How to design a product page to increase your sale

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How to design a product page to increase your sales. A product page is one of the most important elements of e-commerce.


BluCactus - important dataThis is where your visitor or users will decide to buy your products. So, as you can see, this makes it a great platform for nurturing your potential customer.


 Because of this, today we’ll teach you how to design a product page that increases your online sales. 


Here’s what you should know. When a website user lands on your product page, they’re usually just a few clicks away from making a purchase.


However, if those landing pages aren’t optimized for conversions, it won’t happen. Your sales percentage will definitely decrease if you don’t keep your product page optimized, and you might even struggle to please your customers.


Here, you’ll learn how to make the best product page design. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to both please your clients and increase your sales. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start!


Learn how to design your product’s page


A well-made product page offers many benefits to your e-commerce, the main one being an increase in sales. Now, we know what you’re thinking, “isn’t it hard to create one?” The answer’s no, it isn’t. In fact, you may even find it a lot easier than you think. 


Just below, we’ll show you some elements you must pay attention to when optimizing your product page. This way you’ll be able to get the most out of it, and that’s a fact.


1. Product image


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Customers are unable to physically interact with products when shopping online, so they rely on your images to help convince them to buy. They need to visually inspect the elements of everything you sell, whether it’s shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, or technology, to be persuaded to purchase it. 


This may seem obvious to some, but most businesses don’t see it that way. Your product’s image speaks louder than any kind of written description. In fact, using images is a great way to tell the story of your product—and to help your customers imagine how they might use it in their everyday lives. 


To put it in other words, you will create a sense of need in them. So, don’t forget that an image is one of the selling points of any product. After all, it’s often the first element a user sees about a product. Because of this, offering an attractive and high-quality image of your product may be the reason someone buys it in the first place.


These are also vital since they work as the benchmark that will allow your visitors to know your product’s characteristics and quality. So, to offer the best images possible, we recommend using those with a good resolution. This way, your users will be able to zoom in on them without losing quality. Another option is creating a photo gallery. Here, you can show your products from different angles. By doing this, you’re offering a 360-degree view of them and thus, prompting a sensational experience when the customer views it. 


2. Product demonstration videos


BluCactus - important dataAnother dynamic way to show your products alongside images would be videos.


They’re an excellent strategy for your product page because they create a long-lasting impression on your clients, by offering them a more real experience of your e-commerce.


These types of videos, if correctly indexed, are ideal to improve the SEO positioning of your page.


This, together with your keywords and long tails, is a great strategy that you must take into account to design your product page.  


BluCactus - important data3. Product’s name


Your product’s name should be impressive and eye-catching.


Even if your images are beautiful and of the highest quality, the name is still one of the most attractive factors for clients.


Try to make it a little universal, personal, and always appeal to your client’s emotions.


But most importantly don’t forget to have fun while making it.


4. Buy or Add to cart button


BluCactus - important dataSome elements within product pages are elementary and for many users, they go unnoticed very easily. One of these elements is the purchase buttons or the “add to cart” button. One of the main reasons for your low sales percentage could be that your button doesn’t stand out.


That’s why we recommend performing a test on your website to see if it’s attractive enough. This can be as easy as squinting your eyes to blur your website. If the buy button stands out, you’re good. Otherwise, you may need to add a different color or make it bigger.


This button will always need to have a call to action within it to get your users to carry an action. If your call to action (CTA) isn’t compelling or easy to find, you probably won’t get the results you’re looking for. So, why don’t you start by using phrases such as “Submit Order” or “Add to Cart”. After this, you can monitor it to see if that phrase works better or if by changing the color you got more sales.


5. Trigger your client’s emotions


BluCactus - important dataIt’s very common to see the same descriptions over and over again from different websites. However, you shouldn’t do this since Google often penalizes those who do. Besides, by doing this you won’t be able to stand out and as a result, you won’t grab the buyer’s attention.


Therefore, you should ensure that your product’s descriptions are original to achieve a good positioning within search engines. And by doing so, you would also build a greater bond between consumers and the brand.


Try to be innovative; don’t just put the descriptions of the manufacturer, characteristics, dimensions, weight, material, and any other type of relevant information for the client. Go beyond the general product description. Offer users an experience and closeness with all your products.


