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Content writer interview question. Content writing is a great job to do. Besides, it’s growing a lot these days. The main aspect that attracts individuals is that you are not doing a mindless job. Instead, you keep learning through your career in content writing.


Now, you may have plenty of questions in mind when you prepare for a content writing interview. 


In this article, we will discuss easy and tough questions that you may face during your interview. Even if the questions aren’t exactly the same, you will know how to deliver your answer the best way.


So, let’s start with the questions.


Q1. How do you make good content? What makes content good?


BluCactus - Content writer - important dataAns. A content writer should know the business strategy and write according to that. 


Good content engages with the audience or the readers. Thus, writing according to the needs of the reader is important.


So, content must be reliable, trustworthy, and written from a reputed source.


A good content writing course will help you in this. 


BluCactus - Content writer - important dataQ2. What things should be kept in mind before starting to write?


Ans. The most important thing is to know the target audience and write according to the reader’s requirements.


Doing good research will help with that.


Besides, writing is a good tone will engage readers while reading the article.


Q3. How to write in a good tone?


BluCactus - Content writer - important dataAns. The purpose of this question is to judge the thoughtfulness of the content writer.


So, you should hesitate while answering this type of question.


The answer should be gentle.


For instance, keeping the audience in mind and thinking of the end goal. Writing around these points is key.


BluCactus - Content writer - important dataQ4. How will you make your content credible?


Ans. Here the interviewer wants to check whether you will do good research and use credible sources for the content.


Your answer can include doing a good amount of research from credible websites.


Thus, the content should be written in a legitimate way.


Also, it must be correct, so the readers like the content and get the correct news.


Q5. What makes a blog and an article differ from each other?


BluCactus - important dataAns. This is the most common and the most asked question in the Interview.


In fact, the interviewer asks this question to analyze the basic skills of the candidate.


Here, the approach should be normal so that the interviewer gets the message you want to send.


Articles are generally written in a formal way, including facts, figures, events, and researches.


On the other hand, the blog is informal and may or may not contain facts at all. In other words, blogs are the general opinion of the writer.


Q6. How will you add SEO to your content?


BluCactus - important dataAns. The interviewer doesn’t expect you to be an expert in this section. However, you should have a basic knowledge of Google algorithms and SEO functions.


The following are the SEO strategies for a piece of content.


  • Meta tag – They are a part of page code and not directly a part of your content. Meta tags help in describing a page’s content.
  • Keyword – They are the words that people on the search engine usually search, and including them ranks your content higher. The number of keywords should be between 2-5 %.
  • Linking – This helps the readers interact with the content. The content should have some text linked to your website and also other sources.
  • Body tags – The headings and important points to be written in H1, H2, and H3 to highlight the valuable parts of the content.


Q7. How do you proofread your content?


BluCactus - important dataAns. No one in the world is perfect. However, efforts can bring you close to perfection. 


The writers also make some mistakes while writing, but the best are those who know how to catch the mistakes and make the content better.


There are many ways to proofread content.


For example, reading the content aloud, reading the content backward, using a spell-checker, and using software like Grammarly.


Also, you can use a plagiarism checker to check for plagiarism in your content.


Q8. What are your strengths as a content writer?


BluCactus - Content writer - important dataAns. The interviewer wants to check your confidence and awareness.


Thus, you can reply according to your best qualities.


You can say things about your writing.


For instance, that you can adapt according to the required content, you have an excellent research habit, and you can write on any topic with sound research, your style of writing, and your core strength.


Make sure to say what best defines you.


Q9. Are you an expert planner and scheduler?


BluCactus - Content writer - important dataAns. The purpose here in scheduling and planning is executing the content before the deadline and not compromising with its quality. Now, let me tell you a few steps to explain or include in your answer during the interview if asked this kind of question.


  1. Understand the marketing goals and content strategy before beginning to write.
  2. Create a bunch of topics.
  3. Determining the frequency of publications. This means accessing the number of times your writings have been published.
  4. Preparing a table or calendar and mentioning the dates of publishing along with promotional activities.
  5. Drawing a workflow and working according to it. Setting deadlines to complete a particular topic. Also, setting them based on their importance.


So far, we have seen some of the primarily and typically asked questions in an interview. Now we will see a few good questions that would increase the chances of your selection in the Interview. 


Q1. Do you give a better performance as a team or working as an individual?


BluCactus - Content writer - important dataAns. This question is designed and asked to test your adaptability as a co-worker.


The answer should not be a yes or a no on the spot.


This would leave a wrong impression on the interviewer.


It would help if you answered so that you are comfortable with a team and manage the work alone.


Here are two ways you can answer depending on your level of experience.




As I am new in this field, I would love to work with a team. This would help me gain a better understanding of the company, its strategies, and objective. 


Being a quick learner, I would handle the work independently in a bit of time.




I have worked both as a team and as an individual in the past. So, I am comfortable with both circumstances.


Q2. How will you handle the feedback and criticism?


BluCactus - important dataAns. The point of this question is to check how you will deal with the negative feedback and comments on your work.


You should not be stubborn in answering and give a polite answer to the question.


You can include that feedback is essential to improving the work, and negative comments help and motivate you to do better.


For any problems, I would discuss them with my superiors and work accordingly.


You can add that you have a nature of improving and learning from your mistakes and give some examples from your past life experience.


We have included the top questions asked in a content writer’s interview. You are not bound to copy our answers word for word. This is just as a hint and to help you, so that any question doesn’t feel new to you.


Valuable Tips For Content Writer Interview 

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  1. It is important to self-analyze yourself before sitting in an interview. Content writing is creative work, so you need to clear your thoughts. Never get in a hurry and promise the thing you can’t do.
  2. Keeping some of your best writing in your portfolio helps make a good impression.
  3. Before going to the interview, learn about the company. Gather information about their competitors, if any.
  4. Try to give creative answers to the questions. This will give you an extra boost.


These are some of the questions and tips for the content writing interview. But to further enhance your knowledge, there are many content writing courses available in the market. I will highly recommend The Thought Tree. They will guide you in the right direction. 


All the best for your Interview. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter.


Author Bio for this guest post:


Anurag Mishra


BluCactus - Content writer - writerHello and welcome to everyone reading my bio. I am a content writer by profession and also a passionate Digital Marketer. 


I have a hobby to write but not because of my profession but because I love to do so. When I was a student, I was curious to know about Digital Marketing because I saw some websites ranking at the top while others ranked last. 


This curiosity made me learn about Digital Marketing, and gradually I came to know what is the matter inside Digital Marketing. I started with the basic research and then moved to advance. During learning, I had a habit of noting down everything I found to be necessary; once I was done with the complete details until advanced, I started writing about Digital Marketing. People started liking my articles, which turned me into a content writer.


I started writing as a hobby, but slowly, when people were getting help because of my articles I thought to write more and more, and here I am today in front of you all, sharing my knowledge in the hope to help everyone.


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