The key to success in a package: What’s inside a corporate identity package?

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What’s inside a Corporate Identity package? Every marketing agency in the world offers different services for those brands that are taking their first steps. Some help them make their logos, design their online stores, or create content for their blogs. But one of the most requested and essential services of any business is its corporate identity. In this blog, we will explain what corporate identity is and all that it entails


What is a corporate identity?


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageIdentity is the basis of any brand, without it, a company would not be successful. We could define it as the set of values ​​that make up each of the images and visions that a company has about its world. Within the corporate identity, we can find how its mission works, what its strategies are, and its style of approach to consumers. Besides, we can also the image that the brand wants to convey to everyone.


As you can see, corporate identity is not just a logo, a name, and some other image of the business. In it, we can see the entire belief system of the company and each of the important aspects that represent them.


It doesn’t matter if your business is starting, positioning itself, or is your personal brand, the corporate identity is relevant for each of the steps your brand takes. Remember, this comprises the values ​​of the company and how it would be known in front of others.


What is it for?


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageAlthough we already told you a little about what the real importance of corporate identity is, we cannot stop emphasizing it.


This is because corporate identity is essential to give a clear definition of the behavior of the brand. In this sense, it allows clients, consumers, or collaborators to understand who you are and know what to expect from you.


A company with a clear corporate identity has a discourse that follows a clear and unwavering narrative line.


Thanks to this clear discourse of who they are and what they want to achieve, they allow the public to trust them.


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageThis shouldn’t be too complicated, all your business needs is to be real and honest.


For example, if your company is in favor of preserving the environment, it wouldn’t promote the dumping of plastic waste in the oceans, right? This is exactly what we mean. Be conscious and consistent with your narrative or it will be untrustworthy to companies.


Marketing 4.0 has taught us that the most important thing about a brand is to retain customer loyalty. However, this shouldn’t be because of your products, but the values ​​of your brand. What’s inside a corporate identity package. So, although we know that the most important aspect is selling, real customers feel when a business is hollow. Because of this, they prefer to support brands that have a clear and real message.


What are the subjective characteristics?


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageTo understand how to create your own corporate identity, it is important to know the behaviors of your business. This is done so that you understand what the problems that you could have in the future are. This, if you don’t pay attention to the objectives you want or don’t carry out a good study of who they are as a brand.


Among the fundamental factors in the identity of a company, the following stand out:


  • Differentiation: if you have a well-structured corporate identity, this will allow you to stand out from the competition. Thus, attracting specific customers and give them exclusive products and services.
  • Consistency: remember that your speech and your actions as a brand must be on par or consumers will see a lack of coherence in your message and won’t trust you.
  • Relevance: keep in mind what your client wants and offer them content or products that are relevant to them.
  • Reputation: once you fulfill each of the previous elements, your clients will feel more comfortable with your brand and will recommend it. Work on the previous points to build loyalty and position yourself in the market.

Advantages and disadvantages


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageThe advantages of having a corporate identity have no limits. However, here we name a few so that you understand the importance of it:


  • Gives a sense of relevance.
  • Ideal to connect with your clients.
  • It helps to position itself in the market.
  • Offers a sense of exclusivity.
  • It allows you to get acquainted with a very specific market.


Although there are several points in favor, the disadvantages are also important to take into consideration:


  • More investment in marketing and advertising is required.
  • You need to create a communication style for the entire organization.
  • It takes effort and work to get people to trust a brand.

What is branding?


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageBranding is the process of building any brand.


You must often think of your brand as a person who is linked to values ​​and a way of thinking or acting.


Branding seeks to give importance to each of the added values ​​of the brand or product in the market. The key point of all this is to make you stand out from the competition.


Some confuse branding with corporate identity. However, these are not the same.


Branding VS Corporate Identity


BluCactus - brandingBranding refers to everything behind your brand, what your customers think of you. Thanks to this you can communicate the values ​​of your company by appealing to their emotions, feelings, and instincts. Thus, creating links with your audience. This means that a branding strategy is a method that helps you to define the “personality” of your brand.


On the other hand, we can say that a corporate identity is all the visual, sound, audiovisual attributes, etc., that identify your brand. For example, the logo, typography, colors, uniforms, and advertising are elements of corporate identity.


