7 Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer

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7 Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer. Content writing is one of the simplest ways in which brands can promote their content online through websites, blogs, social media posts, or even offline advertisements such as billboards, magazine ads, ads in newspapers, and so on. Curating content that sells will help reach your goals faster and much more effectively.


If you are a content writer who wants to learn how to generate content more professionally, then this article is a must-read for you.


Various kinds of content writers in the digital marketing space 


In the digital world, we’ve identified 9 types of content writers and they’re as follows:


Blucactus - various kinds of content writers in the digital marketing space

  • Editorial writers – Editorial writers write books for students in colleges and schools, who publish their content online for students to read.


  • SEO writers – When it comes to digital marketing, content is king. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and these writers optimize content for blogs, websites, and other search engines.


  • Technical writers – Technical writers write about complicated technical concepts which are purely related to technology.


  • Communication and marketing writers – These are the ones who write content that is used for marketing a specific product/service for blogs, websites, emails, etc.


  • Report writers – Companies require report writers who will write detailed reports for them which are thoroughly backed by research and tend to be lengthy.


Blucactus - technical writers

  • Press release writer – Press release writers help businesses communicate new information and developments about the company.


  • Feature writers – Featured writers write for both print and the digital space. They write short stories, satires, lifestyle, food, poems, etc.


  • Copywriter- Copywriters write content such as jingles for TVs, billboards, banners, flyers, etc. 


  • Ghost writers – Ghost writers write content for someone else which is published under someone else’s name.


You’ll have to write content based on the type of content writer you choose to be.


Content writing strategies that’ll help you become a better writer


Listed below are 7 content writing strategies that we think will benefit your writing skills:


  • Begin with an eye-catching headline


Blucactus - begin with an eye catching headline

Your headline is the first thing your reader will read when they come across your content. Readers are more likely to open an article and read through it if they find the title to be engaging.


The best way to gauge your audience’s interest is by sparking an emotion, developing an interest in the topic.


Once your reader opens your content, be sure to continue engaging the audience because without good material your audience will shift to the next article within seconds.


  • Write down as many content ideas as possible, content writing strategies 


Blucactus - wriite down as many content ideas as possible

Becoming a content creator isn’t easy, always try to learn new things. You should know who you want to reach with your content, stay updated with the latest news that interests your target group, and write on the ideas you form.


Great ideas aren’t always easy to come by which is why we suggest you write down a content idea as soon as you get it. You may develop that idea at a later time, but writing down an idea will make it much easier.


When you jot down an idea, you can also include a few pointers you would like to incorporate in your copy along with a few URLs which provide relevant information related to the topic you wish to write upon.


  • Do adequate research 


Blucactus - do adequate research - Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer Writing content that is accurate is of utmost importance when it comes to generating content. Writers must always do adequate research on the audience they want to target. Think of their age group, their socio-economic status, gender, location, and other demographics which will help in writing better content.


We recommend that you read other articles related to the topic that you are writing on and building upon that to conduct your research. The more you focus on the kind of audience that you want for your article, the better your article will be.


For example, if you are writing an article on the 19th century, then do research on the kind of environment that was there during that era. The kind of clothes people wore, the way they spoke, their behavior, etc. 


  • Find the best keywords, content writing strategies 


Blucactus - find the best keywords

When it comes to the digital space the way to gain more visibility is by writing content using keywords that are most likely to be searched. This will help give you visibility and help you rank better in SEO searches.


You can use various keyword tools that are available online to search for high-ranking keywords to help achieve this goal.


More than 90% of the online traffic comes through these search engines so be sure to use as many high-ranking keywords as you can without overstuffing your article with those, as otherwise Google will regard it as keyword stuffing and could potentially drop your search results.


  • Pay attention to your style of writing


Blucactus - pay attention to your style of writing - Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer

Being unique will help you stand apart from your competitors so writers must pay attention to their style of writing.


Being consistent with your form of writing will help you gain a loyal audience. When writing content, also pay attention to your audience.


Who are you talking to? Your style of writing will vary when targeting different people such as when writing technical content your articles will be more technical as opposed to when writing about lifestyle your articles will be more informal.


  • Solving real-life problems, content writing strategies


Blucactus - seo writers - Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer Content which aims at solving a problem will be more popular and serve a purpose than the ones that don’t.


Why would someone want to read your article? How does it help them? Asking yourself questions like these will help you generate better content which increases readability.


You can achieve this by starting with an introduction followed by a body where you explain everything systematically, and then concluding your article.


While it may be a good idea to write on broad topics, it doesn’t do well to dwell on overly theorizing the topics and boring your readers.


  • Don’t use a super complicated vocabulary, content writing strategies


Blucactus - communication and marketing writersOne thing to remember when doing content writing is that your audience won’t enjoy reading a very hard, complicated article with words they need to search the meaning of frequently.


What we’re trying to say is that avoid using words that you generally wouldn’t use as part of your daily language. Put your point across easily without complicated jargon.


A reader is more likely to switch to another article if they find yours difficult to understand. You have mere seconds to engage your audience and for them to read through your article so don’t overcomplicate things.


In Conclusion


Blucactus - content writing strategies that'll help you become a better writerWriting good content isn’t easy. It takes constant practice and going back and forth before a final copy is made.


If you want to stay on par, or even ahead of the competition, then you have to keep yourself updated with new topics, creating a unique voice for your articles.


Find a way in which you can connect with your audience through your content. 



Author Bio for this guest post: 


Blucactus - Daniel Wyatt - Content writing strategies that’ll make you a professional writer Daniel has been working with writing-challenged clients for over three years. He’s passionate about blogging and writes web content for a variety of clients.


Daniel is currently dedicated to Online Jobs Academy as a gig worker; he understands the benefits and challenges of the industry. Blogging about education and career regarding ideas to grow is something that he loves doing.


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