5 Essential B2B Wholesale Features that Every B2B Online Store Must Have? 


5 Essential B2B Wholesale Features that Every B2B Online Store Must Have? Today, the rise of B2B platforms has taken a vertical step to revive it. The way merchants tend to look at business has been digitized. A B2B business website is a dynamic instance with multiple functions for streamlined administration, usability, and user experience.



However, certain functions are basic, and certain websites stand out and provide a versatile appeal to customers with the help of an efficient Wholesale suite for WooCommerce. 


If you want to ensure that your website attracts buyers, adding the best functionality is crucial, and plugins can make this possible. 


There are estimates that 74% feel that buying from a website seems to be more convenient than buying from a sales representative, and 3/4 of B2B firms are already upgrading their online platforms.  



What is B2B Wholesale? 


Blucactus-What-is-B2B-WholesaleB2B Wholesale is a sub-domain of large-scale B2B businesses that are considered a kind of online transaction available for commercial purposes between firms after involving a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer. In particular, business-to-business B2B wholesale companies sell products in bulk but single items to relevant companies.


Significantly, purchasing companies that typically use products for their consumption, production, or resell them in small quantities to individual customers will use the supply chain method.  


Let’s dive into discussing some of the essential features that every B2B online store must have: 


1. Build Segments with Customer Groups and Profiles


Blucactus-What-is-B2B-Wholesale-2Certainly, the customers involved in B2B organizations get treated equally, but the wholesalers deal in large quantities that vary from customer to customer. As a result, these organizations need strict group designation for the segmentation of the clients.  


B2B companies must be able to classify customers into multiple groups. It enables businesses to set pricing parameters, minimum order requirements, and group-specific content, such as promotions, shipment, and payment options for each segment. You should be able to group your B2B customers based on whether their profiles constitute the following parameters:  


  • Order volume 
  • Geographical location 
  • Catalog selection  
  • Reorder frequency 
  • Ordered product quantity 


Along with the frequency of segmenting them into particular customer groups, they should customize their shopping cart exposure based on their profile selections. Many options are available if you want to filter the website content, pricing parameters, payment, and delivery.  


2. Customer-Specific Catalog and Pricing Parameter


Blucactus-What-is-B2B-Wholesale-3B2B organizations can sell at a variety of prices depending on their customer base. While you only segment the customers to personalize the shopping exposure, you’ll often find the need to offer “special” product pricing metrics to your more demanding clients. We shouldn’t confuse this with the competitive pricing parameters, relevant tactics, and completely different strategies. 


The ability to set multiple base prices for any product in your catalog and assign these to particular groups of customers is an integral part of a B2B e-commerce website. It will make the difference between your clients completing their orders online, continuing to reach out via phone or email to get their orders online, or reaching out via phone or email to get their orders fulfilled.  


The right ability to offer customer-specific pricing parameters is always necessary to have a customer-specific product catalog. For B2B, clients need a unique set of products or a unique pricing structure that cannot be developed into the existing products. You’ll need an e-commerce website to create products that are only available to specific customers. It also enables your business to explore listing a personalized product catalog for large potential clients. For instance, corporate uniforms or apparel can need to list products with the logo of your client instead of the generalized version of the product.  


3. Bulk discounts and volume purchase


Blucactus-What-is-B2B-Wholesale-4B2B shoppers can usually buy products in bulk, and your products can be listed in particular cases, packs, or pallets. You will still want to offer extra discounts based on the order quantity.


Your e-commerce platform must accommodate quantity limits that enable you to offer bulk discounts.  


Suppose you’re expecting the ratio of discounts in quantity to work together with the customer-tailored price levels.


In that case, you should also focus on multiple segments of discounts as per the customer groups tailored to your client base.   


4. Restricting Products to General Customer


Blucactus - marketingIn many cases, you’ll be required to restrict access to your site so that only pre-registered consumers can access the content and products.


If you want, you can look for built-in methods on your online platform to adjust an entire password-protected website that requires customers to register before accessing it.  


At a more specific level, merchants can control their major sites’ online visibility with amazing features that leverage your ability to hide products and prices or block purchases for unregistered visitors. 



5. Flexible Payment Option


Blucactus-What-is-B2B-Wholesale-6Along with B2B and B2C clients, getting paid for customers’ orders seems to be equally important in the B2B universe. An existing relationship is associated with the client, and not every business order can or should be processed in online mode.  


If you want to compensate for the business needs of your B2B clients, you can easily integrate offline payment that includes: 


  • Purchase Orders 
  • Corporate Accountability 
  • On-File Credit Card 
  • Checks

Based on the discussion, the B2B e-commerce platform should consist of the ability to configure multiple payment options, while at the same time customizing the conditions that will make specific payments available to specific customers, either in the form of location, order amount, or customer group, etc.  


Final Verdict for 5 Essential B2B Wholesale Features for Every B2B Store



Blucactus - Linn Larsson - Contact usIn a nutshell, launching a B2B e-commerce website will require your company to make changes, and you’ll need to think differently to create customer relationships.


You need to invest your precious time, effort, and money in choosing the right e-commerce platform to enhance your business strategy to the next level.


Hence, this article provides an in-depth understanding of the important B2B online store features that are required for your site. 


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