In short, branding is the essence of what you offer and the actions you take to create your brand. Meanwhile, corporate identity is the set of resources you have to create the image and make it easier for your customers and potential audience to recognize it.


Elements of a corporate identity package


Nowadays, it’s very difficult to build the entire image of a brand. However, this is something you must do for your business. To start, you must monitor the decisions that are made on behalf of the business.


From this, you will be able to create a set of strategies that will allow you to build a good reputation for your company. Here we will show you each of the elements of a complete corporate identity package.


BluCactus -namesNames


We don’t have to talk much about the importance of this because it’s so easy to see. The name is what will give meaning to your entire brand.


Because of this, you must choose the right name for your brand since it projects the personality of the entire business. So, even if the name doesn’t guarantee the level of success that your business will have, it’s important to study and analyze it carefully.


Try to create a name that it’s easy to say and remember around the world. It shouldn’t be too long or have any kind of negative connotation.




BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageThe slogan is a short word or phrase that identifies the entire brand.


One of its characteristics is that it’s easy to remember and impressive.


It tends to explain the relationship that exists between the customer and the product or service they offer.


In many cases, it’s a repetitive expression of an idea for a promotional purpose.


This is done so that it stays in the mind of the customers and thus, won’t forget it.


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageThe catchphrase is widely used in advertisements in traditional media and on non-traditional channels.


Among the features that a good advertising slogan must-have, we can talk about the following:


  • They express the main benefits of the product or brand for the buyer or potential customer.
  • They are concise, concrete, and direct.
  • It stands out from the phrases or words used by the commercial competition.
  • Provides a positive feeling to the consumer about the brand or product that is being advertised.
  • Promotes that the product will satisfy a consumer need.
  • It’s easy to remember.



BluCactus - logoThe logo is the symbol that visually represents the values ​​of the company. It’s created mostly by graphic designers. They tend to be simple and clear so that the message is easily understood by customers. Sometimes it can be related to written marks or a drawing.


The most important thing about a corporate identity package is that they create the logo for you in different versions. That is, the same logo in white, black, with a white background, with a phrase, without it, vertical, horizontal, PNGs, among others.


It’s important to make a good first logo design because even though you can change it over time, the idea is that this doesn’t happen often. For a logo to stand out from the competition you have to show it for a certain time. Thus, we don’t recommend changing it all the time.


Brand Background


BluCactus -backgroundEvery company has a story to tell.


This doesn’t mean a novel to sell more.


It’s simply understanding the development of the brand, how it came about, and what its organizational culture and values ​​are. Every element is explained on the website of many companies and is part of corporate communication. Remember, every part of your story is an added value.


To really know the background of the brand you should go with those elements that have been there since the beginning. Explain each of the relevant moments in the life of your brand. This will serve as an X-ray of the company and show its entire trajectory.


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageEvery change you make to your brand affects the foundations of it.


That’s why if you don’t know the history of your business and don’t have documentation in this regard, you won’t be able to solve future problems. Thus, try to keep track of everything and check as needed.


If you study why some companies last over time and others don’t, you will understand that many succeed because they know their history, culture, and values ​​within the brand.


This doesn’t matter if there are changes in the people who run the company.


BluCactus - misioMission


The mission refers to the activity carried out by the company within the market as a whole.


Here, you can detail your target audience and the factors that distinguish the company when starting its business.


This also includes what your company does, what your type of business is, what you do, and what makes you stand out from the competition.



BluCactus -viewView


The vision of a brand wants to convey the future and what they are going to do in the medium term.


This vision should denote some ambition and motivation for future projects and goals, but it should also be realistic.


To define the vision of a brand you must ask yourself what you want to achieve, where you want to go, and who you will work for.


BluCactus - valuesValues


Values ​​are the fundamental elements that sustain each of the present and future actions of your company.


These corporate values, which can be between 5 and 7, constitute the culture of the organization.


Because of this, you must respect them as unbreakable standards.


Thus, don’t confuse them with competitive advantages or differentiating features.


BluCactus - strategyBrand strategy


The brand strategy is the plan that will make your customer relate to your brand and what you offer.


