The formula for success: How digital marketing and coaching are the perfect blend

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Coaching is a discipline that was taken from the sports world to join companies as a method to achieve better results with teamwork. This methodology helps to drive individual talents to increase the performance of the entire organization.


BluCactus - coach looking to start a businessIf you are a coach looking to start a business to increase the talents of other companies, you will need to use some extra tools and disciplines.


One of these essential disciplines to start your way in the professional world is marketing.


During the last few years, people have realized something very important: everything in life is marketing. Marketing allows us to know our strengths and exploit them to attract others.


Thanks to different marketing tools we can also discover our weaknesses and in what aspects we must work.


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingRegardless of whether you use marketing for a business or to create a personal brand, marketing will always be there.


After the growth of the internet, the easiest and lowest-cost way to work this discipline is digital.


This is where we transfer all the knowledge of traditional marketing to the 2.0 world.


But how is digital marketing applied in coaching?


In this blog, we will teach you all the keys and essential pillars to apply in your coaching business.


What things does a coach take care of?


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingMany have the belief that a coach is the one in charge of advising and telling team members what is best for them. However, this is false.


A coach is just an observer who takes part in the actions on some occasions.


In other words, it’s in charge of guiding clients or their workgroup to make the decision that best suits their needs.


Thus, a coach doesn’t intervene in decision-making but does question and challenge them.


This way they can see everything from different perspectives.


Functions of a coach


BluCactus - profesional people workingDepending on the type of Coach, their functions will be different.


However, there are certain general functions that every coach has as a responsibility:


  • A coach will help set individual and professional goals. This doesn’t tell you what to do or how, it’s only there to guide you on what is the correct option without taking parties. Thus, it’s not the authority, nor the one who must choose how to solve problems.
  • Clarify situations. A coach is ready to help you have a clearer focus on what is happening or if you need individual or group advice.
  • Motivate clients to be better. Almost everyone knows that a coach motivates their clients. Because of this, they can help them strengthen their interpersonal and professional skills.
  • Encourage continuous learning.
  • Discover new skills in clients. The relationship between a coach and the client is a solid and stable bond. That’s why, during the exercises, the coach discovers new skills in their clients and encourages them to work on them.


By having the support and guidance of a coach it is easier and clearer to find success. When a specialized person encourages you to work on your strengths and pressures you to do your best, success will gradually come by itself.


Coaching: Where does it come from?


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingThe beginnings of coaching date back to ancient Greece according to experts on the subject. They think that some of the first pioneers of this discipline were Socrates with his method of promoting dialogue to arrive at new knowledge. He called this type of method “maieutic” and it consists of that, through different questions, people find the answers within themselves.


On the other hand, the other theory about the beginnings of Coaching is said to have started in the mid-seventies. The first to take the first steps in coaching was Timothy Gallwey.


He was a sports coach, who, realizing that the greatest enemy of any athlete is the limitations of their mind, began to write books to help others improve their performance and overcome their fears.


BluCactus - profesional people workingThis method was successful from the beginning. Because of this, many sports schools were created under their working methodology.


These schools were called the Inner Game.


Gallwey was an important part of the development of business coaching.


However, the one who takes credit for the type of coaching we all know today is Thomas J. Leonard.


This man worked to adapt the existing method to apply it in each of the fields of life. In short, Leonard fuses business, sports, philosophical and spiritual concepts to create a new method and support people to achieve their goals.


What is the purpose of coaching?


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingCoaching, as we said before on the blog, has certain elements that apply to everyone. Thus, the main benefit that we can get from this discipline is:


  • It allows us to clarify our goals and wishes. In many cases, we can feel dissatisfied with our life and our work performance. With the help of a coach, you will be able to identify which aspects are failing and why. It is also important to remember that a psychologist and a coach are not the same. The coach supports you and guides you to figure things out on your own. On the other hand, a psychologist gives you the tools to handle negative situations.
  • Identify the next steps to achieve your goals. Once you know what you want and what your goals are, a coach will help you evaluate and then order the best options to build an ideal action plan for you.

BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingCoaching in the personal sphere


These are some of the aspects in which we can include the benefits ofcoaching in your personal life:


  • It helps you manage emotions.


  • Changes your habits.


  • Improves communication and personal relationships.


