Struggling to Generate Traffic for Your App? Here’s the Ultimate Playbook to Energize Your App Growth


Struggling to Generate Traffic for Your App? Here’s the Ultimate Playbook to Energize Your App Growth. You have a fantastic app—but no one knows it yet.


There’s likely a number of other similar apps all vying for your target audience’s attention. With over 5 million available apps, that’s no surprise.


But how do you help your app stand out? By implementing a few strategic techniques, you can generate the traffic and growth your app deserves.


Connect With Your Users


Blucactus-Connect-With-Your-UsersThe first step in generating mobile app traffic is to show your users that you understand them.


Get clear on who your app is targeting and cater the entire experience to that demographic. Be sure to learn as much as you can about who uses your app so you can truly put yourself in their shoes. 


If you aim to experience the app as your ideal user, you can improve the app and make it as valuable as possible.


Even better, connect with your users. Try to engage with them through social media platforms and other avenues. Get to know them and their exact needs and desires.


Embrace Feedback


Blucactus-Embrace-FeedbackApp users can leave reviews on your app and give you feedback on various social platforms. Embrace these words and allow them to help you build your app into something great.


In fact, encourage feedback. Offer incentives to users for letting you know what they enjoy about the app and what you could improve.


You might think you know what users want in your app, but you might be wrong. There could be experiences and scenarios you’ve completely overlooked.


By engaging with the users directly, you can learn more specifically about their needs and desires.


Become an Expert in Your Field


Blucactus-Become-an-Expert-in-Your-FieldThe Ultimate Playbook to Energize Your App Growth. You may have heard the term “thought leader” floating around. Thought leaders are experts and arguably pioneers in their respective industries.


People turn to these individuals for inspiration, credible information, and updates on new ideas in the area. The free content they offer audiences always has value, so readers trust them.


Establishing your role as a thought leader and ultimately market leader can help elevate your mobile app.


By confirming your authority on a specific subject or area, audiences will flock to you. They’ll hold on to your every word and follow any recommendation you offer them, including using your app.


So, how do you become a thought or market leader?


First, you have to determine what you’re an expert in. Your app should fill a certain niche, so you can allow that direction to determine what niche you aim to be an expert in. It wouldn’t be wise to pick an industry that’s unrelated to your app—no one would trust a Driver’s education app designed by, let’s say, a thought leader in musical theory as the two have nothing to do with each other. Instead, users would be more inclined to download a permit practice app created by an expert in driver’s tests.


After you’ve narrowed down your area of expertise, collaborate. Find other industry leaders to work on projects with—your reputation will automatically be elevated by having your name next to theirs.


And finally, put your content out there. Stay true to yourself, speak your mind, and let your audiences know what you believe. Passionate (and potentially controversial) content will make noise in the industry. That’s not to say that you should argue every concept, but take a stand on topics you’re truly passionate about. By being authentic, your audience will trust what you say. Always be sure your information is credible and accurate, though.


Focus on ASO Keywords


Blucactus-Focus-on-ASO-KeywordsSimilar to SEO, ASO, or App Store Optimization, focuses on specific keywords. If you want to bring in high-value clients, get clear on the targeted keywords you’ll use.


ASO keywords should relate directly to your app while mimicking what the user might type into the app store search bar.


For example, instead of simply “DMV practice test,” a teenager aiming to study for their driver’s exam might search for “pass a driver’s test.”


Keywords will help you gain visibility through the app stores and promote traffic. Targeting your keywords is one of the most effective ways to optimize for ASO. When you’ve found the queries your audience is using, you can create guides on those queries, such as we’ve done on different parts of the driver’s license process


Use Multiple Platforms


Blucactus-Use-Multiple-Platforms - App GrowthWhere are you focusing your marketing efforts? If you’re channeling all your efforts into a single platform, you can definitely be limiting your ability to reach new users.


Instead, use your target market research to hone in on which platforms your ideal audience frequents.


It’s likely at least a few different avenues, so focus on those. Next, launch marketing campaigns, then reassess engagement after a few weeks or months.


If you’re not getting engagement from a particular platform, try something else. You may need to experiment in order to discover which avenues are not giving you ROI and which are working wonders.


Bring Users Back with Retargeting


Blucactus-Bring-Users-Back-with-Retargeting - App GrowthIt’s likely you’ll discover users who downloaded your app, then ceased to use it, or have elected to delete it completely. They’re not lost causes—instead, you can retarget to bring these users back.


App metrics won’t necessarily tell you why users left, but they can identify the stage during which they jumped ship. You can hone in on whether it was a particular app experience that initiated the loss or if there’s a common demographic that deactivated.


Retargeting your app involves making necessary modifications to improve the user’s experience. This can be challenging because you’re likely incredibly proud of your app. Changing any aspect of it might feel personal, but it’ll help improve your overall growth and revenue.


You can win old users back with a number of different strategies. Consider incentivizing them to complete a survey about why they left. Or even offer an incentive to return after you’ve improved the app.


For example, the Zutobi driving permit preparation app is designed to help new drivers prepare for and pass their driver’s exam. The app doesn’t lose value after a user completes their test, however. Refresher courses designed for current license holders and friendly competition games on the app engage users who may have otherwise deleted the app after their exam.


Push For Growth, Not Revenue


Blucactus-Strategically-Focus-Your-Efforts-to-Grow-Your-App - App GrowthThe Ultimate Playbook to Energize Your App Growth.


Have a free app? Great. Not making any money off of it? That’s OK.


You should focus first on growth, not revenue. By generating traffic and boosting your image as a reputable company, the money will come. 


Eventually, you can add in-app purchases or bring in revenue through ancillary sales. That’s right—users who are so enthralled with your app will even purchase merchandise dedicated to the brand.



Strategically Focus Your Efforts to Grow Your App


Blucactus - Contact usOther avenues of additional revenue aren’t even an option until you generate the growth your app deserves.


By strategically focusing on App Store Optimization, establishing yourself as a market leader, incorporating powerful keywords, among other techniques, you can grow your app exponentially.


Author bio for this guest post:


Tim Waldenback is the co-founder of Zutobi Drivers Ed, a gamified e-learning platform focused on online drivers education to help teens get their license.Tim founded Zutobi to make world-class driver’s education fun, affordable, and easily accessible for all.


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