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Discover the best sports apps of 2022. There are many different professional sports leagues in the US, each with several teams and a robust fanbase. Given all of the sports teams and events that exist, it’s no mystery why many people want to stay up to date on all the latest sports news.


The most common way to watch sports has been on TV. However, the times are changing. For various reasons ranging from the transfer of rights from one channel to another to the rise of subscription-based streaming services, watching a game is no longer as easy as it used to be.


Similarly, different time zones and morning games cause inconveniences. Some fans might not be able to watch games from home like they typically do if they have time conflicts with work or other commitments. Examples of this include the World Cup and the Olympics, whose venues vary year by year. Hosted internationally, their schedules are often inconvenient for those who live in America.


Sports apps have become more and more popular because they present a solution to this problem. They allow the game to be shown in real-time, and whoever downloads the app can enjoy the content live from wherever they are.


In addition, they offer more options than just broadcasting live games. It is possible to stay on top of your favorite sports and teams, statistics, positions, calendars, news, and more. This makes them a very complete alternative for those who want to be up to date on the sports world.


One of the biggest and best advantages is that most sports apps are free and easily accessible. You only need to have a good Internet connection or data plan to enjoy the content without interruptions and at any time and place.


Best Sports Apps in 2022


Sky Sports, Live Football


BluCactus - Discover the best sports apps of 2022 - SkysportsAs its name indicates, this application developed by Sky UK Limited and Sky Sports Live Football specializes solely in the so-called king of sports, soccer.


It offers live streaming of soccer club matches from any existing league, including the World Cup.


And it also provides a high score table and leaderboard.


It is only available for download on Android through the Play Store.


This app is considered one of the best soccer-oriented sports applications.


Movistar +


BluCactus - movistarThe important Spanish telecommunications and media company has expanded its services by venturing into the world of mobile applications, offering various options for its users and affiliates.


Movistar plus is presented as an alternative for watching a wide variety of sports.


It is a free application and is available for both Android and iOS users. However, to enjoy the app, it is necessary to be an active client of the company. Users must have an account with any of Movistar’s services or products.


A strong point of Movistar’s is that they have permits for all European games in all sports categories. There is a guaranteed wide catalog of options to watch.


There is good news for soccer fans, too. A complete program including LaLiga Santander, Copa del Rey, and the Champions League is available, to the delight of fans of this sport.


BluCactus - mobdroMobdro


Mobdro Sport is a sports streaming application available for mobile phones and smart TVs.


It is compatible with Android and iOS and offers a wide range of sports categories at your fingertips. You can easily enjoy all the emotion that a match evokes.


Some outstanding categories offered by Mibdro are Formula 1, Moto GP, and soccer, as well as others in high demand. They also have videos available both in high resolution and in lower quality for the selection that best suits you.


The app is compatible with smart TV, iPad, Firestick, Kindle Fire, and Mac.


Orange TV


BluCactus - Discover the best sports apps of 2022 - orange tvOrange SA is a multinational French company that offers telecommunications services. It offers mobile and fixed telephony, internet, and television.


It operates in a similar way to Movistar, and consequently also has a mobile application. Its app is one of the best in its category. Similar to Movistar, it is also necessary to be a customer and have an account for users to enjoy Orange TV.


An important aspect to keep in mind is that Orange TV has several options when it comes to the packages offered. These are connected to the service that the contracted client has. The amount of programming will depend on the cost of the main service. The more expensive it is the better the app’s sports package.


BluCactus - Discover the best sports apps of 2022 - sportsDirecTV Sport


This app doesn’t need much of an introduction. DirecTV has always had its programmatic focus oriented towards prominence in sports. Its television package offers several channels exclusively for sports programming, featuring the transmission of matches and exclusive sporting events.


Just like on TV, their mobile app offers exactly the same thing. DirecTV has almost all of the sports rights, so its programming is wide and diverse.


It is available only for Android devices, and like the applications above, it is necessary to subscribe to the satellite television service to access the application and enjoy its content.




BluCactus - Discover the best sports apps of 2022 - ESPNESPNPlay is one of the most downloaded mobile applications. It is very complete, offering information and transmission of all sports matches, not focusing on just one sport like other applications.


Game dates, standings, results, and many other related sports options, can be found on this application. However, the greatest attraction is the ability to watch games live. The app offers the same programming broadcasted on the television channel.


You don’t need a paid subscription, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS. You only need an internet connection to enjoy it wherever and whenever you are.




BluCactus - futbolAnother football-oriented application is Forza Football, considered one of the best alternatives when it comes to sports applications.


Here you will find everything regarding football from the matches to the teams of your choice.


Additionally, there is news, summaries, and access to fan community forums.


If this is your favorite sport, it is the ideal time to try the application and enjoy everything it can offer you. Stay up to date with everything that has to do with football and your favorite team.




BluCactus - marcaMarca is possibly one of the world’s most popular, well-known, and trafficked sports portals. On this website, originally from Spain, you can find everything related to the sports world. They recently updated their mobile application through which, along with the computer version, you can keep up to date on everything that happens in sports.


It has various content formats including videos, photographs, blogs, and news. It also offers coverage of different sports disciplines, including soccer, basketball, Formula 1, Moto GP, tennis, and cycling.


Marca offers live broadcasts of matches and sports-related events such as press conferences, drafts, etc.


The application’s homepage suggests the most viewed or visited recent content. You can customize the application with your favorite team’s colors, choose your favorite team, and make sure you don’t miss anything. One key bonus is that you can link your phone’s calendar with the match schedule and avoid missing a game.


BluCactus - 365



With a user-attributed Apple App Store score of 4.7, 365Scores is considered one of the best sports streaming apps.


With it you can live scores and match highlights. It offers a wide range of sports, such as soccer, rugby, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, cricket, baseball, American football, volleyball, and handball, to satisfy all tastes.


It allows you to configure the app according to your sports, team, and notification preferences. It also features the latest news to keep you aware of what’s happening in the world of sports.


NHL Game Center


BluCactus - Discover the best sports apps of 2022 - nhlAs its name implies, this application aims to exclusively show games and information from the American National Hockey League. Although not as popular as other sports, it has formed its group of loyal fans over the years to achieve greater visibility.


It is available for download in both the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store. The app offers its users the streaming of live matches in excellent quality.


It is not a new application, having existed since 2006. It’s longevity has bolstered its reputation and allows it to guarantee reliability. Like most of the other apps mentioned, it shows live matches, statistics, news, results, standings, and more


Risks of resorting to applications of dubious origin


BluCactus - Conoce cuáles son los perfiles profesionales más buscados en el ámbito del marketing digital -With the decline of traditional TV programming and the rise of subscription-based streaming platforms, sports pages and applications are more and more relevant. They make following your favorite teams easy and enjoyable.


However, sometimes the need to be informed and watch a game live without losing excitement and exclusivity can lead us to install dangerous applications or resort to harmful websites that can put the security of our data and privacy at risk.


Most of these types of websites request a registration to access the content. The data that we provide might be severely compromised.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Likewise, when we download an application from a third party whose origin cannot be verified, both our phone and our privacy are at risk.


These programs usually contain viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans, etc.


To avoid this type of situation, limit yourself to downloading applications from your operating system’s official app store. For Android users, this would be the Play Store, and for iOS users, this would be the App Store. Avoid putting yourself at risk and regretting things later.


Enjoy your favorite sport from the comfort of your home or wherever you are with the applications we have mentioned.


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