Display Advertising: The key to attracting new clients to your online business and boost its sales to the max.

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The internet has taken the world of marketing by storm. There are millions of users (more than half of the world’s population) who use the Internet every minute. During the first quarter of 2020, the web’s use saw an increase according to a study made by We Are Social and Hootsuite. Learn the importance of Display Advertising.


BluCactus - online businessThis increase represents a need for brands to have a presence on the Internet. In fact, in the coming years, we estimate that the Internet will conquer the entire world since it is becoming more and more essential in daily life.


Because of this, companies have shifted their focus towards this powerful window since it can connect potential customers to their products with just one click. Therefore, many brands have launched thousands of strategies on the web to position themselves.


Thus, in this article, BluCactus will explain one of the many digital business routes to attract potential customers: display advertising.


What is display advertising?


BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her jobWhile using the internet, we often see advertisements of any kind.


Those are what we call Display or Screen Advertising and they usually appear in the form of banners.


We can use this type of advertising in the form of an image, a written message, or an audiovisual format.


Ever since its creation, the internet and its content have evolved a lot, and with them, so has display advertising.


BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her jobNowadays, ads are more complex and elaborate.


A client will no longer be satisfied by a simple, unattractive image without any type of movement.


In fact, interactive videos have become popular thanks to the level of reach it can get from users.


This is because netizens prefer more dynamic content over text-rich banner ads.


With the rise of mobile devices and including the web in the daily life of users, display advertising has become essential for brands.


Advantages of display advertising


There’s a lot of reasons why this type of advertising became so popular. We think it’s because it can adapt perfectly to online business. Thus, this has led to the disuse of conventional advertising. Therefore, we must be innovative and creative if we want to attract new clients. 


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Below, we will list some of the advantages this type of advertising brings to your business. We’ll also explain the importance of implementing it in your digital strategy.


Display Advertising, It can be segmented:


Unlike traditional billboards, screen advertising can be segmented. Thanks to the algorithms that have been implemented by the same web platforms, specific content can be shown to consumers who may like it.


With this type of advertising, we can do exactly the same when launching display advertising. We can choose who we want to see our web ads, which is considered an advantage to reduce costs.


We can measure reach using KPIs:


Another advantage over traditional advertising is that we can measure both the reach and the impressions it generates. When we talk about reach, we mean the number of people who saw our advertising.


BluCactus - kpis

While impressions represent the total number of times, the advertisement was seen. This is useful because we will plan future strategies based on how many people are seeing us and how many potential clients we can attract.


Display Advertising, It has great access:


You will be able to reach a wider audience. This is because more than half of the population nowadays is connected to the Internet.


This means that problems that existed before its creation, such as the distance between us and our audience no longer exist. Thus, it grants us new opportunities to open up our business to new markets thanks to globalization.


Other benefits of display advertising in your business


Without a doubt, there are other reasons why this technique can increase your sales and position your brand. Here are some other positive aspects of this type of advertising in case you are still unsure whether to apply it to your sales strategy:


BluCactus - informativeDisplay Advertising, It’s more informative:


It allows us to use formats like videos and audios, which then let us add more information in less time.


This is because long texts are often tedious and boring.


Thanks to this, the reader will be able to better understand the message which will then grant us better results.


BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her jobIt Generates interaction:


By involving the potential client in advertising, we will generate an unforgettable experience for them.


They gain a sense of need with the product that is being offered.


Also, the more we include that potential customer, the more we will earn their trust.



BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her jobDisplay Advertising, It’s innovative:


The novelties of using audiovisual techniques to interact and attract customers are fantastic.


So why not try something authentic to surprise the audience?




BluCactus - capture clients

Capture clients:


Since this type of advertising is more accessible and visible, it allows us to attract more clients.


We recommend using a short argument when trying to convince the user.





BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her jobDisplay Advertising, Accessible costs:


If we analyze the scope of this advertising concerning its affordable costs, we conclude that we can get a great scope at the lowest price.


However, the budgets will depend on the type of display advertising you want to use, besides the place where it will you will display it.


At BluCactus we offer various marketing strategies for the benefit of your business. If you want personalized advice to use this technique or set some other goals for your brand, contact us! Do not leave important decisions in the hands of anyone.


BluCactus -computer with important informationTypes of display advertising


There are as many types of screen advertising as there are formats used in this type of advertising.


This variety gives us versatility, making it a great option to exploit your brand to the fullest.


Next, we will name its types:



BluCactus -computer with important informationDisplay Advertising, Banners:


Although they do not allow direct interaction, they are attractive enough to drive the reader’s action.


It is the most used web advertising and one of the most efficient since it allows us to measure its scope with indicators.



