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20 email marketing blogs you must know. Digital marketing evolves as time goes by, and keeping us informed of these changes is essential. The good news is that you can find many blogs with professional information on email marketing on the web. After all, this is one of the best options today to give visibility to small and large companies in the US.


That’s why today, we’ll show you the best email marketing blogs. This way, you’ll get information from experts on the subject. All you’ll have to do is subscribe!

What are the best email marketing blogs?


These are the best 20 email marketing blogs you should follow in 2023:



MailChimp has become the market leader in email marketing.


To date, he has successfully advised many brands around the world to do marketing using the best tools and without such a high investment.


Similarly, run a blog where marketers offer the right tools for successful marketing. Besides, you can often view its posts to get tips about email marketing automation quickly.


  • MDirector Blog


MDirector Blog is one of the best software related to email marketing.


This option has a wide variety of email marketing solution options to send messages optimized for their campaigns.


Also, it is worth adding that this is the only SMS and email marketing platform that has a Landing Page generator and, at the same time, a programmatic purchase (RTB). Additionally, it has a blog updated daily with exciting content, especially related to email marketing.


  • Pinpointe


This is an efficient blog to take an email marketing campaign to the next level.


Each of the posts is a minimum of 1,000 words, which means that the content goes deep enough to understand the topics of most interest to marketers.


In this blog, we can find some of the most worrying topics when sending an email, such as, “What are the Spam words?”.


In addition, in each publication, we can find many examples to have a better understanding of the practices.


  • VerticalResponse


This site is one of the best when you need tips to use email marketing efficiently.


Apart from being one of the top consultants in the marketing industry, they have a blog to report their ideas, case studies, and surveys related to this type of marketing.


In the same way, through their content, they adapt to the people’s level of experience, thus offering practices distributed between novices, intermediate, and professional levels.


  • Really Good Emails


Really Good is one of the most graphic blogs out there so far.


Showing quality examples related to emails.


If you’re stuck with not knowing what kind of email to send, this email gallery can be inspiring.


Similarly, you will find all the emails categorized in this blog to quickly sort the messages and see what you are looking for.


  • Marketing Forward


Experian is the one who runs this blog with exciting email marketing content.


Each of the publications found on this platform allows us to advance in the marketing that we can do through an email marketing strategy.


Therefore, we can find very eye-catching articles for marketers to keep up with the trends that are part of the digital world.


  • BluCactus - email marketing blogsLitmusBlog


Litmus is a trendy platform because it tests different email templates on different screens and mobile devices.


Similarly, it offers a wide variety of content that we can regularly read on its blog to stay updated with the best email marketing tips.


Also, these are some of the publications related to marketing resources that we can find: conferences, webinars, events, e-books, infographics, and much more.


And as if that were not enough, there are some email templates that we can obtain for free.


  • MarketingLand Blog


This is the platform that digital advertisers need, as it’s full of content related to digital marketing.


Also, in this blog, we can see, from the most current marketing news to product updates and announcements.


Similarly, this blog becomes the best ally for those interested in everything that happens around email marketing.


  • Direct marketing


Although we can find different digital marketing topics on this site, there is interesting content for people interested in email marketing.


The most relevant thing is that this platform publishes new articles with high frequency, making us aware of trends.


Similarly, this blog allows us to know the latest strategies to start email marketing campaigns.


  • Pure Marketing


This blog specializes in marketing news.


So it has become a platform that every marketer must visit.


This blog handles the Spanish language and is based in Spain, and has remained in trend by offering relevant content that includes marketing courses and information regarding advertising and social media in Spanish.


Similarly, there is a wide variety of fascinating articles related to email marketing to create effective campaigns.


  • Antevenio Blog


This blog tells us about marketing trends to create, send, and monitor digital marketing campaigns.


There is content related to email marketing and handy tricks for marketing through social media.


Similarly, we can find content related to digital advertising to learn how to reach customers from multiple platforms.


It also offers e-books that we can download directly from its website.


  • MailBakery


It takes a lot of creativity for companies to run a campaign with email marketing.


Reading the MailBakery blog can significantly help us.


It provides strategic and original solutions for companies and entrepreneurs located in different parts of the world, regardless of their market niche.


Unlike other blogs, this one cuts to the chase and explains the different ways to create email marketing content.


  • Amdia


This is another of the email marketing blogs that you cannot miss.


Its creation is due to an association of professionals in the marketing world from Argentina.


This site is very interactive and directly explains valuable tips to practice email marketing.


It also has a section called Amdia TV to interact with each of these experts in digital marketing.


  • Marketo


This is one of the essential sources of knowledge when you need email marketing information.


This blog has a team of writers whose goal is to be guided by modern technologies like ML, AI, and psychology to create effective strategies.


Similarly, it also provides automation services through tutorials and 30 different categories.


  • BluCactus - email marketing blogsEmail Monday


This blog is run by Jordie van Rijn, an email marketing specialist.


This specialist uses her blog to showcase her experience as an email marketing consultant.


All this personal content shows real-life work, and they are clear examples that can help us improve email marketing campaigns. In fact, Rijn, in addition to offering approximately 150 email sending ideas, explains the mistakes he has made through his newsletter.


  • MarketingProfs Blog


This blog aims to teach and explain everything related to marketing, customer behavior, content, brand management, and much more. Similarly, you can not miss the content related to email marketing.


Similarly, there are many topics connected to email marketing that we must handle.


For example, online seminars, podcasts, guides, articles, tutorials, and MarketingProfs Blog is responsible for providing that information to trust and test which of these options will be more effective in a campaign.


  • CampaignMonitor


This blog is very famous as it is also a software development brand.


However, besides their email marketing services, they run a blog with helpful content—most of it related to writing.


Thanks to their online writing services like UK’s Best Essays, you can learn to make excellent marketing plans. Let’s not forget how a marketing campaign is the backbone of a specific email marketing strategy. Because of this, you will need experienced writers for research papers, emails, etc.


BluCactus - email marketing blogs

  • GetResponse


Like marketers, anyone can learn how to do optimized work through email marketing.


That is why this blog offers exciting articles to grow small businesses, despite having a limited budget.


This blog stands out through its e-books, white papers, and featured guides to understand how email marketing works.


  • BluCactus - email marketing blogsMailJet


One of the main goals of this email marketing blog is to teach people through successful examples.


However, it doesn’t limit itself to that. After all, it also showcases negative examples. This way, it helps us know what not to do when creating an email marketing campaign.


Apart from offering content that helps master strategies, it provides unique blogs at the end of each quarter. In them, the site talks about the newest trends in the industry. As a result, both beginners and marketing professionals can enjoy its content to maintain their presence in the world of B2B marketing.


  • Footfall123


Footfall123 it’s a site that talks and explains everything related to digital marketing in general.


However, it also offers an exciting section dedicated exclusively to everything that has to do with email marketing.


In there, we will find many tips and tricks to create strategies based on our sector.


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