Thanks to the strategies you will be able to retain loyalty with regular customers and attract the attention of new ones.


You must take care of brand equity and shopping experiences.


For this, a tool can be the creation of a loyalty program.


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageColor palette


The color palette you choose is very important. This is because it will represent the values ​​of the brand and will be used in each of its graphic elements.


On the other hand, it’s common for the color palette to include a primary palette of two to four colors and a secondary palette of 8 to 12 colors.


All the organization’s materials must respect these specifications, as the constant variation of colors used means that the public cannot identify the visual identity of the brand.


BluCactus - typhographyTypography


Typography is a decision that doesn’t need much precision.


However, if you use it well, you will be able to clearly express the personality of your brand. In the forms of the letters, the values ​​or the pillars are implicit. That’s why choosing a good font is crucial so as not to distort the message or convey the wrong feeling.


You should use typography in all forms of communication. What’s inside a corporate identity package? For example, brochures, posters, stationery, and any other graphic application that carries text. This way, together with the messages, images, and typography, you will achieve the right impact.




BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageThe iconography can help you make your website stand out. Besides, it can also help your users to navigate through it.


People have become accustomed to seeing icons on websites, such as brochures and other graphic designs. This happens because they grab people’s attention easily and briefly. Also, an image is worth a thousand words, which is why it’s more concise and direct to use a small graphic instead of a sentence.


With good iconography, you can convey your brand as well as your ideas. Give a much more personal image of yourself and stand out through iconography per our identity. Playing with your corporate colors and the aesthetics of your image when making the iconography gives you a remarkable personality, reinforces your brand.


Anyone who recognizes you and sees an icon will quickly associate it with your company. On the other hand, who doesn’t know you, will be curious about you. This is because, with a simple gesture, you are showing that you care about your cover letter, your image.


Brand applications


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity package

Branding apps are extra graphic elements that work as marketing tools.


You can also use these to attract the attention of different potential clients.


With them, you can make announcements or share them as cover letters.


There are two types of branding applications in corporate identity packages.



BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageOnline


What’s inside a corporate identity package? If the graphic elements that you are going to create are for the digital world or printing, these some of them:


  • PowerPoint templates.
  • Guide to using PowerPoint templates.
  • Avatar and Banner for social networks (LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook).
  • Highlight the display of stories and design photos (Instagram).




BluCactus - offlineOn the other hand, traditional marketing is not far behind.


Corporate identity packs don’t just make graphic proposals for online branding app elements.


They also make proposals to make each of the elements of your business tangible products that are easy to hold with your hand.


Some of these elements are:


  • Business letters.
  • Stationary mockup.
  • Rubber stamp.
  • Bus stop.

Deliverables of the corporate identity manual


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageStyle guides, also known as style manuals, have all the information necessary to create all the materials and accessories that the brand needs. In them, you will find every type of element that you must use when creating something for your brand. 


It takes time and effort to create a style guide. However, it takes even longer to explain over and over again how people should use your brand identity. The idea is that with this, everyone who works in your identity knows what to do.


A style guide can be as simple as only including the basic regulations needed for your identity. On the other hand, it can be as specific and detailed to the point of explaining how the brand should be conveyed on social media, how its website should be, how its stationery should be, etc.


Why is having a style guide so important?


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageTo ensure that a brand identity is consistent across all media. We already explained the importance of building loyalty, positioning yourself, and making people trust your brand. Thus, you already know that to achieve all of this, you must be consistent in your narrative. Remember, a consistent brand is one that people can trust and because of it, stand out in the market. Besides, the added values are those important elements that you must include in your corporate style manual.


What’s important is to be aware of every element of your brand’s corporate identity. What’s inside a corporate identity package. So, be consistent and real to grab the attention of your clients. This is what will make you stand out from the competition.


Use as much information you can to create the graphic message of your brand and save time. The ideal is to design the corporate identity manual from the beginning of the business. As a result, once the business grows you can delegate the tasks of social media or content creation. Thus, everyone will work in an organized way.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - corporate identity package - Example of a corporate identity packageBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. What’s inside a corporate identity package. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Dallas, TX, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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