6. Highlight your discounts


BluCactus - design a product page - important dataPrice is very important to buyers. However, who can resist an offer? With this strategy, you can convince your potential buyers by offering them a lower price for their desired product. 


For this, create discounts and show the difference between the old price and the new.


This way, the user can see the value of the product and see how much money they can save by taking advantage of your offer.


Another factor that may be more attractive to buyers is creating a need for a limited time supply. This is a very effective option to increase conversions.


7. Live chat


BluCactus - design a product page - important dataIt can be very difficult for some customers to decide what to buy, and some users need guidance or advice. The option of a live chat allows customers to interact live with some advisors who will help them in the purchase process. This will also help your product page reduce its bounce rate and guide them to conversion.


However, these aren’t the only advantages you get by implementing a live chat on your page. Here we present other benefits that you can see on your website that will help you position and enhance your digital commerce:


  • You will have a competitive advantage.
  • You can improve and optimize customer service.
  • Developing relationships with your customers instantly will be a much easier task
  • You will reduce costs.
  • You will reduce product returns.
  • It will decrease the bounce rate
  • You will prevent customers from abandoning their carts


8. Maximize your trust indicators


BluCactus - design a product page - important dataRecently, and powered by the pandemic, online sales have become a lot more reliable. However, there’s still a sector of clients who don’t trust this kind of service. Because of this, we recommend adding a “frequently asked questions” or FAQ to your website. This way, users will be able to answer their own questions quickly and at once.


This will not only create a strong relationship of trust, but it will also break down the consumer fear barrier and ensure that they won’t get scammed. Another point of security that many customers expect companies to comply with is data and information privacy.


The internet is a very wide world in which information moves quickly, so it’s important to assure your users that all their provided information will be protected and won’t be used for other purposes.


Offer a reliable server for your clients and give them a wide range of paying options to erase their fears.


9. Delivery and return options



BluCactus - design a product page - important data

More often than not, websites don’t offer enough information about costs or shipping times. Because of this, most users don’t even reach the point where they find this information. Or on the other hand, as soon as they find it, they abandon the cart. To avoid this, we recommend specifying the delivery time of your products. Try to comply with a 2 or 3 working days timeline. You can also offer premium shipping where you promote a less than 24 hours delivery.


If your business also makes international shipments, shipping times and costs will change. Let your users know about this to avoid any misunderstandings. You must also include information about your chosen transport companies, the number of orders, and your contact information. Added to this, send them announcements or emails to tell them in which phase of the shipment their order is.


BluCactus - design a product page - important data10. Opinions and reviews


Offer a space for your users to give their opinion and summarize each of your products and services.


By doing so, your customers will be able to verify your product’s quality to other users.


This way, others can find out additional characteristics that may not be listed on the product page.




BluCactus - design a product page - important data11. Technical specifications


People enjoy lists because it allows them to quantify all your product’s and services’ characteristics as for the technical specs, this may not be as fun as it sounds, but it’s a very necessary part of your path to designing your product page. 


Even if you don’t need to control it on your product’s page, you can create a separate category on your website’s menu.


In it, you can add all its technical specifications to make them easy to consult.


12. Clear Call-to-Action


BluCactus - página de productos - información importanteA CTA or Call to action, are words, terms, or phrases that encourage consumers to take a specific action. These will be your best friends to get more conversion and sales. When it comes to the design of your product page, you must use them very clearly.


This way, they will give added value to your products and services.


Use short sentences, but specify an action so that users can comply without much trouble.


Imagine being an online customer, these phrases will be crucial for them to know what the next steps are until they complete the purchase.


BluCactus - design a product page - important data13. Friendly navigation (user-friendly)


Your website must have a logical and adaptable design catered to every electronic device.


This will always be an advantage for you as a business.


After all, it helps you avoid Google penalties, gain more new clients and, position yourself in search engines.


Besides, it also allows you to keep in touch with your clients from their own mobile devices.


BluCactus - design a product page - important data14. Remove unnecessary items


When learning to design a product page, you must remember that you don’t need every description and specification within it. This can make the page heavier and over-saturated for visitors to read.


We recommend that, if necessary, you grab the attention of your consumers only with the necessary information. You can also move some elements or remove repeating products within your page to make it look cleaner and professional.


Another tip is that regardless of the changes you make within the page, don’t forget to take care of its design and structure. This is what will help you increase your sales and boost your e-commerce business.


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