In What Ways Can You Exploit the Power of LinkedIn in Your Business?


In What Ways Can You Exploit the Power of LinkedIn in Your Business? Today, LinkedIn is the largest business social network, thanks to which people from 150 different business industries and over 57 million companies from all over the world network.


Through a profile on LinkedIn, you can promote yourself or your company in the best light. Whether you are a CEO of a marketing company, a hotel employee, or a student, LinkedIn is a great place to connect with professionals and work on developing your image. We assume that you already have a profile on this network … If you don’t have one, let’s briefly tell you what you need to do and how to fill in everything on the profile in the right way.


Here’s How to Successfully Embark On Your LinkedIn Adventure


Blucactus-Heres-How-to-Successfully-Embark-On-Your-LinkedIn-AdventureLinkedIn makes specific information available and fast connecting.


Companies mostly use it to advertise job openings, news, and new successes, but these are just some ways to expand connections in the business world.


Here are some ideas about how to make the most of it:


Publish Articles


Be original, wise, and give to those who read and follow you something completely new. Otherwise, someone who does the same job, someone from your niche, will do it before you.


Be an Active Member of the Group


You can share the content you create in a group relevant to the business or service you offer, and thus the network of potential users, new collaborators, and like-minded people grows.


Create Your LinkedIn Group


The real gain can be starting a group that relates to what you do and represents your company. This will make it easier to generate existing and potential leads.


Blucactus-Heres-How-to-Successfully-Embark-On-Your-LinkedIn-Adventure-3Sponsor Your Posts


Make a good plan, write down to the fullest detail the characteristics of your ideal consumer or client, and start experimenting with targeting.


Publish Video Content


Only one video, done professionally and in top production, will bring you more profit than many other formats.


What Kind of Content Should You Be Creating on LinkedIn?


Blucactus-Heres-How-to-Successfully-Embark-On-Your-LinkedIn-Adventure-2If this is your first time meeting LinkedIn and you are still not sure what you can and should post, you are in the right place to find out.


But, before we give you a few guidelines, we would like to emphasize that you don’t look at LinkedIn the same as Facebook or Instagram and that you don’t even think of or consider posting images of your pets, new nails, or some funny videos like GIFs and so on, but creating content that is exclusively related to your business – content that educates inspires, motivates, encourages the exchange of opinions, ideas, action (purchase)…


On LinkedIn, you can write about your work, successes, achievements, share advice about your work, write about personal development, the education you recommend, books that motivated you, write about world trends, encourage two-way communication with your connections, to ask for an opinion, and the like.


Specifically, you could follow these few steps to develop and grow your business on LinkedIn:


Identify Your Potentials and Ideal Clients


Before you create content for LinkedIn, first identify your potential, as well as the ideal clients you want to reach.


Sit down, write who you are, what you do, what your profile goal is on this network, what content you want to place for others, who your ideal clients are… and then make a framework plan and performance strategy.


Develop Your Content


Blucactus-Heres-How-to-Successfully-Embark-On-Your-LinkedIn-Adventure-4In order to develop content in the right way, it is necessary for it to be relevant to the needs of the audience, to be something that gives value because of which they will consider you competent in the market.


If you want to promote or sell some type of service or product through LinkedIn, try to share as much free content as possible because rarely does anyone decide to buy after just one post.


So try to provide as much quality and useful content as possible through posts, blog posts if you have a website, webinars, and videos. Because, after all, the people who are on LinkedIn are there to read and learn something new, to motivate themselves to work on themselves, to follow experts, and to look for new job opportunities.


In addition, with activity and presence, your profile grows, which can cause the algorithm to ‘like’ you and highlight your posts on the feed. What also affects the algorithm and the relevance of your profile is filling it out. So be sure to fill it out and make the strength of your profile be “All-Star”. Just as it is the case with all social networks, the algorithm is changing on LinkedIn too, so you really have to stand out with the posts because LinkedIn’s mission is to be as useful a network as possible for business people from all over the world and to encourage them to be successful and productive in their businesses.


Show Yourself and Your Products/Services Through Video Material


People love written content, but video material is what can encourage your ideal clients, exactly when they see you and feel your energy, to opt for you. When it comes to video messaging, it is certain that you will put in a lot more effort while recording, but it can give you very good results. For this reason, we draw your attention not to neglect it.


