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Managing your services with marketing strategies can give you a lot of benefits. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just graduated from law school or started a new law firm. So, using different marketing tools can boost your brand and, in turn, attract new clients. Learn digital marketing strategies for lawyers.


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingYou can achieve all of this by using some simple marketing strategies. For example, some increase customer acquisition and improve business profitability. However, we know that there are many strategies like this. That’s why we decided to give you a list of the best strategies in the market. We are sure that they will help your legal brand to grow in the business world.


Besides, some basic tips we can give you to achieve your goals are:


  • Create valuable content
  • Know your customers
  • Use email marketing


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Why is a strategy important?


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingEven if we know that the law sector doesn’t innovate a lot, we assure you that adapting new marketing strategies can improve your positioning.


Moreover, it’s a given that the patterns of legal services will change in the coming years.


We know this thanks to a study from Deloitte. In it, we can see that 52% of internal legal departments believe this.


Technology has played an important part in the opening of new legal businesses that seek to grab the attention of potential clients.


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingIn fact, by 2016, the United States had the largest market for legal services in the world. This position was worth near 290 million dollars in the global market.


So, by using marketing strategies to boost your business you will easily stand out from the competition.


Not only that, but you will also be ready to seize new opportunities around you.


However, remember that marketing must not only meet customer needs, it must also expect them.


Factors that attract customers, digital marketing strategies for lawyers


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingMost traditional law firms struggle to hold on to their client list.


This brings the problem of regular customers deciding to end the partnership with the brand.


If this happens and no new ones come in, this could cause future profits problems.


If a legal services company fails to increase the influx of new clients, it’s usually due to two reasons:



  1. BluCactus - advise your planOne of the main reasons is due to the lack of marketing activities that a brand uses. Developing the business with the help of these tools makes the business a more attractive prospect than those that don’t implement them. Thus, traditional service companies are a thing of the past.
  2. On the other hand, the use of business resources while not having a plan with set goals isn’t attractive to customers. All of this will make you waste time, money, and human capital on promotional campaigns that don’t suit your brand. This, in turn, won’t allow you to connect with our buyer persona.


One of the biggest difficulties that every business faces when starting on the marketing path is the individualization of ideas.


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingIf you make those decisions separately, your brand won’t head in the same direction.


This, in turn, won’t allow it to achieve its goals. This is when legal marketing comes in. It will help you to bring together the ideas of every department specialized in the creation of marketing strategies.


The help of technology brings ample opportunity for law firm businesses to rethink their methods and move in the same direction.


A good digital marketing plan means better results with less time and effort from the brand. Some of the best strategies to achieve the goals of your legal business are:


Strategy # 1: design a website


BluCactus - computer with important dataA website is your cover letter in the digital world. Some experts even say that the website, along with the landing page, is the most important.


Besides, with your website, you’re the one who makes the rules. No one else, only you or your team. This is a big difference between social media, where the image, design, and layout are chosen by each social media platform. However, to create some important differences on your website, you must have your own domain.


For this, BluCactus has a team of designers and software experts. They will gladly help you to create the perfect digital cover letter for you. Moreover, we must also mention that having a website makes businesses and brands look more professional. Besides, BluCactus also ensures that the website you create is adapted to all devices and easy-to-use platforms.


If you already have a website, but its last update was over six months ago, it’s time to rescue it. So, for this, it’s important to research new ways to position yourself with your brand through your website. Remember that the aesthetics of the page must also be attractive. Only in this way, you will ensure that the client doesn’t just stay on the landing page.


Add relevant content


BluCactus -relevant contentYour website’s content is vital to get new customers. It must offer educational and informative material relevant to the legal sector. Besides, you could also include news that your readers want to know in-depth. Remember, quality is more important than quantity. So, don’t post just for the sake of it!


You must also know your audience. Only in this way, you will be able to get their attention with your content and make them interested in your legal services. For this, look at the comments, know their wants and needs. After this, offer them material that is relevant to them.


You should also aim at different websites sharing your content. This is because it adds a lot of educational value to each of your publications. Every time your posts get shared by others, you will also get high-quality entries. Remember that the capture of inbound links is taken into account by Google when it comes to positioning your blog in the first search pages.


Be specific (focus on a niche)


BluCactus - be specificThe legal world is known to be a competitive one. This is thanks to the big amount of new lawyers and firms looking to position themselves as the best each year. In the United States alone, the Bar Association has over 25,000 members registered in the labor law section.


A small and medium-sized business competes with thousands of other firms that offer the same legal services as your brand.


If you are looking to lead a battle with a large and successful company, you are likely to lose. The most effective way to position yourself and stand out from others is by focusing on a niche.


A niche in marketing refers to a part of the entire market that meets the same characteristics and needs. The needs of a niche are usually not fully met by the other market offers. This is where your brand comes in.


Niche Marketing Benefits


BluCactus -niche marketingThe reason why you should use niches as a focus of your brand is to show that your business is an expert in the area.


Clients are looking for a company that is the most specialized when it comes to solving their concerns. The main objective is to make the client understand that they are better in your hands than with another company.


Some of the topics that the legal consultancies focus on are regulations and law enforcement or data protection privacy.



BluCactus - be creativeFinding the ideal sector for you will mean the difference between standing out from other companies and being just another one in the pile. Thus, get to know the needs of your clients and be their reference for support for it.


Among the benefits of niche marketing are: Stand out between the rest of the law firms or lawyers that offer all legal services.


On the other hand, it also allows you to show greater credibility. This way you will be able to convince the client that you’re their best option. Lastly, people are willing to pay more for the services of an expert who fully meets their needs.