  • It gives you tools to balance personal and work life.


  • Clarifies where you are going.

Types of Coaching


BluCactus - profesional people workingEach coach, like everything else, has different specialties, both professionally and personally. Since its inception, they evolved until new approaches were derived to solve different specific needs.


At first, coaches promoted that a single model fit all the client’s needs.


However, today we know that this is not the case. Since then they began to specialize to help clients in the best possible way.


This is a list of some of the more traditional coaching modalities, demands, and new approaches:


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingPersonal


Better known as Life Coaching, this modality focuses on the reinforcement of personal skills and talents.


Regardless of whether the client’s aspirations are academic, work, or sentimental, the important thing is to face the person’s problems in their daily lives.







BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingProfessional


In contrast to the first, this coaching deals only with issues relating to people’s professional lives.


For example, it can be the support that the client needs to clarify their goals, purposes, and future projects.


In other words, the main focus of the coach is to guide the person to achieve their career goals.





BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingBusiness or organizational


This is a bit more tied to the previous type but on a much larger scale.


These coaches specialize in the transformation of companies or organizations in terms of teamwork.


They work with joint sessions and team activities to promote the company and achieve the objectives as a group.




BluCactus - profesional people workingExecutive


This type of Coaching is focused on the development of skills within the group of directors and managers of an organization.


In many cases, those who attend these sessions are applicants or potential directors looking for a motivational boost.





BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingLeadership


This is one of the newest and most popular in the world of coaching.


It’s aimed at those people who aspire to lead groups of large people and need guidance on how to do it.


For example, how to advise team groups in organizations or companies.





BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingTransformational


It’s one of the most complete approaches and methods of coaching. Invites the change of all areas and personal skills of the client.


Besides, it’s considered one of the most spiritual, since it works with the domain of individual energies and how you connect with the environment, in addition to working on the client’s ability to be a person of change with their environment.





How coaching allows you to achieve positive results in a short time


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingCoaching supposes support from the different aspects of a person and how they want to project in the future.


It does not matter if it’s about the needs of a client to clarify their projections or finding why they cannot achieve their professional goals, coaching is the perfect method for them.


With the help of a coach, you will achieve positive results in a very short time because the methods to solve the difficulties are adaptable and designed for you.


Thus, granting you greater comfort in the changes for the client.



BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingCoaching as the tool of the future


Coaching is the most important tool in the future because it allows us to face changes more simply.


Depending on the type of coaching that we think is the most suitable for us, we can expand the way we perceive our environment and achieve the goals that we set ourselves best.


Coaching is a tool that helps us overcome obstacles that arise in professional and personal fields.


Many of the experts say that coaching is the main element to achieve professional and personal evolution.


Keys to good coaching


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingA study done by the Global Survey Matrix ensures that the use of coaching in the business environment increases the performance to up to 88%, while simple training increases it by 22%.


That’s why you must first understand the seven most important keys for coaches in the world:


1. Know what you do coaching for


It’s important to be aware of what you are doing, how, and what for.


Coaching should not be seen as something trendy and at the forefront. You must have each of the clear objectives of why you use this and the processes that it involves.


BluCactus - coaching - professional people working2. Know how to determine the right moment


There are times when coaching is not necessarily applicable.


In many cases, it only takes a few minutes of reflection and not the use of maieutic to achieve decision-making and move forward with the next steps.






BluCactus - coaching - professional people working3. Manage basic coaching skills


A coach must be experienced enough for clients to have enriching experiences.


With a few questions, as well as being creative, powerful, and forceful, a coach can go much further than asking simpler questions.


Remember, your speaking and professional skills will be tested at all times.




BluCactus - coaching - professional people working4. Self and environment preparation


A coach’s advice doesn’t end when the session ends.


Their work is constant and a little feedback is needed after the sessions.


Take an emotional distance and go to a neutral environment with your client so that you know how you think the sessions are going and if they have paid off.




BluCactus - coaching - professional people working5. Build together


A coach has no authority with the client and it isn’t a hierarchy.


If your client has an idea, you must listen to them and then start from there to create something new.







BluCactus - coaching - professional people working6. Plan with the SMART formula


The group or the client must develop SMART objectives with the coach.


These objectives are known to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely.


The coach cannot decide what the client’s goals are but can help them build them.