Guidelines on what your video should look like: smile and briefly introduce yourself, then present your idea/blog post/new product or service/knowledge/recommendations, summarize the story, invite them to action, and thank them for their attention and watching.


Use LinkedIn Ads and Outreach


Blucactus-Heres-How-to-Successfully-Embark-On-Your-LinkedIn-Adventure-6Have you heard of these terms so far? What are LinkedIn Ads and what is outreach? Why should you use them? Find out below.


LinkedIn Ads are ads that you use only after you identify your audience and develop content. You can run a LinkedIn campaign thanks to LinkedIn Campaign Manager.


To run it, you need to first create it, set a campaign goal, determine your target audience, then determine the ad format (images, text, video, carousel posts…), the budget you have, and the ad schedule. And that is it. Your LinkedIn Ads are active.


Outreach is direct writing to those with whom you want to get in touch, to offer business cooperation, services. The goal of outreach is to be a short and personal message, which you will send to a potential client or associate. We speak here about what is popularly called LinkedIn cold outreach and is similar to the cold outreach messages you shape using Benchmark – the program for email campaigns, templates, and personalization – and send via email. It can be difficult to get direct contact information for everyone you wish to contact because not everyone publishes their work email address on their company website. When you are having trouble finding a potential buyer’s email address or phone number, LinkedIn is an excellent backup choice. LinkedIn also offers instant messaging and displays when your contacts are online, allowing you to conduct more personalized, real-time conversations with your prospects.


While it is simple to identify prospects on LinkedIn, it is more difficult to communicate with them if you don’t have a strategy in place. We will present four top methods for starting sales discussions using LinkedIn cold outreach messages. Keep in mind that you will need to be a LinkedIn Premium member or purchase InMail credits if you want to send direct messages to LinkedIn users with whom you are not already connected. Sure, any LinkedIn user can submit a connection request for free, but those messages are limited to 300 characters, and the recipient might reject your request without ever reading it. Strangely enough or not, some people dislike being disturbed by strangers.


The top four LinkedIn cold outreach methods:


  • Check for mutual connections
  • Keep it brief
  • Give people a cause to respond and postpone selling
  • Follow up and keep note of what you have done


Maintain a friendly tone, identify common ground, and keep it quick. If you just throw your pitch out there with no context, it will probably fall flat, so go for cold outreach communications that elicit not just inquiry, but also connection. You may want to postpone the pitch totally until the relationship has advanced in specific cases.


While composing your initial message to the potential lead, keep in mind everything you have in common with them so that your first contact is targeted, personal, and relevant. Don’t just send the same message to all of your leads. Instead, tailor your responses to each person based on what you learned from their LinkedIn profile, so they know you spent time reading it.


Create a Sales Page


Blucactus- woman using a smartphoneIf the goal of your Ads or outreach is to sell/offer certain services or to invite people to a webinar, the next step is that (if you got them interested) they click on your sales page.


A sales page or landing page is a marketing website that is completely focused on one goal, and that is sales.


What can be part of your sales page?


  • Effective title
  • Video or text with a description of the product/service
  • Call to action
  • Benefits that are obtained
  • Impressions of satisfied customers
  • Another call to action


You can track the measurability of the results of this page using Google Analytics.


Organize Webinars for Your LinkedIn Community


The webinar is a seminar held online in real-time. In recent years, and especially in the last two years during the pandemic, webinars have become especially popular because the only option for holding certain conferences or events was online. If webinars are the future of education today, then they are rightly considered the most modern way of learning on the web.


What can your webinar look like? You can hold the presentation for 45 minutes after which you can dedicate the next 15 to 30 minutes to people asking you something if they want, to you to ask people on the other side of the screen for live reviews – find out how the education seemed to them, promise more value when the webinar is over – in case someone was shy to ask you anything, talk to them and say that they can write to you by e-mail.


Blucactus - Ken Schreck - ContactAfter the webinar, you can make a short PDF guide from the slides in the presentation, which you will send to the participants by e-mail, or send any additional supporting material, which will show your professionalism, commitment, and goodwill.


After the webinar, you can further measure the effect by continuing to communicate with participants, new followers, connections, profile visits, and websites.


We hope that we have managed to bring you closer to the opportunities that this social network can bring you and your business, and that you will use them wisely, thus standing out from the competition.


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Blucactus-Mahendra-BajiyaMahendra Bajiya has always been interested in marketing and has built a successful career around it.


He is particularly focused on content marketing right now.






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