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As a professional marketing and graphic design company, in BluCactus we’re specialists in corporate identity development.

Our experienced team of professionals makes us the corporate identity company that you have been looking for. In today’s competitive marketing. A corporate identity can help you stand out from the competition.

Corporate identity is the representation of a conceptual image that a viewer has of an organization or a company. It’s important to establish that corporate identity is not just about the company logo. The corporate identity is your company’s personality. It’s the image, the sensations, the emotions, the philosophy and the values that your business it represents.

The corporate identity of a company encompasses all of the visual elements of a company. For example, the design of the logo or all corporate graphic design, which refers to the development of the communication elements of a company. Other aspects such as fonts, colors, corporate stationery are also included. In summary, corporate identity is the external and internal communication of a company, such as advertising and more.

Through visual means, corporate identity is meant to represent the intangible aspects of a company. For example, the philosophy of the organization, its mission, and its values. Effective corporate identity helps you reach your target audience.

BluCactus, Corporate Identity Agency

Today more than ever, organizations need to carry out actions that contribute to creating an attractive, modern and attractive image of them. The objective of our graphic design and marketing team is to find the correct corporate identity for your company and convey it to the market. To this end, we will build a corporate identity guidebook for your business to follow in order to build up a brand and trust with your customers.

What is a corporate identity?

A corporate identity is everything that refers to the presentation of a company: the image and personality that is created for the company and with which the public associates it. Corporate identity design refers to the creative decisions of a corporation. It includes aspects such as the use of a certain word in a slogan and the selection of colors or typography. A professional corporate design company develops strong and appealing corporate identities to help you reach your target audience.

Corporate identity is important because it is always perceived by prospects and potential clients. For example, black and blue have different emotional and semantic connotations. Black is elegant, sober and more adult; Blue is simple, fresh and friendly. A logo written in black will not cause the same or similar impression as a logo written in blue.

It is important to reach the target audience and to proceed to create an emotional relationship with your customers. The best way to develop a corporate identity is to always think of how you want to be seen by your customers and also by the competition.

What is the corporate identity for?

The corporate identity includes much more than just a logo, it’s a reflection of the company’s personality and its way of working. As a corporate identity agency, the job is to capture all these concepts in a creative and visual way and properly convey them to the market. Logo design is a corporate identity, but corporate identity is a much broader theme. In BluCactus, we can design all of your business’ visual materials

Corporate identity design includes guidelines for the creation of a web page and brochures or digital commercial catalogs. All means of communication that are included in the company’s marketing plan are guided by the corporate identity. A good corporate identity manual is essential for the proper functioning of a brand. Remember that the elements that identify you are those that give your company a unique personality and that they’re what will make it succeed among the public.

How is a corporate identity developed?

First of all, consider the personality you want to project and what is the audience you want to reach. A restaurant will not have the same as a hospital; Although both wish to be seen as committed to good quality service, the second must have a more serious representation than the second.

Corporate identity is the visual representation of a company or organization. This identity will depend on the image or concept that we will develop for the company. iI simple words, corporate identity is the letter of introduction of a company. It’s the image that the company conveys to the world.

Corporate identity is not only about the company’s logo or business card design. It also includes corporate stationery, typography, corporate colors, auxiliary graphic elements, website design, interior design, and corporate architecture.

Why is corporate identity important in a company?

Because a company without corporate identity goes unnoticed by customers or users. Many times, a company without corporate identity expresses a lack of seriousness and commitment of the company towards customers.

Corporate identity is an added value. A company with a corporate identity has intangible values. For example, a mission, vision, and philosophy. To represent these values, it’s necessary to add tangible aspects. For example, brand, typography, corporate colors and auxiliary graphic elements to reinforce the brand and therefore give the company a stronger image.

Having a corporate identity will help your company in several aspects

  • Be recognized more easily and remembered by customers.
  • Link identity with some positive aspects.
  • Promote image advertising (through advertising items such as pens, mousepad, pens, decals, erasers, glasses, etc.).
  • The brand is given greater strength by always being accompanied by its corporate identity.
  • Visually distinguish yourself from the competition or other companies.

Nowadays it is necessary for companies to have a corporate identity. It’s important for it to be based on a study of the company so that the graphic designer can develop an attractive, attractive brand according to the style of the company. A corporate identity is a plus and an added value to the company and not only the logo can determine the image of the company.

What is a corporate identity manual?

It is a document that must always be made and delivered when a brand image is designed or redesigned. It must also be completed when branding work is done. The corporate identity manual defines and collects the elements that make up the visual identity of the brand.

Why is a corporate identity manual important?

Your brand should never be left to chance, in any application, place or situation. Everything must respond to a defined style. With the manual, everyone that needs to make use of your business’ brand will know what they should do, what they can include and how.

All companies must have it available to their team. It always has to be available and should be delivered to everyone working in the company. In a single document, you pick up the essentials of your brand and explain what to do and what not to do.

What does the corporate identity manual include?

In BluCactus, we use an extensive corporate identity manual with guidelines for all possible designs.

What it contains is

Logo and its versions

The main and fundamental thing. The logo is included alongside instructions on how to use it.


Your logo will have a series of typefaces that you must specify in the manual. Define whether they are used in bold, italic and when it will be used, if applicable, in addition to the logo. But you should also include the fonts your brand will use in all aspects: general text, titles, subtitles and more.

Corporate Colors

Your brand will have some main and secondary colors that must be reflected in the manual with their corresponding palettes. The complementary colors that will be used depending on what it is for should also be included. All colors associated with your brand must be represented and defined.

Graphic Line

When creating a brand, its graphic line must be defined. It may be that of illustration and then we would have to decide what kind of illustrations will be used.


They are very useful to explain projects or as support on your website.

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