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Features & Development Cost of Video Creation and Sharing Apps. The ongoing pandemic and lockdown have had many effects. For instance, the buzz about video content and content creators is on the rise. Video platform’s users grew with isolation. Suddenly the whole world was into making and posting videos. That shows two things. The first is that the demand for video content is high. The second is the growth of video-sharing platforms. Once you become a part of this, you can get how important video creation apps are. A custom mobile app development company can always come to your help. This post will give you an idea of the features and development costs of video creation apps.


Indispensable Features of Video Creation App For Android


BluCactus - important dataApp Login:


When you download a regular app, you find the sign-in process to be a lot less rigid. It is a bit different with video creator apps. These come with a login option that is well-strategized.


Sometimes video editing apps become a spot for malicious parties and hackers.


Due to this, you must integrate all kinds of authentication features in the app. That way, you ensure a secure user experience.


When it comes to app onboarding practices, this is the best one you can follow. Especially for developers who want to excel in entertainment and media app development. 


BluCactus - Video Creation - important dataVideo Editing:


Developing a video creation app means that the users can only create videos and share them.


Your video creation app must also be a video editing app. This feature is a must.


By this, users can change many things inside the app.


Namely, lighting, modify the background, add music, and text. 



BluCactus - Video Creation - important dataDuets:


The duet feature in video creation apps is quite helpful.


Clubbing video clips with other users is an exciting thing to do.


A user will also collaborate with others and enact movie dialogues and songs within the app.


However, when you include this feature in your video creation apps, it will play a significant part in the app development cost.


BluCactus - Video Creation - important dataUploading Videos:


We live in an era where people are fascinated with social media.


They are constantly seeking ways to acquire fame over social media.


It gives entrepreneurs a promising chance to create the best video editing apps.


Through these video creation apps, users cannot just upload videos but also share and edit their videos with their network. It essentially helps increase likes and followers, which is essential in today’s time to bag a solid online position.


BluCactus - Video Creation - important dataCapturing Videos:


By now, we know what the video creator app’s video uploading feature is all about.


The video creation app for Android also has the quality of video capturing becoming a bit more popular.


You can also implement this feature within your app by accessing the user’s device microphone and camera.


So with this, the users can record videos in real-time. However, seeking permission first before using the microphone and camera of the users is compulsory.


BluCactus - Video Creation - important dataFilters and Effects:


At one point in time, this feature was under observation. Now, you need to add this feature at any cost.


That’s how to be the best video editor and make the best video creation app.


The impact that filters and effects have on video creation apps is enormous.


It is put into effect with the utilization of Artificial Intelligence technology.


BluCactus - Video Creation - important dataLikes and Shares:


Any video creation apps become more social instantly when it comes to the feature of like, comment and share.


This attribute single-handedly has the most vital role in boosting the app engagement on Android and iOS apps.


You, while developing your video editing app, can advance such a set of attributes is integration.


Integrating your app with other apps such as Instagram, direct messages, Facebook, and WhatsApp captures users’ attention and interest even more. 


BluCactus - Video Creation - important dataPush Notifications:


Your push notification strategy matters.


In case you see few users using your app, you get a chance of re-engaging them with push notifications.


With this feature, you will always have an update about how users are reacting to videos.


The users will also have real-time insight into other people’s uploaded videos. Also, you can learn how things in this space with this attribute are. 


BluCactus - important dataReal-time Analytics:


Users might use video creator apps regularly to create the best videos.


But they need to know if other users like their videos.


However, the real-time analytics feature of your video editor app helps.


Because of it, users perceive the video engagement from other users.


BluCactus - important dataSubscriptions:


Adding this feature will help you monetize your apps. It is the best revenue-generating notion that you will ever have.


For this, you have to associate with the most skilled and experienced app development teams. Hence, the app development company you choose matters.


In your video creation apps for Android, you must craft options for users to view all the subscription details. The app that you present to them will determine if they will upgrade or not. So hit that target audience by keeping all users interested and engaged at all times.

Cost of Video Sharing app


BluCactus - important dataFirst, you need the perfect plan for creating engaging video creation apps for Android.


Then, the next is learning about the cost of video editing app development.


Design complexity, features, and technologies are the most important factors on which the cost will depend.


The MVP cost can range between $90,000 – $110,000. You can take this cost range as the base estimate, and it can increase as you keep on adding AI technologies.


The addition of these technologies will help you to offer a more personalized app to your users. Including blockchain technologies will also help you in managing in-app purchases. But there is a cost for this as well.


Final Say


BluCactus - important dataIf you want to generate profits in trillions and billions and be a part of a massive industry, app development is the way to go. Well-designed video creation apps are a must for gaining all the success in this online digital world.


Every effort from your side will bring results when you do everything by keeping the target audience in your mind. It is vital to consult a top custom mobile app development company.


The expert teams can give you insight into the business model, technology stack, cost, and a lot more.


However, you must realize that the app’s cost will depend on its features. If you want a complex app, the price will be higher. Start your app development journey with experts.


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Manan Ghadawala


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