know you’ll publish a recorded version of the live stream after it has concluded, you will lose your live audience. If they know they can watch it any time they want, that removes the urgency and desire to catch a live stream — well, live.

If you don’t publish your live streams as recordings when you are done, viewers will feel motivated to be aware of your publications so they don’t miss the next one.


#12 Should I Do Surveys on My Audience?


BluCactus - tablet with informationThere is no better way to know what content may or may not be good for your brand than to talk with your fans, followers, and audience.

And what better way to do that than by using social media platforms?

Getting social on social media is all about creating and maintaining interactions with the people who follow you.

You want to be genuine and friendly so they’ll have a reason to stick around: because, in addition to liking your product, they’ll like you!

Your followers influence your brand by also being the consumers/audience of your brand. So, value their comments and suggestions.

Give their words the value they deserve and always treat your audience with respect.

Then, they will come to respect you.

It’s important to apply what you learn from them.

You can do this by creating a survey. Ask your audience what they’d like to see more of from your brand. They can vote on the survey and you can implement those results.

Creating a survey means fun engagement for both you and your followers — and you get some great information you can use to improve your brand and relationship with your audience.


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BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - content ideas



#13 Should I Analyze the Metrics of Social Profiles to Help My Fashion Content?


BluCactus - cellphone with informationYou may assume that since it’s possible to analyze social profile metrics, you can use that to create content for your blog. However, the data doesn’t show good information that can strengthen your overall strategy.

You need to know how to track the correct data and understand what it tells you about your business. Then, you need to analyze it. Based on the analysis, you’ll have clarity on vital factors. These include:


  • The rate of publication frequency.
  • The types of content you should share.
  • The perfect time to reach a wider audience.


With this data, you will know when to publish content to reach more followers. And, most importantly, you’ll know what to publish.

We recommend running a posting grid after analyzing the data mentioned above.


#14 What are the Advantages of Using Humor as a Content Idea for My Fashion Brand?


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherEmbracing humor is another effective approach to crafting content. In today’s digital landscape, we have access to an abundance of emojis, GIFs, and trendy memes.

It may surprise you, but they deserve a prominent spot in your marketing strategy. They provide the perfect opportunity to inject excitement and amusement into your brand.

Since people are pretty casual when they write things online, don’t write your posts to sound stuffy, boring, and overly professional.

That’ll drive potential customers away. Instead, adapt to the relaxed online atmosphere — write posts that are funny, relatable and delightful.

This not only humanizes your brand but also establishes a closer connection with your audience.

By creating captivating posts, you can boost engagement and interaction.

However, it’s important to exercise caution when using humor. Avoid anything that may come across as excessive or tasteless since the fashion world values seriousness and elegance.

We also don’t recommend making jokes about delicate topics which have nothing to do with fashion. Avoid politics and religion, too.

So, when you use humor within your brand, keep it light and ensure it’s something that everyone can relate to.


#15 Is Content Curation a Worthwhile Content Idea for My Fashion Brand?


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - people working togetherA useful way to create content is by curating old or previously used content.

Doing this has a lot of advantages. You can display content that was already published by drawing followers’ attention to the central points. This will remind them of older information in a new and engaging way.

Curating previously used content expands its reach by bringing it to more people. You can also change the look of the content.

For instance, you could repurpose a blog post and turn its key points into a video tutorial.

Repurposing old content in new ways creates value for your followers. It can even increase your audience — they might see the “old” information presented in a new and updated way and then get attracted to your brand.

You might even form new partnerships by repurposing older content — and of course, that is nothing but beneficial. You’ll be able to do joint marketing in the future by forming new spontaneous partnerships.

What are you waiting for? Select some older content that could be updated and make it shine.

What Should I Do Next?


BluCactus - 15 content ideas for fashion brands - contact usThe 15 ideas mentioned above are suggestions you can implement within your fashion website, blog or page. As an agency specializing in fashion marketing, we are happy to present ideas that may help you.

They will all benefit you in several ways. You can use some or all of them; it’s up to you! They require organization, time and creativity — we know you’ve got the passion and skills to use them well!

If you’re seeking unparalleled support to elevate the content on your page, look no further. Get in touch with us today and unlock a world of possibilities. Our agency is home to a team of seasoned specialists who are dedicated to one common goal: driving your success and maximizing your sales potential. Don’t wait another moment — let us be the catalyst for your growth. Contact us now and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!


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