Crash Course in Influencer Marketing From Successful Campaigns

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Crash Course in Influencer Marketing From Successful Campaigns. This is your crash course on campaign management. Now, you can learn how past campaigns achieved successful influencer marketing projects. Also, discover the tips to help companies create revenue and make useful partnerships.


What actually is influencer marketing?


BluCactus - cellphoneInfluencer marketing is working with a content creator on a campaign. Your marketing strategy depends on your product or brand. Because of this, there might be a type of ad that is better for consumers than another. 


For example, if you are working on an ad for Revlon Beauty, your target audience is anyone who wears makeup. To illustrate, past Revlon ambassadors include Sofia Carson, Jessica Jung, Gal Gaddot, and as of August 2020, Megan Thee Stallion. 


Now, influencers are all different in their ways. However, no one type is best when it comes to marketing partnerships. In fact, influencers work best in their specific niche. That’s what makes influencer marketing unique and effective. So, your job as the brand is to find and partner with the right talent. Besides, they must be influential to your target audience. The influencer has built the connection. So, you just need to put the right opportunity in front of them.


Sponsorships vary by the social media platform. For example, on Instagram different types of sponsored posts include but are not limited to:


  1. BluCactus - cellphoneFeed post – A sponsored post in a Feed image or video. In fact, these were the first partnerships on Instagram. They’re based on the accounts your target audience follows. However, with algorithm changes and new platform features, there are more options available now that may perform better.
  2. Instagram Reels – Short 15 or 30-second videos that can work to promote a brand deal and have greater viral potential.
  3. Instagram Stories – Last up to 24 hours and are great for a lower-end campaign budget. Stories are more personalized and informal. Instagram users are also more likely to see an influencer’s story than a Feed post. That is unless they regularly engage with that influencer’s content.


These were just a few of the examples of Instagram’s marketing possibilities. They show the versatility of influencer marketing. 


Understanding Influencer “Influence”


The influencer’s tier depends on their following and engagement. This is true for every influencer. They help brands identify their influence and price range.


Influencer CategoryFollowing Size
Nano influencer1k – 10k
Micro influencer10k – 100k
Mid-tier influencer100k – 500k
Macro influencer500k – 1M
Mega influencer1M+


Also, influencers with a smaller following are cheaper to work with. However, it is very important to look at things like engagement, posting quality, and audience demographics. Because of this, you can use them to make sure an influencer will help your brand.


Successful Influencer Marketing Case Studies


BluCactus - Crash Course in Influencer Marketing - neoreachThe team at Neoreach runs campaigns for major brands.


Now, they are sharing with us some success stories.


Also, you can find some influencer marketing case studies on their website.


So, use them for inspiration and tactics for your brand.


For example, here are a few to get you started from name brands such as Netflix, Casper, and Blue Apron.


1. Netflix


BluCactus - Crash Course in Influencer Marketing - netflixMany broadcasting companies allow Netflix to stream their shows and movies. However, Netflix produces its own content.


So, Netflix and Neoreach worked together to form a trending topic on social media platforms.


Namely, #CobraKaiChop for the preparation of the new Cobra Kai season release.


Consequently, this had content creators on TikTok promote the season three release. Finally, the project brought in over 2.8 million views with only ten influencers alone. So, that shows how effective social media marketing is with help from professionals. 


2. Casper 


BluCactus - Crash Course in Influencer Marketing - casperA sleep company that originated in 2017. First, Casper started as a traditional mattress company. Then, the company launched a campaign to recruit younger consumers.


Casper agreed to have 100 young people promote a 100 day, no-risk trial. Because of this, Casper and Neoreach were able to position the brand as the #1 online mattress company. 


The campaign featured influencers with Casper mattresses. Additionally, they offered promo codes for their audiences.


In fact, there was only a small selection of seven sponsored videos from male and female vloggers on YouTube. The results were driven by the campaign’s ability to send its message in a quick, easy format. 


3. Blue Apron


BluCactus - Crash Course in Influencer Marketing - blue apronA full meal delivery service that began its marketing efforts in 2016. Then, Blue Apron was able to add food bloggers and social media accounts into its campaign. First, they wanted more subscribers to their meal delivery service. So, Blue Apron looked for the help of a specialized agency like Neoreach. 


Finally, the campaign gained over 1.5 million views from 92 influencers. The personable content, and live review element, created a connection with the target audience. So, it established trust and credibility for Blue Apron. 


The results speak for themselves. In fact, they’re saying that over 7.4 million total impressions were achieved from this influencer content.


Closing Thoughts about Crash Course in Influencer Marketing


BluCactus - Crash Course in Influencer Marketing - contact usInspire your company with these successful campaigns.


So, consider influencer marketing for a product launch, brand awareness campaign, ambassador program, or recurring marketing strategy.


Also, influencer marketing can work with large and small budgets.


Besides, smaller brands often use tactics like product gifting to work with nano and micro-influencers for a low cost.


Thus, if you’ve got the budget and understand the power of influencer marketing, try working with one. Finally, hire a marketing agency to get the best results.


Blucactus-Genesis-SanchezAuthor Bio for this guest post:


Genesis Sanchez is a senior at Florida State University majoring in political science and communications.


She has an extensive background in journalism and writing and has been writing for NeoReach since October of 2020.


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