How to use digital signage in the hospitality industry? Is it worth it?


How to use digital signage in the hospitality industry? Is it worth it? When it comes to the hospitality sector, the guest experience is everything. This is why hotels and holiday resorts work tirelessly to bolster their reputation and deliver an unmatched user experience. So, as a hotelier, you probably focus on staff training, design, and amenities, but there’s one thing that you likely overlook – digital signage.


Technology and hospitality are two sectors that have witnessed steady growth in recent years. So, as a hotelier or a manager, you’d likely look for ways to create an extraordinary guest experience. In a world where technology is progressing by leaps and bounds, the demand for an exceptional guest experience is rising in tandem. This is where digital signage shines. It helps augment guest experiences and upsell offers and services.


What is digital signage?


Blucactus-What-is-digital-signageSimply put, digital signage is the use of digital displays or screens to push relevant information to the target audience.


So, digital signage may include screens playing advertisements in malls and hotels or include arrival and departure information at airports.


It can even feature the menu at a fast-food restaurant.


The many uses of digital signage in the hospitality sector


Welcoming your guests:


Blucactus-The-many-uses-of-digital-signage-in-the-hospitality-sectorAre you expecting guests from afar? Well, guests arriving at your hotel after a long flight or a long day of travel would look for some quiet time with their family, or perhaps need to relax before heading out to a meeting the next morning.


Either way, you’d have to make sure that their check-in experience remains as welcoming as possible. Try greeting your guests with beautiful photography or graphically designed welcome notes.


Event guide or conference directory:


Whether you’re hosting a small conference or an elaborate event, setting up displays to guide the guests or help in the presentation can heighten the impression. As a hotelier, you can have a few digital signage even outside the room – perhaps displaying the event schedules that are expected to take place later in the day. The display can also showcase the agenda, the name and picture of the speakers. It can even highlight the names and brands of the sponsors.


Upsell the culinary delights:


Blucactus-The-many-uses-of-digital-signage-in-the-hospitality-sector-2Here’s another great use for digital signage. You can use the same to introduce your guests to the amazing culinary delights available at your restaurant.


It is a great way to assist people and help them in making proper food selections. In fact, unlike traditional menus, updating the digital board is quite easy and straightforward.


It would not only allow you to highlight particular items but also make adding or removing items a breeze.


Offer relevant information:


Digital signage is great for offering quality and engaging information to guests, such as travel information. Investing in and implementing digital signage allows your guests to feel more connected and avail to every information there is on offer, on their own. Such displays are great for offering traffic and travel information. Guests appreciate getting such helpful information and updates upfront. This allows them to make alternate plans should the need arise.


Offer a virtual concierge:


Blucactus-The-many-uses-of-digital-signage-in-the-hospitality-sector-3A concierge serves as a big help to guests, particularly those new to the place, as they need some help adapting to the new location.


It is a great way for guests to find out about the area, the amenities around, and even register for activities or events.


Most guests hesitate to approach people for every minor problem and prefer doing research on their own.


Thus, an interactive kiosk or display which people can access for information on their own is a great initiative.

Expedite check-ins:


Long hotel check-ins often leave a negative impression. Use digital signage to offer auto check-ins or help people find the relevant information without forcing them to approach the help desk or the reception area for every minor inconvenience or need. By using touchscreen signage for check-ins, you can make the experience seamless and take the pressure off the front desk. In fact, this seriously cuts down front desk wait times by about 20% or more.

Promote ancillary services:


Blucactus-The-many-uses-of-digital-signage-in-the-hospitality-sector-4Digital signage is a great way to promote the best features of your business or highlight the hotel amenities.


Sharing it as high-res images, guest testimonials, or even as video, grabs the attention of the guests arriving.


Run promotions through the digital signage – which guests can book directly, probably through an interactive screen.


It can even offer guests a way to sign up for a rewards program.


Why invest in digital signage?


Digital signage has a wide gamut of uses in almost every industry and things are no different for the hospitality industry. In fact, the use of digital display systems has proven to be extremely helpful in restaurants and hotels in offering an enhanced guest experience. Some believe that interactive digital displays are one of the best ways of keeping the guests well informed, entertained, safe, and happy.


Over the years, digital signage has emerged as a powerful tool and continues to offer a remarkable guest experience. So, hotel and restaurant owners are no longer restricted to using static signs that people find unattractive and tend to overlook. Interactive digital screens that use animation and different motion graphics are better at connecting with guests and offer a more personalized guest experience. This is a great way for hoteliers to better their business impression and make life easier for all who come to the hotel or restaurant. Interestingly, the system is completely customizable and can meet the varied demands of every hotel, resort, and restaurant.


Blucactus - Contact usIn short, digital signage has revolutionized how the hospitality sector operates. So, whether you are new to the business or already have a flourishing business, it is a great way to heighten the overall guest experience and serve their diverse needs.


It is scalable, is completely cloud-based, comes with easy-to-use templates, can include live TV, and can even offer social media integration.


Let us know your thoughts on digital signage and how you plan to include it in your burgeoning hospitality business.


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