How to easily design the best fashion lookbook to amaze your clients?

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How to design a fashion lookbook? We have talked about fashion lookbooks in past blogs. In those, we focused on its importance and why they’re so important in the textile industry. Many new entrepreneurs or designers don’t take the time to create material to present their collections in a clear, formal, and simple way to their clients. As a result, if you do this, your clients may feel uncomfortable buying your pieces. After all, they don’t know how they will look on their body.


That’s why today we will teach you how to design a simple fashion lookbook. Your goal should be to create one fitting to your brand style and functional for all your clients.


What is a fashion lookbook?


BluCactus - design a fashion lookbook - important dataWhen we talk about a lookbook we refer to a portfolio where you can place photographic samples of your new clothing collection or your complete brand if you are starting.


Some also use these tools to publicize the work of a photographer or model.


The goal of this is to make it easier for people to understand how someone else’s garments will look on them.


This way, they can decide whether to purchase your photography or modeling products or services.


How does a fashion lookbook look like?


BluCactus - design a fashion lookbook - important dataA fashion lookbook like this is very similar in appearance to a fashion catalog where each designer creatively displays a brand’s collection.


In these catalogs we usually see people or models wearing garments in extravagant places with diverse and very colorful makeup.


However, the difference between a catalog and a lookbook is that the latter does not contain the prices of the garments, it does not have a lot of distracting elements.


Here we try to show the garment and the model, plus nothing.


What should a fashion lookbook include?


BluCactus - design a fashion lookbook - important dataRegardless of whether your clothing brand is just starting or you are ready to change your fashion lookbook for something more modern, there are basic elements you need to include. For example:


  • An attractive cover
  • Brand presentation page
  • Eye-catching, high-quality illustrations (includes solo and group photos of models for added appeal)
  • Description of the product or garment: talk about the materials, what it is and how to use it if necessary
  • Buttons to share on social media (this applies to digital catalogs)
  • Buy buttons to redirect your customers to the shopping cart
  • Contact information page

How to make a fashion lookbook


BluCactus - design a fashion lookbook - important dataThe most important thing to achieve a successful fashion lookbook is the simplicity of the photographs. Here your goal must be to make the garments stand out on their own. For this, you can try to keep the photographs minimalist as well as the models. Next, we will give you some tips to make it much easier to create a lookbook for your clothing brand.


  • Choose a lookbook template


Unless you are an expert in graphic design, it is best to work with a template for your lookbook. This allows you to focus on the photos and content before worrying about everything that goes into designing it. Within the internet, you can find many templates that will be perfect for you.


  • BluCactus - important dataMake sure you have a professional photograph


Photographs will be the most important factor when creating your lookbook. That’s why you must hire a photographer specialized in this type of industry. After all, they are the ones who can capture your brand value and the message you want to get across better than others.


  • Add information and product details


It’s important to add relevant information about the product as this creates more trust for the buyer to purchase it. For example, offer details about the materials and the best ways to use your clothes.


  • BluCactus - important dataPublish your lookbook online, download or print it


Many tend to have their lookbook printed and that’s great. However, don’t forget to have a digital version of this. By doing it, those who visit you from different platforms and channels will be able to access it. Once you have everything ready, download and print it, but also add it to your website and social media.


  • Share it with everyone.


This lookbook should be shared with everyone, both with your old clients and even with new ones who are just getting to know you. Approach them from every platform and don’t be afraid to knock on new doors.


Tips to create an attractive lookbook


BluCactus - important dataOne of the best tips that we can give you when it comes to creating your lookbook is to not forget that this will be the element that represents you to your new clients.


Don’t think of this as just another resource, used as your cover letter to new consumers or new audiences.


Also, don’t forget that you should change your fashion lookbook every time you have a new collection.


If you don’t want to be constantly changing your photos, try to make 4 collections a year and work with the same templates.


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