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9 digital marketing strategies for personal loan companies. Today, email marketing for the personal loan sector is in high demand. After all, it’s one of the best tools to improve the results of company campaigns.


But can the same thing happen in the financial sector? The answer is yes. Personal loan companies can also take great advantage of email marketing. In fact, today we’ll show you 9 tips to achieve it.


What are the benefits of email marketing for the personal loan sector?


Email marketing is in trend and will be for a long time due to its benefits. That’s why many companies, regardless of sector, use it, including personal loan companies. Before we start with the best tips, let’s talk about the benefits you can get from them.


Loyalty to your customers


Apart from attracting new customers, it is also important to retain those already in existence. It’s no secret to anyone how difficult it can be to attract new customers. Because of this, you must have a loyalty campaign to stand out from the competition.


In short, by publishing a well-planned email marketing campaign, you get new subscribers constantly. After all, it will offer more valuable content adapted to your profile.


Attract new customers


One point that must be made very clear is that not all the contacts you have in your database are customers. However, if your email marketing strategy has been well planned, those leads will likely become loyal customers.


To do this, you must be very careful when choosing what type of banking campaigns you will send to each subscriber. Also, sending greetings can bring you closer to your customers in a more human way. Added to this, you can also take advantage of special dates or promotions. This way, you can attract those new customers you want in your company.


BluCactus - load companiesPersonalize your shipments


When we receive an email unrelated to our interests, we will surely not feel interested in reading it.


And it is that personalized mailings are the ones with the highest rate of openings and clicks, unlike those massive mailings.


Consequently, to achieve this degree of personalization in your campaigns, the first thing you need to do is segment your lists. This, according to certain elements such as geographic location, gender, age, birthday, etc.


Helps measure the results of your campaign in real-time


Email marketing has a very important feature. It helps us measure the results of the campaigns and optimize them according to what appears in the analysis of the reports.


Similarly, by evaluating your mailings, you will immediately know if you have done a good job concerning the topics that generate the most openings. For example, the contacts removed from your list and the content with the greatest interest in your subscribers.


How to attract clients for loans through email marketing?


Email marketing can be integrated into marketing strategies in the personal loan sector. And for its smooth operation, we want to give you the 9 best tips, so start taking note:


  • Send greetings campaigns

Email marketing is a direct communication channel, so it is perfect for sending a greeting to your client on his birthday.


  • Use a pre-header

The pre-header is very important because it allows you to add the expiration date of your promotions. Besides, you can reinforce the subject of your campaigns or anticipate the content of your email.


  • Ship with the right frequency

As experts in the world of email marketing, we recommend that you do not send emails too often to the same base, or else you could become a spammer. This way, you will only make your subscribers lose interest in your campaigns and stop being relevant.


  • Customize your pieces

To send a personalized message, use the fields to add your first and last name. In fact, it is allowed to include other information such as the amount of money that each of your clients can access to make their request. Besides, you can include the address of the nearest branch so that the client can make their request in person.


Humanize your brand

To humanize your brand in the personal loan industry, you can deliver deliveries that bring you closer to your customers. For example, the information you make known to your company or the greetings on special dates will allow you to achieve this objective.


  • Identify geographic location

This tip is a great help in personalizing your emails. Once you identify the geographic location of your email openings, you can offer discounts and promotions to your subscribers that are of interest to take advantage of.


  • BluCactus - load companiesAdd tags to links

Adding labels to the links of your marketing campaigns for loans is more important than you can imagine. After all, this allows you to know your subscribers’ interests. This, in turn, allows you to segment your shipments according to the interaction of each of them.


  • Analyze your reports

The removals and bounces occur because many subscribers erase from their lists. As a result, your emails don’t reach their inbox. It’s important to know the reason why subscribers may make this decision. However, the most common is the low quality you maintain in your database.


  • Avoid falling into spam.

This would be one of the worst mistakes you can make if you have a personal loan company. The truth is that many words can be considered spam, and some of them are: free, discounts, and promotions. Similarly, you should also avoid using exclamation marks or capital letters so that your messages do not go directly to the spam folder.


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