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Corporate Identity Design Services

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At BluCactus, we can help you present your brand with a unique and comprehensive visual concept. Our Corporate Identity Design Services focus on creating simple, memorable and enduring brand images that show the biggest strengths of our client’s businesses. We help you establish and strengthen your brand image while promoting your product or service.

Our top-notch team carefully determines the specific elements your corporate identity development needs to engage your target audience. These are features that both educate and motivate your customers. As a seasoned branding company, it’s our job to make your ideas come true. We engineer the concept you think best represents your brand into a striking and unique logo.

Despite the widespread belief that you can’t and shouldn’t judge something by how it first appears, as buyers people do this all the time when making purchases. As such, BluCactus will ensure your brand’s logo is memorable and its products irresistible.

BluCactus --Corporate Identity Development
BluCactus - Corporate Identity Development

Corporate Identity Services

A corporate identity package conveys a unique and memorable image

Through visual elements such as logo design, corporate graphic designs, fonts and colors, corporate identity conveys the intangible aspects of a company — such as the philosophy of the organization, its mission and its values. The visuals of effective corporate identity help you reach your target audience and also ensures the company’s external and internal communications are consistent.

BluCactus: Corporate Identity Agency

Now, more than ever, organizations must create eye-catching, modern, and attractive brand images. Our graphic design and marketing team aims to find a corporate identity that conveys your brand’s unique visual concept and leaves a striking impression on your audience. For that purpose, we will build a corporate identity manual for your business to follow so you can build up a brand that inspires trust and reliability in your customers.

BluCactus - Corporate Identity Agency

What Is a Corporate Identity?

A corporate identity is everything that encompasses the presentation of a company: it’s their image, personality and creative decisions. It includes aspects such their slogan, colors and typography. A develops strong and appealing corporate identities that help enterprises reach their target audiences.

Corporate identity is crucial to your company’s success; potential clients use it to identify your brand, product and services. A professional corporate identity design company can help you develop an identity for your business so you can successfully reach your target audience.

A Creatively Designed Corporate Identity Will Engage Your Audience

Reaching your target audience effectively and creating an emotional connection with them is vital to boosting your business. Thus, the best way to develop a corporate identity design is to consider the impression you want to give your customers and how you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

For instance, when you choose the colors of your logo you’re helping your brand become memorable for potential clients.

What Is a Corporate Identity For?

A corporate identity includes much more than just a logo. It’s a reflection of a company’s personality and how it functions. As a corporate identity design company, our job is to capture these elements with a creative visual concept that leaves a remarkable impression on your target audience.

At BluCactus, a brand identity company, we offer a comprehensive corporate identity package that includes all the visual elements you need — such as making a logo designto have a versatile and striking corporate identity.


Compelling Corporate Identity Design: A Strategy To Succeed


A corporate identity design includes guidelines for creating a web page, brochures and digital commercial catalogs. Means of communication that are part of a company’s marketing plan. Therefore, a good corporate identity manual is essential for the right performance of a brand. BluCactus’ corporate identity services focus on designing unique and eye-catching visual elements that represent your company’s personality and, thus, allow you to captivate your customers and succeed in the market.

BluCactus - What is the corporate identity for?
BluCactus - How is a corporate identity developed?

Brand Identity Design Services

What Is Corporate Identity Development?

When you begin developing your corporate identity, thoroughly consider the image you want to project and the audience you want to reach. Good planning is vital for the success of your corporate identity. For instance, both a restaurant and a hospital convey an image of commitment to high-quality service, but one does so in a casual manner and one does so in a serious manner.

Corporate Identity Agency

Because corporate identity is the visual representation of a company or organization, it includes corporate stationery, typography, corporate colors, auxiliary graphic elements, website design, interior design and corporate architecture.

Simply put, corporate identity is a company’s cover letter. It’s the image that the company conveys to the world – and that’s why selecting yours carefully is vital.

Why Are Corporate Identity Design Services Important for a Company?

Corporate identity is valuable because it demonstrates to customers that the company respects and values them. Without a corporate identity, a company can vanish into obscurity; without one, it conveys a lack of serious commitment towards its customers, which also affects its reputation.

When a company has a reliable corporate identity, customers know they can trust its mission, vision and philosophy. Typography, corporate colors, and complementary graphic elements reinforce the brand and give the company a strong image.

Having a corporate identity will help your company in several ways such as the following:

  • It will be easily recognized and remembered by customers.
  • It will help you build a positive reputation.
  • It will promote your business (through advertising items such as pens, mouse pads, pencils, decals, erasers, glasses, etc.).
  • It will increase the scope of your brand thanks to engaging corporate identity design.
  • It will visually differentiate your brand from the competition.

Corporate Identity Design Services

Designers research your company’s background so they can develop an appealing and memorable design for your corporate identity. Their goal is to create a design that suits your company’s style, conveys its values and captivates your target audience.

A well-planned corporate identity is a strategic tool you can use to achieve a competitive advantage and reach your business goals.

BluCactus - Having a corporate identity will help your company in several ways
BluCactus - What is a corporate identity Manual?

What Is a Corporate Identity Manual?

A corporate identity manual is a document that corporate identity branding agencies create and deliver along with the company’s brand image design or redesign. The manual defines and collects the elements that are part of a brand’s visual identity.

Why Is a Corporate Identity Manual Important?

A corporate identity manual is a set of guidelines for corporate identity applications. In other words, it’s instructions about using your corporate graphics to build a strong brand identity.

The corporate identity design of your brand should never be left to chance in any context. Every detail must be adapted to a defined style. By showing a coherent and consistent corporate identity, you will be able to inspire trust, reliability and professionalism in your audience.

BluCactus - Why is a corporate identity Manual Important?

What Does the Corporate Identity Manual Include?

At BluCactus, we use an extensive corporate identity manual with guidelines for all possible designs. It includes the following sections:

BluCactus - Logo and its versions

Logo and Its Formats

Corporate Identity Design Services

Your brand or company logo is a powerful marketing tool that communicates crucial information about your business. A corporate identity manual includes instructions on how to use it effectively.


Within corporate identity development, graphic designers specify a series of font styles that convey your company’s personality and indicate when it is more convenient to use them.

BluCactus - Typefaces

Corporate Colors

Brand Identity Design Services

Your corporate identity design will have a color scheme that evokes the emotions you want to inspire in your target audience. The manual states your brand must reflect both primary and complementary colors.

Graphic Line

When creating a brand, its graphic line must be defined. A graphic line is a visual line that corresponds to the layout guidelines for your communication materials which contributes to building a positive reputation.

BluCactus - Graphic Line
BluCactus - Icons


Icons are very useful for describing functions and features with an interactive approach. Additionally, they help you explain the steps of processes and make them easier to understand for users.

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