BluCactus - coaching - professional people working7. Follow up on the process


With the help of an agenda and some sporadic sessions, both the client and the coach can ensure that the efforts are paying off after working on those objectives.


If necessary, the objectives or processes will be adjusted to achieve them.







Advantages of having a coach as an ally


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingBelow we present some of the advantages that coaching offers in its different fields, both professionally and personally.


Puts the focus on people


Coaching helps focus people on the development of their talents and abilities.


A coach is responsible for promoting the individuals of a team or client to promote personal or professional growth and contribute to the development of a society.



BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingImprove the skills of managers


A coach is the best person to improve the skills of the managers of a company and thus increase the level of competence of the team.


This is done with different techniques and skills that help them reflect on their current situation and where they want to go.






BluCactus - profesional people workingHelp develop an action plan


Setting a clear goal and plan of action can be a difficult task.


That’s why with the help and advice of a coach you can find an easier way to develop a plan tomaximize your potential and achieve all objectives.






BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingIdentify the strengths of managers


Knowing the strengths of a team can be harder than finding faults.


Because of this, a coach will identify the strengths of a team or the client to promote and motivate them to be the best version of themselves.






BluCactus - profesional people workingCreate an environment of trust


A coach creates an environment of trust and confidentiality where the manager finds a true place for learning.


Besides, they will begin to be aware of how important the balance between the professional and personal world is.


As a result, this will contribute to we make professionals more productive and happy.




BluCactus - profesional people workingFeel a true vocation of service


A coach who doesn’t feel a real vocation to serve others who need help isn’t the one for you.


The main objective of every professional in this area is to motivate people to improve their professional and personal lives.


If these people don’t feel a vocation in their work and don’t enjoy helping others, you won’t get the best results.




BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingBelieve in the transformation of people


We know changes are a constant in life. Without them, we could not grow and evolve as people.


A coach is willing to walk with you in the changes in your business or your life.


In short, it will become your partner and help you decipher the new steps to take to continue meeting your objectives.




BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingIt is a facilitator and lifter of consciousness


This point is more focused on executive coaches since they are facilitators of conscience and allow to give a different point of view.


Besides, they promote the reflection of the managers of a company to transform their businesses.


Usually, these are coaches hired externally in the company, but then they become a fundamental part of the company.



Pillars that we must master


  • BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingA coach is in charge of discovering the blind spots of those clients who still don’t know which aspects of their life need improvement.
  • They help to clarify the priority of personal problems that can also be the cause of problems in professional areas, personal safety, in their relationship with people, and other problems.
  • Coaching adds value to the lives of people who are not clear about what they want with their life or who are not sure of their future goals.
  • It helps to generate the necessary context to understand the problem from dialogue until solutions are found.
  • Coaching guides a process whose agenda is that of the individual and not one imposed by the person providing the support.
  • A coach seeks to generate support through questions that allow people to find the answers, without telling them the way to choose
  • The coaching professional motivates the commitment of individuals with themselves and with their actions.
  • It gives greater power and strength by monitoring individual or organizational actions and growth.

How does digital marketing work with Coaching?



BluCactus - profesional people workingDigital marketing allows you to work in certain important areas to grow your coaching business, no matter what type of specialty you do.


Some of the points that can benefit you when using digital marketing are the following:


  • You can find out who your target audience is and what social media platforms they use.
  • With the help of different SEO tools, you will find which the keywords that define your services are. Thanks to this, you will be able to find new clients that are in your work niche and help them to be better.
  • By using social media platforms you can create your professional profile on different web portals or coach directories. By having an online presence, you can meet potential customers who are interested in your services and thus increase your sales.
  • BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingYou can use social media analytics to find out what type of content followers prefer. Remember that the content must be relevant, entertaining, and educational for your followers. This way, they build loyalty with you and thus, creating a small community.
  • Once you have some money saved, invest in your online page. This gives you more credibility as an expert and offers you other ways to be present on the internet.
  • After creating your website, you can incorporate new forms of digital marketing such as blogs, newsletters, email marketing, among others.
  • And finally, you can allocate part of your income to make paid ad campaigns on different online platforms so that your content reaches many more people.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes.


This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content.


BluCactus - coaching - professional people workingOur focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Dallas, TX, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level.


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