What is Dior’s marketing strategy?

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What is Dior’s marketing strategy? Unlike marketing that can be used for other brands, marketing for luxury brands is focused on a specific audience. And the principal value is exclusivity. This type of marketing strategy is well known to Dior, one of the most influential brands in the world. So, to understand its greatness in haute couture, we will explain Dior’s marketing strategy in this post.


Also, it’s worth noting that this company’s marketing, apart from being focused on clothing items that make immediate reference to this brand, has been more focused on luxury beauty. Dior has been able to take advantage of so much from its strategy.  So much so that its Media Impact Value ™ is at a higher level than that of its competitors. 


Dior Marketing Strategy


As time has passed, many luxury brands have decided to launch a makeup line. This is a way to reach different consumers at a more affordable price. Apart from this strategy, we will mention the most outstanding ones:


Bulk beauty


BluCactus - Dior Marketing StrategyAmong Dior’s strategies, this is one of the highlights. Since by considering bulk beauty, it has been able to establish relationships with different clients. Clients who are not only in search of a good wardrobe. Which has been very beneficial since it has achieved thousands of mentions on Instagram. And in most months of each year, it has managed to stay above the competition.


Of course, you should note that Dior’s proposal has always been conservative with its efforts to go digital. But this has been a big step thanks to the brand’s demographic spread worldwide.


Thus, the firm can retain existing buyers and attract a new Dior target audience. And what better way to do so than through print and online media?



Dior Digital Marketing Strategy




Like other brands in different sectors, the Dior brand, by making a more notable presence on social media, could not leave the use of influencer marketing unnoticed.


That is why they have looked for influential people in the most critical communication channels in the digital field.


To be the protagonists of magical trips to carry out the launch of their products.




The media strategy has also been very relevant to the brand throughout history. Through different advertising campaigns for their perfumes or other products, they’ve generated profits of thousands of dollars. A Miss Dior perfume advertisement published in Shape USA, featured by the actress Natalie Portman, generated $ 354,000 USD.


Likewise, this printed article could become the most relevant of the luxury brands. This makes it evident that the role of advertisements continues to be very significant for brands with this status.


Also, just as baby boomers add more value to print, younger generations respond better to online content. So, luxury brands need to know how to handle both. 


This video  “MISS DIOR – The new Eau de Parfum” has been viewed 106,488,168 times on YouTube

Examples of Dior’s luxury marketing


There are obvious examples of luxury marketing strategies with which the Dior brand has managed to surprise us. Both its target audience and the rest of the world through the Dior value proposition: 


Ready-to-wear campaign spring – summer 2018


BluCactus - marketing strategyThe goal of this campaign was to make female artists stand out. One of the most important was Sasha Pivovarova. Who modeled the campaign clothes with a clear message: “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”


Likewise, for this runway presentation, they created a scenography called “The Tarot Garden.”  Inspired by the images of the Tarot Game, released in 2018.


As a result, they were able to count on quality content. Since they collected many videos and photographs of the event in this way, the clothes, makeup, and costumes that joined together with the construction of the scenography got 30,897 views.


Pret-A-Port campaign Autumn – winter 2019, What is Dior’s marketing strategy? 


This campaign was exciting since its primary goal was to show various stores of the Dior brand. Such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York, in the best style of feminist advertising for women’s empowerment. 


For this, they gathered many photographs that served as fashion covers for previous campaigns.


This was just the mouth-opener to show what the fall-winter collection would be like.


This was a show attended by several celebrities, getting very positive comments from them regarding the clothing and scenery.


BluCactus - marketing strategy

Capture Youth Campaign 


This Dior advertising campaign aimed to launch the “Capture Youth” product featuring Cara Delevingne.


On this occasion, the actress describes her experience with the brand.


And how the product has supported her femininity to strengthen her freedom as a strong and leading woman. One who never gives up.



Capture Youth – The time is now! – Cara Delevingne | Christian Dior


The Art of The Color Campaign, What is Dior’s marketing strategy?


This campaign was also exciting as it wanted to show Serge Lutens, Tyen, and Peter Philips’ beauty through their looks. To achieve this, an exhibition was held in Tokyo. Where the history of makeup was told, and in turn, women’s femininity was captured.


The truth is that this exhibit was very far-reaching since it managed to bring together a large number of celebrities.


It also had 2,696 posts on Instagram and 3,313 views on YouTube.


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BluCactus - Dior Marketing Strategy - Linn Larsson

Thanks to Dior’s marketing strategies, through its campaigns in recent years, it has achieved a great impact on social media (@Dior): 



  • Likes on the pages: 16,596,213.
  • Followers: 17,000,000



  • Followers: 38,500,000.



  • Followers: 8,600,000.


As you can see, luxury brands also need marketing strategies that allow them to have greater reach. And at the same time, they continue to offer exclusivity to their target audience.


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