Use a good targeting scheme to narrow down your audience and get to know it well. The more specific you are and the more you understand them, the easier it will be to help them resolve their concerns.


Strategy # 2: Google AdWords will be your best friend


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - google adsGoogle is the search engine with the largest number of users in the world. A study by Trusted Shops ensures that Google covers 92% of searches worldwide. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo only have a market share of 2% and 3%. This means that almost all searches are done everywhere on Google.


A tool that will be essential to position yourself on the first pages of Google is the Google AdWords platform.


This promotion allows you to create ads on results pages and other digital sites. Besides, Google AdWords also bring a lot of advantages for those looking to gain greater visibility.


Different investigations affirm that 91% of users don’t go beyond the first page of Google results. On the other hand, over 50% of them don’t pay attention after the first three search results.


Position yourself in Google


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingThousands of content are uploaded to different websites every day and Google collects all of them in its archive.


Positioning yourself among the first three searches is becoming increasingly difficult.


So, while targeting your niche audience can be beneficial for some things, it also involves risks. As an example, we have that if your market size is very specific, it can be more difficult to grow.


This marketing strategy for lawyers allows you to appear in the first positions of Google in no time.


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingAlthough the best way to position yourself in the digital world is through organic and natural growth, this can take months.


Google AdWords allows you to pay for your website to appear among the first 10 search engine results. You just have to use the keyword of your choice and your advertising will appear there.


Many believe that people avoid ads on google when the truth is not. A company carried out a test about the search for legal services, and the first three ads got more entries than the three organic ones.


Why invest in advertising?


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingThe main benefit of advertising for legal brands and its services is the possibility of becoming more known in the market. You can have the best service or product in the world, but it won’t matter if no one knows about it.


Another reason you must invest in these ads is that people search for lawyers through Google. Google Trends shows that some of the most popular searches include the word “lawyer” in them.


In the legal world, AdWords is one of the highest converting industries with an average of 6.98%. This makes Google AdWords the second-highest converting industry in the world.


Besides, making use of these tools means a lower cost than paying for traditional advertisements.


Don’t invest money without a plan


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingA very common mistake among law firms that are starting to advertise is investing capital without having a clear direction.


In marketing jargon, there is a saying that goes: “if it isn’t measurable, it isn’t marketing.” This means that it isn’t a real strategy to invest money in something that you cannot measure. It doesn’t matter whether it will work or not.


The growth of a legal brand is due to good ideas and planning that will increase the flow of clients. Don’t spend money on an advertisement if you can’t later measure the results to optimize or discard them.


Promote intensive sales


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingAs a strategy that attracts new customers, you can make a campaign with what you know will be easier and will remain stable. These types of promotions are called intensive sales. They consist of getting old customers to buy more services.


If you have a client with whom you helped with their initial procedures for their company, suggest an offer to be their legal advisor in labor cases. Don’t be afraid to offer each of your services. Make use of the contacts that you already have on file and that knows you. This, to attract them again.


Bringing in new clients should be one of your most important long-term goals. However, taking advantage of the trust and business relationships with the clients that are already part of your catalog will help you to position yourself. This, in turn, will allow you to obtain more income.


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingStrategy # 3: watch your SEO


We said earlier that growing with traditional SEO strategies can take a long time.


The truth is that organic positioning, along with paying for complementary ads, is the key to growing quickly in the market.





BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingKeywords


Knowing your desired keywords will make the difference to achieve good positioning.


The best way to achieve this is to use the Google AdWords keyword planner.


This tool will give you greater chances of obtaining a good position in the most famous search engine.



Social media as an ally


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people working

A good way to make content fun and attractive to your audience is by sharing it on social media. By sharing the contents of your blog on your social media you achieve a greater reach. Thus, the greater the number of entries, the more clients will seek your legal services.


Many law firms and firms are moving to the digital world and the simplest step is with the opening of new social media accounts. Besides, using the trends present in social media can allow you to gain more visibility.


Participating in social media trends opens up an opportunity to find new customers.


This is because you are opening a door for them to reach you. For this, we recommend using these trends with the help of hashtags. Moreover, providing new resources and offering relevant opinions on the subject is also a good option.


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingStrategy # 4: create marketing campaigns


The worst marketing plan is not making a plan.


Marketing plans are necessary to avoid wasting time on actions that will not pay off.


Don’t wait for new trends to appear to create content about them. Be smart and take your first step.



Spend time


BluCactus -dedicate timeA good legal marketing campaign is planned well in advance. According to some experts, the average firm spends 200 hours a year developing its ideas.


The most important thing to understand about marketing and brand growth is that they don’t happen overnight. For a firm to fully grow and be remembered by clients over time, it must be consistent and persistent.


Having a large portfolio of clients and many years in the legal market doesn’t mean that you should stop working on your brand.


A good law firm continues to search for new clients and maintain a relationship with old ones.


Results tracking


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategies for Lawyers - people workingDon’t forget that “if it isn’t measurable, it isn’t marketing”. You must avoid carrying out thousands of successful campaigns that you later will forget.


As such, an analytical follow-up must always be done to find out whether they continue to work or need to be improved. The same thing that worked once, may not work tomorrow.


Stay constantly checking the statistics of the campaigns carried out. In the digital world, changes are normal and we must adapt to them.


Besides, you must be aware of the new needs that the client has to satisfy them first of all.


BluCactus, your digital marketing ally


BluCactus - contact usWe know that the digital path can be overwhelming and exhausting.


So, if you don’t have time to carry out your brand on social media, creating a website, or all the branding of your brand, BluCactus is your best option.


BluCactus is a digital marketing agency with offices all around the world.


We have the best team of experts to help you grow your new legal business and achieve your business goals. Contact us and start being successful!


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