BluCactus -computer with important information




There are two banner formats:


  1. Animation: We use them in the form of GIF or flash. The flash format is of better quality, and we can view GIFs on all devices. For this reason, we recommend using both at the same time without exceeding half a minute.
  2. Simple: they are the simplest images that we know in PNG, JPG, and JPEG formats.




BluCactus - steal pagesBanners come in different sizes and shapes. Here are some of them:


  1. Leaderboard: This is one of the most viewed banners since we can always find it on the top page of the website. It measures between 728 and 180 pixels.
  2. Page steal: it is one of the most used formats because it provides great visibility when found on the sides of the website. This banner does not exceed 300×600 pixels.
  3. Pre-roll: We see this type of banner before a video starts. There are mind-roll (played during a video) and post-roll (seen at the end).

BluCactus -computer with important informationVideos:


They are one of the most expensive types of banners.


However, it is very successful as it gets more interaction with users.




BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her job



Display Advertising, Interactive:


This banner involves advanced scheduling to stimulate audience interaction.


It usually uses some tactics like discounts for this purpose.




BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her job

Tips for choosing the best screen advertising for your business


Now that you have knowledge of the main types of this technique.


It is time to offer you some tips so you can choose the best advertising for your company:



BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her job

  • Create a budget: the type of display advertising will depend on how much it costs. So, you must estimate a budget of what you plan to invest in this advertising. Plus, creating a budget will help you keep your business finances in order.
  • Set objectives: before investing in anything, be clear about what we want to achieve with it. You must define clear objectives to know where the business is going and what you can achieve with the investment in this technique.
  • Set achievable goals: The idea is, to be honest, about whether we can really achieve the goals. One tip is to divide your goals into the short, medium, and long terms. Small but constant steps are safer in reaching your goals.


BluCactus -computer with important informationHow to develop a good display advertising?


Some other tips will surely help you create good online advertising. For this, it is not only enough to know the needs of your business but also how the market works.


Also, we must bear in mind that this is a very different way of advertising compared to traditional billboards.


Now BluCactus offers you the following tips to achieve good display advertising:


BluCactus -computer with important informationUse keywords:


These are important to position yourself in search engines such as Google or Yahoo. With them, Google will position our advertising campaign in its search results.


For example, if you have a travel agency and want to offer some discounts, a key and striking phrase could be: “trips at the best price”.


On the other hand, in the case of the fashion industry, quality garments can be offered with some discounts.


BluCactus -computer with important informationDisplay Advertising, Make sure your web address is simple:


The advertiser’s URL or web address must have an original name and be easy to find with a search engine.


The best advertiser website names get more hits, so keep this in mind before investing in this type of advertising.




BluCactus - kpis

Measure your results:


It’s important to measure with KPIs the reach of advertising campaigns to know if your display advertising works.







BluCactus -computer with important information

How can we pay for display advertising?


Since there are various forms of screen advertising, there are also various prices and forms of payment.


Exactly, 4 payment methods are typical of display advertising.


Remember that to choose the best option, we recommend considering the tips on how to choose the best screen advertising for your business. Here are the four ways to pay for a screen advertisement:


  • BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her jobBasic payment:


In this type of payment, there is a flat rate during the time that the online advertising campaign will be available.


Remember that it is important to measure the possible goals that can be achieved in the short term.





BluCactus -computer with important information

  • Display Advertising, Pay per click:


You will pay for each time a user clicks on your ad.


So, to use this type of payment we recommend putting your ad on a website.


That allows you a good number of scopes.


BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her job


  • Pay per action:


This is one of the best options since the advertiser will only pay.


If the user buys the product of the advertising campaign.






  • BluCactus -computer with important informationDisplay Advertising, Payment from 1000 views:


As its name implies, you will pay once the ad gets 1000 views.


Besides, here the rate will also be flat.


Therefore, consider whether the website has the necessary visibility before venturing with this type of payment.


BluCactus - toolsIn Conclusion


You now have all the necessary tools to carry out your display advertising for your brand.


We think that, without a doubt, this is an innovative way to advertise in today’s world.


Remember that BluCactus is the best option to meet your short, medium, and long-term goals.


BluCactus - simpleWe are experts in using different marketing strategies to boost your business.


We offer innovative techniques according to the constant changes in the market


For more information we invite you to contact us, we will gladly assist you.


We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive our articles and news with the latest in digital marketing.


Online advertising will continue to evolve according to the needs of users on the web and depending on the platforms that will be created in the coming years.


BluCactus - Display Advertising - professional people working in her jobTherefore, keeping up to date with the latest advertising techniques is important to continue to be successful in the market. 


Likewise, as long as it is used wisely, display advertising can be an excellent option to increase your sales and position your company in the digital market.


This is because the reach of this type of campaign can reach the whole world with just one click.


Now it is your turn to let us know in the comments section if you have ever used display advertising to increase your sales. Were you aware of all the benefits that digital advertising brings to your brand?


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